Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For April 28 & 29.

Revenge and the return of Sami.

Nicole accidentally walks in on her husband and sister just as they are giving in to their lusty desires. She steps away and soon receives a call from her deceptive husband. “There’s something I need to talk to you about. Something important,” he informs her. She has a pretty good idea what that is and her mind starts to race. Back at the Cheatin’ Heart, Chloe slightly sobers up when Justin shows up to discuss her divorce. She doesn’t handle it well. After she throws a fit and he departs, Nicole arrives to stew and tell her friend that she’s hatching a plan for revenge on Taylor and EJ.

Since her problems were getting a little too obvious, Carly makes a vague confession to Adrienne. “I’m in big trouble,” the doctor tells her friend. She gets the idea into her head that Daniel could be the man to save her from the mess she’s in. Unfortunately, he’s busy with Jenn, who admits that she actually has feelings for him. After this nearly knocks him down, he comes to his senses and asks her out for a date. She might not be in the best mood, however, after she catches her daughter reading Jack’s blog.

Dario decides that he might as well stick around Salem to enjoy the sights and smells. Not everyone’s having such a grand time though. When Theo accidentally bumps into RoboRafe again, he’s not exactly happy to see him. Sami is thrilled to see him though. She’s returned to town and welcoming him back into her life.

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  1. From carol

    Iwant to see thatsami and the real rafe back together and for the fake rafe to die right long with ej and his father and kake for what she did to cole
    why cant they just leave them along

  2. From FrauMart

    Sami and EJ should reunite! The Raves are boring; hopefully once RealRafe finds out Sami slept with FauxRafe, he’ll dump her, and eventually she and EJ will find their way back to each other. I heard that Taylor won’t want anything to do with EJ, so maybe the timing will be right for EJAMI!

  3. From cindy

    carol, i too wish the same thing!!!lets get a couple of really good love stories going.i have a felling that days is going on the chopping block if the writers don’t start writing better stories.

  4. From dc

    i just knew that nicole would eventually catch ej and taylor..
    but knowing nicole she will get back at them..
    glad theo and ciara arre back with their parents.
    and also glad “real” rafe is ok. i think the nuns will nurse him back to knowing who he is and tell him about the safe house where he will see sami and maybe even robo rafe.

  5. From Jamiebell

    E.J. should neverhave “remarried Nacole”; when he never loved her. Taylor should have taken her belongongs with her to her Mom’s furneral and Taylor should not have come back to Salem after Fayes “services”.

    I have missed this sight but our computer and E-machine are “out of whack” and I have to wate untill I am at a library to post.

  6. From np

    Don’t like the new Taylor. No chemistry between EJ and new Taylor. Please bring back old Taylor (Natalia Livingston) – at least she new how to act and is very beautiful.

  7. From Lin

    Don’t like the new Taylor at all!! In a word – she sucks!! But then, didn’t like her when she was Ava, either. Anyone else have a comment about her???

  8. From Tony

    This new Taylor and EJ have absolutely no chemistry. None! Nada! Nyet!

  9. From shay

    not really thrilled with the new taylor, i remember when she played ava. just not feeling anything between her and ej. nicole is the star of the show, could really be a good story line if she would run into the old rafe and team up with him to bring down ej and stefano. i do NOT like the story with daniel and jen, nothing there. like to see jack come back. chloe needs a new guy, someone strong and very good to look at.. brady is too old for mel not good together. love maggie and victor, hope the play it up alot more. carley and daniel a good match!!!!

  10. From Debbie

    I really loved the old Taylor and the new one just is not natural! I want jack to come back and be with Jen. And I want Sammy to get her kids back. Nicole should just go ahead and stab EJ and Taylor and be done with it.

  11. From Janiebell

    I did not like the other Taylor but at least she knew to “not go over the deep end” with E.J. yes “Taylor was smittened with E.J.” but she did try to keep her distances but the “new Taylor” seems to be rushing full force straight ahead to her sister, Nicole’s husband. I hope this time, Nichole “mowes them both down”, I hope Nicole” takes E.J. to the cleaners”, and “mops up Salem with both Taylor and E.J.. This time let Nicole come out the winner with no damages.

  12. From justafan

    not liking the new taylor no chemistry with ej never thought i would say that ej is so handsome and nicole is so pretty the other taylor was pretty can’t wait until sami and the real rafe run into each at the safe house. maggie is a fool chloe is still drinking where is maggie now. last but not least glad the kids s/l is over it was so foolish no real reason for it.

  13. From Sheila Malmgren

    Glad to hear that I’m not the only person that doesn’t like the new Taylor. Do like Jen and Daniel together. Hope Victor and Maggie manage to get back together.

  14. From Grandma Judy

    What a bill of goods EJ sold Taylor again yesterday and today! When she protests that they are doing wrong and she pulls away from him, I hate it when she then backtracks and gives in to him and her feelings for him. Spoilers suggest Nicole tells Taylor what she finds out about what EJ and Stefano did to Rafe and I hope Taylor turns against EJ after that and gets the upper hand with him.

    I’m glad the Ciara/Theo running away s/l is over. I think it was a filler s/l while the writers decided where they were going with other s/ls. The kids were cute, though, and are both great child actors.

    Jennifer and Daniel seemed unnatural to me today (Thurs.). And I didn’t like the way they had Jennifer’s hair done.

  15. From TDU


  16. From DrQwerty

    WHY ohhhh WHY doesn’t the writers for DOOL take my suggestion to have the original Rafe come back to a pregnant Sami with Rafe #2′s baby???? This would be a great storyline. Of course, Rafe #2 would have to be long gone when Rafe #1 comes back.

    Then, we could go through the long process of his getting his memory back and then …. when he finally does …. his wife is preggers with Rafe #2′s baby!!! Also, Sami would be torn between abortion/no abortion … as well as dealing with the arrival of this “new” Rafe (actually Rafe#3) who can’t remember anything!!!!

    IMO, this would be a great storyline … and then, of course, when the new bambino is born (if that is what Sami elects to do) or the child isn’t stillborn … then we can deal with the kid looking like one of the Three Stooges!!! (in case you forgot that one time, Rafe #2 looked up his old photograph on a police computer a while back and he greatly resembled one of them).

    I am really enjoying Stefano & Kate and Victor with Maggie by the way. It shows the human side of these villians.

    However, EJ & Taylor = YUCK!!! Soooo why not have Taylor get struck by the LOVE LIGHTNING BUG again … only this time with Roman (who hasn’t had a storyline in a looooooooooong time). EJ, of course, could then go back to realizing what a gem Nicole is and spending his free moments driving Sami crazy.

    Chloe needs a storyline also … so why can’t the writers do the double switcheroo on the DNA results of the paternity of her baby???? This would cause Daniel to come back to her since Parker really really is his daddy (too many people changed his test results) … therefore a new DNA will prove beyond a doubt that Daniel truly is Parker’s father. Philip could then come back to Salem and re-pursue Melanie who absolutely does NOT belong with that silly character created by the writers that needs a shave.

    And Carly? well she just needs to spend a few nights with Mr. Feelgood … Dr. Brady Black (I mean look how he fixed up Nicole)

    OOOKKKKkkkk … now that’s my two cents and I’m stickin’ to it.

    Hugs and Kisses to all. I enjoy watching you all try to figure out new solutions to Salem’s ongoing problems. However, I have been watching since 1970, when Julie & Doug & Addie were some of the big threesomes in Salem. And don’t foget Mickey & Laura … with Bill hovering in the background … and then along came Maggie who spent all of her time on a farm on crutches. Ahhh…. those were the days …

    B’bye for now.

  17. From SandyGram

    #7 DrQwerty
    Yee Gosh…having Taylor hook up with Roman, he’s old enough to be her father.

    There are many of us who would like to see the writers script a new DNA test for Parker. With the results being he really is Daniel’s son. Their either not smart enough on their own or there is no Medical Advisors on the show.

    Then Carly hooking up with the Brady man…Yee Gads, there’s that May/December thing. Brady was born when Bo and Carly were together the first time.

    And, if you couldn’t tell, many of us on this site have also been watching Days some as far back as 1965. The Julie, Susan, David Martin storyline was one of the best. As was the Tommy/Marie story. Good Memories.

  18. From Kimmie

    Ok…Not loving the new Taylor either. If they were going to have to replace her, could they at least find an actress who actually looks like she could pass as Nicole’s ‘younger’ sister?? Still, loving the constant banter between Victor and Brady/ Stefano and EJ. :)

  19. From Just Moi

    Well those of you who missed days only missed EJ’s double, sweet talk to Taylor. Uggh I hate how they repeat theirselves.

    So EJ is promissing the moon to Nicole. Hmmm, that would be fine as long as Nic sits quietly in the background and doesn’t make any waves. After all that Nic told Tay, does Tay really believe that EJ is honest when he sais he will give Nic a big settlement and let her see the baby? EJ only does what is good for EJ, at this time this is what is good for EJ. But what will happen when Tay gets her brains back and leaves EJ? What will happen to Nic then? She will have nothing or EJ will be able to hold that deal over Tay’s head telling her it will be all her fault that Nic loses everything.

    So once again EJ will get what EJ wants and all other will have to bow to the allmighty EJ.

  20. From Just Moi

    Oh, why don’t they put Carly with Roman? Same age kinda, both are slow talking, boring, looks like a match made in Days Heaven

  21. From Katherine

    10 Just moi,, Roman is old enough to be Carly’s father, about 20 years older….I wouldn’t want old Roman, I rather take Brady, or…. someone same age or younger, let her be a Coogar…. not a nursemaid down the road.

  22. From Just Moi

    Katherine..haha love it! But Carly is old enough to be Brady’s mom, and he is wayyyyy to hawt for her. I like Carly when she is mad and feisy but she can be so meek sometimes, like when Mel gets on her case, I thought her and Roman would be good together

  23. From Janiebell

    What a lying two-timing, skimming, nasty, skum E.J. is and Taylor is no better than E.J.; sure a man can turn on charm and make walking away hard for a woman, but a rill woman never “goes to far” with another woman’s husband; especilly when that other woman hapens to be the sister of the nut-job the husband is “turning to”. If Taylor had been any decent woman.; she would have never have returnedto Salem after her mom’s funeral.

  24. From Katherine

    12 Just Moi,, Like I said IMO Carly is to young, fibrant and needy to be with old Roman (and Viagra LOL) if there was a choice to make, put her with the young stud, who would you choose for a nice Mental Health Affair inly, Brady or Roman… Moi knows, the young one, hands down, what say you….

  25. From Just Moi

    Katherine….If it was me?? It would be Brady hands down!!!! But I think it’s a waste for Brady and Carly. I want Brady with a younger, sexier, woman with some spunk. Loved Brady & Nic, or Cloe and while I do see the point of some on here about keeping Mel & Brady as a brother/sister type relationship, I would rather see him with Mel than Carly . But I love your Viagra comment!!

  26. From Katherine

    Just moi, I agree, I want Brady with a nice young woman also,
    but in the meantime why couldn’t him and Carly have a little Afternoon Delight, mental health delight for both, he can help her with the drug use, he’s been there.
    Then both can move on again, short and sweet helpful affair/romance.
    It was good enough for Kate, with Dan and EJ….
    Don’t like Brady with Melanie, it’s like the good Uncle/Brother is becoming a slime or something like that, IMO.
    EJ’s punishment might just be, pining and hurting for Taylor, finding out what real love can do to a person, when it is not returned or abused. Still like EJ however, wish they stop murdering his character and bring him back to be the charming, sexy, exciting character that we like so much on the screen.

  27. From nikki

    i would like sammi and ej back together and not victor and maggie are together lets pair stefano up with some goodytwo shoes imagine caroline in an accident mabey getting amnesia and mabey stefano saves her and she falls for him and lets turn kate and viv into cougers hahahaha mabey real raffe and robo rafe

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