Days Of Our Lives Daily Recap For June 10.

The New One Is Boring.

At the hospital, Carly thanks Daniel for his bowl of soup. She’s disturbed when he explains that he’s going away for the weekend. With some prodding, he admits Jennifer is going with him. He reminds her that she pushed them together and offers to play matchmaker for her. Carly doesn’t like that idea. As he walks off, she mumbles about how she could be happy with him. Maxine wanders by and tells Carly she should go home if she’s still sick. She bustles off and Carly swipes the keys to the medicine room. Sneaking in, she tries to battle off thoughts of Dannifer by filling her purse with pills. She goes back to her room, cracks open a bunch of pills and starts snorting them.

Jenn hobbles around her house with her baggage. Her daughter finds her and Jenn breaks the news that she’s going away with Dr. Dan. Abby didn’t know they were so serious. Her mom is surprised she seems upset. Abby asks if she’s sure about this. Jenn says she is. Her daughter just worries she’ll get hurt again. Later, Daniel shows up and notices she’s injured. “I know what’s going on here,” he claims. He thinks she’s stressed out and it’s giving her back problems.

In the park, Taylor asks EJ if there’s anything else she needs to know. He avoids explaining and asks her to trust him. They talk about what a changed man he is and he assures her no one will come between them. She’s not convinced so he talks her down and hands her a bag with a bracelet in it. Taylor likes it because it reminds her of her mom’s cameo. The doctor massages her back and decides to cancel their weekend. As he gets ice, she grunts and her back pops. She runs after him yelling she can still go away with him.

Stefano is pacing Casa DiMera when Nicole storms in and says there’s a matter of life and death to deal with. She warns him that EJ will run off with the children if he doesn’t help her. He knows what a disaster everything is and says she should have come to him rather than blackmail EJ. They bicker and she suggests that his son will betray him for Taylor. He thinks that’s absurd but she makes the case. This annoys him but she keeps pushing him to join Team Nicole for the sake of his whole family. Later, EJ comes in and they begin arguing about business. Elvis doesn’t like the way he is handling things and says they have new rules. Stefano is sick of indulging his son and says he will do what he says. EJ refuses. His father assumes Taylor has ruined him. Meanwhile, Nicole takes Syd out to the park and says, “Mama Nicky is going to make everything alright.”

RoboRafe’s floozy, Alicia, shows up at the loft. She starts sucking face with Rafe. He pushes her off and she assumes his wife must be home. When he says she’s not, she starts stripping down so he figures out who she must be. Chad shows up looking for one of Johnny’s toys. Alicia wants an intro to him. Chad’s speechless. Rafe shuts the door on him. He claims he’s worked things out with his wife. Alicia says he can call her when that falls apart. “But only if it’s the old you. This new one is boring,” she says as she leaves. He stares at the cameo until Taylor suddenly shows up. “Hey honey,” he says. He starts flirting with her. She’s grossed out and spots her mom’s cameo. Taylor asks him why he has it. He’s clueless,

Chad is at the pub with Johnny, who runs off to see his grandma. Abby swans in and starts kissing Chad. He’s startled. She stutters and then explains she was just acting out. Her mom has been confusing her and she apologizes for kissing him. He’s not sorry about it and says she’s a great kisser.

Salem Spoilers for Monday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“You shut up and you listen,” Daniel snaps at Kate.

“What the hell is gong on?” Taylor demands of Rafe.

“He dies today!” Stefano declares.

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