Days Of Our Lives: Crystal Chappell Fired.

Leaving town.

Crystal Chappell (Carly) will be leaving the cast of “Days Of Our Lives” when her contract expires in August. The actress stated through Twitter, “I’m sad but grateful for the opportunity. I made new friends and got ‘VENICE’ up and running thanks to you. I wish ‘DAYS’ much success.” Just to make sure there were no misunderstandings about who set this in motion, she later added, “P.S. Not the new writers decision.”

Her final air date has yet to be announced. Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated as further information is released.

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  1. From dc

    well, since carly and bo split up her character has really not had a good storyline.
    and i don’t like what they have her doing now, being a drug addict, after all she is a doctor.
    i wonder how they will write her off, an overdose??

  2. From jenn

    Not really sad to see Carly leave. I wonder if she will end up in jail after getting psycho with Jennifer. You saw the way she broke that pencil. IDK, perhaps it will be the same exit as Stephanie–which wasn’t an exit at all, just a disappearence…

    If it wasn’t the writers that fired her, who is it? Anyone have a clue?

  3. From Bermudagirl

    To dc-there are doctors who become addicted to medications just like everyone else. They’re human just like everyone else. There have been cases of doctors like Carly who steal drugs and in fact, hospitals look with suspicion on physicians who NEVER take vacation leave because they’re afraid their secret will be uncovered when they’re away from work.

    Sorry to see Crystal go but Carly is just plain stupid. If you’re going to write yourself phony prescriptions, why walk around with the original container? She could put them in another container-even something like a vitamin bottle. My husband’s a physician and he always laughs at her stupidity walking around with that vial of drugs dropping out her purse all over the place-change the bottle, silly!

  4. From leanne

    It didnt suprise me that they let
    carly go her story line pretty much
    had run its course.Bo & hope were
    back together daniel & jennifer had
    started dating they were never
    going to be a family her daniel &
    melanie & hooked on drugs.Maybe she will the show go into rehab to
    get her life back on track.

  5. From B

    Good riddance!!!

  6. From dj

    Sorry to see Carly go, BIG mistake on the old writers decision to let her go, hopefully the new writer will decide to keep her. Too many out too many old back.

  7. From Angela

    Very sorry to see carly go :(
    She is a very pretty and a GREAT actor! I wished that the new writers will keep her. She is one of the best actors DAYS has along with ( Nicole, EJ, Chole, Maggie,Bo and Stepono) PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE keep Carly and Chole!!! I will deff stop watching if they leave!!! Give them both a good story lineeeee!!!

  8. From Lindsay

    Crystal’s a talented actress, they basically wasted her talent giving her crappy storylines. these writers have no creativity anymore, so they will just bring back past characters and rehash old storylines…not surprised at all.

  9. From mj

    Sorry to see her go. I always liked Carly. Why didn’t they pair her up with Roman? and watch the sparks fly every time Bo seen his ex lover with his brother!

  10. From Mopy

    Too bad! She was a rare character that actually had uniqueness about her, and the actress is superb.

  11. From Sylvie

    I am very sad and surprised to see Carly go… what a waste. To my opinion, Carly is the best and most beautiful actress on this show! She has a great chemistry with Bo. Ever since Hope is back with Bo, we hardly see them together… It gives you an idea how boring they are together! Why keep Hope? That I don’t understand at all!!!

  12. From Fraggle

    Very disappointed to see her go. I cant fathom why the powers that be have fired their only two Emmy winning actresses. It seems absurd. Crystal was a casualty of some horrendous writing. How such a brilliant actress’ talents could be wasted in such a manner is mind boggling.

  13. From alexis

    once carly manning is gone so am i! i love crystal chappell and she is the only reason i watch the show bcuz of her actingg. she is such a good actor how could days let her go?

  14. From Kristin

    What a waste. Crystal Chappell is one of the best acotrs they have ever had on Days. I was SO THRILLED when they brought her back but then they didn’t give her anything decent to do. I love her as Melanie’s mom and I love her with Bo. Bo and Hope are so boring and tired. Great loss to thte show to have her leave!

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