Days Of Our Lives Comings And Goings For June.

Here’s a look at who is coming and going in Salem.

Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe), Tamara Braun (Taylor) and Bren Foster (Quinn) have all been fired. Their final air dates have not yet been finalized.

Louise Sorel will be leaving the role of Vivian behind in the very near future.

Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall will be returning to Salem to reprise the roles of John Black and Marlena Evans this summer. They may stay longer.

Crystal Chappell was fired. She will be wrapping up her stint as Carly Manning soon.

Ken Corday told Soap Opera Digest that the show will be dramatically revamped over the summer. Six actors are leaving and six actors are coming, most of them returning veterans. The show will also be retooeled to center around Bo and Hope. “This is not a time where I’m going to be penny-wise and pound-foolish,” Corday says. “I’m going to throw everything but the kitchen sink on-screen, but it’s not going to be spread among 30 cast members. It’s going to be centered on 15 who are loved and are dear to the audience.”

Matthew Ashford is coming back as Jack Deveraux.

Freddie Smith is joining the cast this summer.

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  47 responses so far...

  1. From jenn

    Hmmmmn….I wonder who will be the last 4 people that Dool is firing. I would think Viv’s man servant, I wonder if Daniel and Melanie are leaving because of Carly? Or maybe it will be Taylor?

    So we know that John, Marlena, and Jack are coming back; but who are the other three. I am hoping for Carrie and Austin.

    Let’s hope this helps to keep Days on the air! I am keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  2. From beachbum

    Carrie and Austin would be great! BUT john and marlena…ugh WHY??? i was so happy they left with their overdramatic faces. Im going to pour vinagar in my eyes everytime one of their overdramatized open mouth love scenes come on.

    Oh and Kill me with a spoon… Dorky As* Jack is coming back- Why oh God why? can the safari animals in africa eat him before he skips over to salem in his khaki dockers and pink shirt?

    And now that my two cents are in the bank there are waay too many “older” couples on show. Which is ok (except not john and marlena)…BUT what about the late 20s and thirty something crowd…need more than sami/rafe …ej/nicole.I think DOOL is in need of a good psycho vixen to stir things up….and no im not talking about Will and his upcoming gay story line. Please keep Will straight…if anyone is gonna be gay make it Jack or hell make it Abe for all i care…but will is a son of a main character that should have many womens and babies to be kidnapped in the future. Ok, enough… back to my wine.

  3. From Christine

    Cant wait for Marlena and John to come back. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!

  4. From dc

    (5) people fired (chloe, taylor, quinn, vivian and carly) only 1 left. but who??
    (3) of the six coming back. (john, marlena and jack). although i never really liked jack.
    glad to know what is gonna happen this summer..

  5. From Steph

    I am psyched for John and Marlena to return…my fav DOOL power couple!! I hope Bell and Shawn come back as well…I have noticed their names being mentioned more lately…they tend to do that when characters are coming back. We’ll see. Not sure why they are bringing Jack back. He’s an arse.

  6. From BA

    I cannot believe that they are letting go of Carly and KEEPING Lexie!!! At least Carly can act!!! Glad to see John & Marlena back but Jack could have stayed away as there is another over dramatic NON Actor. Now bring on Belle & Shawn!!! I would also like to see Dr Rolf back he was hilarious!

  7. From BW


  8. From Marisa

    Seriously, Bo and Hope are going to be the centers of the show?! For the past year I’ve fast forwarded through all of their scenes because I am sick and tired of the breaking up and getting back together!

  9. From Casey

    Fabulous that Jack is coming back, but to have Chloe leave??
    She is so gorgeous and adds so much drama to the show, looks like the writers are going for bland — no Vivian or Chloe.

  10. From SHa

    Please please please dont make Will gay, I finally got my husband to watch Days with me but if you make him gay he wont watch with me anymore.

  11. From SHa

    Jack ugg bring back phillip or Shawn or Belle but Jack ugg he is a 10 year old

  12. From Jenny

    I’ve been watching Days for over 21 yrs. I would like to see Kimberly, Shane and Eve come back.

  13. From Kay

    Great to see John & Marlena coming back. Hope they stay. Patch & Kayla would be a great addition. Just so, so glad to see Taylor leaving. I do like Chole, however. Lucas would be good for the mix again. The old actors are better than the new ones.

  14. From Arlene

    Looks like Dario was dropped. Mark H. will return from Baltimore a different person, but may try to hook up again with Melanie. Hey, I wonder if Doug and Julie will be back. Would like to see Kayla & Patch come back.

  15. From Michelle

    Keep Dario! Get rid of the new Taylor and bring back the old one. What ashame to get rid of Chloe also get rid of people like Lexie, Abe, Vivian and her partner. They should bring back Mike and April that really goes back. Keep Carly!!

  16. From JC

    Been watching DOL since day 1. Thrilled to hear about John & Marlena returning!!! Enjoy Raphe & Sami – looking forward to watching them work together more like Bo & Hope have. Hoping to see EJ get caught and jailed sometime.

  17. From maureen

    i’m anxious to have john and marlena back but sorry to see chloe go.shes a good actress but i can’t stand jack.

  18. From Laura

    It is about time Days has decided to BRING back fan favs…Can’t wait for John and Marlena to come back. I will have to start DVRing days again. Gonna be a good summer.

  19. From debbie

    So glad to hea that Marlena and John are coming back to Salem, but don’t let Chloe go. Bring back Shawn D and Belle!! Maybe Caliope Jones too. Let Viv stay too!

  20. From grannie

    Glad to see John and Marlena coming back, but NOT JACK. What a doof. I like the Jen and Daniel spin and don’t want sick Jack messing that up. Just don’t mess with Brady or Rafe. The new Taylor can really go. I still remember her in the other roll and can’t get past that.

  21. From kathy call

    PLEASE tell me that kate will be the nect one to get fired from days

  22. From Judy

    I’m speechless to see how many characters are fired. First Phillip and now Chloe. They kept it interesting for me. Sick of Bo and Hope and milktoast Jen. Been a fan for 40 years. Don’t get rid of Chloe and Viv – they make the story fun and interesting. Only soap I’ve every watched. Probably won’t watch anymore. Get rid of Kate, the over-actor.

  23. From J

    Soooooo happy John &Marlena are coming back!!!!

  24. From Dee

    I have not watched DAYS since January 2009 when Drake and Deidre left. Now that I hear that they are returning I will be tuning in. I am completely happy with ALL the actors that are currently being cut to bring Drake & Dedire as John & Marlena..YES!!!!

  25. From ohmeow

    So Jack gets with Jen, he acts like an immature flake ass & they break up. She almost gets with someone else (someone mature). Jack shows up, they get together, he acts like an immature flake ass & they break up. She almost gets with someone else (still someone mature). Jack shows up, they get together, he acts like an immature flake ass & they break up. Rinse, repeat & repeat, & repeat….

  26. From Lisa

    Im so happy John and Marlena are coming back they should have never been let go. I still watched days but it has never been the same.I cant wait…as far as Jack, im not so sure I mean we have been through things like this before. but maybe days has a good idea here, i mean look what all is being said about him. cheer

  27. From vickey

    Please please please Ken Corday listen to your Watchers. I’m going to stop watching the show if you make any main characters gay. Most of us are house wives or romance dreamers. Please don’t go and mess this soap up. I have stuck by you all these years, taping this soap while I was at work and burning a lot of dinners trying to watch and cook at the same time. Can’t you see that the others got canceled soon after trying to do these kind of story lines. I like the people you have on the show right now and I love the ones from the past. I loved Sami back when everybody hated her. Don’t make her child gay. I hated and stopped watching As the World Turns because they made Holden and Lily’s child gay. They just cut the shows throat and that’s what your going to do it you do this. Your “Days” on air will be numbered. I started watching this show when I was twelve and have watched it every since until now. I just waiting for the day that this happens and I’m taking my series recording “OFF”

  28. From Leerob14

    Well if you have to make anyone gay why not make someone we don’t already have a vested intersted in gay. What about making some other new relative gay instead. I really hate this being pushed on us the viewers. I am so glad that you are bringing John and Marlena back and I even like Jack. But I would like to see this time Jen decides to stick it out with Daniel. I have watched for 44 years and am still a fan. Would love to see Kimberly and Shane back and their kids. Since Patch and Kayla probably won’t be coming back.

  29. From Grace

    I’m so glad J&M are coming back. Thanks to the writers. And why does anyone have to be gay? Are you trying to keep up with another soap? Leave it alone. Days’stars have good acting qualities w/o adding little quirks to their personalities. They are great the way they are!

  30. From Becky

    You are about to make a huge mistake if you make Will gay. Listen to your viewers. If you must have a gay couple choose someone less important to the show. Because the story line isn’t going to work with Will.

  31. From Melisande

    I would love to see Celeste, Shane and Eugene again. I cannot wait until Taylor leaves. Hate that character!

  32. From Lisa

    I think that all the people who DON”T want a gay character on the show are stuck in a time when being gay was frowned apon I applaude the writers for making Will gay I think more shows should have characters that seem REAL. Wake up people and join the real world where gay people walk among you! I think it is sad that people are still so shocked to see this kind of thing on tv, you would think after all these years that people would be more open minded. Get used to it!

  33. From dmac

    I’m kind of torn with the idea of Chloe, Dario, and Taylor leaving. I feel sure that Jack could have some interesting chemistry with Chloe or Taylor as he has had interesting chemistry with other Salemites in the past..(Sami, Greta, Nicole, Kayla, Melissa). I would really love to see Melissa Anderson aka Melissa Horton (Maggies daughter; Nathan Horton’s mom) brought back but only if she is portrayed by the Lisa Trusel. Do the writers actually read these posts??

  34. From Melissa

    I am so excited for the return of John and Marlena,I keep checking back to see when they will air. I am also looking forward to Jack’s return. I am so happy about the news of these wonderful actors returning,I just hope they stay on longer then just the Summer.

  35. From EL

    I hope Will isn’t gay. They should get somebody else. He’s good with Gabi. I’m glad John & Marlena are coming back, though.

  36. From clara

    I m so happy that DOOL has finally realized their mistakes. Bring back Shawn, Carrie, Parch & Kayla.

  37. From Tina

    They should bring back Dr. Nathan Horton :)

  38. From Rose

    Yeaaaaaaahh! I may start watching the show again! I’m happy the writers and creators have made these decisions..

  39. From Linda

    I agree with Vickey & Leerob. Please leave out any gay story lines! I too am tired of having that pushed at us, and I feel that that DOOL will truly suffer if that is done. The writers are heading in the right direction by bringing back characters that reflect the values, etc. that sets DOOL apart from all the other soaps. WRITERS PLEASE LISTEN TO YOUR WATCHERS!!

  40. From sylvia

    Some people will be offended by a gay storyline.You are going to loose viewers on this one. Kate needs to go. She’s the worst!Bo and Hope have lost their charisma as a couple. With the right storyline, Quinn and Chloe could’ve been the next super couple. They are both gorgeous and looked great in their scenes together. Why the writers have let them go is beyond me. Glad Carly and Taylor’s going. Bring Nathan back.

  41. From Grammy

    Please do not make Will gay. He is bad enough straight.

  42. From Tammy

    Glad to hear Marlena is coming back. Not so sure about John, never thought Drake was that good an actor. Let the Demira drama rest for awhile. Tired of same ol story lines where Stephano either creates a double for someone good and makes them bad or alters someones memory while they are locked in his basment. DO NOT MAKE WILL GAY. There really is no need to go there! The Maggie and Victor romance could be interesting. Keep Jen with Dr. Jonas please do not put her back with Jack (Why would you bring Jack back anyway).

  43. From Patty

    Wow. Everytime I read about the comings and goings on the Days show I get angry. First they get rid of Nathan and Phillip,who I really liked. Now they are getting rid of Vivian,Chloe and Quinn who I loved and Quinn just started. I can see Carly going and nothing against Tamara.She is a great actress but I wasn’t crazy about what they turned Taylor into after they fired Nathalie. They should have let her stay. She made Taylor a beautiful classy lady. I think the 6th one to go is either Gus which makes since if Vivian is going or Dario because I heard mention they were firing him too and that would tick me off because he is adorable and he and Melanie are great together I think anyway. I grew up watching most of the people who are returning so I am happy to see them coming back but I hope if they are going to focus most on Bo & Hope they let those characters grow up a little and come up with new stories for them. Bo is always sulking,Hope is always whining about thier past mistakes and they are always breaking up and getting back together. It’s Boring!

  44. From Heidi

    I have been a loyal fan since 1986 and I am excited to see John and Marlena return, I think you should bring back the passion Bo and Hope used to have on screen in the 80′s they were the power couple. I think that Shawn and Belle, Carrie and Austin should all return. Im glad vivian is going she is such a bore, Also maybe Kate should go too I never did like her much. The best return would be Kayla and patch. But the ultimate returns is to bring back caracters as the originals and not new faces.

  45. From janice

    so glad the john and marlena are coming back. please bring back lucas, shawn, belle, phillip, carrie and austin. keep vivian but the others can go. do not like the idea of will being gay. will not watch the gay maggie and victor together.

  46. From lc burks

    Love Quinn, love john and Marlena, won’t watch episodes if Will is gay – no reason to bring that to days. Crystal Chappelle is a great acctress and hate to see her go. Been watching Days since I was a small child – I am now 48 yrs old. The old Belle was awesome too bad we can’t get her back.

  47. From ronald

    They should bring back kirsten storms as belle,Tamara Braun as Ava vitali . Andre Dimera as well as Nathan and and they must not get rid of melanie let go of kate,Austin Billie and Carrie should come back too. Glad to see that john and marlena are coming back.

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