Days Of Our Lives: Marlene McPherson and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. Named New Head Writers.

A new team.

Marlene Clark Poulter (McPherson)and Darrell Ray Thomas, Jr. have been named the new Co-Head Writers of “Days Of Our Lives.”

Both writers were collaborators of former “Days” Head Writer and “Passions” creator James E. Reilly. Poulter was Associate Head Writer for “Days” from 1993 – 1999. Poulter and Thomas Jr. were on board at “Passions” throughout its run. They will be taking over from newly fired Head Writer Dena Higley.

For more about the shuffle behind-the-scenes, read Dena Higley Fired As Days Of Our Lives Head Writer.

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  1. From Patty

    Fans may have been crying for Dena’s firing in hopes that a new head writer would bring back good stories with depth. Hiring former Passions writers may very well doom this show to become Passions II, especially with Gary Tomlin as EP, rather than help return Days to its glory. If Days viewers are subjected to the campiness of Passions, viewers will continue to bail on the show. I sincerely hope this is not a case of the “solution” being worse than the problem.

  2. From DaysFan

    You’re right Patty. In fact Tomlin is already trying to recreate Passions. He hired in as asst producer just a few months after Dena. 1.) Every writer he has on staff ‘including’ the new ones he just hired are ex-Passions writers. 2.) Tomlin himself used to work for Passions. 3.) Ethan/Teresa from Passions brought in and paired together on Days as Ariana/Brady. 4.) Hispanic family of siblings brought in centered around ex-Passions actor–Lopez-Fitzgerald on Passions, Hernandez on Days 5.) Straight guy in a committed relationship ‘suddenly’ becomes gay–Chad on Passions, and rumored that he is going to do that to Will on Days in the fall. Tomlin and/or Corday can’t keep trying to make Dena Higley the scape goat if they move forward with this last re-do of an old Passions storyline, since they have admitted that they were rewritting more than 15 episodes. If it were just Higley, they would rewrite those episodes, knowing it is a copy of an old Passions storyline. Tomlin is as much a part of the problem as Higley ever was.

  3. From DaysFan

    It’s not bad enough that Passions was cancelled on two different networks. How long is Corday going to watch Tomlin try to turn our Days into a ‘FAILED’ Passions?!

  4. From DaysFan

    One more thing…
    Why is it that they keep hiring assistant executive producer, head writers, and writing staff who know absolutely nothing about Days or the characters and who were writing for SHOWS THAT WERE CANCELLED?!

  5. From DaysFan

    Tomlin let go on June 9th… It truly seems that Corday and/or NBC is listening to fans. Thank you! On that note, I wish Higley and Tomlin the best in their careers; while I don’t think they were right for Days, I wish them all the very best in their future careers and whatever path that takes them.

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