Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For March 7-11.

Looking to the future.

After getting Chloe her baby back, Philip and the diva try to put some order into their messy lives. This means that they have to make some big decisions and they won’t be the only people doing so. Mel has some kind of epiphany that tells her what she has to do next and what role Nathan will be playing in her future. Chances are that it won’t be anything like the role Adrienne is going to be playing for Justin. The seldom seen characters continue their reunion as the lawyer pops the question to the bar owner.

Across town, Hope worries about her future since being a drug crazed ex-con doesn’t exactly put her in competition for a lucrative career, not even in Salem. Her personal life isn’t easygoing either but Carly is there to try and help her back into it. While Hope helps to adjust to normality thanks to her husband’s former mistress, Jenn keeps trying to spread the love. Since the first shove she gave to Carly and Daniel wasn’t enough, she tries again. All of this matchmaking seems to make Jenn pretty hot under the collar because she breaks down and calls Jack, leaving an emotionally strained message that could spell the couple’s end.

Realizing that selling greeting cards and care bears at the hospital gift shop isn’t as glamorous as it sounds, Taylor finally accepts Brady’s job offer, though she has other reasons for doing so. Her mom returns to Salem and Nicole gets warm and fuzzy about her family. She informs Elvis that her mother and sister will be moving into the mansion with them. The awkward moments begin almost immediately when Nicole walks in on her husband and Taylor in another of their incomprehensible, trance like staring matches.

Down in the dungeon, Stefano tests Rafe’s memory to see if he’s managed to erase it properly without Rolf around to help him. Vivian shows up and offers to be his evil ally, but he’s still not terribly eager to get in cahoots with her. Meanwhile, RoboRafe is infuriated by Sami and his attack of rage disturbs her. She decides that she is going to have to ‘fix’ him and hints to Will about her plan.

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  1. From willie

    More plot driven crappola to push EJ and Taylor together. And Carly should keep her pointy nose out of Hope’s life altogethe. Hope and Bo need to work things out for themselves without her interference.

  2. From mary

    Wow, after Tuesday’s episode, I really look forward to Nathan (I’ve forgotten the actor’s name) to be gone.

    I wish the writers could find another actor who continue the Horton legacy, I.e., strong, honest, compassionate professional and community leader.

    The character Nathan’s jealousy and arrogance towards Philip and frankly everyone along with his treatment of Melanie as a lost possession is annoying.

    I’d love to see Philip and Melanie or Philip and Chloe together.

  3. From jessica

    i cant believe i just read that stefano is going to try to erase Rafe’s memory? Ugh!! Really don’t want to sit through that scenario again..already been done before in Salem..not looking forward to this long drawn out storyline now.

  4. From Nicole

    Im getting real sick of roborafe. Enough is enough, can real rafe and sammi just be happy for a while? Im also sick of the kidnappings! I would ultimately love seeing ej with me! U should bring me onto the show and introduce a new woman into ej’s life and it not be related to nicole or sammi or anyone, a brand new character! Email me for details!

  5. From SUE

    Can the writers not come up with something different, really, another brain washing, that is getting old, don’t like the way things are going with the show, now if I miss a week of days it OK, same story line, why can’t Sammy finally be happy with Rafe? what could it hurt?

  6. From **Eve**

    Come on writers…erase Rafe memory….it would be absolutely funny if Rafe managed to get to Sami – they get rid of roborafe…but rafe pretend to be roborafe and turn the tables on the evils doers….laughing… really writers….this isn’t going anywhere with roborafe…

  7. From Lisa

    To Mary,

    Mark Hakpa is Nathan ( His airdate will be in 27 days… )

    Jay already left so he can’t in Salem as Philly..

    I can’t wait to see the new Abby today for tomorrow!

  8. From Grandma Judy

    I agree it would be hysterical if the 2 Rafe’s were switched. I read a spoiler that says Rafe dupes his captors. It would also be funny if the stuff Stefano give Rafe to erase his memory doesn’t work but Rafe pretends that it has. I thought the scenes with Sami and Rafe today especially showed Galen’s versatility as an actor.

    I’m one who likes Nathan and I’m sorry to see him go. I have long wanted him and Melanie together. I would like Philip and Chloe together but now he has quit the show and will be gone. Sounds like when Nicholas Alamain returns, he and Chloe might be an item. I loved today how Daniel lit into Kate!! Sorry for Melanie.

  9. From Nicole

    I’m so sick of RoboRafe! Just let Rafe and Sammi be happy for a while. I’m so sick of the evilness of the Dimera’s. Just for once let it all be happy. I would ultimately like Sammi and EJ back together and be happy and have more kids. I just think the erasing memory is lame! And stop with the kidnapping plots, thats old!

  10. From Olive

    I read too that Rafe dupes Stephano…that would be a great twist to either have him fake the memory loss or switch himself out with FakeRafe. Either way, I just want the DiMira clan to pay up!!

    I’m very sorry Nathan isn’t staying – he’s a great actor and has a lot of chemistry with Mel. Phil…glad he’s gone and hope he stays gone!

    Looking forward to seeing Hope get on with her life in a new venture. Not sure how I feel about Carly helping her, that’s a little weird.

    I love Jack and Jen, but am not opposed to a possible Dan/Jen pair…it’s promising. Chloe should be with no one. Although the absolute best I’ve ever seen that character portrayed has been during the recent post partum s/l. I really like Mel, but her calling Chloe “insane” was not very medically sound…

  11. From Lisa

    If the writers gonna bring Nick and Chloe together, Chloe gonna have to get along with Nick’s mom, Carly..Wonder who gonna be..I gotta go and watch my Days…:D

    I am excited for the newest clan ( Abby )

  12. From Guest

    Phil leaving makes a big hole in the show. He glues a few different stories together. I like him with Melanie and will miss him. I look forward to a recast of Nathan down the road. I hate that Nicole’s family is moving in so we can have endless staring competitions with EJ and Taylor. If they start drooling I am changing the channel! EJ and Nicole are well suited and would make a great super couple if given some time and the chance to be happy. Mel was great with Chloe today. At least one scene was well written and compassionate.

  13. From Guest

    If the writers send all of us Stephano’s serum that wipes out our memory then these repetitious storylines will seem new. It will make their lives much easier. Just pull all the previous episodes out of the vault and insert new names. Amnesia…here we come.

  14. From BARBARA



  15. From Jolie

    Guest, now that was funny. I feel like I have had my dose and blacked out for a little while myself. I think the Walkers in the mansion will be like the Addams’ family. They will surely cause a raccous in many ways. And how will Stephano keep his secrets with all the comings and goings, and vacant stares, yep, they will all need their dose of serum as well.

  16. From Amanda

    I am with those of you who say that the roboRafe storyline is old, tired and has been done before. It is just boring. And I am sorry but I still think it is GROSS to watch roboRafe manhandling Sami too. EJ/Nicole is totally stupid as well for so many reasons. I long for the days of strong couples who went on cool adventures & figured out mysteries – Bo/Hope, John/Marlena/Roman – let’s go see what Belle & Sean D have been up to! And I’m sure Max and whassherface have been having some cool adventures too – or how about getting Jack to get Jennifer all involved in some mysterious thing that Jack has, undoubtedly, gotten himself into on his walkabout. Come on writers! Give us some STORIES!!! I haven’t been watching for 2 weeks cuz I am just bored bored bored. Kidnapping kids back and forth, paternity test switching and people doin’ it with people they don’t even like = lame & uncreative.

  17. From Patsy

    BARABRA Nicole DOES NOT DESERVE ANY HAPPINESS .sHE STOLE ANOTHERS WOMANS CHILD AND IS STILL TRY TO LIVE ANOTHERS WOMAN LIFE.i HOPE TAYLOR RUBES NICOLE in her own S— and let her know what Samis feeling right now .As much as I love EJamiI hope RAFE AND Sami gets a chance to be back together.EJS TOO IMATURE FOR SAMI he belongs by himself untilhe can growup .

  18. From Pattypat

    Please writers, not another memory loss. We went throught that storyline before. I am still concerened they are replacing the actress playing Taylor with another. Oh my tht is Day’s, but I will keep on watching.

  19. From Brenda

    I want the capture of Rafe to be over, I mean come on we have had this story line a few times. The Dimera’s never get in trouble for anything they do it is about time they are held accountable. I want Rafe and Sami back together and happy I think they are the next super couple. I want Melanie with Nathan, but that won’t happen. I cannot believe Phillip is gone he was in a pivotal storyline, they should recast him. Jennifer and Daniel oh ya bring it on!

  20. From dc

    yea, the walkers in the dimera does sound like the addams family. i am just ready for the “real rafe to get back with sami.. maybe him having another checkup where daniel tells sami that he was never in an accident will wake sami up to what has been going on with him..
    i sure hate that mark (aka nathan) is leaving and even more so with phillip being gone..

  21. From grandma to many

    I think I’m looking forward to the next Taylor the current one is just a little too goody two shoes for me Tamara can add an edginess to the character that just might make EJ squirm Brady the bad boy is great and nuTaylor could play an exciting partner to him since Nicole has become dreamy susie homemaker she has really lost her edge Brady needs a bad girl to help him create havoc in Salem this could be the next Stephano / Kate combo that with youth on it’s side could shake Salem up

  22. From D. Anne

    I am sad Nathan is leaving also… Great chemistry with him & Melanie.
    I also hate the Roborafe story. It iis sickening. Time to end it or lose viewers.

  23. From Sandy

    #16 from Grandma to many
    It will be interesting to see how the writers transition from goody two shoes Taylor to edgy Taylor. They will also have to re-shoot those scene’s with Ava as Taylor where EJ and Taylor first meet if their planning on using them in up coming episodes where either one of them think back to their first meeting and change the wedding pictures if they are ever to be shown again.

  24. From coogar

    Personally I would love to see the memory syrum get mixed up with Stephano’s insulin. If rafe could pull that off – bavisimo.

    Love it loved it dn ripping into Kate. Dr. Dan has a heart, finally.

    Kind of looking forward to some DiMera/Walker disfunction. Kate & faye under the same roof, has got to be hilarious. Faye will be the proverbial hamburger in the Dimera steak house. Kate’s Carmella Sopprano-ish persona to Faye’s blue collar waitress. SOme how I can picture Faye offering to help serve dinner & do the dishes just like I & my friends do when we get together.

    Interesting how they handled Mel’siscarriage today. Instead of the usual drama, running to the OR and extreme measures they used somber music & no dialogue. Well done. It was a sensitive mood setting that had more impact than any words could be spoken. Truely a case of where less is more. I had a miscarriage about 30 years ago and felt that this was done in a manner that was sensative to anyone who has gone through it.

  25. From coogar

    18 Sandy Great point about the wedding photos; never thought of that till now. I don’t really see how the writers can justify all this silly mooning. I know soaps are over the top but this is just . . . silly!

  26. From Carol

    Please-don’t make us suffer through an EJ/Taylor flirtation- very lame and too unfair to Nicole. I won’t watch this story!

  27. From Grandma Judy

    I guess we have to be patient with the faux Rafe storyline. They just recently fired that one co-head writer and they tape weeks and weeks ahead, so any changes they choose to make won’t be for a while. Don’t know if it’s the actress or what but I can’t get into the Taylor character. Nothing there, it seems to me. Hope Tamara Braun will do better. I think she will! I agree the way they handled Melanie’s miscarriage was great. Teary moment for me and I’ve been lucky and never even had a miscarriage!

  28. From L Mikki

    Nicole deserves as much happiness as Sami does, after all the crap she’s pulled over the years (to Carrie & Austin on down), or any other “bad girl” character-for that matter. This isn’t about the hierarchy of wrongs (where the magnitude of the “offense” affects the consequences)-this is about morality. Wrong is just wrong & Nicole isn’t a lone wolf in that area.

  29. From JEANNE

    Does Sami’s plan include a visit to a veterinarian for Rafe?????

  30. From Just Moi

    16..Grma to Many…I agree about this Taylor character, for me hearing her talk is like nails on a chalk board. I never clicked with the character and can not picture her playing the bad girl. I hope Tamera can do the job better and like I said before, If she is a good actress she can make me forget that she was on the show before as someone else the same way as Judy did with the Bonnie character.

    I guess Im in the minority but I don’t mind the Rafe1/Rafe2 story, I think Galen is doing an awsome job portraying the 2 characters. To me he is so believable in the Rafe2 role that I forget it is the same actor. I am enjoying watching him make Sami shake her head at all the things he is doing, comming on the Stephanie yesterday was so funny and seeing Sami jealous, well the was icing on the cake!

  31. From Sandy

    #18 Sandy
    In this post I referred to AVA as Taylor, obviously that’s suppose to be Tamara. AVA was her previous character on Days.

  32. From Melissa

    Ok I have been a loyal DOOL fan for about 30 years now. I have vcr’d dvd’d and dvr’d the shows everyday while I am working so I can get home set down and watch it. But this is getting old really fast. I am SICK of Stefano always errasing someones memory and kidnapping is getting old too. I am done I can’t take this stupidness anymore. DOOL needs to get new writers and find other storylines besides the ones they have used over and over. And quit draggin them out for long periods f time. When I hear that they have released Rafe with his right memory then I will consider watching until then I am moving onto finding a new Soap Opera to watch!

  33. From Susan

    Why are you taking Nathan off the show….I want him to stay with Mel.

  34. From Clear

    Yes to Grandma Judy and Sandy. I want to see Sami kick the Rafierobo Dog where th sun don’t shine. I loved it when he tried to break bad on Sami, and she told him what he could do! Come on, Sami, figure it out and start looking for the real Rafe!

  35. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Looks like the Rafe storyline may be over soon thanks to the new writer. Galen announced on his site that Rafe2 will meet his demise soon. I am glad to here that!!

    I know there are some that love Nathan and I respect that, but he is getting on my nerves. Melanie is still married. He was fighting over a married pregnant woman. She made her choice a long time ago to be with Phillip. Nathan is part of the problem – why Phillip slept with Chloe. How would Nathan feel if he were married to Melanie and she kissed Phillip? I really wish Phillip would stay. There is so much more that could be done with his character.

    I don’t like Carly involved in Bo or Hope’s life. Carly needs to butt out. Hope is a strong woman and does not need Carly’s help.

    Can’t wait for the new Taylor. I think Faye and Kate will be fun to watch. Faye can hold her own against Kate. I really want to see Nicole and EJ make it, though. I really enjoy them together. I might change my mind when I see Tamara as Taylor. I’ll just have to wait and see.

  36. From Nancy

    Who cares if Justin and A get back together, they’ve been off the show for years and have been brought back as fillers. No one ven really know who they are or thier history—–HEy WRITERS< technically I am an author, if ya need help please contact me.

  37. From Merrianne

    Thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who didn’t care for Nate. He’s just soooo lame: white bread–absolutely no nutritional value.

    Nicole’s mother and sister moving into the manor; can’t decide if it’s the Addam’s Family or the Clampetts, but I predict it’s not going to be boring. Unlike Rafe1 vs Rafe2.

  38. From patti

    OMG….what is wrong the the writers of this show….where are they mentally….so very tired of the Demera B.S….faking people….erasing minds….well did stephano manage to get at the writers of DOL….why cant we get better story plots like in the old DAYS….get a clue writers….PLEASE

  39. From MAB

    There are plenty of fans of Days who know who Justin & Adrienne are & their history. I like them, and would love to see them more involved in the show, but I do agree they are just a filler…such a shame.

    I’m loving EJ & Nicole together this time around. I’m not liking the Taylor thing, and could care less to see Fay again. She gets on my last nerve with her dramatic acting. I can’t believe they are all going to be living in the mansion…that’s just plain stupid. And I can’t believe Stefano would allow any of this, especially with their ‘guest’ downstairs.

    I’m still kind of liking Rafe2 as well. At least Sami is not so whiny being around Rafe2. She is showing some of her old self…that spunkiness of hers is rearing it’s head…I like it & sure have missed it.

    Chloe is doing a fabulous job lately…really liking her a lot. I feel sorry for Mel loosing the baby, but I’m glad she did. I loved the scenes on Tuesday’s show when they played the music during the realization that she lost the baby.

    Why does Carly have to nose around in Hope’s life? Why do the writers insist on keeping her as a third wheel in Bo & Hope’s relationship? They don’t need her around…she needs to get a life of her own and stay out of theirs!!

  40. From Holly

    #36 nancy… hey what do you write? I’m a published author too. And since I haven’t been watching dools. Been working on more novals.

    I would like to see this show pic up. Last week, i took a peak at the show and it bored me. So I have just been reading everyones blogs. And nothing has moved along. I agree, the misscarraige was handled very well, and I actually liked Mel for once. I have hated her since I met her in paris when max went looking for her.
    Since the whole brady vs dimera vendeda is off (paid for) by sami marrying Ej, They need to find a new vendeda. I think taylor(ava) mixing with brady and ej will be a nice twist, But that seems to be all there is. I mean poor hope needs to find her way back( how many times has she, and then re-married bo) sry she got to whinny to me, while she was sobing over ciara and dead zack. Dr. dan is still too creepy looking for something new to bed. Pick someone and just be happy.
    AND friken run a DNA test on parker. I mean for this to happen to dan again. Pathedic. I would like phil and chloe to be together and raise their son, but we shall see. And yes lets bring back nath, I always wanted him to be with mel. Granted the nath they have reminds me of lucas, To quiet.
    (well thats my rant)
    Love reading the posts. Hopefully the show will pic up and have me glued to the tv. Because I love my night soaps. (vam diary’s & nikita) to which are off air for a month, grr. Ahh time for writing.
    Ps. if the writers watched those shows they could be reminded how to keep suspense and people still craving to see the next show.

  41. From Joyce

    Nichol never had a sister & I’m sick of EJ & Nichol & Carly never had a boy to come back into the picture & if she did why did she leave him?& come to Salem? Sami needs to leave the show she is such a waste Daniel & Chole still needs to get together & raise Parker I still thank Parker is Daniel’s baby,Dan & Chole love each other so very much & now that Mel has forgiven Chole it would be nice for her to have Parker as her baby brother,get them back together

  42. From Joyce

    Maggie & Victor need to get together,Chole & Dan & Mel & Nathan
    Chad & Abby & Will & Gabby this could be such a great show but if Daniel & Chole don’t get back together I will probably quit watching the show cause they are meant for each other & Rafe & Taylor need to get together Sami needs to leave the show she has been on there to long

  43. From Patsy

    Writers it,s a shame what you have done toAlison Sweeneys charater Sami .Pleople are laughting at her and makeing fun jokes s about her and wanting her to leave the show .Please do something about Sami and let her get hereSPONK AND Pride BACK BEFOR OT IS TOO LATE She is my favoret on the show .She deserves better than this.RUIN Nicole if you have to ruin someone

  44. From Mary

    If the writers don’t put a stop to this fake Rafe, and I mean by ANY means I will stop watching this whole kidnapping, memory changing, imposters stuff has been done on Days over and over again. here’s a thought, let some of the viewers write one day and this could be the best soap on the tube. Because these writers have lost touch with the orginial families of Days. What happened to the Hortons, Brady’s and their family Pride ?

  45. From coogar

    Merriann #37 Clampets that’s a good one I laughed my butt off. I think it might be a little of both, like the Addams family MEETS the Clampetts!

    The thing about Justin & Adriane is that they were main staple characters on the show at one time. They have miss used and handled by the writers and TPTB by failing to develope a SL of interest that makes us want to care that they get back together.

    Sami off the show! Oh no. I respect everyones opinion but I really would hate to see her leave. It’s the same thing with her as is typical with the show these days. The writing fails to do justice to her character (as well as several others on the show) and acitng abilities. It was god to see a glimpse of the old Sami go off on fake Rafe after he copped a hug off of Stephani. Allison need some material that whe can sink her teeth into and tear up the scenery.

    Can’t wait to see the new Taylor. I don’t picture her doing the insipid mooning over EJ SL that we are forced to endure right now.

  46. From Madalyn

    I agree with Barbara. Nicole should be happy too. She is no worse than Sami. Now what would be funny, is if nicole got pregnant with twins, one was Bradys, one was, EJ. Yes, I know she can’t have kids, but this is a soap, anything can happen. Chloe, wasn’t suppose to be able to have kids either. Anyway… If Nicole has Brady/EJ twins she is tied to sami forever.

  47. From grandma to many

    please no babies for anyone for a long time Salem doesn’t need to repopulate the world ok maybe Vivian , Kate and Maggie all going into labor at one time could be funny what the heck add Caroline too but who would be left to babysit all these babies ? I guess Hope doesn’t have much to do maybe she could open a senior and child care center then she could see more of Doug, Julie , Stephano and Victor too sorry this Grandma is just a little senile tonight have a good sleep and hope tommorow is great for all of you

  48. From cindy

    according to one spoiler….rafe plots to escape again…therefore, the memory loss drug must not work. also a couple posts stated something similar. at least maybe if they’re going to do the same storyline at least there will be a twist. really hate phillip is leaving. i think puting chloe and phillip and chloe back together to raise parker would have been great; although i like phillip and mel also. didn’t care at all for the way nathan treated phillip at the hospital, or at the pub for that matter. phillip wanted to call 911 right away, and nathan hesitated! nathan was telling phillip to calm down, or “else” basically. who is nathan to be telling phillip not to be upset over his wife, and lossing the baby no less! but you all were so right about the way they handled the miscarriage. it was done extremely well. thought mel talking to chloe, and the two apologizing to each other, hugging and all. very nice. and i hope they NEVER take sami off the show. i’ve always loved her…even when she was bad. nicole and ej are great together, keep taylor (whoever is playing her) out of that! like others have said, those lovestruck gazes between the tow look ridiculous.

  49. From ky girl

    still hate to see nathan go, i like him and wanted to see him and melanie get together. hateing to see natalia go, don’t like the one that’s taking her place, she seems to old and not pretty enough. and the jury is still out on a relationship with jenn and daniel, right now they don’t have chemistry (imo). am liking the actress playing abby, can’t wait to see her and chad together, i think they will make a cute couple.

  50. From Kathie

    Yes, Nicole did have a sister named Taylor. She was on the show around the time that Nicole got married to Lucas, about 11 or 12 years ago. She was played by Katharine Ellis. And Carly’s son was Nicholas, his dad was Lawrence Alamain. He was a kid back in the early 90s, played by Erik Von Detten. He had been kidnapped at birth by Vivian, who raised him until Carly and Lawrence found out he was theirs. Then he aged to mid-20s by the end of the 90s and was played by Victor Webster. I’m thinking when they bring him back he will still be in his mid 20s, Carly isn’t really old enough to have a son in his 30s.

  51. From Holly

    yes nicole had a sis and she was mentioned before her brother showed. And sami is important! If they lose her, the show will dewindle. As there arn’t many known. bo. hope, julie, doug, vic, step,kate, will, and roman, many of these we already don’t see much face time.
    AlREADY seeing previews for other day time soaps. t-y-a-t-r

  52. From Grandma Judy

    Anybody familiar with this new actor who is coming on Days in May? I’m not. Aussie Bren Foster will play a rugged businessman Quinn (“Fletcher”) and his first interaction will be with Chloe. It says we can conclude what we want. This is all on DaysCafe Spoilers & Buzz. It says he looks a lot like a certain other Salemite. There is a photo of him below the spoiler.

  53. From Paula

    I also liked the way they protrayed Melanie being told about her miscarrage. It showed the heart breaking devestation felt by the characters with absolutely no dialog needed. For the first time in a long time, the writers actually did something right!
    I’m sad to see Phillip leaving the show. Just when they’re finally giving his character some substance…he’s gone. What a shame. As for Nathan, I hate to see him go too. I personally feel Melanie and Phillip were developing well as a I would have liked to see Nathan with another love interest…just as long as it wasn’t Stephanie. I never felt the “click” between them.
    Carley…OMG! She needs to stay out of Bo and Hope’s lives and let them heal!
    As for Justin and Adrian, I watched the show forever and remember them to see them get back together is great. But for those that didn’t watch during those years, I agree the writers have done nothing with them to make the newer viewers WANT them back together. The writers have done nothing to make it mean anything to them….just one more failure on the part of the writers!

  54. From Long time viewer

    The new Abby is badly miscast. Ashley Benson looked like she could be Jennifer’s daughter. The new one looks trashy and overly made up. And the voice! Yikes! Abby was born in the midwest, spent time in her childhood in Africa and Ireland, and now has spent several years in England. So why does she sound like a slutty valley girl?

  55. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    I remember the love story between Justin and Adrienne so I love that they are back together, but I agree that Days has not given the newer viewers a reason to care about their reconciliation. There was no longer, no angst, etc. Even when Justin was after Hope, there wasn’t much said or done between Justin and Adrienne. That’s ashame since they are both very talented actors.

    Did anyone else get the feeling that Days plans to kill Jack off-screen? Jennifer is supposed to get devastating news. This is just my speculation – since Jennifer has been trying to reach Jack without any luck, I have a feeling that he is dead or about to die. Regardless of what people think about Jack (I love him), he would have been next to Jennifer about the hospital. He always loved Jennifer. This would give Jennifer a reason to move on. Of course, knowing Days, Jack would be “found” alive down the road and come back to Salem to get his wife only to find her married to someone else….remember this is just speculation.

    I agree about Rafe. I don’t think the drugs will work, but he will play along with Stefano so he can try to escape again. Looks like this may be on the air until at least May, though. Looking like Rafe2 is either dead or fakes his death. Not really an interesting story to me. Want Sami and Rafe together. Time to move onto something else….they can even concentrate on EJ and Nicole.

  56. From MsBoulder-CO

    Oh no..we have to put up with the Faux Rafe story line through almost summer is what I’m reading with a question that asks will he perish??!! Can someone speed up the storyline please……. Curious to know about the new guy Quinn coming in May for Chloe and who he’ll look like since it says he looks like a Salemite…….

  57. From mom of twins

    Seriousy some points are so boring. Others really great. I think Nicole and Ej should stay together. Then have Taylor and Brady get together. Maybe then Brady will go back to being the good guy/bad guy like he use to be.When he was with Ari. Maybe him being with Taylor will help him find true love again. I think Mel should get with Nathan.Philip doesn’t deserve a girl like her. Philip with Chloe they deserve each other. Then Daniel with Carly maybe they can finally fall in love and have another baby. Jen and Jack need to stay together. But he needs to come back to the show. Abby should get with Chad. So he can find actual true love instead of looking for it by his evil family. Rafe and Sammi deserve to be happy with each other. I’m waiting for the day that Johnny walks into the dungeon and finds the real rafe. Then he helps rafe escape only to put the robo rafe in his place. Then sadly Johnny will know how is daddy really is. So he looks up still to rafe instead of Ej. Since robo rafe has came in he has distroyed everything. Including Sammy’s relationship with Ally. Or even have Sydney find rafe and tell Johnny and they go into the dungeon together to rescue the real rafe. So they can be the happy family they use to be. While they nail te D Meira’s and they rot in jail where they belong. Its about time they get punished for all their crimes over the yrs. Which will put Nicole on her butt out the door to the unemployment line. Only to run back to Brady who will already be in love with Taylor and makes her as alone as she deserves. Please make this stuff happen instead of the same old stuff.

  58. From SanDee

    If we think the writing is pathetic, lame whatever – I have to wonder what the actors must be thinking!! No wonder the good ones are leaving.

  59. From Nancy

    Maybe Sami is smart after all and will bonmd with BOPE to find the real Rafe. BTW writers the way rafe abuses is not a good portrayal as most woman by now would either seek help, get out or break down and cry!!!!!!

    Yes I agree this Rafe line is not just stupid it is boring, as is the Chloe line. This Quinn guy looks a bit angry and sloppy in his pix, hence he probably came cheap to NBC.

    Holly in answer to your question check out:
    some of your answers can be found there!

  60. From Lavinia Lipp

    I would like to see Nathan and Philip stay. I like the story line with Phil and Mel today. Chole needs to go with someone else. Gennifer back in the picture is a waste of time, what is the story line. Didn’t like the story line of having her heart taken out. Too fake. I don’t see her character going anywhere. Can’t wait for Sami to catch on to robo Rafe. Bring back to old Rafe. I am tired of What Steffano is doing to Rafe. Another dumb storyline. I’d like to see Jack back. I liked his character. Could see their daughter hook up with Chad. That would be great.

  61. From cindy

    #54 bo and hope….think your on to something with jack! it explains a lot, even abby said she hadn’t talked to her dad (i believe). also, it would open up the door for jennifer to have a love interest (like dan). she is one girl that doesn’t take her marriage vows lightly, so she would be uncomfortable starting up with another man. #53 paula….agree with your entire post. great writing, we are of like mind!!!

  62. From Patsy

    I want the real Rafe back with Sami and Johnny to be Lucuses son that would really p— EJ off .and also take him down anotch or two this NU rafe is so dumb and makeing it to EJ can never repent for all is wrong doings.your right ejAND nicole needs to stay together and make each other miserable .never being able to trust the other .how can you trust a man when your on sister is after himand he kisses her in their on house(its not a home)

  63. From Sherri

    Holy knock it off with Stepino holding Rafe hostage. Now you are going to do the erasing his memory bit again,, Uggghh-! I am so over that. Bring the real Rafe back with Sami already.

  64. From Clear

    This Quinn does resemble Rafe/Galen! Maybe we find out down the road that he’s related and will Dario know him? I like that Adrienne and Justin are happy and enjoy their scenes together now. It’s a nice break from faux Rafierobo–tired of him and want the real Rafe to escape sooner than later! As for Jack Devereux, I hope they leave him in the outback or wherever, and I would like to seek Jennifer forget about him the way he has her and get on with her life. I liked Nathan and will miss his character. I would have liked to see Mel and Nate and Philly and Chloe together. Oh well, if they give Quinn to Chloe I hope he is one of the good guys! One of the spoilers mentions Nicole and faux Rafe getting along. That would be terrible! She’s had enough trouble without that. Maybe it’s not what it sounds like. I’m looking forward to Tamara B. coming in place as Taylor’s character and hope it’s going to be interesting.

  65. From Jool

    Is jack in australia for his walkabout. I hope he doesn’t get eaten by Dingo’s. I like jack so I wouldn’t want him to die. After watching todays ep. I’m a Chabby fan already. Can’t wait for more.

  66. From delores65

    I would love to have Sammie and Hope team up and solve the Rafe, problem, I think that would be great. And a lot of persons who has left the show would return. I love the Idea of Jonnie being Lucas son, bring EJ down a bit. I dont think Stepeno will be happy with all of the people living in the mansion, I want to see Nicole get kicked to the curb, I saw in one spoiler a couple of months ago,that Nicole was going to give Sammie her children back and stay out of their lives. Nicole, was so sure that EJ was going to fall in love with her, she could not be supporte of her only friend. Also read a spoiler that Brady and Mel was going tobe put together, I really hope that is not where this story is going, as Brady is so much older then Mel, they are great as friends.

  67. From Katherine

    First of all, I M O, I don’t want to go and judge and comments on things that have Not Even happened yet, give me a break,
    I like to concentrade just a LIttle bit more on what acutually is going on right now,
    We don’t don’t know about Jack, wherever he is, he could be dead, held hostage, lord knows with Jack, anything is possible, so that does Not mean he is a bad guy, and he is Not, Jenn has loved him for a livetime…..
    60 Patsy, I really don’t want Johnny to belong to Lucas, maybe that would make you as a viewer happy, but Johnny, like it or not, he love his Daddy EJ, so please, no more messing with the kids emotions, enough is enough.
    At least EJ is in this country, as where Lucas fled this country because of his own hurt feelings, licking his wounds over Chloe, so let’s just call it what it is,
    Lucas is self-involved, EJ, complicated and hurt also, but always A Hands On Dad………….

    As far as the DiMera’s, IMO, I am so tired of the old Melodrama Sl, so goddy(?), please DiMera’s – Writers- get out of these old sick movie melodrama SL, and move on to some real exicited new crime/drama/sophisticated Story Plots, excite us, put us through mysteries, keep us guessing, watching and wondering what/who is going on, you used to do it in the old day, you used to have the most wonderful Court Trial, (please put EJ up in a court trial, the ratings would go throug the roof, if done right).
    Notice please, this blog is becoming a Gosth Blog, nobody on anymore, because the SL is lame, and like Rafe II, sick over the line, but of course, as always, this is just the opinion of an “forever watcher since 1965″ but that should not matter….

  68. From Katherine

    Corr.: I Do not like Rafe II, this whole story line makes me not watch it, I forward it,
    I am so sorry for Galen, the chance to have a real acting chance for him going, I didn’t see it, I did not like him doing Rafe II, it was stupid, insulting, and in my opinion, there was no big stretch in acting capabilities, ,,,, both Rafes – had the Same stupid smirk, so what was real the difference, except maybe “The spoken words” not the acting….
    I truly believe, the way the SL between Mel, Nate and Phil has been so messed up, I think somebody had to go, either Phil, Nate or Mel need a brand new Start, so I guess it will be Melanie, ok.
    Sorry, but I have to say it again, I can not wrap myself around Will, there is always been something ever since the Ari Accident/Sami shooting EJ. — that bothers me, I can’t like him for Gaby, she does not not the half of the w hole story that went down, when are the writers ever going to deal with that part of the Story, it happpened, we know writers, so deal with it.
    Imo, you can’t let a young lad like Will go on forever without having to face concequences (?) what a message that sends to our young viewers…. right,,,, you hear that writers…..
    Sami and EJ should both pay, or at least get it off the books………

  69. From sandy

    #64 Katerine
    Hey buddy this is just an observation…if you like to comment on what’s happening now should those posting be in the section called:

    This Week’s Days Of Our Lives Spoilers updated! March 3-4

    And, leave the story lines that have not happened yet in the section called:

    Next Week’s Days Of Our Lives Spoilers March 7-11
    Just a thought!

  70. From cindy

    i know ej is trying to break up sami’s marriage, but didn’t like at all when ej told johnny lies about rafe. when he said ally had to leave because rafe had been mean to her, didn’t care for that. reminded me when he made sami lie to johnny about not loving him. don’t like lying to your kids…maybe once in a while it’s necessary, but those are hurtful lies IMO. then johnny comes back with “he was never mean to me, and i love rafe”…sometimes the truthful response you get back is just as hurtful…only accidently! has anyone else noticed that as parker gets older, “he’s” beginning to look more like a baby girl. wonder if they will have to change the babies playing parker soon. maybe it’s just my imagination or maybe because we know it a girl, but i’m pretty sure if i saw that baby on the street i would think it was a girl. didn’t notice that much when parker was first born, but lately. too bad if they change babies, cos that’s one beautiful baby. love how he smiles on cue!!!

  71. From cindy

    question….the sight is not remembering me any longer (storing my name and email) any one else having this problem or could it be my computer? i’m really an idiot when it comes to

  72. From Katherine

    65 Sandy, I got you Lady,
    I am talking about, IMO, it’s not just about this week, next week, people go on an on about people that have not even been on this show yest and critizise, talk about it, who knows what the New Taylor will be like ( I know I so not like using Ava as a new Taylor, but that is not part of the SL)
    none of us know where some of the new characters will lead us, let’s move on, As far as blogging, I don’t know where to blog sometimes, please I beg your pardon,
    I just click on anymore and go. … if it is the wrong week .. please forgive me, but what’s the big deal all of a sudden anyway, we have always blogged, which ever way available… thank you…

  73. From Katherine

    Ok, what is going on, where are my very respectfull EMails, please somebody explain to me, why you are messing with my Blogs.??????
    This Is Not Funny,,,,,,, please…

  74. From Katherine

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat is going on with this site?????????????//
    Where are my blogs, please explain why you would exclude perfectly wonderful intellegent and respectfull blog. I am really waiting for an explanation, respectfully yours, always. a Blogger.

  75. From kass

    Same ol crap just a different day, I got so board with the show I quit watching, I just get on here once in a while to read about. Memory loss, come on thats already been done with Doc, patch, and John, its becoming an overused story line. EJ falling in love with Taylor, again come on just a few months ago he was about to marry sami, now he just married nicole, and now adding Taylor into the picture I mean I know James is simply irresitable but writers pick him a partner preferably sami the one he has a history with and a family with, the one he has a future on the show at becoming a super couple with not some off the wall nameless actress that just washed up off the streets in Hollywood, I mean Taylor and nicole don’t even come from a prominent days family. Same for sami, this pathetic excuse rafe is a nameless character. The show has been on air for nearly 46 years and prior to about 2years ago no one had even heard of a hernandez . Not to mention galen’s acting skills are no where in comparison to James, there on two completely different levels and making rafe a double and giving him more screen time has only plummeted the ratings I mean come on I’ve seen the blog/chat room post the numbers are down folks and I’m convinced its because we are forced feed 2 times galen, he and his clan destroyed passions, and if they don’t get rid of his talentless acting days will be the next to flounder. I also could give a hoot less about,chole, Phil,nate,mel, or stephany, I’m really glad to see most of them leaving. Chole and phillip are pathetic cheating non trust worthy people, and are selfish, I use to like chloe when she was in high-school but she has became and whiny annoying cheater, I mean she screwed around with phillip, and Lucas before her divorce with Brady was final (may I add when Brady was kidnapped and missing). She then choose to be in an exclusive relationship with Lucas just so she could cheat on him with Daniel, then cheat on Dr. Dan with phillip. She is a liar, a whore, and I agree with Kate she ruins everything she touches. I have always hated Phillips character ever since the days he was plotting to keep shawn d and belle apart, he was sooooooo evil then and now he isn’t as evil but he is so ruthless and doesn’t care who he hurts. Stephany became a two face back stabbing, plotting b-word all over Nathan, news flash honey you can’t force some one to love you just ask STEPHANO how well that worked with marlena. If you have to plot and keep secrets to have someone love you they ain’t worth it! Melany, seriously writing a love letter to one man the day your marrying another, how classy (sarcasm!) Then “kissing Nathan goodbye” after you married phillip, what happened to the casual hand shake or perhaps a hug? since when do you have to swap spit to say good bye, just say your farewells to me over the phone I don’t wanna play tonsel wars, think about it if she kissed him to say goodbye when they were just breaking up imagine what she might do when she hears he’s leaving town. Nathan is PIG he is the kind of man that makes all men look bad he is the kind that will shack up, tell you he loves you all the while pinning after another woman. The minute Mel became single Nathan hit the road and left stephs bed,faster than lightening where is his self respect, he never loved stephany he was to busy trying to go after a married woman, stephany was no more to him then just a bed filler, some one to share the sheets with. Now he won’t leave Mel alone and she married and was pregnant, how tasteless Nathan. Basically I can’t stand them! Hope I’m glad to see her back in the picture but her beau really don’t do anything for me any more I really think they need a break from days, like a year or two, then they can come back with a grown up version of ciaera and bring shawn d, belle and Claire back. Bope has just been over worked and over used they have been on there for ever I miss they days when their storylines were fun and adventurous, now they just work and bake cookies. I don’t mean to be so negative just so tierd of all of it. BTW Im not criticizing the actors personally (nate,stephany, melany, phillip, chloe) I just can’t stand their characters or storylines. The only actor I generally don’t care for is galen, and its not because he is horribly horrible I just think he is poor to mediocre. For instance Mel, phillip(jay),nate(mark),stephany(shelly) are imo all mediocre actors, they are just okay, nothing that will make or break the show, and if rafe was doing sceens with them he wouldnt come off as bad (maybe) but he is up against complete talent like Allison(sami), James(EJ), Joe(stephano), lauren (Kate), and even imo Arianne(nicole) and others, which make him not look as good. With James and galen in a sceen its like parking a 90 Honda next to a brand new Porsche, JAMES being the Porsche, and same with Allison and galen. Sorry for so much negativity but I cannot find anything positive about the show to say. Ohh and by the way who cares where you post does it really matter if its under this week or last??? Stop making petty rules, unless you manage this site I don’t care to hear your made up rules, sorry again its just annoying I logged on one time last week and saw it and again this week does it really make a difference?

  76. From Clear

    I had to type in my information again on this site. Maybe some update they did interrupted and bumped off some of us? Anyway, at least on this site we don’t have to fill out a page of personal info to respond! When one has a thought, here is the space.

    I was glad to see Sami insisting that Rafe needs something today! Now, they have the MRI information, Sami should figure out that he is an imposter. Didn’t she ever read the Iron Mask story, or see one of those movies about doppelgangers? Come on Sami, figure it out! Letting Rafe come upon her trying to call about the appointment was lame today. She would at least have sense enough to go into the ladies room to call or something! I am looking forward to the next installment myself and seeing Victor when Philly moves Chloe into the mansion according to the spoilers.

    At first there was no captcha showing, so when I submitted it gave me a reCaptcha! It’s the Cyber Phantom again!!!!

  77. From kass

    Cindy same problem here its not remembering me either… weird

  78. From Sandy

    What’s going on I’ve tried to post 7 times this morning and it’s not taking. I sent a message to the Website contact for an answer.

  79. From Grandma Judy

    I don’t care for the faux Rafe storyline but I think it has given Galen the chance to really strut his stuff as an actor. IMO, he can give James Scott a run for his money all day long!

    I agree it was nice seeing Sami insist faux Rafe have the check-up, aka MRI. And then the guy the DiMeras have on staff at the hospital couldn’t alter the results. Too funny! I don’t fault Sami for not jumping to the conclusion her real Rafe has been replaced. Who would think that?! Even with the DiMeras looming. She has no reason to believe EJ is anything other than cooperative about the kids right now and she has the gullt factor going on, too, about causing Rafe’s accident. And I noticed yesterday that faux Rafe had no problem telling her she caused the accident! Don’t know where it will go now that the MRI proves he wasn’t in an accident?!

    Also wonder where a Melanie story will go from here, with Nathan fired and Philip quitting. I think Nathan is done as of this month.

    Our posting is kind of confusing since they changed how they handle the pages. Used to be we had a current week’s page and then half-way through the week, they put up the next week’s page so we all started posting on that. But more recently now, after they put up the next week’s page, a couple of days later, they update the current week’s page. I’m not sure it makes any real difference which page we post on. A matter of how the mood strikes us, I would say.

    It’s the same for me, – they aren’t remembering my name.

  80. From Grandma Judy

    Just read a spoiler on DaysCafe that says “no Nath/Mel is in the cards”. Really disappoints me since a few weeks ago they spoiled that they would not be done as a couple even though he was leaving the show. And I don’t want the writers to possibly get them together after years apart. I want them together NOW!!

  81. From Deetampa

    My posts don’t seem to appear. So this is a test.

    They could really update the story lines. Internet (story) Lawyer (story) FBI and international spy stuff. Move in the 21 centry.

  82. From Katherine

    Have the them problem, just had to sign in again.
    Kass, girl you were in grea form, loved reading your blog, interesting to read, and Judy, you are good as always, not always in agreement, but you write so well, love it.
    About Phil, don’t forget, he tried to frame John with all the drugs on the ship, that never got cleared up.
    Hate it when the writers take us down the river, and then decide insted of going to the destination, just turn around and go nowhere….. Tie up your loose ends, we sit and watch, and then the big let down…nothing.. Not fair.
    All I meant, I can’t get with it about people/new characters that have not been on yet, don’t know who they are, what they will be doing, etc. And I was talking about Me, anybody else, have fun, freedom of speech…

  83. From Katherine

    well this in a test also, my post did not appear……..

  84. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Katherine, one thing you probably will like is Dario is coming to Salem to try to figure out who run over Ari. Looks like Days hasn’t dropped that storyline. Makes me wonder if Nicole is found out by EJ and put in the cell with Rafe. We’ve heard rumors that Rafe falls for someone else. Maybe it will be Nicole. So many have wanted them together. I’m not one of them. I prefer EJ with Nicole. I think they suit each other.

  85. From Sandy

    Testing I have tried to post 8 times now the messages I received from the Website contact on why posts weren’t taking and asking why we were having to put in our Name and Email address with each post. Let’s see if this one works.

  86. From Sandy

    Interesting it let me post #78 and #85, but it failed to post the 9th try of the messages I received from the Website care team on the problems we’re having.

  87. From Sandy

    Now isn’t that interesting it took post #86….why isn’t it letting me post the response to the emails I got from the Website care team on the problems we’re having? I have now tried 10 times. The post is shorter than most regular posts so I know it’s not size. I guess I’ll have to wait for an answer from the Website care team.

  88. From Mae Mae

    Will it take this post?

    (The posts sometimes are delayed because they aren’t approved yet. Sorry if there was a delay! – Admin)

  89. From Grandma Judy

    Thanks, Katherine. I enjoy your posts, too, even though we don’t always agree.

    I was disappointed today that the whole build-up of the MRI showing faux Rafe wasn’t in the car crash didn’t turn out to be much of a clue. Not what it was \CRACKED-UP\ to be, so to speak. Excuse the pun!!

    I was glad Nathan put Stephanie in her place today. Although, as usual, she had the last word. I thought he was sweet with Malanie but the whole Melanie/Nathan thing is dragging on for me now that he’s leaving soon.

  90. From Katherine

    Bo/Hope forever, thanks, I like hearing that Dario will delve into the Ari Hit and Run situation, now that is not spoiling anything, because we don’t know how and what he is going to do, Anticipation, love it. To me spoilers just take out the suspense of the story and what will happen next, I guess a little bit does not hurt, I just don’t want to know to much ahead of time, I might just skip segments, because I know they’ll be boring, no suspense left.
    For excample Rafe, did he loose his memory or not, well we already know that is going to fake it, so suspense gone there, at least for me.
    Let it be known, I am not saying spoilers are bad, it’s just me, me, so there we go.
    I had so many problems this afternoon getting my blogs on, finally I just gave up,and will see if this one will go through.
    Stephanie, Nathan, Mel, not so much Phil (I like his strengt right now) are starting to bug me, it’s all just useless blab,blab.
    Melanie, just walk away, if you don’t know what is going on with you, Baby loss no excuse, you have never known what you want, so do everybody a big favor, hang out by yourself for a while and find out who you really are… Recover from your loss.
    More of Taylor, still not clicking with that girl, Nicole has it all over her, she is just what EJ needs right now, a strong woman who loves him and his children, not whineheimer Taylor, and of course now Mrs. Whineheimer, Faye, will join in, let’s get out the fidels and the cheese if those two move into the mansion….
    Good Luck Stefano and Kate, it’s going to be Crying and sobbing Time, stock up on the booze,you might need it, but then again I could be so wrong about the impending SL.

    Kass, I know you have never answered me, so I am trying just one more time and then I promise I will lay off, How are Mom and the Baby doing, I think about you !!!!

  91. From Rebecca

    It made me chuckle to see that Stephano had put a “band-aid” on Rafe’s arm at the injection site. Was he afraid the serum would leak out? Or just being fatherly and tendending to the “boo-boo”!

  92. From Katherine

    80 Judy, somehow I don’t mind about Nate and Mel not getting together right now, I think the writers just lost the ball on that one,
    it just would not seem right at this time, if they ever get together, they need some distance from the Stephanie/Phil stuff, and sort of start anew, to do it right now would be so not cool, it would be kind of sick, or whatever the word I am looking for, (Yak).
    Melanie and Nate, both need to get their heads straight on, to soon for either to get into a new relationship all things considered…. just My Opinion, you guys out there say what …..?

  93. From Sandy

    #91 Katherine
    I’m with you Katherine. Nathan needs to go away for awhile so they can both heal. Then hopefully when it’s time for Nathan to return to Salem they will both be in a place to start a new relationship.

    We don’t know how Stephanie, Nathan or Philip will be leaving Days. I can only guess Stephanie and Nathan will depart, but I’m concerned Philip will have to die. If he just leaves he will either have to take Parker with him or leave Parker in Salem with Chloe. If he does just leave the character of Philip will go away as a father who abandoned his child and that doesn’t go over so well with the fans that have watch him all these many years. But Philip dying would be the biggest Day Time Soap shock of all times. I am not looking to Philip leaving, the only alternative would be to recast the character.

  94. From Miselemeas

    How many times;;Sickening to see the constant diatribe of Rafe.Itotally agree with Judy,I might add,if anyone has a smirk,and a nauseating one,at that,it is EJ.Love how you are handling this storyline Mr. Gering.Hope Sami and the real Rafe get back together soon.Thank You

  95. From Gerri480

    Is good to know this stupid Rafe/Rafe#2 storyline will soon be over,.where has Sydney been last few episodes?,other than the wedding,haven’t saw her..That Johnnie Is a cutie pie,the scene with EJ,and him eating pancakes,at the Java Cafe was sweet,but hard to believe that EJ can be a decent person,with all the criminal acts,he and his father are involved in,His dad may be the mastermind,but he has gone along with all of it,except the kidnapping and helping to get Allie to a safe place.Victor needs a big wake up call,the nerve of him,to tell his grandson,you’re dead to me,just wait until Maggie knows about this,she won’t be kind,and also the way he treated Chloe today,what a TOTAL JERK,he is.since thw writers wouldn’t give Stephanie a decent storyline,I’m glad she is leaving.Melanie needs to be on her own,for a while(without a love interest)and sort everything out in her heart and mind,before she moves on,with anyone else(since she and Chad are a couple in real life,might the writers bring them together as a couple?guess they might put him with Abby,looks that way.I sure wish they wouldn’t write phillip’s character off,he and Chloe need to be together,I have loved seeing the change,and him standing up to QUEEN KATE.

  96. From Jane

    I have watched Days for years but it is about to come to an end. The writers need to come up with new ideas. It is like watching reruns all the time, not fun at all. Get rid of Stepheno and EJ control and get some good stories. Show some happiness for a change. There is enough sadness in real life right now we do not need to watch it in stories also.

  97. From coogar


  98. From coogar


  99. From coogar

    testing again lots of trouble getting through today

  100. From coogar

    Whew! Hope this goes through.

    Yes it really is annoying that they have dropped SLs that they could get some milage out of like who ran Ari over. Alas, I was looking forward the organ stealing ring thing to hit the fan, but that SL went out with out so much as a whimper. There realy could hve been a lot of finger pointing and dirty deals made there or someone stepping forward to finger the DiMeras.

    I was a little surprised the see new Abby with brown hair. Well the hair can change; it seems like they like to screw with the actress’ hair styles. They gave Carly a highlight job that I though looked good on her. She also seemed a bit older than expected. I’m willing to give anyone a chance. I really hope that she has the acting chops to make us overlook it & the ability to give the show a much needed boost. I already like the interaction she with Chad. Too funny Abby, insert foot into mouth mistaking Chad for being Johnies father. I am hoping to see some sizzle & pop here.

    I am surprised to see Julie advising Nathan to go for it with Mel. Didn’t Julie prush the sanctity of marriage & work things out with BOPE. Seems a little hypocritical to me. Maggies advice to back off & give Mel time made a lot more sense to me.

    Too bad they could have had a first meeting something more like this with EJ & Taylor instead of that insiped mooning. All I can think of when I see those flash backs ofthe exagerated jaw dropping from their first eeting is, if they don’t close their mouths an insect will fly in.

  101. From coogar

    Meant to have my last paragraph placed second to last. Makes more sense. It’s late & been a long day.
    Just got the song in my head from the Sound of Music.

    Good night.
    Its really late & I must say adieu.
    To you & you & you.

  102. From Sandy

    If your wondering why Parker looked a little different in today’s show it’s because he’s been recast and is now being played by twin boys. Since extremely adorable.

  103. From Dez

    Sad Nathan is leaving, but oh, so glad that Philip is going. N’ver have thought much of him as an actor! Tired of the RoboRafe, and if the writers can’t do better with the current storylines – I’ll finally stop watching after 20+ years. It was bad enough we lost Marlena & John, Belle, etc…only watching now, because I like Mel, and always enjoy Sammie’s antics!

  104. From gloria

    IMO Bo and Hope are boring, I’m so done with the ‘fancy face’ and ‘brady’ pet names. Don’t like that they are bringing back Tamara B. as Taylor. With all those people leaving I had hopes that Days was making room to bring back some beloved character like, John, Marlena, Jack or Steve. Why are they wasting time on bringing in new people, I want the old ‘Days’ charactors back.

  105. From patsy

    They hould put Ne Rafe and Nicole together they both think haveing sex is love and can solave all the problems of the world .neither one know what love is .Why are the hireing so many new actors ? they just use four or five of the ones they have.I hope they don,t ruin these charaters like the have Sami, EJ Rafe and Nicole.Dont reconise any of them any more

  106. From Katherine

    I felt for Chad, when he saw EJ and Johnny having breakfast together, it could be him with his little gir “Grace”, the writers never seem to address that subject. After all Grace was Stefano’s granddaughter, EJ’s niece, and they should know that Chad is not only hurting for the loss of his Mother, the rejection by “his father” the DA, but also for loosing his little girl. He is so young and he does not get the time of the day for his grieve.
    He looks so sad and lost sometimes, and is still a nice loving and caring young man trying to make the right decisions and find his new way in life. Look how loving he is with Johnny and Sidney, that’s when he must hurt the most, not being able to be Daddy, that was taken from him, so sad.
    I like to see a real great storyline developed for him, as a good DiMera, of course being caught up in the struggle between good and evil, (why not it’s a soap) but having the good side be always the stronger side.
    Coog, you are to funny, I enjoy your blogs so much.
    Julie’s comments to Nate were really our of character for her,
    mind your own business and let Melanie heal, adjust to getting divorced, a union with Nate right know would never work in the long run, she does not know herself what planet she is on, and Nate to soon to push, she also has to get over your involvement with Stephanie, will all the love for Mel, you were selfish enough to have sex and nothing but sex with Stephanie. So lay off, give it a long time, and then if it is meant to be, that’s another SL then, right now, at least to me it would be just a little bit sick.
    Just like Hope and Bo, Julie why don’t you get busy and have their Bedroom and maybe whole house re-done as a New Beginning Gift, now that would be a good deed, you say what out there…

  107. From Karen J

    Sick of Nathan. Sick of Stephano. Sick of Robo Rafe. Maybe the Walkers moving in may make things funny, I don’t know. I’m so glad I have a DVR cause I record and then fast forward through SOStoryline. All I really watch now is Phillip and Cloe, the baby they have on that show is absolutely beautiful!! Brady needs to start doing something, he should make amends with his grandfather and give the company back. I would like to see EJ and Taylor hook up, or end all of this madness and Sami and EJ. I think I am sick of both Rafe’s!! Lucas should come home for a visit.

  108. From Janiebell

    The writers are doing their usuall; they are goofing up, yet again. What we will have is : A bride and groom living in the mansion with both sides of the family at once. to much family. E.J. and Taylor are still making “goo-goo eyes” at each other. Neither can forget their first meeting at the docks; and with Taylor sleepimg down the hall, E.J. and Nichol’s “wedded bliss” could be short lived. In one of E.J.’s drunken rages he could end up in bed with Taylor; who could end up pregnant by her sister’s husband. PLEASE, DO NOT LET THIS HAPPEN. Faye, is not the “living in a mansion” type, unless she is the maid. Bad, bad bad idea on all sides.

  109. From Janiebell

    No way, Hosea. No deal Lucille. The DeMear’s and Walker’s living in one residents? No matter how big is not big enough.

  110. From Clear

    With Nathen and Melanie, he could be there for her with no pressure and it could be a great story line, but we know he’s leaving the show. I wish they would recast Nathen’s character and have him hang in there and be with Mel. I’m wondering how long Hope is going to push Bo away–don’t do it too long, or get back on your high horse. I like that they have made Hope look a bit better with clothes hair, and make-up. She’s gorgeous if they dress her well and use some make-up on her. When are Bo and Hope going to have some communication with Belle and Shawn too? Maybe it’s time for Bo to have another vision to test her loyalty and unselfishness!

  111. From patsy

    102 THEY ARE TOO BUSY PUSHING ej taylor and nicole down our throats to have a actual story of Grace and Chad.THEY DON,T KNOW how TO write for anyone else Get RAFE OUT OF THE DUNGON AND BACK WITH sAMI WHERE WE CAN have a real love story .Not a story about EJ pineing after Nicoles sister .Its disgusting I hope she breaks his two timeing heart .He always pinesfor someone his not with when he was with Sami he wouldn,t leave Nicole alone WHEN HE WAS WITH nICOLE HE WAS PINEING FOR Sami .Now hes back with Nicole HES PINEING for HER SISTER Taylor .Why would any one want to be with him .THE writers have ruined man who should be the lover of one woman, now thats romanice

  112. From cindy

    #100 sandy….funny i just posted on thursday that parker was getting to look to much like a girl. guess TPTB thought so too!!! agree about tje ej, nicole, taylor triangle!!!! so stupid. agree with you patsy…get rafe out of there, and back with sami. maybe they could a s/l with sami dealing with the aftermath of discovering you’ve been sleeping with an imposter for weeks….it’s going to feel like she was raped dozens of times. with allisons talent, they could probably do a lot with that…just like they have with chloe’s post partum s/l!!!

  113. From justafan

    ok i hate to see the triangle of the young go away i love rafe but i hate roborafe he is a mean person and dumb yea to galen!! ok i like taylor and ej nicole who is one of my favorites derserves to lose but taylor is too good for ej. i was so happy that sami has her spunk back and is letting robo know he isn’t fooling her i think daniel is smart enough to figure it out that mri was too telling.

  114. From kass

    Hey Katherine, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ignore your posts or anything, but as you may have noticed I haven’t been on as much as usual. I wish I could report back good news but some things just were not meant to be I guess. The third week of December I misscarried, at 12 and half weeks, I haven’t been up to talking about it much, my emotions are all over the place. As devastating as it was I am starting to come to peace with it, God does everything for a reason even if we never know what that reason is its all part of a bigger plan. I know i never technically held it or saw it, but there’s still feeling of loss. I know you probably think how can you loose something you never had but its just a really indescribable feeling. I’m not really looking for sympathy, I just feel that its healthy to be able to openly talk about it, after months of closing up and not mentioning it at all not even to my closest friends or family, to me its a big step to moving on. Enough about me how are all of yall

  115. From Grandma Judy

    Well, kass, you may not be looking for sympathy but you certainly have it. I am so sorry for your loss. No, you didn’t hold your baby but he/she was inside you and part of your body. I’m trying to think back and if you were feeling movement yet at 12 weeks. But even if not, your baby was already part of your life and you and your husband had plans and already loved him or her. Take your time getting over this loss!

    My husband and I are doing fine. If we can just get past this frickin’ bitter winter we’ve had here in S. Michigan. After 3 beautiful mid 50′s days, we got 3 more inches of snow yesterday. Bummer! But Michigan weather has a habit of playing tricks on us. Take care -

  116. From Sharon

    #115, Grandma Judy…I really think we could be friends…you seem to be on the same wavelengths as me! I enjoy reading your thoughts.
    Let’s hope the writers get busy and give us some good storylines soon..enough of the dungeon and Rafe…get him out of there and back with Sami. Do hope they can give back to the DiMeras just what they deserve. Why do these people never get caught at anything???

  117. From Clear

    Exactly! They should catch EJ and Stefano after all this and put them on the other side of the bars for a while. Let them have a nice trial with all their evil deeds coming out. Even if they are the arch villains they should pay and show the crime doesn’t pay if only for a time. I’m sure there could be some interesting prison visits! Remember when Stef was in prison and Marlena put him out of commission for quite a while? That was great! He deserved it for all the mean things he did to Marlena and John alone.
    Kass, I am truly sorry to hear of your loss. No words I can write are enough to express the pain you bear, while having to go on. Only time will ease your suffering. Prayers are going your way for you to be healthy and find your way back to happiness.

  118. From Cheryl

    Ok, really getting sick of the whole EJ and Stefano thing. Erasing Rafe’s memory, seriously guys move on. Gotta love DVR, I fast forward through EJ, Stefano and fake Rafe. Not enjoying it. Enough is enough!!

  119. From Grandma Judy

    Sharon, BINGO, consider me a friend! OK?

    Sharon & Clear, – I agree definitely the DiMeras should stand trial and pay for their crimes. Even if they don’t stay in prison it would make me feel better if they were fully exposed for who they are and what they have done. Like with Nicole, she didn’t remain in prison but it satisfied me a little that she was caught. At the very least, writers, give us a way for Sami and Rafe to exact some revenge on EJ and Stefano! I know some will say what about Sami shooting EJ and that she should have to pay for that. But I still think if the whole truth were known about the events that led up to her doing it, she could get off on that charge.

    Back to Nicole, I hope it will come out someday that she framed Arianna for the muggings Hope was committing. Maybe with the other Hernandez brother coming to town to try to get to the bottom of Arianna’s death, the back history of the muggings and Arianna being framed could come out.

  120. From Katherine

    Dear Kass, thank you for talking to me. I have had this big concern for you, for quite a while now, kept looking for you on the Blog.
    When you did not join us for such a long time, I was afraid, that happened did happen.
    I am so very sorry for you and your husband, I don’t know why things happen… but you Kass carried this baby in you, you might never have held it, but you loved it, and had such anticipation. You grieve, and you cry, let it all out, it will cleanse you and maybe later, get you ready to welcome another child into this world. Thank you for talking to me. I know I am not just speaking for myself, but all the blogsisters out there, Our prayers are with you to give you strenght to accept your loss,
    stay here with us, I love your intellegent blogs so much.
    God bless you and Mr. kass, Katie…

  121. From Katherine

    This is my 3rd try….

    My dear Kass, I am so truly sorry for your loss, I guess I knew somewhere in the back of my mind, that something was wrong, it was so out of character for you to just disappear from the radar, and I sent enough SOS calls out for you.
    I am glad that you are sharing your loss with us, I don’t know what to say, and why it happened….
    Let yourself grieve, cry and let the pain out….
    Maybe sometime in the future you and hubby will get blessed again.
    I know you never held this one, but in your heart and mind you did, you carried it and loved it…
    I hope you will stay with us on this blog, I have missed all your great and always intellegent comments. You spice things up, Gram Judy, calms us down, I like to spice myself, but Judy makes me see the other side, what a blend of spices here on this site, and coogar and MAB, what treasures.
    Kass, you are and have been in my prayers, and I am sure the bloggers will pray for peace in your heart and mind for you.
    Lovingly, Katie

  122. From Katherine

    Well, I’ll be, now the lost blogs are starting to pop up, what a crazy site.
    Well Kass, you get two blogs….

  123. From Coogar

    Kat thanks for the compliment of calling me a treasure; I plan to share this with Mr. Coogar!

    Kass so terribly sorry to hear of your loss. I understand the pain you are feeling right now, several years ago I had a misscarriage. Yet, today I think about the what ifs. We all greive & heal differently. I am glad to hear you feel you are starting on your way to mending your wings. I want to know you are thought of & my prayers go out to you. Take care.

    Grandma , Clear & Sharon Ya know if they only would quit dropping SLs in such an off hand way there would be so many more interesting things going on with DOOL. What about Rafe’s ex-fiance’s mysterious death, Nicloe/who set Ari up for murder, who ran over Ari(I though EJ swore he would bring the one who did this to justice?),the organ stealing ring as well as the Sami/Who shot EJ thing. Lots of possable courtroom drama and police sluething to be had here! EJ would be in great form avenging Ari’s death(what if this lead up to Stephano?). More woes for Stephano if he got pinched for the organ stealing ring. So many possable twists & turns, opportunity missed all of them!

  124. From coogar

    Kat this site is driving me crazy right now. My posts will go through but I have to enter my name & email address or I get an error & lose my message.

  125. From Sandy

    #118 Grandma Judy
    Hi Judy, I too am anxiously awaiting for the arrival of Dario Hernandez. As reported in Soap Opera Digest March 15, 2011, the initial motivation behind the character is that he wants to find out who killed his sister (Arianna). According to Francisco San Martin, “he’s always been kind of the screw-up in his family. Deep down, he does things for the right reasons and his heart’s in the right place. But he’s somewhat guarded, a little bit cynical. He’s also a bit jaded, but he’s become that way as a result of what he’s lived through all his life.”

    That’s a pretty tantalizing description of Dario, especially the comment about “what he’s lived through all his life”. Just maybe in finding out about Dario we’ll find out more about Rafe. And I’m so glad to hear someone is following up on Arianna’s death. And just maybe it will come out that Nicole set her up, EJ always thought Nicole had something to do with it but I don’t think he ever proved it (even though Nicole thought he had proof). Should be a good month.

  126. From Katherine

    I agree, so many great SL possibilities..
    Roman could fall for Faye, that would get Abe’s tickler up, after all he was once in love with Faye and they have Brandon…..
    Faye living in the Casa DiMera, that could open up a whole new flow of people visiting there.
    Brady and EJ pining for Taylor, two DiMera cousins going for the same woman….
    Dario, coming to town to solve what the Salem PD can’t do, Ari’s hit and run…..
    Bo and Hope, don’t play the cutsie game to long, you have been on and off so many times, you are both adults, this teenage routine is getting old, either you forgave each other or not, now get to the vital part of a relationship, otherwise Bo (being soooo in need) might just find something else again. So Hope, don’t you have needs by now, to express with Bo just how much you want to Husband and Wife again….
    A courtroom drama is so needed by now, please let EJ be one of the laywers, otherwise forget it.
    Mickey used to be great in the Courtroom, and usually at the end or so, somehow the real guilty one would be found, even we the fans did not know, now that was worth watching.
    I guess sometimes fresh blood coming to the scene is good, some of those characters are so, yak, they have slept with everybody in town, and the repeats start again.
    In Salem everybody is related by now, if not by blood, for sure by Sex, and they call Las Vegas – Sin City – !!!
    118 Judy, what you said about Sami, being able to get off, same could be said about EJ, for both of them there was an awful lot leading up to it. Two women he loved, screwed around with his babies, they both betrayed him one way or the other, and his own fatha right in the middle. There is not one good side or bad side here, they are all a guilty mess, IMO.
    The Rafe SL, what can I say, nothing, except that a fifth grader could write a more exciting and updated story, at least they would not remember all this overhashed old stuf. They are making a great villain like Stefano looks so goulish, and Rafe, to watch him is becoming painful, the actor derserve better.
    The writers seem to Not know what to do next, it shows in their tipitoe around writings, start a story and then finish it.

  127. From Katherine

    well, another one lost….

  128. From Katherine

    Please, what is going on???

  129. From Katherine

    122, Coogar, I am sure that Mr. Coogar knows very well, what a treasure he has….

  130. From GeorgiaD

    Don’t like the new Abby AT ALL. Totally agree with comment “she sounds like a valley girl”. Quite frankly, she has a bit of a look of a porn star about her. WAAAYY too big, the way she is playing her role–even for a soap.

  131. From coogar

    It would be interesting to see if EJ teams up with Dario to find who hit & ran Ari. After all she was about the only true friend he had, if she were alive she could have been EJ’s bestman.

    Also really looking forward to Faye in casa DiMera. There should be some great one liners from snooty Kate & Stephano. I think it will be a version of the Addams family meets the Clampets.

  132. From coogar

    Forgot to mention in previous post. You know it’s the Brady’s favorite holiday coming up. Hoping that they have a St. Pats celebration at the pub. They have really blown off or minimized the holidays lately. Any true Irishman would tip the glass to remember those who have gone before us. Grandpa Sean was always so keen to remember his Irish heritage. If they throw this out the window they might as well have Caroline sell the pub & rename it Joe’s Diner.

  133. From Clear

    Now, every time I post I have to put my name and email back in again! The more people they get in the Dimera Mansion the more likely someone will find out about Rafe in the basement. The spoilers say that he dupes his captors. I guess we could take it to mean that he still has his memory and that he waits for a chance and escapes.
    I hope that when Dario gets to Salem, that he exposes the faux Rafe and says this isn’t my brother to someone that takes things in hand like lock up the faux Rafe and do DNA! I would like to see Dario and a freed Rafe find out who ran over Ari and also nail Nicole for framing her. Haven’t we wondered long enough what the terrible mystery is about Emily’s death that Rafe couldn’t share with Ssmi? That was a seriously dropped SL and loose end hanging out there.

    I would like to see Brady find a new love and start coming out of the dark side to the light too. I have enjoyed some of the things the darkside of him has done however, especially when he dumped Vivian and Gus on the island.

  134. From carol

    Iwant to see that roman picture of the reak rafe where ej and his father has him and for romman to get him out and put ej and his father in jal where they be long and kat right long with them
    and for ronman to take him to the hosplial and for the fake rafe is tell what happen and to get his old faces back Iwant to see this happen this week asp

  135. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine #125, – for me it’s a matter of degree and I have never felt Sami’s “crimes” nearly come close to EJ’s and Stefano’s. So I think the build-up to her shooting EJ had more justification than anything he could say she has done to him. As for her not telling EJ she was carrying his baby, I agreed with her decision not to. But, of course, I knew he would find out somehow someday.

    I read when Faye gets to town, she will inform Nicole and Taylor that she has a serious heart condition. Living in DiMera mansion should do wonders for that!!

  136. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever

    Kass, I am sorry for your loss. I completely understand. I lost a son in 2008. He was a still born 10 days before his due date. I did not hold him. Couldn’t bring myself to do it. It’s been almost 3 years and it still hurts sometimes. I don’t think it will ever go away, but it does get better over time.

  137. From Katherine

    135 Judy, love debating with you, IMO, up to the point of EJ taking Sidney, I have watched Samantha do more criminal/evil things than EJ. Sami did evil when EJ wasn’nt even around in this world. Let’s forget about Stefano in this scenario, strictly EJ and Sami. They both did evil to each other, each involving a Baby, he was allowed, same as Sami, to love a Baby with all his heart, only to find out it was not his, and the one that was His, was Dead, because the other half of the parent decided (with Rafe’s Help) not to let him know he was a Father. Then he finds out, Sidney is not Chad’s, but really his, Nicole, Sami, his Dad, everybody lied to him, now if he was a woman, he would be getting so much pity, for sure, so I still think, Sami’s coldblooded act to shoot an unconsious man, not face to face in a argument, having sex before and after the deed, and involving half her family in the cover-up, which led to Ariana’s death, not so nice, If I was on the jury, knowing all, I would not let Sami get off very easy, especially not what she did to her teeage son Will.
    EJ would get his too, but fair is fair, I am not judging here a DiMera, but a Husband and Father, that been deeply betrayed by the women in his life, and of course let’s not forget his lying Fatha….
    That’s the way I see it, but I am just one humble blogger.
    Let’s have a toast Judy, to have good debates…

  138. From Grandma Judy

    I would never defend Sami, either, she has not been a good person on MANY occassions. But I just don’t think her badness (is that even a word?) rises to the level of EJ’s. But, yes, Katherine, let’s toast to good debate. Here AND on the O’Reilly Factor, yes? Did you see the other night when Bill ripped apart Geraldo? Great stuff!

  139. From kass

    I just wanted to thank all of you ladies for all of your support and prayers, I knew that you all would be so considerate and kind I just needed my time to deal with it my self. As ya’ll may already know I dont like displaying my emotions but some times the only way to deal with your problems is to confront them. The what ifs will always be there and loss is something you never get over but time heals and right now I’m focused on the future. THANKS!

  140. From MsBoulderCO

    EJ and Nicole’s wedding, I don’t recall seeing a photographer taking pictures and the day after the wedding how could there already be a picture for Taylor to see that when she was leaving?

  141. From MsBoulderCO

    Did anyone recall seeing a photographer at EJ and Nicole’s wedding? Wondering how they already have a picture day later that we see Taylor staring at.

  142. From grandma to many

    Dear Kass you have been through something that NO woman wants to go through but so many of us have yes me too 40 years ago and yes I still wonder what if but I did go on to have a healthy child later and have raised 4 grandsons all in college now the pain is still there but it will ease I was terrified of being alone for a long time but God is good and He will give you a wonderful opportunity to take a different step that could open another door that you hadn’t even dreamed of may God Bless you and hold you tightly you are in my prayers

  143. From dl

    Love or drama. That’s what I want from my soap opera. Agree with others that there is no inspiring love story now on Days. Hard to get excited about the other couples for all the icky bad behavior. Kidnapped Rafe is a boring and repetitive storyline. Even Sami is annoying right now, but not in an entertaining way. Enjoy the feisty tidbits from Kate, and even find myself missing Vivian for the drama. Horrors.

  144. From coogar

    I got a little creeped out with the Sami telling Rafe how he used to make love. if the DiMera’s have succeeded in erasing real rafes memory the time is right to switch out the Rafes. The question is what would they do with the fake rafe.

    EJ, EJ, EJ, shame on you. How dare you tell Taylor who she can or can’t work for. Ture she is stying at his house; time to move out. Her head seems to be spinning between what Ej is saying about brady and what Brady is saying about EJ!

    The thing that strikes me about soaps is that (yes I know, I know, they are soaps) no one seems to take the for better or worse, in sickness & in health part to heart. Sami is worried about their future since Rafe’s head injury. We know the whole thing is a ruse but as far as she understands it this is the “in sickenss” & “or worse” part of her vows. The same holds true with a lot of the wrecked relationships that happen as soon as the “I do’s” seem to take place. It’s not that the characters should not get divorced; it just seems that they take their vows awfully trite and don’t try to work it through.

  145. From Grandma Judy

    coogar #141, – What? Sami educating Rafe on how he used to make love to her wasn’t a turn-on for you?! Ha! Wasn’t for me, either! Really creepy, like you said!

    Wish fake Rafe could somehow get a shot of that memory eraser. I read a spoiler saying “the key is the key”. Wonder if that means it’s what jolts real Rafe’s memory back on track?

  146. From coogar

    142 G. Judy If TPTB thought this was goin to a racy romp to titilatethe viewer a serious miscalculation on their part was made. I felt like I needed a shower after watching that. If fake Rafe is around till this summer I hope it’s at least due to the fact that he has no where else to go as some sort of out cast, after real Rafe gets out, scrambled egg brains or not! It could be interesting having 2 Rafes running around Salem but not in Sami’s bed.

    I think yu probably are right about the safe house key. They keep going back to Rafe & Sami looking at the keys they gave each other.

  147. From Katherine

    Maybe Rafe will escape and hide out in the Safe house, he does have the key…..and he might go see Sami on the sly, boy then she won’t know what’s up, like revolving Rafe Doors.
    Well Judy, let’s see on Sami’s side,
    Kidnapping and trying to sell her own sister,
    drugging and having Sex with her sister’s boyfriend, than framing him to be the father of her baby Will,
    tesitying in court agains Luacas, committing major purjery (?)
    switching more baby labtests,
    keeping John on drugs,
    endangering all the young men in Salem, Phil, Lucas, Shaw, Rex etc. when they went to Irag to save Phil, working with Andre at the time, as Stan I know I am forgetting so many things, there were years I did not watch also,
    then of course all the baby stuff with Grace, etc, not forgetting she tried to Kill EJ before and Lucas saved him, funny because Lucas tried to kill him in church
    I still say they are even, however Sami in my mind over her life time, is still the winner, the female villain of them All, and an Emmy winner for it, rightly so well deserved.
    Judy, sound so good, a glass of wine (Merlot) and the NoSpin Meister,….
    We had good news today, my granson was in Pittsburgh again, Mom and Dad took him, 3rd time, and he is going in the right direction, so I think I am having a good eve, however my old 93 friend I help take care of, is not doing so good right now, sinking, had the hardest time getting him in and out the house and the car, just to get his haircut (pride), the snow and ice do not help. I feel so bad, such a beautiful mind but the body is not cooperation much anymore. We all do what we can, he does not want to hear the word “Home”,….and I do what I can to keep him in his home, right/wrong???
    It’s what he wants and that is that.

  148. From coogar

    Kat It is very good of you to help your elderly friend. My husband I did what we could to help my in-laws; it was difficult as they lived an hour away. They are in their mid eighties. They reluctantly came to the decision on their own to go to an independent living senior facility. My mother-in-law has alzheimers & can no longer maintain a home or cook. My father-in-law who is her main care giver is very sharp mentaly but his body is in decline. It is hard to watch when the heart & mind is willing but the body isn’t especially when you remember them when they were strong & vital in their prime. I guess the bottomline is do you feel (if he lives alone) he is safe and checked on regularly? Do you think that if the time comes do to a fall or something of that nature, that if it may become necessary even for a temporary stay he will consider it.

  149. From daysfan

    Kass…my thoughts are with you. I too have felt the loss and heartbreak of miscarriage many times over, seven to be exact. It hurts me when I hear of someone else experiencing a loss and always brings tears to my eyes. I wish you and your husband peace and strength.

    I was curious to see how the Days writers would handle such a sensitive topic as Melanie’s miscarriage, and well, it wasn’t too bad from my perspective.

  150. From Katherine

    This is to all the Ladies that expierenced the loss a pregnancy, my heart goes out to all of you.
    Your strenght is inspiring, and it is wonderful for all of you to share with Kass. The world is full of good people, starting right here on our little soap blog…….

    I have not seen today’s episode, so later on that….
    148 Coog, I hear you, old Mac has had several falls, I would find him all bloody, called 911, took two hours to get him in the amublance, he’s been in the temp. home for a few months, but just like the Phoenix, he ends up at home again, cooks for himself, get’s around, likes TV, and of course all of us taking good care of him. It is one of the hardest calls for a family to make, and so far I back him, he want’s to die at home, no matter how it happens…. his mind is 100%, he uses his walker now, so I can truly understand him, because about myself I feel the same way.
    Thanks out there, just scroll over my blog, but I do appreciate sharing…
    Sami and HornRafe, give me a break, sex lessons, you would think that no matter what happened to Rafe, you would not forget Basic Instincts, like making love, ..
    Sami, this one is a brute, rough, uncooth, those things do not get cause by memory loss, think about that, talk to your Mother the Shrink about that, if she can take the time for her daughter, Marlena could help you a lot, even over the phone, for heavens sake, isn’t she supposed to be the shrink of the century.
    What is Sami going to do, after more lessons and more being happy with the Imposter, how is she going to choose which Rafe she likes best,,,,,?? She could just end up liking the Brutish/sexy, learning to be loving Rafe II better….
    I still find it incredibly ignorant of the writers, that after all Sami has gone through, Grace, kidnaping Sidney, shooting EJ,blah, blah, they never can bring up Marlena or John, writers, a couple of lines, lord knows you have so many stupid lines, it would be great to drop some of them and subsitute something about a Marlena/John Phone call, all IMIO.
    As for Sami, as I remember, she caused Victor’s Stroke, when she lived in the mansion, she also black mailed Kate, when kate was still a loving wife to Victor, that girl was nasty, nasty, nasty, pure evil, don’t any of you remember…
    That’s when kate started to go after her.
    Look at Will, Mother, Father, Grandma Kate, Grandma Caroline, all either would be killers, or test switchers, that boy, no wonder he is weird, I still can not fond of him, he also has a judgemental streak in him against everybody else, but not including himself and his Mom and Rafe… for all their deeds…
    EJ, I like you, you are so sexy and handsome, but I don’t like your behaviour, straighten out, you are getting to full of yourself.
    140 Ms. Boulder, you can have pictures within hours, if you so want to….Remember, they are the rich and the famous, we have had wedding pics. taken by family within hours….
    Maybe with Rafe, the drug took, but as mentioned before a few times, the drug was so old, it might have lost it’s potency and will wear off pretty quickly, so whatever, we all know that Rafe will be fine, thanks to of course “Spoilers” why worry, so why even worry about it….!!! Silly, anymore in the land of spoilers.
    Clear, everytime I post now for a while, I have to totally check in again, name, e-mail… ladila,
    but at least I am starting to get through again.

  151. From Sandy

    This is the 5th time my post failed.

    The spoiler in Soaps for March 18th says…RoboRafe looses it with Sami. I know it’s to early to speculate on such a spoiler but I hope this is not leading to more obvious physical abuse toward Sami. We need Rafe out of that cell, with all his DNA in tact, to help Sami and the kids.

  152. From kass

    Thanks again everyone, for the thoughts and prayers!

  153. From Janiebell

    I was out of town yesterday did not get to watch days. I am in town today but have a lots of erands {things to do}; so I probley will not get home in time to watch days today either. Both days of days is taped {or at least they are suspose to be.} So if they got taped, {sometimes things are suspose to tape and don’t} I will watch both days when I get home.

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