Soap Opera Fan’s Screen Captures Of The Week.

Even with all of the drama, it’s sometimes pretty hard to keep a straight face.

Welcome to our weekly screen capture gallery where Soap Opera Fan Blog pokes fun at our favorite soaps and asks you along for the ride.

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  1. From Clear

    Phil’s hair surely looks better now even if it does look like it was cut around a bowl in the front!

  2. From dc

    funny… i think philip looks alot better with his new haircut..
    i just wish you writers would think it over again and keep philip on the show. his storyline is finally going good. it’s a BIG MISTAKE letting him go

  3. From Amanda

    Ronan needs to come back for Heather so Chloe and Chance get back together, Jenna belongs with Kevin (they both have twisted minds) and of course bring Cane back.

  4. From SharCares

    Jay was the one who wanted to leave Days; he wasn’t fired. Maybe he’ll come back again. He’s a sexy, sexy man!!

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