Days Of Our Lives Poll: Taylor And EJ In Bed.

Getting it on.

After being pre-empted by various events, Elvis and Taylor are finally going to get carnal this week. Although the prospect of these two beautiful people bumping uglies might not sit well with everyone, it could turn out to be interesting. What do you imagine it will be like.

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Dolly

    Ej will see Sami in his mind!

  2. From Clear

    EJ will call out Sami’s name in his sleep maybe? EJ will have to be on the bottom because she’s so skinny he might hurt her! I hope he feeds her well first–at least a few chocolate covered strawberries and some good spirits!

  3. From Lisa

    Umm..I am going to barf with Evil Jerk Taylor I can’t wait for him to go jail…!

  4. From bettyg

    EWWW!!! I’m with you, Lisa! I’ll definitely fast forward that scene!

  5. From Lisa

    Yay Betty!

    EJ is and will always be a lying scumbag!

  6. From maggie


    Pass the brain bleach. These two are gross.

  7. From Katherine

    Why force EJ with Taylor on us, when he has such great chemistry with either Sami of Nicole… LOL

  8. From jenn

    Ewwwwww…I don’t even want to picture it. They make so sense. Hahaha Lisa, Betty and Maggie… you three are cracking me up! :)

  9. From Kay


  10. From CeRon

    Well I can tell this site is biased. There’s not one option that isn’t negative or sarcastic except for “other”.

    The site is not biased. We can’t please everyone. The polls are all in fun. They’re not meant to be taken seriously. ADMIN

  11. From jolie

    Nicole tried to warn her sister that Elvis was not who he says he is and Taylor just wouldn’t listen. Go figger. Well, she’ll now have to pay up to whatever Nic dishes out and then she’ll also have to see what a fool she was to believe in Elvis who will disappoint her just like Nicole tried to tell her. Nicole gave up everything for the kids and some security and I think she’d have really tried to make Elvis happy. Well, now he needs to see how it feels when he throws it all in her face and with her sister to boot. I am not in favor of Elvis and Taylor so I am all for Nicole putting them thru some payback. I’d like to see Rafe and Nicole meet up because I think she’ll know the difference and maybe she, Sami, and RealRafe can torture Elvis a bit.

  12. From Tammy

    I think it would be great if Nicole teamed up with Sami and Rafe. Orginally I thought it would be great if Sami and Nicole could bring down the Dimeras, but with Rafe it is a bonus. EJ and Taylor are totally gross!

  13. From shirley

    I’ll definitely fast forward that scene. i love dvr recording. everytime ej, taylor, roborafe,and on and on. the new ones on the show i dont dvr

  14. From jessika

    That is sooo gross….I cant stand Taylor,miss goodie goodie…cant wit til she sees what kind of man E.J. really is..and she will never allow her high and mighty self 2 b with a man like sickens me when they say they r n love with each other..they said it from day 1 and dont know each other really know each other at all…n a word…NASTY..hopefully Taylor wil b leaving soon..

  15. From betty thurman

    If they don’t get rid of that
    Taylor I am giving the soap Days of our lives. I really like nicole\ & ej but I can;t stand this gross of a girl and the way
    she treats he sister nicole.
    Why can;t you all do some thing
    about this situation, I really
    love EJ& Brady……From other
    coments I think you writer would do

    would do something about

  16. From Ang

    Not digging the new Taylor, I actually like the other one. Read that they got rid of her because there was no passion between the two but I think its worse now with the other one. But thats my opinion, I think EJ and Nicole are good for eachother!!

  17. From Evelyn

    Don’t you agree that James Scott’s long eye lashes make him look so very adorable and cute? I think he looks so very darling and cute and sweet. His smile just looks so cute and he has a beautiful heart.

  18. From pam

    so pleased to see all dislike taylor. why do we need her. i am single minded and i still want ej/sami back together, they are the dynamic couple, and the two sides of the coin, an idea that this show is really based on.
    nicole is great and should be with brady, dont really care about any of the other characters in the show, they just fill up the time as far as i am concerned. glad to hear hope is leaving, bo and hope story truly at an end now, a happy end. heard marlena and john are coming back, this would be a great possibility with ej/sami and the warring influences of the grandparents in the development of the lives of the children, after all as i see it samis children are the most important youngsters in the show, and they have such opposite family values to contend with. i have loved days for over thirty years, glad to see the producers are making the plots go quicker, they used to move painfully slowly, but really do not want any more characteres coming into the show, just give more drama and detail to the main ones, the dimeras and the bradys.

  19. From lena

    Yuk!!! Ej and Taylor make me want to puke everytime they come on. Their storyline sucks. Not to mention neither of the Taylor’s was any good. The 1st one couldn’t act at all, and the second one is ————-
    Nicole is awsome with Ej and Brady, lots of cemestry and heat. Although I would like to see Nicole with Brady more, they make a perfect power couple. And with them its real not an act as with Ej.

  20. From Donna

    I think the new Taylor looks like a hood rat. The first Taylor was so striking that you could see how EJ’s eyes could have wandered (but now the show has left me wondering…) How could he cheat on Nicole with the this? Sorry I am so rude (lol), but Stefano should have one of his guys terminate Taylor’s contract.

  21. From cheryl

    I like the old Taylor better

  22. From Lance

    As a male who has watched Days for a number of years, I am appalled at what is supposed to be writing a soap opera. The BS with Taylor and EJ, the teeny boppers, etc. I am thoroughly disgusted with what used to be an entertaining show. Perhaps it is time to watch something else.

  23. From Gel

    On one hand I would love to see EJ w/o his shirt on. The other hand not w/ Taylor!!!! There is zero chemistry there & the charector is lame. Sami, Nikki, or even Stephanie who was turning into version of Sami. Someone naughty & sassy. Please don’t send him to jail he is too hot it.

  24. From loves dool

    I love the Taylor and EJ story can not stand the girl that plays Taylor..she is a horable actress did not like her the first time she played on there. Don’t like her now.

  25. From Camille Collins

    what were they thinking when they recast Taylor with AVA TPTB had there blinders on that is why they fell flat on there faces and could not see They exchanged the BEAUTY for the what? like EJ would fall in love with AVA!There is a petition on my page Please go there and sign it after clicking on NL’s name WE want her back!emplo\ please back!!PLEASE PTB PLEASE give us back the magic JS & NL gave us

  26. From Camille Collins

    How can anyone say NATALIA LIVINGSTON could not act ?? She won the EMMY when on GH~Last I heard they were giving them to GOOD actors THE BEST in catagory that they were nominated for ~~OF course it is all the EJAMI fans that are complaining about NL~I also love EJAMI but so much has happened between them~ EJAYLOR now~

  27. From Gabby

    So glad that Taylor is out! Sorry, I want the show to be like it used to be…the Dimera’s against the Brady’s. This caused the Forbidden love between EJ and Sami and that’s why it worked. Go back to the basics…PLEASE!! Rafe is way to nice and Sami playing this housewife is ridiculous. Give us something to talk about…because everyone is way too nice, even the bad guys.

  28. From Dmitri

    New Tay is pretty but not as pretty as old Tay, and looks too old to be Nikki’s lil sis. She and EJ have more chemistry than NL had with EJ. Still, EJaylor was an EJoke. TEAM EJOLE ALL THE WAY BABY!!!!!

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