The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Thomas Vs. Stephanie.

A new battle brewing?

Stephanie has promised Thomas her share of the company in exchange for him lying about sleeping with Brooke. Stephanie was surprised that he had the cobbles to do it, but Thomas is already feeling guilty. Will he double cross his granny, or will she turn on him?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Pam Emerson

    Leave Brooke alone and keep Brooke and Ridge together and let Taylor realize what a bitch she really is. For once let Brooke be the Angel that she is instead of a slut from the valley. I think Thomas should come clean, because I dont want to see him become a prick. He should tell the truth and Stephanie should be punished by Ridge and Ridge should continue to be with the woman he loves. Brooke. I cant stand Taylor and how she thinks she is holyer than everyone else. Thomas should stick up for Brook and his dad and come clean. Taylor deserves what she gets and so should Stephanie they can both live together in mysery as far as I am concerened

  2. From vanessa

    I think you should let stephanie get what she deserve she always seems to get out of everything clean, she need to just stop being so unfair to brooke, I feel like she has sufered enough let her just be happy for once ridge and brooke should continue to be together.

  3. From Mary

    I have made the decision if Ridge and Taylor get back together I am going to quit watching the show. I hate that Brooke portrayed as the bad person. I can’t stand Taylor, Steffy or Stephanie. I wish for once that they would get whats coming to them.

  4. From xneeh

    stephanie has to pay for this,
    i wish that taylor will slap stephanie for this.
    what a shame to have stephanie as a mom and grandmom !!

    thomas is a yudas; brooke supported him, even if he trayed to kill rick; she should turned her back on him, after the truth come out;

    when ridge deside to be with taylor; and the truth comeout; and brooke&nick are married; i hope she will stay with nick and let ridge to suffer;bcs he let her down for momy and miss-hypocriet !
    nick is much better for her!! together they should raise Jack.
    and maybe bridget should find a new man that is only for her!!
    or bridget/nick and brooke should get a new man??

  5. From julia

    I think what they are doing to Brooke and Ridge–Bill and Katie is the ONE DUMBEST things I have seem lately. Taylor, Steffy, Thomas and Grandma fron H–L needs to go live on the island and maybe then they will see what it is really like. Thomas only wishes Brooke would sleep with him but she has Ridge that is if he can stand up and abe a man, a man that supports his wife and not run to his ex (SUPER LIPS).

  6. From Sandy

    I hope the writers finally take a twist to their storyline and expose Stephanie for being the manipulating, kniving witch she is. They can’t keep writing that same old stuff! I hope that Brooke and Ridge unite and stand tall to those who have tried so hard to destroy their love.

  7. From Bobbie Griffin

    I totally agree with the majority of all of these comments. My daughter is very ill and I am disabled and we watch this for “fun”, but we are so MAD!! We are so tired of what happens to Brooke. At this point we HATE & I mean HATE Stephanie, Taylor (yes Miss Holier Than Thou), Thomas, Steffy, Amber, Tawny and poor, pathetic, STUPID RIDGE…who could not turn on a flea!!! We ALL need a happy time once in a while and soaps need to give us this once in a while for a week or two without going EATE mode so quick. Last year was great with homeless & cancer representation. I have had cancer & I liked what they did with that line…but you dont turn evil right after! Today (6/15) with Amber in a twit was the best in a long time!!!!!

  8. From Lynn

    Ok seriously many of you have not watched for long enough to apparently remember that broke has slept with every forrester. Breaking up marriages and brothers and friends. I would not ace how mant \berries \ I ate, I would only worry if I slept with my son if I had a history of falling naked on every man I come in contact with. Brooke has even slept with both daughters husbands/boyfriends. Taylor is not holyer than thow, she is just self respecting and educated. Silly girls

  9. From Roxanne

    Really…..You mean to say that it was all Brooke and none of the men are at fault for marrying Brooke. Did they just fall in love with her, sleep with her when she was drugged out of her mind or was she like Steffy and threw herself at each man. Come on….how long ago was that……Brooke has her faults but she is not vindictive , calculating, malicious, condescending. Every time Brook and Ridge get married its not legal. You finally have then legally married and you separate them on a horrific lie!! Brooke maybe a lot of things but she was married to Ridge she was always true to him. You can’t say the same about Ms. IwillsavethedaybytakingawayyourvirginityTalyor. I really hope that Brooke makes them all feel extremely guilty after everything is said and done and that she won’t take Ridge back even though he leaves Ms Thing for her. She cuts Stephanie out of her life. Let everyone chase after Brooke for a change. Thomas……I love Thomas and Dayzee together but I would love to see him have to work really hard to get her back when she discovers what he has done.

    I would love to see Brooke starting a wedding line and Dayzee working with her on it. I know it sounds crazy and so left field but I could see that happening.

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