Days of Our Lives: Mark Hapka Returns To The Cast? (Updated).

Back to town.

Updated: June 16.

It appears that Hapka won’t be coming back after all. A week after being told that he was returning to the cast, things seem to have changed.

According to, “…we heard from Mark Hapka (ex-Nathan) via Facebook with news that he was returning to the show to reprise his role… heard back from the actor today, a week later, who claims to know nothing about the earlier message where he informed us of his imminent return and asked that we not name our source. Is this a case of somebody hacking into the actor’s Facebook page, or a publicity stunt? We’ll likely never learn the truth but wanted to inform our loyal readers that as it stands now, Mark Hapka will not be returning to “Days Of Our Lives.” If this should change, we’ll inform you.”

Hapka later confirmed that his Facebook page was indeed hacked.

Original Article: June 9.’s sources have told us that Mark Hapka (Nathan) will be returning to Salem. The character is coming back from Baltimore a rather different person. He’ll be determined to get Melanie (Molly Burnett) away from Dario Hernandez (Francisco San Martin) and maybe keep her for himself.

Hapka joined the cast of “Days Of Our Lives” on June 16, 2009 and departed in January of 2010. At the time, his exit was said to be the result of a storyline decision, but apparently the story is now changing direction.

No air date for his return has been announced so far but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated.

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  42 responses so far...

  1. From jenn

    Since DOOL is focusing on the Brady and Hortons, it only makes sense to bring Nathan back. :)

    So now we have John, Marlena, Jack and Nathan coming back. Who are the remaining two? I hope for Carrie and Austin. It would be cool if Eric came back too (most likely that one won’t happen though).

  2. From Shell

    I really like the chemistry between Mark and the actress that plays Molly! Like her character with Nathan much more than Dario.

  3. From Shell

    Oops! I meant character of Mel!

    I hope it is Lucas that will be returning….they mentioned him the other day. Loved his character but always gave him horrible storylines.

  4. From J

    I love Mel and Dario! I liked her with Nathan, too, though, so this could be an interesting twist. I’m really liking how Mel and Dario are slowly building up to something, as opposed to the “instant couple” nonsense they’ve been giving us for the last few years.

  5. From Kim

    Nathan is by far my favorite Days character. He’s one who should stick around (like Sami)!

  6. From Marcia Kay

    I hope they bring the characters, Lucas Horton, Eric Brady, Belle Brady, Shawn Brady, Carrie and Austin Reed back. (Especially Lucas and Eric Please, Please, Please!)

  7. From Mary Austin

    Im so happy that hes returning. I cried at his last scene! Sounded like I wasnt the only one there on that one! Many of us teared up as he was saying his goodbyes in the Grands house there. So happy to hear all the changes being made also! The pride of Salems all returning, to sum it up in a few words. YAY!~

  8. From dc

    YEA!! so glad to hear he is coming back. i really liked him and melanie together as a couple. now there are only two more coming back. wish it could be shawn and belle, or even carrie and austin.. it appears the show is going for a brady/horton show.
    it would be good to see lucas and phillip back.

  9. From Anonymouse

    Not sure if I am thrilled or not. He was getting pretty weird near the end last time. Hope he doesn’t come back as some crazy stalker. Some of those Hortons are known to be crazy i.e. Hope, Nick Fallon. But on the other hand he was just boring before too. Hope he gets a better storyline this time because he and Mel do have some chemistry, it just was never more than what she had with Phillip since the beginning. I do think I would like her better with Nathan than Dario. Maybe they should hook her up with Chad or EJ in the future. Chad might be younger but not much. They seemed to have a moment at the Cheatin Heart when they first met. He was there to meet Abby when her and Brady were practicing pool. They also were/ are a couple in real life so they would have some chemistry. I heard they may have broken up but still remain good friends. I’ve always seen Mel as a drama queen, she needs more drama! She always matches well with a villain type character too. She was too boring with Mr. Goody Goody Dr. boy. So hope they can pull off making a pairing between them interesting.

  10. From Anonymouse

    LOL I just remembered Melanie was the girl Nick Fallon went crazy over. It’s her, she drives Horton men mad! Maybe Lucas is next haha jk

  11. From Anonymouse

    I would like Eric to come back for Nicole. EJ and her are pretty much done now and her with Brady is tired, especially after she framed Ari for Hope’s crimes. After everything, it would be better if she could make her peace, accept her place in Sydney’s life, and get with Eric so she can be Sydney’s Auntie then go on and have her own kids..

  12. From jackie

    they have mentioned lucas shawn and bella lately i sure hope they bring them back they are all my favs

  13. From Ben

    Nick Fallon was in love with Chelsea, not Melanie!!! Whole different storyline!

  14. From Betty

    GOOD to see him coming back!

  15. From Lindsay

    Oh great, another boring & annoying character coming back.

  16. From bettyg

    I was totally blown away by all these changes! Muchos glad to have Nathan back! He embodies what it is to be a Horton man!

  17. From Mary


    I’m floored by these changes…but definitely agree with bringing LUCAS and Austin and Carrie and Phillip back!

    ESPECIALLY LUCAS!! LUMI FOREVER!!!!!!!!!! Best DOOL couple hands down!

  18. From Chad

    Bring back Steve/Kayla and give them a REAL storyline this time! Bringing favs back alone won’t save the show…the stories have to be there. I can’t stand Melanie…I have to FF her scenes…and I’m not thrilled Nathan is returning. They need to get Bo off the police force…it’s totally cramped his rebel style. Yeah, it’s not 1985 anymore, but him and Hope being PIs or something would be more interesting. Roman can hold down the fort at the Salem PD and not solve any crimes. I also would like to see Sami end up with Lucas for good…Rafe is ok, but I’m not a huge fan. Sad to see Chloe leave, but the rest are fine. Please, NO Austin Reed return! But what was the deal with the one Carrie scene a month or so ago when Sami called her…then nothing? Weird. Would like to see Eric Brady return…focus on the core “super couples,” bring back Shane/Kim and Steve/Kayla to go with John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, and Jack/Jennifer. Those 5 couples should be the core of the show. The Will is gay deal is jumping the shark IMO…no interest in seeing that explored…in fact, no interest in seeing Will at all…or Chad. I’d bring back Andrew Donovan (Shane and Kim’s son) for Abigail…make him a young ISA agent…British accent and all…he’d be an adversary for EJ…the show had some great ISA related storylines in the heyday. Hmmm…could Andrew even get his own “secret” communications room? LOL

  19. From LR

    can’t stand Nathan, unless they give him a better storyline than following melanie around like a lost puppy

  20. From DANI


  21. From Cassie

    I am soooooo excited that Mark is coming back to the show. I was about ready to stop watching.ready to see what is going to happen

  22. From Anonymouse

    @ #13 Ben: I may have remembered wrong about Nick but he did kill Trent didn’t he? I thought he had a thing for Mel when she was the “Premiere Party Girl” online blog. Its been so long and so much has happened since then. Mel’s character is so different these days. lol

  23. From Barb

    i loved Mel and Nathan together and I was very upset that he left.
    They are meant to be together.Thank you so much for bringing him back for Mel

  24. From Amy

    So happy for Nathans return. I really like him with Melanie. Im Very sad Days is losing Carly. She is the reason I returned to the show. Not sure i’ll continue to watch when she exits Salem!

  25. From Mopy


    Ugh, why? Completely depthless character, horrid actor… No. Just… no. I hope it’s nothing long-term.

  26. From LOVE NATHAN

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that Nathan is coming back! I stopped watching the show once he left and glad to see he is back. I hope they make a great story line for him and Mel and I will start watching it agian! I have been watching the show for 18 years good to see some great old characters come back. YAY FOR MEL AND NATHAN

  27. From Paki

    Love that Nathan is back. He is one younger actor that has it going on. Too bad most of them that are so young are so bad. Would love if Will and Gabby left and really all their friends left with them. Chad seems ok so far though.

  28. From Paki

    Also I have to agree, PLEASE NO AUSTIN PECK return. That would be just terrible. I liked Carrie when she was really young but not anymore, please not her either. I’m not a HUGE fan of Rafe either but he is OK. Brady – you can have on my screen all day. Why is it they make the show all about SAMI when there are much better looking and much better acting actors they can use. I do not want to see any more of her ugly faces she makes when she is mad. Just keep her happy all the time if you insist on keeping her on there.

  29. From Mel

    I’m glad they are bringing Nathan back. Dario is awful….I have watched this show since I was a kid and cant believe I dont really evn like it anymore….I wish they would bring back, carrie and mike(not austin), Eric, steve and kayla….More “old” characters…..I do wish though they wouldnt bring Jack back…Just my opinion.

  30. From Paula

    It’s about time the writers got back to the “Old Guard” of this 40+ year running soap. So glad Marlana & John will be back & Nathan even Jack which should create some weirdness I’m sure more focus on the Brady’s/Horton’s sounds good I like Maggie/Victor story line only it has gotten too strained, Viv bye bye & not too soon EJ times up Stefano burn the Phoenix for a while again wish the first Taylor would have stayed though I look at this one and see Steve who should come back with Kayla bring Lucas back too I’m waiting to be thrilled with the changes to come.

  31. From Anon

    I am really glad he is returning, and I hope soooo much that the rumors of Bryan Dattilo returning as Lucas are true as well. I am hopeful that they are since his name has been brought up on the show a few times recently. I am sooo excited.

  32. From vanessa

    I am really suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper excited that Mark Hapka is coming back as Nathan. He did such an incredible job! And hopefully these bland writers will FINALLY get Mel and Nathan together as they should. If they were even smarter they would also get rid of the new Taylor and bring the first one back. She was horrible in GH and she is still horrible!!

  33. From MaryPat

    love to see Bell and Shawn back the orginal ones.

  34. From Y2Jin99

    Carrie and Austin are returning according to Ravenbeauty a famous or infamous soap gossip person who loves to take credit for everything and freaks out if someone else doesn’t give her credit so if you are reading this Raven you are welcome. LOL
    You guys can go back and read the date where i revealed it first!

  35. From rowf

    I’ve seen good actors and bad actors come and go at Days since 1983, but the guy playing Dario is the absolute worst! Every word out of his mouth sounds like a punch-drunk boxer reading a script. His monotonous nasal intonation is boring enough to put and insomniac to sleep! Please! Get somebody for the role who can deliver a believable line.

  36. From Kristen

    He isnt` comeing back! If he was he would have 2 be not annoying! I like the Dario and Mel couple than did love her!

  37. From pattypat

    I am so confused, I read all the comments above on how everyone is happy to have Nathan back and then I read he is not coming back. Help someone. I love to hear the older actors are returning. Writers plase give them good storylines.

  38. From carolynne

    it’s good to hear that nathan is returning to dool. hope they let mel and nathan’s relationship work this time.

  39. From teresa

    im glad to see nathan comming back to salem.i would like to see him and mel get together and stay together i would love to see sami and rafe have a baby i think ej and nicole should stay together they make a great couple im glad talor is out and carly is out i cant stand them two.i think they should make it where nicole ends up pregnant also with ej’s baby and they should bring billie and max and chelsea back

  40. From nisha

    yes i am so happy that nahan is in back.. he was one ofmy favorites

  41. From Jenni

    @ Jenn- Haven’t you heard? Austin and Carrie ARE coming back!!!! In fact, they’ve cast the original Austin (Patrick Muldoon) to play the part! SOOOO EXCITED!!

  42. From Lucky

    I’ve been into days since the late 80′s.
    I would love to see a Lucas , Sami & Rafe triangle.
    Also while Nathan & Dario fight over Mel, she finally ends up with Brady.

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