Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For May 2-6.

Dates, divorce and blackmail.

Elvis’ plans to dump Nicole find an unusual source of resistance – Stefano. While they bicker over EJ’s plans to bed Nicole’s bookkeeping sister even if it means he’ll have to hire a new nanny, Nicole launches a plan of her own. She has enough dirt on the DiMeras to make Elvis squirm like a worm and she doesn’t hesitate to use it. Elvis is easily forced into submission and gives his wife what she demands, much to Taylor’s horror.

Sami is back in town but her marriage is still in the dumps. She can’t help but wonder whether RoboRafe was as faithful to her and the kids as those ropes she tied him up with at their wedding were supposed to make him. Sami tells Caroline that her marriage is at an end. RoboRafe might have a hard time getting out of her life however, because he loses his bank card. Things are about to get a whole lot more awkward though because Rafe and his empty mind return to town and bump into his wife.

Dario does his best impression of someone looking nonchalant as he tries not to drop any hints that he’s got his knickers in a bunch because Brady is stepping out with Melanie. While he tries to ignore their dating, Abigail is busy fussing over her mom to get her ready for a date with Dr. Daniel. Across town, dating problems are making someone else miserable. Chloe gets even more depressed after she eavesdrops on another spiky conversation between Maggie and Victor.

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  1. From kass

    Yay 1st to post!

  2. From sam

    ratings drop, drop, drop …LOL

  3. From Debbie

    Congratulations, Kass! I know the feeling of being the first to post. Unfortunately it doesn’t last. lol

  4. From MAB

    Kass – I disagree with you about Mel & Brady. I don’t mind their friendship, but as a couple? No way! He is handsome & mature, and needs a ‘woman’, not a little girl. Mel has never really grown up, and her immaturity shows more often than not. She’s changed for the better somewhat, but that was mainly due to Maggie’s influence. And why does there have to be 2 men fighting over her all the time? I don’t see anything that spectacular about her to invoke this tug of war. We just got over Philip & Nathan fighting over her, and now here comes Brady & Dario for round 2. The writers are just recycling the same s/l she just got out of, and just replaced the players. I want to see Brady back with Nicole anyway, and as far as Mel, well I guess her only option is Dario at this point since Nathan left.

  5. From Pk

    I am so not liking the new Taylor. Doesn’t look like the younger sister and doesn’t look good with EJ. The timid Taylor was more believable and likable with him.
    I love the idea of Brady and Mel. It was nice when they kissed. That was believable!

  6. From Grandma Judy

    I so agreed with all that was told to EJ today by Nicole and also by Stefano and it’s exactly why I blame him more for the EJ/Taylor duo. He is a man in pursuit of what he wants, when and where he wants it. Taylor has not been the aggressor in the “relationship”, which isn’t realy a relationship since all they’ve done is kiss passionately and breath heavily. And EJ is the one who always initiates it. She has tried to get away from him, although I will admit that her inability to resist him has worn thin for me, but I believe if he had left her alone, she never would have turned around and gone after him. He’s been a man on a mission to pursue her ever since he first saw her. Even sent out a search for who and where she was, just before he was to marry Nicole.

    I was favorably impressed with Tamara Braun’s first appearance as Taylor today. But can’t really tell much until she gets into the real meat of the role. Someone on the other page said she has more of an edge than Natalia Livingston but maybe that’s a good thing, since so many of us, including me, have complained about the wimpy doe-eyed Taylor. I’m anxious to see where this s/l goes. As for Tamara’s age, she is so small and, I think, young looking, and Nicole is mature looking, so I think it can work that she’s supposed to be the younger sister.

    Melanie and Brady are sweet together but I kinda like her with Dario. I didn’t care for him at first but I like him better now. Glad Bo showed up when he did because I was getting worried what faux Rafe would do to Theo. Even though I hadn’t read that anything bad would happen.

  7. From MAB

    Tamara Braun looks older than Ari Zucker so it will definitely have to be overlooked that she is the younger sister. Plus, she’s not even really pretty. I feel for EJ having to go from looking at pretty Natalia’s face to looking at Tamara’s face. It will take some good acting on his part. Either way, I’ll never be impressed with the Taylor character. It’s a dead end no matter who plays her.

    It doesn’t matter how much you are pursued by someone, you don’t have to give in, especially when it’s your sister’s husband. I hope Nicole brings the wrath down on Taylor for pursuing EJ just as much as he pursued her. And if EJ gets what he wants when he wants it, it’s just because he’s that good!

    Come on writers, let’s get the ball rolling with Brady again, other than just seeing him come to Mel’s rescue. I read that Brady wants to may EJ pay for Ari’s death. I assume he finds out Troy worked for the DiMeras (don’t know for sure). I don’t mind seeing Brady vs. EJ. It’s much better than Rafe vs. EJ, because Rafe is no match for EJ, regardless of what the writers try to force. Brady is a whole different story. Let the games begin I say.

  8. From Grandma Judy

    But IMO that’s the thing, – Taylor has given in to EJ but she’s never been the one to pursue him. He has always initiated their encounters. No, you don’t have to give-in to someone and, like I said, her weakness has worn thin on me, but I still see him as the aggressive one trying desperately to keep the attraction going. Like Stefano told him today, it’s all about her not wanting to “do” him while he’s married to her sister. EJ being EJ, he just can’t stand it!

  9. From DaysFan

    I really hope the writers quickly stop testing the Melanie/Brady couple storyline – no good!!! I hope that Nicole and Brady get back together.

    Seeing Nicole uncover what is going on at the Dimera’s would be awesome – especially if they have her do it cleanly; no law breaking! I would
    love to see her character blossom to become one of the ‘good’ ones of Salem! Then it would to fun to watch her keep Brady in line!

    I think that Day’s writers need to think about the future long-lasting power couples – in my opinion Brady and Nicole could be one. Putting Bo and Hope back together is one thing, but what couples are next to follow??? Bo and Hope will get older – need younger couples to add to the mix, ones that will be long-lasting. I find it frustrating watching all the younger couples break-up, sometimes again and again, and well, where are the future ‘forever’ couples? Even though they might be on and off again too, we know there is that deep pull to bring them back – the history – like Bo and Hope.

  10. From kari

    I just wish that Taylor was not recast – what a horrible choice that was made!!!!

  11. From Guest

    I hate the Taylor character but think that Tamara Braun is more believable in it. I’m glad the writers realized fast that the other Taylor was not right for the role. Poor Nicole, I like her with EJ but that is over now. Todays episode was really good, for those one day behind…don’t miss the next episode. I hope Nicole gets some great scenes as this story takes a turn. Robo Rafe, look out, I think you’re about to get busted.

  12. From Kelly

    I was also impressed with Tamara Braun’s portrayal of Taylor. She meshed into Natalia Livingston’s innocence very well. I don’t know why they had to change her.
    I don’t think Brady and Melanie should be together. I much prefer to see Melanie with Dario. I would rather see Chloe mature and go back with Brady.

  13. From gerri480

    I think Taylor and EJ are both snakes,EJ the largest serpent,based on his history,(he and his dad do whatever,hurt whoever ,that might get In their way)I didn’t think he could sink any lower,than the Kidnapping storyline with Sydney,but he proved me wrong,by Putting this insane stranger into the lives of his children(whom he claims to love)It Is way past time for this story to close,and move on, to something new.

    I really don’t want Mel and Brady to be a couple,she Is just too inmature,If they don’t want him with Nicole,put him with Chloe.
    I hope Maggie keeps standing up to Victor(as If he has any right to question anyone’s morals).And Kate,
    just needs to stay In the background and keep those “big lips closed”everything doesn’t concern her,and again,what right has she got,to call anyone out,on htheir behavior(she thinks she does since her’s Is so squeaky clean.I think If Days,Is really serious about a Gay storyline,that would appear to me,that they are worried about ratings,and they want to inject this In,thinking It will save the show,but guess again,It will be the final blow,as most of us on this blog,and else where,would react negatively to this.Where could their brain cells possibly be?
    stranger,into the lives of his children

  14. From gerri480

    oops,Ignore last sentence above…typing error!!!

  15. From Katherine

    Victor calls Chloe a slot and everything else, she gets condemed for sleeping with Dan, cheating on Lucas, fine,she had a drunken night with Phil, after Vivian set her up royally, fine, she had the DNA tests switched on her baby, or this whole mess could have been resolved right then and there, but Caroline, pure Caroline intervened,
    Chloe had postpartum, Kate made her throw her pills out, looks like Chloe has been manipulated just about by the best, Viv, Kate,Caroline, and now she is the lowest in some peoples opinion, especially Melanie’s, really,
    but Mr. Dan, the Man slut at one time, is the one that hurt Lucas right there with Chloe, she is being condemed all over, but Dr. Dan now is all of a sudden good enough for Miss Sunshine Horton Jennifer herself, I don’t understand, why Chloe is shouldering everything and every pain caused by herself, get some of those other guilty nasty characters and go after them too, let’s see some fair justuce please.
    If Vic calls Chloe a whore, give his godson a name too, and his own son also…. Melanie, you have no room or moral authority to judge anybody, you were a little whore yourself on the computer,…. and a thief and more……
    Brady and Melanie, please, that’s almost sick, the old uncle and the little girl…..

  16. From ThatGirL

    I am seriously considering giving up on dool’s i have been watching this show for 20 yrs but the past couple of years have sucked. If one were to watch one day then not tune in for a whole month you wouldn’t miss anything it would still be the same s/l. its just ruining the show dragging every little thing on and on forever like the writer has no choice bc it takes them months to think of something else. And the old Taylor- wow super bad actress but the new Taylor..really? they already used her on this show as John Blacks lover Ava remember people jeeze im sure there are alot of out of work actresses that would love this role, maybe even one with light blond hair and maybe blue eyes that kinda resembled Nicole and one that looks a couple yrs younger since thats what she is supposed to be come on people! It makes me so aggravated bc I know this show could be be amazing again

  17. From kass

    I liked the old Tayler better, I AM NOT a Tamara Braun fan at all, and MAB I’m with you I dont think that she is pretty at all either. I dont know I guess I will have to agree to disagree with you on the Brady/Melany issue I think that they would go great together. They have always had that great strong friendship where one has looked out for the other. Brady has almost played like a big brother to Melany, being protective over her, and I think that is the sweetest thing. I dont want to see a recycled of two guys fighting over Mel, I want Dario gone, out of the show, he is a horrible actor IMO, and even if he was a great actor he brings nothing to the show and like the rest of the Hernandez’s they are NOT relatives to the show and could be easily removed! Back to Melany and Brady, I see chemistry there, I dont know if it could potentially be sparks and flames, but to me there is deffinately tension there that I would atleast like to see have a shot, I may be wrong, but I would like to see them give it a go, I predict that it would be a great relationship. I DONT like Nicole with Brady, because she uses him, she only wants him when her life is bad and she needs him to pass the time and to lift her up. As soon as her life starts working out and things get better she drops him. Also I think that Nicole brings out the bad side of Brady,(and while I do occasionally like Bad boy Brady) I think that Melany would level him out. Idk… I think I really wish that they would get rid of Rafe 1&2 I just cant stand either. Rafe 2 is just a plaine dousch and Rafe 1 is a but kisser, all he does is follow Sami around with his nose shoved so far up her behind, you’d think that they were a pair of dogs in heat, It’s truely sickening. I dont think that any other couple in the history of Day’s has had as many sex scenes as SAFE even Bo and Hope and they have been on the show for 20+ years now… One thing that I truely believe that the writers are destroying is EJ, his character is being written as pathetic. The real EJ wouldnt jeapordize his plans for a piece of behind. Ej in the past has had relations with women (Kate, Sami, Nicole I think thats all) but he has never allowed his relations jepordize his other plans. I think that Tayler is just like Dario, Gabby, Adrien and Justin they are just all filler characters. We all know that the only reason that Tayler was placed on the show was to directly divert all of EJ attention from Sami to Tayler. I dont like the direction Ej is heading. As for Bo and Hope I am just tierd of them its like a song you hear a million times that you love and adventually it gets old and you put the CD away and in a couple years you take it out and you enjoy it as much as when you first got it, I just think that they need to take another break like join Shawn D, Belle, and Claire for a while, maybe like a year or two just a little time. They have been jumping from one storyline to the next for along time now and their characters just dont have the spice and spunk that they use to have, not that I dont like Bope, they are fine. But IMO they need a break.

  18. From kass

    Ohh btw I meant to see how you ladies have been? Katherine, MAB, GRAM JUDY? really any one I regurally talk to? I havent noticed that many new comers to the room just the same ol people, I see posts are down from what use to be like 250 posts a week to almost 150… waunder if that has to do with the storylines?? idk

  19. From cassie

    the last Taylor was drop dead gorgeous. maybe Ej told tptb he didnt like the first Taylor because she is pretty than he is. LOL. Brady and Mel, no way, he is way hotter than she is. She looks like a frog compared to him.

  20. From Jody

    I also liked the original Taylor and thought she was very [pretty too. I liked her style of acting. I think this new one (Tamara) is going to change the style of Taylor.She already called Nicole honey or sweetie today which I don’t think the orig. Taylor would have done. I am curious… does anyone know if the character of Philip will be recast? It seems odd if it isn’t. I can’t imagine little Parker not being back in Chloe’s life at some point. I thought it was strange the writers did not have Chloe’s parents at either the wedding, the birth of Parker or when she tried to commit suicide. If none of the orig. actors were available, they should have done scenes like they did at the funeral of Fay when they said Brandon was in the other room. The fact Chloe is alone makes her actions seem more realistic. It will be interesting to see how Victor reacts to Maggie taking in Chloe. So far, he is not accepting it.
    I am done with the Rafe II storyline. I don’t know how the orig. Rafe survives the fall but I am sure he does. Galen Gering has done a good job in portraying both charcters.

  21. From Clear

    I voted other to the poll because if Nicole can have whatever she wants from EJ, she will want all of the above!

    I like Tamara’s first appearance too. Now if TPTB will just continue to dress her for the part and she could do with a new hairstyle. I like it long, but it would be much nicer if she had a more modern layered cut. She has beautiful eyes, and I think they are her best feature.

    I don’t want to see Brady with Mel other than a friend either. How about Dario gets a shave, haircut, and some nicer clothes on before he comes courting her again? I thought it was great that we finally got to hear Chloe sing once, and now she needs a job doing it at maybe Mags restaurant as some of us suggested before. The captcha I have to do to post is illegible and makes no sense whatever–good luck with a first post for me on this one.

  22. From ky girl

    i haven’t been on here for awhile so hello everybody! i fasted from the soap for three weeks and noticed i didn’t really miss a thing. i still don’t like tamara braun playing taylor(ugly) so i can’t get invested in taylor and ej. don’t like any of the hernandez family(dario ugly) and can’t act, so can’t get invested in him. and writers please don’t have brady and malanie romantically involved,(nothing there) this soap is so boring but i keep watching hopeing it’ll get better. sad isn’t it.

  23. From clear

    I was thinking that maybe real Rafe and Brady will team up with Nicole against the Dimeras. Then I remembered that Vivian is out there after Kate and Stef too. It was hilarious when she told Gus she was going to use her womanly wiles! It could get really convoluted so I’m hoping the writers have some good ones coming. Maybe a Cinco de Mayo party on the pier would help things along?

  24. From SandyGram

    It looks like the writers are going to keep Chloe in the bar for a while. It doesn’t look like she learned anything after Philip & Parker left town even though Maggie came to her support.

    Melanie needs to get over Daniel being hurt by Chloe. Let her Dad take care of his life or she will never move on and become her own woman. It’s sad that the writers are now interfering with the relationship between Melanie and Maggie also.

  25. From Grandma Judy

    Clear #16, – my husband also mentioned how pretty Tamara Braun’s eyes are. Hopefully she will be a more believable Taylor. A Cinco de Mayo party to bring everyone together, that’s a good one!! Like you, I would also like to hear Chloe sing more.

    I hope Chloe is not going to turn out to be a full fledged alcoholic, especially since they are making Carly into a drug addict. And it’s all too soon after the whole Hope s/l with her drug and what it did to her.

    kass #14, – thanks for asking about some of us regulars on this site. Been a horribly long and hard winter here in S. Michigan, and spring hasn’t really hit us even yet. But indoors my husband and I have been doing great. I’m remembering your loss and I’m hoping you and hour husband are doing better these days!

  26. From Kay

    The new Taylor is so, so ugly. There is no chemistry between her and E.J. – Days has ruined another interesting story line. She looks old and used – not like Nichole’s younger sister.

  27. From Debbie

    #12 Katherine, great post about Chloe and how everyone in Salem seems to be blaming her exclusively for lives being ruined instead of pointing fingers also at those she’s been involved with. Victor, Kate and Vivian are the worst of the black kettles and Melanie used to be one too. I understand her backing her dad but he’s been no saint either and at least he’s trying to give Chloe the space to heal and I like how he’s told Melanie to lay off of her. I didn’t word this post well but I hope my meaning came through.

  28. From SandyGram

    So it looks like EJ is intent on divorcing Nicole for Taylor. But as he tells Taylor “she (meaning Nicole) will have all the money she needs, access to Sydney and she go to her true love Brady”. So EJ after all he did to keep Nicole away from Brady is now OK that she has a relationship with him, because he will be happy with Taylor. What happens when Taylor finds out EJ was involved in the Rafe fiasco will she still love him and give up her relationship with her sister? If Taylor kicks EJ to the curb will EJ deny Nicole access to Sydney and order her to stay away from Brady, that is if Brady will have anything to do with Nicole after she leaves EJ? Just an inquiring mind wanting to know!

  29. From NeeNee

    Oooh, SandyGram

    You’ve raised some very interesting questions. In the spoilers, it sounded like Taylor wants nothing to do with EJ either after Nicole spills.

    So will the Sister Duo head for Sami’s place to form the Terrible Trio of EJ’s nightmares?? Lots of ways this could go . . . EJ still has the Arianna tape with Sami confessing to his attempted murder, though. Good piece of leverage there. But I would think EJ & Stefano’s involvement in the RoboRafe caper would be just as serious as Sami’s shooting EJ. Unless Sami & EJ agree to cancel out each other’s crimes in favor of unity for the children.

    Debbie, as we’ve discussed many times, there seems to be one set of standards for the DiMeras and Kiriakises and another for everybody else. Hope & Sami have each done time for past crimes. Kate, by her marrige to Stefano, skated from the Chloe poisoning, too.

    Off topic, where do all the comments from last week’s “Next Week’s Spoilers” go?? Once the newest one is up, old one disappears, no? Couldn’t find anything in the index, and there appears to be no archives for that category. Lots of good comments that I would like to review. Ended up saving it to “My Favorites” on the home computer, couldn’t think of anything else to do.

    P.S. Word verification has been HORRID of late. Today’s is “Porkorny uriencon.” A computer must pick out these strange letter combinations!

  30. From Clear

    Neenee, there is a link to last week’s spoilers on the Days site just above this one. I posted on it last night.

    Lunch time here and have a few minutes, so was reading the last posts. Kay, I see some of what you see with Tamara in a different way. She is so thin, and her hair is too long and looks like she needs a cut and a new do. I still believe if they dress her well and do something with her hair that she can be a knock out. Right now Nicole looks turned out much better. They are both supposed to be grief stricken, but I hope TPTB don’t do too much black–especially with Tamara.

    I also don’t think we need to worry about becoming invested in Taylej or Ejaylor because she is going to be disgusted when she finds out what he has done.

    This is one of those cases where I hope everything comes out about faux Rafe and him throwing Fay down the stairs. I always hoped that Nicole planting evidence against Ariana would come out too, but it never has. Ditto about wanting justice served.

  31. From disapointed fan

    I really liked the original Taylor she was much more believable for the role. Why was she replaced, I seem to remember this new Taylor was on Days a few years ago as a mobs daughter. Please bring back the old Taylor!!

  32. From sharon

    glad I am not the only one who thinks the new Taylor is homely. Maybe it is in the contracts no one can be prettier than EJ and Nicole!! And as bad as the first Taylor was, this new Taylor is just as bad as an actor. Wow, you would think there are enough unemployed actors to find someone new, not have to recycle. It would be nice to see some good storylines, using the show’s history as a guideline. Am very tired of the deMearas getting away with everything illegal. They never get caught.

  33. From MAB

    #13 kass – of course we can agree to disagree, not too many people on here you can do that with, but I know I can with you. I like Brady being protective of Mel too, and like you said it’s more like a big brother thing…just another reason I can’t see them as a couple. And I think Mel is too immature for Brady, and it’s nice to see 2 people in a relationship as friends w/o having to turn it into something romantic or sexual just because they are of the opposite sex. You know I agree with you on the Hernandez clan. They are all expendable and should be removed from the show. I agree Nicole uses Brady, but she really uses everyone, but with that said, I think she really loves, or loved, Brady. And they had great chemistry like EJ & Sami. I like couples who can set the screen on fire! I said the exact same thing in one of my prior posts, that I think the writers are trying to kill the EJ character.

    Taylor does pursue EJ. She is just more subtle at it than him. She is going behind her sister’s back with her husband. She is not the innocent person everyone thinks she is. At least EJ don’t try to be someone he’s not. Tamara is horrible to look at. I feel sorry for James Scott having to do love scenes with her. Yuk!

    Brady doesn’t need any help from Rafe to take down the DiMeras. The writers need to stop pushing Rafe into everyone else’s s/l’s. Rafe would just get in Brady’s way anyway. Brady is a Kiriakis and will not likely do things by the book. Brady can do bad all by himself…with maybe a little help from Victor.

    Mel needs to get over herself & stop being selfish. Maggie is the caring person to everyone, and Mel needs to realize she isn’t the only person Maggie can lend a helping hand too. Ever since the writers gave Chloe a s/l she could sink her teeth into, I’ve liked her. And I tend to root for the underdog, so I’m in her corner for now.

    If the bad guys always paid for their crimes & justice was served as some of you call it, then there would be no DiMeras or Kiriakis’. These powerful families are valuable to the show and sending them to jail would not serve the s/l.

  34. From NeeNee

    Clear, I’m still not seeing a link that you refer to—on my computer anyway. Came home for lunch and brought up last week’s “next week’s spoilers” that I’d saved to my favorites. BIG TIME INFECTED / VIRUS notification!! I’d like to know just who is managing to do this, and deciding whom to infect. Or maybe it’s like the AIDS virus, just visiting a site contaminates us, too!

  35. From Lisa/St. Louis

    I think it would have been much more interesting if they would have Knocked RoboRafe out and captured him thinking he was the real Rafe. Then to see him try to convince them that he is the imposter Rafe.

  36. From betsybee

    The writers of this soap are a very sick group of people !! To have Allison Sweeny and James Scott
    their top leads, and needlessly to say the top Daytime actors to ever cgrace the screen plus the chemistry between two people being of the utmost scenario, i honestly believe that these same writers need to return to school and relearn their jounalism antics and come up with a s/l to accommodate these two actors. They are superb and need to have some kind of story line to fulfill their potentials .

    The Rafe’s cabn be disposed of at any time plus the whole Hernandez famioly. Try new actors with new story lines and build this soap back to its original status. They just do not come better than JAMES SCOTT and for god’s sake give the guy a fighting chance to improve your ratings. He is the only one who can do it for you.

    Ken Corday, get with it, open your eyes your mind and your heart to your many fans and come up with something better than what we have ah to watch in the past two years. Where is family life here now. Who needs all the corruption all the time. GET WITH IT AND SATISFIED THE FANS WHO KEEP YOU IN YOUR JOB

  37. From betsybee

    This Canadian Fan is disgusted with the writing skills on this Soap Opera. I have watched this program for 45 years and the past two years have been absolutely disgusting. The only part that was worth the time was when Sami moved in with the kids, much and all as she was cohurst into it. But those scenes showed us family life. Can we not have more of that in these trying time of fmilies in REAL LIFE.

    I read these post constantly and I know htere are many of you who feel the same as I do re these writers.

    This DOOL has a number of great actors and TPTB seem to forget who they have employed. The Producers make me sick !!!!!!!!!!! We the Fans keep tham in business as I have said many times before but I doubt any of them ever read any of THESE FAN POSTS.

    Take care everyone. Best wishes in the future. !!!!!!!!!!!

  38. From Jay

    Definitely do NOT like Dario! He is soooo not a good actor. Don’t want him and Melanie together for sure. Would love to see her and Brady together. Why do the writers keep doing the same storylines over and over? Come on we’ve been through the whole John Black transformation now Rafe? SUCKS!!!!! Enough is

  39. From kari

    Dear DOOL casting peeps:

    The new Taylor/old Ava is awful. Bring back the old one!!

  40. From Gentzy

    Can’t stand the new ‘Taylor’! I didn’t like this girl when she was on before as the crazy girl after Patch. Can’t figure out why the writers saw fit to fire the other actress and bring this one in – will never figure that move out. But then the writers do alot of crap that don’t make sense. I bet the original writers are turning over in their graves!!!!!!

  41. From Nancy

    I like yesterday’s Taylor better because she was more age appropriate, the new one looks more like EJ’s long lost daughter.

  42. From gerri480

    request to my blogger buddies,who hppen to be on the site now,please say a qick prayer for our state,we are in the middle of terrible weather,with violent tornadoes,now in Birmingham,much damage,and most likely many injuries and death>>..Thank you….we are 100 miles south of B’HAM….

  43. From luvtoread

    to gerri

    praying for your safety. Those storms are terrifying. I know there has been terrible storms. let us know how you are doing.

  44. From Katherine

    Gerri, saying prayers for you and all of the people in danger, we are under Tornado watch here to in PA ….
    Our family friend for 30 years/93 yrs. old passed away this AM. Was with him yesterday, and every other day, have helped take care of him for so many years, shopping , cleaning, appointments, etc. reminded me of my father.
    Sad day today.

    Please writers quite slow murdering EJ’s character, you have the best there is, and you throwing it away, Sami and EJ are the money makers, why can’t any of you see that, and most of all us viewers love them, they light up the screen, love them or hate them, they move the fans….

  45. From luvtoread

    I don’t see any kind of chemistry between EJ and the new Taylor. Even his charming, gazing look he always had isn’t there. I do believe that former Taylor and EJ had something going. I can’t fathom who and what reason the decision to switch actresses. Fans get attached. I never did like the Arianna switch. Its hard to rap my arms around this. Oh, so goes the remote fast forward button again.
    why have Ciara and Theo ran away. Is there any link to any part in the story. Was this just a random scene.
    Rafe: I am so looking forward to this being over and resolved. The writers could have made so much more to this. I think someone wrote earlier that it would have been fantastic is the thugs caught roborafe!!! Writers missed it again.
    Anyone remember the storyline a long time ago when Susan switched places with Kristen. The audience was so surprised we talked about it for days.
    Like the other fans, I’m missing the creativity of the storylines and the element of surprise.

    I think Sami is in New Zealand with the Biggest Loser

  46. From SandyGram

    gerri480, Katherine

    To you and all of the citizens of each and every state in line of the Tornado’s and floods in the south and mid-west stay strong. Our prayers are with each and everyone one of you.

  47. From Eh

    So glad Tamara is here and not constipated looking Natalia, but it doesn’t make it much better since I can’t stand Taylor and this incenstuous s/l. However, because of how they’re purposely making EJ look worse and worse I really don’t care about what happens at the Dimera mansion anymore, actually I end up missing the show quite a bit because it’s just so boring. I’m sick of Rafe period, one was enough so can both of them just die? I’m sick of whiny, love-sick Sami, and I’m sick of the Hernandez’s. Arianna should have been kept while the others should have been killed off. I would have been watching religiously if EJ and Arianna paired up, even though her and Nicole wanting the same man was getting old. This Dario and Melanie thing? I see no chemistry. Even though Melanie was too young when she first came to Salem I saw chemistry between her and Brady, and I still do. Dario is as boring as Rafe, and Gabi… ugh. When will stuff people can relate to happen? Pregancy s/l’s are getting old, so what about something like Nicole being bisexual or something. Or Sami giving up on men to be with a woman. It’s too repetitive and in real life switched paternity tests, inconsequential one-night stands (not counting pregnancy), and making a carbon copy of someone doesn’t happen.

  48. From KASS

    Hey I am just like everyone else I cant stand the new Taylor, she ugly and not that good of an actor, I’m not at all invested in EJ/Taylor! BRING EJAMI BACK!!!!
    Gram Judy I’m sorry ya’ll are having a horrible winter in Michigan, It has been really really pretty weather here in Florida, been in the high 80′s and 90′s all week this week, here. and to answer your question yes we are doing better, just working like crazy! I hop your weather gets better soon! Also sorry to hear about everyone elses unfortinate weather, about a month ago we had a pretty bad storm but, and were out of power for about a day but other than that everythings been pretty calm here in the Sunshine state. Everyone needs to load up and come to my house we can all sip margaritas on the beach in the shade, it’ll be fun I promise! I live about 25 minutes from the beach! But during Hurricane season someone will have to return the favor. lol

    I honestly believe that when DOOL writers hired James Scott they just wanted to extend the Dimera blood line, and make an interesting series of story lines. But they had no clue of what kind of talent that they had stumbled onto. They probably didnt know just how much the viewers would fall inlove with E.J. Now that he is elevated himself (IMO) above the acting standards of MOST of the other characters on the show, the writers are trying to break him back down, to make him equilivant to all of the other actors. The writers are slowly DESTROYING EJ’s character, which is sad to me because he is such an exelent actor.

    I didnt like the first Taylor, I dont like the New Taylor.
    I didnt like Tamara Braun as Eva, and I dont like Tamara Braun as Taylor!


  49. From gerri480

    thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers,we are currently getting a heavy rain here in Montgomery,Just saw videos,from Tuscaloosa,It looks like the area was bombed…so sad ,death count beginning to come In.will be very surprised If It’s not heavy…

    B’ham got heavy damage as well.
    have another storm,coming across west Al,this one will be closer to us.will be a sleepless night.
    Kat,so sorry about your friend,I know you will miss him very much,with you being so involved,in his life…Hope this weather system fades away,before It gets close to you In Pa.
    our Power keeps flickering on and off,so will touch base tommorow,again thanks everyone…..

  50. From NeeNee

    Three weeks ago, Mapleton, Iowa (25 miles northwest of me) was hit hard by a tornado. Town of 1500 lost 60% of its homes and many businesses—but no deaths, thank God. Citizens & high school students of my town have donated $$$ and time to help them. But it’s going to be a long haul.

    I pray God holds you in His protective hands through the night, gerri.

  51. From miselemeas

    The look on EJ,S face the past few shows would sour milk.Is that the great hunk and wonderful actor?I am sick of looking at him,but at least I had an eyeful of our gorgeous hunk Rafe.[we know who we are do,nt we?]I much prefer the new Taylor,quite the attractive lady and the great actress that I remembered from the past.Of course she has to lower her standards to act opposite that clown EJ ,but she is up to the task I,m sure albeit not enjoying it I would imagine.Looking forward to the long awaited reunion between Sami and Rafe can not wait for some romance again.Thank You

  52. From Susan

    I can’t get into Tamara Braun as a goody two shoes. She was so good as an “evil” person a couple of years ago that it is just stuck in my mind that she is a bad girl. I agree that a make over would be help full along with a few pounds. If TV makes you 10#’s heavier what does she look like in person…..Kristen’s twin??

  53. From Olive

    Ouch – you people are kinda harsh on Tamara Braun! Personally, I’m ready for some new blood. At least Tamara has some life to her. Let’s give her a chance.

  54. From kass

  55. From kass


  56. From kass

  57. From kass

  58. From kass



    117461 )))))

  59. From kass



  60. From kass

    I hope this works this time action=view&current=33581_439107842461_512117461_5477102_3704805_n1.jpg

  61. From kass

    Okay ladies Let me explain all the random posts. Its for all of you die hard Rafe fans, I was walking down the street the other day and I actually ran into Galen Gerring. Since he is actually famous and all I approached him, despite the fact that I dont like his character I figured it would be nice to meet him. Well any ways we got to talking about his role and Sami and EJ and everything, and I just told him strait up that I didnt think that he had acting skills, compared to the all mighty James Scott. He was a bit upset that I would say such a thing so he asked me for some tips of advice. I agreed to reherse a few lines with him, to help him imporve his acting ability. We we’re breezing through the script, line after line, and I actually think I tought him a thing or two. He was starting to become better, I had even introduced James Scott’s acting method of “Method Acting” to him. I thought we were really making progress, that was until we got to a scene between EJ and Rafe. The scene was where Rafe had just recovered his memory and realized what all EJ and the dimeras had done to him. Rafe’s character was engulfed in anger and started raging on EJ (I was of course reading EJ’s lines so he was raging on me) He grabed me by the neck, gripping my neck tighter and tighter, in his graps, his hands wraped tightly around my throat, cutting my air circulation and blood flow off to my head. He was really in character, yelling and screaming, even cursing, throwing one big fit. When all of a sudden from around the courner who was it none other than Salems finest Bo Brady, he jumps out just in time to save me from the raging Rafeal Hernandez. Bo cuff’s him, and bring him to jail. The very next day I look him up online to see his booking status in jail, because I kind of felt bad. I mean after all if I hadnt of criticized his acting as badly as I had, maybe he wouldnt have taking the scene so seriously that it looked like he was trying to kill me. Well I found his mug shot and that is the link that I gave everyone in comment blog #52 (my last blog). Well the good news is that we wont have to watch him on Day’s any longer,worry about him raging at us on the street. Because come to find out that raging lunatic was deported, he wasnt even legal

    Well I didnt mean to offend any Rafe Fans, or anyone for that matter i was just in the mood for some good story telling. I hope it atleast made one person smile!

    Just copy and paste the url below to see Rafe’s mugshot! action=view&current=33581_439107842461_512117461_5477102_3704805_

  62. From kass

    Ohh by the way his “mugg” is the one labeled RAFEZAMBO I meant to put RafeRambo but had a typing error. The other pic is just one I uploaded for a friend of a friend.

  63. From Grandma Judy

    kass, – Galen grabbed your neck?! OMG, I would have swooned into unconsciousness right then and there!!

    God bless all of you who live in the south and may be experiencing all of these terrible storms. They keep updating the daath toll and it must be awful. We are having high winds and tons of rain up here in S. Michigan, and guess it’s all a spin-off from your storms. Our front yard is flooded and there’s standing water all over the place elsewhere in our town, basements flooded. But we are soooo lucky compared to other parts of the country.

    Katherine, – I am so very sorry for your loss of your 93 year old friend. You can know that he knew how much you cared about him and what good care you took of him. I also lost a dear friend yesterday morning. My husband’s cousin and she and I have been close friends forever. Since she and her husband moved to FL, we haven’t seen each other as often but we e-mailed EVERY morning. About 20 minutes after I sent her e-mail yesterday morning, her brother called that she’d had a heart attack and died. Yesterday, then, was a bummer of a day and I couldn’t get her out of my mind. But thankfully, probably, I had a VIP Day & Science Fair to go to with one of our Grandsons at his elementary school. I sure didn’t feel like going but his sweet face when I got there somehow made it OK, – at least for 3 hours.

    I am favorably impressed with Tamara Braun so far. But for those who arent, let’s give her a chance. She’s only been on 2 episodes. 3 at the most, for some of you who are a day ahead. Most on here were not happy with Natalia, including me, so let’s see what Tamara can do.

  64. From Just Moi

    Katherine…My heart goes out to you on your loss. It seems to me you were a great friend and care taker to this man and I am sure there is now a void where he was in your life.

    To all those who were on severe weather watch, I hope you and your love ones are all safe

  65. From MAB

    #30 betsybee – you said it all perfectly!

    #37 Katherine – sorry for the loss of your family friend.

    #40 Kass – you are right, the writers don’t seem to know what to do with the multi-talented James Scott. They’ve made the mess of ripping him & Alison Sweeney apart as EJ & Sami…not only as a couple but actors.

    I feel sorry for James Scott having to kiss Tamara. It didn’t even look like he wanted to kiss her. I didn’t like her as Ava, and I don’t like her as Taylor. She is ———- actress. She can’t hold a candle to acting along side the great James Scott or Ari Zucker, or anyone else on the show for that matter. She could possibly play along side any of the Hernandez clan. They are as useless as she is anyway. I knew replacing Natalia would be a mistake…at least Natalia was pretty. Problem is the Taylor character needs to be removed from the show, just like the Hernandez characters.

    Stefano & Kate are cute together…love it!

    Why don’t they stick Rafe with Chloe.

    Please ensure you do not actor bash on this site. – ADMIN

  66. From Debbie

    I join with everyone else who posted their thoughts and prayers for those experiencing the storms that are occurring. The things we bicker over regarding the show mean nothing to me since that’s not real, but I’m serious in wishing safety and protection for every one of us who are in or may be in harm’s way. Also condolences are sent to you, Katherine, in the loss of your friend.

  67. From Long Time Day's Watcher

    Don’t like the new Taylor!!!!

    Bad choice!!!

  68. From Kiki

    The story line of Ej And Taylor is just sick !!!! Come on people, going after her sisters husband. Please !!! Can’t find nothing else to write about. It is so wrong, I don’t even watch them when they air !!!! Get Taylor out of the picture !!!!!!!!!

  69. From Clear

    Kass–too funny! LOL! I was wondering if you were deluded and then you woke up! It was hilarious to think of the image as reality and you had me going! I laughed!

    Gerri, hope all gets back to some kind of normal soon in Bama and will honor your request–continually and without ceasing. I have a lot of relatives in Bama up in Birmingham, but mostly up in the Northeast, so hope they are okay cause I haven’t heard from them yet. See them mostly on Facebook.

    Wouldn’t an impending natural disaster be a good story line for Days and have all of the characters huddled together for aid and comfort–better than a black out and stalled elevators?

    Some could take a plane down to the Sunshine State during hurricane season?

  70. From MAB

    I’ve said many times Days needs to implement a natural disaster s/l, with all the characters affected in some way, and interacting with one another. They used to do things like this, but not anymore. These types of s/l’s are the best!

    My thoughts & prayers go out to anyone affected by the devastating storms/tornados. I live in Virginia, and there are places here that have seen some of the devastation. It’s been happening all around where I live, and it’s been really scary, but thus far has not affected my area, thank God!

  71. From betsybee

    #59 Clear i agree that a natural disaster would or could solve the writing problems on DOOL. Maybe if enough of us suggest a TORNADO on DOOL instead where they have been happening would get through to KC.

    We too in Canada are gettingthe tail end of the high winds but not funnels or heavy rains as yet !!
    Keep you in my prayers some of which we all could use from time to time.

    I am new to this posting business and I have enjoyed reading all your comments.

    Take care and have a great day. !!!!!!!

  72. From betsybee

    Had to add another post before closing.
    I also agree with many of you re Tamara Braun as Taylor. How can James Scott get into any loving mood knowing he had to kiss that face instead of Allison. My God, what a difference and, you know what, it shows in his face, particularly in his eyes. What expression he can produce due to his particular Method Acting lessons. What a God-givven talent he possesses.!!!!!!!!!!

  73. From MAB

    OMG, now they’re talking about a possible pairing of Taylor & Brady. How is it that the 2 best looking/talented men on the show (EJ & Brady) have to be involved with her character? She is —-, and she certainly doesn’t have the acting chops to be thrown into the mix with the likes of EJ/Nicole/Brady. Why oh why are we fans made to suffer like this??????????? 

    Please refrain from actress bashing. ADMIN

  74. From bebe5

    From last week’s posts I read that there is a spoiler rumor that Carly and Brady will become close because of the drugs, from Brady’s past and now Carly.

    I hope that doesn’t mean that they will become a couple because when Isabella, Brady’s mom, died Brady was a baby, and Carly diagnosed Isabella having pancreatic cancer.

    What I’m saying is that Brady was a baby and Carly was a doctor, she was with either Lawrence or Bo – I don’t remember who she was with – and she also had her son Nicolas who was between 7-9 years of age.

  75. From SandyGram

    Oh My…It appears Daniel is still in love with Chloe. Getting the divorce papers was very upsetting to Daniel, but hearing that Parker left town and was taken from Chloe seemed even more devastating. But then along came pretty Jen to take the pain away. Tomorrow when Melanie hears Daniel and Jen are going on a date, I wonder if Mel will now develop a dislike for Jennifer because she is so jealous of anyone being with her father?

    Nicole was wonderful today, showing she is not only a woman who has been hurt by a deceitful husband, but betrayed by her loving sister. Now for the revenge: ‘be careful Nikki’ your past schemes against EJ the ‘Artful Dodger of Responsibility’ may come back and bit you in the tush. I would hope that EJ and Taylor don’t consummate their relationship before Taylor finds out who the real EJ is and leaves him hanging in the wind! That way it will be easier for Nicole to forgive her sis when it was only a ‘Kiss” shared between Tay and EJ.

    And who said the new Taylor couldn’t portray the ‘deer in the headlight’ look. Her eyes were big as saucers as EJ cunningly spoke of love and a future with strong Taylor Walker, be a woman and walk away!

    Carly, Carly, Carly….how is she going to dig herself out of the mess she’s in. She’s the one that needs an ‘available man’ to come into her life so she can get past the hurt of loosing the Bo.

    Was that the Aussie we saw today at the Cheating Heart approaching Chloe? He didn’t sound like an Aussie and he certainly didn’t look like a pimp (which is according to the spoilers be who Chloe hooks up with! I envisioned the Aussie would be a suave, well dressed, taller than Chloe, looking sort of fella. Nadia does play a good drunk, but I hate that the writers are leaving her on this road of destruction so long.

  76. From gerri480

    I just got home from work,wanted to say thanks to everyone for their prayers ,It Is a very sad time In many areas here in Al.there was 7 deaths about 20 miles from here,and we have several patients,who were injured at the Hospital I work at.but the worst was In Tuscaloosa,then Pleasant Grove(a good friend and former co-worker teaches school there.she e-mailed me, school was destroyed,she’s very distraught..(she’s orginally from your state Kat,from Reading Pa..)I think death count here is 195,at present time…but probably will rise.

    anyway,Days didn’t air today,because of all the news coverage,so maybe I can find episode on computer,if not,I’LL read all your blogs,to find out what happened.again thanks to everyone,we do have a nice blog site to interact with each other,on lot’s of issues,other than Days.
    Kat again I’m so sorry,You know
    regardless of age,we are never ready to let the people we love ,leave us….

  77. From Katherine

    Thanks to all for your kind words, I am ok, but my friend was like a father I did not have in this country. He was very smart and had a great clear mind to the end.
    Still close to all the family though….
    EJ and Taylor, no excitement there. Jenn and Dan, to akward those two, I think he still cares for Chloe and the Baby, (I am sure is his, but in the meantime we have some other sl) hope they don’t wait to long to let Dan raise his child….Gerrie, be safe….

  78. From Clear

    I feel guilty tonight thinking about my fictional characters in the midst of death and destruction. There is a scripture in the Bible that I cannot remember, but it says we are to be joyous when we have the death of someone that lived a good life. If anyone knows of it, tell me the verse. Needless to say, Kat, it sounds as if your friend may have stars in his crown if that is any comfort in your grief.

    In Al, Gerri, I have a ton of cousins, but they are all okay except no power or water tonight. I told them to hang in there because I heard on the news about crews all over the Southeast going to AL to help clear the debris and restore power. 150 set out from Central FL and will drive through the night to be there to work in the morning for a start. My cousin is overcome with the devastation and sadness and cried when I told her that.

    As for Days today, I enjoyed the story, but if that was the Aussie as Sandygram said, he wasn’t very well turned out and had no accent I detected.

    They had fixed Jennifer’s hair and given her some decent clothes, but today she was frumpy again other than her jewelry. What are they thinking putting her in that drab get up with the old lady bun in her hair making her look like a brown wren or old fuddy duddy again.

    As for Tamar as Taylor, I thought her acting was much more real and compelling though in the reality of the SL I cannot see what EJ would see in either of the actresses over the Nicole character. I hope when Nicole drops the DNA bomb that EJ gets what he deserves for his cavalier treatment of Nicole’s life. Taylor will be sorry that she didn’t leave when she first said she was going to go elsewhere! As for James Scott, he is a great Dimera villain and actor even if I am a Safe fan.

  79. From Clear

    I meant 150 men and power trucks are on their way to Alabama from FL that I know about. Plus 50 more men are set to leave tomorrow. That is just from one power company. There are quite a few of them that have seen lots of work like this after hurricanes and tornadoes in the past I’m sure.

  80. From gerri480

    Thanks Clear,for your info.
    The help that is coming,from the other states,will be so much appreciated,our death toll has now risen to 207,It’s just so of our local TV Stations,went on the air at lunch today,to ask for donations,to American Red Cross,and In just a few hours had recieved $110,000.00 for the victims here.people are so generous.

    Montgomery has sent quite a few EMT’S and workers,and the Nat’l Guard is on the way…anyway,I won’t be able to see today’s show,until tommorow,but really That is so far removed ,from being important,but It does help to put your mind,on something else….

  81. From arigirl

    OMG I don’t like the new Taylor at all. Stop it with Mel and Brady she is too young and replace the Phillip character PLEASE….

  82. From Ashley

    I agree I can’t stand Taylor’s role at all no matter who plays her, i want her to leave. I think that if they were to put some hot surprising plot twist in there where Ej tries to get back with Sami, that would bring back some more viewers, seeing as how many people stopped watching :( I know I was intrigued with the whole Sami and Ej storyline. I just think they have a lot of chemistry and theyre also funny together!Samm

  83. From SandyGram

    My thinker must be working over time again. After reading a summary of today’s show I see that Nicole tells Chloe about her the results of the DNA test. This may not be wise since the Aussie that Chloe is going to met is connected to Vivian, if Chloe should tell him about Nicole’s and her issues with her married life he could take it right back to Vivian. Bingo Bango…just the information Vivian has been looking for to weasel her way into Stefano’s life. Dont’ talk to much Nikki it could b e detrimental to your plans!

  84. From MAB

    I think it would be sick for Carly & Brady to become a couple. Geez, she was friends with his mother Isabella. The writers don’t seem to know who to pair the 2 best looking men in daytime with – EJ & Brady – but for me it’s very simple. Put EJ & Sami and Brady & Nicole back together! They not only look good together, but the chemistry these 2 couples share is beyond hot!

    I’m loving Daniel & Jennifer!

    EJ & Stefano are not going to let Nicole let their secrets out. They will rise above like always. I hope Nicole comes out smelling like a rose though, especially where Taylor is concerned. I hope she kicks her @$$.

    It looks like Tamara/Taylor has the eyes of a demon. They look pitch black! Seeing her kiss EJ is sickening. I feel sorry for him.

    The new guy who approached Chloe is nice looking!

  85. From patsy

    Right now I,m LOVEING THE Rafe /Sami love story a little boreing at times but the closeest thing to a love story we have right now .

  86. From betsybee

    #72 MAB I agree … I do feel sorry for James, having to kiss that wide eyed Taylor.. you can tell it is almost killing him to complete the act !!!! I too find Taylor sickening..

    Now that Sami is back and Roborafe feels he should do something about her like he did to Faye, will have Sami hurt and bring EJ back to help her. Who knows in the Soaps..anything could happen. Please let those with some chemistry and family life get back together.

    The new guy with Chloe is set up by Kate, I believe, so she can bash her again.

    I expect the new Aussie will be rather suave and with an accent similar to EJ. I could take that !!!!

    I still feel sorry for James Scott and according to Allison she is not
    happy with RAFE behind the scenes
    where he continues to act like Roborafe. disgusting I think if he does !!!!!

  87. From MAB

    betsybee – The writers must think we fans are stupid, like we’re just supposed to believe EJ no longer has feelings for Sami and now he’s in love with the lightweight Taylor. It’s an insult to us IMO. I read the new guy is a set up by Vivian…so it looks like Chloe is going to get it from both ends, Vivian & Kate. Too bad the writers feel the need to keep Sami & Rafe together when it’s so boring. I would like to see Rafe with someone else if we have to endure him remaining on the show.

  88. From NeeNee

    Hmmmm . . .FauxRafe had an evening with a little chippie. Knowing him, it was an episode of unprotected sex.

    Odds are good that FauxRafe could have picked up a little “souvenir” of his evening, and then pass it on to Samantha. Assuming, of course, that Sami allows him back into her bed. Now, THAT could be a storyline based on real life. Seems I’m always hearing on the sleazy talk shows about wives infected with STD’s by a wandering husband.

    Oh, and I guess I’m flattered to be referred to as “someone on another site” commenting that Chad could be installed in the DiMera house as a plant to get the goods on Stefano. This was Christine’s Friday post. If you recall, that was how I would tie up one of many characters’ loose Days storylines when it goes off the air. Ah, guess that’s how internet rumors get started, huh?

  89. From Clear

    I surely hope faux Rafe isn’t installed Sami’s bed again. With all these rotten things that EJ has gone along with to get even with Sami, it would be hard to see them getting back together any time soon unless there was some tramatic event that threw them together for a period of time–like stranded on a desert island for months. Even Marlena cheated on John remember when she was stranded with Roman.

    I thought Tamara’s eyes were really her best feature and beautiful that first day she was on. Looking at her yesterday I was wondering if she has contact lense on? They did seem really almost black in the one scene.

    I just hope the Aussie with Chloe isn’t a big disappointment. One spoiler says that he is a good guy. I would like to see Chloe get help for her depression and borderline alcoholism and come back with some clout to get shared custody of her child and a job to support herself. If the Days writers could write her decent scenes showing how hard it is for someone with her type of problems to succeed at that and recover, it should be marketed!

  90. From Janiebell

    I would agree for Nicole to get Sydney except for one thing; Sydney IS NOT Nicole’s child. Sami has been hurt enough and DOES NOT deserve to lose yet another child. Now if Nicole could force E.J. into signing over his rights to Sydney, to Nicole, and Sami have the custodey rights, with Sami and Nicole raising Sydney together, with Sami having major say, just “sharing Sydney” with Nicole; I say great full speed ahead. Don’t take a child away from Sami. Still Taylor should not be allowed to get by without punishment big time.

  91. From Sarah

    What is the deal w/ the new Taylor? She is supposed to be Nicole’s younger sister; and, the new Taylor looks too old to be a younger sister to Nicole. Plus, it doesn’t help when EJ calls her Ava accidentally. Non-plussed about the whole re-casting thing.

  92. From Katherine

    I have one big question that does not ever get addressed, what about little Jack, Jenn’s son…???
    Jack Jr. and Ciara were born about a year apart, Jack being older, so where is that little boy, left over in Europe somewhere, I can not think of one excuse that would explain, why Jenn and Abby are in Salem, and the boy is God knows where, does that really make her a wonderful mother, or person, IMO I don’t think so…. so writers or whoever, come up with something really good for me to buy. Jr. was born when Abby finished Highschool. Some stupid stuff the writers are pulling, really urks me a lot, specially when we all remember very clearly when Jack Jr. and Ciara were born….
    All of you in the south, hope you are safe, our prayers are with all of you.

  93. From coogar

    looks like the old Nicole is finally back! She will make him squirm.

    Fake Rafe stuck in Salem. Will Sami find a pair of panties or some other incriminating evidence in the bed room that belong to you know who? She will have to hand them to Fake rafe and tell him they aren’t her size.

    Not sure if I like the new Tay.

  94. From Gerri

    I wonder just what all Nicole,has In mind for revenge, against EJ and Taylor…know It will be explosive and fun to watch..I sure didn’t like Jenn’s hair,makes her look too old and old fashioned,hopefully Bo and Hope,will listen to the kids re-Fake Rafe’s attitude toward them,and investigate the reason.

    Hope Nicole will get the evidence,
    she needs about Rafe being held in
    the basement,before she shows her hand,in this card game…I don’t like the new Taylor at this point,still see her In her old role,as the crazy girl In the storyline with Patch.

    Kat ,It looks like Jack Jr,aged quickly ,whenever he’s at,or Jenn,isn’t at all concerned about her little boy,where could he possibly be?

    The devastation In our state,will take a long time,to get past,but there Is a lot of help,that has come forward,man power,and donations,our death toll as of 6pm,has reached 228,so there is a lot of sadness.thanks for remembering …hope you’ll find peace with your loss,through the good memories,you will remember…

  95. From Clear

    Alabama is still all over the National News. I haven’t heard of any other countries coming to our aid in AL. Where are all these countries we have shored up and helped over the years when we have a disaster?

    To take our minds off all negatives now, I want to say that I was glad to see Sami back in Salem today. On the downside, Jerk wasn’t the descriptive word I was thinking about for Jack today either sending a poem to his sister instead of calling or rushing home.

    The spoilers look interesting about things to come. EJ and Stefano may not get arrested for their dastardly deeds any time soon, but it looks like Nicole will be calling the shots for a while when she gets the DNA evidence to hold over EJ.

  96. From Dotsy

    Hate the new Taylor. The old Taylor was pretty, innocent looking, and sweet. Braun is none of those things. There is no chemistry between her and EJ.

  97. From Jessica

    I am not sure if I am thinking right but wasent the new Taylor on a while back as a crazy women that locked Steve and Kayla up in her fathers mansion, I also agree that she is not much to look at and does look much older than Nicole, Also I like the old Taylor she was a little slow but it just made her sweet and much different than Nicole,Bad choice to switch in my opinion.

  98. From phoenix

    Love Days… But the show hasn’t been the same since John and Marlena left. Great, powerful, commanding actors. Now there is too much focus on the B nd C class storylines. Better when they focused on A class (ie: Bo, Hope, Lexi, Abe, Roman, John, Mrlena, Victor, Stefano, Kate) and had the B and C class storylines be intertwined into the A class, which dominates the major tone for the show. Love that they are finally giving Maggie her due. Remember when all she did was run the restaurant for like years? Stefano needs to get his grudge on against Victor and use Maggie to do his bidding! Ha. John needs to come back, healed and ready to go against Stefano, his half brother and really only true competition! That is when Days was at some of its most exciting times. I remember when they had the great friday endings and you couldn’t wait for monday. Hopefully they can do something cool with real Rafe getting back and getting sweet revenge. Rant over… :)

  99. From patsy

    Some say its the two Rafes THAT ARE RUINING THE show,I say its the EJ/TAYLOR story thatis ruining the show .At least Rafe is watchable EJ/Taylor isn,t They,er sicking to watch I,d reather see EJ with Nicole than Taylor and I can,t stand the charater of Nicole .Ilike SAFE BUT LOVE EJAMI

  100. From patsy

    Is there some problem between James and ALISON the reason they won.t unite them or have them in scenes together . if there is just tell us and we will quite asking about them and go on with the show

  101. From Arlene

    Does anyone else think it’s stupid when the Hernandez family has been talking all along in English and then burst out in Spanish. To me, it just seems weird. On another note, I read in spoilers that Nicole is going to make EJ stay with her and announce they are going on a honeymoon which shocks Taylor, since we was believing EJ was about to divorce. EJ is sworn not to discuss why, with Taylor since Nicole is not about to let her marriage fall apart. She has the goods on EJ he had the real Rafe in the basement jailcell and is blackmailing him to stay with her and act happy to be with her.

  102. From Arlene

    Oops. Meant to say “since she was believing EJ was about to divorce”.

  103. From Susie

    UGH! The new Taylor looks like Nicole’s much older sister & there is absolutely no chemistry between new Taylor & EJ. Also, the pairing of “Straw Head” Jennifer & Daniel is so forced & BORING!!! I would rather watch paint dry.

  104. From Vivian

    The New Taylor: Is she Natalia? No. But I really think they could improve her looks if they would dress her like they were dressing Natalia and giving her the make-up and hair styling she was getting also. Take a good look at Tamara…can you imagine that ar-hopping outfit and that hair-do and bad make-up job on Natalia???

  105. From Hildie

    I agree with you Vivian!

    I don’t know whose idea it is to have Tamara keep schlooping her gauzey top over each shoulder during the “love” scenes. That is a very distracting move to make while he’s making “his move.”

  106. From Clear

    The bony elbow and arm was a bit distracting in that scene, Hilde. I believe they could do a much better job dressing Tamara and with her hair. She needs a page or two from Kate’s stylist perhaps. She always looks well turned out–or at least most of the time. Natalia had some bad hair days. Remember the scenes where it looked like she had a bump-it in her hair. That was acutely distracting. That said, let’s hope they get a clue before it’s too late to make a bit more of Tamara. Her hair always looks scraggly. She needs a makeover. I’m looking forward to watching next week and hoping for some interesting Days!

  107. From bridget

    i hate this new taylor. There is no chemistry there with EJ.The first taylor is beautiful and the chemistry was 100% with EJ…What the hell r they thinking…please bring natalia back.Can’t watch this anymore.

  108. From Daisy

    wonder if it may not be Jacks idea to write the emails. He may be being held a prisoner and being manipulated. There has to be more to the story!
    I noticed there was a reference to Chloes parents. Since she was a Daddys girl, and they have money ,and Chloe is not only broke, but emotionally sick, why isn’t she contacting them. Did I miss something about why she isn’t turning to them?

  109. From Renee

    I don’t like the new Taylor either.

  110. From gerri480

    I agree Daisy,It Is strange,that Chloe’s family has not been Involved,with her and everything,that’s been happening to her,They need to return long enough to give Kate,a taste of her own medicine,poison included!!

  111. From NeeNee

    Last night I found myself thinking about the prospective gay storyline with Will Horton.

    It occurred to me, how about making the object of his affections * DARIO *

    That would be the ultimate insult to the Will-Gabby pairing. Gabby and Dario could leave town, followed by Will—thus resolving this particular plot.

  112. From Janiebell

    Nicole is not going to be as dumb as E.J. thinks she will. {at least I hope not} This time I hope Nicole “stands her ground”, {as I wish I had a long time ago}, and Nicole comes out a winner.

  113. From gerri480

    I like your Idea about the Gay storyline,that would put that Issue to rest.

    and Janiebell #97
    I hope Nicole,sticks It to EJ and her” sis”, I saw preview,looks like EJ will be married for awhile,where he chooses to be or not,,sounds like Nicole will be the new Boss in the DiMera household..she Is really a good actress….I know It will be fun to watch,the DiMeras squirm for a change…

  114. From SandyGram

    #98 gerri480
    As I’ve been told so many times before about the spoilers and promotion video’s being misleading. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that in deed Nicole gets the upper hand this time. But history tells me it will only be short lived. Go Nikki Go!

  115. From Clear

    When they mentioned Chloe’s parents it was to say that they were too busy to come to her wedding or come when the baby was born. I remember something about sickness as an excuse once. In the past when Chloe was a teenager, her mother was the hospital busybody, but was extremely controlling about everything including Chloe, and I remember wondering why Chloe’s long suffering father put up with her mother, but in the SL he really loved her. I cannot remember if Chloe had any brothers and sisters?

    Ditto to Go Nikki Go!

    Now I am going to be interested to see what happens when the two Rafes are seen together by Sami! That should be a hoot! I hope she and real Rafe kick the Robobutt all over the place.

  116. From Katherine

    Clear, Chloe has a little sister, she was born to help treat Chloes’s illness somehow/way, I can’t remember excactly, oh it is Joy, maybe some of you remember how the story went. Totally out of character for Nancy and Craig Wesley not being there for Chloe, makes no sense…
    Nicole I hope you get the upper hand, but don’t go criminal, make it good for all us viewers to really enjoy, we need a good here, and Nicole you can be it… I hope, IMO
    One Taylor worse than the other, the most NON-Chemistry SL in a long time, EJ what are they doing to you…

  117. From Katherine

    Corr.: …we need a good Hero,…..I agree, there is more to the Jack story, they are making it sound right now that Jack is really a big Jerk, good excuse for Jenn to move on, but it will turn out that things are not what they seem about Jack, I smell a story here coming up….. the mistery of Jack D. There will no riding in the sunshine for Dan and Jen, only an interlude for a while. Parker Jonas, will return to be with his real Dad, Dan Jonas and he will end up with Chloe or maybe Carly…. IMO
    To all in the bad weather, hope you are ok. Prayers for all the victims, hope they will get all the help they need. America is a good and generous country and it’s people are great.
    Hope Sami does not sleep with Fafe, after he was with the slot……Fireworks will happen once she finds out what has been done to her and the kids…..

  118. From coogar

    Kat I think that 1oy gave Chloe & life saving bone marrow transplant. That story was in the news about that time. I couple could not find a suitable soner for their critically ill 16 year old daughter and hatched the plan to have a baby in order to increase odds for a match. It worked. As i recall they took some heat because some thought it was the wrong reason to have a baby – to create a doner.

  119. From kass

    Katherine, I’m sorry about your loss. I didnt read all the blog entries until just now, and I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I’m praying for you and your family

  120. From Jessica

    I was just wondering if this new Taylor was the crazy women that took Steve & Kayla in her fathers castle a while back? I liked the old taylor best much prettier.

  121. From Clear

    About Jack and Jenn, I’m sure we aren’t done with Jack. I say unfortunately, we aren’t because he was always a jerk! Nevertheless, the times that Jennifer has had a chance to be with someone else and truly be happy, Jack has always returned at the last minute and messed it up. I wanted to see her with Frankie her high school sweetheart, but he messed that one up too. I truly dislike the Jack character in the SL with Jennifer. I can only hope that he doesn’t come back any time soon. Also, that when he does, he gets off on some other wild goose chase quickly off screen like his character usually does–unless they recast him and make his character a responsible considerate and caring husband.

  122. From Kelly

    I don’t understand why EJ needs to keep on with this Rafe stuff anyway. Why doesn’t he leave Sami alone now that he has Nicole and her sister. How many women does he need?

    I don’t really care for Taylor…either actress. But if it eventually gets Nicole back to Brady then great!

    I am glad to hear that they are going to give Chloe a new and decent guy.

    Daniel and Jennifer make me utterly nauseated. Jenn is better than hooking up with the town male bimbo. I hate that they are divorcing her and Jack, but at least they could give her a decent and less used guy.

    Melanie needs to grow up and shut up until she gets some of her spunk back.

    I don’t care one bit that Carly is a drug addict now, I hope they write her off and into rehab. I have never, ever liked her character.

    I don’t buy Will suddenly being gay. He was too much in love with what’s her name…Grace’s mother. It just doesn’t work that way. But it sure would be amusing if he started hitting on EJ. I know he won’t…but that would make me laugh!

    I agree with MAB that we need a disaster storyline involving everyone again.

    I can’t believe they spoiled Ciarra and she didn’t get any type of discipline for running away.

    I would like to see some actual romance from solid couples once in a while. I wish they would bring back Marlena, John and Lucas!

    I also wish they would give Bo and Hope something to do besides worry over their children. Also Lexie and Abe need a good story line.

    I do like the Maggie and Victor thing. I want to see more of Viv messing with Stephano and maybe Kate.

  123. From gerri480

    GO USA!!!
    just have to comment on the big story,that Justice has finally started,for the victims of 9/11..

    we need some comedy bad,on Days(Vivian can provide some)but she needs to answer for her bad behavior somehow.well Daniel and Jenn don’t need to be a couple,he is the town’s Don Juan,and needs to be free so he can chase more women.I don’t see a lasting relationship for him.

    also agree with Kelly, give Bo and Hope a storyline other than worrying about their daughter.
    I don’t care for either Taylor(or that storyline)just took up time,that could have been re-directed toward something exciting.
    but Nicole getting to have some revenge against them,will be fun to watch….

    since Chad and Melanie are a couple in real life,why can’t they bbe a couple on days,wouldn’t be any more boring,than her with Dario,and hopefully “please” don’t put her with Brady,with the age difference and she acts even younger than she is.The Carly/drug addict storyline Is really off the wall,send her to Rehab,and In to the sunset.I never liked her character at all.She and Vivian,tying up,would have been more fun to watch,than all the sex scenes with Bo.

    as for as the Tornado damage,here In Al,the clean-up is going well,Funerals are beginning today,one of the students killed,lived 15 miles from here.a beautiful girl…but help has come from all over the US.I saw an interview,with some voluteers from Minn,but It will take a long time,to return to any kind of normal life…

  124. From Clear

    Kelly, I so agree with your post that I just read.

    Gerri, I’m glad to hear things are looking a bit better in Alabama. My cousin wrote me similar news, but it is all still so sad.

    Carley is a good example of what happens when someone gets addicted.
    Her character definitely needs to get caught come clean and go to rehab.

    I was thinking the same thing about Ciara and Theo. As trouble youth, I don’t see them getting the board of education, but they need counseling and boundaries/consequences that they understand are because of the very bad choice they made.

  125. From MAB

    Sami only tolerates Nicole because of EJ, so I don’t see Sami sharing Sydney with Nicole at all…although if Sami would’ve shared Sydney with Nicole in the first place, EJ would have never found out that Sami shot him, and a lot of what has happened since then wouldn’t have happened, like Ari’s death. Bottom line is what is what’s best for the child, and no matter what Nicole has done, she raised Sydney, was very good to her, and Sydney is attached to Nicole, so Sami should allow Nicole to be a part of her life.

    I don’t mind Nicole getting the upper hand on the DiMera’s, but she better watch her step because even though she’s smart and they know that, they’re not going to play nice. I know she probably wants to stay with him because of the kids, but in the end, she’s going to get hurt again because EJ doesn’t love her that way…but Brady does. I hope he takes her back eventually.

    I see many do not like the new Taylor, like me. I know there were a lot of complaints about the old Taylor (Natalia), but my only complaint was not buying into her relationship with EJ…actually I was kinda getting used to her. —————— Tamara has NOTHING on Natalia.

    I have heard of NO problems with James & Allison. In fact, I heard just the opposite that she wasn’t too happy with Galen.

    So true about how all of a sudden the Hernandez family is talking Spanish. It’s like their trying to convince us of who they are.

    I don’t understand why no one seems to like Daniel & Jen. I’m enjoying it. It’s something new & fresh.

    If Jack ever does come back, they’ll turn his walkabout into him being held prisoner or being sick so Jen will take him back.

    Someone mentioned Rafe2 getting a STD with his one-night stand. Well, if that’s the case, then the whole town should be infested the way they all sleep around.

    Kelly – I think they should get rid of Carly too. I would like to see Lucas back on the show too, but not with Sami. You can blame Rafe for Lucas no longer being on the show.

    gerri480 – the latest word is that Chad & Melanie are no longer a couple in real life. I doubt we see them working together.

    Again please refrain from bashing the actress’ looks as well as talent. If we see you do this again, we will have to take action to stop you from posting. ADMIN

  126. From Grandma Judy

    Borrowing from The Wizard Of Oz, -
    Hi-Ho Bin Laden’s dead. . .
    Which Bin Laden,
    Osama Bin Laden. . .
    Hi-Ho, they shot him in the head”.

    I know, my bad! REally bad! But I’ve been so down in the dumps since my husband’s cousin, my close fried, passed away suddenly last week that I really needed a pick-me-up and this news about Bin Laden was it. Doesn’t bring anyone back who was lost on 9/11 but America has kept its promise to get him. It also shows the world that if you attack the U.S. you will pay for it no matter how long it takes.

  127. From thelittleimp

    Since Troy confessed to Ari’s death I would assume it was not an accident. If Troy was gunning for Ari I don’t think her death would have been avoided by Sami’s actions towards Nicole.

  128. From gerri480

    Grandma Judy,
    Sorry to hear Of the death,In your family,somuch sadess,But thank God,we all did hear some great news,for our country!

    MAB,darn It I didn’t know mel and Chad,had broken up..,so you are probably right,won’t see them as a couple,I have a feeling also,that storyline with Jack,will be coming,and will more than we have heard or thought.

  129. From NeeNee

    If these have been posted before, I apologize.

    THIS WEEK’S SPOILERS: “Sami is shocked to come face to face with both Rafes. Of course the real Rafe will triumph, while the imposter is about to go down. He does not succeed in getting away. Sami pulls the trigger!”
    (2-week ahead spoiler: one of the Rafes needs medical attention)

    “Carly’s addiction intensifies and starts to change her. She writes bogus drug prescriptions.” (2-week ahead spoiler: someone might be on to Carly)

    “Dario moves into the apartment across the hall from Melanier.” (How MANY times will the writers use this hackneyed ploy?? Either couples are in the same apartment, or they accidentally bump into each other)

    “Jennifer goes into the hospital as a patient.”

    Oh, and just a few words about May 2 (today) and onward: Will and the gay storyline begins

    . . . let the GAY-MES begin—that’s how I view this storyline.
    Gerri, I was the one who said the couple should be Dario & Will. That pairing would lead to the breakup of Will & Gabby and perhaps be the catalyst for the whole Hernandez crew to leave Salem.

  130. From NeeNee

    Oops, it’s “Melanie” and “either couples are in the same apartment building”. Hadn’t had my coffee yet when I typed that!

    Yes, it’s great we got bin Laden. But hubby commented that you don’t go naming the Navy Seal unit by name that took him down. Probably some kind of retribution coming, and we don’t need to give enemies any kind of ID that would lead to the heroes’ families. Oh, and is our fearless leader taking all the credit for this?? Hubby heard that it was five years ago that this particular group of people showed up on the radar and were under constant surveillance.

  131. From MAB

    I think the writers initially meant for Ari’s hit & run to be just an accident, but now they’ve changed their minds. If that’s the case, then yes, it’s true, Troy would’ve probably eventually killed Ari, but at the time the others made it easy for him. She was alone, no one on her side, being badgered by everyone…then stupid Will comes along putting the final nail in her coffin by pushing her to the point where she lost it and ran into the street, where she was hit. She had no one protecting her, especially her own brother, Mr. FBI, who put Sami’s protection above his own sister. I don’t blame Dario for blaming Rafe because he let this happen.

  132. From Katherine

    Bye bye Osama, and thanks and my respect to the American troops/Navy Seals, and for keeping after the prisoners in Quantanamo Bay(?), a prisoner there spilled a lot of info. It was the military, our great guys, that got him and the talents that started so many years ago to track him.
    But of course, we know who will take credit for it, but some of us do know better, IMO, to each his own, my thoughts are free….

  133. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma, LOVE that jingle. I’m glad the US finally got Bin Laden. Really wish Bush had gotten him, but at least he is gone. I still fault Clinton for not going after Bin Laden after he bombed the USS Cole.

    I watched the show for the first time in a long while to see the new Taylor. She is MUCH better than the first Taylor – prettier too. To me, she is the appropriate age for EJ, too. He still looks older than her and I think she can pass for Nicole’s younger sister. Love that Nicole is back to her fiesty self. I can’t blame Nicole for getting even with Taylor and EJ. Taylor was even with Eric, Nicole’s first true love. If it had been my sister, I would have beaten them both on the spot.

    I can’t wait for Rafe1, Rafe2 and Sami to all come together under the same roof. It will be great to watch them turn the tables on the Dimeras.

    I don’t like Daniel with Jennifer. Wished they would have paired him with Carly instead. I am not a Carly fan, but Daniel has slept around with his patients and with Chloe. I don’t think Jennifer is in his league and do not feel it is a good match. No chemistry.

    I still hope Days comes to its senses and do NOT do the gay storyline. Will liked Mia. I can’t see his character being gay. I think Days is just grasping at straws at this point.

  134. From gerri480

    NeeNee and Katherine,you both are so right on.The one who lays claim to being our american leader,of course will take all the credit.with elections on the horizon,how often do you think we will hear this?our Military deserves all the credit,and It Is very stupid,to be putting any names out there,of the ones involved.of course I’m very happy,that’s he’s finished,and we’re not subjected to a trial.
    of course he went out,still being a coward,bu using a woman as a shield.

    I wonder how many virgins he has hooked up with so far(you know they are up there waiting)…

  135. From NeeNee

    GERRI: “I wonder how many virgins he has hooked up with so far(you know they are up there waiting)…”

    I prefer to think of him turning, oh-so-slowly on the rotisserie in HELL!

  136. From Olive

    Will is not gay. I’m sorry, but I will never buy that one. I am NOT in favor of a gay s/l, but IF they insist, at least make it someone new, not try to make us buy that this hormonal teenager who has been “in love” twice with girls, suddenly likes boys…

    As for Taylor…I don’t care who plays her, the s/l is lame as far as how “in love” they are…they met like 5 minutes ago and have had a total of 5 minutes of serious conversation. I still maintain that EJ can’t love anyone except himself! (And no, he doesn’t love his kids, except as far as he can use them to his advantage.)

  137. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Olive, I like the new Taylor, but agree that I do not see EJ being in love with her. I could have seen him love Nicole, but not Taylor. It just feels forced. I never bought the EJ and Sami stuff either – just wasn’t there. Nicole and EJ melt the screen, but I also love Nicole with Brady.

  138. From Diane212

    Regarding the Hernandez family speaking Spanish, I initially thought this was a good idea. Did you notice that whenever RoboRafe utters a Spanish word it is with an American accent? I was sure that he did not understand Spanish and could be caught that way. Any way, it should arouse suspicions since Spanish should be his primary language.

  139. From Grandma Judy

    I like it that the last thing Bin Laden saw was an American Navy Seal taking him out! And then, hopefully, the whole virgins thing was bogus! Muslims are supposed to be buried with their heads facing Mecca. Good luck with that down there in the ocean!

    I’ve said before that I am so far favorably impressed with the new Taylor. IMO Tamara is acting the part much better than Natalia did, and I do not think she is “ugly” as some have said. (Some of the other sites don’t allow actor bashing.) I think she is pretty, has a cute figure, what we’ve seen of it so far, and she has pretty eyes. I agree they need to style her hair but they probably will eventually. I’m not a fan of the Taylor/EJ s/l but she is making the most of it and I think the story will get better when she finds out EJ is staying with Nicole, and then if she (Taylor) finds out what EJ and Stefano did to Rafe.

    I kind of wanted them to rekindle an attraction between Daniel and Carly, since he has been such a sleep-around guy and Jennifer seems so pure. I mean not perfect but certainly not the kind of gal like Daniel has been a guy. But, on the other hand, the scenes between Daniel and Jennifer are cute, although maybe a little predictable and forced.

    I know in real life, people can be married and even have children and suddenly leave that and take-up the Gay lifestyle. But I wish they were not going to do this to Will. Someone new to the show would be better. IF they have to do it at all!

    gerri480, – thanks for your thought. She was a lovely person and my very close friend all these years. She and I hit it off right from the beginning when I first met my husband’s family. Been less than a week since she passed away and I miss her already! Good that there’s better news coming from your state but know it will be a long long time before things are back to normal. So much grieving for the lives lost! Really sad!

  140. From Grandma Judy

    Here in S. Michigan I paid $4.19 for gas this morning!

  141. From Katherine

    From the mountains, to the ocean, well that’s where Obama went.
    All the Credit goes to our military and intellegence. It’s our young and brave men that did it, and not the politicians that now will stand in front of the military and take all the credit, and our boys can’t say a word, What would we ever do without our brave young men and women out there keeping us Safe and Free, God Bless the Military and God Bless America, the home of the Free.
    Gram Judy, I am truly sorry for your Loss…
    Will, maybe could finally realize that something is different with him, if was to come close to having Sex with Gaby, and things don’t go the way they should….. That has happened to young people before, that when it comes to intimacy, ????!!!!!!
    Hope his new interest will be a new person brought in, Not a current character…
    Curious what Mr. Bill has to say tonight…

  142. From Grandma Judy

    Thanks, Katherine! We both lost dear friends!

    Oh, I can’t wait to hear O’Reilly tonight! Notice how the story of Bin Laden being killed has changed during today. By nightfall tomorrow, it’s going to be that our military wasn’t involved at all and our prez went over there and killed him with his bare hands!! Ha! You are so right about our military. The best in the world!

    Like you, I hope Will’s new “interest” will be someone new on the show. Maybe he won’t have an “interest” for a while and it will just be that he doesn’t want sex with Gaby and it will go from there.

  143. From Sharon

    I enjoyed reading different comments, but the bashing of Obama should stop. The President gave the order, which is part of his job to do…he hasn’t taken credit for the direct killing. Wow, what some people read into things is really un believable!! Sometimes, it is hard to believe we all can read the same things, but get entirely different ideas. All the politicans should start working together and get this country back on track….starting with the gas prices.

  144. From SandyGram

    #138 Grandma Judy
    It’s refreshing to have sites where Actor bashing is not allowed. I prefer reading and writing about the characters and story lines. So with that in mind…..

    Nicole was terrific today. When she walked into the DiMera parlor EJ and Taylor were like two kids caught with their hands in the cookie jar. I loved her cool, calm jabbing “what have you to been up too” type conversation. Taylor was about ready to jump out of her skin and spill the beans right there, she portrayed a great dear in the headlights look. But then EJ’s no dummy he knows Nichole knows something and since when did he start calling her Nikki?

    Now we have Kinsey learning that her father lost his business so she can’t go to college…It’s very reminiscent of when Belle’s best friend, Mimi Lockhart’s father lost his job and Mimi, her brother and her mom became homeless. Belle & Shawn got Habitat for Humanity to come in and the kids from school built them a home. Maybe one of the summer story lines will be about earning money so Kinsey can go to college.

    Then there’s Rafe’s nurse and his explanation to Stefano about Rafe’s escape. Mr. D surely wasn’t happy about that and he wasn’t going to just ‘for get it’ like the nurse wanted. I guess this was the first time the nurse has ever dealt with the Stefster.

    Now on to try to figure out the CAPTCHA!

  145. From grandma to many

    Please remember that our President is the commander in chief the highest ranking in the greatest nation in the world maybe we should just be grateful that such a terrible man has been taken out of this world and we can gain some small crumb of revenge for 9-11 many people were touched deeply on that day and I am just happy that anyone was able to end his evil God delivered the right personnel to the right location and IMO He gets all the credit sorry I just needed to say that

  146. From luvtoread

    Grandma Judy;
    I paid 4.09 and used my Kroger card to get the discount at Shell.
    Yikes thats all we need here in our great state of Michigan. I’m in education and there is a lot of stress right now among the staff.
    Do you like downriver? I live north of the city

  147. From gerri480

    One comment concerning Gas Prices,
    when George Bush was In office,some folks were ready to throw bricks at him,18 wheelers took a convoy to Washington,to protest,none of that seems to be happening this go-around…If anyone out there can give us an acceptable answer,as to the difference please speak up…..

    As to the death of UBL,I hope the right ones get the credit,and It doesn’t become a political advantage…..I’m very thankful,that this terrorist,has been removed,from our earth…

  148. From Clear

    Gas prices would go down if we were allowed to use our own oil and build some refineries. In the meantime, going green is fine when it doesn’t ruin the small businesses and stop people from making enough money to pay their bills and buy food.

    It is interesting that much of the unrest in the middle east has been because people are hungry, and in oil rich nations?

    Back to the story–Olive–I think you hit on it when you described the EJ character. He was always obsessed with what he couldn’t have and totally obsessed with Sami still. This is despite being married to Nicole and infatuated with Taylor.

    If Sami had the amnesia and said she wanted EJ what would happen?

  149. From Grandma Judy

    Sharon #142,- Don’t wish to turn this into a political site but I have to respond. I don’t see where anyone has been “bashing” Obama. Just stating facts. If you listened to his speech when he announced that Bin Laden was dead, it was filled with I, my, and me throughout. Since then, he hasn’t really been out there touting his PERSONAL achievement so much but the mainsteam media sure has. To the point where some are saying we don’t even need a 2012 election now. That’s what I meant when I said by sundown today we’ll be hearing that the military wasn’t even involved and Obama took out Bin Laden all on his own. The media is politicizing this to the hilt. I would add, though, that this operation has been in the works for 4 years and Obama was only brought in on it this Feb. But, yes, he did give the final order. Interesting that probably the biggest news of his presidency has come about due to policies he ran against in 2008! But, hey, he did keep the policies in place after he was in office.

    luvtoread #145, – I live about an hour-and-a-half west of Detroit. My husband just called and the gas station where we bought gas at $4.15 yesterday morning has it at $4.29 this morning. Nuts!!

  150. From Grandma Judy

    Sandygram #143,- I agree with your post. Nicole was great yesterday and Taylor did a terrific job of looking soooo uncomfortable, like a deer in headlights, as you said. Can’t wait until tomorrow when I guess Nicole will tell EJ how things are REALLY going to be!! I had the same thought as you when Kinsey was telling her troubles, – that we’ve been there before with Mimi. The scene between the nurse from the asylum and Stefano was priceless!

    Really, what’s up with these crazy captchas?!

  151. From gerri480

    Grandma Judy,
    You hit the nail on the head,with all your remarks,I’ll add some,hearing Brett Hume on FNC,last night,some polls taken,before the killing of UBL,were showing Obama’s rating,when dropping,had nothing to do,with UBL being caught or not,the Issues,that dropped his ratings are still here,so maybe
    these will overshadow,his ”Me,I,My
    statements,sure hope so,I know what my answers will be,If I’m called..

    also back to days,I think May sweeps,could be exciting,I hope Nicole kicks It high and bad,to her sis and Hubby,and I hope Chloe can gain the upper hand on Kate,she and Nicole and Sami really need to team up,and become a sisterhood of vigilantes(like the series I’ve been reading,for past 3-4 years(by Fern Michaels)I would recommend these to all of you,sooo funny!!!!our 3 gals on days,I think could create some unforgettable moments!!!

  152. From Debbie

    Grandma Judy and luvtoread, I’m in Michigan too (Southgate) and paid $3.88 for gas three days ago. A few of our stations hadn’t hit $4 then but within the past two days they’re all there now, so the next time I go will be the first time I’ll be paying more than $4. Yikes! I remember back in the mid 70s when my math teacher complained about gas prices hitting the 35 cent a gallon mark. And that was considered expensive! Luvtoread, I work at Wayne State and things are tense here also with nobody saying much about who’s going to get cut. And Grandma Judy, I’m sorry for the loss of your friend too. It seems everyone on our site is going through emotional turmoil of some sort. All we can do is support one another.

    I enjoyed seeing Tad again on the show. I think he’s a good actor and seems comfortable in the role. I wonder if he fits anywhere in the storyline with Will.

  153. From MAB

    Saying Tamara is — is not actor bashing. I’m just stating a simple fact. If you don’t like it, then don’t read it. And with those eyes of hers, she don’t have to try, she always looks like a deer in headlights.

    Please give T (Tad) a s/l. This guy has potential, and would enjoy watching him much more than Will.

    Yes actually it is actor bashing. Please see our email to you regarding this. Do it in another thread or again and you’re banned. ADMIN

  154. From Grandma Judy

    Saying Tamara Braun is “ugly” is not a “simple fact”. It’s an opinion, which everyone is entitled to. But it’s not the same opinion of some others, like myself, who think she is pretty.

    Kate, Nicole, Sami, and even Taylor would be a terrific team against the DiMeras! I’m all for it!

    Debbie, thank you for your thoughts! I like Tad (T), too. The actor was in a movie we watched recently. And I read that the actress who plays Kinsey is in a current movie but can’t rmember which one it is. They told about it on one of the other Days sites.

  155. From sandee

    Can we send RoboRafe and Taylor, along with a few others to Survivor: DiMeara Island?

  156. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Agreed Granda. It is strictly an opinion. Plus when we voice that we think Rafe is sexier or more handsome than EJ – we are accused of EJ bashing. Funny how there are double standards. We just all have different tastes, which is fine. I think Tamara is beautiful. She is very talented and works well with EJ. I just don’t like them as a couple – there is no chemistry there for me. I guess there is history because Taylor was last with Eric, Nicole’s first true love. I guess Taylor will now move onto Brady. Nicole does get jealous. I have to wonder if Nicole will be Brady’s Caroline to Victor – always out of reach.

    I would love to see Kate, Nicole, and Sami team up against the Dimeras. I looks like the Dimeras actually get scared this time about going to jail, but we all know somehow things will get messed up and the Dimeras will remain free. We have to have villans on the show, but it will be nice to see Nicole, Sami and Rafe turn the tables on them. I love to watch Stefano squirm!! No one can do it like Stefano.

    Even though I don’t like Carly, I do not find it believable that she is on drugs because Bo went back to Hope and Carly lost the young patient. It’s grasping at straws to me. If she was this weak, then why wasn’t she on drugs when she was married to Lawrence. To me, the writers cannot make up their minds what to do with her character.

  157. From Katherine

    146 gerrie, 148 Grandma Judy, ditto and Amen to you about Osama etc. There might be a bumb for a while in Polls, but like said, his low ratings were not due to not finding Osama, but how he handled most other important stuff …..
    Yes, he made a brave decision, but everything had been planned, layed out for years and as we know now, Waterboarding of two key inmates in Quantanamo (?) revealed the needed information to bring this monster to and End, hope even the Fish/Sharks reject him in the ocean. (Sorry)
    I thought the same thing, Mimi Lockhart, been there, done that, not again…. so is Kinsey going to have a mother (like Bonnie).
    Beginning to wonder if T. will be Will’s love iterest.
    Nicole, you are of to a great interesting start, keep it up and don’t become dumb, stay smart in this SL, we viewers need some satisfaction.
    Taylor, sorry to say, but she looks “hard” like a “barmaid” or something, compared to Nicole’s fresh looking beauty.
    Enjoy all your posts, really good ones.
    Cold, rainy day, we laid our friend to rest….
    However my friend “with benefits” is taking me out to dinner tonight, looking forward to it..
    Thanks for all you wonderful ladies on here, we are more than just a soap blog, we are also a friend/human being blog… Bless you all and enjoy the daily disasters on Days….
    Maybe it was John Black that was part of the undercover operation to get Osama, and Steve helped….LOL
    John come Salem and tell us all about it, now that would be a SL….

  158. From patsy

    Without any hopes of a EJAMI reuion theres realy not much to look forward to SO SAD

  159. From MAB


    My opinion on Tamara’s looks is fact to me, it’s the way I see it. If you have a problem with that, then why can’t you just ignore it? Why do you continue to fuel the fire?

    And you saying Tamara Braun is pretty is just an opinion as well. And there are those who agree with you, and those who agree with me. If you have a problem with agreeing to disagree, then don’t attack others for their opinions because it cuts both ways.

    It’s all in the way you word something. Please do not call the actress ugly and we have already heard you dislike her looks about ten times in this thread. There is no need to keep harping on it. The rules are clear that we do not allow this trashing of actors. See our email for further notice. ADMIN

  160. From MAB

    Those of you who dislike EJ are by far innocent when it comes to bashing. You all do the the exact same thing to those of us who dislike Rafe. And you can definitely call that double standards.

  161. From MAB

    The DiMeras being scared?? OMG that statement is too funny. When has Stefano ever been scared? I’ve watched this show for years and have never seen Stefano scared. He would not be the man/villain he is if he got scared.

  162. From lavita

    EJ should kill Nicole, she should not be with Sydney remember she kidnapped her. Melanie and Brady should be together. I don’t like the new Taylor!! Bring Rafe 1 back with Sami!!!

  163. From Clear

    I would like to see them go to jail at least for a while–at least one of them should have to do some time considering all the rotten things they’ve done.

    I thought the reason that Carley started with the drugs was because the nightmares came back and she didn’t want to sleep?

    I thought I found the link to the new spoilers, but it kept jumping and wouldn’t let me pull it up!

  164. From Betty

    Please put an end to the Rafe storyline, it’s been to long, I don’t think Jennifer and Daniel are a good match, PLEASE stop writing Jack as if he is Days worst father and husband, thats not right, PLEASE just write him off as dead or missing, the email could be coming from anywhere or anybody, just stop doggin JACK. I do like Maggie and Victor.

  165. From Nancy

    FYI Good One Grandma Judy

    God Bless our Navy Seals, hi ho hi ho it’s off to work they go!

    SUre hope all of you down south are safe and ok. I have any extra room if you ever need one.

    The Soap: is worse than a soap!

    Ok ladies, back off the actress who is playing Taylor, yes she and EJ are horrid together, but she has had some personal issues and obviously from her eyes and pale skin is still going thru them. Writers if she’s akeeper give her a different role, maybe as Victor’s long lost daughter, bar maid or whatever, but the pairing of her with EJ is just poor choice and writing. The age discrepancy is beyond obvious, and as said she is old enough to be his daughter not lover. And she and Brady same issue–old enough to be his daughter nothing more.

    And now Abigal, she has no role, no forseen role, and the young lady portrayed is too slutish to be JEN’s Daughter.

    JEn abd Jack were a great couple and entertaining, as Jen was always his damsel in distress and he did always rescue her in his ihis wayward but manly ways.
    Hopefully he will come back.

    John sorry darlin but you too no longer have a role!

    Maybe it is time for Kate and Maggie to learn what the Dimera’s did.

    Lastly having Sami (your only possible worthy remainder)shoot another man–not a good idea guys—-bad bad writing!

  166. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Grandma, Katherine, etc. AMEN About Obama. What an idiot! Wish he would take credit for the mess he has made rather than blame everyone else. I cannot believe that they announced the unit that killed him. BTW, the unit is 45 minutes from my home and work. We are under high alert in VA because of it.

    The spoilers use the word “scared” and “worried” in reference to Stefano and EJ being caught by Bo, Rafe and Sami for the Rafe switch & them spending time in jail. They have been worried or scared in the past – why not now. They are still human.

  167. From Grandma Judy

    I said in my post #154 that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I didn’t think it was an attack but if anyone felt that way, I apologize. I think I was criticized for something having to do with a fire, too, but I didn’t get that one. . . .

  168. From gerri480

    Katherine,enjoy your night deserve it….hope you and Grandma Judy,both have some better days ahead,losing family and close friends(who really are like family)
    Is difficult….love your posts..

    this site Is great,for comments other than just our opinions about Days,and It’s good that we can disagree ,on some of the storylines
    In the end,It shows we all love our “”DAYS”"

  169. From MAB

    Well, scared & worried mean 2 completely different things as they have 2 different definitions. I guess I don’t watch the same show as some of you because I’ve never seen Stefano scared of getting caught…worried = maybe, scared = never. He is the Phoenix after all.

    #164 – fueling to the fire is an expression, and one I think most would know what it means, but if you need a more precise description, then what I meant by it was how you blatantly tell me my opinion of Taylor is wrong, but then in the same sentence you say everyone is entitled to their opinion. You can’t have it both ways. You pounce on any opinions that differ with yours.

    You clearly baited the other posters after you continuously bashed Tamara Braun. Do not do it again. Please let this topic go and review the email we sent you. – ADMIN

  170. From MAB

    oops…I meant ‘fueling the fire’

  171. From Grandma Judy

    MAB, I know what fueling the fire means. I was joking because you were making so much of what I had posted. I NEVER said your opinion of Taylor was wrong. Never, never said that! Go back and read my post. You said it was a fact that she is ugly and all I said was that it is not a fact, it was your opinion, which everyone is entitled to, and that it is my opinion that she is pretty. I never attacked you and I do not think I have a reputation on this site of “pouncing” on opinions that are different than mine. Stating a different opinion is a whole lot different than “pouncing” on someone elses.

    BoAndFancyFace4Ever is correct and there is a spoiler that used the words “scared” and “worried” to describe what EJ and Stefano will be feeling. Whether they will or not remains to be seen but that’s what the spoiler says.

  172. From MAB

    I’m not the only one saying negative things about her, but if it’s that much of a touchy subject for some where we can’t have freedom of speech and have to be so politically correct, then I’m done with this website.

    Freedom of speech doesn’t apply here since this is a privately owned and operated website. While we want you to be able to have your own say, we ask that you keep in mind how your words sound and how they can bait. That’s all. We do want you to stay. ADMIN

  173. From MAB

    Admin – you should pass the same message to the people who also continually bash James Scott/EJ, because the WORST comments I’ve seen on here are about him.

    In all fairness we haven’t had any other complaints but if we had, we would take care of those as well. All we ask is that you please take care in the way you word something. Trashing actors has never been something we’ve been open to. ADMIN

  174. From Miselemeas

    no.149 Grandma Judy.I thorougly agree with every single word you wrote about Osama and Obama.As I said in a prior post I think the new Taylor is really attractive ,I would go so far as to call her beautiful,not in the classic standard way,but we see enough of those;She and Nicole are two beautiful women and great actress,s in my opinion.I can not wait to see Rafe and Sami get together as I said before.The wait is interminable while we watch the charade drag out between Taylor and EJ.I do not believe that even an actress of Taylor,s caliber can pull it off.Lets see some romance.

  175. From gerri480

    The negative comments toward EJ,has been to his character,not about him personally.I think he Is quite handsome,but don’t care at all for his part on Days.

  176. From Grandma Judy

    I agree, gerri480, and think that’s where these sites draw the line. Can criticize a character all we want but not the actor. Thanks again for your comments on Katherine’s and my losses. I haven’t had a funeral to attend like Katherine did. My husband’s cousin, and my very close friend, was cremated and her husband wants to keep her ashes for a while. A memorial service and burial of the ashes will be late summer.

    Katherine, hope you are having a nice evening!!

  177. From Nancy

    gerri: That convoy made a mark, but the CEO’s didn’t care as long as they got thier personal bonuses and tax loopholes/writeoff.
    Thus the best and most effective way for us the americans to fight gas prices is: Either we all stop filling and driving for just 2 days, or the Truckers stop driving for 2 days. Trust this country would come to a halt and then those CEO’s will learn about supply and demand.

    You are right, this is a soap site, please let’s keep politics to the kitchen tables not here!

    So I shall shut up politically.

    Back to soaps—-If bringing Jen back was to increase ratings it’s not working, as her former character would not do what she is doing.
    NICOLE’s performance today was fabulous!

    Abigal’s actress looks approximately 10-15 years older than Abby would be, pick another writer’s. BTW: Get you hands out of your pants, she ain’t that hot and although it is obvious that she thinks she is. J&J daughter would not have that large of an ego.
    Carly has no other role than that of an addict—-no creativity there whatsoever. Especially when the hospital CEO is who—-oh yeah its Lexie.
    Bring Bo, Hope roman and sadly stefano back to the forefront please, as the others are just fillers.
    Lastly becareful with Ciara’s acttress as she is a suggestible little girl, and the character’s bossiness can sadly become the actresses reality and a painful one at that. Most other little girls do not like Bossy friends.

  178. From colio


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