The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For March 21-25.

Walking away.

Dayzee urged Thomas to mend things with his father. When he went to see Ridge, he said they had both done things wrong and then accused him of never supporting him. They argued. Brooke argued with them. Nothing was resolved and Ridge declared he had to go to Paris. When he got on the jet, Taylor showed up and decided to tag along and worry about his wife and their son. She wondered if Brooke had pushed him too far this time.

Stephanie told Eric about the Thomas and Brooke mess. He didn’t think it was a big deal. She was annoyed when he decided to help out on the Taboo line, much to Thomas’ delight. Stephanie called Ridge to tattle.

Jarrett brought Ridge’s cancellation order for Taboo to Bill’s attention. Dollar Bill knew that something was askew. He wanted to run with the story but Liam urged him to be cautious about it while Katie was fuming at him. Later, Steffy showed up to flirt and then taunted him about his attempt to kill Amber. Katie just happened to be nearby to hear this. She stormed in to confront him and reminded him that the baby he nearly killed was his grandchild. Bill hoped they could work past this but she was skeptical. Making things worse was the fact that he confided in Steffy. She drove off and sobbed to Nick until Bill called. She informed her husband that she needed time alone.

Tawny returned as Amber was begging Liam to move in with her. He was reluctant. She invited Oliver and Hope over for dinner with them. Hope didn’t want to go but was dragged along. Liam gagged through dinner as they discussed baby names. When Amber brought up the ultrasound, Hope couldn’t take it any longer and walked out. Liam trailed after her, pulled her into a kiss and begged her to take him with her. She couldn’t allow that.

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