The Young And The Restless Weekly Summary For May 23 – 27.

Caleb made his hatred known, Adam and Nick teamed up and Katherine took over…

Colin told Cane’s twin, Caleb, that he could do anything he wanted with Lily once he had his grandchildren. Caleb asked Lily to collect the twins and go away with him. Lily started to fear for her mind and her babies. After Neil took the babies for her, Lily secretly committed herself. Later, after a meeting with Colin, Caleb told his mother, Genevieve, how much he hated him and promised to stick with his role for her.

Katherine hired Paul to find Tucker’s son then ordered Sofia to advise his stockholders to stop buying Newman stocks. After getting an order of protection against Ashley, who’d gotten out on bail, Katherine fired her from Jabot. Jack asked Katherine to appoint him as Jabot’s CEO then Victor asked the same for Victoria and convinced Katherine to take a seat on the Newman board. Meanwhile, Nikki ran into Abby then suggested to Victor that his daughter had been driving the car, not Ashley. Victor lashed out at Nikki then questioned Abby.

Lucy was released into Daniel’s care, who took her to Billy and Victoria’s and made plans to stay above the garage until the adoption went through. Phyllis retaliated by publishing an article on Lucy, along with the baby’s photo, to lure Daisy out. Considering Phyllis broke the gag order in their case, Billy fired her. From somewhere unknown, Daisy read Phyllis’ blog in tears.

After a slip-up, Sharon confided in Sam about how it was the anniversary of her daughter’s death. Back in Genoa City, when word came that the insurance company wouldn’t be paying on Sharon’s policy, Doris convinced Nick and Adam to prove she didn’t killed herself. Doris wanted to use the money to set up a fund for girls who couldn’t afford to go to college. Nick and Adam went public with their intentions and planned a trip to New Mexico, where Piper saw their press conference online.

Nina blamed Heather for Chance going back into the Army, which caused friction between Nina and Paul.

Jeff finally admitted to Gloria that Gloworm was a bookie joint. However, Angelo informed them all, it was over. He said goodbye to Genoa City for good and kissed Gloria to seal the deal.

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  1. From Sharon

    I hope Cane tells Lilly the truth before his dad has a chance to take the babies and run. I don’t think his mother is dealing with a full deck either. She doesn’t act like she loves Cane like a mother should. I think Jill will finally be the one to find that darned note Cane left for Lilly before Colin has a chance to get away.

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