Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For April 11.

Dealing With Disaster.

On the pier, Viv tells Gus how delightful is was to stick it to Carly. They start plotting to break into Casa DiMera. He tells her Kate will be out for a facial. “Isn’t that like sweeping the beach?” Viv snipes. Later, Philip and Chloe wander down to the pier and she tells him how nice he is. Viv returns looking for her scarf and starts sniping at Chloe. “Dealing with her is like dealing with disaster,” she snipes. He threatens to throw her into the water. Viv continues trashing Chloe. He starts strangling her with her scarf and then stops and pats her on the back. “When you come to the waterfront, you run into the scum of the earth,” he says as he leads Chloe away. They go to the pub and she worries about Parker. Philip’s more worried about her and encourages her to go back to singing. A random guitar player walks in and asks her to sing. She doesn’t think she can do it. After some goading, she goes up and butchers a classic negro spiritual.

At the hospital, Carly thinks of her fight with her son and resists taking some pills. She dumps them and walks to the nurses’ station where she runs into Lexie, who asks her to work in the OR. Carly thinks that’s a bad idea and talks her way out of it.

RoboRafe goes into Fay’s room and tells her she has to die. She wakes up and starts begging for mercy. He unplugs her machines and tells her that he’s not happy about how things have turned out but there’s nothing he can do. He suffocates her with a pillow and then sneaks out.

Nicole and her sister return to Casa DiMera. Nicole continues to wonder what her mom was trying to tell her. Inside, Elvis complains to his father about Chad’s bad taste in music. When he wanders into the foyer, Nicole is there. She makes a joke about her car problems but he thinks it’s lame. They start bickering about who should be with Fay right now. The sisters head back to the hospital. Carly assures them that their mom is sleeping peacefully. They hear Fay’s machine start beeping. The doctors rush in while RoboRafe sneaks out. EJ arrives and tries to keep the sisters calm. Carly comes out and tells them their mom is dead. They all go in to see her. Nicole is outraged and starts blaming Lexie. She demands an autopsy but her sister says she looks peaceful. EJ holds his wife as she breaks down. Carly explains that Fay must have suffered an instant, massive stroke. That’s not enough for Nicole. She returns to her mom’s side to weep. EJ joins her and assures her that nothing could have been done. Taylor offers to call Brandon and leaves. Nicole asks for a moment alone and asks him to be nice to Taylor. When he wanders out, he tries to comfort Taylor but she doesn’t appreciate it and jumps away. She weeps about losing her mom. He hugs her. Meanwhile, Nicole promises her mom that she will discover EJ’s secret.

RoboRafe goes to the station and Roman lectures him for going out without his partner. He tells him he’s being dumb. RoboRafe tells him not to get his panties in a wad. Roman has to leave to take a call from Lexie. When he gets back, he informs RoboRafe that Fay died of natural causes.

Gus and Viv sneak into Casa DiMera. She sends him upstairs and is shocked to discover Chad on the couch. “You’re one of Stefano’s past indiscretions, I’m one of his past wives,” she says, claiming she’s just there for a visit. He tells her to leave and ring the bell next time. Stefano returns and he shudders to see her. He sends his son upstairs and she begins making excuses. He scowls and threatens her until he gets a call. Once he gives her the boot, he mumbles to himself, “Dead?” Later, Viv meets up with Gus and asks him if he found anything he liked in Kate’s closet. She lectures him for screwing up their scheme. He explains that the DiMeras have a jail cell in their basement. “Who doesn’t?” she asks. He explains that it’s been used recently.

Salem Spoilers for Tuesday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“What’s going on?” Stefano asks his son. “Something is not right,” EJ says.

“Mom learned your secret and look what happened to her,” Nicole says to herself.

Mel gets grabbed by someone with a knife.

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  1. From dc

    well, today was a sad day.
    that robo rafe, i sure will be glad when he is gone for good.
    but “real” mrafe is gonna have a hard time clearing his name and getting his memory back.
    i read where sami is gonna take the kids to eric’s.
    chloe has a beautiful voice. also read where phillip is gonna take parker with him when he leaves.. and chloe is gonna have a new love interest, an aussie guy, i think..

  2. From delores

    I will be happy when all of the crazy things are over,I have never liked Nicole, but I feel sorry for her pain, I hope that she cuts her sister off at the ankle. She can have EJ and Nicole, will make him pay lots of monies, sorry she is getting hurt so much,she is in love with EJ. She will move on because she will began to realize that the only reason he had Rafe, replaced is because was still in love with her. I hope Sammie makes him pay but good when she finds out what he has done, As I am sure that he and his Dad will never pay and go to Jail. As always they will walk away with not a scratch.

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