Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 4-8.

Getting bored, getting comfortable, and getting things off your chest.

It looks like this Fourth of July could be a boring one in Salem. All of the festivities in town are canceled because of rain. With most of the adults busy trying to destroy each other’s lives, Will, Gabi, Abby, Mel and Kinsey decide that they might as well just hang out at the pub and watch a movie. After Abby leaves this hot bed of intrigue, her mom opens up to her about a big secret. This could be the secret she’s been keeping about Carly since the doctor gets even more jittery than usual after she’s confronted about her pill popping and powder sniffing.

Although Sami is starting to doubt the official plan, Hope and Bo do all that they can to rattle Stefano and EJ. The DiMeras a lot more worried about RoboRafe being on the loose though and send their troops out to search for him. An already tense Elvis nearly goes into traction after he has a nasty run-in with Brady. He tries to relax by spending some romantic time with Taylor, although it mostly turns into a chance for her to become friends with Johnny. The little family moment doesn’t last and something new comes to light which leads to Taylor demanding some answers from the fiancé.

Bo’s plan continues to malfunction. He has to let Nicole out of the clink and she instantly begins making things harder for the cops. In a bid to figure out what’s what, she tracks Rafe down to the warehouse and is surprised by what she finds. Meanwhile, Brady decides it’s time to finally open up to Mel about his feelings. Confession seems to be trending because Vivian has one of her own for Quinn. And Chloe makes yet another of her solemn vows.

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  1. From Nancy

    Please writers do not change EJ into someone with morals for the last 2 years would have been for nothin.

    The guy is a lousy actor, but function OK as a bad guy, as a ood guy he would have no true role!

  2. From MAB

    Can we stop the actor bashing?? There is NOTHING wrong with James Scott’s acting. EJ is an awesome character, and James nails the acting on a daily basis. He is the one of the best actors on the show!!

  3. From Olive

    How come its fine to comment on an actor’s acting ability unless it’s James Scott, then it’s called bashing and it’s not acceptable. Tamara Braun comes to mind. People have all kinds of comments on her acting ability or lack thereof and she’s fair game…just saying…

    Personally, I’d love to see Nicole bring down the DiMeras…she deserves it for all they’ve put her through.

  4. From MAB

    While I love Bo & Hope back to together in everyway, I refuse to be happy about how they are being influenced by Rafe ‘break the law’ Hernandez. Bo has never been one not to bend the law from time to time, which I don’t mind, but what they have been doing lately is despicable! And as far as EJ being a lawyer, well I’ll just say, w/o going into any detail, lawyers & police officers are not in the same category as far as upholding the law. There is a big difference.

    I know I’ve probably said this many times, but if you don’t have the bad guys on the show, you pretty much don’t have a show. Even Peter Reckell (Bo) recently made this same statement in a recent interview. It will never work putting the DiMeras in jail, and even if they did, they could still run things from behind bars, and would probably be even more dangerous inside than on the outside.

    Very surprised Nicole only had one copy of the DNA results. Just because Nicole’s lawyer brought the box down for her doesn’t mean he had possession of it. It looked like a safe deposit box. He probably went and got it for her since she was unable to get it herself being at the police station.

    I would also like to see Philip come back for Chloe.

    Absolutely LOVED Chad’s “talk” with Sami & Rafe. I’m so proud of how Chad handled himself, and let her & Rafe know under no uncertain terms that the DiMeras are alive & well in Salem. Chad is going to make a fine addition to the DiMera family!! And Sami smugness toward Chad was pathetic! She doesn’t even know Chad, yet it didn’t stop her from being completely rude to him. Funny how a young man like Chad showed more class than Sami did during their conversation. She always seems to make a complete fool of herself. When will she ever learn?

    There has been no indication the blonde cop is on the DiMera payroll, but never say never.

    Can’t understand why anyone would want Mel & Brady together. She is not enough woman for him, in everyway. He needs to be with Nicole. I think John is going to be the only one to get Brady back on track. I don’t see anyone else who could make this happen but his father. As I’ve always said, Brady is the son of John Black, one of the best characters to ever grace daytime TV. Days needs to capitalize on making Brady a leading actor on the show, much like John was, and putting his s/l’s ahead of Rafe’s. EJ & Brady are the next generation, and they need to be the front-running characters!

  5. From SandyGram

    “It turns into a chance for her to become friends with Johnny”, the her of course being Taylor. What about Sydney wouldn’t Taylor need to become friends with both children if they are to be their new step mother. Which leads me to another observation, other than Rafe, Sami has not exposed the kids to any other man other than Lucas and their to young to remember him. While now EJ is working on their 2nd step mom. And EJ is angry at Sami for bring Rafe into their lives….but now EJ will forbid Nicole (someone they have grown to love) from ever seeing them again. I guess the only saving grace is Tay Tay is leaving the show. Well at least there is Sami and steadfast Rafe.

  6. From Just Moi

    Sandy…good observation and I hear where you are comming from. This is the 2nd step mom in only a few months. EJ doesn’t waste any time, engaged while still being married hmmm. EJ is always angry about something or another and we all know that Nic is going to get kicked to the curb. She loved those kids and they loved her and was good with them. I wish we would get to see EJ trying to explain to the kids what happened to why Nic is no longer step mommy and this other woman will be until she leaves, then who’s the next step mommy?

    Yep Sami will get all the blame for messing up the kids and while some of that blame should lay at her feet, there is also EJ who will be to blame for alot of their problems also

  7. From MAB

    Who cares about introducing Taylor to the kids, she is leaving the show so in the end it’s not going to matter. As far as Nicole, she wasn’t the typical step mother. Sydney & Johnny knew her from day one, and she was more of a mother to them than Sami for quite some time, regardless of the circumstances. And as for EJ, well at least he can count on one hand how many women he’s been with since coming to Salem. Sami has lost count, along with those wedding dresses. It’s like the writers are just making stuff up as they go along, like Bo saying EJ has a list of woman?? There have only been 3, Sami, Nicole & Taylor (and Kate makes 4, but IMO she doesn’t count).

    All those remarks Sami made about EJ yesterday surely didn’t seem to hold any kind of credibility. As usual, EJ is being blamed for murders he didn’t commit, while Sami runs around free of trying to murder him. And now she wants to keep him from having a woman in his life…as expected she can’t stand the thought of EJ having anyone…that is as long as she can walk around with Rafe on her arm, and EJ in her pocket.

    Sami again constantly referring to her kids as theirs, her & Rafe. It’s not a wonder EJ can’t stand it, and I highly doubt Lucas would like it either, like yesterday when she was talking to Rafe and called Will “our” son. And this has nothing to do with him being their stepfather. Sami won’t be happy until she convinces everyone Rafe fathered all of her children. By the way, why hasn’t she spoken about Ally lately, especially since real Rafe is back. Why doesn’t she send for her??

  8. From dc

    yea, phillip coming back to get chloe and parker would be a good exit for her.. and it would not be one of those “bad exits”..
    is the character tamara is playing (taylor) gonna remain with someone else playing the part or is she gonna be gone for good..
    the dimeras as well as the kirakis are gonna always get away with things after all they are the two families always feuding with each other..
    and with dario being gone soon i guess melanie will have to depend on brady.

  9. From kass

    ADMINISTRATION??? Admin always says something when someone is actor bashing, look at Nancy’s post #1 She is bashing James Scott, IMO one of the very few actors on Days that can actually act! Some people are too dumb to differentiate between disliking a person’s character and disliking their ability to perform .WOW! ALSO IMO if you want to actor bash look at the stats hun, Rafe came from a show that got kicked off of the air because of lack of ratings, what does that say about his abilities?? Just saying! Then he steps into a role of a NOBODY, he nor his family has roots on the show. He is expendable, to me his character is no more important that T’s or Kinseys, just a NOBODY with no connections to the preexisting families on the show, sooo DOOL pleaseeeeeee do us a favor and cut the fat before it brings your show down like it did on Passions!
    I’m not saying Galen is Horrible simply stating that his CHARACTER RAFE needs a differnt place to be other than up Sami’s rear. He doesnt even have connections with any other characters. His whole character revolves around Sami, its quit sickening. If he is goingto stay they need to do some serious reconstruction of his character. He needs to make more connections, and establish a past for one. Not to mention he needs to be paired with some one who would fit him better like another nobody character. Maybe the other female character detective from police station. Not with a prominent character who has exelent acting abilities like Sami/Alison.

  10. From Nunya

    Erika Slezak of One Life to Live can act circles around much of Hollywood let alone soap actors, yet that show has been canceled. It’s stupid to imply that one actor’s abilities resulted in the cancellation of a show. Period. Then again, I don’t expect much logic to come forth from rabid EJ fangirls, who can’t take it when someone criticises him.

  11. From gentzy

    a friend of mine just emailed me that she read that it’s going to be revealed that Will is gay!!!!
    What is up with that????????
    Anyone else hear that?
    Why do the writers feel the need to take his character in this direction after all this time????
    Are they THAT stuck for storylines?
    I’m not condemning the storyline, but why not bring someone new in as that character and leave Will and Gabby alone and in a nice NORMAL relationship!!!!!

  12. From SandyGram

    #11 gentzy
    The members of this board has been talking about the gay store line for a month or more. We won’t know exactly what’s going to happen until the story lines begins.

  13. From holly

    With so many characters leaving, I’m also hoping for a good murder mystery. Would be nice to have something other than what we’ve been given the past several months. Maybe there will be a corpse found in the rain on the 4th!

  14. From Clear

    The only one that I’m willing to see murdered in the character of Roborafe. I think we have all seen all we want of him for the most part.

    Today, Stefano asked that Rafe meet him at 6 at the pier. I didn’t get when that is supposed to happen with them all talking about tomorrow and Stefano already down at the pier.

    Quinn being a dirtbag to Chloe today while she had Parker was disgusting. Now that they have ruined his character making him pimp Chloe by blackmailing her his character can go with no regrets except he had such potential as a businessman in the city. Too bad he had to turn out to be a pimp and drug dealer!

    Incorrect captcha again!! If they made them so we could read them it would help!!

  15. From kass

    Nunya # 10 get over your pathetic self, calling people stupid shows that you have a lack in the vocabulary department. You can dislike a character but that doesn’t mean their a bad actor! Ohh and sorry to burst you bubble but if you haven’t noticed this is a days of our lives blog room, not one life to live. Ohh and for your info I believe James could act circles around you oltl soap actress. James and alison are two of the very few good actors on days. Hence that’s why they are writing off half of the cast. So be gone with your EJ/James hating self. I see James having a permanent role on days because he is a great actor and DOOL is smart enough to know to not let true talent like that slip away! Plus his family has deep roots in Salem unlike your shady character Rafe.

  16. From kass

    Ohh by the way Nunya here is logic for your size brain poor ratings are from bad writing and bad performances which leads to canceled shows. People don’t stop watching perfectly good shows all of a sudden for no given reason! And yes we can take criticisms but calling someone ‘lousy’ is going beyond criticizing, it is BASHING, I thought someone of even your intellect could realize that but I guess I was wrong.

  17. From Barbie

    Summer is always a boring time at days. the young story lines take over and the veterans go to the back burners. Nothing exciting will happen until September when they will still be dragging out this Taylor/Nicole/Rafe mess. Stefano is right the cops never get any dirt on him–it fell in the water vase. Really can I get Mary on my payroll!

  18. From latrise

    come on guys, it’s all about days not us bashing each others, leave that to the dimeras and the bradys. but i do agree that days would be boring with out ej or sami. as much as she gets on my nerves with her brated attuide, she does make for great tv sometime. like a how not to be book. and ej, i hate to say it but i do love him, i think he is a great characther as well as a great actor. i think it is his eyes. i mean he does stuff that just piss you off, that you just want to beat the crap out of him (brady). but then when he looks at you with those puppy dog eyes, and he tells you that he sorry and admit everything that he has done and even take blame for the things that he did not do( Ari accident). it’s just make you fell in love with him. especially Brady, he is the same. they are both two lost soul trying to be the men that they want to be and the men that others want them to be. no wonder they are both mess up. i mean i feel for brady and if we all did not know the truth about ari death, i could some how understand why he did what he did. he was just tier of everything, and wanted someone that he can take the pain out of, if it wasn’t ej, i bet it would have been someone else, you seen the way that he has been to dario. out of the whole show those are the two that i’m invested in, in the men department, only because i was a passion fan, and i love brady as ethan. i’m still piss that they got rid of ari, she was great as tersea. i never was into rafe even on passion. i mean on passion he was a cop and he was more by the book to, and he never truly cross the line of justice. even if it met someone he love got hurt. but on this show he crosses the line all the time the matter what. but tells him self that he is nothing like the people he is trying to put away. that is why i don’t like rafe. at least sami at time can admit that she is no better then ej and that sometimes she even worse then him. but rafe can’t, he see his self as above it all. i just don’t get it.

  19. From jolie

    Latrise, I couldn’t agree more about the actors. The actors are the reason we love or hate a character. Without the actor, the character is just words on a page and not an object of much affection, much delight in hating said character. So please, don’t bash the actors. They are mostly just wonderful or they would never have gotten a spot on the show. I love the older characters and actors and I am trying my best to love the younger ones whose storyline is not quite as interesting for me. Yes, the Dimeras will get away with what they have done, just as Bo and Hope will get away with their less than stellar police procedures and law abiding actions, just as Sami got away with shooting EJ, and just as we’ll see some or all of it again or I hope we will. I am a long time watcher and love the show and the characters. I love that Stefano and Kate are a couple. I would love to see Mags and Vic be a couple. I am glad that Bo and Hope are back together even though they have never been favorites of mine. I will be thrilled to see John and Marlena back but again, not favorites of mine. I think Nicole is one of my favorites, even though she has been one of the nastiest characters on the show. Nicole has can be really good or really bad and the actress is so good at her part. She makes the character come to life and she is polarizing. You love her or hate her but you can’t really straddle the fence on her. I think that is how they write them, to get a decided emotional reaction from the viewer. Love or hate or some portion of both. Brady is another. He was so bland and so easy and laid back and now he is anything but. Melanie is another. She is like a young Nicole. And I love the way both of them react with Mags. Mags should become a therapist on the show. She has a great rapport with most of the other characters and she would be so good at it. Mainly, I love the show with all its flaws, and yes, I would love to do some rewrites for them! I surely don’t agree with everything that happens but I know it will change soon so sit tight.

  20. From dc

    it’s been a long time since we have seen johnny. i saw him yesterday on a commercial that was shot on a beach advertising smores. he is such a good little actor. are we gonna see him, ally and sydney? it seems like it has been a long time.

  21. From Clear

    dc, I read on here or on spoilers somewhere that Johnny is going to have scenes with Taylor and EJ. I guess Ally is still with Lucus. Sydney is probably with Mary, or at the pub with Caroline!

    It looks like from spoilers that Chad will soon get a taste of Kate’s meddling akin to the suffering of Lucas and Phillip.
    I hate to see Chad going to the dark side to join EJ.

    Speaking of EJ, who wants to turn good, he hasn’t yet by wanting to eliminate Rafe. He is at the mercy of his hormones and too bad the bug Sami tries to plant falls into the water vase! After Taylor’s character is gone, will EJ turn back to Sami?

  22. From Kay

    Rafe is one of my favorite characters. Don’t understand the bashing of him. We need some good guys on DOOL like John Black – and Rafe fits the bill. Sorry to see them doing the gay story line. I believe it is a BIG mistake for DOOL and might even spell their doom. Am happy the new Taylor is leaving. She definitely does not fit the beautiful younger sister role.

  23. From grandma to many

    how about Maggie puting her talents to work by having a talk show since nothing has been done since Hearth and Home she could have local celebrities appear like Chloe or Doug singing Marlena offering advice Caroline with a cooking segment Kate fashion Justin with legal advice Stephano and Victor with business advice well maybe my imagination just went a little too far the world thinks we want more talk shows maybe we can give them what they want and keep Days alive and well Lucas could come back to produce aided by Austin and Carrie just one set but everyone in town could be seen there as opposed to the pier oh yeah medical segments with Dr. Dan and Lexie

  24. From patsy

    How much longer do we have to watch EJ be this wimpy love sick puppydog ? It gets MORE sicking to watch every day .Please get EJ back to normal .Can,t stand to watch this EJ .EVERY THING ELSE IS LOOKING GOOD .i WISHED THEY WOULD KEEP Direo though. Hes growing on me

  25. From Lissa

    @ 23- I like your idea
    Couple things bothered me on Tuesday’s show…

    EJ and Taylor- She goes in there convinced Rafe did it saying “Who else could it be?” DUH Recent to his attack Taylor begged Brady to not go after EJ so she must have forgot about that. Then EJ tells her the news that Nicole suddenly wants a divorce, Taylor should know her Sis well enough to wonder why Nicole would have such a sudden change of heart. Then EJ rambles on about how they can’t live to please others(meaning Taylor shouldn’t care how her Sister feels about her betrayal), when he expects everybody to live to please him.
    Chloe and Quinn- he reminds me of a more than just a pimp, he’s a human trafficker acting like he owns her now and she’s a sex slave to him. She should just go to the police and work a sting to bust him because technically she hasn’t become a real prostitute yet. Ticked me off when she’s sitting there with her baby and he came in.
    Then Brady bugs me with his newfound obsession over Arianna. After all these months really? Troy could have killed her of his own intention, Brady just assumes too much. Same with Nicole over her Mother. Of course if EJ hadn’t been the criminal he is they might not have met such demise but Arianna was in a bad position before she came to Salem to help the police in the first place putting herself into these bad situations. Faye should have known better than to move in with the Dimeras. Not defending EJ’s involvement with the circumstances at all, just being honest. He was just a part leading up to it, but was not the killer himself.
    Taylor- can’t wait for her character to go. She has been a disaster since she came to Salem. Very flawed character. I don’t believe it is fault of the actresses at all. I think it was because of “the new direction” they decided to take her before she even had a chance to establish herself. They didn’t plan her entrance right or follow through in a believable way. I don’t care which Taylor, no Taylor is better. I could have liked the first Taylor perhaps in time but the writer’s poor execution of her storylines and character building ruined her.

  26. From Karen

    Hurry up and end the whole Sammie / Rafe / EJ thing! Send Direo & Taylor packing, neither add much to the show!! How is Hope able to be running around acting like a cop when she just got out of prison for trying to burn up her hubbie and being a serial maniac! Why does Nicole always find her in to the middle of everything?!?! Good points….News that some of the oldies, but goodies, are returning…hurry up!!

  27. From boredfan

    okay people, let’s remember IT’S A SOAP OPERA!! Far fetched things are supposed to happen. It’s a fantasy! We all know not everybody likes every character, myself included, but bashing actors isn’t nice. The only thing I ask of the writers is to stick to the history of the show. Stop making up nonsense as they go along. Many of us have been watching for many, many years & we know the background story. Let’s stop re-writing history. Everyone have a great day!!

  28. From laura

    No one ever takes down the Dimeras, at least not permanently. I would like to see Victor TAKE his company back from Brady. Brady has gotten a little too big for his britches. I like a little bit of bad side in him, at least for a while, but he is too full of himself, and The Kiriakis Patriarch should not go down so easily, especially by his grandson. Victor’s years of experience and business savy should have put an end to Brady’s take over a long tie ago.

  29. From jolie

    #23 grandma to many…I think you have it all wrapped up in a nice package. They would give such wonderful advice that town would be overrun with assassins trying to get even for ruining their lives. Actuall I thought it was a very imaginative idea. I thought Taylor was a little off base myself when she was jumping to the conclusion that Rafe did the Elvis whooping. But then she is on the same angel dust as Elvis. Didn’t Stefano have the best line of the week so far with his crack about angel dust. So in this scene he is thinking he needs to tell Taylor about why it appears that Rafe killed her mother then in the spoilers for Wed he is telling Stefano to kill Rafe. Poor Elvis is so confused. He wants to be good but only in the eyes of Taylor who is just as confused as he is when it didn’t cross her mind to quesiton why Nic Nic suddenly is granting Elvis a divorce when she was so against it. Taylor, get your head out of Elvis’ bandages and think, girl! Nicole has warned her, she should have listened to her sister who was doing better than she had ever done in her life, helping others, looking out for her family..til little sister took her husband. OK, I don’t like Taylor either. Which ever actress is playing her, I’d like to shake her character for being stupid and back stabbing. How can Lexie think that Taylor is making good decisions? She knows her brother and the family business. Is she buying what Taylor is selling on how Elvis has changed? Bye bye Taylor!

  30. From MAB

    Nunya – it’s one thing to criticize the shows, characters, and even the actors, but to criticize other bloggers on a personal level is going too far, and I don’t understand why Admin allows this kind of childish behavior to continue. It just goes to show what kind of sad person you are to sink to that level of name calling.

    Holly – I wouldn’t mind seeing a good murder mystery too, as long as the DiMeras don’t end up getting blamed for it like everything else bad that happens. I’ve been saying for a ling time that they need a bad storm or something of that nature to happen that would have affect on the entire cast. Those s/l’s are always good!

    latrise – great observation about EJ…I agree, it’s those eyes of his…sure puts a smile on my face! As I said before, EJ & Brady are the new generation of leading men for Days, whether they are good or bad! And I so agree about Rafe, he constantly crosses the line of justice…in fact most of the characters cross the line all the time, especially the Brady’s, but they think it’s ok for them to do so just because they are so-called pillars of the community.

    jolie – I like your take on the show. I agree with just about all you said too. Maggie is the only obvious choice for the new matriarch of the show since Alice’s death. She deserves the title.

    Kay – no offense, but Rafe could not lick the boots of John Black!! He will NEVER be in the same class as John. Also, John was never a typical good guy on the show. He had his flaws, and mysterious past for many years. He could be just as dangerous as a DiMera, but had a heart of gold. And if anyone needs to become the next John Black, it should be Brady, his son, not a wanna be hero like Rafe.

    Did I actually hear Sami calling Rafe a superhero yesterday?? What a joke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. From Grandma

    I’ve watched days since the beginning going all the way back to Tom, Alice, Marie, Bill, Laura, David Banning, and I could name many more names. I watched as beautiful Hope married Bo. I rocked my babies while watching this program many years ago. The only times I didn’t watch were due to work obligations. I have finally grown weary of the same old story lines that go on forever without ever really going any where. It is my opinion that Days of Our Lives just isn’t worth my time anymore. The final straw was when the writers decided that Will should be gay. Please…I really don’t care to see this type of socially controversial material being introduced. Days of Our Lives, after all these years it is time for me to say good-bye. I think I’ll go to the library and get a good book to read instead.

  32. From patsy

    NBC if I had of wanted to watch tennis I would have watched the SPORTS CHANNEL .they even showed that tennis was more importent than the president speach Now that was funny.

  33. From patsy

    PS I love James Scott and he IS the BEST actor on DAYTIME but even he can,t make this EJ/Taylor love story work .I just want to laugh my head off when they are on .I don,t think he signed up I feel sorry for him

  34. From SandyGram

    Just finished catching up on Monday and Tuesdays show. First I think Officer McCarthy needs to go to interrogation training. ‘Blondie’ as Faux Rafe calls her, needs a little more experience to become an effective detective.

    Chad certainly has the DiMera attitude as he swaggered up to Sami and Rafe at the Pub Party. Then I wonder if Kinsey getting that great camera is leading to a story line where she gets evidence on someone at a later time? ‘T’ didn’t get a present!

    EJ’s level of arrogance is unbelievable. To think Taylor would automatically forgive him if he was to tell her the truth about Faux Rafe as he said to Stefano quote “He thinks Taylor has a right to know the truth”. But when push comes to shove from Stefano he didn’t have the guts to tell Tay Tay the truth, because as he has told Taylor, “this is the man I am”.

    Chloe’s visit with Parker, since when was a resturant the appropriate place to have a visit with your son? I know they needed to have Quinn see Chloe with Parker but in the park, on benchie, at the pier, places where families meet seems more reasonable.

    Sonny is very likable. He really sounds like he cares what Victor may think about him. As he said, “he didn’t inherit his father’s ability to be his own man and stand up to Uncle Vic”.

    We’re having a rainy day so it’s now off to check out today’s show if I can sweet talk hubby to give up his Barret Jackson show. Thank goodness for DVR!

  35. From SandyGram

    What a hoot Samantha running into the DiMera parlor with pretense she is so upset over Rafe. She can certainly get in and out of the DiMansion in a hurry. Of course leaving the DiMera cowboys riding into the sunset with ‘what just happened here’.

    Marco is a handsome guy but a little dense when it comes to lady’s in big floppy hats when he’s standing there waiting for a package. He doesn’t have time for this right now, then whack out at the count of one.

    Kate the snake is slithering and sliding today. She can sure poor it on, but Chad is having none of her charm. Unfortunately with what Kate said and what Abby saw was enough for her to dought Chad’s ability to stay within the law when conducting DiMera business. But I think she will come around, but can Chad walk that line of good and bad?

    Now to my favorite guy to post about, Mr. Big Junior! EJ checks himself out of the hospital, shows up at home without one scratch on his head, bruise on his nose and lips, absolutely no visible sign of damage from Brady’s beating, looking rather dapper. I guess it’s the healing power of a good woman which must be Taylor, the woman he wants to be the best man he can be for. I know your not suppose to end a sentence with a preposition but I could help myself it just fit with my thought. Then the scene’s at the park bench, down on one knee (in great discomfort), but down he went. Out comes the ring box and the big question. But wait an observation, that ring is considerably smaller than the one he gave sister Nikki. And then LMAO Stefano gets a report on where EJ is and what he is doing, not to my surprise, but apparently much to Stefano’s surprise, Mr. Big Junior is proposing in the park.

    Finally that Maggie is one seductive lady and Victor is one caught fish. He might as well let her reel him in, he’s loving every minute of this cat and mouse game!

  36. From kass

    What bothered me is that right about a year ago this month EJ was on one knee proposing to Sami at the pier and near the lake… Now he is doing the same with Taylor, COME ON DOOL writers seriously????

  37. From gerri480

    for all of us,who see The DiMeras,in the same light,your comments are right on the money.
    Maybe they are blamed for all the murders and other crimes,are because 99.9% are their doings,in one way or another,they are connected,be it drug smuggling,making fake people,destroying one’s memories,destroying families..

    I keep hoping that Chad Is a mole,brought into the DiMera family,to learn all their dirty business secrets,and take them down,are you listening Writers?this would be a great storyline…….as far as great acting,EJ Is surrounded by other great actors,who can make or break,his character.Nicole and Sami come to mind first.Grandma Kate is mean,and her only acting seems to be trying to run her children’s lives.Phillip please come back to get Chloe,and shove this right into Kate;s face,telling her and meaning it this time,that she is no longer any part of your ,or Parker’s life.
    she is too busy playing the part of a WHITE KETTLE,while everyone else(who has done some of the same things as she has)are the BLACK POTS..
    I hope Nicole comes after EJ,with fire in her eyes,using her as he has,while he needed her,then throwing her out,like old dishwater,so he can get bring another one on board.for a little time,until he tires of her.I really Hope that Sami,will allow Nicole to be a part of Sydney’s and Johnnies lives,for I think EJ is too mean to do so……….
    I hope Taylor will find out the part that EJ and Stefano had in her mother’s death..(boy is she going to feel foolish!!

  38. From SandyGram

    #136 kass
    And in between Sami and Taylor, EJ proposed to Nikki, married her and is the process of divorcing her. EJ may of had less partners on Days than any other character but the number of times he has gone back and forth between them all equals others who have a great number of partners.

  39. From lc

    #30 MAB – always love reading your posts and especially today…well said!!!

    When you said John Black could be just as dangerous as a DiMera….Isn’t John Black related to Stefano hence making him a DiMera? Please correct me if I’m wrong…it has been known to happen!! :)

  40. From SandyGram

    #30 MAB
    Yep Sami said it and we all heard it! When she was taking to Rafe, Bo and Hope about Rafe going under ground she said quote “It’s not in your job description to be an indestructible super hero!”.

    It’s kind of like when Taylor wants EJ to be the man she knows he could be…just unbelievable!

  41. From holly

    Hate to bring up the gay s/l again, but. . .now that they have introduced us to the character of Sonny, does anyone think that maybe the writers won’t make this a full blown love story between his character and Will (if in fact it is Will who will turn out to be gay)? Maybe Will will just turn to Sonny for guidance/support as he tries to understand his own feeligs. I can only hope.

  42. From SandyGram

    #41 holly
    With as much negative feedback the show has already received about a gay storyline and Coraday saying they would slow things down…one avenue for the story line could be that Sonny does provide guidance/support to Will and in the end Will after a summer filled with angst finds out he isn’t gay and is very much in love with Gabbi (some of the upcoming spoilers does say Will professes his love to Gabbi). It not and Will is gay hopefully the writers consider the viewers/fans and keep the story line interesting, informative and respectable.

  43. From holly

    #42 SandyGram
    That’s pretty much what I was thinking. It might be a nice compromise. The writers can go ahead with the proposed storyline only with a toned-down twist. They can explore the subject in such a way as to not offend those viewers who are opposed to the s/l.

  44. From marty

    I think the writters got off track again. Brady less the drinking taking over for Victor and become the head bad guy was and would be a great story line. Brady, Quinn, Chad, and Ej battling for power, money, and revenge, and you add Nicole, Kate, Chloe to the mix – then we need a real love story. Days has missed the boat with that for years now. The closest we have is Sami and Rafe which are such a cute couple. We also need some good entertainment. Remember Days with the night club and Liz and Doug or the young Brady and Chloe. I think Stephano should get caught and go to prision for awhile which would make the revenge story even better. That would give Ej more reason to go after the bradys if he lost his kids and dad than it would stefano to go after them because they knew about Brady.

  45. From MAB

    The DiMeras being the bad guys is your typical soap opera s/l. They are supposed to do bad things to others, but it doesn’t mean they are responsible for everything bad that happens either…especially when you have the Brady’s going around committing crimes as well. It used to not be that way. The Brady’s were once the good guys back when Roman & Stefano used to spar. Roman was the good guy trying to take down the evil Stefano (legally). Things are no longer as they used to be…it’s no longer good vs. evil. And until the Brady’s become the family they once were (upstanding citizens), they will be no better than the DiMera family.

    Chad being a DiMera is perfect. He doesn’t need a new s/l. I hate that Kate is coming between them though.

    I highly doubt Sami ever allow Nicole to be a part of Sydney’s life. Sami holds grudges and doesn’t have enough compassion to bury the hatchet with Nicole. If she did, she wouldn’t be in the boat she’s in now. Nicole gave Sami the chance to nail EJ, but she hated her so much, she turned her down, leading Nicole to go to EJ, which resulted in Rafe2. Sami has no one to blame but herself because she can’t handle EJ…and she could if she tried.

    I’ll be glad if & when Taylor finds out the whole truth, and I hope this leads to her leaving the show, and EJ moving on from this ridiculous s/l.

    EJ has gone back & forth between Sami & Nicole because he actually loved them both, for real. No need to mention Taylor at this point since she’s leaving. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him turn his attentions back to Sami in the end…the only woman he’s ever really loved since day one. And it will work if they writers make it happen.

    lc – yes, it was exposed that John & Stefnao shared the same father Santos, which makes them half brothers. This also makes Brady part DiMera as well…in fact I think Brady is the only one who can claim to be part of all 3 families, Brady/Kiriakis/DiMera.

    Uh, my statement about Sami calling Rafe a superhero was rhetorical…and her saying it is probably the most stupidest lines ever written for her character to say. Rafe has done nothing of worth since he’s been on the show…and I repeat that he will never be a John Black, Bo Brady, Steve Johnson, or many others I could name. If the writers want him to even be considered to grace the same category as these other fine men I named, then they need to let it happen naturally…but instead they continue to force the issue which means he will never be a credible, natural hero. He will continue to be a worthless character, placed in the middle of the true couple Sami & EJ. Lastly, I find it hard to believe any fan would think he deserves a larger s/l than Brady Black. And if the writers don’t push Brady to the forefront where he belongs, they will not only loose viewers, but possibly the actor himself.

  46. From SandyGram

    A few spoilers from Soap SheKnows for the first week in July:

    An intense encounter with Brady causes EJ to have flashes to his beating.

    Nicole realizes Rafe has a double.

    Sami learns that Taylor and EJ are engaged.

    Bo is forced to free Nicole from custody.

    Quinn promises Vivian they will find Carly’s weakness and take her down.

    Thursday July 7:

    Sami, Bo and Hope prepare for the endgame with the DiMeras.

    Friday July 8:

    When Brady leaves Melanie, Dario seizes the moment and confesses his feelings.

    Week of July 11:

    When Taylor questions EJ about the attack it triggers a flashback.

    Stefano walks away from EJ and acts as though Chad is his only son.

    Hope and Bo try to connect RoboRafe to the DiMeras.

    Sonny and Victor have a serious talk.

    Jennifer takes a step back from Daniel in order to help Carly.

    SOD Sweeps:

    Maggie finally realizes she wants to be with Victor – flaws and all.

    Summer teasers:

    Jenn realizes Carly’s in love with Daniel.

    EJ doesn’t remember who attacked him and there’s a huge cover-up.

    Will professes his love for Gabi.

  47. From Nancy

    Ladies and gents,

    All we can hope for is some small bit of entertainment, rather than repeats of history. And I the only one is realized that the writers fumbled again in the use oF BLONDIE, which was John’s nn for Marlena—bad bad writing guys,

    Also MAD I apologize, but no JS really is not a good actor, please see thru the fine handsome face to reality. He could go far away with taylor when she leaves as his role is dying rapidly. Yes bring TONY BACK, it has been done before.
    Chad is smat enough to know better play it out please.
    Mags and Vic—no other choices available and Chloe/Quinn lousy line soon to go bye bye thank goodness.

  48. From gerri480

    EJ really loves Sami and only her,that’s why he forced her into a sexual encounter(I call It rape,and him being such a wonderful person and all)before he would help save Lucas’s life,Yep fine person he Is.
    Sami I guess forgave him(big mistake on her part)and this started his control over any woman,who entered his life…

    those of you,that don’t want to call this control,it’s your right..
    but as a woman I couldn’t ,love or share my life,with someone like him…but of course the writers gave him this role to play,the same as giving Sami and the rest of the cast.not anything against him,but against his character……

  49. From betsybee

    I really do not know or understand myself when I continue to watch DOOL. Rafe/Sami s/l are certainly turning me off. When Sami went to the Mansion and decided to p[=ut the microphone in the flowers did anyone notice when EJ came up behind her and asked “What are doing Sami” , that the tone of their voices became electric !! IMO they cannot be in the same room together without some kind of chemistry !! Sami is so in love with WEJ that it shows in her face no matter the situation !!! She just wants him to have to be alone for the rest of his life…. or with her !!! Let’s hope the writers can see it that way !!!.Brady is due to learn a very serious lesson when EJ remembers the beating. How about EJ giving Sami full custody of the children but only as a test to make sure she is capable of caring for them in place of Grandma !!!
    How come we never see Johnny with real Rafe ?? Will he act differently since he gave up the FBI jacket at the mansion !!!!
    When you think about it there are lots of little innuendos hinting that differnt things could happen in the near future.

    #33 Patsy.. Totally agree.. How can James Scott continue to act oppossite the Taylor actor. It is almost an impossibilty.. She is far from the category of actor to be playing opposit Scott. What a mess !!!

    i am about ready to give up on this Soap and I have watched since 1965 which my friends is a very long time. !! The story line since Same learned about the kidnapping by EJ has been absolutely lousy.

    Have a great holiday weekend folks,

  50. From MAB

    Nancy – if you’re addressing me, it’s MAB, not MAD. And I don’t care for the insinuation that I only like EJ because of his looks. I would like his acting regardless of what he looked like because he’s just that good…his handsomeness is only an added bonus! Sorry if you can’t see past whatever you don’t like about him to see what a fine actor he really is. And I’m not the only one…there are TONS of fans who agree with me, which is why he is one of the most popular actors in daytime.

    I don’t understand why some of you continue to compare EJ & Sami’s relationship to real life (or any s/l for that matter). Soaps are meant for entertainment, nothing more, nothing less. We all have our opinions of what happened that night, and no one will ever agree, so let’s please leave it where it belongs, in the past. That is what Sami (& EJ)did…otherwise Sydney would not exist.

    betsybee – you’re so right, sparks fly whenever EJ & Sami are in the room together! It’s so sad the writer’s don’t get it, and they continue to deprive us fans of their awesomeness!

  51. From gerri480

    No actors from Days, win any awards,at least none lately,that I can recall,and this would include,the guy who plays EJ,If he is as great,as we are led to believe,where’s the emmys??.for some reason,the powers that be,think someone else is more deserving.maybe his fan club,can create one for him!!I personally think he should have one,for the make believe dried blood,he had to keep on his mouth,nose and face,for as long as he did,and having Taylor kiss around that yuk,looking mess.IMO.
    I think some of us compare Sami/Rafe’s story to real life,the exact same way,that others compare,Sami/EJ’s story….

  52. From holly

    Just watched the promo for Monday’s show. Roman is in Hollywood talking on the phone saying he’s not sure when he will be back. Something about his having an “idea for a screenplay”. Anyone else see it and think we have officially seen the last of Roman?

  53. From kass

    Whoever wants to Hate on EJ go ahead I feel safe in saying as long as he wants a job at DOOL he will have one because he is one of the few actors on the show who can actually act. He can display an whole different array of emotions, and personalities, unlike your boy there Rafe who only knows how to do sex scenes with Sami and be a dirty cop. Ej has been the evil guy, he has been the guy in love. He has displayed the emotion of greed (Over Grace). He has showed the emotions of anger, greed, guilt, extreme happiness, depression, love, hatred, psychotic, possesiveness, ruthlessness, adoration, gentleness, kindness, caring. His character is well built and dynamic. He has ties (not always positive ones) with many people in Salem. His family has roots, James has TRUE TALENT. I then ask myself these questions: Is Rafes character really well built and Dynamic? NO, He STILL has No past, and he doesn’t have a chance to display any emotion other than patriarchal control over Sami. Does Rafe have any established relationships outside of Sami? N-O, Dario doesn’t count because he is fixing to leave, and Gabi, well it has still yet to be explained why she was raised by their mom and Rafe was raised by nuns. He can easily be removed from the whole picture, NOONE will miss him, hell they hardly know him! Does Rafe have family roots in Salem? N-O, he is an outsider NOBODY that can easily be replaced! Then I ask myself this question: Is he really that talented to compensate for his lack of roots and lack of relationship building? NOT really, Imo just barely average to mediocre. If he doesn’t ESTABLISH relationships with people other than Sami, and of course the man that is fighting him for SAMI, then he is going to be gone, because Soap operas are only about Drama, and right now there is no storylines for him that dont involve SAMI.

    So make all the smart as$ comments that you want but face the facts my dears, Rafe is expendable, a nobody. That want really leave a big impact if he leaves the show because the only person that will noticed that he is gone is Sami, but she will be so head deep in EJ’s arms that she will be saying “Rafe who”.
    Also get it straight RAPE is non-consensual sex, Sami consented to sex with EJ. He technically gave her a choice. Yea it was a crappy thing for him to do and qualifies him as a 1st class jerk for that but not a rapist. She could have stayed on the road and tried to find help elsewhere. If you have a choice it is NOT rape, it was more of a business negotiation, which in turn would make it a prostitution situation. Selling your body for money or services, in this case EJ provided the service of saving Lucas. I believe that the reason people look at it like rape is because how mean he was being to her and how evil he acted, and how she played the innocent victim in the whole situation, when the whole past 6 months prior to that situation she had been flirting with EJ and constantly staying with him following him around like a dog in heat. I think since when he first entered town he was MR. perfect, he raced and worked on cars, he was a businessman, he was good looking, he was really nice, he was hot, and in order for the writers to make the transitions from MR.Perfect to a Dimera they had to evil him up and make him do bad things. What he did to Sami was bad and evil and wrong, but don’t confuse it with Rape, because she wasn’t only a willing participant in bed with him one time but twice. She helped him wrinkle up the sheets more than once, and I am sure Sami wants to jump on that train again, but rather have the approval of her self-righteous hypercritical family over her true inner desires (who NEVER do any wrong and abide all of the laws). GERRIE I almost forgot to mention you mentioned that the Dimera’s are usually responsible for making all the fake people in town, but a lot of the Brady’s are the fakest people I know on the show and the Dimera’s arnt to blame for creating those hypocrites. BOPE practice what you preach, If you tell people to abide the law, why don’t you try doing it for a change?
    Oh and to whoever said something about Sami and EJ the other day and the vase scene, there will always be a natural chemistry between Ali and James they just have it and its on fire no matter what kind of scene they are doing.

  54. From KASS

    Gerrie James Scott has won the ADONIS award 4 consecutive years in a row. Although that is for looks and personality and not acting ability he has been nominated for daytime emmy awards for best male actor in a soap and acording to soap central they are predicting that he will win I dont know old the article was though, either way his character to many may not be favorable but give him credit where credit is due he is a very talented actor. Just like a few years back on Idle, I was never a fan of Adam Lambert because of the way he acted and dressed (plus I liked another contestant) But I actually called and voted for him one week because although I didnt care for him personally, he was an extremely talented kid. My point is you dont have to like his character but dont say he is a bad actor just because he has an evil character James cant help the lines the writers give him. As for Rafe and my whole thing I cant really tell if he has talent because the writers keep giving him the same scenes over and over and over again, he is either in the bed having sex with Sami, or in his work office with him nose in a pile of papers either way he doesnt display that muchemotion to show his acting abilities. He did have a second to shine this spring with the Fafe storyline, but too me he made a boring bad guy. My point is I dont dislike Galen Gering because of the crap that the writers give him I simply cant tell if he has talent or if he is just really experienced in Bed scenes. The reason I dont like Rafe is becaue IMO he is BORING and waters Samis character down and makes her no fun. Where is the fun adventurous Sami that is headstorng and is a go getter, now she is a boring submissive housewife, with little drama, which equals no fun! Plus I really cand invest in SAFE because every since day one I feel like its not really a permanent situation, it is only a bump in the road for the bigger picture EJAMI

  55. From Precious

    ************RUMOR ALERT************
    DaysCafe is reporting a rumor that Jason Cook will be returning as Shawn Brady; Bo and Hope’s son.
    (Will that mean that Belle could be not far behind???)

  56. From MAB

    It’s been years since a lead male actor from Days was even nominated, yet for the past 2 years, James Scott got the nod. Granted he didn’t win, but it was no surprise, as Days always gets snubbed…they either have no nominations or the few they do get they never win. I would bet money though if the nominations were by the fans, he would win hands down!

    I’ve never compared Sami & EJ’s relationship to real life, in fact I’ve never compared any s/l to real life. There is simply no comparison. This is a work of fiction! I view real life completely different than I do TV & movies. I view Days as entertainment, because that is what it is intended for. Just like the actors themselves, they are portraying a character, they don’t lead the same lives as their characters do…this is their job.

    Kass – you said everything there was to be said…things you, me, and many others have been saying forever now. It’s really just a waste of time anymore though because some just don’t get it, and they never will. They’d rather trash James/EJ than see him for the fine actor he is. They can’t separate his real life persona from his character. They have tunnel vision and will never see his character but one way because he’s a DiMera. You can’t reason with those who are one-sided and can’t see the big picture here. And those who relate Days to real life situations obviously can’t see Days for what it is, pure entertainment.

  57. From MAB

    holly – Monday’s show is about “going to the movies”, and I take it that the whole shows is going to be someone’s dream sequence (like Nicole had some time back).

  58. From MAB

    Precious – I hope the rumor about Jason Cook is true!!

  59. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty

    Daily Spoilers
    Monday, July 11th
    E.J. boldly lies; Carly is faced with temptation; Jennifer confides in Adrienne.

    Tuesday, July 12th
    Stefano makes a declaration; Taylor shares news with Nicole; Sonny tells Victor the truth.

    Wednesday, July 13th
    E.J. tries to talk to Taylor; Kinsey and Nicole bond; Chad confronts Kate; Victor shares his concerns with Sonny.

    Thursday, July 14th
    Johnny is upset; McCarthy makes a discovery; Jennifer runs into Daniel; Chad makes an accusation.

    Friday, July 15th
    Bo asks Abe for more time; Johnny wants nothing to do with E.J.; Rafe’s imposter receives a new cell mate; Abigail supports Chad.

    Episode Titles
    “EJ Ends Up Alone”

    “Stefano Disowns EJ”

    “Keeping the Imposter Safe”

    “Getting Answers”

    “Hope Returns to the Force”

  60. From SandyGram

    Soap Opera Digest 07/12

    - Bo frees Nicole from police custody but tells her not to tell anyone that she thinks EJ and Stefano kidnapped Rafe.

    - Nicole celebrates being free by letting Brady take her to the Cheatin’ Heart. “I think that Brady will always have feelings for Nicole,” says Eric Martsolf. “Men make mistakes, then they have time to think about [them] and they end up going back. They have a tough time moving on.”

    - Then Brady runs out quickly. Martsolf explains that Brady’s feelings for Nicole are “complicated” because of what Nicole has done to Brady in the past 2 years, “so I would think that Brady wouldn’t mind ruffling Nicole’s feathers a bit.”

    - Nicole is a little drunk and leaves the bar. She sees Rafe and follows him because she thinks he killed her mother. Rafe goes to the warehouse to see the impostor and doesn’t know Nicole is following him. Nicole sees that there are two Rafes. Nicole confronts the double and he sees she’s drunk. He makes her think he’s the real Rafe and she sets him free.

    - Nicole is upset by what she saw and tells Brady to come to the warehouse. Martsolf explains that “her timing is bad… Brady had an epiphany about Melanie and wanted to talk to her about it when he gets this call from Nicole.” Brady goes to the warehouse where Nicole tells him there are two Rafes, but Brady can see she’s had too much to drink. He brings her back to her hotel room. Nicole misunderstands that he’s just making sure she gets back safely, and she thinks he wants to start their relationship again. Brady tells Nicole he isn’t interested, and he leaves.

    - “Meanwhile, back at the DiMera mansion, the two Rafes arrive to see EJ and Stefano. Taylor enters and all hell breaks loose…”

  61. From Kay

    To MAB: Rafe is an excellent actor. I love John Black and wish he was back, but not even he would bash Rafe as you have. The cast, for the most part, is good – they are prisoners of the writers and handle the changes well. There are the obvious mistakes, like the latest Taylor – but Rafe is not a mistake.

  62. From Paula

    Not going to comment on so many of these posts has everyone forgotten that EJ shot John Black and left him for dead as well as ran over him with his car and again left him for dead? So getting all up in arms over Sammy shooting EJ is like over the top stupid. It was what was next!

    The glue that binds DOOL is all the entwining ancient plots. The writers have made a start back to what could be a refreshing of DOOL. I’ve watched from day 1 40+ years the turns and twists have taken their crazy roads an will continue to as long as the writers don’t go back and re-read what they’ve written in the past.

    Bringing Marlena & John back as well as Shawn & Bell will be a plus oh yeah, let’s bring Lucas back too it’s about time he weighs in on HIS kids lives.

    Did I read bring Tony back? Seriously when they killed him they killed him he is NOT the Phoenix Stefano is now they could kill off Stefano for a little while again.

    Lets discuss Kate looks like she’s had a little FACE LIFT ouch! Can’t the writers give her something else to do for a while – again – ??

    Bo & Hope are on track but why haven’t they heard from Chelsea lately?

    Abe & Lexie, Theo what’s up there? Seems like the youngsters are getting lost again at least in “face time on air”

    Steve & Kayla oh yeah let’s bring them back for a few empisodes. Steve would be great with Bo & Hope to bring down the DiMera’s or at least put a kink in their tails.

    Some of these s/l need to be firmed up or finished. Maggie & Victor IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!

    What’s with Viv glad she’s about OFF again her little twisted brain is only interesting for a few episodes then it over.

    Looking forward to the writers regrouping and rethinking where the s/l began and how they have left some unfinished.

  63. From MAB

    I may not care for the Rafe character, but I have not bashed Galen for his acting…so get your facts straight! It’s not my problem if you can’t tell the difference.

  64. From MAB

    Paula – EJ did not run John down with his car. Where do you get your information?? You people need to check the facts before your comment.

  65. From Linda

    By the time EJ gets done batting his eyes, it’s difficult to think of him as a thug..Salem Hospital needs more then one nurse. I, as many of you have watched this from very first show..when Julie and Susan with David Martin was the story line..when Marie fell in love with her brother, whom was a missing war hero..this soap just gets better ..thanks for this forum to give opinions

  66. From gerri480

    Any actor who can play 2 totally different characters,is a Great Actor….Being a good guy 1hour,a bad guy the next hour.go Rafe!!!
    someone needs to swipe EJ’s memory ,and give him someone else’s,then I might say he is a great actor,the writers give Rafe his storylines as well,same as Sami,but so many critical comments,toward them,as well as Rafe’s entire family.days was a good show until the DiMeras came to town,wasn’t boring,had mystery,romance,good story lines,and I have watched since it first aired in fall 1965..I’m an oldie,don’t mind a little crime,but it is so centered,around this family,used to be a vendetta against the Bradys,but has grown to be against anyone who gets in their those who see it differently,is completely your right as well,and I really do think It’s good that any of us can give our opinions,maybe the writers will follow some of our ideas!!!! tHE Captcha below is terrible!!!!

  67. From Clear

    I think we all have shared our hopes that the romance, action, and adventure on Days will improve. I believe it has been better the last week or two with action moving forward. I really don’t want to see anyone of the actors leaving murdered either–even the Taylor character.

    Betsybee, I’m enjoying watching most of the scenes, and know that eventually the pendulum will turn again and Sami and EJ will get stranded, thrown together somehow. There will be another triangle with Sami in it sooner or later. I just hope we don’t lose anymore of the characters that said to be staying on the show now. I’m looking forward to Shawn and John Black getting back to Salem tpp/

  68. From gerri480

    I agree they do need some more nurses,poor Maxine must work 24/7.
    glad to hear Shawn and Belle are coming back.
    and John Black,not too excited about Marlena,tho,her silly laugh gets on my nerves.but to complete the family,guess she has to.

    would love to see Kim and Shane,and also agree Lucas should well.
    Kate really does need to get a dose of her own medicine,bring someone on board who can put her in her place.

    What’s going on with the little kids?haven’t seen them on in a while…

  69. From kass

    Gerrie James did play a double role. He played santo and EJ all at once.I think his stint of carring two roles went on longer and imo he was more believable than galen with fafe. But like u said we are all entitled to our own opinion. But imo galen will NEVER compare to James in acting ability

  70. From SandyGram

    #62 Paula
    John was shot by E.J. Wells, and fell into a coma. He was later kidnapped from the hospital and his kidney stolen. John was just beginning to take his life back when he was the victim of a hit and run. With his family surrounding him, John “passed away” October 17, 2007.

    Like so many deeds where there was not sufficient evidence neither the shooting of John or the hit and run could be proven to be that of EJ. In the case of John’s shooting we did see EJ pull the trigger, but we never saw who was driving the car in the hit and run. Although it was highly suspected that EJ did the hit in run (or had it done)to get back at Sami for tearing up her annulment to Lucas.

    Here is a You Tube Video “John/Marlena: John’s Accident (2007)” that tells a little of the story:

  71. From kass

    Well while we are playing the game of naming all of EJ’s faughts let’s not forget that jack, and sami are rapist. And check out this link everyone in Salem is evil and guilty . So next time you want to complain about EJ think about your favorite character and what they are guilty of, but also remember IT IS A SOAP. IT’S ALL FAKE, WRITERS MAKE IT ALL UP!

  72. From kass

    Not to mention that link is outdated and many more crimes have happened since then.

  73. From SandyGram

    #71 Kass
    First of all Please don’t take this conversation as directed at you or any other member of this board personally. When I started posting on this board I did so for the pure enjoyment and fun of sharing thoughts, observations and to kick around a few what if’s and speculations for a show I’ve loved since 1965. I knew there would be fans posting on the site that liked one character or the other, but I never thought I would run into, based on the writings I see here, what appears to be anger. Maybe you can help me understand why at times I feel like various members on the board are attacking others for having a different opinion about one character or the other or a story line. When a simple explanation of ones personal opinion should be all that is needed, with no innuendos, criticizing, name calling or negative what I would call ‘slams’. Like I have said many times now, to me posting here is like standing around a water cooler talking about this great Soap Days of Our Lives. And we sure wouldn’t talk to one another in the manner I see here. I realize we are all very passionate about the show, which frequently comes out in our writing, but I’m just trying to understand the human factors that drive what I feel is often, gosh I don’t even know how to explain it, maybe hateful behavior. I’m coming to you for this help because you seem to have a feel for this board overall. If you can help me great, if not that’s ok. I’m still going to hang around!

  74. From Arlene

    I also think James Scott is a good actor. So good that he was nominated for an Emmy award. Lousy actors are not nominated for these type of awards. Is it really true that Shawn & Belle are coming back? Wonder which actress will play Belle, could it be Martha M. or K. Storm, does anyone know? I’ve always loved John Black since the first day he showed up. So glad he’s returning but I hope that it is for a long time. I read that it was for a short spell. Hope the bosses keep him on a long time. Have a great 4th of July everyone!

  75. From Clear

    I get the feeling that some people are very disappointed that Rafe came on the scene and EJAMI is so far apart. I believe they will interact again in a love triangle at some point because it worked so well before–maybe after EJ becomes \Goody Two Shoes\ for a while.

    Also, it seems to me that many EJ (James Scott) fans feel he gets a bad rap because he gets so many hits for the villainous character he has portrayed so well. Even if we aren’t EJAMI’s, many of us love James Scott’s presence and wouldn’t want the show to go on without him. Too bad that Sami can’t have them both! LOL!

    I’m looking forward to my next dose of fiction in Salem after the Fourth. Happy Fourth of July to you all.

  76. From Clear

    I get the feeling that some people are very disappointed that Rafe came on the scene and EJAMI is so far apart. I believe they will interact again in a love triangle at some point because it worked so well before–maybe after EJ becomes \Goody Two Shoes\ for a while.

    Also, it seems to me that many EJ (James Scott) fans feel he gets a bad rap because he gets so many hits for the villainous character he has portrayed so well. Even if we aren’t EJAMI’s, many of us love James Scott’s presence and wouldn’t want the show to go on without him. Too bad that Sami can’t have them both! LOL!

    I’m looking forward to my next dose of fiction in Salem after the Fourth. Happy Fourth of July to you all. (incorrect captha again!)

  77. From Clear

    Sorry, folks. I get incorrect captcha and then find out when I go on again that it posted more than once!!

    I was reading spoilers and see where Jen’s character is ready to give up Dr. Dan because she thinks Carley should have him? What a fatal flaw! Jennifer will deny herself and analyze everything to death denying her own happiness again. Then the flaky Jack character will probably get back and ruin everything for her anyway!!

    I’m looking forward to watching the upcoming Sami and EJ confrontation at the mansion and when the two Rafes turn up together and freak out the saintly Tay too! Will the real Rafe please stand up! LOL! The saintly Tay will drop her teeth and her eyes will fall out!

  78. From gerri480

    SandyGram and Clear,
    Bravo to you both!!!
    you put down in writing,exactly,my thoughts.let’s not forget,the Hope/Gina storyline,and how Hope became Gina,another Vendetta toward the Brady family.

    they say a child does what they,been taught,some of the time,this might be true,but since the”"”Elvis”"” wasn’t brought up as a child by Stefano,not true,with him,here It would have to be ‘GENETICS”".
    EJ being an attorney,would have had to take an “Oath” before the
    Bar in whatever state he was licensed,to know the law and up-hold It,so not much difference,(if any) between Dirty Cop,or Dirty Lawyer.The writers sure haven’t used him as an attorney,too busy I guess,plotting and carrying out,these Plots,with Stefano.against anyone and everyone who don’t agree,or gets in their way..The writers have made them a true Mob Family,so close to Real Life,that “Umm” They both deserve an “Emmy” for portraying these characters and making them so believeable.we are passionate about days,but I want to see some of the things back when,that made us this way.It is a sad day,when the writers can only give us,so much crime.(shootings,Hit and Runs,poisonings,kidnappings,locking one up in a coffin,changing people’s faces and memories,on and on, writers mix it up,maybe they are,with some of the cast, from back when are returning.I think we all could use a little dose,of happiness.

    PS.I know this is a soap,not real life,and can seperate,it as such,,but this show like any we watch,movies,sitcoms.esp Law and order,CSI,Criminal Minds”any of this type,we like to see some justice,in the end..

  79. From SandyGram

    Your going to love this video with Aaron and Griffin Kunitz (Johnny DiMera)in a Cadillac Commercial.

  80. From kass

    Sandy gram I know you said not to take it personal, and I am trying not to but to me it sounds like you are insinuating in a sugar coated way that I am attacking people. I simply stated to ADMIN. That another poster was actor bashing. The is a difference from stating your opinion, which is okay and bashingdon’t understand, but Nancys comment was “this guy is a lously actor”. My point is a lot of people don’t like ‘EJ’ because he is the bad guy but arnt smart enough to differentiate the difference between EJ and James Scott. But I don’t care if people want to live in some farytale soap opera land where people really come back from the dead, and people are brainwashed and crap what ever. Because I know that when I shut my tv off EJ is no longer EJ he is James an Emmy nominated actor and rafe is galen a guy whose original soap was axed for lack of ratings. I’ll just say this if galen is so great howcome when he was given 2 roles (double the screne time) ratings plummeted so much that Dool completely changed their course of action with the show? I am not hating on Galen, I don’t hate any of the actors Ill just say ratings speak for themselves!

  81. From SandyGram

    #80 Kass
    Boy is this a time I wish this site had a way to delete a post. I didn’t want to upset anyone; I wasn’t trying to call anyone out; I wasn’t insinuating anything; I wasn’t saying anyone was attacking people, I guess I just don’t have the writing skills to express my desire to be able to go to a site and share my thoughts, do a few what if’s and speculations on Days in a friendly manner as if we were all standing around a water cool. I thought maybe you could help me understand, not so much who’s the best actor, but how we as fan’s can post in a manner as to not result in so much animosity (And that doesn’t mean I think you personally cause animosity). I probably would have asked Katherine but she’s on vacation. So I apologize if I have offended you in any way that was not my intentions.

  82. From kass

    I’m sorry if I came off as mean or offensive sandy gram I didnt mean to say anything to hurt you feelings. Nothing against you at all just there are some people on here are constantly looking for an argument. Facts are okay and Opinions are okay when respectively stated but when people (not you) take their own negative biased opinions and state them as facts ADMIN needs to step in and correct them.. I have nothing against you, you seem like a nice woman. Sorry again if I sounded mean, please don’t take it the wrong way I first thought you were accusing me of starting stuff I now realize that I misunderstood the writing

  83. From grandma to many

    since so many seem to have an opinion about how bad Passions was I wonder why Days is now using so many of their former writers as new writers for days maybe no one told TPTB sorry just had to try and make a few people smile there are so many angrt posts over the last month or so sometimes I think we’ve forgot that we read these because of a shared love of the show

  84. From SandyGram

    #83 Thank You grandma to many

    My sentiments also…I’ve been trying to say that all day but you said it the best!

  85. From Janiebell

    Lots of people have tried and failed to bring down the DeMears; now the Salem pd. thinks they can get the job done? I would like to see Bo and Hope “bust the DeMears good”, but I dought the monster/ mobsters DeMeans will be brought down to pay for their many crimes.

  86. From Clear

    Janiebell I would like to see them get exposed and at least some time in the orange jumpsuits. Can you see the possibilities with Kate and Tay being frisked and X-rayed before they go in for a visit! LOL! However, I wouldn’t want them to stay in the orange jumpsuits too long. EJ can defend as an attorney in an action packed–but not too long trial and get
    them off on a technicality so they can go back to being our Salem resident arch villainous family!

    I never liked Passions and thought it was way over the top incredibly unbelievable and too morbid, plus the characters at times were beyond wimpy and unredeemable to me. I quit watching after several episodes.

    Kass, some people enjoy arguing and debating. So, if one of us gets upset, I believe they enjoy reading the fall out from the upset. Thankfully most people on this site seem to be nice people intent on discussing and enjoying our daily visit to Soapland, or as often as we have time, because we enjoy a GOOD and well written story. Don’t let it worry you overmuch. I for one enjoy reading your posts about the action and story lines. Keep them coming.

    By the way, here in Florida we finally got some rain! So, the fireworks are on for all the cities planning them around us. Other good news is the C. Anthony trial will soon be over and no more preempt for that soon!

  87. From Clear

    Gerri and Sandygram, I have to mention that so often one or both of you say almost exactly what I have been thinking, but sometimes express it better.

    Happy Fourth!

  88. From kass

    Well one thing I hated about Passied ons was that so many things were sooooooooo implausable. Like witches, witchcraft, and live human talking dolls ??? Every time I even attempted to watch it imo it was just toooo far our there and stupid not believable. Most things on days are very unlikely and don’t happen to most people but is possible for instance sami having twins with seperate fathers, not very likely but it is physically possible. I am not in to science fiction and stuff that is way out there. I think the ONLY thing that Passion had going for them at all imo is the Eathan/Teresa storyline

  89. From SandyGram

    Here the NBC Promo of the 2 Rafe’s coming together at the DiMansion:

    I gotta say I felt sorry for EJ after just being beat up by Brady, not Sami gives him a whack any other man wouldn’t be able to handle. How much more can poor EJ’s face take.

  90. From Clear

    Sandy, that spoiler clip was too cool with all of them in the room too! EJ deserved that one from Sami after sending the “Creature” to sleep with her, but it was only a love tap, right? LOL!

    It will be interesting to see what happens after the confrontation–though it looks obvious why Sami gets custody of the children for a while. It would be terrible if they became schooled in the offers and opportunities provided down in the nethers of the Dimera Mansion! As long as it is only fiction, it is hilarious! Go Sami!

    Kass, the times you watched Passions did you ever (tongue in cheek) wonder if Teresa would run out of one more tear! I hated how wimpy and whiny they made her character. She was always the prey for the predator torturing her. I felt the same way you did about the human doll and witch stuff that didn’t even make any sense!

    Upside down words give me a break!

  91. From gerri480

    you as well say the things I totally agree with.Sometimes It’s almost like there Is 2 totally,different characters that we are much as I disagree with some of the bloggers,I’ve not called anyone out,with words such such as living In a fairyland,being ignorant,etc.
    well I’m not a child,a true fan,and I can take any remarks,like these thrown my way,and It seems you and I SandyGram,and Grandma Judy,(I haven’t saw any blogs by her lately,wonder where she is),see things the same way.I remember once,by disagreeing,with some remarks,a remark that those of us who saw things differently,was looking with “”"Tunnel Vision”".

    well so much for all that.
    am watching closing arguments,in Casey Anthony’s trial.I’m glad I’m not sitting on that Jury,or I might be ready to up and walk out….I was on a case 3 years ago,that ended In a Hung Jury,the evidence was there,even a defense witness,was a better witness for the state,than their side,but we could never win over the ones who said not guilty,Don’t think they would have believed,it(even if they were watching it unfold on a video)like the OJ Trial…anyway,she had to be retried,don’t know if they ever got a conviction.This case Is very strange,with that defense attorney,

    hope this goes through……

  92. From Guest

    Wackiest 4th of July ever. I bet it was fun for the actors. I applaud the writers for taking the risk and having some fun, even though it is the corniest show I’ve ever seen.

  93. From SandyGram

    Being reported on the Huffington Post quote:

    Wimbledon Leaving NBC, Appears Headed To ESPN

    Happy news NBC Soap fans your voice has been heard next year we won’t have to contend with Days being pre-empted by Tennis.

  94. From Clear

    Yes!! Thanks, SandyGram–best news I heard all day! I will no longer be tortured with Wimbledon scenes unless I choose it–NOT!

    Now, if they will stop preempting with that waste of time showing every little thing about that trial and be done. I can DVR and watch earlier in the day again!

  95. From miller

    Regarding the gay storyline mentioned. I was already guessing Will was gay and the Sunny character shall become his love interest. Abby is related to both but i don’t think the 2 are related. Thus the big secret to tell Victor is of Sunny’s sexuality. I could easily be wrong.

  96. From Grandma Judy

    HAPPY 4th OF JULY to all my blogger friends! Especially the ones who join me in our accused state of ignorant fairyland tunnel vision!! (chuckle) Good observation gerri480 #91.

    I haven’t had time to read all the blogs but I would like to respond to #80. Galen IS so great! And most of us on here, even the EJ lovers, have commented what a great job he has done, and is doing, playing 2 parts. The reason the show’s ratings plummeted after he was given the 2 parts had nothing to do with his acting ability. As was reported at the time, it was due to viewers being turned off by the faux Rafe s/l and putting that stranger in Sami’s bed and around the children, which was the same problem with the s/l line many of us on this site had. That’s why one of the co-head writers was fired back then and why DOOL changed their course of action. Actually, I suppose one could say Galen played faux Rafe SO WELL and made him SO REAL that it’s why viewers were so sickened by him being with Sami.

    Still a house full here but things are going much better than they were for a while. The wedding for one of our sons is coming up in a couple of weeks and then hubby and I will take off on vacation with our son’s 2 boys, ages 10 and 14, while Daddy and his new bride are on their Honeymoon. My best to all!

  97. From kass

    Gerrie no one called you igornant or said you lived in a fairy tale land you are the one that took that comment personal. And grandma Judy who really knows why the ratings dropped it may have nothing to do at all with how good or bad rafe is it may be because hope and Bo have more screen time LOL

  98. From Tamie

    July 4…what a start.. I am tempting to turn it off…so dumb!

  99. From Tamie

    You have to be kidding. The way todays episode started, made me want to turn it off…

  100. From SandyGram

    #95 Grandma Judy
    Nice to hear from you. We’re holding down the fort while your busy with your family. Starting today with the 4th of July show things seem to be getting more interesting and just maybe the Rafe2 story line is coming to an end, as is Taylor, Vivian, Dario, etc. Glad to hear things are going well. This weekend we’re off to our 9 year grandson’s birthday, he’s pretty excited about becoming a double digit the big 10. Enjoy your 4th of July.

  101. From Just Moi

    #92…I must agree that this was one of the corniest Days ever and IMO what a waste of time. This has got to be one of the sillyest things I have seen on Days. I hope some of you liked it better than I did. And at the end “To Be Continued”…I hope not!

    Happy 4th everyone!

  102. From Jenny

    Is it just me or is the 4th July episode with all the Hollywood movies spoof the most stupid episode ever? And the acting? The worst!!! These actors will never leave the soap opera world because they can’t do anything else. YUK!

  103. From SandyGram

    Today’s show was very inventive. Showing all the characters in different rolls showed how creative they all are, but for me the young ones stole the show. And I’ve gotta say Abigail and Gabbi were beautiful. And, I’m liking Abbi and Chad together more and more. Nice change!

  104. From patti

    4th of July days….what the hell????the show has to be the most stupid thing i have ever seen….what were the writers drinking or smoking????because they had to be high on something to write this story line….STUPID….STUPID….

  105. From SandyGram

    Today’s show was just a little change and fun for the holiday!

  106. From BabyBlue

    I agree with Patti. That has got to be the worst thing I have seen.
    Big waste of time. I do thinj EJ is a very good actor. He makes us love him and then hate him. He deserves some body to love If it can’ be Sami, find somebody believeable, The blogs are great–almost better than the show.

  107. From Clear

    The made up characters or alter egos were interesting and creative, but nothing we faithful watchers can invest in! A talent show or no rain and the picnic on the 4th would have been better with ongoing action. Maybe a box lunch auction like the old pioneers, or Frontier Day, or something else. Even a martial arts tournament with Brenn F. and Alison S. choreographing some kickbut fight scenes! We know Brenn has talent in that area, and as I remember Alison did too. Maybe there are others, so why waste that talent. Plus they barely ever let Chloe sing! She still needs a job at Chez Rouge and stay on the show singing while we see some action scenes in the restaurant.

    Who thinks up these horrible captchas! More upside down words again!

  108. From Me

    WOW…….Everyone chill out……I have stopped watching DOOL for the last 2 months.Just checking this site and I DON’T MISS IT!!!

  109. From Janiebell

    I hope everyone had a vert happy and safe 4th. of July. I spent most of the day resting, hubbyand daughter watched telivision. Just as I was getting ready to cook supper so I could rest a little more; mom called from the nursing home. I have a morning doctor’s apointment,{to do blood work.}, tomorrow is my son’s birthday. Now mom wants me to go from GA. to Upper state S.C. wash her dog, bring him to the nursong home in mttle S.C. along with a few other items. Then I would have to go back by upper stateS.C. to take her dog home. This will leave no time for my son on his birthday.
    I am taking care of a vasculardementa husband, a Austici daughter, and now running between states for a mother that never made any secret that she perfered my youngest brother to me. {he stays drunk over half the time.} I fill lokr an old clock that has been wound so tightley that it is about to break.

    So I hope everyone had a better 4th. of July than I did.

  110. From gerri480

    hopefully this one will go through.
    Kass #96.
    go back and read #80 and #56.
    I think comments were indeed thrown my way,and also thrown to Sandygram,Clear,Grandma Judy,and anyone else,who have different tthoughts and feelings,toward the characters,if not explain why,when we send a blog,almost immediately, a blog appears,with why,we shouldn’t feel as we do,it’s just a soap ,yadda,yadda,but your views somehow make more sense,am I correct In pointing this out?
    I will continue to watch,and I also will blog,my thoughts and feelings,as I hope everyone will(yourself Included,.

    GrandmaJudy,glad to hear your thoughts,and happy everything Is going well.Give Your son happy congrats,on his “big day”that’s coming up…

  111. From daisy

    I watched the first ten mins. today, and thought Maggie looked like Priscilla Presley in her scene with Hope, who showed how too thin she is. Then I switched channels, as I didn’t care for the silliness. But that s just me! Happy fourth! For all its problems, we still live in the best place!

  112. From holly

    I wasn’t a huge fan of today’s show either. I agree that it was kind of fun to see the actors play different characters, but I thought the whole concept was a little silly.

  113. From Shirley Lee

    Hi Everyone. Today I did what I said I would do if the show did one more stupid thing, like todays show. If I wanted people acting silly I would watch SNL. There are enough kid type shows,I would like Days to be more like it was when I first started watching in 1990.Today I turned the show off for good, I will surely miss it.

  114. From Renee

    SandyGram#101 I thought today was also a little change. And some of the scenes was a little funny. Like the one with Nicole and Brady before all his sister come in the room. And then when it showed Ej in the Cheatin Heart I think it was. I think all the cast had fun with this. So I think it was okay and it will be back to normal tomorrow.

  115. From ky girl

    ok all of you who say they hated yesterday’s show, let’s don’t get our panties wadded! i enjoyed it and was glad to see some lightheartedness for a change. i’ve been so bored with the fake rafe storyline so much lately and everybody down one another’s throats that i long to see somebody having fun for a change. i hope the writers will do it again. am so glad to hear tamara and dario is leaving the show, never liked them. hate, hate, hate the will being gay storyline. if they show him kissing another guy that’s when i’ll quit watching!

  116. From ky girl

    oops, i meant today’s show.

  117. From gerri480

    I agree with everyone who thought yesterday’s show was so juvenile,I stopped watching after a few minutes,but saw enough.Previous july 4th shows,were lighthearted,everyone having fun,this years was so stupid.a waste of time,and Day’s Budget.
    if i wanted to see something such as this,I’d turn to Nick Jr.Disney channel,or cartoon network…

    of course this is my opinion !!!

  118. From SandyGram

    All the character pairs were great today. I didn’t think I would like to listen to Jen and Carly deal with Carly’s drug issue I was ready to FF through it. But I hung in there and I must say Jen ‘hit a home run’ with her intervention. This of course is all leading up to Carly’s departure, she may not only end up in a rehab center but a mental facility if Lawrence keeps popping up! And
    now we know Quinn and Vivian are going to go after Carly again. Viv did leave just one little thing out when she was explaining to Quinn how Carly killed her beloved Lawrence causing Nicolas to be miserable. The part about Carly shooting her daughter, Viv forgot to tell him Carly was aiming at her when she was going to throw Melanie off the roof. Just one of those small details that always gets left out!

    The one thing I didn’t like today was when Rafe took Johnny home from school, Rafe tells Johnny “to tell EJ and Stefano he said to be careful going down those stairs.” The kids should not be in the plot to take down the DiMera’s. Just an observation.

    But now EJ and Tay Tay in the park. Oh my this girl is never going to learn. She was very logical in her thinking, there was just to many open issues before she felt she could accept his proposal. The one issue I would think he could have understood was her mother was pushed down the DiMansion stairs and died as a result of that fall.
    The writers could have at least had EJ offer to build her a mansion all her own so she wasn’t reminded of that everyday. But no instead they had good ole considerate Elvis give her an ultimatum, if she doesn’t accept his proposal they should just walk away. Just when I thought Tay Tay was going to stand up for herself, she fell for Evis’s charm. Maybe there is still hope, at the send of the show she did walk in on Stefano telling EJ they needed to eliminate Rafael. Can Jr. and Daddy Dearest explain this away? No dought and Tay Tay will be so naive as to except the explanation. Same ole, Same ole!

  119. From kass

    MY post was post was 54 NOT 56 and the only thing that I intended to direct towards you was that James Scott HAD won awards. I also stated my opinions about rafe and EJ (NEVER SAID A NEGATIVE WORD ABOUT YOU OR ANOTHER POSTER). I also NEVER ONCE said anything to Sandygram, Grandma Judy, OR Clear you are just trying to start drama by saying I said something about them when in fact I never did! WHERE anywhere did I address them or their point of views? I didn’t so stop making up stuff to suit your selfish needs to be a trouble starter! I very seldom address individual people on here about anything because I have better things to do in life to remember who is an EJ, Rafe fan ect. Therefor I address them as a group. The only thing that had said to Sandy gram was that it was hard not to take her comment personal when she directed it to me, but we worked through that big misunderstanding, which it really NONE OF YOUR BUSISNESS! I know that all of the comments are able to be viewed by everyone, but it was a conversation between her and I, not you.
    Not to be so negative but I feel that you are trying to make something of NOTHING. I am not telling you or anyone how to feel, I could give a hoot less about your thoughts or opinions. I simply state my opinions and give a rationale why I feel that way. Sorry if you cannot recognize that. I said that people who call James Scott a bad actor probably do so because they don’t like EJ (the character he plays), how could anyone call an Emmy Nominated actor “Lousy” that just doesn’t make sense, those awards aren’t just handed out. Anyone should be able to realize that an actor that has been nominated for such an award should be able to recognize his abilities unless they are ignorantly blinded by their biases for his character. Some people simply may not like him because they just don’t click with him. There are many talented people whom I don’t like because I don’t click with them or they are not exactly what I like, for instance Michael Jackson (With all respect for the dead) or O.J. Simpson, or Adam Lambert). I simply don’t care for their personalities or how they are but I will give credit where credit is due, they are talented, or else they wouldn’t have become what they were/are. Either way you cannot refute that facts that unlike any other Day’s actor James has been nominated for an Emmy, which is proof that he is TALENTED!

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