The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers For May 30-June 3.

Guilt and blame.

Feelings of guilt about his deception start to overwhelm Thomas, though not quite. His mother is busy with her usual routine of laying all of the blame on Brooke. She even assumes that the drug addled blond must have deliberately seduced her son and wants to press charges over his corrupted innocence. After Thomas has a face off with his father about allegedly sleeping with his wife, he insists to his paranoid mother that he is the one to blame for all of the island sex.

Stephanie makes no secret of the fact that she doesn’t think Ridge should ever go back to Brooke again. Before he can seriously contemplate it, she makes sure to push Taylor to make her feelings for Ridge crystal clear to him. The shrink is a little more subtle. Steffy shows up to question her father about what he’s planning to do. After talking to him, she questions Stephanie and Thomas about what’s really going on. And she’s not the only one who has questions. Eric has quite a few for Stephanie as well.

After Whip makes it public knowledge that he has left Taylor, he gets plenty of sympathy from the people at Jackie M. Taylor’s already busy getting nostalgic with Ridge as they recall happier times. After that distraction, he has another serious talk with Brooke. She has no idea where this leaves them or if they have a future. One thing she can be sure of is that Steffy thinks she’s scum because she shows up to tell her so.

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  1. From shree

    I think youll should have left ridge and brooke alone.I hate that Thomas stooped to stephanie level.Please get Taylor a man and npt Ridge.I will be taking a break from watching the show until brooke and ridge are back with eachother

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