General Hospital Weekly Summary For May 23-27.

Arrests and escapes.

Mac was brought in to arrest Lisa when she tried to kill Robin. After Lisa was taken off, Patrick put Robin’s wedding ring back on. At the station, Lisa called Johnny for help but he turned his back on her. Across town, Carly vented to Jason about her problems and offered some more sympathy over Jake. She then went to Jax and asked him if they could work out custody for Josslyn. He played along, but once she was gone, he turned to Alexis and instructed her to sue for sole custody. She didn’t file the papers and this led to an argument.

Kristina turned to Brenda for advice about Ethan. Sonny walked in on their conversation and wasn’t happy. He told her she couldn’t see Ethan and then called him over to repeat his decree. Ethan refused to comply. Later, he worried to Kristina about turning into an alcoholic his father but she assured him that he would turn out awesome.

Michael broke into Johnny’s where Anthony was waiting with a shotgun. Johnny arrived to calm the situation and sent Michael away so he could bicker with his father. Later, the hit woman called Anthony asking for more money and he refused. Johnny got wind of this and tied his father up before calling Michael to tip him off. While he met with Michael to find a way to trap the hit woman, Abby dropped by Johnny’s and found Anthony, who offered her a deal. She refused it. Meanwhile, Johnny and Michael managed to find the hit woman and get a confession out of her. Once she was arrested, Anthony showed up to thank her for duping his son.

Maxie dropped by Lucky’s to tell him about Aiden but only Siobhan was there. The redhead quickly guessed why the blond was there and they debated about what to do. Over at the hospital, Nikolas could see that Liz was still having trouble coping and offered to send her on vacation. She didn’t think she could handle that. Meanwhile, Lulu and Lucky debated how they were handling their father. Luke was busy trashing the Haunted Star in a bid to get arrested. Dante wouldn’t arrest him though. When Lulu showed up, Luke screamed at her and she went off to cry to her boyfriend. Sonny went to see Luke, who broke down and admitted that he was turning into his father. Luke called all of the Spencers together to announce he was entering rehab. When Lucky pushed him to enter immediately, they began to argue and Luke punched him. Horrified, he had Tracy drop him off at Shadybrooke, where he quickly bought his way out. Back outside, Lulu quit her job and decided to take over the casino.

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