General Hospital Weekly Summary For February 21-25.

Wedding day disaster.

Sonny and Brenda’s wedding day finally came. After learning the Balkan’s identity, Jason and Sam tore over to Theo’s only to discover him gone. Back at the pavilion, with Jason absent, Robin begged Edward to take his place but he turned her down. The guests waited and expected the worst. Shawn ducked in and tried to abduct the bride but found Carly there, confronting Brenda about her child. Brenda decided to go ahead with the wedding anyway. Jason returned just in time to walk her down the aisle. By the end of the ceremony, however, she was the one to object. She confessed that she had a child. Carly was sure to whip out the evidence, but Dante explained that he only claimed to be the father of the child to protect her because Alexandre was really the father. Brenda thought it was all over but Sonny forgave her and the ceremony went on. Everyone clapped, aside from the Quartermaines, and the congratulations and dancing began.

In Ireland, Lucky managed to get Siobhan and her sister to safety. He encouraged her to go with her sister to Barcelona and hide out until the Balkan was captured but she refused. Back in the States, Johnny called Lisa over to his place. He told her that she reminded him of his sister and he hated to see her throwing her life away. This led to sex. Later, he went to Jake’s, where Maxie ran into him and began running down Lisa until the doctor popped up. Matt split the women apart and Maxie guessed that Johnny must be blackmailing Lisa.

Sam chased after Shawn who tried holding her captive until Jason showed up and rescued her. They forced Shawn to confess everything and he agreed to betray his boss for them. Jason sent Sam back to the wedding and went to the Pine Barrens with Shawn. Meanwhile, a distraught, Lulu ran home and Dante chased after her. She let him in and punched him in the jaw. He begged and pleaded for forgiveness. Back at the wedding, Kristina caught the bouquet and told Ethan that she would be marrying him one day. Sonny’s children welcomed Brenda to the family. Jax and Alexis slipped off to toast to changing their lives and Michael slipped off with Abby to share a kiss. As the bride and groom got into their waiting limo, it exploded as soon as she got in.

The Balkan and Suzanne went down to his underground lair. He soon learned that Brenda wasn’t captured and discovered what had happened to Alexandre’s unborn child. Since they also learned that Shawn had betrayed him, she decided that she would go back out and finish things herself. As she left, he went off and cornered Sam. Over at the Pine Barrens, Shawn and Jason were ambushed. Jason escaped and Shawn was left wounded on the road until Carly nearly ran over him. He carjacked her and she took him to her place, calling Jason over on the sly. He arrived and they had a standoff until Jason was called back to the Pavilion following the explosion. Everyone stood around comforting Sonny. Jax heard about what happened and showed up to yell at Sonny to kill himself. Jason then got a call from Franco, who told him that he hoped he enjoyed the fireworks. Stone Cold was confused. When the paramedics finally got the body out of the car and wheeled her out, Jason and Sonny were shocked to see that it was Sam.

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