General Hospital Weekly Summary For March 21-25.

Facing the worst.

Jax and Carly were informed that Josselyn had a rare form of kidney cancer. She would need a transplant or radiation therapy to survive. Down the hall, Robin and Patrick operated on Jake as Jason watched. They couldn’t save him. The sad news slowly spread. Carly went to Jason and asked him to convince Liz to donate Jake’s kidney to Josselyn. He tried talking to her but Liz slapped him and stormed off. He asked Lucky and he agreed to convince her. After calming down, Liz agreed and Josselyn was rushed into an operation.

Dante and Sam teamed up to track down the driver in the hit and run. As they dug through the license numbers, she saw that hers was among them. They had forensics go over her SUV and she came out clean. He had Robin and Sonny’s cars checked out next and they both came back clean. Lulu managed to get a peek at the suspect list and tipped off her dad. He tipped off Carly. Meanwhile, Michael got Kristina to distract Ronnie so he could grab a copy of the list. Desperate to get his mom off it, he looked for a way to make the evidence go away.

Robin asked Patrick to move back in with her and they bonded with Emma. Meanwhile, Lisa dropped by Johnny’s for some sex after getting the syringe from Robin’s locker and destroying it. Patrick showed up to blame Johnny and his games for Jake’s death and then punched him before running away. Robin went to the hospital to throw the blame at Lisa, who whipped out a scalpel. She hid it when Mac showed up and told her she was cleared in the hit and run. Down the hall, Carly moaned to Jax about how she was on the suspect list and worried that she ruined Jason’s life. She agreed to have her SUV checked for evidence but it suddenly went missing. Michael called his brother after driving the SUV into a wall. Dante guessed that he did it to cover evidence. Michael opened up to Abby about all of the pain in his family and she brought him to her bedroom to comfort him.

Carly went to Jason to confess that she might have killed his son. Just as they started to cry, Dante called to say she’d been cleared. Jason then turned to Liz to offer her his sympathies again. Meanwhile, the Spencers gathered together, assuming Carly was guilty. Luke tried to keep a lid on an enraged Lucky. When Lucky went down to the station, Dante informed him that Luke was actually the one who hit Jake. Later, Franco sent Carly a message, advising her to keep an eye on Josselyn. And outside of town, Theo tapped Suzanne’s phone to get the whereabouts of his grandson and then kicked her to the curb.

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