Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 31 & April 1.

Goodbyes and bad plans.

Since life at Casa da Bo still isn’t panning out the way she thinks it should, Ciara decides that she should hightail it for the hills. She repeats her plan to Theo and he might not be able to talk her out of it. Meanwhile, Vivian can’t manage to talk Nicole into joining her unholy crusade against Kate. “If I had to bet on who is going to win this war, my money would be on Stefano,” Nicole tells Viv, who isn’t pleased that yet another of her plans is fizzling.

After the requisite flailing and moaning, Elvis explains to his father why he’s acting out. “I’m trying to get my life under control,” he claims. Stefano continues to groan. EJ demonstrates the sincerity of his new scheme by telling Taylor that he will keep his distance from her. After all, that worked so well the last time he tried it for five minutes. Elvis has more important things to worry about than the yearning of his loins, however. RoboRafe demands a meeting with him and his dad. As the three men conspire, Fay uses her super hearing to eavesdrop on them and figure out their dastardly plot.

Melanie puts the final nail in the coffin of her relationship with Philip. She says a sad farewell to little Parker as she waves away what could have been. Making her day suck even more, she runs into Dario and they have a bit of a barney. He flips his hair back and strides off to get into a battle with Brady. The Kiriakis picks him up by the scruff of the neck and yells in his face. “You don’t tell me how I feel about Ari!” Brady barks. He then tries to show a bit of compassion and suggests that he get out of Salem before it’s too late. Mel pops up. She and Brady do a little bonding before Chloe intrudes.

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