The Young And The Restless Spoilers For March 29 – 31.

Visits and sightings…

Sharon receives a visit from her mother. Doris hates seeing her daughter in jail and admits it kills her to have to turn her back on her. Sharon’s mother doesn’t feel she has any other choice and leaves her daughter alone. If things couldn’t get any worse, Sharon’s trial begins and a judge reminds Sharon of her reckless behavior both past and present. He even suggests such past actions contributed to Cassie’s death. Over in Thailand, Adam and Phyllis prepare their plan of attack against Koa. After Koa reacts to Phyllis’ flirting, she and Adam finally get a lead in their case to clear Sharon. However, by the time they return to Genoa City, Sharon may not need them, as Victor steps up and comes to her defense.

Lily is starting to think she’s going crazy. It doesn’t help when she thinks she sees her dead husband again. She grabs a guy from behind at the club, while her family looks on with worry. When Olivia suggests she see a professional, Lily keeps her next Cane sighting to herself.

Jana may be pretending to be pregnant in order to find Daisy’s baby. However, her cover could be blown when Chloe finds her with an ultrasound photo. When Chloe demands answers as to why Jana has the photo, Jana simply warns her it’s none of her damn business. Chloe then takes her business elsewhere and gets up in Angelo’s face. Jana’s not let off the hook that easily though. Her cover’s blown for real this time.

Wait, there’s more… Heather tells Chance how she really feels about him, and Michael takes a closer look at Daniel’s intentions.

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  1. From janiemitchell

    i love the show and they need to bring daniel goddard back in like they brought chance back lilly and cane was a real romatic couple and the twins on there will be lift out without there daddy;it looks sad,janie mitchell

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