Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For May 26 & 27.

Insecure, annoying and moving too fast.

Jenn continues to be stalked by insecurity. She begins to fear she’s not in the same league with some of Daniel’s other lovers, like Rebecca and Chloe. As she’s busy running through the rest of the list to see how she stacks up, Dario and Mel are on the pier in another awkward moment. Since she just bopped his bookie on the head with her handy rusty pipe, he’s a bit annoyed that this could land him in the cemetery. “What’s going on here?” Brady demands as he walks up on them bickering. This leads to her hugging Mr. Black. Dario hangs back and shudders with jealousy.

In the garden of Casa DiMera, Taylor confesses to her sister that she really loves Elvis. Nicole is not amused by any of this and hardly sympathetic. “You destroyed my life!” she bellows at her sister. Inside the house, EJ fears that RoboRafe is about to ruin his life too. Rafe shows up pretending to be RoboRafe. EJ can’t tell the difference but he’s annoyed to see him again either way. Rafe is hardly helpful. “This conversation is over,” he declares but EJ refuses to let it end.

Once his argument with EJ is over, Rafe heads back to the loft to have a reunion with the kids who never knew he was gone. All of the gooey emotions are interrupted when Sami has a mini blowup at her grandmother. Rafe won’t be distracted by this though. He’s determined to move on to the next stage of their revenge plan. Meanwhile, Maggie chases after Victor to tell him that splitting up is the wrong thing to do. Then she turns around and tells Chloe to try take things a little bit slower with Quinn.

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  7 responses so far...

  1. From Lynne

    Got to be Rebecca. How can she measure up to a character we have never seen that they make out to be a saint? Seriously….Jennifer is the only good one in Salem he has dated. The rest….his track record should frighten her. Chloe, yikes! Kate?Scary. Chelsea…gross, too young. Carly? Annoying since the day she hit Salem

  2. From Clear

    Maybe he is trying to redeem himself like EJ? Anyway, we know Jack is on his way to mess things up for Jennifer somehow one more time. I wish that he would not succeed! I hope she tells him that she has moved on. I don’t care where he was, he should not have left his family in the first place. If Jack’s character is anything like it was before–silly, wimpy, wishy washy and always in trouble– let Jenn keep dirty Dan the more manly man!

  3. From Janiebell

    Jenn hasno reason to fill threatened by anyone; Jack will come home before anything serious can happen between Daniel and Jenn.

  4. From Janiebell

    Maggie bakes a casserole to take to Victor? Victor has a cook and from what those who live at Victor’s his cook must b great; so why did Maggie fill she needs to carry a casserole over to Victor, if Maggie wanted to talk with Victor all she had to do was go over and ring his doorbell. If Maggie wants to go “chasing after someone”, why not let that “someone” be Roman?

  5. From Katherine

    Janiebell, IMO you have always been a sweet, sweet lady, I have been with you and worried about you, you seem not to have an easy life, I wish I could help you so many times, even with money, but we are all so anonymous(?) so there we are all out of the loop.
    I care for you and I have prayed for you, and you in my mind have impacted my life so much.
    So… since I am leaving this site, for reasons of my own, I want to wish you well, be good, be strong, stand up to Hubby, you are only 62 years old, baby you have a lot of living to do, take charge of your life, I know easier said, than DONE.
    God Bless you and your family, incl. Hubby, because I think, no matter what, you care for him.
    Lovingly always, Katherine, your blog friend….

  6. From marie walsh

    Jack and Jen together were so funny! The writers are making Jack out to sound like he is a real jerk. We need the funny and caring Jack back with Jen. Jack was great! He would have loved his daughter’s paper. The writers have forgotten what a great guy Jack is.

  7. From SanDee

    Are there no women in Salem who are strong enough to stand on there own two feet without having to have a man to cling to? Whatever happened to the strong independent women of Salem – I mean self assured and capable of looking after themselves, with careers and morals.

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