Days Of Our Lives: Natalia Livingston Is Fired And Replaced With Tamara Braun. (Updated)

A new Taylor.

Although soap vet Natalia Livingston only recently took on the role of Nicole’s (Arianne Zucker) sister, Taylor, her stint has already reached an end. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the Daytime Emmy winner has been let go and will be replaced by fellow Emmy winner and General Hospital alum Tamara Braun. “Days” viewers will remember that Braun was previously cast on the series as Ava, the mentally unhinged daughter of a mob boss who abducted Steve (Stephen Nichols) and then had lots of couch sex with John Black (Drake Hogestyn). She begins taping her episodes as Taylor today.

Soap Opera Fan Blog wishes Livingston all the best but we’re happy to have Braun back in Salem. Look for her to appear on screen in late April.

Updated: March 14

Tamara Braun’s first scenes will begin airing on April 26.

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  1. From Nascarladi

    WHY? We’ve seen her once already as Eva we don’t need to see her as Taylor. She will look older than Nicole! She’s supposed to be Nicole’s younger sister, RIGHT!Give Livingston a chance, she was a breath of fresh air.

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  3. From dc

    what’s the deal? i saw the chemistry between taylor (natalia) and e yesterday, but i can’t see any sparks between ej and this new one. she may bbe a little more evil. by the way, what happened??

  4. From JEANNE

    U have been hoping they would bring Ava back. I agree she is too old to be Nicole’s little sister, but as Ava, the daughter of a mob boss. they could have cleared her from the murder, they do it all the time in Salem and then let her settle in. It would be a no brainer that she would meet EJ as Ava and Nicole were friends. This could have been really soapy. I hope that tptb will reconsider her as Ava and not Taylor. Either way I am glad to see the actress back.

  5. From Clear

    So, this is Tamara! I think it’s great. Months ago I posted that I thought this actress would be good to bring back for EJ! She will chew him up and spit him out!

  6. From Nascarladi

    Bring her back as Ava not Nicole’s sister!

  7. From Pattypat

    Once again the writers have messed up. I like the actress playing Nicole’s sister. She was very pretty and had a beautiful smile. I just dont’ like the actress coming back for you aleays remember the role they played before and I did not like Eva.

  8. From Amy

    Darn, I was just getting used to her!

  9. From Lisa

    Guys! I think Nat ( Ex-Taylor ) got fired because she didn’t act really well

    I wish the best of luck, Nat

    Welcome back Tam ( New Taylor ) will air in April

  10. From Lisa

    I don’t know why they bring an actor or actress( a newbie ) to play a recast a character then think that he or she didn’t worked it out I think its a waste of time, energy and of course MONEY!I am surprise Eric made it through two or three years of Brady Black-Dimera

  11. From Precious

    I didn’t like her as Eva, surely won’t like her as Nicole’s sister Taylor…she looks like a total bitch..whereas Natalia had a real sweetness about her that we could all enjoy. Another REGRETTABLE MOVE by the DOOL STAFF….

  12. From Lissa

    I agree they should bring her back as Ava rather than Taylor. Ava’s crimelord family would tie in well as a love interest for EJ. Only thing to assume is that the intended Taylor’s character is actually a vixen & not as sugary sweet as Natalia’s Taylor. Braun is much more sultry than Livingston. I remember Braun as Ava, she did a good job. She will definitely make a more formidable opponent for Nicole. While I haven’t really been feeling it for Taylor, I just hate they decide to switch up actresses before give them a fair shot. They did the same thing with Arianna.

  13. From Daysfan

    Wow, it’s a little shocking.. But geez,is it really that bad? How do you know she won’t be able to play a nice girl? That is what actors do, they act. She may be able to pull off a sweet girl, you never know. Don’t be so quick to judge… Precious, if you are saying “another regrettable move by the Dool Staff”, then why do you keep watching it?

  14. From Olive

    I’m all for any change – I still think Natalia Livingston’s acting is very one-dimensional and she was not believable at all at Nicole’s sister. Tamara, on the other hand, can probably pull it off. I didn’t care for the character of Ava, but she was very convincing as “unbalanced” – which is probably, ultimately what Taylor is. IMO

  15. From Lissa

    Don’t be so quick to judge…. I read a spoiler regarding Tamara’s return as Taylor. It said the B**ch is back… How else can you interpret that? I can’t say that it is regrettable as I hadn’t grown attached to the character, but I do think they aren’t thinking things through because otherwise they wouldn’t have felt they hired the wrong actress for the part to begin with. I’m keeping an open mind & just hope this story turns out to be good.

  16. From Lacey lou

    Not happy. I just don’t like this actress at all. I couldn’t wait for Eva to leave the show…now this. I really liked Taylor this week. There was some chemistry and she is just so darn cute!

  17. From KK

    Didn’t she win the Emmy for her portayal of Ava? Or did she win one for the other soap role she played? I think she is a very talented actress.

  18. From Leah

    Sorry but this show is losing all creditablility. There has to be a foundation made and laid… if this rumour is true I don’t think NL was given time to establish herself as Taylor. We’ve only just started seeing her on our screens for goodness sake. In saying that I understand IF TPTB don’t think she has what it takes to play the role of Taylor BUT from what I gather TPTB have changed their minds and decided to have Taylors character go in a different direction. I’m sorry but if thats true thats not fair to the actress. When she is given the low down… to be wholesome, sweet etc etc and then they decide to make her all nasty. I just don’t like whats happening at Days at the moment. We have actors being let go, changed and swapped or actors deciding to resign themselves. It doesn’t sound like a happy camping ground at the moment.
    PS: Tamaras character Ava was meant to be Nicoles best friend and now shes gonna be her sister! How believable is that? Its not… I hope they’re not setting Tamara up for a fall now.

  19. From Leah

    PPS: Oh yes and I just remembered while Tamaras character Ava was Nicoles new best friend and giving Nicole advise on how to keep EJ from Sami… EJ also was Tamaras character Ava’s lawyer. No this ain’t gonna work… I still remember and see them that way! EJ, Nicole and Ava NOT EJ, Nicole and Taylor.

  20. From Asia

    Yessssssssssssssss!!!!!!!! Thank god this awful Taylor is on her way out. And I’m sooooo happy that Tamara Braun will be taking over the roll. This is going to be AWESOME!!! I loved Ava and was sad to see her go.

  21. From Casey

    Frankly I could do without any Taylor. Nicole and EJ made an interesting couple and it would have been fun to see them work out their problems and become a real couple again.
    Too many new characters, PLEASE KEEP PHILIP!!!

  22. From Arlene

    It’s no different than what they did with Judi Evans. She played Justin’s wife. Later, she played Bonnie who was with Mickey Horton. Now, she’s back to Justin’s wife again. The current Taylor, although she was a pretty lady, seemed too stiff when reciting her lines, but I thought if they gave her more time, she would grew into the mold better. I guess if they wanted to change her character to a nasty one, Tamara is known for being a good nasty character. Give her time, people will get used to Tamara, but I am sorry that didn’t give the other girl a little more time to develop in her role.

  23. From Kelly

    This is a huge mistake, I think the idea of the good sister vs the bad sister was brillnt. Maybe they should bring back Tony Dimera now that was classy man and make him some long lost brother of Stefano. That would make things interesting. And, they should make Sammy grow up she is the worst mother I have ever seen on TV, she needs to get a job, make her kids a prioity and stop jumping in bed with every guy that looks her way

  24. From Kristin

    This is awful. Days needs another scheming b***h on the show, like I need another hole in my head. Once this new actress comes in…I’m out…Days just lost a loyal fan for almost 20 years!!!!BRAVO!!!!

  25. From penn pal

    I saw no chemistry at all with EJ and Taylor!! He didn’t look any different than when he is with Nicole. Allison Sweeney is trying so many new roles with NBC so I’m thinking she is tired of the same old hum drum and is looking for something else. She is too good for this mediocre role she is playing now! Go Girl!!

  26. From bookladydavina

    Oh.. don’t forget the actor who plays Roman (Josh Taylor) use to be on Days ages and ages and ages ago (talking early 80s, here..)as nightclub owner Chris Kositchek. That weirded me out for the longest time when they brought him back as Roman..

  27. From Sue

    That Tamara acts like a slut. You think you are going to pass her off as Nicole’s younger, “down to earth” sister. I think not!

  28. From ky girl

    please don’t replace natalia with tamara. tamara is too old for ej or brady. i love natalia playing taylor. what’s wrong with you ptb? i’ll quit watching after years of being a dool fan. this stinks!

  29. From Jody White

    I was very shocked to read that Natalia Livingston is already being replaced. She has been on such a short time. I thought she did a great job. I did not like the character of Ava but will not judge Tamara yet. I have to wonder what went wrong to do this replacement already? Obviously, the bigwigs were not happy. It seems they don’t give a person a chance to prove themselves. As Randy Jackson says on Idol… you get one shot.

  30. From Christy

    Tamara is a good actress, but Natalia seems more like the sweetheart that the character of Taylor is supposed to be. Tamara’s look is too harsh–can we even imagine her being sweet? And as many have mentioned, she’s just too old for the role (no offense, Tamara).

  31. From Stacy

    Yipee!! I really didn’t think Natalia could act. The character was too one-dimensional and there was no spark of life. The only reason the scene with EJ wasn’t a total disaster was because he was carrying her weight. EJ would have chemistry with cardboard box! I loved the actress that played Ava and I never understood why they wrote her off the show. I agree it would have been better if they brought her back as Ava the mob princess. But either way I’m happy she’s back and I would rather have her than Natalia.

    I never post on online boards ever, so I’m just going to stick my other random thoughts here.

    I love EJ. If he ever leaves the show I won’t have a reason to watch anymore.

    I have to admit I was just thinking today that I’m not sure if there are any story lines I still care about. I’m an Ejami fan but it seems TPTB have decided against that. It’s a real shame. EJ and Sami are one of the few couples that could have still been interesting after they got married. Sami’s so strong willed that she never would have submitted to him. And Sami was always Ej’s weakness – he would have done anything to finally own her and have her. Their fights as a married couple could have been fun and even though I loved the guy who plays Rafe when he was on “Passions” and I like him in Salem, I just don’t like him with Sami. He tries to control her and reprimands her like a child. That’s not respect. He doesn’t accept her for who she is. That’s what made EJ so appealing. He not only accepted her for her true, fiery, scheming, self … he loved her for it.

    With Philip leaving the show, I can’t count on anything I care about happening with that storyline. I liked Philip and Melanie when they got together, but I don’t like her being all high and mighty as Miss Perfect goody-two shoes. Does she not remember what a bitch she used to be? Where does she get off? Plus I really liked her better with a little edge. That’s why Melanie and Philip had such good chemistry in the beginning.

    I do like the new direction for Brady. I like his darker side.

  32. From Louise Makocki

    I’m withholding judgment. Didn’t like NL as an actor; she was not very interesting. Tamara might be a better actor but not sure where they are going with this character. Is she going to be a love interest for EJ or just someone to stir the proverbial pot.

  33. From DLM

    I don’t like this replacement. Tamara looks older than Nicole. She doesn’t look or seem nice and inncoent. I prefer someone young and new. Well lets see if Days has messed up again…

  34. From Jolie

    I guess we’ll just deal with it no matter what we think if we’re going to watch. I think Tamara did a splendid job as Ava and was someone we wanted to hate because she was cozying up to John. She was totally bad and crazy too boot when she kidnapped Steve then Hope. So she is a good actress. I think it will be difficult to see her as Nicole’s YOUNGER sister when she acts and looks older than Nicole. I think too she is too old for EJ but the other Taylor was a bit young acting for him. Tamara may fit the part better once the reason she has come slinking back to Salem is revealed. Poor Nicole, will this make her a hasbeen as far as the baddest girl on the block? I love Nicole’s character because when she is bad, she is stinking bad and then she shows a little heart. The actress(AZucker) pulls it off brilliantly. I think she is up to dealing with Tamara.

  35. From Kelly

    This show the writers have no idea what there doing, Tamara and EJ will have no chemistry when they show them together she’s suppose to be playing a YOUNGER girl Tamara is not young so this will look stupid just like the Rafe 2.0 story is getting more stupid everyday. I see Days not having a long future with this story.

  36. From Kay

    Bad move. Natalie is perfect for that role. Tamara is just about the worst choice they could make. I did not like her in the show before and she is too, too plain to be playing the beautiful and nice younger sister now. The casting people must be nuts!!

  37. From Bea

    Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I really like Nicole and EJ. They have a intense chemistry, actually the best I have seen in a long time. I am at the edge of my seat when they are on the screen together.

  38. From Leigh

    I am really happy to see this Taylor go. She is not believable as Nichole and Brandon’s sister. Every time she speaks, she oozes enough sugar to give anyone a stomach ache! Besides, when they talked about bringing her on, didn’t they insinuate she would not be as sweet as she seems… like she has something to hide.

    I’m very excited to see Braun return. She’s a fabulous actress who won an Emmy for her portrayal as Ava. Though, I too wish they would have brought her back as Ava.

  39. From Tony

    I didn’t like the current actress playing Taylor. Seemed like she didn’t have any facial expressions. Cheek implants maybe, but they looked frozen.

  40. From susan

    I think the current actress playing Taylor is really building into the developing charactor. Why change NOW,, These writers and WHOEVER need to chill out and stop all these crazy changes!!! Brady taking over Titan??? Give me a break!!! I’ve watched DOOL since the beginning and it is beginning to crack!!

  41. From Littleone

    Dislike! Couldn’t stand Ava. If it isn’t broke don’t fix it. She just started on the show and she is great. No reason to give her the axe. Enough already with the recasts.

  42. From Pancho

    Whoa, What is wrong with you people.Natalia is beautiful and perfect for the part.I didn’t like Tamara when she was on before. Why are you replacing all these people. If you want to bring anyone back how about John and Marlena. They were the best

  43. From Bella

    I never do this but here goes… What I don’t understand is why do they let good characters with promising upcoming storylines go then bring new unimportant (or older unpopular) characters to the show?? I mean really, who cares about bringing Taylor back to the show when she was barely there a year way back when…? And now they’re changing the actress again? C’mon people!!! The first mistake was letting Mark Hapka (Nathan Horton) go… With the new about Parker’s paternity coming out and Melanie’s upcoming miscarriage, the storyline was set for them both, especially since the fans had been waiting for so long to have them both together! As a result of all this I’m sure, Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) is leaving, to be followed by Shelley Hennig (Stephanie Johnson), and now Chloe’s character apparently. Too many good actors or important characters are leaving the show!!! Big mistake!! I also agree with many that Tamaras does look older than Nicole… It looks like the show is heading way down hill folks!… Doesn’t make any sense, especially if they don’t want to lose the show…

  44. From Vickie

    I agree that it is time that Days had new story lines that does not revolve around cloning and bringing back former actors to play different characters. Plus I have a question about Taylor. When she was on the show years ago wasn’t she a physical therapist? Why is she now being portrayed as an MBA? Hey, Days lets get it right PLEASE!!

  45. From Anna

    I’m glad to see Natalia go-boy, was she annoying! She was WAY too stiff and she was always bowing forward whenever she talked to people. Plus she always pursed her lips in a strange, uptight way. She just always looked uncomefortable on camera.

    HOWEVER, I’m not sure Tamara is right for the part, either. They obviously want to turn Taylor into a bad girl but how many bad girls does the show need? I was looking forward to seeing EJ fall in love with a sweet, normal girl…I wanted to see his sensitive side. i don’t know if we’ll see it now.

  46. From Anna

    I spelled uncomfortable wrong…I DO know how to spell-it was a typo!

  47. From Kelley


  48. From Samantha

    glad!!! The current Taylor is painful to watch. She (IMO) is an AWFUL actress!!!

  49. From jan

    I Love the chemistry between EJ and Taylor dont replace her. Is is like a fairy tale. I would love to see him EJ with the current Taylor. She beautiful and brings some positive energy to the show.

  50. From jan

    I would fast forward When Ava was on before and I guess I will do it when she is the new Taylor.

  51. From brighteyesrose

    In a few choice words…Tamara Braun is not “love at first sight” material; Natalia Livingston is…

  52. From Tamera

    I don’t mean to sound so crass, but Natalia Livingston’s acting ALWAYS seems like she’s constantly having an orgasm while she’s talking. It’s really annoying. I don’t think pretty & sweet was their issue with her. She should try porn! Tamara Braun is a little old to be playing Nicole’s younger sister but it should just show you how old and run down Nicole really is. I’m glad their giving her a sister that will give her a run for her money. This is going to only make EJ more evil! Wahahahahaha! I love it!

  53. From Lisa 1


  54. From Lisa 1


  55. From Serena

    Recasting the role would be stupidbecause it’s an unnecessary character to begin with. Why not let Nicole and EJ be happy and evil TOGETHER — the ultimate bad power couple! That would be much more interesting to watch as opposed to the tired, overused love-triangle scenarios that seem to be all the DOOL writers want to use. Be a little creative –what major storyline does NOT use the love triangle? Blahhhh! Boring! Let some of these couples be happy and find interesting things to write in other directions for crying out loud!

  56. From bobby z

    I am so disappointed with DAYS’ choice to recast Taylor. I was so loving Natalia Livingston as Nicole’s younger sister. She seemed to be a new moral compass for the show. She was such a breath of fresh air. T. Braun may be a capable actress, but seems a little too old (and hard) to be Nicole’s younger sister. Way disappointed..

  57. From Donna Martin

    I didn’t like her as Eva and I will not like her as Taylor. I love the one you have now. Please don’t do this.

  58. From sandy

    I loved the girl you fired….please bring her back and give her another try. She looked great especially with EJ…..come on please put the pretty girls on and give this one another try. Ifeel she will be great when she’s with EJ…

  59. From grandma26

    I likes the soft side that EJ seemed to show around the current Taylor. I thought she might bring out all the good in EJ that we have seen from time to time. I was not crazy about AVA and now I know I won’t like teh new Taylor.

    I have watched Days for more then 35 yrs and I am finally disgusted with it. The Sami/ faux Rafe story line is distrubing to me on so many levels. Days has to learn not not involve the children in these story lines. Too many of our kids are being threatened in real life, we don’t need to see in on daytime TV too.

  60. From Mica

    Terrible call to recast Taylor!!!!! I love Natalia Livingston. No offence…. but Tamara Braun looks way tooooo old to be Nicole’s little sister!!!!!!

  61. From Jessica

    Uhhh what a horrible mistake. I was loving the chemistry between EJ and this Taylor, but will always remember Tamara Braun as Ava.

  62. From Karrie

    As usual Days continues to screw up, they should bring her back as Ava and lets the fireworks begin, especially since she and Nicole are friends. Much better storyline than Nicole’s little sister crap. The person/person’s that should get fired are the writers they can’t make up their minds on a direction because they’re to busy kissing certain actors butts…Losing good characters to hold onto crappy ones is just stupid. But that is why Days will soon be a memory for NBC.

  63. From joan mckenzie

    Just don’t like this thing you are
    doing with Rafe . He is a good guy
    and needs to replace Roman …
    Get rid of his double it stinks .
    Just does not make sense to me .

  64. From Telesia

    I like this Taylor! She’s young, fresh and sweet…just the opposite of Nicole! I think if I have to see “Ava” again, I’ll puke!

  65. From Vanessa

    I was loving Natalia Livingston and thought the chemistry between her and EJ was great. Never really liked Tamara Braun when she was on DOOL last time. I think you’re making a huge mistake and letting the wrong girl go!!!

  66. From Lorrie

    you need to keep Nathan and Philip
    and I agree that you should keep the taylor you have on the set right now! I could not stand Ava!!! come on now you are screwing up the soap!!!

  67. From CherryBomb

    I love Nats as Taylor why would they do this?
    If they think she wouldn’t make a good bad girl then tell her that she’s gonna switch up the roles.Sheesh, she’s played bad before.I want her and Ej’s character to develop as well as Nicole’s and Sami’s. Do they realize that they are at the bottom of the ratings race more times than not. And with Phillip leaving and if someone is right Chloe and (she wld be great as Stephanie on B&B i wld def watch her ther) no Kyle Llowder (well if Chloe leaves and he comes and they recast i seriously wont be watching).
    Leave Natalia…booo to Braun. She was so ugggh on all the soaps she’s been on. Plus breaking up Kendal and Zach.I dont think people wld like here right across the board.
    Again i say…uuggh!!!!!!

  68. From Madison

    What?!?!?!? The current Taylor is perfect from beauty to class to chemistry. The person they are bring back looks cheap and old. too bad, writers. You’re missing this!!!!

  69. From Judy

    I really liked Tamara Braun on General Hospital. I think Natalie Livingston was just what DOOL needed. Natalie was fresh and her innocence on the show made for a great storyline for Taylor and EJ. I was looking forward to where the story was going but now the decision to replace her is a huge disappointment and mistake. It would have been nice to see a new side of EJ coming out and I just don’t see Tamara in the role as Taylor. I think DOOL are making a mistake changing the part of Taylor. I was really interested in the chemistry between the characters. I feel the show is loosing focus on what works and doesn’t work. Natalie as Taylor brought a new aspect to the show. The individual who decided to change the character is the one who should have been fired. I am getting tired of the same old same old with EJ, Kate and the Dimera’s. Bring Tamara back as Ava if you want to bring her back but keep Natalie as Taylor.

  70. From Melinda

    TB is NOT EVEN REMOTELY PRETTY!! At least NL is attractive! Where could I write to DOOL to complain about this AWLFUL decision???

  71. From leprecaun

    So we’re just supposed to forget the fact that Tamara was Ava, who kidnapped and tried to have Steve/Patch killed and had started a hot fling with John Black then disappeared with a storyline that really hasn’t ended? Now she’s coming back as another character? No offense to Tamara Braun but she cannot be Nicole’s younger sister….she was playing her friend before she went on the run….

  72. From StacyRenee

    This is disgusting and very disappointing. I really enjoyed watching Natalia as Nicole’s little sister. She was so sweet and edgy at the same time. There was tons of spark between her and EJ and I was hoping this would be a fairytale-ish romance that would make EJ a changed man, forbidden love story with a lot of tension between them. To hear that Days has decided to have another tired old catfight storyline between two b*tches, it just bores me. Where is the romance? I have watched this show since childhood, Im early 30′s, and this has gotten to be the ONLY show I watch regularly on tv- but if Days doesnt quit jerkin us around with cast changes and these negative storylines, Im outta here. And hiring Tamara Braun? Dont even get me started- I hate watching this actress. She is just too harsh crack-ho looking to carry a role as love interest of the hottest guy on daytime. She is like 10 yrs older than him. And if Days wants to reduce their sugary sweetness, get rid of the Jennifer charactor! She’s all cheese and no spice. Id rather see sweet and young Natalia go up against Nicole, because we all love to hate Nicole, and a sweet little sis would give fans someone to root for. This could have been an amazing love story, but now its just too b*tches fighting over a big jerk. No bringing out the best in nobody. If viewers wanted to see that all the time, we’d just watch reality tv. For a soap to be successful, it needs to have a balance between romance and action, happy and sad, triumphs and failures, adventure and day to day activities, loving moments and catfights. You get the picture- DOOL is out of whack and they need to get it back.

  73. From LadyAnne

    N0!!!!! This is terrible!!!!! The sparks flew when she bumped into EJ. She (Taylor) is an ingénue iin this storyline & Livingston is playing the part very well.
    II’ve seen Braun on both GH & AMC, I have never cared for no matter what character she was playing. I totally agree she is too old for this characterand I don’t think she can believably play an ingénue.
    I am very disappointed that TPTB made this decision (is she involved with one of them). She played Ava so long that it’s not right to make her play a new chaacter on the same show.
    I HATE that they are doing this. I will NOT wastch any scenes that she is in. Just thinking of her :trying\ to play this characted and enteracting with EJ makes me sick

  74. From Charrell

    Isn’t Taylor supposed to be the YOUNGER sister of Nicole? Neither of these actresses look younger! And why are you opening another story line for EJ with yet another woman?

  75. From Jdaly

    I really liked Natalia Livingston. She seems genuine, sweet, and you can feel the spark when Taylor’s and EJ’s eyes meet. Great choice. Why change? I don’t know anything about the new one but if she was cast on Days previously as Ava I think this is a mistake.

  76. From samantha

    i don’t like it she (Natalia Livingston) is a great actress and will do justice with the character only given chance. i will definately lose interest if the character taylor is being played by someone other then Natalia Livingston. she as a taylor and ej look good together

  77. From gerri

    wrong moves, makes me sick, losing interest in days fast,letting the good people go just isn’t right.I’ve watched day’s for years and this is the worst moves they have made Nathan,love the new Taylor give her a chance she is really good,love my sami,if she ever leaves the show I’m gone to.

  78. From kyfan

    Natalia was so….good…I cannot believe they replaced her with Braun…I didn’t care for Braun before!! I cannot believe it! I was really hoping to see Taylor (Natalia) and EJ get together…their chemistry was awesome!!

  79. From Bev

    The chemistry between Natalia and EJ was great. I can’t imagine that kind of chemistry between he and Braun…nope it won’t work.

  80. From abby

    This is stupid. The current Taylor is ok, but to bring back someone who already was a different character is ridiculous. They couldn’t find anyone else???

  81. From DJ

    Thank goodness! I didn’t care for Natalia Livingston on GH (in either of her roles there) and wasn’t crazy about her on DOOL as Taylor. Braun i think is a much better actress and can’t wait to see what she brings to the character (hopefully not this doe eyed sickening sweet character that’s being played now). However, I really wish they would have given Nicole and EJ a chance. I’m starting to really like Nicole’s character.

  82. From bree

    The character of Taylor has been established as a sweet girl. NL can play sweet. Emily on GH for years before GH screwed that up.

    TB can’t play sweet. She can only pull off evil. She was evil Carley on GH for years.

    TB playing a mob boss daughter against EJ would have been great. Two evils going at each other each week. Who to root for?? It would have been an explosive sl. DOOL missed the boat plane and train on this one.

  83. From Dawn

    I have to say I love love love Natalia Livingston as Taylor. I think the chemistry between “Taylor” and “EJ” is incredible. When they look at each other it makes me tingle… Now I’m also a fan of Tamara Braun but I’m not so sure that chemistry will be the same……Disappointed….

  84. From shannon wildman

    #1 she is too old
    #2 she is ava not taylor and i hated her as ava
    #3. we fell in love with the taylor we have now.. and ydays wants to change her?
    #4. it gets to me how they think they need to change faces to go in another direction. in life we change our direction several times in a lifetime, but we keep the same face.
    #5. plain stupid!

  85. From Kim

    Unbelievable. I was ready to give up of DOOL when I heard that Nathan is leaving but decided to give them another try once I saw the chemistry between EJ and the current Taylor (Natalia). You can see why he would choose her over Nicole. The new Taylor just doesn’t have the look especially if she is standing next to Nicole. I’m giving up on Days for sure after Nahtan last episode airs the end of this month. It frustrates me too much. I have more important things to do with my time than invested in these charactrers then have the producers/writers fired/replaced them. Days is going down the toilet if they keep this up.

  86. From misty

    i like natalia livingston she is a good actress i think her and ej would of made a good couple! i’m sick of it everytime they get someone on their that is actually a good actress they end up firing them i’m sick of it i want natalia to stay

  87. From Amy

    I’m having so much trouble “taking” to Natalia, so I hate to admit that I’m glad they’re replacing her, and since I know Tamara is a GREAT actress from watching her as Ava…I’ll be welcoming the change. It will take a bit to get used to her as a different character though since she played the “evil” Ava so well, but I’m looking forward to it.

  88. From nishia

    I am so upset about all the casting changes. Steph, Phillip, NATHAN (yummy) and Taylor. I used to love the fact that DOOL kept ppl around. Now they are completely changing the look of the future of days. Taylor is awesome!!!! she needs no change!!!

  89. From Kerri

    Ava is so much older than Nicole (At least she looks like it). No one will believe she is Nicole’s younger sister. Plus, kind of stupid to bring her back as a different person – when everyone remembers her as Ava. We all know soaps are not rocket science, and we like them to take an hour away from our real, hectic lives, but this is plain ridiculous.

  90. From misty

    also natalia and ej are great together i mean the chemistry between them is awesome, i just don’t think braun & ej would be that great together

  91. From jean m.

    you are ruining the soap. why do you writers keep using people over but with a different name? its really stupid.get someone else to play the part that looks like Nicoles sister. this is really the pits on the writers part!!!!

  92. From liz

    I dont understand why they are replacing NL with TB. THey are portraying her character as this sweet, wholesome girl and lets face it TB in no way looks either one of those two. She was a good Carly on GH. Why because she was a character that was more of a vixen. that’s a character that she does well, but sweet and wholesome is something i hope she can pull off.

  93. From Delethia A. Miles

    I love this post, I ‘ve tried to get on but they keep telling me that the info I ‘m entering is not right. But I do enjoy reading what these people are posting. Their comments are awsome. Everything they are posting is exactly what I am thinking. I am also soooo very disappointed with this soap. So thank you for letting me have my say.

  94. From Anne

    Natalia was the most amazing intriguing character I’ve seen on Days in a long time. I cannot believe she is leaving. I am so so disappointed. Braun is too old for the part and we have her in our mind as another character. Are the writers crazy or do they just never like to give the fans what they want. I mean do they ask us what we want.

  95. From lindahendrix

    tamara used to be on all my children as a lesbian….she needs to go back to that show and leave days alone.
    i think nicole’s sister now is a doll baby and sweet as pie. sorry to see her go.

  96. From Margo

    I’m so happy to hear that they are getting rid of Natalia Livingson. She’s terrible on DOOL. She’s stiff and has no chemistry with EJ. Tamara Braun is a terrific actress. For those who think she’s too hard to play sweet, please watch the episode of “House” that Tamara did. She played a sweet, warm, terminal cancer patient who Wilson fell for. She thought she was getting healed by a teenaged faith healer, but I’m not going to say what happened to her for those who haven’t seen it yet. Beautiful performance by Tamara Braun.

  97. From Shari

    I think this is a really stupid move. First I really don’t like Braun and she is so completely wrong for this role. Livingston is beautiful and a natural for the role with EJ. The only other major mistake is losing the Nathan charactor. First you get rid of the favorites and now the newer favorites. Weell maybe I will finally stop watching the only soap left that I LIKED!!! Way to go Days writers…

  98. From Pat

    Love Natalia as Taylor. Big mistake to replace her. Keep Nathan and get him together with Melanie, her first love. Why won’t the writers EVER let Stephano get his due for all his EVIL deeds?

  99. From Pat

    Love Natalia as Taylor. Big mistake to replace her. Keep Nathan and let him get together with Melanie, her first love. Why don’t the writers EVER let Stephano get his due for all his EVIL deeds?

  100. From nancy

    I’m very disappointed Natalia is fired,the chemistry between EJ & her was magic,ava is going to look like a much older sister than Nicole’s younger sister. She’s not as pretty either. BAD MOVE DOOL!!!!

  101. From Valerie

    I completely agree that Braun is the absolute WRONG person to play Taylor…Nicole’s baby sister, REALLY?!? I don’t care how good she is, she can’t act 15 years off of her face.

    As for Natalia’s acting abilities…doesn’t anyone remember when Molly Burnett (Melanie) started on the show, that girl couldn’t act her way out of a paper bag…they gave her time, and she has come a long way. I think they should have given Natalia a chance, she had potential, and looked perfect for the part.

  102. From Amy

    OMG this is the dumbest move I’ve ever seen. I absolutly love the actress playing Taylor. Ava is definately a bad and wrong choice!!!! Just my opinion

  103. From GJ

    I agree that Tamara will look older than Nicole and I cannot get over the facination Days and GH have with this woman. She comes across “BUTCH” to me and we haven’t liked her yet on any show she’s done (even that Prime Timer she that didn’t work.) She’s just so “rough” looking.

  104. From Cathy

    I love Natalia as taylor. She is beautiful. I agree wit keeping Nathan, and have him get together with Melanie. I was wishing that would happen soo bad. I hate what they are doing to Rave and Sammy. I wish that part would end. Its getting boring. I really loved the story of Rave and Sammy finally getting an apartment and being happy.

  105. From Terrie

    I like the Taylor we have now!!!!

  106. From Jake

    Though I did not like Ava(neither the character nor the actress), I am glad to see this Taylor be replaced. I have found her rather annoying since her “mysterious hands” scenes and her constant constipated look.

  107. From Lucille

    they ask us too vote! why they don’t care what we (the fan) thinks there do what ever they wants. they don’t care that we ate the ones that keeps the show alive if we didn’t watch the show there wouldn’t be any show….. every time we like someone they go and replace them….

  108. From James

    I liked Natalia Livingston as “Taylor”. In fact, I thought she was so different that I enjoyed seeing her scenes. I fly through episodes of characters I don’t care about, but I watched Natalia Livingston.

  109. From Rhoda

    I think Natalia is wonderful as Taylor. Am very displeased that she is being replaced. As a few viewers have pointed out. Tamara looks older than Nicole. Poor choice by DOL. Also, you could see the chemistry between Natalia and James Scott. Too bad that it can’t be undone. Most unhappy.

  110. From Deedeem

    I love stacyrenee’s post, she says everything I want to say but just can,t find the words!!!!

  111. From Linda

    I have been a Days fan for over 35 years. The disappointments just keep coming in. I liked Natalia as Taylor. She was a fresh face in Salem. She was beautiful and had a great connection with EJ and Brady. I didn’t like Tamara a.k.a. Ava the first time around. Couldn’t wait for her to leave the show. Can’t even comprehend that she will be playing Nicole’s “younger” sister. Not only that, she doesn’t even look like she could be related to Nicole. Please say this is an earlier April Fools joke. Hire Nathan back, get rid of Robo Rafe.

  112. From Lanoya

    I am so upset about this! SO SO STUPID! I love the current Ava (Natalia) – you can tell she is genuinely sweet. She is beautiful too. I hate when the recast characters like this. It is like we have to start from scratch. It is a new person, we can’t really just accept that they have the chemistry given from the old actor. SO STUPID! Please bring Ava back as AVA!!

  113. From Krystal

    BS! I love Natalia & can not stand Tamara. They obviously wanted Tamara back from the beginning because she won the Emmy for Days but this is so disrespectful & Days has lost a viewer.

  114. From kansas viewer

    I really liked Natalia. Only reason I think it would be she looks little young for EJ. Good luck to her as feel we will see her elsewhere.

  115. From westee

    I do not like Natalia…..she is wayyyyyyyyyyy too gooey and dramatic….can’t stand watching her with her pathetic looks. I also think it’s a stupid story line to think there is anything but a lusty look between she and EJ…tey know nothing about eachother and the fact she is still attracted knowing he’s married to her sister and a Dimera, you have to wonder about what an airhead she is………..glad to see her go. I hope her replacement is a bit more realistic with the role and not so goo goo eyes and sweestsie.

  116. From Donna W.

    I loved Natalia as Taylor. I agree with most of all the comments that Tamara is too old for the part and not the sweet sister that Taylor needs to be. This Taylor was perfect!! I hate it when they bring back past actors to be new characters. Most Loyal DOOL fans remember the previous characters. Roman is not Roman to me, Tamara is Ava, The real Roman was brought back as another character, same with Adrienne and then the bimbo that married Mickey and then back to Adrienne. She is perfect as Adrienne. The list goes on. Like I said DOOL fans have long memories and firing Natalia for Tamara sucks!!

  117. From Deanna

    Didn’t like the “Taylor” now – too goodie goodie to hold EJ’s attention for long !!! Think “Ava” would be more his style and give Nicole a run for her money !!!

  118. From Bianca

    I thought that Natalia did a good job as Taylor, but she is playing her like she played Emily on GH and thats what I see. I didn’t like Tamara as Ava, but maybe that’s because she’ll always be Carly on GH to me. I am kinda excited about how she will play as Taylor, though its going to be hard to believe that Taylor is younger than Nicole. Too bad they couldn’t get the girl who originated Talor, I liked too too :)

  119. From Jannie

    Am both shocked and disappinted. Natalia Livingston was like a breath of fresh air…not to mention the chemitry between her and James Scot. I believe she was just coming into the character and I am so enjoying her now….it is so so unfair that she was not given a chance. Tamara is also a great actress but not as Taylor…if they were going to brin her back it should have been as another character. Believe Days madea big mistake here.

  120. From Tee

    as an OLD watcher— I hate how they use someone as one person and bring them back as another— do we LOOK stupid? (i.e. the actor who used to play Chris Kositchek years and years ago- is now Roman Brady—and his skin is so tight from the face lift he looks wierd—

  121. From suzy

    I’m glad to see Natalia go. I thought she was dull and boring and her habit of stopping and looking at EJ with her mouth hanging open was ridiculous. What would EJ ever see in her over the fun and interesting and prettier Nicole. Ava was a character who could hold her own.

  122. From Susan

    Not a fan of Livingston’s breathy, smiley, smiley acting style. She was the same at GH. So I’m glad she’s going but unhappy with the choice of her replacement. Braun will be hard to take as she is older than her older sister.

  123. From Jan

    I used to be a Days fan like no other! Lately I record days and eventually get to it. So sick of the good ones going & replacing with the sick deranged ones. Sorry days, I think your ship has sunk.

  124. From Samantha

    I think you should FIRED your DAYS OF OUR LIVES WRITER…Whats the skoop with RAFE n SAMI he was awsome the 1st RAFE the ROBO RAFE is TOO MUCH DRAMA and WHY CAN’T Sami get a break and please give her and her kids be Happy why the Bicth Nicole always get the last laugh…Oh and Steffano Forever a BIG TIME CROOK and he always get a way with it. I think Days OF Our LIves is the WORST SOAP EVER and I’m 42 I’ve been watching DAYS for almost 30years…It’s soooo SUCK please leave NATALIA shes great and FIRED your WRITER!!!

  125. From Daysfan65

    Why do the writers not listen to the fans this actress replacement stinks..ratings are in the toliet again and they don’t listen. I thought Braun was awful as Ava couldn’t wait to see her leave now they are bringing her back????Livingston is much prettier,younger looking and classy looking, the other one just looks cheap and trashy.. I have watched days since the beginning but I am considering stopping.

  126. From flowers4

    There is no way Ava is gonna look good with EJ!!!!!!!!!!!! Rehire Natalia!!!!!! Also , bring back the old Shawn D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. From Josee

    To everyone who are considering stopping watching the show, please do and stop crying to this site. You all people, do not call you a fan if you have nothing interesting to say.

  128. From Jaycee

    I love Taylor as Nicole’s younger sister. She is a great actress and has great chemistry with EJ. Days should hire her back. Do not like the actress that will be playing Taylor. She is too old to be Nicole’s younger sister, she won’t have good chemistry with EJ, and she looks like she could be the age of Kayla. Poor choice D Day


    [...] a poll up at SOAPOPERAFAN.COM about the Taylor recast. Please show up to support Tamara and vote “this is awesome”. [...]

  130. From Laurn

    YIPEE – I am so glad they are replacing Taylor. The current Taylor always looks like she is in pain when she tilts her head and speaks or looks at EJ. There is zero chemisty between her and EJ. But part of that is the way their meeting was written. I mean a sscarf?

    I don’t know if TB will be any better.
    The original Taylor had dark hair almost black and was several years younger then Nicole and Brandon.

    And she has an MBA. When she was hanging out with Eric she cleaned offices. So how did she afford all this. Is that the big thing she is hiding.

  131. From Dianne

    I’m disgusted by all the negative comments toward Tamara Braun and her ‘age’. Tamara is only three years older than Arianne and is not ‘old’ at all. She’s a very lovely person inside and out. Also the notion that Tamara can’t act sweet, and can only act ‘loony’ or whacked. Ava wasn’t always a nut. It was the drugs her father was ordering her psychiatrist to give her. I’m surprised that no one remembers that.

    Tamara Braun is a wonderful actress. She hasn’t always played bad girls. She’s played sweet and innocent (The Sentinel) and bitchy (The Pretender). Her Carly was multi-layered and the character experienced its biggest growth with her in the part. She will play the character of Taylor with the same sweetness Natty has, but with an edge. And if anyone who remembers the original Taylor played by Katherine Ellis, the character wasn’t a pushover. She didn’t necessarily like Nicole. My guess this swtich as to do with wanting Taylor to be a good equal to Nicole, something I’m afraid Natalia cannot pull off. She’s not in the same league as Arianne Zuker or James Scott.

    Give Tamara a chance. You might be surprised with what you see.

  132. From Scarlet

    WHAT A HUGE MISTAKE ON DOOL’s end to let Phillip go!! Huge fan of his and I love the way he acts, on top of him having a good and bad side that’s easily played by him. As for Taylor(NL), she was a brilliant cast for DOOL and switching this role for Ava(TB) will definitely push me over the edge of wanting, no scratch that, NEEDING to stop watching this show that I’ve been watching for 30 years! You take away all the good characters, mess it up by bringing in “new” faces, the recast for the new Will was horrible! Now, DOOL has made it such an unlikable show that I just want to read the spoilers to see which days I want to watch. Such a waste to take away Philip and Taylor(absolutely loved this fresh face!) and ruin every decent plot your writers come up with. I’m going to start watching another daytime soap now because this is just getting ridiculous, to the point of wishing they would just take DOOL off the air for good now! Was a huge fan, and every time DOOL has to go and screw it up and now, it’s just a wast of time and energy to sit here and wish they would fire the writers instead of the cast members!!

  133. From Lisa

    Can’t believe it — Taylor and EJ do have a great chemistry — this other person will not be a good match — rather see him stay with Nicole and that is stretching it!!!!

  134. From Amanda

    I loved the new Taylor. I thought she as a breath of fresh air and totally enjoyed seeing her on screen. I loved Tamara as Ava and am sad to see they are being her back as Taylor. It would have been awesome if they brought her back as Ava and resolved the whole murder case.

  135. From Courtney

    !@#$%^&* Days, you really blew it this time. Where is your head at, you keep on doing stupid things like this, you probably won’t be on the air much longer because you are going to loose a lot of your fan base. Natalia was great in the role of Taylor. I was really enjoying the storyline and her chemistry with EJ. Now you go and do this, stupid, stupid, stupid. If you wanted to bring Tamara back so badly, create a new role or bring her back as crazy AVA but you don’t change something that is working. I’m gone.

  136. From Clear

    Tamara is an accomplished actress, so give her a chance! The scenes with the present Taylor were always forced and full of fast forward for me because there dialog fell flat most of the time with no action other than Taylor’s pained look all the time. Tamara can do it if they give her the right SL and dialog, plus they need to spice her previous appearance up which was mostly black with stringy hair. Black is okay once in a while. Give her a nice layered curtain of hair with an asymmetrical razor cut like Sharon on The Young and the Restless or even Phyllis. If they don’t present her assets well and give her some good material, she could bomb, but I hope not. I’m hoping for the best.

  137. From kari

    bad idea – Natalia and James have a great chemistry and I love her – dislike Tamara :-(

  138. From Lori

    I like the young and pretty sweet Taylor! She just started and why not give her a chance?

  139. From Stevie

    I thought that Natalia did a good job as Taylor. What was the point of replacing her so soon? If they wanted Tamara, they should’ve just gotten her for the part to begin with.

  140. From Ginny

    Glad to see NL go. She has this annoying clicking sound when she speaks. Definately, not feeling it with her and EJ. Wish they would just let Nicole and him connect again even though I love him best with Sammi. They have great chemistry together. I also wish they would keep Phillip. Love him and Melanie! If Sammi ever leaves I don’t know if I will watch anymore. Days gets rid of too many good characters. I’ve been watching for over 30 years and too many come and go. Bring back Lucas, Carrie, Austin, and maybe Brandon too. Hey, and while your at it Marlena and John. That would sure get ratings!

  141. From Leigh

    Dianne, I totally agree! I showed my mom (who never watches Days) a side by side photo of both actresses and she thought Braun was younger. I am looking forward to seeing this Taylor go. I am so bored with her scenes with EJ.

  142. From Julie

    Very disapointed to see your letting go of Natalia. She plays the sweet sister that everyone likes and plays it well. Most fans know Tamara will not be able to come across that sweet person. Plus she looks too much older to be Nicole’s little sister.
    Also hate that you are letting go of Phillip and Nathan. Nathan and Melanie were a couple everyone was cheering for. Since you are replacing Taylor, did you ever think of replacing Nathan? As far as Phillip, there is always something you can do with him. He plays a good “bad “guy and a good “good” guy.

  143. From holly

    I hated Braun as Ava and now we have to watch her as Taylor? Taylor can be a great character, and this just isn’t the way to go. I used to fast forward through all of the Braun as Ava scenes. She was terrible.

  144. From Dragonfly

    Why is she been replaced….this shucks big time……i Really REALLY liked this Taylor we have already….shes beautiful and is a perfect match for EJ…….Days shucks for firing her!!=@

  145. From Jenny

    I don’t like this idea. I love the current Taylor, and although I only vaugly remember Ava (2008 was a bad year…both my parents died 5 months apart), I think it’s a mistake to put the same actress in who used to play someone else. The current actress is really good and I like her a lot. Who knows, maybe she’s gonna turn ugly now that she’s kissed EJ and they need someone with a different persona to play a part like that, but not someone who used to play a different part! And especially when she played a major roll with EJ and Nicole. This is not going to work!

  146. From kinekifremont

    Do the writers think were not smart enough to remember that Braun was Eva? It makes NO SENSE to bring Braun back in a different role. I think Taylor has been outstanding!!

  147. From days fan

    I love the chemistry between ej and taylor played by James Scott and Natalia Livingston they bounce well with one another I would like to see Tamara Braun come back as Ava not as Nicole’s sister. If Days was leading Taylor’s character in another direction why didn’t they just hire Tamara from the begining. What is the director for?I don’t think it is fair to Natalia I am disapointed. Love the story line between them

  148. From Katherine

    I really like Livingston playing Taylor! Can’t believe she’s not given more of a chance. I think she and James Scott have GREAT chemistry. I didn’t like Tamara at all. I believe they want her back because she won an emmy. She is going to look older than Nicole. Poor choice, as far as I’m concerned.

  149. From Leon L

    Please leave Natalia Livingston as Taylor on Days of our Lives. She looks great and acts better than Tamara Braun.

  150. From cc

    I am not at all surprised by this news because quite frankly, from the get go, I thought Natalia Livingston was horrible playing Taylor. Taylor can’t spit out a sentence, comes across as a bit slow (unlike a much more interesting Nicole) and just isn’t compelling in the least bit. I found it impossible to buy the chemistry between Taylor and EJ. Aside from her looks, Taylor puts me to sleep. I rather shocked by the posts that claim NL is an “amazing actress” and that the chemistry between Taylor is EJ is “great”.

  151. From Deedeem

    OMG: How much more of this can we take??? let’s ALL boycott this show!!!! DOOL tptb should require their writers to read this blog everyday!!!!! I have even started watching another soap just to get some relief.. I have noticed that the characters on this soap do not dress well. Except for Philip and he is leaving.(sad,sad,sad.) Kate is a real disaster, where do they get her wardrobe??? And the hair??? Ej’s clothes are too tight. And they only have one place to meet.. The Pier!!!!. There are too many story lines that never get finished. This soap is old, odd and stale. so see YA!!!!!!

  152. From Daysgal

    Deedeem, I can take Natalia getting fired. She has only been on for a month, big deal. You’ll get over it. Geez, I remember when they replaced Jenn,Bo,Belle, and Shawn D…I can understand people getting upset with that because they were on the show FOREVER. I really think it’s quite sad how some people are basing their opinion on looks rather than substance.

    P.s., IMO, Kate is a HOT and fashionable woman! I can only wish to look as good as her at her age. Quit sounding like such a hater! Oh, I guess you do not know too many peeps from GB, typically they do wear tighter clothes than Americans. ;)

  153. From Deedeem

    Oh Daysgal: I’m sorry, I guess u told me Huh?? Anyway I didn’t say anything about Natalia, I can take her or leave her, I don’t care. But I do think that how people dress on these shows says a lot about their personality. Also hair make-up etc. Anyway that’s just my silly opinion. oK????? I am serious now.. This s/l with Sami and RoboRafe is just grossing me out. when they do finally end it, how will Sami ever be able to be with the real Rafe again without having flashbacks. To me this is sick,sadistic and sexual abuse all rolled into one.

  154. From SecretDOOLlover

    The current actress SUCKS! I get that she is supposed to be Nicole’s little goody two shoes sister, but her acting leaves something to be desired. I just don’t get what the attraction is supposed to be between her and EJ, I mean, what is SO amazing about her? I hope the new one has a bit more attitude and zest.

  155. From Pie

    Nat is not a very good actor, but they could have found someone better to play her part, not Braun (Ava!!)

    I hate that idea when Adriene was Bonnie, and Roman was recast as that creepy Doctor!!

    Find a new face

  156. From Teresa

    I always thought Tamara was sleazy looking and acting. I have to admit to being happy when her character left once before. Natalia is lovely and far more wholesome. How does that fit with the EJ story? For me, it takes some of the edge off. I’m as baffled over this as I was by the firing of the John and Marlena characters….shameful!

  157. From phoenix

    It is classic Days to have these actors portray a different role. It is their acting (ie: Roman, John, Marlena, Hope, Tony, Susan, Adrienne, etc…) that makes it believeable that they were those characters but can play other ones or facets of their own so well. Days has the best for sure! If the writers give these actors something good to work with, they can’t go wrong. Liking the craziness going on now and that Fay is back. Becoming reminiscent of the good old crazy days. Promising to see them going in this direction. p.s. don’t break up Jen and Jack. That is so ridiculous, especially due to the fact of everything they went through with the whole Melaswen story arc. You can still have Jen and make up some lame excuse that Jack is not there like you always do, but breaking them up like this…lame for all the real watchers of days. Sometimes I wonder have these writers been fans of days or watched themselves. Again, look forward to see where you writers are headed. :)

  158. From tucson

    Can’t stand Natalia! She is _____

    Edited for actor bashing. SOF Admin

  159. From Debbie

    I’m fed up with the crazy story lines and cast changes on this show. Why did Taylor have to be replaced? She is playing the part the way she is directed to play it and doing a fine job. It makes no sense (what on DOUL does???) that they are replacing a sweet Taylor with a bitch Taylor. Why does everyone have to be evil? Is little Johnny going to become a serial killer? Ciara a whore? And no one ever seems to get what they deserve – crime pays in Salem. If you’re nice you’re screwed!

  160. From LucyLovr

    The problem with the current Taylor is that the writers wrote her character as a polar opposite of Nicole: sweet, nice, honest, etc. I never bought the idea that she would have engaged in the clothes-flinging, heavy-breathing, inch-away-from-sex romp with EJ. Too unbelievable for me. If you want us to believe she’d do that, then just make her a visen already.

  161. From Stacie

    Okay, so I’m sick of all this Taylor/EJ love at first site stuff!! BLAH!! Bring on the tough chick!! Then the whole Rafe1/Rafe2 get over it already writers…wrap it up!!! What I really want to know and have for awhile now is….when will Roman snap out of it and realize he is really Chris Kositchek?!?!!!

  162. From Heather

    I was just telling someone today that they should replace Natalia Livingston. I watch todays episode and I did not like her acting. It was too fake!

  163. From Jackie

    When they hired NL to play Taylor they must have thought she could do it. I really like her and hate to see her go. What is going on with dool for them to be replacing all the the familiar faces that we know. With them bring in all these new face’s they should just have a spin off of dool.I may exit the show myself.

  164. From Khloe

    Okay, Braun looks much too old to be Nicole’s little sister and much less EJ’s lover!! I’m glad they’re getting a better actor though. Livingston _____

    Edited for actress bashing. SOF Admin

  165. From Helen

    One word … Ridiculous!

  166. From Donna

    Oh, for God’s sake, the people who are “steering the boat” at DOOL’s have not got a clue. And a word to the wise… take the “medical marijuana” and/or alcoholic beverages away from the writers when the are “working” on the scripts. Then perhaps we would get an intelligent, believable storyline for a change.

  167. From nicole e

    I have watched days for 26 years and I have always loved the show but lately over the years they just keep dissapointing us with recast and good characters leaving the show. I really liked NL playing taylor, she was sweet and beautiful. her and Ej had really good chemistry. I love seeing him evil but its nice to see a sweet side to him sometimes too. I am really sick of the rafe storyline, its getting old. if they want to get rid of a character..get rid of melanie. she gets on my nerves.

  168. From Beth

    I do not like the new Taylor. The old one was much prettier and I didn’t like the new one when she was on the show before. I don’t understand why Days Producers can’t leave well enough alone. Also, I agree the Rafe storyline needs to end soon. I have watched Days for a long time and I really get sick of the dragging storylines lately.

  169. From kristina

    I much prefer Natalia as Taylor. She seemed to suit the role perfectly, also you can sense the chemistry between her and EJ. When I look at Tamara, all I see is Ava. She is NOT a Taylor. Tamara suits an evil role. I agree with other posts that she should have been brought back as Ava and a storyline created for her…like kidnapping Stephanie or something to bring back Steve.

    Why was Natalia fired? Sometimes the people that make these decisions on actor/actress changing are wrong for doing so. I think it will take a lot of people a long time to get used to Tamara as Taylor…sorry

  170. From Toya

    WHAT IS GOING ON! All of my favorite characters are disappering. Will 2011 be the endo of the Soap Opera. Marlena, John, Kerry, Austin, Brandon (so cute, Isabella(Kristen Storms), Phillip, etc…The actress who played Taylor looked sweet and was more fitting for the role. I agree with the others EJ & the old Taylor had chemistry. No disrespect but the new Taylor looks older than Nicole. I have been watching Days for over 20 years and I am not happy with the storylines lately especially with Rafe. Days is starting to get really annoying. Please get it together and get that old Days of Our Lives magic back.

  171. From Annie

    OMG!!I loved the old Taylor, she was so pretty and sweet, her look made her play her part to perfection!! EJ and her had so much chemistry!!! This new girl is not going to convince anyone that she is Nicole’s younger sister and she has an evil look about her. Days what are you doing?. Yes, I agree the Rafe story is dragging way too long now.

  172. From busymommy3

    I am very dissapointed in this. I really liked (Nat-Old Taylor) She was beautiful and seemed to really connect with EJ. I am not impressed at all with this new girl and agree with previous posts saying she looks older than Nicole. She is not near as pretty as Nat.

  173. From Joyce

    Hate the new Taylor – loved Natalia as Taylor. Braun couldn’t be as sweet as Natalia no matter how hard she tryed. Bring Natalia back!!

  174. From jenn

    Wow!!! This just happened with Arianna and Gabby too… why are they recycling these actresses. I like Natlaia… she needed to stay… it was a great change when she came… now they are just back to their old typical “days” ways!

  175. From radine

    the chemistry that the original taylor had with e.j is gone. i just skip right through it and i could only hope this saga ends quickly. maybe she can get killed off

  176. From Dfer

    So upset about this switch! Tamara can’t hold a candle to Natalia. Why would EJ like a trashy looking women like Tamara? It does not make any sense. Even Nicole is much prettier than her. I hate this switch Natalia was soooo much better in this role. They could have at least replaced her with another beautiful women who you could see EJ being tempted with.

  177. From misty

    today when i watched days it wasn’t as good now that taylor is gone i really like natalia livingston, she was a better actress i do not like this new taylor she looks older then nicole how could she be nicoles younger sister??? bring natalia back as taylor she was great

  178. From Betty

    No, No, No!! Natalia Livingston was the best thing coming EJ’s way! She was beautiful, feminine and had great chemistry with EJ. Please bring her back. Tamara Braun, an ok actress, just does not have that magically feminine quality about her. Huge mistake on Days!

  179. From DP

    I can tell you I was really in to the direction the story was going with Natalia playing Taylor, now I could care less and already don’t like the replacement. Bad sign for Day’s….

  180. From Jenn

    I am so relieved Natalia is gone. I was getting so tired of listening to her do that annoying,,,um,,,,um,,,,um all the time! She can’t act, and it was so hard to watch at times. Sorry to say, but a fan of DOOL for 23 years now, she is one of the top 5 worst actors IMO.

  181. From denise

    i think this is terrible natalia had a great chemistry with EJ we already hated ava from before why bring her back

  182. From Deborah

    PLEASE, PLEASE bring back Natalia Livingston! EJ & her had great chemistry & she is very pretty. The new actress wasn’t good in any way & I agree she looks older than Nicole.

  183. From ellen kendrick

    Casting Braun as Taylor is way off.She is far, far, far from looking like the sweet and gentle character of Taylor. She has played very tough, sleazy characters during her career and it is too far fetched to cast her as Taylor.

  184. From Heidi

    Natalia is Beautiful and EJ and her were a great looking together. Now Tamara has replaced her and not only is she not that great looking for EJ she looks much older than Adrianne (Nicole) and she makes Nicole so much prettier that people are going to want to see EJ with Nicole again!!! Not to be mean but can you say EWWW!

  185. From mahtab

    YUK YUK YUK. I can’t stand Taylor’s replacement. THere is NO chemistry there and I can’t imagine EJ in love with her. BRING TAYLOR back…the original. Or someone with the same kind disposition.
    This person is just harsh looking. What were you thinking Days?!?!?!??!?

  186. From Mary Ann

    My friends and I, who watch “Days” can’t believe why they want to replace the very believable and lovely Natalia Livingston!!! There is no chemistry with Tamara Braun…James Scott and Natalia were the perfect “innocent” love-at-first-sight lovers!! They sent out sparks that had the viewing audience wanting more…Their on-screen chemistry made me believe that E.J. had a warm, tender side. I don’t see that with Tamara, the replacement.

    PLEASE bring back Natalia…no one I’ve talked to likes Tamara, in this role. Natalia had a calming effect on him, and has much more to offer as Taylor!!!! I have a network of friends, from my friends, to my daughter’s friends, who watch this show. So, this is representative of a whole spectrum of fans!!

  187. From Mary Ann Fritz

    Please bring back the original Taylor on “Days!” Natalia Livingston portrayed the role so much more effectively than Tamara Braun. She has that innocence, yet has a conscience, about her love for E.J…and they had an undeniable chemisty, that kept me and my friends tuning in for more!!! I would always wish it was their scenes that would be aired, not so much some other characters. When I saw this new actress, I was hoping maybe Natalia was out for the day sick, only. PLEASE bring back the Taylor we all prefer, who does more justice to the role!!!!!!

  188. From Melinda Gladstone

    TB is not nearly as pretty as NL. There is NO chemistry between her and EJ. At least I could see how he could be attracted to NL NOT TB YUCK!!

  189. From Mary Ann Fritz

    I have posted twice today…Please publish my comments. They reflect, not only myself, but my friends, who are fans of “Days.” I think it is unanimous that the fans don’t like the new Taylor, i.e. Tamara Braun. Natalia Livingston had a peaceful, yet charismatic way with E.J. She was beautiful and had an innocence about her that this new Taylor doesn’t have. We beg, you, NBC, to bring back Natalia, by popular demand!!!

  190. From Kerbear

    DON’T like this new Taylor at all…I remember when she was on before and I didn’t like her then either. Taylor’s character is suppose to be that of a calm, innocent, educated young lady that everyone loves. Natalia was perfect for that. She had that innocence about her. Braun still looks way too old and trashy. She just doesn’t have the right demenor for Taylor. Ava was the perfect character for her. Not saying she’s not attractive, just not the right type for this role…it’s all about casting producers…maybe you should take some of the fans advice and your ratings may start climbing again.

  191. From Starr K.

    I agree with Melinda…TB is not as pretty as NL. Even EJ looks disgusted when he is looking at her! I’m shocked and very disappointed. I have been watching Days since I was 5 years old with my mom! Love the show but not this decision!

  192. From CC

    Didn’t like her as Eve character and now we are suppose to like her like we liked Natalia as Taylor??? Need Natalia back, make nice and get her back!!!

  193. From CC

    Bring back Natalia, this one we learned not to like as Eve, now trying to like her isn’t working. Make nice with Natalia.

  194. From Amber Bailey

    I’m REALLLY not buying the old “Ava” as Taylor so far. I really liked the Taylor they picked. She was a great actress and very good at making believable chemistry with EJ. I can’t stop seeing this new Taylor as the crazy deranged Ava from before. IT’s just not working for me. I don’t get why they let Livingston go! Anyone know the scoop on why???

  195. From Amber Bailey

    AND…the new Taylor is WAY less pretty than Livingston! She looks like a cracked out older sister not a fresh younger sister. She seriously is way too thin and her hair looks scraggly. Sorry but I’m really hating they put her in as Taylor it’s just SO not believable. She was a crazy person years ago and now we have to buy that she’s a sweet young kind person?

  196. From Justine Gray

    I too am sick of Rafe’s storyline, it’s about time it comes out and I think Nicole is really starting to peice things together. As for the “new” taylor..what the heck! I am noo fan of this Tamara girl, I loved Natalia…wish they would have given her more of a change. She acted well with being Nicole’s younger sister and the chemistry she had with EJ was amazing!! And when is Sammi coming back?? Miss her!!! :-)

  197. From Samantha Gulley

    I have been watching ‘Days’ for 35 years now and have seen a lot all the way around, nothing surprises me for the most part because the writers for this show are amazing however, letting Natalia go, not good…I don’t care, this new ‘Taylor’ totally blows, I can’t even imagine any chemistry between her and EJ and theres been nothing to see yet…bring back Natalia Please…

  198. From Ron

    Poor EJ. What a let down. At least she makes Nicole look better.

  199. From kara

    Natalia Livingston was very classy, elegant…and had an innocence about her Tamara Braun is more of a barfly type, EJ would never fall in love with someone like her. She was good as Ava but that is exactly the kind of character she should be playing. Natalia should have stayed…tough shoes to fill I’m sure but Tamara is not the one to fill them.

  200. From angie macneil

    This is totally ridicoulos. The chemistry was awesome with EJ and Natalia.
    I disliked the current taylor before and dislike like her more now. Come on DOOL give your fans a little credit, she just played a different role on this show. You are going to be one of the other Soaps that will be cancelled as fans will stop watching. You have gotten rid of Marlena and John, another huge mistake

  201. From ronnie

    Big, big mistake replacing Taylor. There was chemistry and she was perfect for the role. The new Taylor does not fit the role. I’ll skip all the scenes between EJ and Taylor from now on. BIG disappointment DOOL!

  202. From Liza

    The new Taylor is AWFUL!!!!! I just started watching the show a couple of weeks ago and thought the old Taylor was beautiful. The new one looks like her face is contorted and you cannot half understand what she is saying!

  203. From Mike Edwards

    Natalia brought out the wholesome ‘good girl’ look that makes her affair with EJ believable and accepting – very honest, sincere. So we believed her running to & away from E.J. at the same time. She was not only gorgeous but brought an innocence that allowed us to buy into her conflicted, tortured shame that she has with Nicole.
    The Braun character is older, edgier and not believable in this relationship. Dressing her up as a slut fails to advance the stoyline at all. The suspension of disbelief is gone for this segment.
    I’m mystified at this casting faux paus!! Good Luck dool.

  204. From LJ

    I’ve been watching DOOL since 1970 and am finding it harder and harder to stay interested. The character of Taylor when played by Natalia was beautiful, romantic, wholesome, and looked like someone who could be trusted. Her acting may have been a bit too dreamy, but with practice comes perfection. She had the appearance and qualities that someone like Brady Black would hire and EJ would be smitten with. The new actress playing Taylor looks like and anorexic junkie and dresses like a cheap hooker. She is so far from what Brady would hire and EJ would just want her for a one-nighter. She lacks class and charisma, two things he has buckets of and would want in his female partner. TO THE POWERS THAT BE AT DOOL: There is no shame in correcting your mistakes, please do so quickly before even more viewers stop watching and the show ends up cancelled. If you can’t get the original back then kill off the character, it would be better than destroying it.

  205. From Jamian Snow

    I cannot believe that more fans are not OUTRAGED at this change for the character, Taylor. Natalia Livingston was and will always be the ONLY Taylor I will looking for on Days. She was perfect for the roll. Her acting was excellent( Emmy Winner). She was a beautiful addition to the cast. Her innocence was a breath of fresh air and her obvious chemestry with EJ rivaled Nicole’s slanted views on life. All in all, I believe that Natalia should be called back to resume her role!

  206. From devoted days fan

    There was great chemestry between EJ and Natalia LIvingston, first Taylor.Tamara Braun looks too old to be the younger sister of Nicole and there is NO chemestry between her and EJ.PLEASE BRING BACK NATALIALIVINGSTON, she was perfect.

  207. From Roslyn

    Are you people crazy? I watched Days of Our Lives on Friday, and then I turn it on Monday and you have a new Taylor! There is NO Chemistry what so ever! I don’t even want to watch anymore!!!!! This is totally nuts!

  208. From tammy

    Cannot believe they did this! The chemistry was awesome between E.J and Taylor, that being Natalia Livingston. I don’t buy Tamara Braun as Taylor.

  209. From Edna

    I’m also upset about the Taylor change. I really loved the way she & EJ had a great chemistry. Why was she fired???
    Days I think you goofed in firing her!!!

  210. From Jeff McGinn

    I feel shes to skinny stop showing the shoulders shes like anorexic and theres no chemistry like before.
    I will try to give her a chance to be thrown into a roll has to be hard. but pleaSE dress her better.

  211. From Bella

    Ah this just big time SUCKS! The new Taylor has ZERO chemistry with EJ, she’s older then Nikole, and EJ. Bring back the other Taylor, the chemistry between them was so hot! I can’t even watch the new Taylor anymore. Please bring back Natalia, she rocks! Sweet and beautiful!

  212. From Lyndell

    I have been a days fan for quite awhile. I would love to see Natalia back, her and EJ had better chemistry. And nobody wants to see somebody make a come back on the same show as somebody else. Concerned viewer!

  213. From linda

    I am shocked and disgusted!!!! I REALLY liked Natalia,she’s a perfect fit for EJ’s character. What the H— is wrong with the writers????The new Taylor doesn’t even resemble Nicole and doesn’t seem to mix well with EJ. I am soooo unhappy about thus!!!

  214. From Rose


  215. From Rose

    Ok DOOL at the helm, what were you all thinking by bringing back this no talent actress Tamara Braun????
    How she won an award before as Ava is behind anything you or I could imagine!!! She looked terrible with Patch and then John, now EJ!!!! ???? Natalia was a beautiful young lady and looked great with EJ. I agree with a lot of the other comments she looks much much much older then Nicole. At this rate your ratings keep getting lower. Dump Tamara and bring back Natalia, if she’ll come back!!!! Poor judgement Days!!!!

  216. From Petra

    I don’t like the new Taylor-
    she is not as good as NL
    I will miss her
    I think she is a lovely
    person to portray Taylor
    and she should be brought back
    the viewers are unhappy about this

  217. From Tracy Hernandez

    I loved Natalia as Taylor.Her soft spoken sweetness made the chemistry with EJ sizzle. It quickly became my favorite story line.My jaw dropped when I realized that had replaced her with the too skinny,mousy, abrasive,bad girl Ava.I am SO not feeling it anymore!PLEASE PLEASE bring her back. bbacbBackback.1111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  218. From Tracy Hernandez

    I loved Natalia as Taylor.Her soft spoken sweetness made the chemistry with EJ sizzle. It quickly became my favorite story line.My jaw dropped when I realized that had replaced her with the too skinny,mousy, abrasive,bad girl Ava.I am SO not feeling it anymore!PLEASE PLEASE bring her back. bbacbBackback.11111111111111111111

  219. From Tammy

    I do not like the new Taylor,TB,her and EJ do not have any chemistry. NL was beautiful,and had great chemistry with EJ. I am very disappointed with the new Taylor. I dont understand how they couldnt see that NL was definitely someone that EJ could fall in love with. I dont see that with the new Taylor.

  220. From Ja

    Bring back NL!!!

    TB looks way too old – even though she does seem like a better actress.

  221. From Glo

    Taylor was sexier and sweet. Don’t like Ava…she doesn’t have it!

  222. From Glo

    I don’t understand how Braun won an Emmy. She’s not a good actress and can’t find the word to describe her. She’s dingy and not sexy at all. And Kate…will she always be evil. How can she throw stones at Chloe when she was a prostitute? I hate that Phillip left. He was a great actor!

  223. From LP

    Seriously? I loved Natalia Livingston as Taylor and am very disappointed to see her replaced. BAD MOVE! She and EJ had great chemistry.

  224. From Laura

    I hate this. The first Taylor was perfect for EJ. I loved her refreshing innocence. It seemed more believable than the former-Ava-Taylor. I was glad once Ava was gone. In this case too, I agree with the majority that former-Ava-Taylor looks older than Nicole. I will also say that she makes a better evil actress.

  225. From melissa weippert

    Im sooooooo upset about natalia livingstons departure from days!! She is so beautiful…and was like a breath of fresh air…she just seemed so genuinely nice…even while acting…just really nice to watch. Im so sad :(((((

    Melissa w

  226. From Amy

    I loved the Taylor. She was so pretty and played the roll so good. I do not like this new one and makes me not want to even watch it.

  227. From chrys

    Never have had a reason to bother commenting before – but …

    This “second” (Braun) is too much the Ava part type (gangster, bar maid, trailor trash) NOT sexy, caring and a class act that would attract an EJ type.

    Would have been better to just write character out of the story line if they were anti-Natalia

  228. From Deb

    I really liked Tamara Braun as Carly on GH, and respect her as an actress. At the time I was really upset when she left GH. However, I don’t think that she is right for the role of Taylor. I can’t imagine why Natalia Livingston lost the role. She is a great actress and was perfect as Taylor. She has a combination being both sweet and provocative, which was perfect for the storyline. If nothing else, she should have retained the role since she has “the precise look” needed to pull off a great Taylor.

  229. From Marjory

    I liked Natalia in the role of Taylor. The new Taylor and EJ have no chemistry at all. Also I remember her as Ava, and she was really good, even scary. Couldn’t we have a soft romantic relationship for EJ and then some turn of events that would cause them to part forever, so we could all cry. Come on writers everybody doesn’t have to be nasty.

  230. From trisha roskom

    I do not like the new Taylor. Bring back the old one, please!

  231. From bdamomma

    Really unfortunate they let Natalia go, I loved her part as Taylor. And I loved her scenes with Ej. I remember Tamara as Ava so was perfect for that part but not as Taylor. So sorry to see her go.

  232. From RP

    I enjoyed the chemistry between E.J. and the original Taylor. She seemed sweet, nice, kind which I thought were the qualities of the character. I was very surprised when I encountered the new actress. I don’t feel like watching any more. Why don’t you get Sammy and E.J. back together since you’re going for drastic changes.

  233. From Becky Wilson

    I really hate that the writers of Days decided to switch Taylors. There is no chemistry between this new Taylor and EJ, and I am really becoming disinterested in the whole soap because of this.

  234. From April Tackett

    I hate the new Taylor!!!! I wish you could bring back Natalia!!

  235. From Carole H

    Braun as the new Taylor, YUCK! –actress and too conceited to be believable as Taylor. Former Taylor a bit two dimensional, but far better than Braun. Get rid of old EVA!!!!

    Removed actress bashing which we don’t allow. ADMIN

  236. From Jen

    I do not like Tamara Braun as Taylor. She did a good job as Ava. I’m sure there is some way they could have brought Ava’s character back. Tamara has no chemistry with EJ’s character. A different actress needs to play Taylor.

  237. From rrwilly

    Days will be cancelled soon, so why not bring everyone back for one last time. let them play dual roles if they want to. In the end they can let “victor” turn to the camera and say,” Thank youfor watching this fairy tale”, just like “The Doctors” did years ago when they got canned.

  238. From Eryn Hall

    Sorry, I DO NOT like the new Taylor. was on here before as Ava and is not cutting it as Taylor..If Natalia is not coming back find someone else…Bad move DOOL..

  239. From Eryn Hall

    Sorry, I DO NOT like the new Taylor. was on here before as Eva and is not cutting it as Taylor..If Natalia is not coming back find someone else…Bad move DOOL..

  240. From K

    I’m THRILLED to see Livingston gone, but not all that impressed that Days couldn’t find a fresh face. It’s one thing to recognize an actor from a different show, and I loved that Days brought on Galen Gering and Lindsay Harmon from Passions, but their recycling habits put me off. Something about Livingston’s dialect was extremely distracting so unfortunately a recycled Days actress is better than her.

  241. From Andrea Meyers

    This is horrible casting. I love Tamara, but the EJ-Taylor thing has lost it’s zeal of the “innocent” conflicted Taylor falling for the bad boy. The chemistry is completely gone. Now we just have two villians falling in love, makes Nicole look like a saint. A much younger saint. I used to tune in for these scenes, now I can barely watch out of morbid curiosity for Nicoles revenge. BAD move Days.

  242. From lois biggs

    i wont them to bring back the old taylor. livingston if thay dont thave lost this fan.iv been a fan for years and know a lot pepole how are going to stop watching days to. bring her back to

  243. From Patrice

    The chemistry is not I would say sultry like it was between EJ and the first Taylor. Not to knock the new Taylor too much but she doesn’t seem right for this part. She was on Days before playing Eva and that character is still in my mind when I look at her. DOOL, ya’ll messed up but I still love ya!

  244. From Cindi

    I remembered AVA she was looking good as AVA now she is awful skinny not great she look like anorxia.

  245. From Cindi

    One more bring Natalia back because she is looking natural and beautiful than skinny/bone Tamara … bad look.

  246. From Cindy

    Didn’t like her as Ava (very annoying) and don’t like her as Taylor. I hate it when they bring back an actor/actress to play another character. Messes it up. Keep remembering them as the previous character. Plus, she looks older and is definitely not “sweet” like Taylor was. Can’t stand it. BAD move……

  247. From Laurie

    I think that that was a Huge mistake on DOOL… The chemistry between EJ and Taylor(Natalia) made me wanna watch. I think Tamara is not the good girl role playing type she makes a better Bitch! Please bring back Natalia!!!!

  248. From Sheila

    I was shocked to see that Taylor was being played by someone else and I THOUGHT she looked like Ava Vitali! Tamara is too old to be playing Nicole’s younger sister and the original Taylor yrs ago was a Brunette. I thought Natalia was very beautiful and really liked her in the role. However, Taylor is too good for EJ and I really can’t see her character having an affair w. her sister’s husband. People just don’t get rid of all their morals because they are attracted to some guy who ends up being their brother in law!BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL TAYLOR! And What IS up with everyone leaving Salem? Days hasn’t been that interesting lately. What we need to do is write the Writers or Producers of DAYS or NBC….

  249. From Sharon

    Natalia was perfect for the supposed sweet sister of Nicole’s and fit the role. I can’t imagine why they would cast Tamara Braun into the role of a sweet younger sister. She is perfect for the role of a bitch of a homewrecker and makes Nicole look like a saint. EJ and Nicole make a perfect pair and they understand each other. Her “sweet” younger sister couldn’t possibly! As for the role of SAMI, I am really sick of her manipulations and victim acting on the show after all she has done over the years. Who is she to play so high and mighty!

  250. From Kim

    DAYS casting staff needs to start listening to viewers! If it weren’t for us, DAYS wouldn’t be on the air!
    I agree with all those who’ve said that Tamara Braun (the new Taylor) and James Scott (EJ) have absolutely no chemistry! Even the blind can see that this is a bad match and these professionals can’t??? What a bad move, DAYS! You keep making these really bad casting decisions (ie. firing Lindsay Hartley). If you keep this up, you’ll be on the same path as All My Children! So disappointing.

  251. From LG~S

    The Taylor character (Tamara Braun), and the EJ character have absolutely no chemistry. Moreover, she and the Nichole character have no chemistry. You have made a huge error in selection. She is harsh, and brassy. Also, why can’t she wear something besides those off one shoulder rags that further make her look like a hooker. I have nothing against tasteful off the shoulder garments, however, wardrobe on Days should reconsider their costume designs. I wasn’t crazy about the first Taylor, I am way less interested in this new one.

  252. From LPG~S

    The Taylor character (Tamara Braun), and the EJ character have absolutely no chemistry. Moreover, she and the Nichole character have no chemistry. You have made a huge error in selection. She is harsh, and brassy. Also, why can’t she wear something besides those off one shoulder rags that further make her look like a hooker. I have nothing against tasteful off the shoulder garments, however, wardrobe on Days should reconsider their costume designs. I wasn’t crazy about the first Taylor, I am way less interested in this new one.

  253. From June

    I agree that this Taylor and EJ have zero chemistry and she looks about 20 years too old for him. The original Taylor looked a lot like Isla Fisher and she was really good.

  254. From Melinda

    I was shocked when the “new” Taylor appeared. I don’t even remember her as a mob daughter, however not even knowing that she played that role, that is what she reminds me of. I don’t like her at all, she couldn’t be more wrong for this part. She’s sickly skinny, harsh and brassy (as another reviewer mentioned) and not at all the right personality for this part. Why in the world was Natalia fired? She and EJ had great chemistry, she’s very pretty and sweet, unlike the replacement who really rubs me the wrong way and above all comes across as “bad”. Bring Natalia back!

  255. From Tricia

    I feel that the original actress that played Taylor (Natalia) was a much better fit because her character had a sweet and innocent personality that didn’t seem the type to go after someone’s husband, let alone her own sister’s. That’s what made it interesting. Tamara’s characater seems to have that evil personality that would definitely sleep with someone’s husband, including her sister’s. Not an interesting fit at all. PLEASE BRING BACK NATALIA!!!!!! Thank you!

  256. From Mary Miles

    The chemistry between Ej and NL’s Taylor was the sexiest I’ve seen on DOOL in 15 years or so. She’s gorgeous, appropriately innocent, and EJ has never been this crazy for anyone. I LOVED every scene they did together. No one could do sexual tension like those two. I’m profoundly disappointed since NL left.

  257. From Lindsey

    Agreed! Bring back Natalia!!! I can’t stand Carly/Tamera/Taylor! She has absolutely no feelings for Nicole at all… Where Natalia/Taylor was sooo sweet she was in love with EJ but cared about her sister. Tamera forget it you can’t even tell. Shes about herself period. Shes a great soap actress. Not in this part. at all

  258. From jc

    I really don’t care for either of them. The first Taylor was to ecky sweet and the second is sappy…get Nicole back with EJ they deserve each other – besides I like Nicole.

  259. From Sheri

    Previous taylor(Livingston) had a very strong chemistry with EJ, plus she looked younger,more innocent and classy than Nicole where as the new Taylor(Braun)not only doesn’t have any chemistry with EJ but also looks much more older than nicole, and no matter how she dresses, she can’t pull off classy roles!!!

  260. From Carol

    The day they got rid of the first Taylor, I quit watching. You made a BIG mistake!

  261. From Kitty

    WHAT is wrong with you people. Read your blogs and bring the first Taylor back!!!

  262. From Kitty

    WHAT is wrong with you people? Read your blogs and bring the first Taylor back. Kitty

  263. From Bella Mia

    What the $@% is wrong with these producers/ writters?. Where is Natalia. I started watching this storyline because these two people had the best chemistry. This new Taylor just does not cut it for me. Well I guess I’ll start watching General Hospital. BRING NATALIA LIVINGSTON BACK!!!!!!!!!

  264. From Kat

    I can not stand Tamara, and no longer follow the story line. I fast forward. Very bad choice people!

  265. From Patty

    Tamara Braun looks like a Trailer Trash Junkie and –a box. And another thing, Sami does \Sexy\ terribly. It’s uncomfortable to watch. I liked her better when she was an evil bitch, it was much more interesting and believable.

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