General Hospital Spoilers For February 28-March 4.

Searching for answers.

Sonny searches for answers about the car bomb at his wedding and breaks into Carly’s guest house only to find her tending to Shawn. The mobster wants to torture him for information. Michael and Carly try to talk him out of it but it takes Dante to convince him that torturing people in front of his children isn’t a good idea. Shawn is taken to the hospital where one of the Balkan’s thugs try to kill him. Michael gets in the middle of things and almost gets killed himself. He becomes determined to be more like Sonny, though Dante and Jason both tell him that’s a bad plan.

Franco gives Jason another call and suggests that he was involved in the car bombing and could be working with the Balkan. Although this disturbs him, he’s even more disturbed to see that something is wrong with Sam – she can’t hear anything. She gets medical attention and is fine.

Theo turns on his wife just as Brenda wakes up to find herself held captive. The Balkan interrogates her about the baby she lost. He later gets interrogated by Lucky and tries to run off only to be cornered by Jason. That doesn’t last and he goes back to questioning Brenda, who is busy trying to escape since the baby may still be alive. She finally gets away and runs out to the woods in her wedding gown.

Patrick and Robin continue to get closer, which Lisa doesn’t like. She sends Terrell after Robin to ask her to partner with him on an AIDS project. Meanwhile, Kristina talks to Ethan about the wedding ordeal and admits that she still has feelings for him. Across town, Nikolas and Brook Lynn admit their feelings for each other. He can’t take her to bed though and later admits to Lucky that he still feels obligated to Liz. The two women get in a nasty fight over the prince.

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  4 responses so far...

  1. From Liz

    Claire Walsh adopted Brenda’s baby boy.

  2. From missy

    def hope it maybe spinelli that maybe Jax’s & Brenda’s baby. love to see them together.

  3. From missy

    at least he was safe w/ Claire. I, think it could be spinelli, I, love to get to see if Jax, could be the father of Brend’s lost child, I, love to see what the income should be.

  4. From missy

    or aiden or cameron or spinelli,

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