Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For June 6-10.

Passion, plots and proms.

Prom week finally arrives in Salem. Unfortunately for Gabi, her dream day looks like it will be more of a nightmare. Will, Melanie and Dario band together to make sure she doesn’t miss out on what the event promises. As they are busy bringing the prom to Gabi, Mel gets impressed by how caring Dario can be. Meanwhile, RoboRafe continues to fight back and get nastier. After he tries to hurt Sami, Rafe decides that they have to seriously adjust their plan.

Carly tries to kick her pill habit but that plan falls flat. At least it gives her something to think about other than Dannifer. Daniel asks Jennifer to go away with him for a romantic weekend. Things don’t exactly go as planned when they wind up giving Abby an eyeful of their passionate carousing.

And speaking of seeing way too much… Nicole gets to see her sister and her husband physically expressing their love. His overexposure to Taylor makes EJ erect in more ways than one. He vows to stand up to Nicole, but Taylor could be dragging down his new optimism when she accuses him of still keeping secrets. As they bicker, Nicole turns to Stefano and tries to get her favorite frenemy to collaborate with her latest scheme.

For all of her talk about family, Vivian isn’t exactly thrilled to have her son back in town. She’s sure that he’s up to no good and tries digging up why Quinn would decide to plop himself down in Salem. As she looks for dirt on him, he uses the goods he has on Chloe to blackmail her, putting a real tarnish on the diva’s recently refurbished sense of hope.

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  1. From MsBoulderCO

    If Stefano is smart he’ll remember what happened the last time he worked with Nicole. EJ disowned him.

    Mel and Dario hooking up and working to make Gabi’s prom a success should be fun. Even though it may not happen don’t they know they are also setting her up to possibly loose her virginity?? ;-)

    So, Quinn is Viv’s kid. It took her long enough to know he was in town. Guess he’s the black sheep of the family. Then again, let’s look at the genes he came from.

    Too bad we have to watch the Danifer thing happen when we know Jack is coming back in the picture. What changes lie ahead for this couple?

  2. From dc

    well, from what i have read they are making will’s character gay, so i don’t think gabby has anything to worry about (i mean losing her virginity)..
    this rafe 2 character needs to be gone, sooner rather than later..
    love the thing between daniel and jennifer. would love to see somethinng going with chad and abby.

  3. From Dee

    I can’t belive they are going to make Will Gay, he is cute and nice don’t we have enough gay shows and so on, leave out soaps alone with that. And please please don’t make Samy pregnet with Robo’s kid. We need some good stuff going on as well in this story. There is no balance anymore, only bad things going on.

  4. From Granny

    Since when did Vivian have a son? Never heard of that before. Have I forgotten, or is this a rewrite?

  5. From Anita

    I really hope they dont make Will gay I mean common he has been with how many gfs in the past maybe not sexually but he is into girls .So it is hard to swallow the whole I woke up one morning and realized im gay … its already been done on As The World Turns!

  6. From Katherine

    3. Anita, good points, now I do not know really anything about being gay, how do you know, when do you know, I am a very confused person, and I have to say truly, I am not very comfortable with it, but I am not a hard nosed person.
    So Will, yes he has been with girls, like Mia, Gaby, whoelse????nothing that ever came close to having a “Close relationship”, so now with the Prom coming up, and he might feel (like a lot of other young men, unfortunately,) now he has to show his Macho, and, poof, his Macho does not come through for him…..! heartbreaking, sad, torture, for the poor young man, …
    Sami will have to go through a whole new partenting experience, will she be able to handle that one, she hardly ever had time to handle her kids in regular times. I don’t know, really what to say, just thinking out loud, you guys tune in and give your comments…
    I’ll be curious to see Why EJ will give up His children to Sami, what will promt Him to Do Such a Thing…????
    Baffeld in PA for sure, EJ what’ is going on with you ???? I know, All of us know, He does love his children, I will not even fight about that…. period, sometime wondered about Samantha, but concluded, I guess, she does love her children also, so, now, what….

  7. From Chris

    Wish I could vote a million times “ANYTHING to get rid of Taylor!” I have got to where I just FF thru all that crap!

  8. From cindy

    haven’t posted for awhile….just finished reading comments on the other page, but figured i’d better post on here since those will be disappearing soon!! hehe………. first off, so glad you’re still on here katherine!!! there are several things we don’t really agree on, but love reading your posts and oppinions!!! sometimes i think comments by others come accross more harsh than they are meant! i’ve felt that way before, and you have to just shrug them off!!! your posts are always respectful and intellegent so under no circumstances should you even consider stopping!!! 2nd, #184 sandyram…. thought the same thing when stefano mentioned the money on that debit card!!! how did he clean it out anyway?? remember, he lost the card and was chasing sami down when rafe and sami “caught” him. stefano had said he would transfer the money to another account, but when would he have had the time to cash it out??………………………. katherine (alos on last posting page) you’re not kidding about the comments brady made to daniel about jennifer. he said she was almost like family…since when??? i didn;t think they even knew each other ( maybe barely, when brady was much younger) but i can’t remeber them even having a conversation since she’s been back!! don’t know where that came from?? i agree with several of you about hope and jennifers scenes together today!!! they were great, have always loved their relationship!!! nows there’s the person (hope or bo) that should have been having that “talk” with daniel…

  9. From bebe5

    I don’t remember Vivian having a son. Does anyone know who the father is? All I remember is she was married to Victor, got divorced, and then the switching egg story with Kate.

    It makes sense that Sammi and Rafe will blackmail EJ with RoboRafe to get full custody of her children, but as many have posted, EJ could blackmail her right back for shooting him in his head, so I don’t get it yet.

  10. From bebe5

    Sorry, forgot to write Philip being born with the switching egg story.

  11. From cindy

    bebe5….i don’t think any of us remember vivian having a son!!! as someone else pointed out even when she was in the coffin she never mentioned a son (except phillip). funny too….because she’s so obsessed with phillip you’d think a biological son would be front and center! it will be interesting to see how the writers explain this. obviously, he’s not some longlost son she never heard of ( like all of stefano’s children, haha). at least, according to the spoilers it doesn’t sound that wasy, but who knows. anywasy, it’s a little harder for a woman to NOT KNOW she has a child!!!!

  12. From SandyGram

    #6 bebe5
    Here’s some facts I copied from my post #138 on the previous pages.

    Quinn being Vivian’s son as the spoiler indicates story line must be a re-write. Looking a history it is said that Vivian was married and divorced many times before 1992. While on the show she was only married to Stefano (1999), Steven Jones (Jonesy who died 1998) and Victor (twice 1995-1997 and 2010-2010). Other than Philip (who is Victor and Kate’s son carried to birth by Viv) and her adopted son Nicholas (Lawrence and Carly’s son), there is no mention of another son. But she did have more than a man-servant relationship with Ivan (1992-2000). And, due to the time frame and Quinn looking like he would be 30+ years old I don’t think Ivan, Stefano, Victor or Jonesy is his the father. All the speculation in the world won’t pull this rabbit out of the hat. My guess is Quinn’s father is from a relationship Vivian had prior to her coming to Salem. Only the writers can resolve this mind twister. We’ll know in a few days!

  13. From Guest

    Nicole and Brady were so sad today. Nicole should not have said that Brady didn’t love her. She left him even though he was always faithful. EJ doesn’t even know that word. I would like to see some loving scenes with Nicole and the kids to soften EJ’s heart and remind him why he was interested in being with her in the first place.
    Hope Stephano is OK, the show really needs him

  14. From kass

    Love the poll this week I voted “anything to get rid of Taylor”. Man I can’t stand that girl! I can’t stand the way her character is written, I can’t stand the way that she acts, I can’t stand her appearance, I can’t stand her personality as a human being, I can’t stand her characters since of fashion, I can’t stand that they are wasting EJ’s perfectly good talent on her pathetic character! MAJOR LET DOWN DOOL writers! I don’t care for Taylor or Tamara at all and I know MANY of you agree with me on this so why are the writers keeping her???

  15. From Clear

    Gerri and Grandma Judy keep us updated on the health problems we are putting on the prayerline. Congrats to your son, GJ, on his marriage too.

    Katherine, glad you are here!

    What is that with Stefano—the actor?

    Today, I loved seeing Chloe with Parker and enjoyed most all of the show–except I got bored seeing the two Rafes. I’m just not into interrogation I guess.

    I was hoping the new writers would nix the gay SL! I hate the idea of them making any of the characters we have gotten to know gay.

    If Vivian has known about Quinn all the time and he is not a fan of her machinations, I’m wondering if it is a case something like Phillip from the same time. Maybe she gave away her eggs and found out later that one was used and by whom? Maybe the viable egg was payment in one of Viv’s schemes to someone that could not have children otherwise? The possibilities are endless! Maybe the writers will give us some clues where Quinn came from when she talks to her minion Gus. I wonder whatever happened to Ivan who truly adored her? Gus seems loyal, but sees her realistically much more than she likes. She is so deluded–taking Maggie the flowers. I was wondering if she planted a bug in them to get information or something.

  16. From cindy

    ditto kass….i voted the same way. didn’t like the character with the younger taylor, and don’t like her now. just don’t care for the whole idea!! ej is great with nicole and although i am a big SAFE fan, i like the scenes with ej and sami. don’t care at all the way they have turned ej into some kind of womanizer!! he may be guilty of a lot of things, but IMO, he never let a woman change his personality the way taylor has (maybe sami to some degree, but he still was “calculating”. now he seems beaten down or something…not quite sure!)

  17. From daisy

    Gerri480;Thanks for the update on your coworkers husbands condition. I know it doesn’t look very hopeful, but I have seen miracles happen even when Dr.s said there was no hope.

    I think Quinn is a undercover cop, and of course will not get Chloe on drugs.

    Rafe , having been a FBI guy, doesn’t seem to operate in the smartest ways to gain info. from fake rafe.

  18. From Clear

    Thanks for the info about the preempt. I’ll have to console myself watching something else Friday afternoon. I hate watching tennis on TV! Every summer about the time I go on vacation, they preempt my favorite show!

    EJ and Taylor will not last, but what will come of this–another Dimera? Then Nicole will really be in a mad state of hysteria!

  19. From Clear

    Daisy, I would love it if Quinn is an undercover agent! I hope he is actually good for Chloe. I loved seeing her with her baby today.

    Yeah, Rafe doesn’t seem to cut to the chase to get the info he needs very well. That’s why I found it boring and tedious, plus I cannot stand the faux Rafe character. The best part was when Rafe decked the faux Rafe. I was fast forwarding and had to go back to see why he hit him!

    Sami will have her chance at him soon, and I still hope they let her kick him in the sweets for starters when he gets loose and punish him for what he did to her.

  20. From bebe5

    Thanks Cindy and SandyGram for the info.

    SandyGram, you mentioned re-write, you reminded me of what I wrote on the previous page about reading that Peter Reckell (Bo) said the 4th of July we will see something we never saw before, I don’t know if he said that before or after the re-writings. Fingers crossed it was after.

  21. From gerri480

    I agree that Nicole could be Sydney’s mom…Doc Baker(the baby switcher and seller)could have played a big part,I know she was early in her pregnancy,but I’ve seen lot’s of babies( very premie)survive In our Nicu…Jonny’s interaction seems sort of forced with EJ,and with Rafe he seems so bubbly and excited…and Sami doesn’t seem to be as connected,to Sydney,as with Johnny and Ally(know she didn’t get to bond with her as an infant),but still something doesn’t seem right.and she was so devastated,when Grace died.This storyline could be very possible.then Nicole would have that connection to EJ,and could be a Legal mom to Sydney,she is so very close to her,now,you can feel,that bond,watching them.then they could getnew DNA,to see If Johnny Is really a DiMera,if not,then Sami wouldn’t have no connection to EJ,Case closed,everybody is happy,Johnny gets to be with with Rafe(,whom you can see he loves deeply)

    I believe Lucas and Sami,can share custody,without the problems,she has had with EJ.
    so writers get on this,prove that Sydney Is Nicoles.

  22. From SL

    I am befuddled about Quinn being Viv’s son…did I miss something? I have watched since the beginning of the show! I saw that 17 scripts are being re-written now that there has been a change in writing staff – maybe they can undo the nasty streak they gave Caroline as well as undo this pending gay storyline with Will – they can introduce the storyline with new characters, but it doesn’t feel right for Will. I find myself pulling for Nicole too – I recall Taylor from her first intro years ago, and the first Taylor before the scarf and they were totally unlike this self-centered barracuda she is now – send her packing. I would like to see Chloe end up with Phillip & Parker —

  23. From SL

    I like the notion that Sydney could really be Nicole’s – Doc baker was in the baby brokering biz so maybe he saved the baby to sell….the adjustment couldn’t be worse than some of what we have been asked to believe. I have always thought that Stefano tampered with the DNA results on the twins – remember an envelope in someone hand at the time…it would be awesome if johnny turned out to be Lucas’ kid – and then if they could make Syndey not his either…maybe even make EJ find out he is sterile (mumps? it worked for Mickey Horton) – curb this onslaught of DiMera spawn!

  24. From gerri480

    #19 AND #20..SL I know that twins can be born,having different fathers,but It’s very,very my theory and your ‘S as well,can believe Stefano had one of his cronies(and he has many)to pull this switch,to take an off spring of the Brady’s and bring him up A DiMera (Revenge to the fullest)against the Brady Family,I can believe that this actually did happen.Like the reminder about Mickey being sterile(you know the writers are re-writing old S/L’ very possible this could be on the horizon(would love it…I wish they would give Chloe a different S/L and let her be a mother to little Parker..Sure hhope Quinn is in fact an undercover Narc Agent,and he falls for Chloe then if he is in fact Viv’s son,Chloe could indeed become her daugher-in-law(if writers gave them a serious relationship,that would lead to marriage.. would be very funny,Imagine having Viv as a mother-in-law!
    of course none of this will happen ,if they decide to bring Phillip back,and reunite him and Chloe,then Kate would be her mother-In-law,(either, one of these women would be too funny.)

    and EJ would find out,that he doesn’t have any DiMera seed to plant..I guess they could make Sydney belong to Brady or????

  25. From ctv246

    I don’t like the idea of Sydney being Nicoles. Nicole has not paid any attention to Sydney or Johnny since she has had her mind on Taylor and EJ. I know it’s only an hour show but she doesn’t even talk about them. She is so focused on getting back at EJ and Taylor, her mind is closed at anything else.

  26. From Nancy

    Can someone please pull the pin out of Jen’s hair before the end of the show it looks horrible and that dress is hanging on her bones! She looks awful, and hey writers JEN in NOT Barbie!

    She was once a great character and is currently being turned into trash—-where’s Jack or JJ anyone.

    Turning to drugs not good Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. From MAB

    I’m behind reading from both pages so I’m just getting caught up:

    Grandma Judy – just read about you son’s surgery…just wanted to wish your family all the best…God speed.

    Katherine – glad you’re back my friend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SandyGram – about EJ taking the kids to Sami…if you remember, Sami hadn’t seen the kids for some time since she was away with the 2 Rafes, and once she returned, she called the prior day to tell EJ she was picking up the kids the next morning now that she was back…he then called the following morning to suggest he bring them over…so EJ wasn’t dumping the kids off.

    If Stefano is a class act criminal, then why not EJ? Again, some of you give the credit to Stefano than EJ does not receive.

    I think Brady was just being nice about telling Daniel not to hurt Jen. I don’t think we’re supposed to read too much into a connection between Brady & Jen, other than the fact their families have known each other for decades.

    Loved Brady & Nicole yesterday…SO much chemistry with them…I still want them together. I sure hope we don’t have to endure EJ & Brady fighting over Taylor while Nicole is left out in the cold, just like we had to endure Nathan & Philip fighting over Mel while Stephanie was left out in the cold…although somehow I doubt Nicole will be one to take it lying down…can’t wait for Nicole to make Taylor’s life a living hell.

    Too bad EJ (or the cleaner) won’t rid the show of Rafe. Sure would solve a lot of the current s/l’s and we could move onto something new, like a Sami & EJ reunion.

    What’s the deal about Joseph Mascalo’s health? Can anyone enlighten me, as I’ve heard nothing?

    Katherine – I’m sure Sami will realize she’ll never be able to put EJ in jail, so she’ll somehow blackmail him into giving her full custody of the kids. I still think he could use her shooting him against her though.

    I don’t like the hole in the story they’ve left for where Rafe2’s money is…Sami had the card, so he never got a chance to clean out the account like Stefano thinks. So does that mean Sami & Rafe have the money??

    kass – ditto about Taylor!

    Never have seen Johnny’s interaction with EJ as being forced, in fact he seems much more natural when he’s in the DiMera house than when he’s with Sami and around Rafe. And Johnny seems to be just crazy over Stefano…he always runs to him and loves on him. IMO, Johnn is much more in tune with the DiMeras…and that’s not surprising considering he grew up in that house. I’m elated that Johnny is Sami & EJ’s child and I hope the writers never change that. It’s a must that Sami & EJ keep working together on the show. It’s a shame we have to miss out on the chemistry & great acting these 2 share, so they need to have a connection, whether it be both kids, or just Johnny.

  28. From Katherine

    Ditto, MAB
    The best line today by Stefano, The first moment you laid eyes on that Taylor, You Became Useless, LOL, loved it.
    Well, Chad and Brady met, they are cousins, so more familia…..
    Loved when Abby said today about Brady, I have heard the name, funny, him “knowing Jenn so well”.
    Also, it’s a little silly, Brady, the big Titan CEO, always hanging out with the kiddies, how lame, can’t they get Brady a good SL, playing in Kindergarten does not become him. IMO
    I am starting to like Dan, looks like they are trying to devolpe some serious character in him. Better than the ruthless playboy…
    I love it, that the Horton house is part of DOOL again, it gives a warm familiar feeling, at least to me, when I watch the show.
    Couldn’t they bring back Bill Horton, or at least Mike or his son Jeremy, we need more familia.
    Bill could get with Maggie, after all, at one time Bill’s wife was married to Mickey…. just a minor little thought, no big deal… It’s all in the family,
    speaking of that TV show, on U Tube they have Stefano on with Archie, 1974 All in the family, funny, they also have a lot of bloopers from DOOL on, funny.
    Soapography on U tube, shows Joe Mosolo talking about his life.
    He loves his character, and says about it, “In fairytales he gets aways with things other people can’t, and also he likes it that they show his vulnerbility (??) help, on both sides…. that’s whe he is such a great character, just when you hate him, you find him grieving, or falling in love with Kate, that was his idea, to put him with kate, but Not to be two villains, but to show them falling in love, and it works as far as I am concerned, I love watching them together, apart she and him can be pretty bad….
    I agree, Johnnie loves EJ, the chemistry is there and also with Stefano, beautiful….
    Loved Nicole today, if only she was able to show the world her soft loving side, instead of always putting on the tough front.
    I truly want Sidney to be her baby…
    How could she be Brady’s,,, another Re-write, please don’t overdo it now…. or we as well wake up from a bad dream…
    EJ, don’t shoot Rafe, your Fatha is right, it is not worth it to loose your freedom, of course now Taylor will be the hero that saves him from commiting murder, or Not, he might not have done it anyway, I say his hesitation, maybe, he just needed the moment of feeling he could, but then the better of him will win out…. It’s has happened to the best of people, good will win.

  29. From Clear

    I found it funny strange rather that EJ is going to be on his way to take out Rafe so the spoiler says and meet the saintly Tay and not be able to rid himself of him. I’m ready for them to lock the Roborafe away somewhere or have him fall off a cliff!

    Katherine, I really liked your last blog.

    I’m having to DVR off the soap channel because of the Casey Anthony trial preempting it! Not everyone wants to know everything that went on in that dysfunctional family! Too real and too closeby! Give me the fictional soap, so I can forget my troubles and root for my favorite characters!

  30. From NeeNee

    If the new writers re-write
    Days’ history in a drastic way,
    that won’t be good.

    Re: Sydney really being Nicole’s
    daughter . . . that would be a
    stretch. I know there was
    switching going the day of her
    birth. HOWEVER, if Sydney was
    really Nicole’s she would have
    to have been a preemie. And
    nothing was ever said about Syd
    being underweight/underdeveloped.
    Nicole was only barely 6 months
    along, no? Her baby would have
    been visibly teeny.

    As far as Sami & the Two Rafes go,
    writers are pretty much bound to deal with what they inherited. Lots & lots of loose ends, but over the years we have enough of said “ends” with which to knit an XXXL sweater!!

  31. From gerri480

    I have watched some of the trial,on CNN..they were reading a statement that Casey did,on July 15th,boy that girl Is living in someone else’s lie,after another and another,she needs to be a villianess on days,she actually seems to believe her own lies.all these people she talks about,she now admits to being fictional….

    I felt really sorry for Nicole today..please writers,end this S/L,with EJ and Taylor,Nicole needs to divorce him.Let him and Taylor sail off Into the sunset to be miserable together…start the S/L to make little Sydney her little girl,and bring a new love onto show for her(maybe a mystery man,who might be Sydney’s daddy,In case they decide,she is not EJ’S


  32. From gerri480

    I know It would be farfetching,to think Sydney being a preemie,would never look healthy.
    but In real life,It happens,I work In a large Hospital,with a nicu,the smallest baby born there weighed only 20 ounces.stayed in hospital over a year,there is a bulletin board outside Nicu on wall,with dozens of pictures of “Nicu Graduates”as we call them,
    some have some on going problems,but most are all normal and look quite healthy!a1so we know that soaps,can and do pull off some major know Jennifer having her heart removed,and put back hours later,and no scar.EJ recovered from a gunshot wound to the head,with all his hair, back in place very quickly,and again no scar or memory problems.
    so they defintely could pull off a preemie baby switch,and have the baby live.

  33. From Just Moi

    DVR ALERT…all you EJ fans (and even if your not) don’t miss tomorrow’s show. EJ does the deed with Taylor (not that I noticed she was there)
    Even though I’m not a big EJ/James fan, I sure can appreciate that body!

  34. From MAB

    Katherine – my sentiments exactly about Brady. I’ve been saying for some time now that Brady needs a lead male s/l, like EJ, but they feel the need to put Rafe in that position which is wrong in so many ways. EJ & Brady have solid history-filled families on the show. They are the new breed of the rich & devious…yet Rafe’s s/l’s surpass Brady’s?? I can’t imagine anyone thinking this is the right! Joe Mascalo is an amazing actor. I remember seeing the episode when he played on All in the Family. Remember him in Jaws? He says of the many years in the business, that people know him best by playing the dastardly Stefano DiMera and he loves it. He says some even believe he speaks with an accent like Stefano.

    Funny how Galen playing Rafe2 is still more interesting than playing real Rafe.

    Point is about Sydney when she was born, we saw her as an infant and she did not look as though she was a preemie, so IMO Sydney is Sami’s. Some complained for the longest time for the writers to get away from ‘who the baby daddy is’ s/l, and now that they have, some want them to revisit it just to make Sydney Nicole’s child. I say leave it be!

  35. From MAB

    SOW Summer Spoilers:

    Nicole admits her marriage to EJ was a huge mistake and tells him that she wants a divorce. EJ proposes to Taylor.

    Rafe, Sami, Bo and Hope work together to put the screws to the DiMeras, hoping to get EJ and Stefano to crack.

    Hope returns to the police force and becomes partners with Bo again. Bo and Hope finally convince Rafe 2 to turn on the DiMeras, but something surprising happens before he can.

    Without concrete evidence against them, EJ and Stefano are set free!

    EJ makes a painful decision and gives Sami full custody of the children.

    Stefano and Chad continue to bond as father and son. Chad allows himself to get involved with the gray areas of the family business — much to Abbys dismay. Chad’s loyalties are tested when the truth comes out about EJ and Stefano’s plot.

  36. From Katherine

    28 Gerrie 480, I agree with you all the way, especially in Fairyland, as Joe Moscolo put it on U tube, you can get away with anything, the fans love you and the SL.
    I really want Sidney to be with Nicole, before the girl gets to be to old, please lord have some merci, to the child and the mother.
    Who knows with all the re-writes, Sami’s real baby might still be out there also, and the only one thaat died was Mia’s little girl, or something, maybe Sami’s died and Mia’s and Chad’s is alive and that will be another SL down the road…. All IMO

  37. From MAB

    The only good parts of these spoilers are Hope returning to the police force, EJ & Stefano remaining free, and Stefano & Chad bonding.

    Yuk to EJ proposing to Taylor and him giving full custody to Sami. It has to be blackmail on Sami & Rafe’s part because I can’t imagine EJ ever giving up his kids…which is beyond wrong! And of course, Nicole will end up out in the cold as well because I’m sure Sami will never let her near the kids again.

  38. From betsybee

    Post #11 KASS

    Totally agree with the complete post. HOW RIGHT YOU ARE !!
    TAYLOR is the most useless character on the show and definitely should be removed.
    Saw todays’ show where Sami goes to visit the Roborafe and he grabs her around the throat and she is pleadng with him not to kill her. Tune in tomorrow for the end result.!!!!!!!!

    The two Rafes are pathetic and what is this rumour about trouble with the whole Hernandes family. ??? Did someone find out about Emily and how she died. Maybe Gavvi and Dario know more than we know !!!

    There is only true chemistry between Sami and EJ in this entire show so why not come up with a decent storyline by the new writers.

    Hope the new writers read some of these posts and then maybe we fans might get a few things we wish for.

  39. From betsybee

    Sorry about the spelling of “Gabby” in the last post.

    Nicole has been doing a tremendously good acting job recently. I am not sure that I might like the idea of EJ and Nicole alwsy being together.

    Sami , lately, has no idea how to care for children. Even to go and see Rafe 2 she had to get Grandma to baby sit !!!!

    I also agree that there is much more chemistry between Johnny, Sydney and EJ & Nicole than Sami and Rafe.

    To me Rafe is the most unequipped man for the job of Detective that I have ever seen on any show. Where the “hell” is Roam and Bo these days. I am afraid the “Brady’s” will be the Crime crew before too long and that includes Brady Kiriakis.

    Sorry for the long post but I have just finished watching today’s show and i am a bit Ticked because EJ actually did have a roll in the hay with the Twit “TAYLOR’

    Let’s hope we get some reasonable answers to “crap” previous s/ls.

  40. From Lissa

    I wish Nicole would find out she’s pregnant. She & EJ had sex when they got married(some business arrangement EJ!) You know they probably didn’t use protection because of Nicole’s fertility problems. Better her than the supposed rumor for Sami… who already has enough kids

  41. From SandyGram

    Hot off Daytime Royalty….it looks like Crystal Chappell’s contract has not been renewed. Now let the speculations begin how Carly will be written out!

  42. From gerri480

    Katherine,you made my day,agreeing with me,for your posts make more sense,than most.seriously I really would like to see Nicole happy,with a child who Is her’s.I don’t want her to be pregnant with EJ’s child,not after his treatment of her.

    Carly probably will be sent to Re-Hab,never to be heard from again.
    Sami doesn’t need anymore kids,If Sydney is really hers,then she has 4,which Is enough.but since she grieved
    so much for Grace,then I say she should be her’s and EJ’S..So that leaves Chad and Mia’s baby ( maybe alive,somewhere hmm?)another DiMera grandchild..

    I am so ready for Roman,to have a good storyline,what Is wrong with these writers? enough of the younger group,let us have some seasoned actors back on..Love Maggie,hope for a good relationship for her,and I’m also happy,that they are shooting some episodes,from the Horton Home…

  43. From SandyGram

    Gee….I was just thinking if Carly leaves (how ever she leaves the show), what will happen to Jennifer/Daniel/Jack? There was a lot of speculation Jenn and Jack would reconnect and Daniel would turn to Carly. Could this be an opening for Daniel to return to Chloe, he did have that look about him today when he was talking to Victor in his apartment. He still doesn’t appreciate Vic making snide remarks about Chloe.

  44. From SandyGram

    OH My….one more thought…Nicole is about to be free of EJ…could Daniel and Nicole hook up? Now I’m going to stop thinking and have some dinner!

  45. From gerri480

    lastest up-date on my co-worker and friend’s husband.His lungs,have gotten real bad,so they are giving him large doses,of steroids,may help,may not.but guess they are trying everything,will be 2 weeks ago tommorow.person who caused the wreck was from India,here the auto plant,he was arrested,and his passport taken from him.and was drunk at 7:40 am.

  46. From NeeNee

    Oooh, SandyGram . . .
    if Daniel were to be paired
    with Nicole, how awkward
    would that be for BFF Chloe
    and Nicky???

    Somehow, I don’t think the
    friendship could survive that.
    Unless, of course, Quinn proves
    to be a good guy and the true
    love of Chloe’s life!

  47. From NeeNee

    Oooh, SandyGram . . .
    if Daniel were to be paired
    with Nicole, how awkward
    would that be for BFF Chloe
    and Nicky???

    Somehow, I don’t think the
    friendship could survive that.
    Unless, of course, Quinn proves
    to be a good guy and the true
    love of Chloe’s life!

    P.S. Captchas are ridiculous
    and even though I KNOW several I typed were correct *BAM* kicked back.

  48. From NeeNee

    Sorry for the double post.
    Damn captchas!!!!!!

    (don’t be surprised if about
    three more duplicates show up)

  49. From SandyGram

    Like many others I hoping Quinn does truly fall in love with Chloe, but it might be too late if he doesn’t realize it before he pimps her out which according to the spoilers is coming pretty soon.

    And, yes Nicole and Chloe being BFF’s would cause a rumble if Nikki hooked up with Daniel. Not to mention making Brady, Victor, Melanie, Jen and a few others very unhappy. But somewhere Nicole has to be given a break. Today’s scene in the park with Nicole was heart breaking, but she realizes she’s where she is today because of her own actions. When Faye came into the scene and said ‘you know what you have to do Nikki, I’m wondering what kind of advise has this ghostly mother given her daughter. Since Faye never liked Nikki being with EJ I would guess it means Nikki has to divorce EJ. Maybe that’s why we see the spoilers saying Nicole asks for the divorce. But it still leaves the question will EJ keep her away from Johnny and Sydney? Can’t think of any man in Salem that Nicole could have a relationship with where there wasn’t somebody who didn’t like the idea. For some reason I feel a connection between Nicole and Rafe. But I’d really like to see her reconnect with Brady or have Eric Brady come back to town! Yaw Hoo Buck-A-Roo!

  50. From Clear

    Mab, I agree with you about Sydney. I hope the writers leave her paternity/maternity alone. I do not want to go there in fantasyland. I would like to see Nicole be the next prego one to get to have her own child, and I always hoped doc Baker would come back to blackmail money out of everyone because he stole and sold Nicole’s baby after she lived. Then it would be interesting to see Nicole and EJ bond looking for her.

    About Roborafe though, I don’t find him interesting anymore and think he is just a drain on the shows resources to film him. I fast forward through him, and cannot wait till that SL is over.

    Somehow when all is said and done, Sami and EJ have to get thrown back together again–after the Tay SL finishes because their love/hate relationships and triangles are the most interesting.

    One spoiler that I cannot believe is how Hope can ever go back to work as a cop after serving time as a convicted felon? That one I can’t understand because it seems incredible!

  51. From NeeNee

    When Nicole divorces EJ—
    and EJ signs over permanent custody of the kidlets to Sami—
    I would hope that would open the door for Nicole and Sami to become friends.

    Yeah, I know Nicole snatched Sydney twice. But if Nicole & Chloe part ways because of Daniel, she will be needing another BFF. And Sami knows how much Sydney loves Nicole. I think maybe they could work out some kind of visitation for Nicole. EJ could no longer could yank Nickey’s chain for Syd if Sami were cooperating. Win-win for all!

  52. From coogar

    Its been so long since Ive tried to post. Darn web site just thought Id try again. Please, EJ turned would be killer now. I love him as a villan but too dark. They are making him look a schitzophrenic rather than portray that torn inner struggle. Although I hoped Jack would be back I could see jen & dan. He’s not a Tom Horton but he is a doctor & Jen puts the Hrton in the equasion. Too bad about Mags & VIc I liked seeing them togeher. I wish that they could see past making her such a prude that she took offence at Maxine’s remarks aout her & Vic.

  53. From coogar

    To my surprise a post actually went. Two SL I wish they would wrap is Taylor & Fake rafe. Taylor & EJ doing the horozontal mambo; I don’t think I can bear to watch. Rafe tied up with out a gag, is Real Rafe slipping? Did any one catch this Jen looked at the box of food from CHez Rue and said that looks good. LOL, maybe SMELLS GOOD but looks good. I guess they didn’t have time to retake the shot. Well time for bed.

  54. From Guest

    Writers if you
    re rewriting anyway.. can Caroline become the strong and moral woman she once was. We need a matriarch in this story and she is all that is left. I miss her wisdom and patience. I love seeing the Horton home again too. It adds some roots to the story again. Roman where are you? Sammy is going through a rough time. Lets bring back some people with history so we can satisfy the many long time faithful viewers.
    Did Nicole see or recognize the cameo? I wonder how Nicole will respond when she figures it out?
    Today listening to Taylor confess how much her heart can’t let go of
    EJ made me sick. When did they even have the chance to establish a relationship. Touching the same scarf must be a powerful aphrodesiac. Beware of woolen scarves those of us who live in the colder regions of N.A. There’s no telling who we might fall madly in love with!

  55. From Guest

    EJ admitting he was going to follow his evil ways today was very big of him.
    Those a day behind, check out Taylor in the partially see through blue dress. I think my wrist is bigger than her waist. Send her over to Jen’s to eat some ice cream before she disappears entirely.

  56. From coogar

    guest – I too wonder where in the world is roman? SOmeone posted Chrystal Chappel’s contract is up & may go. It seems like hey always give characters meaty roles & then drop them. The drug abuse sl has been an oldie but a goodie.
    Does anyone wonder if fake rafe has to wear depends tied up in cell? Gotta go earn th kibble,off to work.

  57. From patsy

    Do we have to have EJand Taylor on every day .Believe or not some of us like some of the other charaters on the show .Can,t stand to watch EJ in this story line .Nothing against THE LADY that plays Taylor just for some reason she can,t sell this charater

  58. From MsBoulderCO

    Yes…..Crystal Chappell contract won’t be renewed. They’ll probably send her off to rehab.

    I see Dan and Chloe getting back together if Jack comes back set on reuniting with Jennifer. He’ll help with get out of the blackmail Quinn is holding over her head….

  59. From MISSY

    I cant stand taylor, PERIOD!! ej only loves sami, put them back together. nicole belongs with brady, like ej with sami brady excepts nicole for all she is. quinn is probley realy nicholas, carlys son, viv passed him off as her own in the beginning. leave sydney and johnny alone, let nicole have bradys child. jack was probly held hostage by binladens people, he was a reporter back in the day. parker will probly be dans baby. bring carly on screw up bo and hope and now take her off, honestly… bring back emily for rafe, him and sami, all they do is have sex, cant stand it and the kids are always taking a nap,, give us a break. time to upgrade ciarra and lexis son (brain fart). i dvr days and dont watch it it is so stupid anymore, cant wait to see jack… ej and sami all the way…

  60. From MAB

    Yes, there was a definite difference in the way Daniel & Jen was dressed for their date. They were going to Chez Rouge, so why wasn’t he at least supporting a pair of slacks & dress jacket…and why was she so overdressed. Her dress & makeup was ok (makeup a little too heavy), but the hair was not good at all. It made her look too old.

    Sort version of Vivian’s past family: Lawrence Alamain is Viv’s nephew. Viv raised Nicolas Alamain (which was really her great nephew) then it came to light that he was Lawrence & Carly’s son. John Black was at one time Lawrence’s long lost brother, which made him Viv’s other nephew, but that s/l was rewritten too when John found out his true identity as the son of Santos DiMera & Collen Brady. Also, Vivian gave birth to Philip, but the fertilized egg was Kate’s, so Kate & Victor are Philip’s biological parents. Vivian’s history has no other children in it, until now, saying Quinn is her son…just another rewrite.

    I will enjoy seeing EJ’s bod, just hate that it has to be with Taylor. He better watch rolling around in the hay with her…he might break her.

    betsybee – you are so right. Sami & EJ share the most chemistry on the show, and although I like Nicole & EJ’s scenes together, I don’t think she belongs with him…she belongs with Brady. I also agree with you about where’s Roman & Bo? Why does Rafe get the police work limelight over them? Seems to me he gets the limelight over several solid actors on the show…not just Roman & Bo, but most of all Brady.

    SandyGram – I hope Crystal Chappell’s contract has not been renewed, as you stated. The sooner the show is rid of her, the better. Since Carly is leaving, I’m sure we’ll have a love triangle between Jen/Daniel/Jack…or Daniel will save Chloe form Quinn and they’ll get back together.

    Clear – so right, Nicole needs to have her own child, not Sydney, but I don’t want it to be the child she lost, because then she would still be tied to EJ, and she doesn’t need that anymore. She needs a clean break from EJ, get back with Brady, and have a child with him.

    NeeNee – Sami is too selfish to share the kids with Nicole. She doesn’t even want their REAL father in their lives, let alone Nicole.

    coogar – I noticed Jen’s mistake saying the food in the box looked good, instead of saying smells good. LOL

    It seems as though they are sweeping what Caroline did under the rug. Her personality has changed again. First she was just nice & sweet Caroline, then she became a completely different person, changing paternity tests, being mean to everyone who wasn’t a part of her family, turning on Victor, and being jealous of Maggie. Now all of a sudden it’s like she’s back to her old self again. She’s even speaking nicely to Victor again! No disrespect to Peggy McCay, but IMO she doesn’t have what it takes to be the matriarch of Days, besides we have Maggie for that. I just don’t think she has the ability to be a big part of the show anymore…her acting has declined.

    I don’t mind if Mel & Brady are friends, but them together as couple, no way! She is too immature for him. He is a well-oiled machine who needs a strong woman by his side. I’ve said it many times, why can’t a man & woman on this show just remain friends? Why do the writers always have to hook them up somehow?

  61. From Long-Time Watcher

    I have been watching days since I was in Junior high, and at 50, I’m still watching. I must say, that if they go through with plans to ‘turn will gay’, I will stop watching. I agree with the poster who said that there are enough shows with that. My apologies for offending anyone, but this is a hugely controversial subject and I think it should be left out of the soaps. Just as my comments might offend a reader, Will being gay on DOOL will offend me!

    On a different note, I would love to see Victor and Maggie together, with Maggie helping to bring out the better side of Victor. He could do just as much for the good as he did for the bad.

    I would also like to see Stefano get what’s coming to him. I think there are enough villans that we could do without Stefano for a while. I would like to see what kind of a character EJ could be without his dad in the picture.

    OF course, that’s just my opinion which, with $1.00 will buy you a drink at McDonalds.

  62. From NeeNee

    MAB, yes I agree Sami is selfish. But I’m wondering if Nicole won’t present her some of the RoboRafe puzzle pieces. That would put icing on the EJ/Stefano crime cake. Perhaps Sami would be so grateful that she would agree to letting Nicole see Sydney—most likely at her apartment, not allowing N. free-range visitation.

    Your analysis of Caroline’s personality shift is exactly my take on what was done to Maggie over the years. Twenty to thirty years ago, Maggie was never anything but sweet and sensitive. But about ten years ago, the writers suddenly turned her into a busybody who stuck her nose in every Salemite’s business. To a degree, the same thing was done to Hope.

    I think every writer is under pressure to produce new storylines. In so doing, they tend to alter or outright destroy a character’s history. What galls me is that Ken Corday doesn’t seem to mind . . .

  63. From Katherine

    About Fafe, holding him like this, aren’t Rafe and Sami committing a Crime…. Kidnapping….I don’t think even a policeman can hold somebody like that, and what ever happened to his illness Hypocl……something?
    My God is that Taylor thin, I do not remember her looking like that when she played Ava…
    Wonder what is going with Gabby, I wish they would let her tell, what happened between her and Fafe, that is so important…??
    Maybe she will be leaving Salem, going home to Mom H. whereever she is. Surprised she is not in Salem yet, taking over the Chowder/soon to be Taco Casa.
    I think Caroline still a bit of sniff with Vic and Maggie, however much better then she used to be.
    Jennifer IMO, I like her very much, but she is just a tad overacting anymore. Some of that was fine, but now it is becoming a bit lame, let’s not overdo it.
    When she jumped Dan, Boots and all, that just was not Jennifer, it did not fit, just making her a little bit to goofy for me, but I like her. Stuff like that works when she is with Jack, again IMO
    EJ’s bod, priceless, however wanted to see just a little bit more…. Shame on me, devil made me say it and think it.LOL.
    Guest, I my mind Caroline is done as the wonderful moral woman, I will never forget her Finger, her shrieking, and the things she did, messing with a baby’s life and paternity, how does she ever fix that, specially if it turns out Parker is Dan’s son. She even told God, that she was Not sorry, for what she did..
    I agree, lots of re-writes going on, just don’t overdo it, keep it somewhat believable.
    Any word about Stefano and his health.?
    In the interview he mentioned he would love for John to come back, they are good friends..

  64. From solan

    Not going with the majority on here but I think Will is the perfect character with the perfect Mom for the job.Playing it truer to life that some would.knowing inside who you are,trying to be like all those around you and then the last straw that sends the world into a spin.I have seen this many times.Sammie is perfect to be the ever supporting Mama

  65. From Solan

    I am just saying that showing a supportive family like Brothers and Sisters did.Kids see their parents watching and hopefully not saying anything negative and realize they can talk to their parents about what they are or think they are feeling.I would like to see them try.They could pair him with Chad..would that

  66. From Solan

    not be a hard pill for Stefano to swallow…could be fun to watch him deal….

  67. From MAB

    NeeNee, Sami wouldn’t take Nicole’s help before when she had the goods on EJ, so I find it hard to believe Sami would do it this time around either, but anything is possible, and Sami may lighten up on Nicole if she was to give her Rafe2 info, against EJ, but the first chance Sami got, she would turn Nicole…no way Nicole could fully trust Sami, especially if Sami holds all the cards. And I highly doubt these 2 will ever become friends.

    Yes, I remember when Maggie was being a busybody, but she wasn’t rude & crude to everyone in town, breaking the law, etc. like Caroline did. There was too much of a dramatic shift in Caroline, not so much with Maggie.

  68. From MAB

    Katherine – Mom H. taking over the Chowder/soon to be Taco Casa…TOO FUNNY!!

    And the comment about Stefano’s interview hoping John would return to the show. I would love for him to return. John is the ONLY person who knew how to spar with the DiMeras. He was the only one who could come close to bringing them down. No one can replace John Black, especially not Rafe Hernandez.

  69. From patsy

    You mean we will probable have to watch EJandTaylor slobbering allover each other at least until September .I think I,LL go have my toenails pulled out enstead Sorry but thats how I feel

  70. From joyce

    I like Victor & Maggie,I don’t thank Quinn should be mean to Chole she has been through enough Since Jack is coming back to Salem I thank Daniel & Chole should find out that Parker is really Daniel’s & the two of them get back together they love each other so much,EJneeds to die & quit buging his eyes out it makes him look insane(and he is)I don’t like Taylor at all,Sami needs to go Rafe(1) is a good man & should not be straped with her

  71. From Q

    I really don’t like the story line with EJ and Taylor. I feel it was very poor taste the way Taylor went after EJ. I know it’s a soap but the story line could have higher standards than a woman sleeping with her sister’s husband. Give Nicole a chance.

  72. From Clear

    I just watched here and saw the afternoon delight with EJ and Taylor. It wasn’t nearly as bad as I’d feared. Actually, the blue lingerie is the nicest wardrobe this actress has been allowed to wear on the show so far! LOL!

    I thought that Jennifer looked cute in her sweats and tee, but of course, Daniel did too. I hate to see Jack come wandering back with excuses again! Jennifer needs to be so over him!

    I’m sure that some one of these will get prego again cause no one is at present. Just not, please NOT Sami! I also do not want any more miscarriage or baby stealing SLines!

    If Nicholas is Quinn, I guess Carly hasn’t run into him yet. Vivian was quite solemn with him today. If he’s Nicholas, the call on his birthday doesn’t make a lot of sense that she made in front of Carly. It would be nice if the spoilers are wrong about Quinn and he turns out to be a good guy undercover or something as was mentioned earlier.

  73. From Chris

    Has any of you really been watching this show? I’ve been watching for since before Marlena came back from the dead when Carly was on the show before she was buried alive. Does no one think that this new son of Vivian’s could be Nicolas who changed his name so Carly couldn’t find him? It wouldn’t explain why he is in Salem though. For those who say there is no way Will could just suddenly be gay. It is very possible. There are many guys out there that deny their sexuality and throw themselves at girls to try and cover up for their true feelings. Also they use them as a beard. Some have a girl in public view where they have guys on the side that is what they really like. We have seen Will throw himself at several females over the years. There have been so many small indications that they have given to indicate he could be. To my knowledge the boy hasn’t even had sex yet. I know on today’s episode of the show Adrianne spoke of her son coming to visit. This is supposed to be the guy that Will gets involved with. Will has no blood relation with him so it would make sense. The story line keeps changing because they keep changing writers so no one really knows what they will end up doing but just the conversation on the show leads you to believe certain things. We don’t know what the characters aren’t doing when they aren’t involved in the current scene. Will could be or could have been having affairs with guys for years. There have been many things they claim happened kind of like a slight of hand thing. Like hopes death in the cage all those years ago and then coming back and being stefanos captive down in New Orleans. They change the facts of the past making you think it didn’t really happen like you remember it happening. After all this is all imaginary. Anything and everything can happen! And usually does.

  74. From patsy

    Looks like NO EJ/TAYLOR on Mondays show YEA||| MAYBE I CAN WATCH THE WHOLE SHOW i JUST DON,T LIKE TO WATCH EJ andTaylor They just don,t have that spark together .Both are great actors just not together

  75. From Kelly

    I am so disappointed that Quinn is going to force Chloe into prostitution. I was hoping she was going to get a decent guy from the spoilers I have read.

    I am over EJ/Taylor, EJ/Nicole, EJ/Sami, Sami/Rafe/Rafe. I want something new already. Pair EJ with Chloe. What the heck! I could see them together!

  76. From SandyGram

    From TV Guide *** Vivian is OUT!

    Salem is about to get a lot less funny. That great fan favorite, and farceur extraordinaire, Louise Sorel has been pink-slipped from Days of Our Lives and will end her run as badass Vivian Alamain in the coming months.

  77. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty:

    SOD: The New Days!

    SOD: What prompted you to make [the writing] change?

    KC: Everyone points fingers at the head writer – especially in this case – because DAYS seems to have been off track for a while, I would say. but I’m the one who has to raise my hand and say, “Full responsibility”. I’m the boss, I’m the one who hires the head writer and producers. So I decided to make a change, to employ two new head writers to “reset” the show. Most importantly, I couldn’t turn a deaf ear to what a plethora of our viewers were saying in email, on the blogs and websites, and what I was seeing in the ratings. That said, the change was not arbitrary. I had thought about this for along time. Dena and I go way back. I am not going to say anything bad about her. She did some amazing things on the show. I was always her staunchest ally, but when I came to this decision, it had to be done pretty swiftly, so it was done swiftly.

    SOD: When will we start seeing the reset on screen?

    KC: Unfortunately, because we’re so far ahead, these changes won’t air until mid-August. But the reason I did it now is because we’re approaching a time in September when we have a lot of things potentially to work in our favor. First of all, traditionally, viewership goes up in September when life gets back to normal and kids go back to school. Second, AMC is going off the air in September and there’ an additional audience to be garnered from those who still want to watch a soap.

    SOD: Why these two writers?

    KC: They’re the right writers to make these changes. MMP and DRT both know the show; Darrell interned on the show way back when and Marlene wrote for [former Head Writer] Gene Palumbo and JER, and then they both went and co head wrote Passions for Jim. These writers know the history of the show and we seemed to be very much in sync about what the show needed and what the show didn’t have and what the show had too much of that needed to be cut out, including characters.

    SOD: Should viewers be concerned the show will be more PASSIONS-like?

    KC: No. They were writing Jim’s show, they weren’t writing their show. I almost hate to use this expression, but we’re going back to the “golden days” of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and at the same time, moving forward. It’s not going to be a lot of retro, “Oh, remember this,” “flashback that”. It’s going to be very forward moving and very fast moving. That’s why the reset will take place in a short amount of time – four weeks.

    SOD: How did the cancellations of AMC and OLTL affect your decision?

    KC: Well, as of January, there will be four soaps left on the air. A lot of eyes will be watching to see if they’re able to survive. Will GH get another year? Is ABC going to get away from all of their soaps? Knowing those viewers on abc will have a loss of two hours of soap, I said to the staff, “Here’s your chance to pick up some viewers who haven’t watched the show, but we need to give them something to watch. ‘ We need to make it a more positive, romantic, intriguing show, driven by the power of heroic love as opposed to the power of revenge, drug addiction and prostitution. It needed to be pulled out of the darkness and into the light. I would have done it sooner, but we’ve taped into mid august and those were the first shows the new writers were able to address and start rewriting. The viewers will see, between Mid August and Mid Sept, a major reset in the characters on the show, who’s getting the airtime, who isn’t. Who’s coming, who’s going.

    SOD: Who would you like to see get more airtime?

    KC: I would like to see Bo and Hope get more story. I would like to see the Hortons and the Bradys have more story and pull back form an obvious imbalance of the bad guys getting their way and the good guys not. In the last year or so, except for Maggie, Jennifer and Hope, there really hasn’t been a strong Horton presence or Brady presence. I want to see more story for Jennifer. She’s in a good story with Daniel now, but a happy couple can be boring, so there needs to be a third party in that story. I feel that there have been a lot of characters on the show – new faces- who have been getting an inordinate amount of airtime, and the characters who the fans are familiar with and probably tune in to see more than any others have not been getting enough airtime. Its been disproportionate. So that is the first thing that has to be fixed. The fact that Roman did 9 shows in the period of about 4 months is wrong. The fact that Abe and Lexie don’t have any story is somewhat embarrassing. Those are the tips of the iceberg. You will see, in the course of a month, in the neighborhood of six characters leaving Salem and five or six characters return or come to Salem, leading to a huge September.

    SOD: Can you be more specific?

    KC: It’s too soon, but you will see the return of very popular characters from the past. I can’t say more than that. It’s the exit of quite a few characters who haven’t panned out, for lack of a better term.

    SOD: What other problems did you see on the show?

    KC: There’s also an absence of romance. Who are we rooting for? Clear rooting interests need to be redefined. To do that, you need to recenter the show on characters who have been extremely popular for a long time.

    SOD: Were any stories changed? Will you still tell the gay story with Will?

    KC: We didn’t have to reshoot anything, but we had to rewrite three weeks of shows yet to air and chart a new course. We are telling a story dealing with the first gay character on the show and that had to have another look and the take on that had to be changed. It will be written much more slowly and carefully. It’s a story about one of our characters coming to grips with who he is.

    SOD: Are you excited by what you’ve seen from the MMP and DRT so far?

    KC: I’m thrilled. I’m more excited by what I know is coming in story and who will be there to deliver that story. The ;fans will be thrilled too. The formula we’re going to go back to had worked in the past. The formula that we’re currently using is not working. When the show drops in ratings from a 1.3 to a .9 or 1.0, you lose 30 or so percent of your audience in the course of 3 or 4 weeks, the audience is telling you something and I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I’m hoping we’re able to improve in ratings to a place where we were a year ago or a year and a half ago, as opposed to turning up our hands and saying, “All of daytime is going off the air.” It’s just not in my mindset.

    SOD: Do you think you can get viewers back?

    KC: I would certainly hope so, especially with the promo push we’ll be doing to let viewers and lapsed viewers know that they have to come back and take a look at the show. It won’t be the show that has been airing for the last year or so,. Totally, very different. So if you watch it in August and turn it on again in mid-September, you’re going to see a very different DAYS OF OUR LIVES, much to the better.

    SOD: Are you hopeful about the future of Days?

    KC: Yes, much more so now than I’ve been in awhile. The show had to be much more competitive. It had to come of age visually, as well as in story. We’ll be opening up the look off the show, as well. This is not a time where I’m going to be penny wise and pound foolish. I’m going to throw everything but the kitchen sink on screen, but it’s not going to be spread among 30 cast members. It’s going to be centered on 15, and 15 who are loved and are dear to the audience.

    SOD: What do you say to the fans who have stuck by you?

    KC: I say, first of all, thank you, thank you, thank you Hang with us through the summer, please, and wait to see what happens in September. Exciting, good time are coming. Stories about adventure, intrigue and romance. I want them to know that as the custodian of the show that my mother and father started 45 years ago, I have a responsibility to the viewers, first and foremost. And I listen to what they say and I will be the first to raise my hand and say, “My fault, I let this go too long.” But it will be fixed very quickly.

  78. From SandyGram

    #73 The full article on Louise Sorel leaving Days:

    TV Guide:Louise Sorel
    Salem is about to get a lot less funny. That great fan favorite, and farceur extraordinaire, Louise Sorel has been pink-slipped from Days of Our Lives and will end her run as badass Vivian Alamain in the coming months. After several years away from Days, Sorel returned to the soap in 2009 with much fanfare and has continued to be one of its most acclaimed players. So what went haywire? TV Guide Magazine spoke with the star about her surprising exit.

    TV Guide Magazine: What’s the reason for not picking up your contract? Money? The recent change in head writers?
    Sorel: My guess is that there’s upheaval. The only thing I know for sure is that I’m gone.

    TV Guide Magazine: What’s your exit date?
    Sorel: I don’t know yet. My contract ends September 13, though that doesn’t mean I’ll work until then.

    TV Guide Magazine: I’m guessing you got the usual shabby treatment when a Days star is fired? Not a word from the boss, Ken Corday?
    Sorel: Nothing from Ken. But [Days co-executive producer] Gary Tomlin did speak with me. He is such a hard worker and has saved the show a lot of money and kept it on the air, all the while paring and paring and paring it down. He was so lovely with me. He didn’t know what to say. He has no power in this situation but he couldn’t have been nicer. He said, “I’ve watched you since Santa Barbara and you’re always 110 percent there. I marvel at what you do.” And that’s worth a lot. He’s not a bulls—-er. He’s very succinct. We don’t chat on the set. We’re not social friends. But he felt awful, and he had the courtesy to express something.

    TV Guide Magazine: This is so screwy. Days just brought on this great new guy, Quinn [Bren Foster], who is Vivian’s secret son — a story twist that made it seem like you’d be sticking around for quite awhile.
    Sorel: I agree. It makes no sense. Bren and I have shot some incredible, really emotional scenes together, scenes about his character’s devotion to Vivian, and how she left him. It’s been wonderful, and he’s a very lovely actor. It’s the first time in a while I’ve felt there was something legitimate to play. But I guess that’s out the window. I was told that the show is going back to “core values,” whatever that means. The Bradys and the Hortons, I guess. [Laughs] I’m not sure what “core values” actually means on a soap these days when everyone is corrupt and conniving and stealing babies! And there are so few people left from the old guard. They’re bringing Deidre Hall [Marlena] and Drake Hogestyn [John] back for the summer, which doesn’t mean they won’t continue on for the fall, winter and spring. Maybe I’m a financial trading card so the show can afford them. [Laughs] Although I’ve been making almost nothing — a third of what I was making during my first time on the show — so I don’t know what kind of trading card I’d be. I’m not even a Jack of Spades! [Laughs] I’m basically guessing at what happened. I don’t know what really went down.

    TV Guide Magazine: Maybe there’s no logic to be found here. These are shaky times in the soap world and you don’t get the feeling too many people are thinking clearly. Still, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that they needed to cut your salary to pay for someone else. These days, even chump change matters.
    Sorel: You’re absolutely right. There was a big article in the Hollywood Reporter talking about how some of the creators of major primetime shows are being forced to give up characters they love because of budget cuts.

    TV Guide Magazine: Perhaps you’re better off not knowing why this happened.
    Sorel: I don’t know if it matters at this point. What if I did know the reason? Then what? At one point, one of the actresses on Days was told she was interfering with the ratings and hurting the show, so certain things were not being written for her. Who needs to hear that? Listen, actors are by nature gypsies. We pick up and move on. I realize in the long run that I’ll look back on this and it’ll just be one of those things. I would never go back to Days after this, even though Gary said, “You might be back someday.” I just can’t do it. I love the character. I love the people I’m working with. But I can’t deal with it anymore.

    TV Guide Magazine: You sure about that?
    Sorel: What’s that Shakespeare line about Caesar thrice refusing the crown? Well, here it’s “twice she accepted the crown and twice she returned it.” But this not Shakespeare. It’s not an epic matter. And not that important in the scheme of things. It’ll be forgotten and nobody will give a damn. But right now I do give a damn, and I would think that maybe the fans will, too. Maybe not. This time around, nothing was really accomplished with Vivian. Even if a villainess is funny or has her follies, she’s got to be real and she’s got to be scary.

    TV Guide Magazine: That’s always been a delicate balance with you. Sometimes they’ve written Viv to be way too Aunt Clara, so that her threats are goofy and meaningless.
    Sorel: One doesn’t want to be the mustache twirler, but when you do make a threat people need to go, “Oops! Better watch out for her!” If you fail every time with your evil plans and don’t follow through, you’re not taken seriously. You’re just talking hot air. The original buried-alive story worked because it was played for reality. As crazy as it was, it was believable and it was scary. I don’t know what that second buried-alive story we did last year really accomplished. Frankly, at this point I think Vivian’s rather dispensable, but the show is losing a big source of its humor.

    TV Guide Magazine: So no regrets?
    Sorel: Gary told me, “You did everything they asked of you and more.” This time I wasn’t complacent — that’s not in my nature — but I did came back to the show thinking, “Oh, Louise, this time just do the work and shut up.” Because I used to go up to the office at Days and say, “What’s happened to my character’s brain? Where’s her intelligence?” [Laughs] And they don’t want to hear that, not from me or from anyone. So this time, I went in and just did what they wrote for me, doing my best to justify it.

    TV Guide Magazine: You and I did an interview when you returned to Days and I recall you were very hesitant to take the gig, which required a move from New York back to L.A. You weren’t even sure you still wanted to be in the TV biz.
    Sorel: When I left L.A. I had this feeling I was walking away from this town for good. I’m not interested in doing two lines on something. I don’t need to do it financially and I don’t have the drive to go out and get those bits. For what? They don’t mean anything. But when I was asked to do Days again, I felt maybe it was a good thing. I own this character and love her and can really play with her, so that meant something to me. It came as quite a shock because I thought I’d never hear from them again. It was Gary who brought me back. I was quite amazed.

    TV Guide Magazine: Maybe you needed one more go-round to really get soaps and L.A. out of your system once and for all. You’ve been getting fabulous response to your writing. You’ve done some sensational theatre work. You want to get back to the city you love. Maybe in some weird way this is what you needed to set you back on the right path.
    Sorel: That’s a good way of looking at it. It was such an upheaval to leave New York and come back to L.A. I’ve always said I didn’t want to grow old and die on a soap opera. That’s sort of a joke with me but, at the same time, it isn’t a joke. I’m still at a point where I’m trying to find out if I can really do this writing thing and if it will have any significance. I have to go back to it and really commit to it so, yes, maybe this is the catalyst I needed. That’s the way I prefer to think about it. [Laughs] I’ll opt for the forward movement!

    Source: TV Guide

  79. From SandyGram

    From Post #23 on the previous section:

    Lust was in the air in today’s show. Dario wants to put the move on Melanie, but she has now beat him to it as she says “do you want to be friends or something else”. What a loaded question! The something else is all that’s on his mind.

    Then Daniel and Jennifer, the battle of the feelings. First she’s looking all dolled up, but he wants to take it slow; he doesn’t want to hurt her; she’s been through enough. I think that’s more because of her experience with Lawrence than her divorce from Jack. Then Jenn getting all dolled up for a man she doesn’t feel worthy of because his previous relationships were with what she believed were beautiful women. She over did it just a little bit, but it scared him to the point of wanting to slow down. Then over a can of spilled Root Beer; their eyes lock; the breathing is getting heavier; he’s ready to bolt; when she steps in; a mess for sure from the spilled Root Beer; grasps his hand and sticky that they might be from cleaning up the Root Beer; Ya Who Buck-A-Roo the cow girl mounts her stallion. This was the best ‘come hither’ scene Daniel has ever performed with his past ‘fem fatals’. Jennifer ‘got cha’ hook line and a spilled Root Beer. Way to go girl!

    Now we turn to EJ and Taylor. Ok that’s it…!

    Sami looked especially lovely today. It seems her hair do’s over the past several weeks are more mature which just adds to her beauty. But I did catch one thing, she came out of the kids bedrooms saying they better get to sleep; Rafe comes in they have their conversation about what they think the DiMera’s are up to; he thinks they may want to kill him, but worst he was afraid for what they may try to do to Sami; he needs to have another talk with Robo Rafe; Sami grabs her purse (don’t you just love all the lady’s purses) and says she’s going too! Will wasn’t home, Grandma Caroline wasn’t there, was Sami just going to walk out and leave Johnny and Sydney there alone. The writers sure didn’t cover that very well.

    Now last good ole Viv. A little despondent about her past as Gus says she’s not being herself. Not the deeds she has done, but what has been done to her, something very hurtful that she hasn’t healed from. Ummm….something done to her..I would venture to guess this has something to do with Quinn. Another hint was when Quinn was talking to Chloe and the stories he was telling of his school experiences all took place in Boarding School. Anxious to see how this plays out since in the review for next week Vivian says to Quinn ‘Salem is not big enough for both of them. Who is pulling these strings????

  80. From Clear

    Sandygram thanks for the info. I liked Jenn and Dan’s scenes today. EJ and Tay weren’t bad, and I was surprised at how well Tamara did with the scene too. However, it still seems incredible that he can decide that she is the love of his life all of a sudden. Of course, EJ always does a great job.

    I thought Sami looked great and her hair too. I didn’t know Will was not there. He could possible have been there. Though it seems she should have told him she was going out–unless he was asleep.

    About Viv and Quinn, now we know he has Alamain money. It is interesting what she said about Salem not being big enough for both of them, and I wondered what she meant. If he is really Nicolas, Carley’s child as some speculated, wouldn’t he be more cordial toward her? Maybe not, but I remember the phone call she did in front of Carley to Nicholas. Of course, we didn’t hear his end of it.

  81. From betsybee

    I do not agree that EJ shold be classed as so evil. Let’s recount some of the things Sami and Nicole have done to him emotionally.

    Kidnapping your own child and taking extremely good care of her and then returning her after being lied to about her exsistance from both the afore mentioned women. He wqs even forced to mourn a child whom he assumed was his. They played him for a fool and got their and he got his revenge.

    Sami tried to murder him three different times. One by fire, two by gunshot and three by pulling the plug on his life support machine. Attempted murder is far worse than kidnapping your own child whom you love, body and soul.

    Nicole, lied to him as well re a miscarried child and what a mess that became. Exchanging babies just to stay married to him and lying to him all through their wedding.

    In the end Sami and EJ cannot pretend the chemistry between them and their acting abilities are superb with each other. Nicole has become an extremely fine actor and I enjoy her character.

    Someone one in all of these characters better get a law degree, other than EJ, so that the laws may be carried properly. Hope and Bo plus Roman haven’t a clue Both Hope and Bo have gone against the law recently as well as Rafe so how in blazes can they be free of crime and become Police Officers.

    Bottom Line……Soap Operas………..

  82. From Katherine

    Thanks, SandyGram,
    Well, well, well, the Brass does read our blogs, kudos to all of us, we got their attention, not just us, but all other fans and bloggers, whereever they are, We got to them…
    KC, seemed to address All of our complaints, hurrah, Ladies, they heard us.
    Hope John comes back, and when He sees Taylor, he’ll say, Hallo AVA…LOL
    Now of course, I am so curious, who will be leaving the show, and WHO is coming back.
    Hope we’ll get some exciting, intellegent SL’s no more dummy us down stuff… Thank you Mr. Corday, took a while, but the Brick finally hit you, bravo, better late than never.
    Make sure you keep on reading our blogs, We are the Best… No need to thank us, it’s ok….
    On that note, talk to you guys later,. maybe I should get me some of Jenn’s fuzzy boots, got Root Beer, who needs milk, Root Beer is the new Sex Drink, Root’n Boots..
    and a little sticking together…. Funny..
    EJ and Taylor, … again – not enough EJ.
    Hope they will bring back his character the way he used to be, IT, IT… not a lovesick boy…
    EJ is to good an actor to be wasted like that..

  83. From betsybee

    I have asked this question before but found no anwers from anyone. What happens to the whole Hernandes family ??? Supposedly something drastic !!!!

    What kind of a deal could Nicole possibly set up with Stefano ?? She actually trusts him with a plan !!!!!!

    Love all your posts, folks, I don’t get to read them everyday since being Canadian I am too interested in the Stanley Cup Hockey Playoffs !!!!!

  84. From Katherine

    betsybee, great blog, agree with you…

  85. From SandyGram

    #80 betsybee
    Where did you here or read the following:

    “What happens to the whole Hernandes family ??? Supposedly something drastic !!!!”

  86. From NeeNee

    characters with show history
    who will have the meaty
    storylines this fall? I predict:


    *Gabbi Hernandez
    *Dario Hernandez
    *Rafe Hernandez (could possibly
    *J & A’s boys
    *Will (eventually. I know Corday
    said they were going to alter
    the direction of the gay story
    line, but if money & viewer
    complaints are any indicators,
    I predict he will be sent off
    to live with Lucas)
    *Chloe (Quinn couldn’t be a
    lasting character, especially
    if he’s supposed to be Viv’s
    son. If she’s a lock on leaving,
    then Quinn should be expendable,
    paving the way for Chloe to
    leave and “find herself.”)
    *Melanie (I know she’s popular,
    but if Dario goes maybe she
    will take a page out of Chelsea’s
    book and leave with her sweetie
    to possibly return later,
    unattached & free to find a
    new love. Or have Nathan Horton
    character come back)

    Assume that the children
    (Ciarra and Theo) aren’t major
    players, so we can’t count
    them as any of the 15. Other
    characters like Doug & Julie
    have been on contract status
    for a long time now.
    Characters like Chloe &
    Caroline may be relegated to lesser status & storylines for awhile, too. For that matter,
    considering Victor’s age, maybe
    he’s one who would revolve
    in & out. Maggie could also
    fall into that category. I just can’t see Jack and Jennifer staying long either. So many
    times when “golden oldies”
    have returned, writers just plain
    don’t know what to do with them:
    witness Patch & Kayla, Shane &
    Kim, Anna & Tony.

    The big returns could be
    Belle & Shawn with an aged

    Thanks, SandyGram for posting
    this. I would never have
    discovered it otherwise!

  87. From NeeNee

    Oops, I listed 16 staying
    characters instead of 15.
    Meant to put Victor into
    the recurring actors.

  88. From Bambi

    I agree with Chris, #7. I cannot stand to watch Taylor at all-FF everytime I see her face.

  89. From SandyGram

    #83 NeeNee
    John and Marlena are suppose to be returning at least through the summer. Then Coraday says there will be 6 big actors leaving, 6 big actors returning. Does that change your list? Who would be these 6 going and coming be?

    I wonder how all the kids fit into this picture..we can’t go without see them ever.

  90. From Guest

    NeeNee you forgot Maggie. They finally started writing well for her character. She needs to stay.
    I too would love to see Sean and Belle come back but who would they interact with. The other characters are either much older or younger.

  91. From NeeNee

    I take it Vivian is leaving before the Mass Fall Exodus. And are Justin & Adrienne considered “big” actors . . . not by the frequency of their appearances, certainly. So how about:





    If Crystal Chappell’s contract hasn’t been renewed, and Louise Sorrel is leaving, then I think the Melanie character might be on thin ice, too. Remove her, and that truly would take away another reason for the Hernandez clan to stay.

    Marlena & John’s return this summer could be short-lived, only to become permanent in the fall. Sami will need her mom if Rafe leaves or dies. That would set the stage for an Ejami pairing possibility!

    Or maybe Mike Horton will be resurrected. If that were to happen, it would be interesting to have Nathan come back—making two Dr. Hortons back on staff at University Hospital!

  92. From NeeNee

    Thought of something else:
    If Rafe were to be written out (along with the rest of the Hernandez clan), that would clear the way for Bryan Datillo to return as Lucas!

    Okay, all you Lumis!
    Start letting the Days’ powers-that-be know you want a rematch with the Ejamis!!

  93. From Clear

    I hope they don’t kill off characters because I hate it when they do that. We are all still wanting them to tie up the Rafe/Emily mystery too. I just hope Alison Sweeny is staying! Not much chance of EJami no mater what happens to Rafe without her.

  94. From bebe5

    Thanks SandyGram for posting the interviews, I really enjoyed reading them.

    I began watching DOOL in early 80′s,(off and on in late 70′s) and I can’t wait for the changes starting in August. No matter how good or bad it’s been all these years, I watched every day knowing that when it wasn’t so good it will get better.

    I even named my son Stefano, almost lost him at birth and he “raised like a phoenix”, appropriate name for him. I don’t remember the exact quote from Stefano DiMera. When Stefano calls Kate – Caterina – well that’s my name!

    I hope fake Rafe did not rape Gabi.

  95. From Clear

    bebe5, if we find out in a flashback that faux Rafe raped Gabi that would be too terrible–even for a soap! I hope not! They didn’t really say what was wrong with her yesterday. They were giving her fluids like she was dehydrated, but said she would be good to go. So, why was she dehydrated, or her electrolytes off or something?

  96. From Clear

    PS bebe, I watched Days off and on for years too–can’t remember a time when it wasn’t on–so most of my life! Your name and your son’s are cool!

  97. From SandyGram

    #94 bebe5
    Well Caterina it sounds like you are a dedicated Days fan like so many of the ladies (and could be gentlemen) are on this board. There’s been good story lines and bad story lines and I plan on watch all of them. I really enjoy this site also it’s like standing around a water cooler at work talking about your favorite show (in this case Days)with friends. I’m sure there are many folks that already have their list of cast members present and past speculating who will end up in the final 15 core member group. It’s going to be interesting!

  98. From Susie

    Don’t worry DAYS fans, John & Marlena are coming back; Carly is getting the boot: Jack & Jen will reunite & hopefully Dannifer is over — what a BORE!!!!

  99. From Susie

    Don’t worry Days fans. John & Marlena come back; Carly gets the boot & hopefully Jack & Jen reunite & Dannifer is over — what a BORE!!!

  100. From MAB

    Spoilers have confirmed that Quinn is not Nicholas, but Vivian’s never-before-mentioned son.

    Taylor’s part in the love scene with EJ was hideous. And it was clearly noticeable that EJ did not react the same way with her as he did with Sami, or even Nicole for that matter. He shows much more emotion with Sami & Nicole and even seems more comfortable with them.

    betsybee – great post! I totally agree about EJ, Sami & Nicole…3 of the best actors on the show. I haven’t read anything about what happens to the Hernandez family, but whatever it is I hope it exists them all from the show.

    I hope they do not scale back on Victor & Maggie, especially Maggie. Alice is gone, and we need Maggie around and not just once in a while.

    Some are wondering if Rafe2 possibly raped Gabi. I don’t see how this could’ve happened. And if he did, I would think she would be going crazy thinking her brother raped her.

    Well, I sure won’t miss Carly – so glad she is leaving the show. Although, I will miss Vivian, and her humor…unfortunately her character was never brought back to what she once was.

    Louise Sorel stated in her interview “I used to go up to the office at Days and say, “What’s happened to my character’s brain? Where’s her intelligence?” And they don’t want to hear that, not from me or from anyone.” This statement just goes to show how much the writers are in control of the actors nowadays.

    I still hate that they are going forward with the gay s/l. According to what I’ve read, this will be Will’s s/l, coming to terms with “who he is”, and it looks like it will somehow involve one of Justin & Adrienne’s sons. Hopefully it will be someone he can confide in rather than be “involved” with. I hope once this debacle is over, he will leave Salem. I still would like to see T with a s/l, but I highly doubt that’s ever gonna happen.

    But I guess they do listen to the fans sometimes. Looking forward to seeing John & Marlena’s return, even though they say it will be short term. I sure hope John & Brady get to interact a lot, as well as Marlena & Sami. Seems Bo & Hope will be moved to the front burner which I have no problem with. Also, looks like Jen will be in a love triangle with Daniel & Jack, which I said would happen when Jack’s return was mentioned. It says Jack waltzes back into town and explains no one knew what was really going on with him – and that this is going to be big. I still feel like he will offer nothing but excuses though. Curious to see what 5 or 6 characters will be returning, and I assume John & Marlena is part of that list. I guess Carly & Vivian are 2 of the 6 who will be going. I sure hope the other 4 include Taylor and the Hernandez clan, including Rafe. If so, I’ll be satisfied! I wouldn’t mind seeing Bryan/Lucas come back, but not to be with Sami. He should have never been let go to begin with just to be replaced by Rafe. I see Corday only talked about the Horton’s & Brady’s though. What about the DiMera’s & the Kiriakis’? IMO, the DiMera’s are just as important as the Horton’s & Brady’s, so I hope he has something great in store for them as well…that will hopefully include a Sami & EJ reunion.

  101. From bebe5

    SandyGram, I feel the same way about “standing around a water cooler at work talking about your favorite show”.

    Clear, thanks for finding our names cool!

    Back in the 80′s before the internet we barely had spoilers in magazines, my friends and I would get together and go on and on about what would happen next, guess who the hand and foot scenes were, who is this new person related to, and try to solve all the mysteries like “The Salem Strangler” etc.

    I feel sad for Louise Sorell leaving. She brought out a good point about asking to give her a better and intelligent role for Vivian and was refused. She also moved to LA, all for nothing. She also loves working at DOOL just like the other actors on DOOL. That is proof that the actors are not always happy for the stories they play and must still deliver because they love being together with the cast, they are like one big family and they love their job. I guess it’s the writers fault that we have to say bad things about their roles.

  102. From Katherine

    Hi MAB, when I mentioned a possible rape – Fafe/Gabby, maybe it was just an assault, that will see in replay, well she acted pretty upset, so it must be something, however not anything we have seen, her outburts was to hysterical….LOL
    Like I said, TPTB must read blogs, sure sounds like they read ours, and heard all of our complaints, funny…
    Hope they never get rid of the DiMera’s, Stefano and EJ make the show, along with Sami, Bo and Hope. I am sorry to see Carly go, they never gave her a good SL either.
    EJ and Taylor, nothing there, no sparkle, nothing, looked like had to really act, to pull this off.
    EJ with Sami/Nicole, dynamite, 4th of July… EJ and Tay, love making after coming home from a funeral, IMO.
    Roman does need more airtime, and please make him smarter as a policeman, give the SP a little more intellegence, please, and stay within the law for once.
    Wonder what Marlena will think about Sami having shot EJ, the Way she did, I will never understand why the writers harmed an important character like Sami this way, but then again, this is her 3rd try of putting him away, she is becoming at pro at that, wanting to kill people. Wonder how the writers will get out of all this mess. If they whitewash her, they better do the same for EJ… they both have bad instincts… IMO

  103. From Katherine

    corr. meant to say, “looked like EJ really had to act to pull this one off……. (with Nicole and Sami, it seems to be so more natural….)

  104. From Nikki

    I am just wondering when they are gonna have Nicole or Brady (I like them together) discover her baby girl is alive!!! Then I would like to see EJ loose his kids to sami and rafe and Nicoles child to her and Brady leaving EJ with nothing but Taylor..I dont like her either, but I think it would be funny if they made her the reason he looses all of his children!!!!

  105. From Marie

    EJ and Sammi should not get back together. He is no good for her. You want chemistry, Rafe and Sammi have it. Lucas was getting boring with his whining. Rafe keeps Sammi grounded and loves her even knowing her history. Jack got to be annoying too and glad when he left. Taylor is awful,
    I think that these should be the 15 to stay

    It is time the DiMeras stopped getting away with murder. Did you all forget what EJ did to John?

  106. From MsBoulderCO

    Well, I see reports Drake is coming back as John along with Marlena but I’m seeing nothing that says Deidra Hall is coming back to play her. Will we have a new Marlena?? Her interview prior to seeing her on the Days tour she says she wasn’t coming back…….Let’s hope they twisted her arm and she’s coming back.

    What Mother and son can’t be in the same town so Viv, Louise Sorel, is out??!! What storyline will they use to give her an exit??

  107. From Katherine

    Here are some thoughts,
    Chelsea and Abby went to highschool together, had sleep overs – same age -
    Then she had a thing with Dr. Dan
    Now Dr. Dan has a thing with Abby’s mother, see, it could have been Abby, same age as Chelsea.
    Dr. Dan had a thing with Chelsea’s Grandmother Kate,
    so why not with Abby’s Grandmother Laura.
    Chelsea’s mother Billie had an onenight stand with her boyfriend Nick,
    now Jennefer could have a onenight stand with Abby’s friend Chad…
    Jack D. slept with Jennifer’s mother Laura when she was in Sanitarium (or something) for some reason Jack was there also, however they did not know who the other person was, Laura was Monica I think….
    Can you see, just all of them in Salem are related by lust, a lot of the children are not Lovechildren but Lustchildren LOL

    Vivian carried Kate’s Baby Phil,
    Phil send his own child away, but is raising first Shawn and Bell’s and now hopefully Dan and Chloe’s.
    All Mimi ever wanted was a baby, but when she had one, of course it was not the right father (Phil), her and Phil give it up…..LOL
    Lexie and Fatha steal Hope’s son Zach, Bo’s daughter Chelsea runs over Zach, Hope tries to stab and burn Bo, but now they are again the happy couple,
    Rafe and Sami have broken the law over and over again, but they are heros, shooting the father of your children makes you even more endearing to some fans,
    EJ, has had two of the most beautiful women on the show, but those characters deceived him about his children and other stuff so much, now he is love with a woman, that is in looks nothing like his first 2 wifes. He must just have it with goodlooking women.
    Stefano is happy as a lark, he’s got Kate (Katarina) we all know she is a pro when it comes to be under the sheets, smile Stefano, you made out.
    Poor Roman, where are you, prob. at the Lonely Hearts Club looking for something. Please, he needs to get lucky. Maybe Callgirl Chloe will knock on his door, ding dong…
    Victor and Maggie, by the time they get together, they will be in Wheelchairs with Altzheimers, won’t even know who they are….
    Want John back and fall temp. for “AVA”, LOL
    The young ones, I am not that much into, bores me most of the time, sorry, I know young actors need work too, fine by me….
    Still would love to see Susan/EJ’s
    other come back, that could heat up the DiMera Mansion quite a bit.
    Hope they will keep the Horton House, it feels like home watching the ongoings there, however I hope Jenn and Dan are not doing the “Dance” on Alice’s couch, not cool at all IMO.
    My wish for my BD 6/21/ put EJ, Stefano and Victor is something other than those stiff suits, they are like puppets in them.
    Stefano when he did that interview on U-Tube had blue PJ’s on, he even joked about it, he looked good.
    Ken Corday, don’t let us down, get the Smart into the SL’s, dumb is so not cool, we are very smart fans, so have artistic freedom in fairyland, but keep it intellegent.

  108. From Katherine

    Hi Bebe5, why don’t you use your name “Caterina”.?
    Mine in German is…Katarina….

  109. From Alexandra

    HALLEULUJAH, John and Marlena are returning. I have been a fan for over 20 years and have been very close to turning off DOOL. Now there is hope for all of us fans who have been true to the show. I read where the new writers are returning to what made Days such a great soap. Shawn and Belle need to return as well.

    I hate that Chloe will be forced into protitution. Also hate that Will is going to be cast as gay.

    Do not like the Taylor/EJ situation. What ever happened to EJ’s mother? She was funny!!

    Love Viv and how crazy she is. Whatever happened to her butler who won the lottery and took “Madam” away?

    Days used to be funny and intense. Return to a time when the good guys win one once in awhile.

    Heck, as far as I am concerned, start Days over from day one and play the series thru to its entirety again. Now that would be worth watching!!!!

    Once again, thanks so much for bringing John and Doc back. I have missed them so much.

  110. From Kay McElearney

    Will gay? I hate the possibility that this will be his story. Find another actor for this. I also hate the story on Cloe. Hasn’t she had enough trouble? And get rid of Taylor.

  111. From bebe5

    Katherine, because 5 people call me bebe, 6 people call me Kiki, and 3 people call me Katie. The only people that call me by my real name are my when I go for my appointments. Thanks for asking!

  112. From bebe5

    Ooops! Cross out my before when.

  113. From betsybee

    #85 SandyGram

    Re the Hernandes family having problems… I read it on one of these postings…I believe on the last pages..

    Anybody know Stefano’s age !!! Is he 80 or 76 years !!!

    What about getting rid of Kate with her swollen lips and blue hair !!!

    Sami really looked quite beautiful today. If you look back at Videos of Sami and EJ’s love making then TAYLOR is a sick puppy !!! After watching these videos how can anyone not want EJAMI again!!!!

    Sami needs Marlena back to smarten her up and see that those kids are looked after. I doubt that EJ will hand them over to her.I also don’t think that Johnny and Sydney really have any spark while with Rafe like they do with EJ and Stefano.

    Thanks again folks for your post I love reading them all. I am beginnint to feel like part of a new group in my life.

    Thanks for all the info on those interviews. I rather enjoyed reading them.

  114. From gerri480

    My birthday is 6/14 one week before yours, my husband’s Is 6/19.we are both Gemini’s.the strange thing Is I was born a twin,under the sign of twins,am supposed to have ESP,to a degree.
    before my twin sister died(with a Cerebral anuersym0in 1996.there was lot of incidents,that happened,that made me beieve it…

    anyway,will send you a big” Happy Birthday Wish” on your day…
    sure hated to have our Days interupted today for Tennis…..

    love seeing the lists,for possibly,returning actors.Thanks for the info.from the ones who posted them…

  115. From Katherine


    You just said a mouthful, for so many year, I should say it started in 1972, when I was in Germany, I woke up and told my Mom, I had such a strange dream about my mother in law, she told me that she was 6 ft. under, my Mom laughed and said – Traume sind Schaume, meaning, just bubbles, next thing the phone rang, it was my husband calling from the US, telling that Mom had a heart attack, and for me and the boys to come home. She died 3 days later.
    Ever since then, things happened, even before my ex-husband died, two days before I dreamt that he was dead but also my older son, I fought so hard in my dream, it was so real, to save my son, I went to work Tue morn. and Told my partner all about it, Thur. I got the phonecall my ex had died of a massive heart attack.
    So many things in between have happened, to the point that I scared some of the people I worked with, when things I told them actually happened. I don’t like it, never did, it frightens me.
    Funny you should bring that up, because I know excactly what you are talking about, it’s like a wave of a thought just brushes through your mind, no big deal, not a thought that you brought up in your mind yourself, and then a bit later, scary, at least to me.
    My grandson was born 6/25 I am 6/21, we always share a BD week together, God I spoil him so bad, but he tells that’s what I am supposed to do. He is so great, so levelheaded and has never been whiney kid. Honor Roll student, so proud. Well, we did not have anything else to talk about today, so DOOL, so it’s Gossip/personal drama time…
    Judy, hope things are going good for you…..
    P.S. I am so sorry you lost your Twin sister,
    Betsybee, welcome to our site, remember whatever you feel about the SL of DOOL, you just blog your honest feelings, we love to agree to disagree, we are all just fine Ladies and we always need more to keep us grounded.
    Wonder if Marlena will find out that her darling daughter shot EJ in the head, the way she did, without any remorse at all, and proclaimed many times ,she would do it all over again….. I wonder how will Marlena deal with that, her daughter being able to commit murder about three times now….
    After all she is supposed to be a Brady, and Brady’s don’t do stuff like that, only the Kiriakis and Di
    eras…. Marlena, you and Roman have always known, I remember the past SL’s, that you had kind of a bad Seed as a daughter, you have dis-owned her before, she did to many evil deeds, let’s not forget history, because Me and a lot of other fans have a very long and healty Memory……
    But, I love the character of Sami being on DOOL, because her and EJ with Nicole make the whole show worth watching, what chemistry….

  116. From Kathie

    What happened to Stephanie? I know the actress was leaving the show, but I don’t remember them explaining her departure on the show.
    And why hasn’t Roman been on the show that much? Maybe they should pair him with Maggie. Or Nicole, I remember he once had a one night stand with her.
    As to the suggestion that Nicole’s baby could still be alive…when Billie gave birth to Georgia (Chelsea), she was told that the baby was stillborn due to being born too early. And yet she was discovered alive in her teens. So it wouldn’t be unheard of that Dr. Baker sold Nicole’s baby and told her it was dead. But I don’t think Sydney is hers, we all saw Sydney switched with Grace. And Sami already suffered the loss of Grace, it would be heartbreaking if she lost Sydney too.
    Brady could not possibly be the father of Nicole’s baby. She was already pregnant when he returned to Salem. Just like there’s no way that Rafe could be Sydney’s father.
    I am looking forward to Jack’s return, I know there is something not right going on there. It might take some time, but he and Jennifer will reunite. Just like Bo and Hope, you know everytime they split up that it isn’t forever.

  117. From NeeNee

    Hey, Gerri!
    Happy upcoming birthday!

    Lotta Geminis on this site.
    My birthday is this coming Monday, June 6. I will be 63; first started watching Days in 1967.

    Katherine, my mother had similar gifts. Night or two before a baby was born, she would dream of the birth and 90% of the time she was correct on the baby’s gender. Deaths she would also dream about, but those didn’t come to pass with the accuracy of the babies, thank goodness.

    Most accurate dream I ever had was in the spring of 1981. Dreamt that Ronald Reagan had been shot; the chaos surrounding it was so real it woke me up. Told my husband about it and he just rolled his eyes. I even toyed with the idea of calling the White House to warn President Reagan. Well! Several days later it actually happened. My hubby has never doubted me since, when it comes to predictions!

  118. From Guest

    Katerine 104. Too funny
    I think you’ve proven that Dr Daniel is trying to sleep with a woman of every age from 16 to infinity. He is almost done.

  119. From Vivian

    Vivian is leaving? Carly is leaving? How about Taylor? I hit the FF button when they are on. Jack is coming back? John is coming back? I have all of these little websites and I’ve not seen those items. Did see where Quinn gets Chloe a new job: prostitution. Also saw where Nicole enlists Stefano’s aid. Not really adverse to the gay storyline, but would prefer it not be Will. Maybe Henderson? :-)Guess it is going to be an interesting summer…Need to to come up with someone in Salem who is Quinn’s father. It is either Stefano or Victor. My $$$ is on Stefano. That would be funny…we all know how well EJ welcomes siblings into the fold ROFL

  120. From Clear

    If Quinn’s father has to be one of those two, it seems like it would be victor. We could use another Kiriakis, but then maybe they will soon recast Phillip.

    About Marlena and John, I’m glad the actor that played him is coming back. If they recast Marlena that would be fine with me and maybe an improvement if they improve her character. For such a smart doctor, her character was extremely dense and downright dumb part of the time. Of course, that was probably writers making it that way too.

  121. From gerri480

    Katherine and NeeNee,sure sounds like we all have some extra feelings about events.My sister got married on april 23rd,I was lost without her,My ex(who was best friends with her husband)that’s how we met…we rushed into marriage on may 21st.she had to have an emergency appendectomy,during the reception,after my wedding then I had to have the same 5 wks later.we both worked at the same place,a wk after my surgery,while still on medical leave,we were In a car accident,on her way to ,heard sirens coming through town saw ambulance,forgot lunch,went straight to our parents,told them let’s go to hospital,that I was in that ambulance ,there was no way,she knew this no cell phones back then.but they were there shortly after my sis-in law and I got there.she was hurt badly,head on collision,I had injuries,but not like hers.anyway that was just one event.our second children ,were born 12 hrs apart.

    anyway I love to hear personal stories,about each other.we can share more.have to get to bed,as I’m working next two days….

    NeeNee,thanks for early birthday wish.and Katherine you sound like you are a terrific grandmother!!!

  122. From gerri480

    Happy Birthday this Monday,6th.
    my youngest daughter’s is the 7th,,
    she was due on my birthday,but I wanted her to have her own day,so I took a large dose of Castor oil,and walked,and walked,and went into labor at 11pm,on the 6th,and she was born afternoon of the 7th.
    I helped it along,and it was a natural birth,only one I had,with my 4 daughters….

  123. From SandyGram

    #115 Clear
    Just to clear things up on the cover of SOD dated 06-14-2011 is a picture of Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall so I’d say it’s safe to say….the John and Marlena we know and love are returning to Days.

  124. From SandyGram

    I’ve been thinking about Coraday’s statements reducing the cast from 30 to 15; the return of very popular characters from the past; going back to the golden days. Well my concern is the age of some of these very popular characters that may make the story lines feel old. And to remove a lot of the younger actors may make the younger fans turn away from the show. I sure hope they find a good balance to keep the existing fans, but also to bring aboard new fans.

  125. From SandyGram

    Spoilers from Soap SheKnows:

    June 2 – “Gabi has appendicitis”. But I don’t remember seeing that scene.

    June 7 – “Quinn’s father is some guy Vivian had an affair with in Australia. He’s dead”. Darn I was hoping it had something to do with the ‘egg’ switch.

    Summer Teaser – “Rafe and Sami learn Robo killed Faye. They try to get him to confess. Hope and Bo help and Taylor overhears. She tells EJ and Nicole he confessed. EJ feels guilty because he’s responsible for Robo.”

  126. From Clear

    Sandygram, I hope as you say the stories keep a good mix of the characters we all like including the young ones. I never heard them say Gabi had any serious problem so far, but that she would be fine after a couple hours and an IV!

    I still don’t see why Quinn and Viv cannot be in the same town unless it has to do with her vanity. Plus he probably was in boarding schools and didn’t spend a lot of time with her. I hope they keep him and improve his character–any thing anyone found on him besides this?

  127. From SandyGram

    #121 Clear
    That’s about all I’ve see. Quinn and Vivian don’t seem to be very happy with one another; she wants him out of town; apparently his father was through an affair while Viv was in Australia; but he’s dead; he’s lived in Boarding Schools; she wants him out of Salem, that’s about it. He’s a mystery for sure. I don’t know about improving the character, the writers already have Quinn as the owner of the drug business, a pimp and turning Chloe into a prostitute. Unless it’s another one of those store lines where Quinn wants to become a better man maybe due to Chloe’s influence and he’s willing to give it all up, it looks like he’s destined to be another Salem bad boy!

  128. From SandyGram

    Clear this is from SOD date 06/14:

    Vivian runs into Quinn in the park and is surprised to see the man who is actually her never-before-mentioned son.

    “First of all, he’s just lovely,” raves Louise Sorel of newcomer Bren Foster. “This is a new story where suddenly I find out that Vivian has a son who is Australian. I was trying to re-create an immediate connection with someone Vivian probably hasn’t seen since he was 10 — or something like that — and to hook in with him, which was quite easy because he has these wonderful, soft brown, doe eyes.”

    Sorel learned of the twist in the tale after Foster was hired. “Gary Tomlin introduced us,” she recalls. “There is a certain coloring and everything that works. It’s plausible.”

    So, what does it do to the backstory with Lawrence, whom Vivian considered a son because she supposedly never had one? “It comes out in the continuing story that raised Lawrence as her son in her mind,” Sorel explains. “Basically, it’s one of those situations where you’ve had a bad relationship with the father and he, in this case, told her to go away and never darken his doorstep again. Consequently, Vivian has tracked Quinn down, but she’s never spoken of him. She sort of denied his real existence, even though she kept track of him, because it was so hurtful. She’s always said that she never had a child, except Philip, who she stole – the embryo. In fact, it’s not true. We only learn these things after the fact. Lawrence comes into it a lot.”

    Vivian is unsettled to see the now-grown man in her presence. “I would assume that he has a lot of information on Vivian,” notes the actress. “There are a lot of things that may not ever be spoken.”

    Quinn, meanwhile, does have an agenda – but with Chloe. This week he blackmails her into becoming one of his escorts. “Quinn is aware of Chloe’s hardship, so there is an element to him where he thinks that he actually is helping her,” explains Foster. “Quinn doesn’t think that prostitution is such a bad thing. It’s his business. He sees it as providing a service that wealthy men need and also provides a way of life where women can make a lot of money in a relatively short time.”

    Though Chloe balks, “Quinn tries to get her to see the benefits of being employed in such a way,” says the actor. “He’s a very smooth operator.”

  129. From SandyGram

    SOW: EJ and Taylor Go Public With Their Romance; June 14, 2011 Issue

    EJ coaxes Taylor out of hiding, but Nicole enlists a valuable ally in trying to tear the couple apart.

    After a night of passionate lovemaking, EJ wakes up in Taylor’s crummy motel room and decides that a change is in order. He wants Taylor to move back into the DiMera mansion. EJ assures Taylor that he’ll keep her completely safe from Nicole. “Taylor’s nervous at first,” shares Tamara Braun (Taylor). “But he basically tells her that they’re not doing anything wrong. EJ doesn’t want Taylor to feel that what they share is dirty and needs to be kept a secret. EJ makes her feel loved and also that it will all be okay.”

    EJ returns home and informs Nicole that he spent the night with Taylor. Nicole is furious, but EJ insists that Taylor is coming back to the mansion.

    Meanwhile, Taylor runs into Brady, who is surprised to see that Taylor is still in town. Taylor updates Brady on her romance with EJ, and he isn’t pleased. When Brady starts making noises about going to the cops with his suspicion that EJ was involved in Arianna’s death, Taylor stands up for her man. “Taylor loves EJ and she doesn’t want anything to happen to him,” Braun explains. “When you love someone, there’s nothing that can be done to keep you from loving them. Whether she wants to admit it to herself or not, Taylor has been fighting her feelings toward EJ for months.”

    Still, Taylor worries that Brady could have EJ arrested. Of course, denial also plays a role. “She doesn’t want to believe that EJ was involved in [Arianna's death].”

    Later, EJ warns Taylor that Nicole might say some horrible things about him, but that she shouldn’t pay it any mind. On the heels of Brady’s accusation, his comment troubles Taylor. “Everyone around Taylor keeps telling her bits and pieces of information,” Braun shares.

    Finally, Taylor decides it’s time to ask EJ if there’s anything that he’s hiding from her. “She wants EJ to be completely upfront with her,” voices Braun. “She basically tells EJ, ‘We’ve all done things that we’re not proud of, but I need you to be straight and tell me [what your involvement in Arianna's] death is.’ Taylor asserts that the future of their romance depends on being open with one another. Braun says, “If they can be honest with each other, they can move forward.”

    Meanwhile, Nicole urges Stefano to keep Taylor and EJ apart. Stefano wonders why he should help Nicole, and she presents a strong defense. Will it sway The Phoenix in her favor?

  130. From Grandma Judy

    Just have a minute here and wanted to thank everyone for their good wishes after my last post. Guest, SandyGram, Katherine, Just Moi, Clear, and MAB. If I forgot anyone, I apologize and I sure appreciate everyone’s comments. Our son came through surgery just fine and the doctor expects him to feel like a new person with his Sleep Apnea either cured or brought under control. Of course, we’re all hoping it’s CURED! He came here from the hospital Fri. and it’s been a circus around here ever since, although hubby and I seem to thrive on caos and we are glad to be able to help out with him and his boys here. His fiance is here at lot, also, and does what she can to help. His back continues to give him fits and it’s so difficult for him to get around. He has a couple of doctor’s appointments for that next week, as well as a follow-up to his sugery. The other son and his family will arrive from WA State June 15th so it’s nice they will be here in time for Father’s Day and they will stay on through for the other son’s wedding the middle of July.

    I haven’t watched the show since Tues. so feel quite out-of-the-loop with it but I see that all I really have to do is read SandyGram’s spoilers and updates and I’ll be OK. Great job with those, SandyGram!! I enjoy!!

    Glad Gabi’s health issue is only an appendectomy. Sure am surprised about Carly and Vivian being written off. Especially Vivian, since they’ve brought Quinn on and he’s her son. Very happy that John will be back. I was never a big fan of Marlena. All the changes being talked about sure are interesting, with characters coming and going. I’m glad to hear Corday say the show will get away from storie being driven by revenge, drug addiction, and prostitution and will be more in the direction of being driven by love. And also pull away from the bad guys getting their way with things and the good guys not. And sounds like we could see more of Roman, as well as Abe and Lexie. Sorry they are still going to do the Gay s/l but guess they did make a few changes so we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes and if it’s tastefully done. All in all, sounds like it could shape-up to be almost a new show, doesn’t it?!

    My best to everyone!

  131. From Grandma Judy

    I’ve been DVRing the show everyday, – just a matter of finding time to watch.

  132. From SandyGram

    #125 Grandma Judy
    There you are….it’s really getting crazy. It’s hard to invest in the story lines knowing they’re going to change. And the speculations on a lot of different boards are running ramped, who’s staying, who’s going.

    Very happy to hear you son is doing well. I know how difficult it is to have a sleep disorder like sleep apnea since I have narcolepsy. I’ve taken medication since 1980 but when we retired in 2003 I said that’s enough of that and just quit. Now if I have a sleep attack I can take a nap when ever I want and not have to worry about being at work. I must be doing ok I haven’t dropped my head into my dinner plate in a very long time.

    Hope things keeps going well. Thanks for the compliments, but remember what I said ‘you’re the finger tips to my thoughts’ you express our opinion’s about the show so much better than I do.

  133. From betsybee

    Thanks for the welcome, Katherine, appreciate that !!

    I wonder how much of TAYLOR I can take this Summer. What a sorry excuse for an actor !!!
    How can JS possibly act intelligently with this prson. He is far too good at his craft to be put with her !!!

    GG is not snap these days either and you can tell by Sami’s expressions that she is not comfortable with him.
    AS as already said in an interview that GG kept acting like Roborafe off the set and that annoyed her a great deal. These actors have a lot more to put up with than any of us could realize. Some of the things you have to do to make a buck and pay the mortgage !!!!!!

    I have a feeling that Stefano is going to become ill and disappear to Europe or somewhere for medical treatment and that will be the end of him, therefore EJ and Chad will take over the business. Maybe Nicole will make a deal with Stefano before he leaves and will also stay with the Dimeras. !!

    Brady IMO should not go too far on the dark side and leave a little room for the caring side of him.

    Melanie to me is a hopeless case and should be removed. Dario should have some answers as to what might have happened to Emily, Rafe’s wife. Rafe definitly is hiding something from his past and is somewhat concerned that all will come out in the wash !!!

    If EJ brings Taylor back to the Mansion have Kate provide her with some tainted food so that we can get rid of her. If EJ does this then he deserves to lose his kids to Nicole and let Sami have ccassional visits.

    I am just mean today since I am tired of painters here every day for the past week, Will be glad when they have finished the job !!

    Have a great week end folks. !!!!

  134. From carol

    isn’t this carlys son viv is calling her son i read that he was coming to days, viv calls everyone hers lol, i hope he don’t make it so chole don’t get her baby back, i hate to see that, i also hope that get rid of nicoles sister there is no passion between her and ej, why they brought her and carly back i will never understand, i’m glad carly is leaving take nicoles sister with you, i’m so happy the fired the writers and brought in new hope you make the show better then it is and no more repeating tire of whos baby and who are you weve been there abd back to many times new stuffplease. so happy we are bringing marlina and john back its been to long , thank you for that , its great your bringing jack back i was hoping your’d bring frankie back love to see him and jen back they where good together so was her and jack , but i really hate her and dan together , there is nothing there no passion at least i can’t see it, well good luck to the new writers make the soap great like it use to be,

  135. From BabyBlue

    I am so with everbody who wants Taylor gone.I donm’t believe the boss and writers read our comments.-if so the would send her away. I have had a hard time posting – maybe this time will work
    Also please do something about wardrobe. Daniel surly can do betterthan his date with JEN.

  136. From Katherine

    betsybee, you are so welcome, like your blogs. This is a good site,and we take care of our own pretty much.
    Taylor, does nothing for me, seems EJ is really struggeling to keep the momentum going, not fair to this fine actor, wrong SL…
    I do not want to loose Stefano, Him and Kate make a great couple I love to watch, please keep them, IMO..
    NeeNee, Happy Birthday this coming Monday, have a great Day, and keep on blogging, your Blogsisters like you….
    My best friends BD is on 06/08, going to Hartford CT on the 27th, we’ll celebrate her and my BD. Have lots of friends and her family there, her son is a Caddy for LPGA, watching him this week again, he’s been with many winning Ladies and Gentlemen in the past.
    I agree, it is nice that specially on weekends we can do a little bit of personal blogging, even during the week, a touch here or there,
    AND I WANT TO THANK THE ADMIN. FOR ALLOWING US TO DO THAT, YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT MAKES A GOOD SITE, FREEDOM OF SPEECH, AND you even are good enough to treat us like adult women, to let us for the most part, settle our own disputes, that is great and I for appreciate it. We will Not knock the actors personally, but we will knock the characters all we can, If Needed, fair enough, Thank Admin.
    I love to see John back, but I also like for him to claim his heritage, he is after all “Ryan DiMera”, his mother Coleen named him Ryan, please John, honor your mother by taking the name she gave you, and honor your father Santos by taking his name. No matter how wrong or whatever, those two did love each other, so why deny it.
    I would love to see interaction with Ryan”John” and Stefano his brother, bring Brady DiMera into the fold, after all, they are familia, yes, not, they are Blood…
    So just for the fun of it, if Nicole ever married Brady, she would still be Nicole DiMera, ha, ha. LOL
    Marlena, honestly, I can do without, she is ok, but something about her always slightly irritated me, can’t put my finger on it, maybe the way she always snaps for air, when she is supposed to be overcome with emotions, something, sorry about that. Also I thing her personal Diva status just seems to shine through, or maybe just the Marlena status, something just gets to me….??!!! But fine by me if she comes back….
    Don’t like the way Dan dressed for Dinner either, he always looks like he is wearing one of those Militant Jackets/Shirts or something, not cool.
    Why does this big renowed doctor live in Sami’s old appartment, he’s got money, lord knows Melanie is loaded now, but they live in the same kind of cheap appartment that Dario can afford, change that please.
    Besides, Chloe should have the same kind of money Melanie has, she Gave Phil a child…(???), and she is broke. Makes no sensce to me.
    I think Victor could go, but Stefano has to stay, with his brother JohnRyan coming back,… all IMO

  137. From NeeNee

    Thanks for your good wishes, Katherine! Lots of thoughtful “possibilities” comments from you, as always.

    Yes, Brady is one of those rare characters who has lineage on both sides—Kiriakis from his mama and DiMera on the daddy’s. Plus John also carries Brady blood (from Colleen) even though he was an honorary Brady for many years when he thought he was Roman.

    Yes, the financial details always seem to be lost on the writing staff. Daniel & Melanie living in the Salem slum warehouse district when they could afford anything they’d want.

    Other thing that really bugs me is Sami never having a job. Guess collecting chid support from EJ must count as a real job! Before Rafe began paying her bills, she was living free gratis in Marlena’s old penthouse; guess mommy was footing some of her bills
    too. And her wardrobe! Man alive, she was always turned out down to the smallest detail. Unless you count Mimi & Kinsey’s families going bankrupt, no one in Salem seems to have money problems. Well, maybe if they’re being blackmailed for tens of thousands of $$$!

  138. From SandyGram

    #131 Katherine
    Daniel tried to provide Chloe with a divorce settlement she told Justin she wanted nothing from Daniel. You can either admire her for turning down the divorce settlement since they were only married like minutes before Parker’s parentage was exposed; or maybe she should have taken a moment to consider a settlement after all she did ‘live with Daniel’ before they were married and he was her sole supporter. Then Philip always said he would take care of her and Parker, but since he took sole custody of Parker I guess he’s only kept half of that promise. I can’t remember if she got a settlement from Brady or Lucas, somewhere along the line she should have a couple of bucks tucked away. Oh then there was her opera career she was suppose to have been quite successful in Europe…yep the writers missed this detail.

  139. From kass

    Sandy gram I just picked up my copy of that book and was about to get on and start posting the info but you beat me to it, good work! Nee nee post #86 I believe that you are about 98% right about the ones who will stay and the ones who will go. I’m glad they have two new writers and they are going back to the “golden days” while still moving foward. I feel that there hasn’t been a good storyline since nicole kidnapped newborn Sydney. I am also glad that through this blog site the viewers get a voice. And my voice is SCREAMING GET RID OF TAYLOR THEN RAFE! And don’t change johnny or Sydneys paternity, paternity SL are so over used especially by days I don’t want some washed up recycled version of the shawn belle Claire sl, or the sami Lucas, EJ allie and johnny SL , that ship has sailed! Plus EJ is a great dad! He may be a mean mobster by night but he is a loving father! Plus who will carry on the dimeras legacy?? On another completely unrelated note I hate how the writers try to force a relationship between rafe and samis kids, i mean johnnyS FBI jacket is suppose to serve as a symbol of rafe and johnnys bond (FORCED) But seriously wearing it in the summer time, that’s just too much not to mention how long has it?? he had that thing WELL over year, seriously do you tlink it would still fit him, kids grow out of clothes faster than you can dress them, which means that they made a new one for him to wear.which reinforces my theory that they are forcing that bond !

  140. From cindy

    sanygram….thanks so much for the interviews posted!!they were very interesting and informative. love that john and marlena are coming back. hope shawn and belle come back as well with the big shake up!!! most of the kids can as far as i’m conceerned! like chad, and i think it’s important he stay now that he’s a dimera ( they need the young blood and i like the way he challenges stefano and ej…no fear!!!). don’t want to lose rafe since i like sami and rafe together……want to see her a happy couple for awhile. i know some disagree, and i have no problem with that, it’s just imo that rafe’s the best match for her since lucas isnt around!! i liked those two alot, and was so glad when TPTB hooked them up just to break them up a few months later. i would just like to see some sort of permanency in sami’s life! and imo, it will take alot of doing (and possible rewriting) to put sami and ej back together with all that’s happened. sorry ejami fans! and i’m not taking sides both sami and ej have done way too much stuff to the other (not to mention way over-the-top stuff)!!! now the most exciting thing happening this summer isn’t on the actual soap, but in the background wondering who’s going and who’s coming!!! should be alot of fun for us to try and figure it out as summer moves along!! everyones’ posts are sure good the last few days!!

  141. From SandyGram

    Thanks #134 Kass and #135 Cindy…the credit for posting the SOD/SOW over views should really be giving to Daytime Royalty. My SOD/SOW magazines come late, but Daytime Royalty is always right on time. It is definitely going to be an interesting Summer. It will keep us on our toes as to who’s returning and how will the writers transition from the current story lines into the new direction Coraday is talking about taking the show. I sure hope he doesn’t get rid of to many of the younger characters that could drive away the younger viewers. But then again, bringing back some of the favorites from the past could bring back some of the views that have left. A new beginning, as board members we may even have to change the way we post, less about what once was and more about the current story lines, unless something in the past is being covered in the current story line.

  142. From gerri480

    Grandma Judy,
    glad everything went well for your son,hope most of the health Issues,are a thing of the past..

    Thanks for all the Info,you are passing along to us,,

    again I agree with you re-Marlena,she was never one of my favorites,something bugged me as well.I think It was her silly laugh,and her acting somewhat superior,IMO..

    Up-date on my friend and co-worker’s husband,he is still hanging on,seems to be having new problems arising each day,so It remains a wait and see day to day.(doctor has told Cindy,that he can’t know about brain damage,until,he can be taken off some of the sedation, which while on ventilator,he has to be on.

  143. From Susan

    I just checked the cast history. Viv never had her own child. She Philip as a surrogate. Are these writers re-writing history again!!?? The only slightly plausible twist would be if Quinn was Ivan’s son. But Ivan was so funny and Quinn is bad. Can’t see it, but it is the only thing slightly possible. I hate to see Viv go, if that is the case, but apparently the writers can’t come up with anything creative for her charactor!! too bad!!!!!

  144. From Clear

    Thanks for all the research, Sandy!

    The only hope for Quinn may be that he is deep, deeply undercover! LOL!

    Glad to hear from GrandmaJ that the surgery was successful too.

    gerri, all kinds of medical miracles are possible these days, so still hoping for the best there.

    By the way, the thing about Marlena besides the silly, teethy laugh was the “All Purpose Grimace!” I liked her best with her mouth closed and when she stuck the needle full of medicine into Stefano that made him a vegetable for months! I guess that may have finally broken his love for her–but probably not his obsession if she is to come back. She is to Stefano, what Sami is to EJ.

  145. From SandyGram

    Well here it is quote: “Sami glares at him. “Don’t kid yourself. You raped me …!” This is a sentence from Monday’s June 6th Days Cafe, Day Ahead write up. It looks like the writers are going with ‘Sami being raped’ like most of this board has said. Now I wonder how Taylor is going to feel about EJ participating in a plan where Sami is raped. She is so clueless I don’t if she can even conceive this concept.

  146. From SandyGram

    “Taylor is so clueless I dought if she can even conceive this concept”.

    I would of sworn I typed ‘Taylor’ and the word ‘dought’. I guess I only saw it in my minds eye and it didn’t get to my finger tips.

  147. From SandyGram

    Next Week Spoilers From Soaps:

    “Family feuds erupt between nearly every combination of relatives imaginable.”

  148. From guest

    I noticed Jen’s low cut blue dress, but no scar from her open heart surgery. Open heart surgery always leaves a vertical scar.

  149. From betsybee


    You know how we have been told by KC that Lexie and Abe will be more prominent in the show this summer.
    How about this:

    After EJ’s escapade with Taylor, Nicole throws things around and seeks help from Stefano.. Does he want to see his grandchildren all the time then he had better make a deal with her. Taylor runs to Brady to tell him of her good luck of being humped by EJ. Brady gets mad and beats EJ almost to death (at least he can’t remember things for some time) for messing around with his womean (Arianna, Taylor, Nicole). Bo and Hope plus Mlanie know all about the beating. When EJ is taken to hospital, big sister, Lexie, is furious and eventually finds out from Melanie what really happened. After checking Big Brother whom she loves, she commences to press charges against Sami, Rafe and Will, since she has all the knowledge about the shooting of EJ, plus Brady, Bo and Hope because she now has info from Melanie. Taylor can’t get near EJ since Nicole now is in charge of the Dimera family including Johnny and Sydney. WAY TO GO NICOLE !!

    Now Lexi approaches Abe, The Mayor of Salem as what he plans in doing with all this information. Rafe lied and so did Sami for Rafe to get a job with the Law. They both have crminal backgrounds. I do believe Abe tried to clear that info with Bo before Rafe was hired and Sami said there was nothing in his background. NICOLE COULD WIN EVERYTHING !!!!

    How does all this sound to you folks, Be interested in comments !!!!

    EJ and Nicole look pretty good together and Marlena returning will try to keep Sami away from the Dimers if she can …….

  150. From betsybee

    By the way Roborafe is charged with Faye’s death and Taylor has to leave town wince EJ now does not remember her. One way of getting rid of her.

    Wait and see EJ is going to come out of this SMELLING LIKE A ROSE.

  151. From SandyGram

    #143/#144 betsybee
    Great with a few exceptions, EJ also goes to jail for Sydney’s kidnapping, the Robo Rafe caper as does Stefano, including kidnapping Rafe and the conspiracy in the rape of Sami. And oh yeah since Lexie knows about the kidnapping she looses her job at the hospital. Through it all coming out Kate finds out about how Robo Rafe treated Ally and Kate leaves Stefano which makes him mad so he turns her in for poisoning Chloe and she joins them all in jail. As the beat goes on and on and on! Now poof we all wake up and it was all a dream!

  152. From Janiebell

    Family will betray us; they will double-cross; hand us the “short dirty end” of the stick. So yes, Stedano is capabel of helping Nichol to break-up E.J. and Taylor..

  153. From gerri480

    #145 SandyGram,
    love this post,all sounds terrific to me….too funny,
    you need to be a writer for days…..

    wonder how many jail cells,would be needed,for all the law breakers?

  154. From SandyGram

    #147 gerri480
    After I read through the posts on betsybee’s made up story…I got to thinking…if this all came true Coraday would have plenty of room to bring in past actors. And Chad and Nicole would have to run DiMera Interprises; while Victor would get back Titan; Lucas could come back to Salem to run Kate’s company Home and Hearth; Melanie could skip town with Carly and Daniel could follow; the only one I’d feel sorry for is little Ciara, once again her parents would be taken from her. And Theo would miss his mommy. Seems like it always gets back to the kids and how insecure their little lives have been so far.

  155. From Tiffany

    I love Daniel and Jennifer together. That’s probably the best pairing I have seen in awhile.They are fantastic together. Finally days does something right!

  156. From Clear

    Don’t worry SandyGram about the kids because they all sooner or later will suffer from the “Rapid Aging Syndrome” and continue the family feuds as young adults!

  157. From laine

    I am so happy Viv character is leaving Days! Is it true John, Marlena & Jack are coming back? I hope so-Please let Sami have some happy for very long time- Chloe Nichole should be the madams of the Salem brothel-EJ needs to get religion and be a monk somewhere incognito! Caroline needs a sweetheart too-Brady is a hottie

  158. From JUNE


  159. From Katherine

    I am inquisitive enough,would like to know what was in those 17 spripst what being re-written, but I doubt we will ever find out…???????
    With all the re-writes, it is hard to assume what might happen with the characters, because they are Not the characters anymore they have till know, and we sort of got to know them.
    Of course Marlena will come back, still thinking she is the absolute beauty/sex queen of Salem….sighing(??) away at John with half closed eyes, hope not, and that laugh, and mouth, IMO her and John to a point always overplayed/overacted a bit to much for my taste…But glad they are coming back. Maybe John will get the Hots for “AVA” again, ha, ha, ha.
    Wonder where they will be staying since they sold the town house Sami used live in. Hardly at the loft, know they have zillions of bedrooms,… but not.
    At the Horton House, or in the Mansion, after all Stefano is John/Ryans brother. It’s familia.
    None of you have ever commented on John Black taking his Birth Name Ryan, given by his Mother Colleen, and his fathers name DiMera, He was after all a real LOVECHILD…
    Thats makes Brady – Brady DiMera -I say go for it, not any worse than “Kiriakis”….
    So Brady is going to beat his cousin to a pulp, nice, I think Brady needs anger management, between drinking and attacking people, who runs this big business Titan. Funny how he does mind throwing/spending all that dirty Kiriakis money, coming from Drug Sales, after all they must have been going on for a very long time before Vic worrying about Ariana, sold it to EJ….
    Maggie IMO needs a man in her live that is truly worthy of her, not some old Crime/Drug Lord, LOL, I know it’s fairytale, but lets keep it a little bit real, aren’t we asking for that right now, intellegent and a bit more real….
    Hope they will deal with Sami shooting EJ, are the police still working on the shooting and the kidnapping of Sydney??????????????
    So if EJ get’s beaten and has no memory, where does that leave Taylor, puts Nicole right back as the legal wife, you say what….
    Now will Brady ever have to pay for any of his crimes, give him time, he could turn real bad, after all he got double bad blood, Kiriakis and DiMera all nicely mixed together… Brady and EJ could become the next generation Bad Guys in Salem after Vic and Stefano retire or leave..
    To early to make up my mind about Quinn, they never are what they seem when they first come to Salem..
    Gerrie 480…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY again, hope your day is great.

  160. From SandyGram

    Spoilers From Soap Central for Next Week:

    Brady seeks revenge on E.J. for his part in Arianna’s death

    Stefano plays Chad to get him into the “family business”

    Rafe, Sami, and Bo work together to get Fafe to make a confession

    Kate is revealed to have a part in Quinn’s dastardly plans

    Daniel and Jennifer consummate their relationship

    Carly puts her addiction aside and helps Daniel and Melanie perform a high-stakes surgery

  161. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Interesting interview

    I especially like “SOD: Who would you like to see get more airtime?

    KC: I would like to see Bo and Hope get more story. I would like to see the Hortons and the Bradys have more story and pull back form an obvious imbalance of the bad guys getting their way and the good guys not. In the last year or so, except for Maggie, Jennifer and Hope, there really hasn’t been a strong Horton presence or Brady presence. I want to see more story for Jennifer. She’s in a good story with Daniel now, but a happy couple can be boring, so there needs to be a third party in that story. I feel that there have been a lot of characters on the show – new faces- who have been getting an inordinate amount of airtime, and the characters who the fans are familiar with and probably tune in to see more than any others have not been getting enough airtime. Its been disproportionate. So that is the first thing that has to be fixed. The fact that Roman did 9 shows in the period of about 4 months is wrong. The fact that Abe and Lexie don’t have any story is somewhat embarrassing. Those are the tips of the iceberg. You will see, in the course of a month, in the neighborhood of six characters leaving Salem and five or six characters return or come to Salem, leading to a huge September.” I have always said the show needed to focus more on the Hortons and Bradys; also have the bad guys losing every now and then. Sami always got caught eventually with her stunts, but I don’t see that too much lately with any of the characters (to include Sami). I am happy to see Marlena and John returning. I would love to see Shawn and Belle return, but doubt they are coming back – yet. I am happy to see Jack coming back. Would LOVE to see Lucas return and reunite with Sami and the kids.

  162. From BoAndFancyFace4Ever!

    Just so things are clear, the below is my comments from above. The other is from an interview at the website that is included.

    I have always said the show needed to focus more on the Hortons and Bradys; also have the bad guys losing every now and then. Sami always got caught eventually with her stunts, but I don’t see that too much lately with any of the characters (to include Sami). I am happy to see Marlena and John returning. I would love to see Shawn and Belle return, but doubt they are coming back – yet. I am happy to see Jack coming back. Would LOVE to see Lucas return and reunite with Sami and the kids.

    I do like that Days seems to be listening. I hope they can get back on track.

  163. From SandyGram

    New Talk Shows that might affect the longevity of the current Soap Opera’s:

    Sept 2012 – Katie Couric NBC time slot not known yet could affect General Hospital

    Ricki Lake is also looking at a new Talk Show to begin in 2012.

    Does this mean more Soaps will have to move over to make room for the new Talk Shows?

  164. From patsy

    I.m loveing Rafe and Sami right now working together .I also like Melianie AND Derio and a few other storys .But FF threw any thing EJ,Taylor .I likeing Nicole right now I hopes she wipes the tolite with both scombags .I believe in falling in love and all that stuff but not to the point to where you turn sister against sister ,A sister is someone very imporent in your life .A man like EJ comes around and couses trouble and then moves on to the next woman .Not careing he tore a famile apart.hope Sami stays with Rafe No matter how many sparks EJandSami make when they are in a room together

  165. From Kelly

    Kind of excited for John & Marlena to come back, but hope it is an interesting story line as they were a bit boring when the left before. I am also all about DANIFER!!!!

  166. From Katherine

    I for one, really want Dr. Baker back. He is a good looking man, can be very funny, has sex appeal and is the right age for a lot of us. If they can make Vic ok for Maggie, they can turn around the good old doc. Think what he could do for Maggie, get her out of those frilly blouses, pants suits, lighten her up a bit and have young fun. If I was Maggie, no way would I want that old used-up crimelord to be in my life, give me someone like Dr. Baker and see me kick. LOL He could come back all rehabed, and help Maggie turn this o la la Restaurant of hers into a great NightClub with talented entertainment, like so many of you out there seem to want incl. Moi. Doc and Maggie, together, he could make her feel alive again, like a mini coogar, they are not that far apart. Of course, first they have to clean up the Baby ??? Mess one way or the other, it’s time….
    Doug could sing there, Brady has a great voice and great albums out, who else can sing….We need a great central gathering place again, The Pub, Cheating Heart, and of course the Dock, are ok, but
    the DiMeras incl. Ryan/John and Marlena, Vic, Doc Dan and Jenn,etc. we need another place for them to go out, dress up and shine, I miss that part of DOOL.
    Alright, we know that Carly, Viv are leaving, who are the other 4 or so.????????????????? CURIOUS..
    They better keep EJ and Stefano, or I will hold my breath and turn blue….
    163 SandyGram, Like I would really watch a talkshow, Katie and Ricky, give me a break, I guess, if they took all the Soaps aways, and my DOOL, I would be sad and miss it, but I would be totally free from afternoon TV, after so many years, so to the PTB, Talkshows would get you nothing, none of this crowd….Try it, and you won’t like it, we have loved DOOL and some of us others here and there, cancell it, and we are done with Daytime TV, at least me, just lonely little me.

  167. From NeeNee

    Good “what-if” about Maggie
    and Doc Baker, Katherine!
    Remember how Doug Williams
    first arrived in Salem, fresh
    from prison where he met Bill
    Horton. Initially, he was hired
    to lure Julie away from Scott
    Banning, but ended up falling
    in love with her. Ultimately,
    he ended up a good guy. And
    I agree with you that Doc Baker
    could certainly be redeemed.

    Re: the possibility of still
    MORE talk shows . . . I find
    them carbon copies of each other
    and quite vapid & shallow.
    Much cheaper to produce, though.
    How about SOAPNET? Do they have
    all of Days of Our Lives
    archived?? Would it not be a
    hoot to start all over again
    from late 1965 until today??
    Those oldies were only a half
    hour and it should be relatively
    easy to zip through those. But
    one time I seem to recall Corday
    or someone in the know saying
    that only a few early shows are
    available. Complete years only
    start with mid-1970′s shows,

  168. From SandyGram

    #166 Katerine
    Your not the only one that would not like the Network to replace Days with a Talk Show, I’ll jump on that wagon with you.

    Dr. Baker is also one of my favorites even though he was a Baby Broker. He would be a good match for Maggie, but I think the writers are going to play out the Victor/Maggie story line for some time.

  169. From Katherine

    Hey SandyGram, I agree, don’t need any more stupid talkshows, I don’t watch the ones that are on LOL
    Dr. Baker, ok so he was a baby broker, so what was Victor Kiriakis, a Killer, a Drug Lord, a Crime Boss, he prob. did more harm to so many people in Salem and around the world, than good little Sexy Doc Dick Baker ever could. I just think he is a doll, good actor and middle aged sexy, all IMO. I would go out with him, he is funny and actually loyal, look what he did for Hope…???????? Ha, yes, he did.
    You know the writers have done a lot of stupid stuff, so now that means they don’t necessarly have to play out Maggie and old hardly moving Vic. I do not mean to downgrade John Aniston the actor, but in this story line, we have to go with what is cool, Maggie needs somebody younger, I would not ever choose Vic for myself, are you crazy – he is to old –
    Put him with “Fingers” Caroline, they share a child together, Bo, give them some rocking chairs and past, next night chowder and so be it….
    Besides, Vic drinks to much and Maggie does not…. Not a tie breaker, but I just can’t see Maggie with old Victor.I
    I guess next to EJ of course, to me on DOOL, Doc Baker has the most sex appeal, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder, he turns me…. LOL
    Roman, no way, and what else is there in our age category, besides robbing the craddle, you tell me, my older darling blog buddies, never mind you young ones…..
    I love the young ones bodies, but lets be realistic I like to dream about somebody more realistic, and that is Doc, John Black is ok, but not my speed, Stefano, sexy, but to old, Vic useless, Rafe, forget it, … so what is a fan to do, hope for the return of her ideal guy….

  170. From michele

    I love that people are ok with Doc being posessed by the devil, your ok with 3 people playing Roman even though one of them played another person/bar tender on the show already just like Tayler playing 2 diff. people, your ok with Hope, Patch, Roman and many other people coming back from the dead, your ok with a mother that has twins by 2 men. Your ok with Sami raping her sister’s husband, Jack raping his wife, people being murdered, police NEVER catching the bad guy, Dr Dan dating Grandmother and Granddaughter, Uncle’s and Nieces having sex and falling in love, brother and sister falling in love, Cloe sleeping with everyone in Victor & Kate’s family, Hope as swamp girl, people burried alive, people being brought in and Stef. able to make them look and talk just like someone else, your ok with Evil Dr.’s in basements, fathers selling their own daughters, mothers and dauhters sleeping with the same man, Hope’s step mother being her sister, Kim and caroline boh bed Victor, Pimps, Hookers, Murder, Rape, Incest, Sluts, Infidelity, Blackmail, Lusting, Babies being sold on the black market, High school girls being pregnant, DNA switching, Baby switching, prisoners stealing organs for DR’s, Shooting your child’s sleeping father in the head, Dr’s putting people in a Coma, People not having jobs, people not taking care of their children, sex tapes, Father ad Son bedding the same women, BUT if they have a gay person on the show THEN they have gone too far, even though 1-10 people REALLY are born gay….Come on grow up

  171. From Janiebell

    If Quinn is Viv’s son who is the farther? Why all the secret and mystery? What’s the storyline here?

    I thought Melanie was already a nurse; so why did “Mel give Maxine her aplication to the nurse’s program?”

  172. From SandyGram

    #169 Katherine
    Yep I’m with you Katarina, Dr. Baker is the ‘cats meow’. I agree with everything you say about the Doc and it would be nice to see him return to a major story line, whether it’s to partner with Maggie or something else. I really enjoyed the character he portrayed and thought John Callahan did a wonderful job with the character.

    I’m not sure where all the distain for Victor is coming from the characters history is well know. So I’m not going to comment on it I like to stay in the present when discussing the show as you know. So with that I would like to see Maggie with a man of more moral character, but as I mentioned it would appear that the writers are going to continue down this road for a while. We can only hope changes are made when the new story lines and writers come on board. But then that’s just ole crazy me talking!

  173. From SandyGram

    I’m only half way through today’s show but what caught my eye was Melanie and Dario’s conversation. Especially the part where she was saying “she was scared of him, he doesn’t play by the rules just like Philip, and that makes him dangerous”. Hello isn’t her best friend Mr. Ryan DiMera, who she turns to for everything; the one and only Brady Black Kiriakis, Mr. Turn To The Dark Side himself. It would seem she was right about one thing she is drawn to the men that are not good for her. I wasn’t fond of her knocking Philip. Through everything else leading up to, after her being shot,they did have share a love. It’s just now the writers have to have a reason to drag out and entice us whether Mel and Dario will finally hook up and their using the ‘Bad Boy scenario… Ooo Ooo I’m scared’ as the hook to real us in to the relationship.

  174. From daisy

    Janibelle: Melanie is now going to be a nurse practitioner. Maybe this is how they get rid of her, that she will leave town. She became a nurse practically overnight, so who knows, maybe she will be a neurologist if they ever bring her back! As far as papers being handed to Maxine, like she is the Administrator of the nurse practitioner program!!!!

  175. From Clear

    Yes, Michele and some of us would like to see the loose ends tied up and justice for some of those crimes. Days doesn’t need a gay story line in my opinion. There are enough going whatever my opinion is with enough loose ends to keep the writers very busy if they do their jobs well.

    Sandy and Katherine, I agree that we do not need any more talk shows! Most of the ones on are boring too. I had enough of Katie C. on the nightly news and don’t want to see her in the soap slots.

    Interesting about Kate having a connection with Quinn. That explains why Kate would encourage him to turn her into a prostitute to make it impossible for her to get her son back. Quinn has the drug business and now prostitution is his new one? Terrible way to become a successful businessman!

  176. From Katherine

    Hi Michelle, are you my Michelle from Ca….Got your stuff, so right on, good memory,…
    SandyGram, love the way you already call John Black — Ryan DiMera, well that is his Name, no doubt about it, get with it writers……………………….
    So I guess we will be seeing Mrs. Ryan DiMera (Marlena)pretty soon also.
    About Quinn and Vivian, I know she is leaving the show, but strange for me, I woulde really like to see a Mother Son reunion,don’t know why, but somehw they got to me, I think Quinn loves his mother and so does Vivi love him, both of their faces showed the emotion, grat action today, please play out this story in a great and wonderful way, let Vivi go out Grand, please, she is such a great actress and she does deserve it. I llike Quinn, lots of emotion in his face… very good acting, he Had Me today, loved watching him and Vivian…..

  177. From Katherine

    Believe it or not, it’s 12.45, I came out of bed with this terrific blog thought, got here, and guess what poof gone, so does that make me senile or what, help.
    Anyway, want more of Viv and Quinn, it tugged a little bit on my heart strings today, to see those two people struggling to face each other, neither wanting to lose face or whatever you may call it, pride, hurt feelings, name it, they love and need each other, come on Viv, he is your son, let him help you to become a human being once and fnor all, even you Madam – you deserve the love of a son, sooner or later, let it happen.I think I could like the new loving fullfilled happy Vivian, why not…

  178. From Janiebell

    When Viv left town years ago, Viv ledt with Evon {or whatever}, and we heard nothing more from Viv untill she turns up in Salem and nothing of a son. Viv wanted to play “mommy” to Phillip. Viv sent a fancy car to Carley’s son; still no mention of a son of Viv’s; then suddenly Quinn is Viv’s son? Who is the dadof Quinn? Whal is the story-line there?

  179. From Katherine

    170 Michelle, meant to say however, that I am not to crazy about the gay stuff, soryy, just IMO
    loved all the other stuff you wrote.
    SandyGram, I don’t know what you mean about where all this distain is coming about Vic, not sure what you mean.
    Well for me it’s there from watching him all these years, knowing what he is and has been, and there fore think he is not good enough for Maggie.
    If I did not understand you right, please let me know..Don’t mean when you say -I like to stay in the present when discussing the show…???????????
    This show to me means, past, present and future, so my dear blog friend set me straight, I think I am not totally understanding what you were trying to say.
    Question, Who came first, well we know Lawrence was around,
    then came Nicholas, but Larry and Carly did not know they had a son till he was about 10 years old.
    Then came Philip. so were does Quinn fit into this timeframe?
    Must have happened while Nicky was in Boarding school in Europe, when she came to Salem she sent for Nicky, so she might have been in Australia after Nicky was born and tugged away in School or something….

  180. From Lisa

    How stupid and naive ia Taylor??? She has known EJ for like 5 minutes and she is sure he has changed! I have still not warmed up to the new actress portraying her.

    The fight scene between Nicole and EJ was electrifying! Wow! What passion, anger, hatred, jealousy…you name it, the scene had it all!

    Love Mel and Dario together. He’s cute!

    Love Quinn coming into town and giving mama Viv some of her own medicine. Where does she and Gus live anyway? Weird stuff!

    For some odd reason, I have always liked Vivian though.

    Love Jen and Daniel together! So glad she came to her senses and will be herself and not try to impress Daniel.

    Please put Maggie and Victor together!!!

    I have grown to like Chad and Abigal together.

    Can’t stand Carolyn Brady! So pious to yell at Rafe for cheating. Who the hell does she think she is? Mother Theresa! She even had a son (Bo) with another man (Victor)

    I will be glad when the truth comes out about Rafe. I love him!

    Still think that James Scott (EJ) is the best actor on the show! His facial expressions and emotions blow me away! He is so into the scenes and so real!

  181. From gerri480

    ^#170 Michele
    everything you said about all the characters may be true,but all those involved were in normal he-man…she woman relationships…Gay life style Is not normal ,no matter what spin you put on it.and I don’t believe,God intended for males,to have sex,with each other,or females to have sex with each other,but you have the right to believe what you want,I don’t want It aired on my soap,or any TV show I watch,but that’s what remotes are for,press the FF button,when those scenes are shown..Enough said

  182. From SandyGram

    #179 Katherine
    It would seem your Post #179 is asking me to explain the following comments from my Post #172 quote “I’m not sure where all the distain for Victor is coming from the characters history is well known. So I’m not going to comment on it I like to stay in the present when discussing the show as you know.” Let me try to explain which would be so much easier if we were standing around a water cooler at work talking.

    Starting with Post #166 and through Posts #168, #169 and #172, I thought we were sharing a conversation about how we both would like to see Dr. Baker return to the show and that he would be a good match for Maggie. Within our conversation between the many Posts there were references to Victor being ‘old, hardly moving, giving him a rocking chair, being an old Crime Boss, Drug Lord, Killer. The statement that really caught my eye was that “you would not even choose Vic for yourself, are you crazy (I assume you meant me), he is too old. Since these comments were in the conversation, I thought they were directed at me, so I was merely saying in Post #172 that ‘Victor’s history was well known and that I wouldn’t be commenting on it because I preferred to discuss the show in the present meaning without repeating each characters history to get a point across. And that’s my preference. Hope this clarifies my comments.

  183. From Katherine

    Sandygram, Lordy lordy, so many misunderstandings.
    When I said I would not choose Vic for myself, Are You(anybody outthere)crazy, he is to old. I did not mean you, it was a statement period, to anybody that wants to listen. I was talking loud, and right I don’t care for Victor’s character, never have, prob. never will. He just is not my cup of tea.
    All I was doing is talking about MY feelings for the character of Vic. I made it very clear, that I would prefer much younger than Vic and wish the same for Maggie and saying “Are you crazy” that does not mean YOU, it’s retorical (SP) that I use all the time, when something seems ridicolous to me….
    So I still have distain for the character Vic, and since you know the history very well, you know know where it is coming from. Sorry for rehasing old history, just a habit, many of us do it.
    But, respectfully to you SandyGram, I meant no harm to you at all, I would be crazy to attack a nice blogger like you, I enjoy your blogs, so again, Peace, no harm meant ever….

  184. From Janiebell

    I guess noone knows who the daddy of Quinn is. Recon Viv found Quinn “in ab briarpatch eating pork&beans”? That is what hubby’s sister-in-law use to tell his 2 neces when they were small and would ask where they came from. Luchlie I never ghad my children to ask that question as a child.

  185. From SandyGram

    #184 Janiebell
    How funny! Just from the little bit we’ve seen of Vivian and Quinn together, it sounds like Quinn’s father is an affair Viv had in Australia. There has been no mention of his name, but Viv did mention the man treated her terribly, even by keeping Quinn from his mother. In doing so Quinn apparently never understood how badly his father treated Viv and lead him to believe she cared more for what he called her other sons, Lawrence and Nicolas, than she did him. It sounds like Quinn spent a lot of time in boarding schools and never had any real contact with Viv over the years.

    This all confuses me a little, I can understand he feels let down by Viv, but there seems to be more to the story than has come out yet. Their both obviously very hurt by their situation but neither seem to want to resolve their past issues. Then why is he in Salem? Or maybe we do know the answer to that question as there is a spoiler that says Kate is involved with Quinn. Could it be that Kate some how found out about Quinn and brought him to Salem for two reasons: (1) to bring down Chloe so she would never have access to Parker and (2) to destroy Viv. This would be right up the Katesters ally the cat she is!

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