The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For March 28-April 1.

New plans, old suspicions and more trouble.

Thomas continues to moan to his sister about how their dad treats him. She’s sure there’s more to his rivalry with his father than just that. When he continues to worry about Brooke and wishes that his mom would get along better with her, Steffy starts to think things are really screwy and he’s not telling her everything. Meanwhile, Whip finally hears that his wife ran off to Paris with her ex and he’s not at all happy about it.

Stephanie and Brooke continue the endless bickering. Stephanie managed to save up some insults during their truce but she starts to regret that she ever started trusting the woman who pushed her not to give up on life. Ridge returns to town and his wife tells him her side of things in the whole debacle. All the women in his life gather around and ask Mr. Cheekbones some serious questions about the future of his marriage. The answers that he gives them are not what they were expecting. He has some surprising new plans for Taboo too since killing the line didn’t quite work out.

Sick of hearing Steffy talking trash about his wife, Bill lays down the law with her. Unfortunately, Katie walks in while that’s happening and she is not pleased to see them spending time alone together. However, Steffy ends up following her around and is very pleased to discover that Katie has been spending time alone with Nick. She sends Bill over to the Shady Marlin to investigate. Meanwhile, Liam continues rolling his eyes as Amber drags him to the ultrasound. He’s not terribly won over by Carl and gets suspicious when the lab tech grumbles something to Amber. Carl takes her aside and gives her a warning while Liam meanders off to try and make Hope feel better.

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  1. From wanda flowers

    yes,I hope WHIP put Taylor in her place once for all.she wants Ridge back so bad she can not hardly stand it. and i hope Brooke take cares of Taylor once and for all. and let her know she is no kind of saint and never was.

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