The Bold And The Beautiful Weekly Summary For May 23-27.

False confessions.

Taylor went into shock after eating the hallucinogenic berries and was rushed to the hospital. Her family soon gathered around. Whip demanded answers so Thomas filled him in about the berries while Taylor told Ridge how happy her hallucinations made her. They made her realize she still loved him. Thomas eavesdropped and then called Brooke. Stephanie eavesdropped on the call and then followed him to see her. Ridge got to Brooke first and began questioning her about her drug trip on the island. She denied that anything sexual happened.

Stephanie cornered Thomas and confronted him about the berries. She assumed he actually had sex with Brooke and announced that she had big plans. Although he insisted nothing sexual happened, she offered to leave him her share of the company in her will if he would lie. After being cowed, he went to his father to make the false confession. Brooke screamed that he was wrong. Ridge stormed away. Thomas went to see his grandmother to say the deed was done. He sobbed about it. She chuckled.

Whip tried caring for Taylor but she pushed him away and made her feelings for Ridge clear. He took off his ring and left. She went to see Stephanie, who encouraged her to hope for a future with her ex. Taylor then made her way over to see Ridge telling Brooke that their marriage was ruined before storming away.

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    yes, and I am tired of Brooke getting dumped on.

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