Daniel Goddard Fired As Cane Ashby From The Young And The Restless? (UPDATED!)

Is Cane on his way out of Genoa City?

Updated on April 21:

In regards to what capacity he’s back in at the show with, Daniel just teased fans through Twitter, “I’m getting a lot of messages asking what is going on with Cane and the show. All I can say is this… sit back, relax, and get swept up in the story that is about to unfold. I love you guys.”

Previously Reported on April 5:

Daniel tells Soap Opera Fan Blog, “I am thrilled to be part of the “Y&R” family and am so grateful. I am a blessed man.” Stay tuned as this mysterious storyline unfolds.

Previously Reported on March 31:

It appears the outpouring of support from fans was all worth it. CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting that the show has confirmed that Daniel is still on contract and will be appearing outside of Lily’s imagination. Stay tuned!

Previously Reported on February 15:

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that though the show refuses to comment on whether or not Cane is actually dead, fans can expect to see Daniel Goddard in the role again on February 18 and 23, as well as in April and May. Is Cane really dead? You be the judge! Vote in our Is Cane Dead or Alive Poll today!

Previous Reported on January 21:

Reports have circulated that Daniel has in fact been fired from the show. What’s this mean for the current storyline involving Cane and Lily [Christel Khalil]? Soap Opera Digest reported that co-writer Scott Hamner stated, “We are not abandoning their story. We are taking it to a whole new level.”

Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep our readers informed of any further developments. Could this mean Cane is being killed off? Wait! Could Cane have a twin that’ll keep Daniel on the show? Stay tuned!

Previously Reported on January 10:

Word has been circulating the internet with claims that one of “The Young and the Restless’” most popular actors, Daniel Goddard (Cane Ashby), has been fired. Though there hasn’t been an official statement regarding this rumor, Soap Opera Fan Blog is looking into this and will bring you confirmation if or when we receive it.

If this rumor is true, how upset would it make you as a fan and a viewer? Vote in our poll to let us know…

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  1. From Y&R Chick

    As of 18 hours ago it wasn’t true. He posted to @susandansby, Welcome to the Y&R family\.

  2. From donna

    uh pardon me i voted that i would post my opinion here and i am showing as 0 votes i know it is just me but i am still ONE!
    but i dont care i am sick of the cane and the crazy line that will never end and move on to something else if they will send that story packin with him i say ADIOS DANIEL…Good luck you will land on your feet………its just the nature of the buzzzzz is all

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by said: Was Daniel Goddard Fired As Cane Ashby From The Young And The Restless? Story within. #Y&R #danielgoddard #YR… [...]

  4. From annyhall

    Hell Yes, I would be upset. I would miss see Daniel use his great acting skills. I am thorougly interested in this story line and would not be happy to see Cane killed off. I want to see how he and his father make amends and possibly go into the mob business together. I am intrigued by Cane.

  5. From GG

    I need my Lane so DG better stick around and if they keep the likes of Christine , Chance, PC3 and all these cartoon characters on and get rid of this guy with a big fanbase /following …MAB is much more clueless than I thought … and this show is in major trouble.

  6. From Charme

    If this rumor about Daniel Goddard is true, I will be highly upset. I can’t see how a man would lose his job for doing it so well. Cane&Lily are the characters that brought me back to Young and the Restless, after a very long hiatus. The way Daniel Goddard portrays Cane touches me in a way that’s hard to put into words. If Daniel Goddard,Cane and Cane/Lily/Lane aren’t on Y&R, then I have no interest in this show. I will no longer watch.

  7. From jgirl41

    I will be very pissed off if they let DG go..he is a great actor and this show is luck to have him..will do whatever to keep him on show.

  8. From Lisa

    I don’t want Daniel leaving YR **Sniffs**

  9. From AbbyFan

    Lily will be better off without Cane. Now she can move on and get a real father for the twins, someone who won’t put their lives in danger and lie to them all the time!

    Hope DG finds work fast though, nothing against the actor, just don’t like the character (can’t stand liars…)

  10. From Frog_Woman

    They need to get Cane away from Lily because she’s sucking the life out of him (as she usually does with anyone they pair her with). If they can’t break them up PERMANENTLY than one of them needs to go. Unfortunately, they’re giving the pink slip to the MORE TALENTED of the two.

  11. From Sandra

    I love Cane and he needs to stay, the writers need to finish up this story line and find him a better one. What I love about Cane the most, he always looks like he’s smiling.

  12. From Beth

    I used to like Cane but can’t stand him anymore! He’s soooo whiny and needs to go! I’d rather see Lily with that other bad guy, LOL! He’s cuter!

  13. From Lisa

    Aww I love him as Cane..stupid writers are already letting him go! Grr…

  14. From Jane

    Good riddance! He is one of the most boring actors in the entire history of this show! I can’t wait till he’s gone!!

  15. From LR

    I don’t care the the character of Cane either. He can’t seem to be able to tell the TRUTH to Lily. Keeps holding things back after promising her he’s not.

    He’s also too ooey gooey for my taste.

    Good luck to the actor though.

  16. From martinas

    I have been hoping these rumors were false. I admit I didn’t really notice Cane until he and Lily got together. This is my favorite couple ever on a soap and I have watched soaps for 30 years.
    Y&R are making a big mistake llosing 1/2 of an extremely popular couple.

  17. From Brigitte

    Y&R writers don’t know how to resolve Lane so they decide to kill Cane? Come on! Portrayers of Cane and Lilly are lovely and delightful to watch–Y&R has plenty of disfunctional characters. Lilly just survived cancer–she deserves happiness with such a devoted husband. Give us viewers a crumb in this economy.

  18. From Elizabeth

    I would be really upset if Cane is not returning to Y&R He made an interesting character.

  19. From Berlynn

    Oh, thank goodness he’s gone! Now, replace Lily with someone who can act and find a realistic storyline. I mean, c’mon!?! The Australian mafia? Give me a freaken break!

  20. From Annabell

    This is sad sad sad, I could not get over the killing of Cane its bad enough Lilly kills every good deeds he does. however, that is soap but to kill this actor (Daniel) is a lost to Y&R. I have lost interest in this soap cane’s story line was the breath of fresh air on this soap and I will not be tuning in to Y$R again thestory itself was sweet

  21. From Vanieca

    What a lost for the Young and Restless fans to see Cane go The story line was the one story that was so real the crap with Sharon and Adam stays and the beautiful love story of Lilly and Cane gone was refreshing Daniel Goddard made Lilly look good for a young character as Lilly to find true love with cane brought maturity to Lilly and showed a wanderful love story that had growth. you writers suck

  22. From SP

    All I can say is, Thanks for the memories Y&R after 27 years of being a loyal watcher, in the last year you have destroyed my favorite soap, killed off my favorite characters. I vowed if you kill off one more, I am done.. well guess what, you did it.. four letters thats all I have left to say. D O N E.

  23. From Barbara

    I noticed DG/Cane once paired with CK/Lily. I have always loved CK, I now feel the same way about Dg. These two are the best daytime COUPLE ever on tv. Cane, Lily and the twins deserves happiness.

  24. From kentuckywoman2

    Hell, yeah, I’d be pissed off if CBS fired Daniel Goddard! God knows Y&R seems to be going to soap opera hell-in-a-handbasket, and I wish they would hire some decent writers and producers. It’s my personal opinion that CBS is trying to sabotage all their soaps – all two of them left – so they can put on reality, talk, and game shows.

  25. From Brandee

    I can’t believe Cane is leaving Y&R. He is one of the main reasons I watch the show.

  26. From Dawn

    My mother and I watch Y&R because of Cane. We’ve been hooked ever since we saw him kiss Lily. We felt it through the TV, it looked so good. However, we’ve just watched him die, so *insert profane statement here*

  27. From Mary

    “They killed off Lance or something and now Cane. Why don’t they get rid of Adam and Sharon. They stink “did you get that you writers? Maybe you stink.

  28. From Kathy

    Cane cannot be gone; such a great actor. Now Lily without cane, after surviving cancer and having the twins – not right. Lily & Cane, favorite couple and was really in love, yet everything & everyone blocks their happiness. Hope Cane’s heart begins to beat in the morgue. After surgery, Cane wakes-up with amnesia. Story line focus on father for a while. Cane’s memory comes back, maybe after father changes, but Cane still does not forgive him. Writers – what-up? Give Cane a better story line.

  29. From Sharon

    Today I watched Cane die and can’t stand it. Regardless of his past and the fact that he has lied over and over to Lily to protect her and the twins, he is one of my favorite characters on Y&R. He portrays a Kind, Gentle and very loving husband and son. Everyone loves him for that. Mrs.C can’t be wrong and neither can hateful Jill. Please don’t fire him or kill him off. Bring him back alive.

  30. From Fan of Cane

    I couldn’t believe it that Cane was killed off. Cane and Chance were two of the most refreshing characters in Y&R in the last while. Why did the writers kill off two men with integrity? Cane’s character was making a transition and it would have been good to see how he would have developed his ability to let others know who he really is. The storyline with Sharon and Adam is maniacal and stupid. The two characters that could have added value to the show being killed off Y&R is one of the stupidest moves ever. I’m not that interested in Y&R now that Cane has been killed off. Stupid move. Fix this!

  31. From Christine T.

    Its the stupid writers that made him a liar. Get it over with for crying out load. Its Adam they should have written off the show. Lily and Cane’s were the best couple on the show. I don’t know what is wrong with these writers. I’ve been watching this show for 25 years – if Cane was fired I’m done.

  32. From gia

    Cane can’t be gone from y&r no way

  33. From Haleigh

    I can’t fathom why Cane would be killed off…is the show trying to lose viewers? You took away another of my favorite characters, Chance, now Cane? Love can conquer all…and people can change…Take off sharon and adam…I’m so tired of them…no woman can be so clueless as sharon and evil men like adam get “bumped” off. Please bring back Cane and let him, Lily and the twins be a family again.

  34. From Lady Di

    How could you let DG go. He and Lily have gone through hell and could finally have the life they deserve. Yes, he lied, but only to protect his family. Someone wrote in their comments the Australian Mafia didn’t make any sense; but what makes less sense than a woman (Sharon) loving a man (Adam)that took her baby and let her believe for months that the baby was dead. Cane truly believed that his lies were protecting his family. The WRITING SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. From Biggest CaLily Fan

    PLEASE dont let the story of Cane and Lily(CALILY) be over!!! Young and the Restless PLEASE keep their storyline going!!!! They are the main reason I watch and/or will continue to watch the show!!!! Its so sad that stories dont have it where \YOUNG COUPLES\ make it and live in their marriages on TV these days. Fine let them have their arguments and fights but dont take away \CALILY!\ Let them raise Charlie and Mattie together!!! There are only 3 reasons I watch the show and CANE and LILY are the biggest reason!! PLEASE Young and the Restless I beg of you dont let them be over!!! DANIEL dont go PLEASE STAY!!!

    From #1 CALILY FAN

  36. From Biggest Canily/CaLily Fan

    CANILY forever Young and the Restless writers and producers dont let their story end!!!! Leave them together!!!


  37. From Biggest Canily/CaLily Fan

    PLEASE dont let the story of Cane and Lily(CANILY/CALILY) be over!!! Young and the Restless PLEASE keep their storyline going!!!! They are the main reason I watch and/or will continue to watch the show!!!! Its so sad that stories dont have it where YOUNG COUPLES make it and live in their marriages on TV these days. Fine let them have their arguments and fights but dont take away CANILY/CALILY! Let them raise Charlie and Mattie together!!! There are only 3 reasons I watch the show and CANE and LILY are the biggest reason!! PLEASE Young and the Restless I beg of you dont let them be over!!! DANIEL dont go PLEASE STAY!!!


  38. From JLYNN

    I have watched this show since the beginning. Not only am I upset that DG was killed off, if I find out that it is not a stunt, then I will aft all these yrs stop watching. They should of learned from GL and AWT that making viewers unhappy will only end in their own demise. I don’t want DG brought back as a ghost, or as a evil twin brother or anything else. So tired of the same-o; of this soap. Tired of the Nick, Vic, and Nicky sagas too.

  39. From Sylvia

    I am mortified that Cane has been killed off and can’t understand why this fabulous actor, who has a really believable rapport with his TV wife, Lily, has had to die when Adam, who is evil personified, continues to live. It has been so wonderful to watch a couple, who are obviously madly in love with each other, handle the many difficulties that they have had to face. Bearing in mind that Lily’s mother was killed off, that she has faced cancer and almost lost her life, has already been divorced, etc., why are the writers continuing to heap so much hell on her character’s head. I hope that they find a story line to bring Cane back or to bring Dru back, because Lily sorely needs someone right now that she loves dearly and on whom she can lean in this terrible time. Bring Cane back and let them work out their problems – PLEASE!!!!!

  40. From sandy

    I think this was sensless, killing off one of the best actors of the show! I think they should turn this around somehow, like fake his actual death like Chance and have him come back to the show and stop the evil of his dad.

  41. From Bettie

    I really liked the character of Cane and I will miss him. Don’t understand what happened. The writers really should get rid of Adam. I hate his character. They really need fresh faces that stay with the show. Kind of sick of the Nicky/whomever roll she is with at the time.

  42. From Alberta

    Y&R writers are writing this show into the ground. If they were trying to make me stop watching, killing off Cane has done it! I’m shutting off the DVR and no more Soapnet watching either. This is the stupidest group of writers ever. They don’t know how to start or finish any of their stories. Cane can’t come back and neither will I!

  43. From Lisa

    call CBS at 323.575.2345and ask for the Y&R Comment Line or write/email the Network at: The Young and the Restless 7800 Beverly Blvd. LA. 90036 or EMAIL:

  44. From Amy

    I really liked Cane’s character. He had a bad boy quality that all us girls secretly love. Not sure why he was written off the show but I think it makes for good T.V. Y&R needs to mix things up a bit. Although there are other characters I would have let go first (Adam…Deacon.. to name a couple) I wish the actor good luck and I’m sure he can get another soap star role in no time. They’re loss.

  45. From Britt

    Hell yeah ! I love Cane and I just saw the episode where he died and I literally cried. Lily had every reason not to forgive Cane right away but she came around thank God because I love Cane and Lily together and Charlie and Mattie. Cane died at the worst time possible…right when Lily was about to forgive him and move on ! But it’s not that I want Cane to have a twin so Daniel can be on the show, I just want Cane and Lily to be together. If he does have a twin though, I hope the twin died and Cane is still alive ! Not that I want Lily to be alone and suffer, but I don’t want her to be with anyone else, Cane is the only one for her!

  46. From y&r's biggest fan

    Obviously!!! Cane and Lily WERE my favorite couple before Cane died and I am so mad !!!!!!!! Lily survived cancer, and that bad hurricane thanks to Cane. I think she is going to die without him. You don’t even know how much I cried when Lily was holding Cane’s bloody head and his eyes just widened and he stopped moving. I knew he was dead because you can tell but once Cane got shot the tears started rolling down my face and then when he died I lost it. I cried hysterically. I don’t like Colin but he didn’t want Cane to die either and even Malcolm was gaining respect for him when he died…a little too late but still!! everyone loved Cane and I don’t think I’m gonna watch y&r if hes not on it. If the writer’s decide to bring him back then I will watch again and catch up on the other stories but Cane, Lily, Charlie, and Matilda are my favorite family on the show and I don’t know and care how but Cane better come back ! Daniel Goddard..Y&R NEEDS you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. From Lori

    I’m so mad I could scream!! DG is one of the few actors on Y&R that I absolutely adore, Why would the writers make such a foolish decision by letting him go? I’ve watched this show for more than 25 years and I’m really not liking the storylines anymore. I used to love Sharon but I can’t stand her since she’s hooked up with Adam. He’s pretty much ruined the show for me. I’m thinking that CBS is purposely trying to make viewers dislike the show so they can cancel Y&R just like they did GL & ATWT and blame it on low ratings. Please listen to your viewers CBS!

  48. From From a very upset fan

    First of all, i would like to state that even though I am extremely pissed off about Cane being killed off, what pisses me off even more is that these story writers have no more creativity and imagination left inside that they resort to stupid story lines like the ones we’ve been witnessing for the passed few months. I think they should get a new team of writers and try to save Y&R’s dignity as well as reputation.

  49. From Christine T.

    Its the stupid writers that made Cane keep lying – get it overwith for crying out load. Its Adam they should have written off the show. I cant stand him. Lily and Cane were the best couple on the show. I don’t know what is wrong with these writers. I’ve been watching this show for 25 years – if Cane was fired I’m done.

  50. From Danielle

    I am like everyone else, if Cane is dead and Daniel Goddard leaves the show I will become a All My Children or One Life To Live watcher. No more Y&R! I have been watching for more than 20 years or so and if he is no longer on the show I am D O N E!!!

  51. From Nikki

    Lilly and Cane are my favorite characters. They bring such life to the show. Cane’s death was tragic. I am shocked that the writer’s kicked him off instead of Adam. Such a waste of wonderful talent. I hope they bring Cane back! I have been watching this show for 20 years. I am tired of them killing off the good actors.

  52. From sophia

    Cane was the reason why I watched y&r… I feel no need to watch the show any longer. He was such a good character, and him and lilly were one of my fav couples…

  53. From virginia

    could’nt believe my eyes..why get rid of cane and bring chance back.
    make up your mind writters. keep it as real as possble.

  54. From PattyInVaBeach

    REALLY? I mean… REALLY! The writer at Y&R HAD to kill Cane off? Daniel Goddard is an outstanding actor who did not need to be “killed off”. Slowly this show is “killg itself off” It started by killing off John. Then Brad and Colleen. Y&R and B&B are owned by the same family. It almost seems to me that they are trying to make B&B their #! rated soap now. Why else are they killing off all of these well liked or much loved charachters. I’ve been watch this sow for 30+ years. I just don’t know that I’m feeling the love anymore. I believe Daniel Goddard should be brought back as Cane (similar to Chance) or Y&R loses many, many fans. Or, wait… is he the next Y&R “cast off” to show up at B&B? Hmmm….just a thought

  55. From Dominique T.

    Please don’t get rid of Cane, he has fought so hard to keep Lily fighting for her life so she could raise their twins. Make it so it is set up as a trap for his father, let these two lovebirds have a long life together.

  56. From anita b

    I have been watching the young and the restless from its first airdate. My mom and sisters are dedicated viewers, we cant believe you killed off cane. Lilly and those twins deserve to be happy, your writters are wrong. Lets get real, bring him back pleaseeeeeee.

  57. From tw

    since you killed off cane,i will not be watching anymore i was a long time fan your writters are crazy, and dont know who they are, so they impose the insecurites on us loyal fans, and thats wrong please, please, bring cane back for lilly and his kids. please

  58. From eleanor

    It is the writers that are stupid and make Cane tell the lies. I love Daniel Goddard and he and Lilly are good together. Give them another story line. Don’t let go one of the best actors on the show. Also, I want Sharon and Nick together!!!!! Writers – quit making Sharon such a wimp and goofy. It would be wonderful to see Christine and Paul married again. They were so good together.

  59. From Dee

    I felt like I lost a family member when Cane died. I watched Y & R because I loved the story of Cane and Lily. That couple could not catch a break. I do not have a reason to watch anymore. Bringing Chance back cannot make up for killing Cane.

  60. From stella

    I hated watching Cane. He was such a sap. His facial expressions were annoying. OK we get it that they are in love, but they go overboard to the point I want to gag myself. I liked that fact they made him a bad guy and a liar. We need more villains on the show to keep things interesting.

  61. From DM

    I just can’t understand how they would fire DG and many others who should have been long gone are still there. He was actually a pretty good actor unlike some of these dull, bland actors/actresses.

  62. From Valerie

    I gotta say that the episode when Cane died has got to be the saddess Ive seen on YR in a while! I went from shocked, to sad to angry then to confused! I am at a loss! Had anyone seen anything about this posted by YR? I just don’t get it! You know it makes me think that maybe the writers are racist…follow me here. Think about it. When is the last time you’ve seen an interracial couple on YR last? Let’s recap.. Neil and Victoria (Broken up), Jack and his Bride from war (Asian) Broken up. Lily and Daniel (Broken up), John and Maime (Broken up)! I know that over the years the writers have changed but COME ON!!! Its 2011! The world is changing, and let’s change with it! This storyline was not only lame but ridicuolous!! This could have been a version on GH with Sonny and Brenda (sorry if you don’t know the reference!). Im just so disspointed YR. On the Soap Magazine it mentioned Withering Heights as a reference to this couple which if you know this story isn’t a good thing to get compared to! Sad, I feel like their aren’t couples that hold my interest on the show anymore. Certainly not that horrible Heather replacement!! Sad YR! I know that you don’t read these blogs but if you did please hear this…you had (or have) a chance to revive something great in this romance! FIX IT NOW!!!

  63. From rd

    OH my god I love Cane and the lilly story line. I wathed the youg and restless just to see these to act together. I am a huge fan of Canes and I love him and his character very much. I hope that his death was staged in order to bring the mob down and to keep his twins safe

  64. From jo ann abram, lombard

    You are going to lose your viewer’s
    if you don’t fix Cane…The world
    is a mess, the only thing we had
    was to watch y&r with one happy
    family… the viewers need some
    kind of reward we have been watch
    ing y&r for over 40yrs some of us.
    learn to please your viewers more.
    It’s bad enought that you have made
    all the viewers HATE Sharon,do something…. it’s not to late,
    I am afraid this time the viewers
    are really leaving…. I know I am.

  65. From a fan

    he must really have been killed off. Then wouldn’t do the Chance thing all over again….too soon to repeat. I think this is a bad move by the producers

  66. From paloma

    WHY WOULD YOU REMOVE CANE!!!!! Honestly, he is so loved by his fans. You’ve had absolutely absurd story lines, like 2 different people having plastic surgery to look like 2 other people,,,, AT THE SAME TIME!!!!! You should really have thought twice about this removal. Many people are saying they will stop watching. You remove Chase and Cane????????? So stupid on your part!

  67. From Bonnie

    Cane and Lily were the best couple on the soap. Bring him back and let the young couple raise their twins. If you are going to take some one off the show let it be headache having serial killer, sleeping with someones brother Jenna. She is a fake and a phony with that stupid acent. I like Adam its his brother and father that make him crazy for not accepting him as their own. Also get rid of self righteous Ashley and wig wearing Tuker…..I’m just keeping it real

  68. From kb

    I believe that sometimes tragedies like this create open doors. Yes, the young & restless wasn’t very smart in firing or letting go such a great actor, however; it may be a blessing in disguise. I hope to see Daniel Goddard in some awesome movies! He is too good of an actor than to be taken advantage of like they did. & yes the writers suck, why else would they be asking for lots of input into their stories?

  69. From Marcia

    I’m done. I deleted Y & R from my DVR. The producers refuse to let anyone be happy for more than 20 minutes. I threatened to leave the show when Sharon got back together with Adam just as she and Nick were about to become a family again. But this time I did it for real.

  70. From Janine

    Very bad move! So dissapointed…..

  71. From Karri Randall

    WELL that’s it! I gave Y&R a chance again after a long abcense and now that Cane is gone. SO AM I!!!!!!!!!

  72. From I LOVE CANE

    I hate you Y&R writters. Why couldn’t you get rid of that stupid chick who plays Heather Stevens and her suck ass acting. WHY did you have to kill off the best/sexist guy on the show???
    Y&R is now a show for genitology major’s. I’m done with Y&R, their writers must be in their 70′s.

  73. From CANE GONE?WTF?

    The Y&R writers really F’d up by killing off Cane. Y&R writers are just looking for quick ratings to keep the show alive. It’s pathetic and desperate, which shows no allengence to the loyal Y&R fans such as myself. So I can’t support their bullshit any longer. I hope Y&R should take a lesson from the other dearly and happily departed soap operas. Fans won’t stand for it.

  74. From DOT


  75. From cyn

    It’s pretty obvious that the Young and Restless wants to close up shop
    why else would they remove the best hunk they’ve had. Sad, can’t keep watching over blown Jill, sickening Heather and worn out Victor. I’m done with them and I would bet there will be more audience lost. Goodbye Y&R.

  76. From Debbie

    I got a strange feeling that possibly the story line will show that Cane was not really killed, but that it appeared that way to help investigate his father and whatever was going on with that drama. I guess the writers could have him on hold until they decide what to do with the storyline.

  77. From Brenda

    I loved CANE and am so disappointed that he was killed!

  78. From SASlady

    I can really say that killing Cane has turned me off from watching the Y&R, and I have watched for over 16yrs. I think that Cane and Lilly have been through way too much as it is, and he was a great charecter and actor. Wanna kill someone off how about Gloria, or Jeffrey they’re a total waste of time. Watching Cane die was one of the most horific scenes in day time television that I have seen. I was literally in tears! I’m so pissed and haven’t watched the Y&R since.

  79. From Y&R Fan In WV

    Removing Cane from the Y&R cast will cause many fans, including myself for over 25 years, to stop watching Y&R and start watching another Soap. To the Y&R writers…..what a quick way to destroy your fan base and your precious ratings. Maybe Cane (Daniel) should appear on a competing Soap so we can support (increase) the ratings of another broadcast. Cane’s character on Y&R was clever, compassionate, and gentle, which gives fans a fresh edge on todays ever-changing society. BRING CANE BACK, OR LOSE YOUR FAN BASE!!!!

  80. From Suzanne

    I have watched Young and the Restless for 30 years because it is entertaining, wonderful story lines. But lately I don’t know what is happening with the stories and what is this about killing Cane ? He and Lily were one of the reasons I still watch the show. I am so disappointed Adam is the one that should die.

  81. From Carol Woodbridge

    Cane Ashbey was my favorite character on Y&R and I will, most likely, tune it out from now on out. I wish the people who make those decisions, would survey the audience before they kill off a character. shows RATINGS depend on viewers like me and I hope theirs goes DOWN!

  82. From Tweets that mention Daniel Goddard Fired As Cane Ashby From The Young And The Restless? | --

    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Lisa Beiger, Amy Mistretta. Amy Mistretta said: Is Cane really dead on #YR? I posted more details: #spoilers @DanielGoddard [...]

  83. From Nicole

    I hate they killed off Cane.. I don’t know what they’re thinking on Y&R anymore. They need to have a couple couples who actually love each other without cheating and all the other crap. Cane had a good boy feeling and it was refreshing to see a character who seemed to care and be on the straight and narrow for a change, then comes this off the wall story line of him being in the bad guy from Australia… fine let him be the one to turn his Dad in again etc..but killing him off was not good!!! I’m sick of them killing off the good ppl and breaking them up for no reason and then leave ppl like Adam and Sharon who makes me so sick to watch. Sharon is insane and getting more so by the day. Who in their right mind believes a mother would be with especially marry a man who kidnapped her baby and told her it was dead ? NOT happenning in real life Y&R .. Please get it together or you’re going to end up with NO viewers.. just like Victor knowing Nick was with the nut Diane he went and called her to meet him.. sometimes you’re letting things and ppl go to far and get away with too much!!

  84. From Fan & the Restless

    I just can’t believe that Cane is gone! I wish that dumb @$$ Blake hadn’t have shot him! Lily would still have a husband to love and the twins would still have a father! UGH! I just don’t like that Cane was killed off the show, I liked him, as I’m sure others did too!

  85. From martinas

    I am hoping that some how Daniel Goddard is back as a living and breathing Cane Ashby! No stupid ghost sotry is going to suffice. I am a huge Lane fan and will never understand this s/l. So many useless characters on the show. Tptb choose 1/2 of the most popular couple on the show to die? I hope this is fixed or Y&R has lost me for good.

  86. From Jack

    I am really upset about Daniel Goddard being let go. I love the characters Cane & Lily as a couple and cannot imagine the show without either of them. That headwriter MAB needs to be fired for such ridiculouslly bad writing! I guess since she didn’t create them she wants to ruin them. Now yoiu have ruined the show. Newmans aren’t all there is to Genoea City lady.

  87. From Lucy

    Plz bring Cane back!! I cannot believe it! What a great actor and he loved his family so0o0o much! But if his death is a fake just to bring his Dad down..its really getting old..too close to the Chance and Ronan story. C’mon Y & R I have been a fan since I was 7 yrs old..dont do this to us..bring Cane back!!! No twin,no ghost,just Cane to love his Lily and twins!!!

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