Days Of Our Lives Poll: Keeping Quinn.

Sticking around.

It turns out that Quinn (Bren Foster) is going to be sticking around in Salem. Since Viv and Chloe are still departing, he’s going to have to find some new characters to play with. Who do you think he will become embroiled with?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Karrie

    Thnk it’s yet another stupid move to keep him and let go of LS and NB, why bother keeping him they had him turn Chloe into a prostitute, doubt I’ll care anything he’s does thank s to that swift writing. He ruined a long time great character, Thanks Days and thanks KC for letting GT run your show.

  2. From dc

    well, really don’t care one way or the other. his characterf would be better if they had him doing something else. being a pimp does not suit him.

  3. From jenn

    My guess….he’s a Kiriakis.

  4. From john

    i’m so happy! this guy is a good actor and hot! i understand everyone is sad about the older characters leaving but this guy can act!!! he will be a main SL

  5. From jolie

    He is just slimy after what he has done to Chloe. I can’t imagine that anything will redeem him in my eyes, especially with Chloe leaving. So will he and Dr Daniel be related? Wasn’t he from Australia as well? He has lost the fake accent (and to his advantage) but seems he used to blurt out Australian surfer speak from time to time. Please don’t put Quinn with Melanie…too slimy and I want Melanie to continue to explore the good side of herself after her childhood. I don’t particularly like his character but if he and Nicole hook up, please don’t let him try to do the same thing to her as he did to Chloe. But then Nic Nic might turn the tables on him. She is streetsmart and will be on a tear since the Dimeras have shafted her. Maybe Quinn will turn out to be a long lost Dimera and be spoiling to spoil things for EJ..that would make sense for Nicole to team up with him. I feel sorry for Nicole. She really tried to change for the kids and was falling in love with EJ..he will need payback for what he has done to her. I think she’ll be looking for a way to stick it to the Dimeras for a while.

  6. From Olive

    I can see him getting really involved with Kate…maybe an affair? And Stephano finding out and waging war…

  7. From Clear

    I’m happy to see him stay only if he starts to exhibit some redeeming qualities! Pimping Chloe and blackmailing her knowing about Parker really turned me off on his character. The only thing he could do to redeem himself there would be to give Chloe a sizable chunk of change so she is self sufficient and admit that he was wrong to pimp her out. Then he can tell her he will help her get her son back to get even with Kate, since Kate is one of his dear Mama’s arch enemies.

  8. From izoe

    He is slime. Let him go! He is useless to the show.

  9. From PattiC

    I have watched Days since I was little and My Gram watched it black and white with Alice and Tom and all the family. Characters like Quinn make it suck..I cannot stand him..Thankful for taping and fastforward. Him and Vivian ..stupid characters ..get rid of them.

  10. From Missy

    let Quinn & Nicole as a supercouple def chemistry because they def love scheming together, & def loves to cause trouble. thank’s,

  11. From Gabby

    I like to see Quinn get caught by Sofia (a new cop) and somehow fall for each other. She would be the only one sexy for him. I like Quinn, so please write him a good storyline. He is a cutie!

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