The Young And The Restless Casting Rumors And Spoiler Scoops.

Possible scoops for what’s ahead…

If these scoops are any inclination it looks as though a lot is set to go down in Genoa City in the coming months. Sit back and enjoy these The Young and the Restless casting rumors and spoiler scoops. We want to thank reader kmc320 for the tip.

Casting calls:

The show is looking for a new Eden, one with a softer side, a bit more mature, yet still holds that cynical sense of humor. The role is said to start taping in April.

Paul’s (Doug Davidson) son Ricky is now said to be eighteen years old, moody, darkly handsome with a bit of danger thrown in. This is a contract role that might begin taping in April.

More teens are set to be added, namely Hunter, who is described as shy and super-sweet, and Selena, a Latina who always gives everyone the benefit of the doubt, is full of optimism and only wants to fit in with her peers. These are also contract roles that might begin taping in April.

The show is looking for a ten to twelve year old girl for the role of Piper. Piper is shy, isolated and very lonely who loves being around all animals.

Spoiler scoops:

Victoria is very heartbroken by Victor’s decision to take Newman Enterprises public. She feels she, over Nick, had a huge hand in the goings on at Newman. Victoria even feels a little guilty about how things have turned out.

Abby feels pulled in numerous directions and finally breaks down. She plans to say the hell with all of it.

Victor knows there are a ton of people who want a piece of the Newman pie. He’ll be busy delegating all of the pieces with the sole purpose to make sure none of these vultures can band together to join forces against him.

Tucker wants Katherine to team up with him in buying Newman shares, but she laughs in his face. This leads to Tucker firing Jack, who plans to make a deal to suit him anywhere necessary. Look for Jack to find a new plan and ally.

However, Victor has a deeper plan of his own in order to outwit everyone involved. Don’t hand Victor the winning prize yet… He’s forgotten one big player who could cost him everything… Adam, who irritates Victor beyond belief in the coming months.

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  8 responses so far...

  1. From bern

    I want Victor to win. His spoiled kids have always turned on him for outsiders. He built that company. Adam killed his baby why does he get to get away with it. Story line getting worse.

  2. From Tanya

    I love that they are bringing back Eden but why didn’t they find a different Noah since they change this original Actor to age him in the 1st Place. Look I love Kevin Schmidt but I think things just need to make sense and the last time they brought back Noah (played by Luke Kleintank) it became a question as to why, he didn’t really have a story his singing was bad, oh well. Why so many young Actors though I understand they are trying to up their young Cast, but why not just age Kyle which they should have a long time ago just think of the stories we could get with a Young Adult Kyle.

  3. From rosanne

    I really don’t like the direction that the writers are taking the Y &R. This show was all about the fascinating drama of the business world and the love interests of people living in GC plus the Newmans and Abbots mostly and the rivalry. Now it is about corruption, baby swapping, couple swapping, and discusting storylines that make no sense with ghosts and everything else. And now to add in more younger people is ridiculous. Keep the Y & R with the drama of the corporate world and the fascination of the people who were the main characters in the Y & R and build around those characters. Too many people coming into this soap. I believe that either the producers and directors don’t want to keep actors on long because of financial obligation and then just let them go after a contract is done. This to me means that the show will never have an ongoing storyline for more than 2 months without starting a new one. Also when did Paul have a son named Ricky? Are they added on children that never existed? And please we don’t need another dark sided freak like Adam in this show.

  4. From Krista

    I really dislike the way things are going for Victor. His character is suppose to be intelligent, and smart but you have his kids out smarting him in this law suit. Bring back the GREAT VICTOR. I have stopped watching the show becuase its rediculous now. Adam and Sharon, please take these two pathetic characterts off the show, their boring!!!!

  5. From Nickelberry

    I want Victor to win also. I am tired of these folks thinking they can do whatever they want to him even his low life children.

  6. From Chris

    Rosanne, I agree with you as far as the direction that Y&R is going. I also don’t like the fact they’re going to be bringing in so many young people. There are people on the show now that don’t get a storyline…I wish the show would write for them. As far as Paul having a son, this is not a made up child. Years ago when he was married to Isabella (who tried to kill Christine), she got pregnant and had their son, Ricky, who has been living offscreen with Isabella’s parents, for some odd reason. I also heard where Emily O’Brien has been let go as Jana. Originally I liked that character, but since the Daisy/Ryder fiasco of a storyline, they ruined that character. My only hope is that they don’t kill the character off, but just send her out of town. Over the past few years, Y&R has killed off way too many characters for no purpose. Why kill off Brad and Colleen within a year’s time of each other? Though I don’t like Victoria and Nick going after Beauty of Nature, I do think that Victor should not continually win. That is getting old, but it does appear that maybe he and Katherine have come up with a plan. That part may be interesting.

  7. From Tricia

    I do not get it. What’s with the hiring of all of these teens? I know summer is coming, and they must be glue to the tv. What happens when August and September comes, and these teens have to go back to high school and college? Are these characters going to still be around? I wish they would get rid of shadam. what was the sense of getting rid of Colleen, if Victor was not going to change when he got her heart. I hope Victoria and Billy never find out that they have Daisy’s baby. Abby needs a life. I DO like that Victoria and Nick want Beauty of Nature. It is her baby, and she did pitch it to her father. Why should he have all the fun.

  8. From unkown

    I don’t agree with the story line allowing Chelsea to have Dylan think the baby is his. If she didn’t no who the father was that is different, but she does. Why crush Dylan’s life like that, he is a good man.

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