Days Of Our Lives Poll: Philip’s Exit.

Goodbye Philip.

Last week, Salem lost one of its corner characters when Philip decided to up stakes and leave the town for Chicago and a new life with his baby. It was a relatively unceremonious affair which could leave a real hole in the show, especially where the Kiriakis family is concerned. How did you feel about his exit?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. If you don’t see the answer you would have given, feel free to let us know what you would have voted for in the comments section.

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  1. From dc

    i had a feeling they would send phillip and parker off.. i just wish they had kept him on the show. it would be nice if they would bring him back in the future.

  2. From Lynne

    1. Phillip never cared about his kids so he wouldn’t run like that
    2. I think he would kick Chloe out of the house instead of leaving his job and family
    2. Hate when soaps change a personality of a character so fast like that…mad at Chloe, loves Kate no matter what? Hmmm
    3. Yes, Phillip has been on the show for a while but he at least got a send off. Best characters ever were Patch and Kayla and their last time on the show they were in a hospital room talking to Stephanie…never to be seen again. They just said one day that they left town. Those two characters deserved a big send off.

  3. From ND

    How quickly we forget the history of the show. Phillip was an awesome Dad to Belle’s baby girl. He was devastated when he learned she was Shawn D’s. He didn’t make a great choice for Pocket but he had no connection with the mother. It is a shame the actor playing Phillip choses to leave. He has been a great part of the cast for many years and I hope he returns again in the future.

  4. From jenn

    I totally agree with you Lynne regarding the Steve and Kayla send off, they deserved better than that! I know I can be such a sap but, what happened to the days when a sendoff would leave me teary eyed?

  5. From Gayle

    Was disappointed about Philip. Was so sure that Parker was not Phillip’s but was really Daniel’s that Stephanie’s friend changed the results so that it would show that Phillip was Parker’s son because he had a crush on Stephanir.

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