The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For February 21 – 25.

Daniel confided in Lily, the lawsuit escalated, and Neil and Sofia grew close…

Jana accepted the job as Lucy’s nanny from Billy and Victoria. Kevin asked her to leave, so Billy let Jana live above the garage. While Abby, Nick and Jack agreed to be Lucy’s Godparents, Daniel shared details about Lucy with Lily. He wanted to be there for his daughter but thought Lucy was better off and safe with Billy and Victoria. Lily wondered if he could live with the secret. Daniel was there for Lily as well, who continued feeling Cane’s presence after having thought she’d seen him at his gravesite.

Malcolm walked out on Neil after an argument over Sofia. When Sofia came looking for Malcolm, Neil expressed his appreciativeness for how she’d been helping Lily and they made love. Malcolm returned just as they’d gotten dressed and apologized to both Neil and Sofia, who he wanted back. Sofia couldn’t stop fantasizing about Neil and was touched he’d gotten Tucker to rehire her.

Not able to deal with their arguing, Chance ordered Heather and Chloe to leave him alone until after the trial.

Nick joined in the lawsuit against Victor. Nikki pleaded with Victor, Nick and Victoria to end the madness. They all refused. Abby felt bad for her father but stuck by her brother and sister. Michael warned the judge would rule against Victor and urged him to claim he’d been suffering from post traumatic stress disorder at the time the trusts were changed. Victor wouldn’t give in. Jack arranged to have the video footage of Victor enhanced and shared his findings with Sharon and Adam. Sharon confronted Phyllis for showing Nick, who alerted Victor, and Adam demanded Victor help Sharon. Victor agreed, only if Adam testified for him at the hearing and admitted he forged the trusts in Mexico. Victor had legal papers drawn up to prove he wouldn’t press charges against Adam and even gave him a trust fund. Everyone was stunned to see Adam arrive at the hearing. Victor introduced him to the judge as the only child who hadn’t turned against him. Adam testified on Victor’s behalf.

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