Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 4-8.

Falling down and falling apart.

Elvis panics to Taylor that her mom may have tweaked to the fact that they’ve been trying to have an affair right under her nose. Not long after, Fay finds her health getting a whole lot worse after she takes a tumble. Her daughters are beside themselves with worry. EJ sidles up to Taylor and whispers that Fay’s accident may have been all their fault. Nicole sits by her ailing mother’s bedside and Fay manages to mutter a few words to her that could hint at what’s been going on. Meanwhile, EJ leaves Casa DiMera to get some fresh air and give Sami a lecture about RoboRafe’s wacky behavior.

Facing her own personal abyss, Carly tries to pull herself up and makes a promise not to turn into a human failure. Apparently it’s not that convincing though since Jennifer and Daniel continue to worry that their friend is coming apart at the seams. When Nicholas rejects her as she seeks forgiveness for killing Lawrence, among other things, things get worse. Meanwhile, Victor takes a break from feuding with Brady to try and whisk Maggie away to Paris to have dinner at a real French restaurant. And romance continues to percolate as Bo and Hope take the next step in reuniting.

Dario continues to be oh-so-unimpressed by Miss Mel’s behavior. If he wasn’t a Hernandez, he would just roll his eyes, but instead he stares and argues. Since bickering and insults usually count for flirting in Salem, one of them could be misinterpreting all of this. And speaking of misinterpretations… Chloe finds Philip meeting with a social worker and assumes that he’s trying to get sole custody of Parker. Across town, Abby checks out Casa DiMera with Chad. It’s not long before she’s telling him that moving in with his papa was a big mistake. Stefano just happens to hear this.

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  1. From new viewer

    Please get rid of Taylor. I Can’t stand her.

  2. From new viewer

    Please get rid of Taylor. She makes me puke!

  3. From j

    Having Nicholas Alamain back sounds interesting. Hopefully the writers can breathe some new life into their tired old formulas. Hopefully John and Marlena can come back soon. Now that would be interesting in deed!

  4. From Beverly Knipp

    Get the raal Rafe back with Sami, he is the first person she has been happy with. Get rid of Vivian. We don`t need her, all she can do is talk about buring someone.

  5. From dc

    i read somewhere that john would be back but not sure if it said when..

  6. From patsy

    Why does Sami always have to go threw all this kind of stuff alone /.Get real Rafe back so they can kick some butt .Yea I know she has done some bad things but shes trying go be good .I like her being good but wished she had SOME of her old spunk back

  7. From grandma to many

    Im think the writers have taken that one step too many today and yesterdays shows were over the top for me RoboRafe trying to himself on Sami was just too much no means no and the complete character asasanation of Taylor and EJ was horrible pawing at each other like teenagers this is supposed to be love ? lust is the word and even a prostitue has more inner action with a client than these two have had are we honestly expected to believe that these two dogs in heat are to care at all about Nicole’s feelings ? look out Stephano EJ is about to take over your throne he’s as bad as horndog Robo how can he kiss Nicole after slobbering all over her sister I know he’s not in love with Nicole but if this is just an arranged marriage why are they constantly kissing every time they leave a room totally unbelieveable writing all of this because of a chance encounter at the pier ? please we are not this hard up for a love story

  8. From delores

    I really will be one happy soul when Rafe2 leaves, and Rafe1 returns and I hope that he and Sammi uncover what has happen, also that the person that assist Sammi is Hope, this would be great a uncover story with Sammi, Rafe 1 and Hope. getting rid of Stephano, the ratings would really go up.

  9. From Miselemeas

    Tried to post for 4 hours last night, nothing;;I hear men were put on the moon 40 odd years ago can,t this problem be fixed..I am over the major disgust of watching EJ and Taylor slavering like pigs at the trough.Is there anyone in this Country or in their right minds who watched that display and could call it sexy????? RAFE please come back and show them how its done in your quiet inimitable way.

  10. From Nann

    The fake Rafe theme is boring and senseless. PLEASE end it!!!

  11. From Katherine

    Everytime I post, gone, almost ready to give up period.
    EJ is the best lover character on ever, please him the right woman to work with, remember EJ and Sami, the best ever…..
    Rafe – boring – Fafe, not a nice person but so much more fun to watch. Well he got Sami turned against him now, so might leave him, end of mission…..
    Taylor, please, and Faye, whiney young, and whiney old, can’t watch.
    Sombody save the great actor James doing the character of EJ, you are dstroying that guy, give him some better storylines, not even Lawrence O (Heathcliff) could prevail with Taylor and that stuff written for them….

  12. From KF

    How much longer do we have to deal with this stupid Roborafe!!!!! Now Carly is going to be on drugs???? Wasn’t Hope being dependant on drugs enough??? I think DAYS needs A LOT of NEW writers because clearly the ones they have now don’t have any good new ideas for storylines. They have to keep going back to OLD storylines – enough is enough – TOTALLY BORING AND RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. From KF

    The RoboRafe storyline needs to end NOW!!!!!!
    Now they’re going to have Carly on drugs – wasn’t the drug thing with Hope enough?
    DAYS definitely needs NEW writers with fresh new storylines – clearly the ones they have now don’t have any!!!!!! 95% of the storylines going on now are stupid, boring and ridiculous!!!!!

  14. From coogar

    Nicole cant see whats up with Tay & EJ; Tay should have never moved into the mansion in the first place. Niki & Taylor are just plain coming across as dumb & dumber.

    The debate seems to be over; Jen states that she is moving in to Tom & Alice’s house; the place of so many warm memories. I found myself relating. Oh how I would love to return to my childhood farm house and possably give it some TLC remodeling & fixing.

    New Syd looks more comfortable infront of the cameral today.

  15. From shelia

    please hurry and get rafe 1 back in the picture with sami. I don’t like rafe2 get rid of him. I hope if rafe 1 get back and gets his memory back . I hope sami finds out what ej and stefano did to rafe 1 . I hope after it all is found out rafe and sami will be ok together again. I am bored with Taylor and EJ. what will nicole do if she find out about them. I was hoping she would catch the to day on the couch.

  16. From Morgan

    The story is getting more and more predictable each day– and its very sad ! I used to love this show, especially when I was younger !! But now it is just flat out BORING !!!
    Taylor just annoys me !!
    And theyre making Nicole more boring with each episode !! They are making her look dumb and like a goody two shoes !!! GIVE HER, HER PERSONALITY BACK !!!
    Bring the “Real” Rafe back !!!! Agh ! They’ve gone on TO long with the fake Rafe !! Its just getting major boring now !
    Bring Nicholas back ! Create something NEW !!!!
    Bringing Dario in brought excitement… for about a day.. If that !

  17. From Deedeem

    Shelia, honey you know they NEVER get caught, that’s what’s so frustrating….and that is why things just drag on and on with this soap.

  18. From Deedem

    PS.. Every thing you guys said is just so on point. This is the best post. No one tries to write a book (smiles).. I had the same problem with getting on a while back. Maybe it’s the puzzle at the end of the post. I don’t know….

  19. From cdhowe

    I just read that the person playing Taylor is being recast. Thank goodness…. the current one cannot act. Not too sure about this Dario yet. He’s cute, but needs to show more emotional control.
    DAYS needs to bring back the best actors to the show (John, Marlena, Steve Johnson) and get rid of the actors that can’t act!

  20. From janet

    why does Dr. Jonas end up getting involved with every female patient he helps?? that seems like like some kind of sickness. I would think that the hospital board would be getting on his case about it!

  21. From Grandma Judy

    Miselemeas #6, – You wrote you want Rafe to come back and show how the love making is done in his “quiet inimitable way.” That is sooo good and it’s sooo the reason I find Rafe sooo sexy! I want him back with Sami. I just hope this whole faux Rafe mess doesn’t spoil intimacy for Sami.

  22. From dinky

    moving the Taylor and eJ thing too fast. it is very forced. Also, Mel and Darion ??? She needs to be with Phil or Nathand don’t add another character. again, contrived and forced. Same with Chloe. Keep her with an original relationship. moving all these characters quickly to another lover is too forced too fast. What it is showing is a lack of creativity. Moving characters from one person to another trying to build passionate relationships. how about creat a storyline about something interesting. an adventure where all characters must be a part of. Searching for something to save someone . anything but bed hopping it is getting old.

  23. From MAB

    Some say they didn’t hear the slap Sami gave Rafe, but I did. She didn’t slug him, she slapped him. It wasn’t incredibly loud, but loud enough to hear.

    Again, I know Rafe2 is supposed to be alienating Sami’s love for real Rafe, but I can’t get past the things he said to her yesterday because most of it was true. If this were the real Rafe acting differently because of the accident, she would be turning her back on him. Like when he said I’ve stood by you thru everything (and real Rafe has) and now that I’m going thru a rough patch, you turn your back on me. He even brought up her saying ‘her kids’ & not ‘their kids’. He is making some valid points about the relationship…too bad it isn’t real Rafe that is experiencing what Sami would do if he was acting like this. Who’s to say she won’t be the same when real Rafe returns w/o his memory. Will she keep pushing him away? For now though, I’m still enjoying most of her interactions with Rafe2 because it seems more like a real relationship than what they had before, which was nauseating & boring. Also, since Rafe2 has been around, Sami has gotten her spunk back, but I have a feeling she’ll go back to being a weakling once real Rafe returns.

    EJ is ten times better at being sexy, and at his love-making than Rafe could ever be. EJ & Sami are WAY better together than Rafe & Sami. And there was nothing bad about EJ & Taylor being hot for each other…the scenes were great, on EJ’s side that is. The problem is the character he’s being paired with. Taylor is boring & can’t act.

    Someone said getting rid of Stefano would bring up the ratings???? No way, Stefano gives Days just what it needs. He is the best villain in daytime, always has been and always will be! I loved what he said to Vivian yesterday. He is a scary man when he wants to be, and I hope that continues because no one is better at it than him!

  24. From Katherine

    14 MAB
    Right on, you said it, I agree….
    Getting rid of Stefano, he makes the show, he is the evil component, needed in a story, how would you like a \Mr.Rodgers\ type in the mansion – passing out cookies -, no viewers, not me, I like the excitment and intrigue.
    I did not notice a new Syd, ….

  25. From Clear

    Now is the writers’ chance to have some decent interaction and take Ej’s mind off Tay!! Sami may be free soon if we don’t get the real Rafe back soon! EJ is biding his time to get Sami between husbands perhaps? If Sami were to turn her womanly wiles on for EJ, he would be unable to resist.
    I agree Robo needs to go. Stefano needs to stay though because he is the coolest villain! I loved how he dealt with Vivian with a few choice words.

  26. From Traci Ferrell

    The Sami and Rafe 2 storyline is old and boring..bring back real Rafe. It would be cool if Sami and Kate uncovered the truth and brought the DiMeira’s to justice.

    The EJ and Taylor fling is somewhat OK but anybody who has watched this show already knows that Nicole is way smarted than this and would have already put 2 and 2 together and figured out that her sister is wanting to bed her husband. I also agree with another post about it being an arranged marriage and why does EJ always kiss her when he leaves the room. I understand Nicole is “in Love” and all but he’s the one doing the kissing after he’s has his lips all over her sister.

    Hope and Bo, gosh where do I begin. I love them together and how they are a power couple. They have been married FOREVER..who in real life needs more time to be able to sleep with their husband of 30 years. Nobody but Hope. They give her some dumb story lines. The Ciara kidnapping storyline Hope was portrayed as a spoiled brat that had to have it her way and Bo’s opinion did not matter and nevermind the fact he is the child’s father.

    I think the producer’s should move Taylor on to better and better being Brady Black. I don’t like how the Daniel and Jennifer thing is coming to play. I like Mel with Dario and I hope before Stephanie leaves the show, Melanie gets some sweet revenge on her and her backstabbing tactics. Chad and Abby is a good idea. Daniel should be with either Carly or back with Chloe. The need to bring Nicholas back and maybe he and Jennifer could hook up….

  27. From BA

    Getting rid of Stefano would kill this show completely. If you want to get rid of anyone, although she is gorgeous, CHLOE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!

  28. From Pietrina

    Ok we need somrhting to happen here because its starting to get stupid. Poor Sami, please let the real Rafe come back, or make it where Sami gets a finger print or something to show its an imposter. Need to have somthing nice happen to the good people but than again this is a soap opera lol.

  29. From grandma to many

    what are they doing to EJ ?he has never been one of my favorites but I listened and thought about many of your comments I even agreed to disagree about Johnny’s conception when anyone commented on his love of his children I could see it but it seems like the writers are making him the actual second coming of the devil or at least of Stephano you seldom see him with the children Nicole is always dropping them off to Sami I guess his spare time is being spent on trying to hook up with his wife’s sister and his under the breath comment about Faye ( something about her being a cow ) wow where is the debonaire EJ and what a heartbreak for Nicole Days is really slipping theres not much to look forward to any more

  30. From Just me

    Okay so what to say, well fake Rafe, what a waste of story line, seriously was that necessary. I agree EJ doesn’t spend too much time with his kids because they’re always with Nicole and Nicole is always the one who’s with the kids. Sami knows she’s having issues which is why she doesn’t have the kids, smart on her part. I seriously hope real Rafe comes back and gets his memory back or at least his memory of Sami.

    I think they should bring Sami’s twin Eric back. Maybe he can be the new love interest for Taylor or Melanie.

    It’s too bad with everything that Sami is going through she has only talked to Carrie about it. Maybe Carrie should come back to town. Sami really needs her family besides her dad and step brother.

    Yes EJ loves Johnny but Johnny was not conceived in love, he raped Sami as blackmail.

    Victor/Maggie – odd couple may get some getting used to

    Vivian – just being Vivian

    Stefano/Kate – Kate will figure it out about Rafe

    Chad I think will be the one who finds the jail cell in the basement and possibly something to say Rafe was down there…

    Hope/Bo reunion – what is this the 10th time this has happened…lol leave them alone let them be a couple they always will – OBVIOUSLY

    Carly – losing it – going a bit nuts

    Daniel – not sure he should even be with anyone – no one really suits him

    Jennifer – gets annoying just like her daughter – I must say though for someone who basically had open heart surgery she recover pretty quick…

    Wow that was a lot – but happy watching to every one…lol

  31. From Janet

    Get Rafe 1 back to Sammie I hate Rafe2, Rafe one has the key to the safe house, let him get out of where he is and remeber it goes to the safe house and call Sammie. I am sick of EJ, look what he is doing to Nicole and Taylor

  32. From Katherine

    16 Gram to many, hate to say it, on some thinkg I agree with you.
    What are they doing to EJ. Where is the loving father, the debonair guy – where is the classy guy.
    Writers, your not doing the show any good, to mess with a dynamo character like EJ and turn him into a sap.
    Get Taylor, that winey woman away from him, she is ruining the character, at least for me.
    I know EJ was kind of evil before, good and evil, but now they are making him so ordinary, common, no It left, MAB, Kass, help, you know whaat I am trying to say….

  33. From katherine

    My goodness, the fans and viewers are just bombarding this site….. what’s going on, I know I am having so much trouble getting my blog on anytime I try…….

  34. From daisy

    Lets see….Faye has a heart problem, moves upstairs which walking up is harder on her heart, but then I guess they need some stairs for her to “fall” down?

  35. From Grandma Judy

    I am OK with Sami acting the way she is toward faux Rafe. And if it was real Rafe suddenly changed like this I would feel the same way. It’s not a perfect world and things and people change. Sometimes a spouse has a personality change due to head injury, other health problems, medications, substance dependency, a disease like Alzheimers or whatever, and it can lead to them becoming mean and even violent and the other spouse has to think of themselves and their safety, aside from the love they feel for that other person. And any medical professional or law enforcement would tell them that. Sami has not only herself to think of but her children and one of them has already been afraid of her “husband. Sami doesn’t know he’s an imposter, and she is gradually becoming overwhelmed wondering what the heck has happened to her husband. In the meantime, he is acting more and more dangerous.

    I wonder if they will have Fay die as a result of her injuries or if she will recover? Guess she is unconscious for a while, then tries to tell Nicole and Taylor something.

    I hope Melanie doesn’t fall for Dario and then he is only after her money. Seems he is way too interested in that!

  36. From MAB

    EJ spends sufficient time with the kids. We have to realize that the kids can’t be in every scene though. Plus, he spends much more time than Sami does. As usual, she is too preoccupied with her personal life than her children, always has been & always will be. Just like sending Ally to Lucas. She doesn’t even realize that if it weren’t for EJ, Ally could possibly be missing right now. Yet, Sami’s willing to send her daughter away because she’s afraid of Rafe. Well, my first instinct would’ve been to send him away, not my child. Of course, I guess it’s supposed to be acceptable since Ally is with Lucas, but then come to think of it, she’s probably better off with him.

    When did Kate become Sami’s new buddy? The Sami I know would never confide in Kate of all people. And why does she need to send Ally things thru Kate? Doesn’t Sami know how to send packages herself? Doesn’t she have Lucas’ address? Makes no sense!

    Why do somes hatred of EJ make them analyze everything he says or does?? Like, EJ calling Fay a name yesterday…who cares! This is not something out of the ordinary for anyone to do. Fay is butting her nose in where is doesn’t belong. She is a guest in that house, and needs to know her place. If she has a problem, she needs to address her daughters. Besides as she said, she doesn’t believe anything EJ says anyway, so why doesn’t she just go to Nicole and say something. If I was her mother, I would. But then again, Fay is not mother of the year here. She & Nicole have never really been close, but now she wants to play mom to her…and we’re supposed to buy this? Well, I don’t find it realistic whatsoever! Also, where does Fay get off acting like she knows EJ so well? During their conversation yesterday, she said something like “I know you EJ”. Well Fay, no you don’t. You haven’t lived in Salem in for years, you barely know the man, and what you do know is what Nicole has told you.

    I loved Maggie & Victor and Stefano & Kate yesterday. The show needs to keep these 2 senior couples front & center.

    Again, Rafe2 continues to make valid points to Sami yesterday. I loved when he said, “now I don’t even sleep right”. It’s so true! This is becoming silly. He can’t make a move w/o her jumping all over it.

  37. From MAB

    I’m not saying it’s uncommon for Sami to act the way she is. The problem is the simple things she jumps on Rafe2 for, and how forced the issues have been. You can’t deny the very valid points Rafe2 has made to her…he’s speaking the truth. For example, when he told her he has stood by her thru everything, yet she turns her back on him just because he’s going thru a bad patch. If this were real Rafe doing the same thing, I think Rafe fans would be dogging Sami for treating him the way she is treating Rafe2. As far as the kids, she’s not thinking of them. She’s doing what she always does and thinks of herself & her relationship w/ Rafe before the kids. People want to say EJ uses his kids as pawns…no that is what Sami does. If she put her kids first, she would’ve never let Ally go, she would’ve kicked Rafe out!

  38. From MAB

    DaysCafe spoiler is saying Will Horton is gay. I find this completely disgusting! I will tune out of this S/L. I’m so disappointed in Days.

  39. From patsy

    I keep checking every day to see if there are any changes for the better in the story lines still the same old same just diffrent day Come on DAYS get this stupidEJ/Taylor SAMI nuRAFE STORY LINE OVER WITH its getting old Im Loveing victor /maggie stephno/kate love story

  40. From Grandma Judy

    I am a total Rafe fan and I stand by my post #21 and if it were real Rafe acting like faux Rafe is, I would still feel for Sami and not judge her for how she is acting toward him. He’s a mess and acting very worrysome. As for Sami sending Alley away, unbeknown to her, EJ approached Kate and almost demanded that she call Lucas and have him summon Alley to be with him to avoid Stefano’s plan to send Alley away to parts unknown. All things considered, and the way Rafe had been acting, and that Alley was afraid of him, I think Sami did the right thing to let Lucas have Alley with him. It seems logical to me that at that time, Sami was standing by Rafe and probably thought his actions were only temporary and he would gradually be himself as he recovered from his accident. I am not necessarily a Sami fan but I’m trying to see her side of it, not knowing the awful thing that EJ and Stefano have done to her life.

    I’m very disappointed that they plan to have Will be gay. Not a storyline that I’m going to like or have any interest in!

  41. From FRAU

    Sami and EJ belong together! His feelings for Taylor are not of love but only lust.

    Sami had it right earlier this week: Say NO to Robo.

  42. From cherie

    Just read where Will is gay…that does it for me..I haven’t watched the show for weeks, just waiting for this stupid Rafe thing to be over, but now I know I won’t be tuning in again…sad that the writers felt the need for this…

  43. From SandyGram

    MAB, Grandma Judy, Cherie….
    I’m with you, I am very disappointed TPTB will have Will Horton be the gay character on Days. I don’t mind having a gay story line on the show, but I do mind taking a character we have all grown up with, has been through significant turmoil in his young life and now he’s is going to be gay. It will be interesting to see how TPTB introduce the story line into the show, I hope it’s before Will and Gabby get any more involved in their relationship. If the gay story line doesn’t go over so big with the fan’s Will’s character will probably have to leave the show to bring an end to it. Sorry to see this happen to Will.

  44. From MAB

    It doesn’t matter whether Rafe’s actions were temporary or not. My children would come before anything & everyone! Also, it was a good thing EJ demanded Ally be sent to be with Lucas, otherwise she could be missing if Stefano had his way. Sami doesn’t know who lucky she is that EJ did that.

    Sami has every right to act the way she is acting toward Rafe, but again too much of it is forced, and it makes no sense to think that EVERYTHING he does is questionable, like the way he takes his coffee, or how he sleeps. She knows he’s having problems, so some of those small things shouldn’t be made a big deal out of.

  45. From MAB

    I hope no one cares that I post this, but I thought it was a good read about Bo & Hope. Apparently they are going to have a big S/L this summer. I’m looking forward to it.


    The Bradys reconnect for the first time since her release from prison and his breakup from Carly. Previews Kristian Alfonso (Hope): “they have some small talk and she goes to say goodnight and leave and he’s like, ‘Do you really want to continue sleeping in the guestroom?’ They had not crossed that bridge yet; they were taking it so slow.” Hope indicates she’s ready, so “he takes her hand and it’s a slow, rediscovering love scene.”
    But not in the bed that he slept in with Carly, Alfonso says. “Before she crawls into the bed, she does make the comment ‘Thank God, the new bed arrived.’ ”
    This marks new territory for the put-upon duo. “it’s a clean slate and that’s how Bo and Hope are looking at it. Even though they’ve been married for so many years, so many tumultuous things have happened that they’ve lost their way for so long. They’re tiptoeing around, but Bo is trying to reaffirm for her that she can believe their reconciliation is for real.”
    She certainly wants to believe it. “After, they’re lying in bed and she’s in his arms and she’s just soaping up and savoring that moment.” smiles Alfonso. “it has been so long since they were that close. She says it feels like a dream, and there’s excitement of what will come next.”

    WEEKLY: Bo and Hope have been moving toward reconciliation for several weeks. How do they make it official?
    RECKELL: They finally consummate it!
    WEEKLY: Carly has gone off the rails since her breakup with Bo. Does Bo think he’s been rough on her?
    RECKELL: The circumstances were very difficult. I think it will come up a few more times. Bo and Carly will bump into each other and he’ll basically say, ‘Let’s try to with this out,’ but Carly’s off in her own storyline.
    WEEKLY: You have great on-screen chemistry with both Kristian Alfonso and Crystal Chappell. Do you think that’s one of the reasons they brought Crystal back?
    RECKELL: Breaking up Bo and Hope is a difficult thing to do. To bring Carly on — a character that Bo was deeply in love with at a time when he thought Hope was dead — was perfect, because Bo’s obviously going to have strong feelings for this woman. Carly’s return was also at a time when Bo and Hope were having issues. Turning to that relationship was a little easier, because Bo wasn’t developing a relationship with someone new. This was a person whom he loved and trusted and had history with.
    WEEKLY: You and John Aniston also have a great on-camera rapport. Would you like to see more scenes between Victor and Bo?
    RECKELL: Yes, I’ve always enjoyed the family relationships. From the very beginning, when Bo first came on the show, the most important relationship for the character was with his brother Roman, and the triangle between Roman, Bo and their father. They were brothers fighting for their father’s love. There are also the sisters and their mom. Most of my Emmy reels have been scenes with Peggy McCay.
    WEEKLY: When there are lulls in your story, is it a pattern that you’re used to?
    RECKELL: It’s something that you have to get used to. I really didn’t have to for a long time. When I came back to the show in 1990, for a two year stint, I had to put it in my contract not to work more than four days a week because I was getting burnt out. I remember Al Rabin saying to me, “We have never worked anyone as much as we work you.” I was young, dumb, and innocent. Back then, my attitude was, “Yeah, let’s work!” But now I have a family and things have worked out, because when I’m not at the studio, I spend time with my wife and baby, and we have a great time together.
    WEEKLY: The fans are anxious to see a new story for Bo and Hope.
    RECKELL: They’ve been extremely patient. Gary Tomlin came to both Kristian and I recently and said, “You guys are gonna be on board this summer, so be prepared. If you have time off now, take advantage of it, because you’re not going to have alot of time this summer.” I’m hoping our fans are patient. Our stuff doesn’t really start until the end of May Sweeps.

  46. From doolfan65

    Where is Sami??? This is not the headstrong woman that we have watched grow up on Days. This is a waste of the talent of actress Ali Sweeney. How many times does she need to be ‘raped’?? First by Alan, then by EJ, and then almost by Rafe2. Please…….enough already!!! Either get new writers, or pull the show. This changing of characters that we have grown to know/love is just horrible. They need FRESH material, this re-use of old storylines over and over is beyond boring. Just for once, would love to see a baby that did NOT have a paternity question.

  47. From Katherine

    Thank you MAB, for #30
    also as always your posts are very good, agree with so much of it, you are a good writer, and so are you Judy. Good reading…

  48. From Grandma Judy

    I just think that it’s very complicated who would come first, my husband or my children in certain situations. I would feel I had to stand by beloved husband but I love my children dearly. But, in a situation like Sami’s, if I could send my child/children somewhere safe during the interim while my husband was getting himself back together from some kind of mental or emotional upset, I guess I would do that. And I think that’s where Sami was coming from back when she let Ally go to Lucas, who is her father, after all. But if my husband’s emotional/mental problems persisted and got even worse, that would present a whole different issue. And it seems maybe that’s the point Sami is fast approaching.

    I don’t blame EJ for asking Kate to arrange for Lucas to have Ally. He did the right thing. And Sami knew nothing of Stefano’s plan or that EJ “saved” Ally. Of course, if EJ wasn’t in on this horrible plan with Rafe the imposter, none of that would have been necessary.

    I agree with Sami that her Rafe is definietly not the same man, in any respect. Everything, every action faux Rafe does IS different so it would become questionable. It’s so obvious that some on here have even posted it’s about time Sami figured it out. But how would she ever guess what’s happened?! Galen has done such a great job of transforming himself into faux Rafe.

    Interesting post, MAB, regarding Bo and Hope. I love them!

    SandyGram, – I guess what we can hope for is that the gay storyline goesn’t go over. My sister said they tried that on one of her soaps and it didn’t go on for long because the viewers didn’t like it. I have liked Will so am very sorry they are doing this with his character.

  49. From patsy

    MBA I love BO and Hope.Thy are the reason I started watching DAYS .I watched it a little when my husband in viet nam then we went to OKINWAforthree years WHEN we came back in 74 and have been watching ever sence.Mainly because of the Bo/Hope love story .THERE WILL never BE A LOVE STORY LIKE THAT ONE .

  50. From Clear

    I hope Sami kicks faux Rafe out on his a@#! Throwing things, breaking them, rages, trying to force her physically, of course, she needs to get away from him!

    Spoiler on Dayscafe saying Will is gay is ridiculous! If they do that to him, I’m not watching any scenes related to it, plus it’s stupid since they had him give a girl he likes and kisses a $1000 pair of earrings! I hate the idea of him being written that way, and believe the writers need to rethink it big time!!!

  51. From gloria

    Yesh, John is coming back, well my excitement was short lived as I thought I would start watching days again but now I guess not being that they are going to make Will gay. Like MAB I find this discusting and will not tune in. Not interested in the least in gay storylines and I think Days will lose some viewers.

  52. From Katherine

    Clear, now the $1000 earrings are starting to make sense in the SL.
    Will’s insecurity with girls, so he overcompensated with the expensive gift. I believe in live and let live, but I don’t think I am quite ready to watch a gay SL. Does anybody know if Will is gay in real life and maybe asked the writers to do the SL..?????
    Patsy, my husband was in Okinawa once upon a time, in the Marines, I met him in Munich Germany when he was a Marine Security Guard at the Konsulate and the Embassy……
    I hear all of you about Fafe, but I have to admitt the acting and some of his lines are just plain funny and I enjoy that part of Fafe. To me Rafe was just to boring and to dishonest and smirkey etc..
    However I agree, it’s getting to be time for Sami to make him leave or for her to leave with kids, and since thinking he is Rafe, meet with him to work things out. Time for the kids to be in a safe envoronment temporarily.
    Judy, I am coming to dinner in the new dining room, did you miss my big announcment, or is that one of the many many many blogs I type out but they never make it on.
    Easy to get confused of what I have said, or not, because you never got to read it.

  53. From Paula

    I’ve watched days from day 1, up down and and back but this is really getting on my nerves. Sami keeps getting the S kicked out of her and her poor kids come on enough already you took Johns memory now Rafe when is it enough? Get rid of dork Rafe and let good Rafe out with memory intact. Stefano needs a come to meeting time for a change no more kids running away or getting in the middle of stuff put Carley with Daniel Nathan shouldn’t be gone more than it takes Mel to figure out she really messed up don’t put her with bad boy Hernandez all this is for the SWEEPS? P L E A S E let’s get DAYS back on track!

  54. From sp

    im soooo mad at the sami storylne PERIOD! the rafe marriage & happy family thing was really a great thing. this stinks, and makes me wonder WHY i watch the show at all.

  55. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine #36, – Either I missed that blog or it was taken off before I had the chance to see it, but by all means come on over. We’ll have dinner and, you know me, we’ll also have WINE!

    I agree with you that a lot of Fafe’s lines have been funny and when he was out-of-it from the med Sami put in his coffee, I thought Ali (Sami) would have broke right out laughing while shooting the scene. But it’s time for him to go. I read something about him meeting his demise soon so maybe he will be killed off before being found out. I love real Rafe, though, and want him back with Sami. I find him sexy and I like them together. But it could be a long road yet before they find each other again, if at all.

    Wonder if it’s today that Fay takes her plunge down the DiMera stairway? And then I read that on a different occasion, maybe in the hospital, she suffers a heart attack when she sees EJ. Still not clear if she will end-up dying or not.

    Sure hope Melanie won’t be suckered-in by Dario, if he’s only after her money. I haven’t mentioned it before but I’m glad Jennifer is living in Alice’s house.

  56. From Grandma Judy

    Guess this answers my question about Fay. I just now read on DaysCafe that “after Fay passes away, Nicole vows to uncover EJ’s secret and she means business.”

  57. From MAB

    It doesn’t matter how much you love & care for your husband, your children should come first, especially when the are little. I would not send my child anywhere. Why would you disrupt your child’s life by sending them off somewhere while you’re husband works on getting better? He’s the adult…he could be the one to leave and get help outside the home. Although it worked out good for Ally because she actually gets to be with her real father, Lucas, and she’s probably better off anyway.

    Regardless of the fact that Rafe is not the same man, Sami believes this is the real Rafe. That is why it’s too forced of all the meaningless things she questions about every move he makes.

    If we have to endure the reunion of real Rafe & Sami, I pray it will be interesting, and that it will be a long road for them. If I have to endure the way they used to be, I’ll lose my lunch!

    I’m glad Fay will die so her character will be off the show. I’ve never liked her. I think she’ll die before telling Nicole the whole truth, and it will be blamed on her heart condition.

    I think Mel & Dario will get together. I think he will begin using her for her money, then fall in love with her…classic S/L. I just pray they don’t try to hook her up with Brady. Let them remain friends.

    patsy – I so agree with you about Bo & Hope. They are the one of the reasons I started watching Days, and one of the reasons I still watch. They are the mainstay of this show! They will always be my favorite couple, and no one can compare to them IMO.

    Katherine – you could be right about Will being insecure with girls. I mean look how he grew up. I’m surprised he is as sane as he is, but I don’t think that is a reason to make his character gay. There are many other S/L’s they could come up with. It’s bad enough for the show to be introducing a gay S/L, but it’s even worse for them to introduce it on a teen character.

  58. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, the only thing I would add is that if it were real life, being the adult doesn’t count when you are sick, or if something has happened so you aren’t in your right mind. Sometimes the children have to become the adults. It’s sad but life isn’t fair. However, this is a soap opera!

    Hey, everyone, I forgot to wish you all a Happy April Fool’s Day! I already played my joke on my husband. Told him the new wallpaper had popped off the wall at one of the seams, which can sometimes happen. He rushed into the dining room to look and I laughed “April Fool”. Ha! Hope you all have some sort of April Fool fun!

  59. From SanDee

    Reading all of these negative comments about the gay S/L makes me laugh. You know what? Get over it. Some people of the same sex like each other. Why should a whole segment of society be completely ignored just because some of you are uncomfortable with it. I for one welcome this developement. I’m sure it will be handled in an interesting and hopefully dramatic way. Seriously people….examine your own feelings about this issue, Gay people have always been around and always will. This is a soap for goodness sake and there is nothing wrong with exploring this issue with any character. If it makes you uncomfortable, don’t watch….but I think it might do you some good… your eyes and your mind.

  60. From MAB

    Real life or not, if you aren’t in your right mind, then you need professional help, not hanging around the house just waiting to see what happens next. Sami should have insisted he get professional help, and that means he needs to go somewhere else to get it, away from her small children…and you can’t ask a small children like Ally or Johnny to become adults. Again, my children would come first no matter what.

  61. From JANE


  62. From Clear

    I can definitely say I’m fast forwarding quite a bit already, and yesterday we had two sets of eavesdropping going on at the same time. Can’t the writers come up with anything better. Fay isn’t my favorite character, but I do not like them killing off characters! I won’t watch a gay Will! I can’t say I will stop watching altogether, but if it gets too bad you just will not see me venting or praising anymore on this.

    I think it has gone down hill with budget cuts and story lines, but keep hoping it gets better and continues.

  63. From Katherine

    Hi, none of you adressed my question,
    could the actor Will be gay in real life, and asked to writers to make it a SL on DOOL?????????????
    I also said in #36, it is time for Sami to make Fafe leave the house, or for HER and the Kids to leave….
    I did not say put the kids somewhere with other people, Sami will leave with them.
    Her and Rafe (Fafe) can work things out on neutral grounds or go get help with a professional…..
    Big announcement, I Love Rafe and Fafe, …….. April Fools……
    42 Jane, No I will not quit the show, have to many years with it.
    Happy about the gay story, NO, but one can always forward those scenes, or look away. I would miss all the other characters to much, just for one bad SL.
    Think about it, do you like all the other characters and SL, never perfect for all, but we all get our joy out of it, different for everybody…..You say what????
    Judy, thank you, I’ll some wine, both – white and red -
    Tell hubmeister, we will not have peeling Wallpaper, ha, ha, good one Judy…
    It comes through in your writings how much you love that man, bless you both.

  64. From MAB

    I know a lot of you say you FF thru a lot of the show. I for one never have. Even if I don’t always like what’s going on, I watch all of the show everyday from beginning to end. BUT, if this gay S/L happens, I will definitely be FF thru these scenes. I won’t stop watching simply because I want to see all the other S/L’s though. And I hate the fact that the show will be forcing me to FF.

  65. From rob

    First off – I think if VIVAN doesn’t stop, she & her man slave will be the wrath of STEFANO & I will love it – also this damn Taylor will suffer under Nicole – as for Carly for now (who really cares right!)

  66. From Cowgirlbigrun

    I really like the characters but this whole story line is getting boring! This with Nicoles mom is starting to get silly. Same story line with Bo and Hope again with eir daughter. Rafe really needs to come to a end. Starting something new with Cloe and Phillip, Victor and Maggie that is new story lines. The rest has been played before sadly with the same people. Bring Mimi, Bell, Shawn back with some twist and weave Jack in their. Jen could spot Emilo again. This is just the same thing again. I really am sorry, but it is getting old with no disrespect.

  67. From Lucinda

    PLEESE bring back John Black and Marlena!!!! RoboRafe has got to go…this story line is too much like John’s memory removed by Stefano…come on writers…

  68. From Judi

    Get rid of this Robo Refe. Get rid of Tay and Bring back to old Rafe. Let Bo and Hope be happy. GGet somw new story line. Get rid of Viv. This is a bunch of crap. I have watched this program for 45 years.

  69. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #59, don’t appreciate the lecture! My husband and I have known a couple of Gay people and we all got along fine and respected each other’s life style, – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But I don’t really want an involved and explicit Gay relationship on my soap opera!

    Katherine, it’s possible the Will actor could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect, we can only guess. I sure am disappointed the writers are going there with the Will character. If it’s only a matter of him “coming out” and the struggles he encounters while in that transition and afterward, then I can handle it. Just not any love scenes PLEASE! But I suspect there will be some kind of Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has reached her breaking point with Fafe and I’m behind her on that. No signs of any recovery, which of course there wouldn’t be, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. How could Stefano hire somebody like that and put them in Sami’s and the children’s lives??!! I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had anything to do with who Stefano hired.

    I have said before that I don’t care for the Fay actress or the character but I wish they wouldn’t have her die.

  70. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #59, don’t appreciate the lecture! My husband and I have known a couple of Gay people and we all got along fine and respected each other’s life style, – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But I don’t really want an involved and explicit Gay relationship on my soap opera!

    Katherine, it’s possible the Will actor could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect, we can only guess. I sure am disappointed the writers are going there with the Will character. If it’s only a matter of him “coming out” and the struggles he encounters while in that transition and afterward, then I can handle it. Just not any love scenes PLEASE! But I suspect there will be some kind of Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has reached her breaking point with Fafe and I’m behind her on that. No signs of any recovery, which of course there wouldn’t be, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. How could Stefano hire somebody like that and put them in Sami’s and the children’s lives??!! I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had anything to do with who Stefano hired.

    I have said before that I don’t care for the Fay actress or the character but I wish they wouldn’t have her die.

  71. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #59, I for one don’t appreciate the lecture! My husband and I have known a couple of Gay people and we all got along fine and respected each other’s life style, – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But I don’t really want an involved and explicit Gay relationship on my soap opera!

    Katherine, it’s possible the Will actor could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect, we can only guess. I sure am disappointed the writers are going there with the Will character. If it’s only a matter of him “coming out” and the struggles he encounters while in that transition and afterward, then I can handle it. Just not any love scenes PLEASE! But I suspect there will be some kind of Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has reached her breaking point with Fafe and I’m behind her on that. No signs of any recovery, which of course there wouldn’t be, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. How could Stefano hire somebody like that and put them in Sami’s and the children’s lives??!! I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had anything to do with who Stefano hired.

    I have said before that I don’t care for the Fay actress or the character but I wish they wouldn’t have her die.

  72. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #59, I for one don’t appreciate the lecture! My husband and I have known a couple of Gay people and we all got along fine and respected each other’s life style, – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But I don’t really want an involved and explicit Gay relationship on my soap opera!

    Katherine, it’s possible the Will actor could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect, we can only guess. I sure am disappointed the writers are going there with the Will character. If it’s only a matter of him “coming out” and the struggles he encounters while in that transition and afterward, then I can handle it. Just not any love scenes PLEASE! But I suspect there will be some kind of Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has reached her breaking point with Fafe and I’m behind her on that. No signs of any recovery, which of course there wouldn’t be, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. How could Stefano hire somebody like that and put them in Sami’s and the children’s lives??!! I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had anything to do with who Stefano hired.

    I have said before that I don’t care for the Fay actress or the character but I wish they wouldn’t have her die.

  73. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #59, I for one do not appreciate the lecture. My husband and I have known Gay people and we all got along fine and respected each other’s lifestyle, – BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But I do not want an involved explicit Gay relationship on my soap opera!

    Katherine, – It’s possible the Will actor is Gay in real life but until we hear something about him to that effect, we can only guess. I am disappointed the writers are going there with the Will character. If it’s only a matter of his struggles with “coming out” and it touches on his life after that I can handle it but no involved love scenes PLEASE. But I suspect there will be a Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has about reached her breaking point with Fafe and I support her on that. There are no signs of improvement in him, which of course there wouldn’t be, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. How awful that Stefano would hire somebody like him and put him into Sami’s and her children’s lives! I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had anything to do with the hiring.

    I’ve said before that I don’t care for the Fay character or actress but I’m sorry they are going to have her die.

  74. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, – Oh, yeah, my hubby’s a Honey, that’s for sure! I suppose Will could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect, we can only guess. If they have it only about his struggles “coming out” and afterward, I can handle it but PLEASE no love scenes! But there probably will be some kind of Gay relationship, otherwise why even go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami has about reached her breaking point with Fafe and I agree with her about that. He isn’t recovering from his injury, and of course he wouldn’t be since there was no injury, and he is becoming more and more disturbing. So awful that Stefano would hire someone like that to put into Sami’s and her children’s lives. I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had any part in the hiring.

    I’ve said before that I don’t care for the Fay character or actress but I hate to see them have her die. Guess she doesn’t die right away but she will.

  75. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, – Oh, yeah, my hubby is a Honey, that’s for sure! I suppose Will could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect we can only guess. I can handle it if it’s only about his struggles “coming out” and his life after that but PLEASE no love scenes! But there probably will be a Gay relationship, otherwise why go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami is about at her breaking point with Fafe and I agree with her about that. He isn’t recovering from his injury, and of course he wouldn’t be since there was no injury, and he’s becoming more and more disturbing. How awful of Stefano to put sometone like that into Sami’s and her children’s lives. I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had any part in hiring him.

    I’ve said before that I don’t care for the Fay character but I hate to see them have her die. Don’t think she dies right away but she will.

  76. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine, – Oh, yeah, my hubby is a Honey, that’s for sure! I suppose Will could be Gay in real life but until we read something to that effect we can only guess. I can handle it if it’s only about his struggles “coming out” and his life afterward but PLEASE no love scenes! But there probably will be a Gay relationship, otherwise why go there with one of the characters?!

    I think Sami is about at her breaking point with Fafe and I agree with her about that. He isn’t recovering from his injury, and of course he wouldn’t be since there was no injury, and he’s becoming more and more disturbing. How awful of Stefano to put sometone like that into Sami’s and her children’s lives. I say Stefano because I don’t think EJ had any part in hiring him.

    I’ve said before that I don’t care for the Fay character but I hate to see them have her die. Don’t think she dies right away but she will.

  77. From twright

    I really can’t stand how the writers are chaning EJ’s character. He is starting to be just like Stephano. Loved it when he was with Sami and would do any and everthing to become a better person so that she would love him as much as he loved her. I love them together and now we have Rafe and Taylor in the picture and they are both terrible! Really miss Ejami and only watch Days for hopes they will reunite!!! I am also very disappointed in hearing Will is gay!

  78. From tammy


  79. From Lisa

    This thing with Taylor and EJ is beyond ridiculous!

    Who injures Fay, Fake Rafe or EJ?

    I cannot stand Fay! What is her purpose. Dario too, yuck!

    I love Victor and Maggie together and Stefano and Kate too!

    Please don’t have Ciara run away. Come on! Haven’t Bo and Hope gone through enough? Leave them alone!

    How dumb of Fake Rafe and Stefano to meet outside of Brady’s pub! Stupid!

  80. From Grandma Judy

    Somebody say this site was repaired? I don’t think so, judging from my 3 posts. Didn’t post the 1st time or the 2nd then the 3rd time all 3 showed up! Enjoy!

  81. From sharon

    the gay sl will not bother me, in this day and age, it is part of life. And anyone who still thinks EJ is the perfect man, after all he has been doing, they should take a good hard look at him. Why do he and his father never ever get caught??? strange.

  82. From luvtoread

    To Jane’s post
    I agree with you:
    I’ve been a fan for many years and question the quality of writing. Characters are not developed e.g. Taylor and EJ romance was too rushed and unbelievable; Storylines are dropped to quickly, it almost makes me wonder if the writers are changing their minds all the time. They have built up Melanie and Nathan for so long only to drop them as a potential couple. Why spend the last year building up their relationship only to drop it.
    EJ knows that Fafe is an ex convict. It is inconsistent with his devotion to his children. Why would you put the kid’s lives in danger? Again this is inconsistent and unbelievable. SLOPPY WRITING
    Nicole has changed too: Nicole is not gullible and naïve; she didn’t even want Taylor in Salem but did too quick of a turn around.
    Is the economy affecting the quality of writing? Has their pay been cut and we are getting subpar storylines.
    I don’t think the gay storyline will get good reviews. A writer’s first priority is to consider their audience.
    Perhaps the Day’s writers need to enroll in a creative writing class at Salem University.

  83. From SandyGram

    The violence in today’s show with RoboRafe attacking Fay was horrible. They must have had an awfully good stunt actress take that fall down the stairs it was so realistic.

    I can’t believe how most everyone posting here says EJ had nothing to do with putting Robo Rafe into Sami, Johnny and Sydney’s life just because Robo Rafe was Stefano’s concept and creation. EJ certainly did not hesitate when it came to kidnapping real Rafe and replacing him with psycho Robo Rafe. EJ’s jealousy of real Rafe’s relationship with his kids, specifically Johnny, is so all consuming EJ can’t see what is right before his eyes, that is Robo Rafe is a dangerous man sleeping but a bedroom from his children. This is a disturbing story line to have a father be so clueless, but then we’re right back to what is always the bottom line EJ is for only EJ.

  84. From SandyGram

    When Kate was talking to Sami it sounded like Sami had already made up her mind to leave RoboRafe. I will just scream if Sami takes the kids and moves back into the DiMera mansion. She will probably go to the Brady Pub with Grandma Caroline. That’s her only options since we’ve never seen her turn to Roman at times she needed a place to live. Or maybe EJ will have RoboRafe leave the loft. I think I remember EJ saying something about once Sami hates Rafe (aka RoboRafe) he needs to leave town forever. I can’t imagine EJ wanting Sami and the Kids to come live in the DiMansion with everything that is going on there. Or EJ could pull the ultimate and have the kids come back to the DiMansion and let Sami fend for herself.

  85. From NeeNee

    Hello, all!

    Finally have time after the tax appointment to comment here (good news: we get back $4500! Finally we can retire the 1974 vanity sink in the bathroom & get the clawfoot tub reglazed)

    As I’ve mentioned before, I’m about a month behind watching my antique VCR tapings of Days. Last night I watched where FauxRafe took Ally to the park to get snatched by one of the DiMera cohorts, but was foiled by Sami showing up to announce Lucas wanted Ally in HongKong. Must say, Galen Gering is GREAT! For the first time in ages, I wasn’t falling asleep. Show without commercials is 40 minutes, but I swear they just zipped by—mainly because of FauxRafe! Kept wishing Sami would overhear his menacing threats to Ally.

    Clear, Jane, luvtoread, GrandmaJudy, SandyGram and others: I totally agree about the prospective gay storyline with Will. Yeah, soaps mirror real life (in between the memory erasing & demon possession!). And yes, SanDee, a small portion of the population is gay. But putting it front & center in a soap that has upheld traditional family values is insulting to those very values. Awhile back I said this, but I’ll repeat: God created man and woman, giving them the unique ability to procreate. Homosexuality cannot produce a child, and goes against nature & Scripture. Lots of young impressionable teens watch Days and life is confusing enough without glamorizing the homosexual lifestyle. Many, many gay/lesbian people have commented that they would give anything to be “normal.”

    Perhaps where the writers are going with this is to portray Will on relationship-overload. Tainted by watching his promiscuous mother over the last 15 years—not to mention his barracuda of a Grandma Kate—he could swear off women in general.

    Whoever the new gay character is could start out being his friend. Will and he could be out getting manly drunk, when suddenly the new gay friend embraces him. Or Will could pass out from liquor, waking up with the guy. This will take months to unravel. Then Gabby will realize what’s going on and seduce him— of course ending up pregnant. At this point Will realizes his experimentation with guys wasn’t real and that he is heterosexual.

    Or he could be flamingly gay and dump Gabby. That would solve what to do with another Hernandez.

    Killing Fay off will inspire Nicole to dig deeper into the DiMera organization. If she discovers the duplication of Rafe, I hope she keeps her mouth shut to EJ & Stefano. It would be good to see her tell Sami and the two of them work to bring down EJ. But unless EJ & Steffie wipe out everyone’s memories, they would be doing prison time. Can’t have that! Writers have painted themselves into a corner with this one.

  86. From sara

    so…why can’t the writers go back to great classic story lines. I love the passion between EJ and Sami, and would love to see them together again, at least for a little while. I could see EJ “Killing off” fake Rafe, and having Sami end up running to his arms. Only for Rafe to come back later down the line and have him and Sami have a Steve and Kayla “back from the dead” moment. There has to be some more excitement! Something to make me keep watching! Ahhh!

  87. From cherie

    #61 Jane…I agree with you totally!!!! I will bet the show will be cancelled within a year if they bring this story line to an already troubled show. IMO

  88. From Paula

    Don’t the producers EVER step in on what the writers are doing?? Making Will gay??? Come on! Even if he is gay in real life, I don’t see how that is even remotely going to benefit the show.

    I too heard that John Black is making a return to the show….but I can’t imagine for long since I haven’t heard anything about Marlana returning with him. The writers would have to break them up to do that..which would be devistating to most fans. I look foward to seeing him again, but will be very disappointed when he has to leave again. Without Marlana, I can’t see it being anything more than a short run like Kaylas was.

  89. From Grandma Judy

    In my comments 65, 66, and 67 (due to the malfunctioning of this site HA!)I hope I didn’t give the impression I hold EJ blameless when I said I didn’t think he had anything to do with hiring faux Rafe. I just meant the hiring of that particular person. As we now know, Fafe’s a killer and will murder (try to) his way out of a tight situation. If I rememer right, Stefano had already hired this guy and had him transformed into real Rafe at the time EJ signed on with the plan. No, I sure do not feel EJ is blameless and I agree with everything SandyGram #73 said about him. And also with luvtoread #72 that EJ DOES know Fafe is an ex-con, which should have been enough for EJ to nix this plan to have a man like that living with his children, or with Sami who he long professed to love. But I guess for EJ, jealousy overrode putting his kids’ lives in danger.

    SanDee #59- I don’t appreciate the lecture! My thoughts go along with NeeNee #75 on the Gay issue. My husband and I have known several Gays in the workplace and respected them, as they did us, and we all got along just fine. But I don’t want that lifestyle portrayed in a big way on my soap opera. Enough said.

    I would like it if John came back, even for only a little while. BE STILL MY HEART!! But I was never a big fan of Marlena’s. Be great for Hope, John, and real Rafe to work together as ISA. And bring Shane back, too.

  90. From Deedeem

    OMGosh!!! Hi NeeNee: You just made my day! Just happened to tune in today after a long time, I had decided not to ever post again after getting shot down by another blogger or should I say hater for something I posted. I thought this was supposed to be a post where everyone expressed their opinions without being bashed by others. But you renewed my faith. thanks for your insights on what’s happening on DOOL!!!!

  91. From Neca

    This is NOT the DOOL that I’ve known and loved for decades! Too many repeated storylines, too many new characters, and too little history. I don’t watch it anymore – just read the weekly recaps.

  92. From Grandma Judy

    NeeNee,- I envy you your clawfoot tub. Those are so neat! Always make me remember the baths I took in my Grandmother’s, years and YEARS ago!

  93. From Katherine PA

    59 SanDee, while you have every right to post what you did,
    do you want my honest gut answer or the political correct answer.?

    Well here is the only way I like to answer – honestly, I am not ready to watch gay loving on the screen of my fav. soap for so many years.
    I have know gay people, and if they are good people, I like them, just like all other people I like or dislike in this life. Prob. know them right now, but they don;t wear it on their sleeve, time will take care of everything… patience.
    SanDee, please take this as a respectful reply, IMO opinion however it was just a wee bit of a lecture,…. so be it. Blog friends, ok….

  94. From Katherine PA

    59 SanDee,
    I respect your right to blog what’s on your minde,
    now I have two choice, an honest reply or a political correct one.
    I choose honest, I am not ready to watch Gay life/loving etc. on my long,long, time fav.soap. That just something I can not watch, on other shows I have to look away, must be something inside me that just happens.

    I know and have known gay people, I have blogged about it before,
    but none of them ever made me watch their love life, no that is also class…..
    Don’t want to see it on the screen either. That is my opinion.
    NeeNee and Gram Judy, good blogging, I like your common good sense, doen not mean I agree with everything, not everybody agrees with me, wouldn’t expect them to..

    Where are Maryl, Melissa, Michele, Kass, whom am I forgetting…. Ladies where are you, miss your blogs..
    Agree about Fafe, how could Stefano and EJ put that meniac close to the kids….
    I know that Stefano had the plan and Fafe all in place, and then told EJ, but EJ went along with it, not good EJ, you are getting in to deep. Fafe, we all saw is a cold blooded killer, no retreat from that. (At least Faye was not passed out, Not Funny, I know, the devil made me write that).
    I like John to come back, without Marlena, and get into his relation ship with brother Stefano, Son Brady, etc. so much unresolved SL there.

  95. From Katherine

    Not posting, lost 2 posts already, tired of typing over….

  96. From Katherine

    Well now it took, when I had nothing to say…..
    59 SanDee, respect your post, but I am not ready to watch Gay life/love on my fav. soap, that is an honest reply, not PC.

  97. From NeeNee

    Hey, GrandmaJ
    Yup, those cast iron tubs are great—hold the water temperature much longer than new tubs.

    Meant to ask what part of the country you’re in. We’re western Iowa; our house was built in 1879. Wish we could have a physical get-together of posters here, rather than the “virtual” cyberworld. I’m thinking many of us have lots in common!

    P.S. Word verification for me today is “fruit steopo”. Kind of sums up the gay Will possibility!

  98. From Katherine PA

    #83 NeeNee, only this German/American would not know, what is Fruit steopo??????
    I also like the clawfoot tub, lucky you.
    Any ghosts in that house?
    79 DeeDeem, you are right, nobody should get bashed for posting what they feel,
    however there have been bloggers on, that got very nasty personally, and some of us did not like that….
    Please, keep on posting, the more the better. We have lost so many bloggers already, it’s become a ghost-blog IMO.
    NeeNee, would be nice to see all of you, even just a pic next to the BlogName….
    Come to dinner with me at Gram Judy’s – new dining room and wine….

  99. From janiebell

    For a place as large as the DeMear Mansion is suspose to be there is an awful lots of “eaves dropping and over hearing what other people are saying”, and far to little privacey. Thes people are an extended family but can’t they each simpley mind his/her own business?

  100. From Paula

    #81 Katherine – I’ve learned to copy what I wrote prior to trying to enter it just in case it doesn’t go in..then just paste it back in over and over again until it does. It only to once to write a big entry and lose it to learn my lesson! lol

  101. From Paula

    By the way….there appears to be another Paula on here. Unusual for my

  102. From NeeNee

    Katherine, for once I’d not have problems posting here. Not since the last time the site was worked on. However, just the past ten minutes it’s eaten three of my attempted posts! Like Paula, what I do—just in case—is to copy my text before posting. That way if it eats it, you can keep trying.

    Site Owners: This may fall into the category of argument I use on my hubby:
    “We can put a man on the moon,
    surely we can solve this problem!”

  103. From Grandma Judy

    We are in southern Michigan. I love older (Historic?) homes like yours but have never lived in one. The oldest was built in the early 1950′s but it was styled to look older than that. It was only about 30 min. from where we live now. But then my husband was transferred to RI and we lived there, on an inland lake, for 6 years. Loved it there! Then the job brought us back to MI again and we lived east of here about 40 min. in a 30 year old 2-story 5 bedroom colonial. 2 1/2 years ago we downsized to where we are now to a 3 bedroom ranch and one of the few we looked at that had BOTH a dining room and a nice bay window area in the kitchen for a table. I’m not so fond of it here and miss the activity and comings and goings in the subdivision we came from. Here, we live on a private drive, with 3 other homes, and each of us has 4 acres. We are coming into the pretty time of the year out here but I get lonesome in the winter. Hubby loves it!

  104. From Grandma Judy

    Forgot to address my #88 above post to NeeNee.

  105. From NeeNee

    Wow, Judy, I envy you for getting to live in historic Rhode Island! Furthest away from Iowa I ever got was in the late ’60s at Eglin AFB, Florida. Our oldest daughter & her family live in Detroit suburb (Clinton Twp.) where our SIL is a Lutheran pastor. Really tough economically there . . their house is “under water” so to speak . . they still owe $120,000 on what they could maybe sell for $60,000.
    We get up there about every year & a half or so, maybe oftener now that hubby’s retired. We’ll have to get in touch and arrange a REAL visit!

  106. From Grandma Judy

    NeeNee, Oh, Michigan is in terrible shape all over! We lost over $100,000 on the home we sold to move here. It’s why my hubby is only semi-retired! Here, our property taxes keep going down, down, and down, which is nice for paying them but at the same time we know our home is not worth nearly what we paid for it just 2 1/2 years ago. Feel so sorry for people that some of the homes we looked at back then are still for sale! We live about an hour-and-a-half west of Detroit. 3 of our children, 2 sons and a daughter, (which includes 5 of our grandchildren)live within 10 and 15 minutes of us, but another son lives in Washington State, and that’s 5 more grandchildren waaaay out there. Actually meeting in person whould be a hoot!

  107. From NeeNee

    I’d say a flesh & blood visit would be do-able! Our hubbies would have do some immediate bonding, because I have a feeling we would have to do at least an hour of DAYS visiting! Even though he doesn’t like to admit it, dearhubbie knows most of the last 30 years of plots. When he was still a letter carrier, sometimes he’d say, “So . . have they brought Marlena back yet? Latest Soap Opera Digests I delivered today had headlines that said she’s returning to Salem yet again!” Biggest laugh he ever got was during John & Kristin’s/Susan’s wedding when Susan’s false teeth went flying into Vivian’s champagne glass!!

  108. From Grandma Judy

    P.S. – NeeNee, – one of our sons who lives near us is the minister in a Congregational Church.

  109. From Grandma Judy

    I remember that false teeth scene so well! My husband claims not to be too interested in the show but he watches it every day with me, or the DVRs of it. He hasn’t watched for too long and became interested during the Sami/Nicole baby switch storyline.

    I have to sign off for today. We are going out to dinner and I have to get ready.

  110. From Clear

    My older son keeps up with Days. If he doesn’t watch it, he asks me what’s happening. Of course, he doesn’t want anyone to know he’s interested besides me, ha!

    I have figured out what I dislike about the Taylor character and think it’s the long pauses with the saintly l’m pure looks that are getting to me. As some of you others said, the attraction seems faux and forced between them too. The “Bump it” hairstyle they had on Taylor the last couple days was distracting and unbecomingly unnatural to say the least. When they style or dress them badly, it detracts from what it going on. I also really felt disgust when Robo manhandled and threw Fay down the stairs. I hope we get to see him pay and receive some justice for what he did. EJ and Stefano are equally to blame for having him in their house. I think it is time for Stefano’s empty threats to him to be fulfilled. Goodbye Rafierobo I hope.

  111. From cassie

    BRING BACK THE REAL RAFE PLZZZZZZ!!! I can not take anymore of this nasty demented Rafe2,he is disgusting.

  112. From Clear

    I read where Fay wakes up and says EJ and secret to Nicole and then goes into a come. Then spoilers say after she passes that Nicole is determined to find out the secret. He had more than one! Anyway, why did they have to kill Fay off? What couldn’t she just remain in the coma for a while and then wake up, get well and go home?

    Also anyone read any other news more specific about how much longer we have to have the horrible demented murderous Robo in Sami and the children’s lives? We know Sami has had enough! Nicole is going to find out about EJ soon. That means EJ has a chance to catch Sami between husbands? It’s not so farfetched that the Ejamis may have another shot–unless Sami finds out EJ knew about RoboRafe.

  113. From Grandma Judy

    Only thing I’ve read is that “faux Rafe will meet his demise soon.” I hope it will be REAL soon but I remember someone else on here posted that they read he would be on into the summer.

  114. From nana

    Is Taylor actually an actress? I think not.

  115. From Jane


  116. From Katherine

    I know how I feel about the gay SL….
    however trying to be tolerant, how do I know how many viewers out there, Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents and siblings, have a gay family member, and it might help them and the gay person, to see this addressed on the screen in a SL.
    We can still forward, like we do with other scenes we do not like, critizize if we so need to..
    Personally I am not crazy about the idea, but the world does not revolve around me,
    I could be a Mom or Grandmother with a gay child/grandchild… maybe a well done SL could be helpful.
    So I am going to be tolerant about all this, Freedom for all to watch what they like about DOOL, never going to please everybody.
    It was not easy for me to post this, but who am I to judge.
    Truth, I might end up FF a lot of it, writers if you do it, do it well, put some thoughts into it….

  117. From luvtoread

    To Grandma Judy,
    I live in Michigan too ;(suburb of Metro Detroit) just went to a town hall meeting last week about the new budget proposals. geez what a mess!!!
    Watching Days is a total getaway for me. Gives me that moment when I can be distracted from real life.

  118. From sally sally

    Could not stomach watching Faye terrorized and brutalized by that thug. Guess the “writers” can’t be subtle, sophisticated or mature, gotta go right to the base level. The writing’s gone way downhill in recent years and hasn’t gotten any better. When this soap opera finally goes at least I won’t be missing it as much.

  119. From Cousin S

    After Ariana was killed off, can see no reason for Gaby, and now yet another relative! And a puke at that! Give the better and more seasoned actors more camera time and get rid of Gaby and Darion. God how I miss Tony, John, Marlena. They were among the BEST. Give Vivian more depth you pusilanimous writers. If you want better story lines, steal some of our ideas, since you are very limited in the talent dept.

  120. From Sheila S.

    The characters of Gaby & Dario – get rid of them, they are next to useless and taking up space better given to the better actors. Writers, why don’t you get ideas from our storylines, they’re so much better than what you’ve been doing. God how I miss Tony, John, Marlena. How long are you going to stick with RoboRafe? Half the year is gone already! When this show is cancelled at least I won’t miss it as much. Yucky talent in the writing dept.

  121. From Deedeem

    To Jane I like your idea of us posters writing our own s/ls about what we would like to see happen. I posted on another site that same idea and not one person responded. This is what I wrote.. Nicole is hip tp what is going on and is only pretending to be dumb.. She is planning to take little Sid and disappear again, but this time she will plan it very well she will save a lot of money to stay hidden for a long time. That’s just one of my s/ls, You don’t want to hear the one I wrote about Taylor and Ej.. But if you twist my are I will share it with you. LOL!!!!!!

  122. From NeeNee

    DeeDeem, if I were a writer for this show, and under the gun to produce new storylines with a twist—yes, I would scour sites like this for reader input.

    But I have a feeling that young writers nowadays are too conceited to admit they have inadequacies.

    I’m with you on the Nicole plot. Only I think she should let Sami in on it and the two adversaries work together to bring EJ down. Yeah, I’m talking prison! I realize James Scott is very popular, but so was Deidre Hall, and she left/returned many times.

    Or this will simply turn into another Days lapsed story. Or a stalemate: Sami shot EJ and has dirty laundry. EJ has kidnapped Sydney and faked her death, so he’s not lily white either. The two could agree to disagree, and start their lives with a new attitude for the benefit of the kids.

    Re: the violence of Faye being brutalized. Witness the popularity of Law & Order, Criminal Minds, CSI, and others. They show every twist of the knife, every red blood cell exploding from a gunshot, and decaying corpses. Used to be the cameras would pan away from sickening violence, leaving it to the viewers’ imaginations. About 10 years ago, something changed. Very little censorship anymore.

  123. From SandyGram

    Erik Fellows who played Troy, Arianna’s drug connection, is returning to Salem in April. This should open up a ton of possibilities in many story lines. Including who killed Arianna. Troy did try to kill her twice (I think), once he choked her and then he hired a hit man (Al) to take her out…just maybe Dario will find out it was Troy who was responsible for the hit and run of Ari. Just maybe the writers will have a logical story line for Dario.

  124. From Deedeem

    Oh NeeNee that’s good. I like that idea. nd SandyGram I don’t remember that scene, guess I missed a few days of DAYS..LOL.. I sure do agree that they have to come up with something a lot more interesting to hold onto us savvy viewers.

  125. From Deedeem

    OK I just tried to go off this post. I am watching my fave Law and Order, I am such a fan of these shows that you mentioned I notice every detail on the soap, for instance when Fay was listening in on those guys the door was open, why I don’t know here they were discussing their dirty deeds with the door open. But when they went to check, the door was closed. Why didn’t Fay run upstairs and lock the door to her room???

  126. From cherie

    I agree wwith Deedeem. Fay is so sappy and scared of everything. Why didn’t she just tell Roborafe that she wasn’t feeling well and had to call Nicole. GAwd, sometimes I think the writers think we are all morans.
    And I agree with all those above about the Rafe 1 and 2. I am so sick of that story line I don’t even want to watch. I am just hoping that the real Rafe does remember and is just faking to play along with the Di Mera’s. I too catch a lot of stupid stuff the producers miss like the door thing. Fay is just a ditz , thats why she didn’t do the right thing.
    Dario is a wiseass and needs a good spanking. I agree that the writers could have some good story lines from the bloggers on this site. ~~~ I love Melanie. she has really grown on me and is a good actress. But Carly has got to go. I am so glad to see Bo and Hope back together. Just don’t let that litte kid tear them apart again.

  127. From Clear

    Thanks G. Judy for answering about hope to be rid of Faux RoboRafe sooner than later. Jane and Deedeem, your posts were interesting, and I hope the writers read this site. I always thought writers dropped the ball royally by distancing EJ and Sami so much when they could have had some really sparking scenes. Now the Taylor and EJ attraction has been such a bust! It has been disappointing this last week to say the least without even comic relief. Even Viv and Gus were not funny. Vivian is ridiculous, addled, and pitiful in the scenes they gave her. Stefano needs to put her down in the dungeon for a while till she decides to live without trying to get even for past ills.

  128. From Deedeem

    OMGosh: You guys are just the greatest, I agree,agree with everything. I must have somehow missed your post, Jane, but just read. It is awesome.(99). I was thinking the exact same thing about Taylor’s character, the hair etc. But didn’t want to say anything, the last time I posted about a character, I got called a hater. I do believe that the way a person looks takes away from their acting. What some folks don’t understand is that when we, bloggers post things. We are not critizing the actors, we don’t hate them really just the roles they play, the long pauses the facial expressions etc…..That’s why I love this site and ALL you guys, you’re so honest and Sooo smart.

  129. From Nunya

    Oh Will is going to be gay? Good! Gay people exist in real life, and no matter how much some of you adhere to the bible, that’s not going to change. They’re here, they’re queer. Get over it.

    Not everyone follows their own religion to the T, and if some of you are totally okay with the adultery between starcrossed lovers, rape-into-love tropes, and other nonsense that goes on in a soap, why be mad when two consenting adults who are hurting nobody get together and just happen to be of the same-sex? Good grief, stop being so hateful towards people in soceity. Just because you aren’t yelling gay slurs doesn’t mean you aren’t still being hateful towards gay people.

    It’s nice when any member of a marginalized group gets to see one of themselves on television, portrayed in a positive light like the normal folks they are. Your repective religions should not dictate to the rest of soceity who might not even follow your religion or any religion at all what they should and should not see on television. GTFO with that BS.

    Also, lol @ people still defending EJ. I loved when Brady straight up told him he didn’t know love, and that all he does is manipulate people.

  130. From Babs

    Is Fay dead yet? Worst actress ever.

  131. From MAB

    Stupid for Stefano to meet with Rafe2 outside the pub and stupid for Stefano & EJ to meet with Rafe2 in the mansion, yet Stefano & EJ go off to a wooded area so he can show him Rafe on the computer?? They need a secret room for all these meetings. And the still picture of Rafe on the computer was hilarious – he looked so dumbfounded.

    Not to say Rafe2 isn’t capable of murder (nearly everyone on this show is), but it’s never been proven he’s a killer. His police report didn’t show any kind of crimes to that affect…unless he’s just never been caught. I wonder if he’s ever killed before. Well, he’ll be a killer now over Fay.

    Why did Fay have to have on the big, stupid necklace while in her sleepwear? Who wears something that gaudy to bed??

    This is a soap opera, and for villains such as Stefano & EJ to be put in prison for an extended period of time is stupid. It would not serve the S/L. And for those of you who have watched Days for years should not find that odd.

    That is the problem with those who say that a gay S/L will not bother them. You’re just willing to accept it…well I don’t have to accept something I don’t believe in…in my real life or on my soap opera. I won’t compromise my morals. I do not think is right and refuse to watch it.

    I don’t think it was a big deal about the violence when Rafe2 attacked Fay. I don’t know why everyone has such a problem with the violence, sex, etc. on the show. It’s no different than what other shows are doing on TV. I think they can go overboard sometimes, but it doesn’t bother me in the least. I guess what some complain about as far as the violence & sex on the show, I find much of it more realistic and full of drama.

    EJ didn’t kidnap Rafe and replace him with Rafe2. This was ALL Stefano! Yes, EJ went along with SOME of it, but this would’ve happened w/o any of EJ’s participation. Stefano already had this planned before EJ knew anything about it. People still want to lay all the blame on EJ just because they don’t like him, but those same people rarely complain as much about the mastermind Stefano. I don’t blame EJ for wanting Rafe out of Johnny’s life because I think eventually he & Sami would’ve turned Johnny against EJ. Although, I wouldn’t want Rafe2 around the kids either.

    I highly doubt Sami will take the kids and move into the mansion…besides there are too many people living there now.

    I don’t think EJ is putting his children at risk. Rafe2 knows if he would do anything to hurt Sydney or Johnny, then he wouldn’t live to see the next day. I think Stefano & EJ have made that perfectly clear to him. Some tend to forget that it’s really Sami putting her kids at risk. She has already shipped on child off to keep her beloved Rafe around. At the first sign of anything suspicious, she should’ve high-tailed it out of there. Again, she puts Rafe before the kids.

  132. From josee

    129 Nunya: I so agree with you, we are in 2011 so Get over it people, Gay exist in real life and it’s not the end of the World!!!

  133. From MAB

    I don’t have to get over anything. I don’t care who’s gay or who isn’t, to each their own. But I don’t have to like it, I don’t have to believe it’s right, and I don’t have to watch it. That’s MY opinion and I don’t care what anyone thinks of it.

  134. From DOOL Fan

    I hope that the writets put Dario and Melanie together. I wanted Nathan and Melanie to be together, but since Nathan’s gone, I want Dario and Melanie to be together, because they look good together, they have chemistry, they’re both good looking people and so much more. I know that Dario and Melanie aren’t going to get together any time soon, because they hate each other’s guts right now, but I hope that they get together later, down the road. But we’ll see.

  135. From Clear

    Some things I don’t plan to try to get over. No gay SL’s for me to watch any more than ripping off limbs, blood and gore, the FBomb, or watching EJ and Taylor grope, or faux Rafe with Sami. Happy to Fast Forward, and hope for better writing.

  136. From Grandma Judy

    lovtoread #117 – Glad to hear you are a fellow Michigander! The state is in dire straights financially, that’s for sure, but my husband and I were born and raised in MI and we love it. Lived in RI for 6 years and liked it there, also, and lived on a lake there, but MI is such a beautiful state with all the lakes and Great Lakes.

    IMO, of course EJ is putting his children, and Stefano his grandchildren, at risk with faux Rafe. If faux Rafe did anything to the children, yes, he would for sure lose his life over it, but that would be after the fact of whatever he did to the children. Damage would already be done in one of his fits of anger, which he has displayed several times recently. It’s an awful risk both EJ and Stefano are taking with that creep!

    Nunya #129, – it is not being hateful when someone wants to stick to their own religious beliefs. If you are not going to mind a Gay storyline on Days, fine, but don’t criticize those who don’t want it. I guess we just have to wait and see how far the writers take the story. And I have a feeling it isn’t going to go over well with the majority of viewers, just as it hasn’t on other soaps who have tried it, and if that’s the case they will wrap it up pretty quick.

  137. From NeeNee

    MAB, totally agree about Stefano being the brains of the operation. Many times he has deliberately left Elvis out of the loop and not shared every aspect of “the plan.” He knows EJ has a softer side than he does.

    Again, I think Nicole will team up with Sami to get the goods on father & son diMera. Ultimately, though, you know they will be caught and somebody—most likely RealRafe—will come to their rescue. At that point, to resolve this storyline and keep EJ/Stefano from going to the Big House, a solution would be to have Dr. Rolfe return and inject Rafe, Sami, and Nicole with a memory drug that rewinds them back in time.

    *Kill FauxRafe
    *Give RealRafe false memories of recovering in the loft with Sammi
    *Wipe out Sami’s memory of EJ & Stefano being behind Rafe’s kidnapping and her suspicions
    *Erase Nicole’s memory of discovering EJ & Stefano’s 2-Rafe’s plot

    Honestly, I can’t think of anything else other than the ole Dallas “Bobby-in-the-shower-it-was all-a-dream” ending.

    Then magnanimous EJ could remind Sami of her shooting him, and offer to let bygones be bygones, coming up with the shared custody. Or if Stefano is caught, he can always do his disappearing act like he has so many other times over the past 20 years. Remember all the times Deidre Hall & Joe Mascolo vanished from the show? At this point, however, Joe Mascolo is 80 (or close to it) so I think they will want to keep him front & center—kind of like the Alice Horton character. Recasts of those two Salemites would never have been accepted.

    Addressing the gay storyline, it’s important to remember that 93% of the country is straight. And a good percentage of this number are repelled by the gay lifestyle. God created Adam and Eve, and gave them the unique ability to procreate. Because gays cannot reproduce, this very fact shows these relationships are outside the orderly realm of being able to keep civilization going—as well as contrary to God’s plan. From a practical point of view, a replacement rate of 2.6 children is minimum to keep a society viable. The US is right at this minimum rate, while Japan is 1.0 and European countries are at something like 1.5 or less.

    In Scripture, God also warns those who would cause children (“little ones”) to sin. Glorifying a lifestyle opposite to what God created, and encouraging homosexuality certainly falls into that category! Immorality is what doomed the Roman Empire to fall. Yes, heterosexual infidelity/rape has existed forever. And it’s been the backdrop of historical & fictional dramatic works for centuries. Sin seems to be much more exciting than walking the straight and narrow.

    Days of Our Lives is rooted in tradition, depicting the strength & faith of Tom and Alice Horton, their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Daily, we witness the turmoil of characters’ sinful choices, and their consequence. But the message has always been to get back to the moral strength of Tom & Alice—
    a traditional couple.

    Alice would probably give Kate’s assistant, Gay Harold, some doughnuts and a listening ear. But she wouldn’t try to fix him up with her grandson!

  138. From SanDee

    #69 Grandma Judy – I know there have been problems with this site and I have to say I DID NOT write the comment at #59. I would never say anything like that – it is absolutely not me. I am sorry you were upset I also know several gay people and couples. I have every respect for them. Please also note that I do not use dots(…) between comments but use hyphens (-)
    I agree with you I am not interested in seeing this story line played out – I would just like to see the show get back to the great stories these actors are capable of.
    Again I sincerely apologize for whoever wrote the information using my login!!
    I enjoy coming here to read other peoples thoughts and not to sling mud.

  139. From Grandma Judy

    SanDee #137, – I wasn’t really upset, just, like I wrote, didn’t appreciate the lecture. But I’m glad you cleared it up that you didn’t post the comment. Interesting!! Wonder if someone didn’t have the courage to make-up a login of their own so used yours to cause trouble on this site? Or if it was simply a posting problem like we’ve been having? Guess at this point it doesn’t matter.

  140. From NeeNee

    SanDee, thanks for reportiing this identity hi-jacking! Kind of scary. And, GrandmaJ, I’m not UPSET about this proposed Will storyline either. Just saddened that once again, political correctness seems to be dictating choice of storyline. Now if only they could find a black, Muslim, transgendered guy to play Will’s gay love interest, all bases would be covered!

  141. From SandyGram

    After seeing Fay’s fall down the stairs today I noticed while she was laying on her back I saw now blood around her head until Nicole and Taylor lifted her head. But last Friday the same scene there was blood around her head…like I’ve always said little things mean a lot.

    It is great to see at least one couple happy on Days. I love the way Adrienne kisses Justin, it’s so natural. I read another spoiler on or maybe it was in the Soap Opera Digest that when Will comes out as gay his relationship will be with a member of another Days family. Then on earlier spoilers when it was disclosed there would be a gay story line it would be from an existing character (which we’ve now read will be Will) and the other will be from a new character. In this case that would leave out Chad or Dario. After Adrienne and Justin get married maybe one of their son’s will come to congratulate mom and dad on remarrying and it turns out he is gay. That gives us the new character and from an existing family. Just a thought!

    Today I thought EJ was very sincere when arrived at the hospital and went straight to Nicole to comfort her. Since he didn’t know how Fay fell down the stairs his actions were genuine, I’m thinking EJ doesn’t realize that he really does love Nicole. Then his offer to comfort Taylor, even though she had those big puppy dog eyes going and that same dear in the head light look going on, she at least knew to walk away.

    A lot of emotion in today’s show!

  142. From Margaret

    Please, please, please get rid of RoboRafe!!!! I would like to see the real Rafe come back and bust him good! His crimes cannot go unpunished-he’s a creep. Someone has to find the necklace he stole from Faye-maybe Johnny who gives it to Sami and she puts two and two together. It’s for sure Beau is too dumb to solve the crime and why doesn’t Sami tell her Dad,Roman, that Rafe is different? Ditch Taylor or stop with the goo-goo eyes at E.J. She’s supposed to have integrity! I would like to see her with Brady.

  143. From grandma to many

    well another week begins in the town of Salem and more slings and arrows are being tossed on this site I know everyone is entitled to their own opinion and it is great to have diversity in ours but can’t we just try to unite in our love – hate of all things Salem ? other than several people thinking RoboRafe has some funnier lines I haven’t really seen anyone want to continue this s/l he did seem quite shaken up about the Faye accident mainly because she didn’t die and Sami was very suspicious of his reaction I sure hope she finally gets a clue maybe when Nicole starts to dig into EJ’s secret we can move along a little faster and have the 2 former Mrs. EJ’s join forces for some big time butt kicking take downs of the high and mighty Dimiras

  144. From SandyGram

    I too would like to see Nicole, Taylor, Kate and Sami go after the DiMera’s. I think of them as ‘Bella Mafia’ and the lady’s in that movie did some real harm on those responsible for destroying their family. Obviously you can’t get rid of the entire DiMera family but it would be nice to see some real ‘Hurt’ come their way.

    And MAB don’t get excited on my comments above I know Sami shot EJ!

  145. From patsy

    Iguess Nicole is going to be the hero in the nuRAFE story and figure out what s going on .WHY am I not suprised that its Nicole enstead of Sami .Just get it over with and the EJ/Taylor story over with Get real Rafe back with Sami.I would like for EJ to be ALONE for awhile .

  146. From sherry

    get rid of Rafe all together. The real Rafe is a total whimp- boring! Robo Rafe is a bit more interesting- but I could do without either one. Give Jen and Carly a love life already! I’ve seen Bo and Hope make love hundreds of times! Big deal, stale, old.

  147. From Clear

    It may be that Sami and Nicole figure it out together. It remains to be seen since the writers actually had medical evidence determine Fay was awake when she fell. There may be bruises from Robo’s hands where he manhandled her that will provide evidence. Plus how will the cameo implicate him and where and who will turn it up. Either Nicole or Taylor will recognize it, and maybe Sami later will put the days events and Robo’s comments into the chain of evidence? Of course, it would be nice to have a police officer that had sense on this one wouldn’t it? Meanwhile, Jennifer looked much better today! Amazing what the right hairstyle and clothes can do to make someone look younger and really good.

  148. From Katherine

    If this gets through,
    I have tried and tried to blog, no luck, giving up,….
    but good luck to all of you, stay Tolerant,remember this site is for all people, Straight, gay, christians, muslim, whatever I can think of, most of all it is for all the fans out there thaat Love DOOL, Period, let’s not forget that, it’s not about you and me, but it is about All the fan, even the silent ones on this site,

  149. From NeeNee

    Dear Katherine, don’t leave!
    Have you contacted the site owners?

    America is about acceptance.
    But it’s also about being able
    to voice opinions without fear
    of reprisal.

    In the grand scheme
    of things, a soap opera introducing
    a gay character isn’t
    that important. But little by
    little, Americans are being
    conditioned to tolerate things
    that go against our conscience
    or religious beliefs.

    A few years ago a Canadian
    pastor preaching against homosexuality from the pulpit
    was found guilty of a hate crime. How soon before this
    trickles down to the USA?

    Conservatives are told to get
    with the times and be tolerant.
    Funny that liberals seldom walk
    that two-way street, instead
    being intolerant of anyone
    who disagrees with them.

    I, for one, will try to be
    vigilant, and put forth my
    opinions in a logical, calm
    voice. Obviously, not all will
    agree but it may give some
    pause for thought.

    Enjoy the comments here, and
    the insights on Days. The line
    between actors/characters can
    become blurred at times. Finding
    out that the Carly character is
    bisexual in real life is an
    example that disappoints me.
    Knowing that Susan & Bill Hayes attend church, and that Bill was
    a faithful choir member inspires

  150. From Paula

    out that the Carly character is
    bisexual in real life is an
    example that disappoints me.”

    For real?? Where did you hear this?

  151. From Grandma Judy

    A DaysCafe spoiler for the week of April 25th says “Tamara Braun begins airing as Taylor, and this Taylor knows what she wants….”

    I agree with you, NeeNee, that conservatives are expected to be tolerant, when our liberal buddies are not. I also agree with those who are trying to warn us that this country is becoming so PC that we are putting ourselves in danger.

  152. From NeeNee

    Hey, Paula

    This issue was discussed here about 2 weeks ago, so you must have missed it. Another poster made the statement that Crystal Chappell (portrayer of Carly) was bisexual in real life. Like you, I had NEVER heard that before so did some googling.

    Here’s a quote from one of the articles I found:

    MK: You play a lesbian character on Venice. What is that like for you as a straight woman and how did you prepare for your part?

    CC: “I did not have to do much to prepare. I am equally attracted to men and women and I like both genders, so it is not an issue for me. You are attracted to who you are attracted to and fall in love with who you fall in love with. This is who my character is – a gay woman. It wasn’t difficult to understand or portray her.”

    Although she is playing a gay character on the web series “Venice”, she is currently married to the old Laurence Alamain character, Michael Sabatino. So I take it, that at this point her life, her lesbian “switch” is off.

    Link to quote site:

    Wikipedia also lists her as bi.

  153. From MAB

    Again, if EJ is putting his children at risk, then Sami is even putting them more at risk. Beside the fact this is not the real Rafe, Sami thinks it is, and for her to sit there and defend Rafe over the well-being of her children is pathetic, yet she says she would never let anyone corrupt her children. What a joke! She can’t even stand Rafe anymore, yet she continues to allow him to be around the children. And how much can she lie to EJ…she sat there and said Rafe teaching Johnny to fight was no big deal, yet she conveniently left out how she went off on Rafe for what he did. I wished this was all happening to the real Rafe. Then EJ would have more than a valid point to take the kids away from her again. One good thing though, at least EJ & Sami got to share the screen together again.

    EJ does love Nicole, and he’s admitted to it more than once. He genuinely cares for her, but he’s supposed to be in love with Taylor, which is a stretch, because he’s still in love with Sami IMO. I think he’ll always love Nicole and would protect her though.

    I think Rafe2 was really shaken up because of what he did to Fay. Not that he wouldn’t do anything to save his own skin, but I think it freaked him out, and that is why I don’t think he’s a killer (from before). Someone indicated he was, but his rap sheet didn’t show any murder crimes.

  154. From MAB

    #143 SandyGram – where do you get off make snide comments to me? Just because we disagree doesn’t mean you have to insult me, so from now on leave me out of your comments!

  155. From Jane


  156. From SandyGram

    #152 MAB
    Gosh MAB that wasn’t meant to be a snide comment or an insult. Sorry you took it that way. Since you always seem to give me 2 or 3 paragraphs about how terrible Sami is after I post about EJ, I was just playing with you. You know like as if we we’re standing around a water cooler talking about Days. But I guess typing a conversation out in words looses something in the translation. Again sorry you took it as a personal attack it certainly wasn’t meant that way.

  157. From Grandma Judy

    I would say faux Rafe is a killer, no matter what his rap sheet says, because he tried to kill Fay. And I took it that his upset afterward was because he wasn’t sure he had killed her. He kept saying that she couldn’t survive a fall like that, more in question form than a statement, trying to convince himself she had died, as he intended. Then the way he talked with Sami about it showed he was surprised and frustrated that Fay WAS still alive and in the hospital. Spoilers say he is going to try to finish her off while she’s in the hospital. Fay does end-up passing away but I don’t know if Rafe actually manages to do away with her or if she finally dies on her own. On DaysCafe they are saying “it’s official, Rafe 2 is a killer”.

    EJ stepped up his lying capabilities yesterday during his conversation with Sami. Saying all that stuff to her that he said, all the while knowing Rafe is not her real Rafe and that he is supposed to be driving himself away from Sami according to EJ’s and Stefano’s plan. Of course, Sami, not knowing it’s a fake Rafe, would make light of any problems with him to EJ, because Rafe is her husband. As I’ve said before, I don’t fault Sami for anything she’s doing right now. Also, it would be comical if it wasn’t so hypocritical for EJ to be lecturing anyone on teaching children to fight when he and his father are a crime family and he just laughed when he saw real Rafe on the computer screen and what he and his father have done to him. Oh, I know, some will say it was Stefano, not EJ, but EJ is part of this awful plan up to his ears.

  158. From Katherine

    NeeNee, I am a proud conservative……..
    Do not support gay marriage and flaunting that lifestyle on the screen. As I said before, I have to look away.
    I guess I tried to be nice, that if the SL happens, many out there who are gay or gay family members might…..whaatever, I don’t know what to say.
    Was not trying to preach to any of you, please understand, would not do that, we are having a discussion on here about a subject that affects us very much.
    If I am totally honest, not PC, I wish the gay sl would not come on the screen, on of you said it (belv.neenee) we are being pushed to give in, bit by bit against what we really stand for. I hope I am not confusing anybody, but if you read my posts again, you can see it what hard for me to write. Tried to be a nice person, but most of all you have to be true to your core believes, and I wasn’t.

    Hope this goes through ///

  159. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Rafe was not shaken up about trying to kill Faye. He was upset because he did not know whether he killed her or not. BTW, he DOES kill her, but he does this while she is in the hospital. I agree that EJ has put Sami and the kids in a very bad situation. I have to side with Sami on this. She thinks that Rafe is acting weird because of his accident. Truthfully, I don’t believe any of us would leave our husbands after an accident like that. We would believe that the family would heal with time. She knows that Rafe loves the children…she doesn’t know that Rafe2 is not her Rafe.

    Katherine, I am very conservative, too. I do not support gay marriage either. I would stop watching Days. I had to stop watching Grey’s because of this, too. I’m not going to get into a debate of sin or not because this is not the place. Society has lost a lot of its values, ethics and morals over the years and it is ashame. I just do not want to see gays on Days.

    I agree that Days needs to get back to the core families. They have strayed too far from it. We needs more Hortons on the show. They are the foundation of this show. I agree that the Bradys and Kirakis are core families, too. Also, the Dimeras are the villans so we need them, too. There are just so many stragglers lately with no history or ties.

    Carly is going downhill fast. I’m not buying this story. Why didn’t she do this when she was married to Lawrence? She supposedly was living in hell back then….or maybe she wasn’t and she did kill Lawrence in cold blood. Days needs to keep the storyline straight for the characters. They are changing things mid-stream and it’s not working.

  160. From MAB

    #154 SandyGram – Sorry, but that is how I took it. I may have jumped the gun with you, but I’m so used to getting slammed for my posts regarding EJ that I may be a little too defensive from past experiences with others. No harm done, and I apologize!

    I just get so tired of EJ getting blamed for everything whether he’s at fault or not, while so many other characters are defended for anything & everything they do. I mean Stefano doesn’t even get as much attention as EJ does, and he is the DiMera mastermind.

  161. From MAB

    You aren’t a killer unless you’ve actually killed someone, and thus far, there is NO proof that Rafe2 has killed anyone. I’m not saying he wouldn’t or won’t kill, especially after attacking Fay, but I think this is the first time he’s tried to kill anyone. He was obviously freaked out by what he did. He even said it to her…”look what you made me do”. Also, he was freaked out BEFORE Sami came in the room and told him anything. I doubt he would be acting that way if had killed anyone before.

    I find it disturbing for anyone to think Sami is not at fault for putting her children at risk, and even more disturbing someone would put their husband or any man before their children. We all know what EJ is doing and why, but that doesn’t excuse Sami’s is thinking this crazy person is her husband, and not doing anything, just sitting around waiting for something else to happen.

    Sami not knowing Rafe2 isn’t really Rafe is even more reason for her to protect her children. I guess it’s ok for her to make light of anything her precious Rafe does or doesn’t do, but she’s ready to pounce as soon as EJ mentions Nicole. Sami makes no sense when it comes to Nicole. One minute she’s friendly to her, then the next minute she’s bashing her.

  162. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Here’s the spoiler about Rafe killing Faye.

    Since he didn’t succeed at first, Rafe tries again to kill Fay this week

    “Sami comes in and she’s like ‘I have horrible news about Fay,” previews Galen Gering (Rafe/faux Rafe). “And he’s like, ‘Yeah, it’s terrible that she died.’ And Sami’s like ‘No, no, she didn’t die. She’s in the hospital.’ He starts freaking out and he’s so invested in whether she’s dead or alive that Sami starts freaking out about it. Those were pretty funny scenes.”

    Meanwhile, at the hospital, Fay wakes up to find EJ at her bedside. “Fay has never trusted EJ since the beginning, and she mainly doesn’t trust him with Nicole’s heart,” points out Valerie Wildman (Fay). “But after she overhears EJ talking to ‘Rafe’ and Stefano, she doesn’t know everything, but she understands that something horrible is happening. I think that when she sees EJ, she realizes that he’s capable of evil and she knows that EJ is not who he appears to be, at least to her daughters. She isn’t sure whether he’s there to kill her.”

    An agitated Fay goes into cardiac arrest, so EJ leaves the room. Faux Rafe slips in after with a syringe, planning to put an air bubble in her IV. “Rafe II is in there about to kill her and Sami comes in, like, ‘What are you even doing here?’ ” laughs Gering. “This character is so ridiculous. He’s like, ‘She meant a lot to me, you know?’ But Sami ruins everything by making him leave with her.”

    Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole is confused when she finds her mother’s pills and cell phone on the foyer table. “She believes someone else put them there,” explains Arianne Zucker (Nicole). “It doesn’t make sense if her mother fell from the top of the stairs.”

    Nicole heads to the hospital and visits with her sleeping mom, who wakes up and finds the strength to talk. “She whispers ‘EJ … secret,’ ” says Zucker. Nicole is understandably rattled – and confused. “She went into this marriage with her eyes open, no secrets,” notes the actress. “it was so one-sided, but she assumed EJ would do the same thing. She doesn’t have any secrets, but hearing that he does, she’s so mad. She’s kicking herself.” Fay goes back to sleep, so Nicole and Taylore head home.

    “Rafe” – who has disguised himself in scrubs – returns to Fay’s room. “When she sees him face to face, she’s horrified again,” sighs Wildman. “She knows his intent is to kill her….”

  163. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    One of the spoilers state that Stefano hired a murderer to replace Rafe. I doubt this is his first murder or attempted murder.

    I don’t blame Sami for dumping on Nicole all the tiem. Nicole kidnapped Sydney and was going on the run. Only we know that Nicole was having a change of heart. I wouldn’t want her near my children either. Sami is just being a mother. I think Sami truly loves Rafe…the real Rafe, so she is trying to be supportive for her marriage and family. The children love the real Rafe. I don’t see where Sami is doing anything wrong. She is trying to get Rafe2 medical help. I think her actions are normal. We know that Rafe2 is a psycho, but Sami does not. She still believes he can be fixed. Until she believes otherwise, she will not abandon him.

    I think the reason EJ gets beat up more than Stefano is because no one defends Stefano’s actions. Personally, I don’t see it as EJ bashing – just people sharing their opinions. Right now EJ is plain evil in his actions against Sami and the kids. Having an affair on Nicole is bad, too, especially with her sister. I hope Nicole takes EJ down this time. If anyone can, she can.

  164. From MAB

    I swear I think sometimes I must be watching a different show than some of you. The point I’m trying to make is that I don’t think Rafe2 has killed before. And it was totally obvious he was disturbed by what he did. Maybe he didn’t think he was capable of it, but he was definitely freaked out by what he did. I’m not taking up for him because I think he’s capable of anything, but his actions spoke volumes IMO.

    Are any of you people mothers? Why would you put your kids at risk for any reason? I’ll say it again, aside from the facts of this not being the real Rafe, Sami should be insisting that he get professional help outside the home from what is going on with him. Husband or not, my kids would come first. Some of you fully supported Sami in shooting EJ saying she was protecting her kids, yet you support her in letting her children stay around a lunatic just because she thinks he’s her husband.

  165. From MAB

    Spoilers are not always 100% right. No one knows for sure if Rafe2 has killed anyone before, and I don’t think he has.

    If Sami can dump on Nicole all the time, then EJ can dump on Rafe all the time. They tried to keep his child from him, so he has every right to have the same reactions Sami has.

    Sami is just being a mother…sorry but that statement is a joke. And saying the children love the real Rafe, well not Johnny, he seems to like Rafe2 even better…he told Sami just that.

  166. From HoofHarted

    I like Taylor. She is a great actress, but unfortunately she is being replaced. But I can tell you this, her replacement is going to be horrible! I couldnt stand her when she played Ava on DOOL years ago, she has no talent or acting skills. I dont understand why they recast her as Taylor?

  167. From Sierra Sue

    I’m waiting for “Squint” & Marlena to return. Since Stefano did the same to John as he has to Rafe, they will know where the disc is hidden and reunite “Real” Rafe w/Sami–This is just a thought
    but it sure would be nice to end tthe Faux Rafe story line.

  168. From NeeNee

    Hi, Sierra Sue!
    I’ve said this same thing many times here lately. Who better to deprogram Rafe than Doc? She has YEARS of experience doing just that with John.

    EJ & Stefano could just wipe RealRafe’s memory clean and put him back in Sami’s loft apartment. And get rid of FauxRafe, of course. RealRafe waking up with zero memories would essentially put the Sami/Rafe love story back to square one. And the diMera hands would be clean.

    But there is the issue of the safehouse key. Why would the writers show Rafe clutching it, if this isn’t a tipoff that Sami & RealRafe will find their way back to each other at the safehouse??
    Days writers have always used some kind of object—showing it over & over—as a clue to viewers that something big is coming.

    Faye’s dying words, too, convince Nicole that EJ is up to something. I would think she would have to be lulled into thinking her mother’s death had nothing to do with EJ, though. Otherwise both Fatha & Son diMera will do prison time if Nicole puts all the pieces together and enlists Sami to help.

    So where did some of you hear that John Black will be back?

  169. From Katherine

    MAB, on the computer check about Fafe’s record, all it show, small time criminal stuff, No Murder….
    Well, if Faye dies, he will get the title Mr. FafeMurderer….As a mother, I would not trust my children to the husband, after all if it was good enough for Ally to be sent away, it should be the same for all the other kids.
    Rafe/Fafe, is her husband with a past that as of yet has not shared with anybody, and He Is Not the childrens biological father…. I would err on the side of total saftey for my children, not look back in sorrow, she, Sami, has nothing to loose but gain the knowledge she is doing every thing in her power to protect the kids.
    If this was the real Rafe and acting like Fafe, he would be the first one to tell Sami, remove the kids until I am again 100%, I don’t trust myself right now.
    We know it’s Fafe, but Sami does not – she thinks it’s Rafe….
    Bo/FancyFace, thank you, I hope everybody understood what I was so hard trying to put into words.
    Reagan was the first Pres I got to vote for, after becoming a citizen of USA. I liked him already when he was our Gov. in California, hubby always said, this guy will become Pres. some day, and voila….
    I am glad, that we have become so close on this site, that we can actually share our opinions in such a nice and respectful way, I say we have come a long way…. yoy say what (love O’Reilly’s quote

  170. From NeeNee

    Katherine, if you mean O’Reilly asking his guests, “What say you?” then I respond:

    Almost everybody on this site seems to be kind and respectful. Lots have DEFINITE, strong opinions of their likes/dislikes of certain characters. The actors who play them should be flattered, that viewers identify so sincerely with their portrayal.

    Kudos to you for coming to this country the right way and becoming a citizen! I admire anyone who loves America so much that they want to forsake their country of origin and become Americans. My town has a good-sized population of illegals who do nothing but take welfare, run up bills and stiff merchants and diss America.

    Yes, Reagan was a great president, Katherine. He too, though, tried too hard to get along with his opponents—meeting them halfway. Example: balancing the budget. Reagan got his tax cuts but he wanted spending cut, too. Nope, majority House/Senate dems reneged on that. Same with giving amnesty to illegals. Reagan would go for it, if it was a one-time thing and then seal borders. We all know how that turned out.
    When Dems are in charge it’s “we won, get over it.” When they lose power, then it becomes “You have to share power, it’s not fair.”

    Back to Days . . . as some of you sharpies have pointed out, they have continuity problems from day to day with sets. And as we all know, the writers ignore recent & past show history and re-write outcomes of plots or change the personalities of characters to suit a current storyline. Katherine, you are spot on about Rafe. RealRafe would sit down with Sami and say, “Sami, I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I catch myself feeling resentful of the kids, and speak harshly to them at times. Dr. Jonas is checking me into a sanitarium where we’re gonna get to the bottom of this.”

  171. From Katherine

    NeeNee, what say you, you’re so right……Let’s, you say what, be the Katherine quote, move over O’Reilly, funny.
    Thank you for the compliment, yes I am proud to be an American, and I have the papers to prove it, a Federal Judge swore me in along with many others, however will always love my birthland too…
    Did not like when the Dem’s and “…..” s aid, we won, get over it….etc. hear you loud and clear my dear.
    Glad you agree with me about the Rafe/Fafe stepfather in trouble situation. When it comes to my children, nothing but nothing is to safe for me, and a loving but in trouble, husband/father would understand that without hesitation….Some might even after the fact get mad at the mother, honey didn’t you know better then to get the kids away from me, I was nuts, needed help…..
    remember, Sami thinks this is her Rafe…
    Surprised, but I think we have a lot of Reps on here, I respect all however, just don’t agree with some of their believes, Freedom in America,…..

  172. From Katherine

    167 NeeNee, of course I meant What say you,,,,,
    You say what, well it will be the Katherine quote, ha ha
    Thanks, I am a proud American, wish everybody would come to this country in a legal way, that’s the only way I Feel, you can ever call yourself “A Proud American”, sneaking in and lying, what to be proud of….????????????????
    All you will ever be in my eyes, is a User, expecting hard working Real Americans to support you…. not nice IMO, it’s stealing and worse…. I am a true American that did it the hard way, and I have earned my opinions, I think. What say you.
    Judy, maybe at dinner in your house, we can discuss DOOL and also bring a little politic to the table, yes, no, both sides as always are welcome, to make it fair and balanced…..

  173. From MAB

    NeeNee – I agree that Stefano should have just wiped Rafe’s memory clean and put him back with Sami. It would’ve been more interesting watching his downfall knowing it was the real Rafe. I guess the key could have played a role in taking him back there to revive some memories for him. I hope he don’t get his memories back immediately after he returns. If he does, it will be boring, and then him & Sami will go back to their dull, boring lives.

    Katherine – thank you, I’m glad someone sees the points I was trying to make about Rafe2’s criminal record not showing any serious crimes, including murder, and for seeing the need for Sami to protect her children at all costs. I would think any mother would do that with no hesitation.

    And NeeNee too, I see you agree that the real Rafe would also put the kids first and remove himself from the situation if he thought he may endanger the kids. I agree!

  174. From thelittleimp

    I think the problem with the warning Faye gave to Nicole–”EJ…secret”, is that he has many secrets. The secret Faye meant was about Fafe, but I think the secret Nicole will discover is about how EJ and Taylor really feel about each other.

  175. From DrQwerty

    OMGosh … how come NO ONE has made the suggestion that Sami should get pregnant with Rafe 2′s bambino????? This would be a juicy, interesting storyline.

    I am really enjoying Victor & Maggie’s romance. Why isn’t more of this storyline shown?

  176. From NeeNee

    Ooh, LittleImp, now you’re thinking like the DOOL writers!

    How many millions of times do we have a cliff-hanger that looks like a big reveal . . .”Nicole, I must tell you the truth . . ” EJ teases solemnly. ?? Only after the commercial when they pick it up, EJ says something innocuous like, “Nicole, I must tell you the truth. That color is just all wrong for you.”

    I’m sure, at least in the beginning, Nicole will indeed discover Taylor/EJ are infatuated with each other. And will think that’s the secret of which Faye spoke.

  177. From thelittleimp

    171 NeeNee–”now you’re thinking like the DOOL writers”. What a terrible thing to say about anyone. lol.

  178. From Old Gray Bats

    Days has always been a soap using the platform of love and responsibility as the structure for a nurturing, meaningful life. To whit, Tom and Alice are the go-to for most of Salem’s longtime residents: but that does not preclude them all from being immune to the pitfalls of being a human. Even Addy had her issues to deal with.

    SHAME on you all who come and use this site to spout your anger and your disgust over something that God created. Like it or not, GOD created gay people.. HE made them the way they are. YOU and other hateful people like you make gay people something they are not.

    Stop hiding behind the word of God. Quit putting on the sacred text of the Father like your sunday clothes, taking them off and tossing them aside when they are no longer convenient to hide behind: Days includes the very base and the very ugly sides of humanity for a reason: it teaches us that we are all salvageable beings, not BECAUSE YOU personally agree or disagree with the morality of the situation, but because as children of God we are each of us ensured the choice to be salvaged.

    If this were not so, Sami would have been dumped in a ditch by her own mother long ago. Marlena would have never tolerated the way that child treated her without knowing in her heart and through her own salvation the price of being human.

    So go ahead, hang upside down here and crap on the values that God gave us: LOVE EACH OTHER, RESPECT EACH OTHER, and above all LEAD EACH OTHER UNTO HIM. Old gray bats… direct all that anger and all that hate into something useful, for each of you knows just how far you still need to reach to lay even a finger upon True Salvation.

  179. From Rosie

    I cannot stand Taylor either. She is always gasping to breathe and always looks as if there is a bad smell in the air. Please get rid of her.

  180. From Katherine

    MAB, I believe in you and I respect you and your opinions, granted, we do not always agree, but you and I are adult enough to respect each other no matter what.
    Thank you for that, happy more blogging….Just me…

  181. From SandyGram

    Oh my what has come over me…again on today’s show I saw what seemed to be a genuine moment when EJ took Nicole in his arms to comfort her after Fay flat lined and came around.

    The writers are certainly giving RoboRafe the best lines. I had to chuckle when he was saying to him self which would be worst, facing EJ and Stefano with what he had done to Fay or going to jail for it, “not with a face like this”. I guess he thought he might be fresh meat for the inmates if he went to jail.

    Even though Philip talked to Social Services about joint custody with Chloe, it doesn’t seem at this time he realizes he’s leaving town. I think that will be a spur of the moment decision after his fall out with Kate (the 15th per Soaps). Then according to Daytime Royalty his actual last day will be the 20th, not the 19th as we originally read). Which ever day it is Jay Kenneth Johnson and Philip Kiriakis will be a big loss to Days. He has been a main stay to the show for so long.

    According to the spoilers Philip is suppose to help Chloe before he leaves, I hope that means he helps her find a home for her and Parker. Then Kate is suppose to go after Chloe again. Hopefully Brady will be there to help her ward off the evil warts trying to do her harm and make her loose control again. Stay strong Chloe!

  182. From Katherine

    If Phillip can give Melanie a divorce settlement + 5,ooo,000 Dollars, as talked about today,
    he should be able to set up Chloe and his son Parker for life, wouldn’t you think so, Parker supposedly, is after all his Blood, Melanie is not…. Just me and my quirky thinking.
    Salem needs a place to start showcasing some of the actors singing talents, like Chloe and Brady, who else does have a voice, well Stefano does,… so I would love that…

  183. From Grandma Judy

    I still think the key to the safe house will play a big part in Rafe getting his memory back, or if not that, then proving who he really is. I also think the Cameo necklace faux Rafe ripped off Fay will come into play in some way. It could very well be the case, as some have said, that Nicole finds out about EJ and Taylor and thinks that’s the secret Fay was talking about.

    After today’s episode, I believe more than ever that faux Rafe intended to kill Fay and the only reason he was shaken afterward was because he wasn’t sure she was dead. He said to himself that she would die from a fall like that, wouldn’t she? Then when he found out she wasn’t dead, he went bananas. All worried EJ or Stefano would find out what he’d done and Fay could tell them, plus tell everyone about him being an imposter, which is why he tried to kill her in the first place. For me, it was a snap decision for him, – she knows the truth so kill her. And how many killers blame what they did on the victim? “He, or she, made me do it.” Then he makes another snap decision to turn right around and kill Fay again in the hospital. Guess Sami is going to interrupt that, – - this time.

    We all have our personal feelings about the situation Sami is in with her “husband” acting like he is, and then her children to consider. Some of us (like me) understand and agree with how she’s handling it and some don’t. We can speculate what we would do in her shoes but we’d have to be living it to really know. I have raised 4 lovely children who I love more than life itself. But I also have a wonderful husband who I love more than life itself. Sami’s situation would be a tough one for any young wife and mother. Glad it’s a soap opera!

    Have no idea yet what’s going to happen after Philip leaves but I hope Chloe gets Parker back.

  184. From Katherine

    Let’s forget our own lifes,
    Sami and her situation, from what we have watched so far between her anf Fafa and Ally, etc.
    Sami get the children away from your troubled husband Rafe, as you think that’s who he is, and make double sure, your children are safe, like Ally is right now, and deal with your husband’s problems.
    Don’t take any chances, if Rafe is as good a man in your mind, he will respect you for that, but of course we know it’s Fafe, but she does Not…..
    Judy, I like you, but you can’t be unbiased enough to compare your wonderful hubby and children, to Sami’s situation with Rafe/Fafe and what is going on there right now.
    Bless the Judy household…
    I think that sooner or later, after Fafe is gone/dead/?? the real Rafe will emerge, but he will be charged with all of Fafe’s crimes, and EJ will be the one to defend him in court, that could be the trial of DOOL…. Please let this post work, I am getting so tired of typing over and over ag again,.

  185. From NeeNee

    Katherine, you’re onto still another scenario.

    Rafe could have his memory erased and put back into the loft while FauxRafe either scoots or is killed.

    Then some witness will come forward who saw FauxRafe leave Fay’s room and RealRafe will be charged. Yes, to score points with Sami, EJ will defend Rafe—just not too good. Rafe, indeed, will go to prison leaving Sami behind.

    EJ always loves him some Sami
    Candy when she’s between boyfriends or husbands . . .
    let’s hope Sami doesn’t sleep with him again!! You just know the doorbell will ring the minute she & EJ get done doing the nasty. And there will stand Rafe, released and available.

    Oh, the twists we can come up with.
    Surely the writers can do this good if they huddle together, no?

  186. From Obnoxious

    Taylor makes me want to puke too. I’d rather have Stephanie back than this crap. I have an idea–let’s have a massive earthquake that kills everyone in Salem except the children. Then start a brand new storyline with brand new characters….wait, that’d be like making a whole new show. Novel idea.

  187. From carol

    i would like to see jen get with frankie , i read were they said he was coming back, they both had such love and respect for each other, i really don’t like the idea of her and doctor dan at all, let him go with carly not jen
    i loved frankie and jen together they really made a good couple , an please bring the real rafe back

  188. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine,#177, – forgetting our personal lives, as you said, is fine but MAB #162 asked if any of us were mothers and I went from there. And, no, I don’t know what I would do in Sami’s situation but the way she has handled it so far seems right to me. I saw a friend’s husband become troubled and their 2 small chidren lived with an aunt and uncle for a while. My friend was very courageous through it all. In the end, everything worked out perfect and the family was back together and whole again. But who knows what the Days’ writers have in store?! Bless your household, too, Katherine!

  189. From Grandma Judy

    Well, Katherine, now that comment of yours that I referred to is #184. They’ve snuck in some others in between where your #177 used to be.

  190. From Katherine

    178 Gray old Brats,
    Must feel superior to sit in judgement of fans/bloggers, that voiced their honest opinion about a subject. It’s their right to do that, without getting put on shame by you….. Not nice.
    When I critzize, it’s not the blogger, only the character and the SL, never personally the blogger, I debate a blogger, but that’s good. I never feel anger of hate towards the soap, that would be ludicrise(?)
    Old Bats, I believe your rants do not belong here on this blog, uncalled for IMO, one must feel really so untainted to preach to others they don’t even know like you did.

    Judy, Thank you, for being such a great person, that we can debate in a healthy way, it’s refreshing and you know by now I hope, I have no malice in my heart an anything I say to any of you…. !

  191. From Grandma Judy

    Old Gray Bats #178, – My, my!

  192. From Katherine

    Old Gray Bats, I had your name wrong, I apologize..

  193. From Deedeem

    Well!! I guess this posting site has played out…no one is talking. I guess we all stopped watching at the same time. HA HA……

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