Days Of Our Lives: Tamara Braun, Nadia Bjorlin And Bren Foster Fired. (Updated!)

Further firings.

The house clearing at “Days Of Our Lives” is continuing. Today, it was revealed that Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) as well as newcomers Tamara Braun (Taylor) and Bren Foster (Quinn) have been cut from the cast. Final air dates have yet to be revealed for any of the actors but Soap Opera Fan Blog will keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

The latest three firings follow close on the heels of the show cutting Louise Sorel (Vivian) and Crystal Chappell (Carly). Read more about Louise Sorel Fired, Drake Hogestyn And Marlena Evans To Return here.

Updated: June 9.

Bjorlin’s publicist clarified the situation by making the following statements: “…she wasn’t fired and second she was leaving anyway because of movie and third, she’s left the show before and all was fine and I’m reckoning this time around will be the same! Let’s celebrate in her movie – more details on that forthcoming!” He later added “…last air date more than likely will be in September. It’s part of the business, sure they are disappointed, but the actors, the writers and producers are all used to this. You have to be. Yes it’s still painful. But change is good and she has other projects on the horizon that we’ll be able to talk more about when the time comes. But keep up the support, and thank you! She is one of the most grateful person(s) I know and she appreciates the fan support. We are still attending the Daytime Emmys in Las Vegas in less than 2 weeks.., she is still doing all personal appearances she has previously committed to doing.”

Updated: June 25.

SOD has reported that Bren Foster (Quinn) won’t be leaving after all. It looks like the actor has been re-hired by the show.

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  1. From dc

    well, now there is only one left to be fired or released from show. i think i read where there was 6. vivian, carly, quinn, taylor and chloe. i did not think quinn would be on the show long. no good storyline there. and the lady playing taylor was on the show before and she was let go. what made them think it would be any different with her playing another part..
    i wonder what the beating brady gives ej will do to him. i think it is gonna change him, yet, again.. not sure how though.
    the writers sure do need to get robo rafe off the show. his appearance is getting old..
    can’t wait until we find out who is coming back (maybe kayla and steve, or shawn and belle, lucas, phillip??)

  2. From Renee

    Hurry up with Robo Rafe s/l. He is taking up time on the show. I am getting tired of that s/l

  3. From Dolly

    Hope they hurry and fire all forms of Rafe.

  4. From Jessica

    I always fast forward thru Chloe/Quinn and all of the Taylor scenes. I think the old Taylor had more chemistry with EJ..even though it took a while to get used to her. Sorry they lost their jobs, but better for the show. Please don’t ever get rid of Rafe! He and Sammi are the only reasons i watch!

  5. From jenn

    These firings are not surprising at all…

    Dc, maybe it will be Vivian’s man servant who is the sixth?

  6. From Alissa

    Good,can’t wait for Taylor to leave the show.She’s sooo annoying that I have a hard time tuning in everyday.GJ Days!

  7. From Jennifer

    The first Taylor took a while to grow on me, but eventually she did, and I agree with a previous poster, she had a lot more chemistry with EJ. I am also ecstatic about Chloe’s exit….she was on thin ice for a while and did not add anything to the show.

  8. From Rebecca

    Why o why are you getting rid of Chloe?! she’s the sexiest siren Days has had in a loooooooong time! and I’ve watched the show for over 35 years!

  9. From Bebe

    Maybe they are taking in consideration what the fans feel! Finally! Didn’t they notice that Taylor looks like a meth addict or chain smoker? Maybe get a better casting director.

  10. From leanne

    It will be interesting to see what
    six come back we know john,marlena & jack will be back. Also adrienne & justin’s son comes in to it.It will be interesting to see who they
    let go since it is only one more.
    I doubt they will get rid of rafe,
    melanie,dario or gabi.But who else
    they bring back will interesting,
    maybe belle & shawn or kimberley & sshane or maybe some hortons.

  11. From SheaNick

    I Think It Is Great That Days Is
    FINALLY Trying To Improve By Actually Going With New Writers And Firing Certain Actors To Make Way For Other Ones To Return. This Should Have Been Done Forever Ago.
    I Have Watched Days Since I Was About 6 Years Old! Yep, I Am A 30 Year Old Male Who Has Been A Long And Loyal Fan Since The Glorious Heyday Of The 1980s And 1990s! One Couple I Have ALWAYS Missed Is That Of Shane And Kimberly. I Strongly Feel That Days Is Severly Missing Out By Not Bringing The Super-Talented Pair Of Charles Shaugnessy And Patsy Pease Back. This Pair Could Show Many Of The Actors On The Show What Great Acting Really Is. Patsy Pease Is Truly One Beautiful And Amazing Actress And MUST Be Brought Back! Just YouTube This Pair And Experience The MAGIC of Kim & Shane And You Will See What Days Is Missing.

  12. From Christy

    The question is who else will they bring back? Well, there was a curious reference to Uncle Lucas the other day. ???

  13. From CJ

    Don’t get rid of Rafe – he and Sammi can make a good solid couple now. I also like Dan and Jenn together – too cute!

    Really ready though for RoboRafe to hit the off button!!

    With John coming back he can help Rafe since they both have been through the same thing.

    Nicole and Brady would be good back together also.

  14. From Cynthia

    I think Days of Our Lives is going to the dogs! I’m happy they are getting rid of the “new” Taylor, although I admit replacing the former Taylor made me hate the new character, which I wouldn’t have been able to do with the original actress. I love Vivian, who makes this show interesting and quirky. I love Carly and wanted her to get back with Daniel. Sick of the Brady and Hortons plot. The show was becoming interesting with these spicy characters. I hope they keep Rafe. Get rid of robo Rafe. Don’t really care for Jennifer and Daniel together but now that Jack’s back should be interesting. Really wanted Daniel and Carly. And what’s with getting rid of Philip and Chole. How about replacing Sydney with a baby that actually talks. Little Johnny is adorable! Whats next? Bringing Austin, Carrie and Lucas back? This show will soon be cut like all the others and I’ll have to watch the Spanish soaps which I find very interesting with sub titles! (Maybe it’s time for Marlena to get possessed again lol That’s why I started watching the show over Y&R.

  15. From chic

    Ah! That’s alright… The voters has told that the frings will help the show… :)

  16. From Janet

    Please don’t get rid of Nadia Bijorlin, she plays her part to the hilt, she is the underdog of the show and I am looking for her to come out swinging. Why do you have her acting so weak because she had her sex life revealed on tape to her. Remember Melanie the same thing happened to her she came out just fine. Don’t have Nadia go down the tubes like she is a whore let her cme out the winner.

  17. From dc

    well, guys i just read where nathan is coming back. it would be good to see him and melanie back together. i read where they said he would be changed, but they did now say how.
    would love to see shawn and belle again or lucas, carrie and austin.

  18. From Jessica


    Amen to that! Bring back Shane and Kim!!

  19. From MH

    Thank GOD they are getting rid of Taylor. Not only is she skanky looking but the chemistry between her and EJ is a big fat zero! At least the other Taylor was believable as being sweet and naive and there were some real sparks with her and EJ. This one has me cheering for Nicole and hoping that she ends up killing her. Can’t wait for her to be gone, I’m at the point of fast forwarding through her scenes, although it was fun to watch Nicole slap her a few times today.

  20. From Marie

    I was never a Nathan/Melanie fan.
    I always thought he was very boring. I think she has more chemistry with Dario! Anyway I can’t wait for Taylor to go. She was terrible! I will miss Chloe!
    I’m hoping that Steve will come back (I know he’s on the Young and the Restless)always loved him. Very talented and very sexy!!
    The new storyline are suppose to start the end of August. I hope it’s a doozy!!

  21. From Clear

    I hate seeing Chloe go! The writers really missed the boat with what they could have done with her Story line. It could have really been great. I guess number six is Dario. If he stayed around he would have most likely needed a makeover with a haircut and a shave!!

  22. From Paki

    So glad Dario is gone. He was terrible. Fast forwarded through his stuff all the time. Mel was getting boring also with him. Like her with Nate and and thrilled he is coming back. He is a good actor. Days always has a way of never being able to keep the good actors. Kirsten Storms, the last Eric, Abby. Do like the new Abby. They’ll probably lose her too. Chloe had pretty bad acting this time around, I must admit. I did like her the first time around. The writing was really bad for her. They should have had her back with Phillip from the get go.

  23. From Jennifer

    I read that the 6th is Dario and Nathan is coming back.

  24. From Lois

    Hope they don’t let Dario go I think Mel and him make a good couple, please don’t bring Nathan back he is boring. Also keep Rafe I like him with Samie.

  25. From Toni

    ok someone refresh my memory..i haven’t seen stephanie on and can’t remember her making an exit. where did they say she went?

  26. From Chad

    I can’t believe they’re getting rid of Chloe…Nadia is the hottest actress on the show! I wanted Brady and Chloe to re-unite. As for the rest…good! Even Vivian has lost any real storyline…and the rest of them weren’t worth watching to begin with. I do hate to hear Nathan is returning though…I was hoping Melanie would be shipped out…can’t stand her. Glad to hear Drake and Deidre are returning…just don’t waste them like they did when Steve returned. I’d like to see the show bring back the “super couples” John/Marlena, Steve/Kayla, Shane/Kim, Bo/Hope, and Jack/Jennifer. Even Sami needs to be off the front-burner for awhile…and I’m no Rafe fan, I’ve always wanted Lucas and Sami to end up together. And they need to give Stefano his evil edge back…he was mysterious in the 80s…now he’s just an ecentric old grandpa that does a bad thing every now and then…not The Phoenix. Keep EJ bad as well.

  27. From Adela

    Nadia Bjolin may be attractive but she cannot act. She is an awful actress, glad to see her go. Beautiful won’t get you everywhere!

  28. From mj

    I agree with SheaNick about Shane and Kim. They were the best! There was a magic with them just like with Patch & Kayla, Bo & Hope, John & Marlena. They were the Super couples of daytime!

  29. From Tami

    Ok. Glad to see Chloe, Dario, Vivian, Quinn & Taylor leaving! Taylor is horrible! Saw no point in Quinn’s storyline. Dont wanna see Jack return, he’s not good for Jen. Ya, can they get a child to play Sydney that actually talks!? I wanna see Nicole & EJ back together. And what’s up with Carly’s all of a sudden drug addiction? Get rid of her as well! She sucks! I need to see more of the old couples! Can’t they just let Samie be happy for once and move on? Geesh!

  30. From mary

    I never wanted to say it but….since Tami brought it up…I completely agree. The actresses who currently play Sidney are cute…but are there no little girls who can actually look at the person talking to them?

    We never hear Sidney say a word, she’s generally looking off stage as though she (they) hate being an actress. Maybe mom should let them be little girls instead of acting. Sidney always looks uncomfortable.

  31. From ss

    Really hate to see Chloe go. She’s so gorgeous. Her character was dull though, not her fault. Hate to see Carly go- I liked her instantly! Really glad to see Taylor go. Do not like the new one. She’s unattractive and I’m tired of her holier than thou attitude. You pursued your sister’s husband. really?

  32. From smita rao

    They really need to get rid of Rafe asap. Getting rid of Taylor was a wise choice esp the new Taylor doesn’t look like she fits into the storyline.

  33. From lori

    Been a fan for 35 years…glad to hear the old ones are coming back. I have to be honest about one thing, I loved seeing the chemistry between EJ and Sami. It was always a love/hate relationship. She brings out the good in him and he brings out the bad in her. And it always drives Kate crazy when she is around which hilarious. Would love to see them back together. Never really been a fan of Rafe and Sami. Get rid of the roboRafe thing, really tired of the 2 people stories, been done way too many times. Think of something knew.

    Chloe will get caught in this scandal and will runaway to leave her story open in case she comes back. Carly will go away for rehab and become a doctor somewhere else. Vivian and Gus will give up on Victor so she will leave also…story lines left open. Unless he puts her on another island. They (Brady?) will kill Quinn for killing Ari. Give us something good and new/unique.

  34. From Ilsa T

    WOO-HOO Taylor is leaving!! I can’t stand her or the storyline so I’m thrilled. I wish Jennifer would leave now.
    Glad that Carly is leaving. HATE this storyline. Waa Waa Waa, feel sorry for me.
    Glad to see John and Marlena coming back.
    Get rid of bad Rafe!

  35. From dee

    I can’t stand Taylor!!

    Taylor turing EJ into a nice guy was BORING!

    Taylor seriously looks like she’s a drug addict. Skinny and shaky!

    They should have never replaced the other Taylor. She was so pretty, classy and sweet. Bring her back.

  36. From krissy

    well so long to Taylor, neither actress could pull it off..a plot not to remember. Bring Dr. Baker back, Syd IS Nicole’s, born premature..A good luck to Nadia, will miss her.. Been watching Days all my life, I was born in ’65, Grandma always had it on. Not looking fwd to a John and Marlena return, their stories are so far out and chronologicly wrong, I just can’t stand it. I would like to see more of Adrienne and Justin especially when Jack returns. Wish Carly would stay on too..bring her son on, and watch the dynamics with Mel, a brother and a romance with Brady! I hope the writers don’t overshadow her from the blinding dwarf star explosion of John and Marlena..GAH! They are boring! I want Rolf back if they bring on John, Rolf was sooo dark and sexy!(I know wierd taste right?)

  37. From kathycall

    PLEASE get rid of KATE and you will have a good show !!! I think she is so dumb and she can’t act either !!

  38. From Clear

    I surely wish Nadia was staying on, but since she isn’t I hope she comes back sometime later.

    I heard Nathan was coming back and then heard he wasn’t! Which is it?

    I also see at the end of this that they are rehiring the actor that plays Brenn? I lost interest in his character after he played such a dirtbag that he would pimp Chloe out. His only redeeming quality was that he wouldn’t give up the evidence to Kate. So, that was a good thing.

    So, if Louise S. as Vivian is leaving, he will not be seeing dear old Mum much. Who would they involve him with that they want to keep him on the show?

    I would like to see Doc Baker back and telling that Nicole’s baby didn’t die, but I don’t want it to be Sydney. I want her to find out he sold her on the black market and go looking for her in exotic locations with mystery and romance.

  39. From Chad

    Jennifer with Daniel makes me nauseaus. I hate how the character of Jack has been treated over the years by various writers, but Jack and Jennifer belong together…for good! They’re the last great super couple to come along on Days. I also want Sami to end up with Lucas…Rafe is ok, but I’m not a huge fan of Mr Eyebrows. So Quinn will be hanging around…not sure how I feel about that. I wonder who his father is. I wish the show would bring back Steve/Kayla and Shane/Kim to unite with John/Marlena, Bo/Hope, and Jack/Jennifer…those are the core couples that made Days a great show. But it’s the writing that has to improve. They completely wasted Steve’s return a few years back…that was such a disappointment…my fav character finally returned and they gave him a stupid storyline…and the explanation of his missing years (with the Dimeras (yawn) having him and EJ torturing him in flashbacks) was sooooo lame and disappointing. They squandered such a great opportunity.

  40. From Patti

    Thank goodness Tamara is leaving. I liked the first Taylor better anyway. Chloe’s part is gone since Phillip left. Carly is getting on my nerves. Dario can’t act.

    Glad they are bringing back some of the older actors.

    Ready for John/Marlena; Patch and (I guess) Kayla (she had begun irritating me).

  41. From Marlena

    I am glad Taylor, Vivian’ & Quinnis leaving. I don’t want Chloe or Carly to leave.Melanie could be with Brady, I think they look great together.
    I would love for Shawn & Belle to come back with another child. John & Marlena is a must. Patch & Kayla, Jack with Carly, Phillip with Chloe, Rafe & Sami, Bo & Hope,Jenn & Daniel,
    Eric& Nicole,Abe & Lexie,The old Abby & a new Dario, Carrie & Austin, Justin & Adrienne,Maggie & Victor, Kate & Stefeno and the rest of the crew. I love this show. This is the most important show to me. I have watched this as long as I can remember. I am 48 years old.

  42. From Kathleen

    I just hope they finish up a storyline or two…you can miss the show for days and nothing changes!

  43. From Amy

    I am so so HAPPY to see that Taylor is leaving! I did not like the acting or the looks of this Taylor…the “first one” truly acted sweet and kind…but this one still reminds me of the crazy actor she was when she was on the show the first time with Steve. And Carly was very boring this time around…not sad to see her go either. Hate the story line they are giving to Chloe…really wish they were bringing back Nathan, loved him and Mel together! Very excited for John and Marlene to come back…finally something good to happen!!

  44. From kell

    ok I am happy that they are bringing back some of the old crew and getting rid of Quinn, Taylor (liked the old Taylor better she was more believable) Getting rid of Cloe is a mistake she is beautiful and talented. I saw that Carly maybe leaving as well I like her she is a strong actress and can go many directions. I like Jennifer and Daniel. I also like Dario i thought he was a great addition.

  45. From leanne

    well it looks like quinn has been
    re hired & wont be leaving after all. So who will be number six ?
    Chloe’s manager said she choose to
    leave like last time & wasnt fired.
    Hopefully our veteran actors will
    be on screen asap,so looking forward to john,marlana,jack maybe
    shane & kim or some hortons like mike & laura.

  46. From Kevin

    I’m glad John and Marlena are coming back. I loved it when Marlena put Stepheno in a torturous coma! Dr. Baker played a good part too! Would like to see Kate get her just do also, can’t stand she gets away with everything. Phillip and Lucas should just plain outright never given her 2nd Chances.The actors they are dropping,their scenes were getting boring. Quinn still doesn’t exite me!

  47. From DaysAlways

    I am so sorry to see Nadia leave the show, I loved what she did with Chloe’s character, However I hated the last storyline the writers put her in, I think it was horrible, & I can’t stand Vivian or her son Quinn. Yet they portray their evil well. I am glad to see Taylor/Tamara/Ava leaving this show. I don’t think she can act & feel she needs to either find another career or just be a standin or extra if she needs to be on TV. Sorry its just my opinion. Plus both of her storylines as Ava and Taylor Sucked!

  48. From Lisa

    I’ve been watching Days for years, but I think Tama is good as Taylor but give her better lines and she will surprise you. It is going to be nice to see a few of the old gang back!!

  49. From Day's of Yawning

    I say get all new writers and replace the casting director. They drag out the story line waaaay to loooong! (Tired of waiting for that shoe to drop, and when it finally does drop, I’ve lost interest.) I now just wait to watch a couple of episodes at the same time because I fast forward through most of them anyway.So predictable and too lame to even come close to capture the audiences interest for more than a nanosecond.(Hate Sami! She’s always whining and throwing tantrums.How old is she anyway? Her kids act older than she does!) And please retire RoboRafe. EVERYONE’s getting tired of watching that every-single-day! If things don’t get better soon, I’ll be deleting Day’s out of my TIVO…

  50. From ejluvsami

    I hate Nadia is leaving, but wish her the best. Quinn’s character needs change for the better if he is staying. Thank goodness Taylor is leaving. Yes!

  51. From Bermudagirl

    I’m glad someone brought up about Sydney…yes, she’s so cute but every time I watch her on the show I’d think that they need to get her tested for autism-that maybe she has it like her cousin Theo. She never looks at anyone while they’re talking to her and doesn’t talk. I know in real life the poor kid must be confused (like ‘why do they keep calling me Sydney?’) but she doesn’t interact with anyone at all!

    If it’s true about Nathan then I’m happy! I was pissed that he and Melanie never got the chance to be together. I always remember the scene at the Cheatin’ Heart where he was massaging her hand and telling her what each area on her hand corresponded with each part on her body and then pressed her hand and gave her an orgasm….I really liked that-I always wanted to see them get together for real.

  52. From Bermudagirl

    Oh-while we’re at it, why don’t they bring back Philip? Why did they get rid of him-and so abruptly? I wish they’d bring him back and have him go up against EJ-start up the feud again…

  53. From Charming Chatty

    I agree with everyone here–good riddance to new Taylor. I liked old Taylor so much better. It has made me appreciate James Scott as EJ. He deserves an Emmy for acting like he wants to marry this woman! There really is no chemistry & I can not even begin to buy that he wants this boring, wimp over Nicole.

  54. From Jtrushing

    Glad to see everyone leave except Carly. It’s good for Mel to have a family. Love Dan and Jen. They’re cute together and they’re relationship keeps the show upbeat and not so intense all the time. Please get Maggie and Victor together. They have great chemistry. Love Sammy and Rafe. They’re the new John and Marlena. The show needed a steady couple other than Bo and Hope.

  55. From SouthernDaysBoy

    @Bermudagirl: Phillip left because Stephanie left. The actors date each other in real life.
    Glad J&M are returning. Enjoyed the 4th of July show. Jack should’ve stayed on his journey. Daniel and Jenn should be together and Carly needs to go (to rehab). Dario/Mel I say yippee. Look forward to Chad’s entrapment into the dimera family. Can we get Nicole to sober up for awhile!? Brady needs to leave Melanie alone. I lke the spicy characters, but we need some family roots. We need a strong Horton or 2 or 3 or more. Hate Viv is leaving (love Louise Sorel). Wrap up Rafe/Fafe, and leave Sami alone for a bit. Maybe let them leave for a month or so on a honeymoon and return more centered and grown. Can’t wait for Will/Sonny to begin.

  56. From BabySwitchFan

    I am very sorry to see Chloe, Carly, and Vivian go. It is hard to understand the storylines sometimes, especially when the writers introduce a topic or theme and then go nowhere with it. That is what has happened to Vivian. She is outrageous, but her schemes never seem to go anywhere. Carly has such potential, why not keep her around? I hope Chloe will return with Phillip (as a couple). I hope if Nathan returns he has more confidence and is not just Melanie’s doormat. I would like to see more extensive storylines with Bo and Hope, especially if they are solving mysteries and going on adventures. Nicole always gives a strong performance and never disapoints. I think it would be wonderful to do something really marvelous with Maggie and not just stick her with Victor. Why not give her an intersting romance with something brought to the show just for her? Someone youngish and mysterious and possibly dangerous. The brief spark from Caroline was fun (when she changed the computer records). Why not give her more to do than bake cookies for Sami’s children? By the way, wasn’t Caroline supposed to face charges for that? And poor Lexi. Why not give her an interesting storyline? She is gorgeous but she never gets to do anything other than be supportive of her family. She could get involved in something crazy regarding the hospital.

  57. From Pascal

    Hello from Canada (Québec)!

    One thing that people never talk about but actually was a days character by itself…..THE SOUNDTRACK!! Bring back the soundtrack not only characters!!!The Roman, John and Marlena themes was amazing, each couples had their sound and music in 80′s and 90′s. The music in Days was always a part of their historic supercouples! What happen to the music now, It’s so boooring….zzzzzz Watch the marlena who was possess by the evil storyline on youtube and take a deep breath at the soundtrack or the carly buried alive in th 90′s soundtrack … it gives me the chill just listen to it without even the story.

    I think days has started to loose its identity and magic in the 2000 years when the budget for the music and the songs themes were cut. Bring back the supercouples songs and see what can happen! GO DAYS!!!! I believe in new writers and the soap! If Days is back, they are actually a lot of canadians who will follw this show once again!

  58. From NewToDays

    Thank you Pascal for posting the information about the musical themes for characters/couples on DAYS. I did not realize how important the music used to be. It must have been a casualty of budget cuts because the show does not have anything like that now. I am going to have to check out the Classic Clips.

  59. From Christy

    I hate Rafe I wish they would get rid of him (I loved him in Passions don’t like him here) I wanted Sami and EJ together along with Melanie and nathan, and Brady and nicole they are my dream couples… We will see I just don’t want them to cancel the show I have watched it forever and they keep getting rid of them all it just sucks

  60. From pamela

    I think it willbe a big mistake to fire Chloe.

  61. From Hol

    I am glad John and Marlena are returning! As for Viv leaving, well…she will be back.
    Taylor I cant stand, she must have had some bad acting classes. As for Chloe, I cant stand her orange spray tan!
    I love Nicole!! I love Vic and Maggie. Glad Jack is coming back, and Austin.

  62. From shawn

    get rid of taylor. she should be gone. her and ej what a joke

  63. From Lisa

    I just discovered this website, and can’t believe so many others feel the same way about Tamara Braun as I do. THANK GOD she’s leaving. I don’t really dislike anyone else but I CAN’T STAND her. She looks . I also give E.J. credit – his superb acting was consistent with both the old Taylor (who I liked) and the new one, despite their vast difference in attractiveness and acting skills.

  64. From Liz

    Please get rid of Tamara Braun, (Taylor) that fake stutter. Really?
    Also please feed the girl!

  65. From Carol

    Don’t like Taylor to goody,goody.

  66. From Sherri

    I agree eith the theme muxice for the super couples. They had thier
    own love song. T really would like
    to see “Coliape” broght back. She was so quirky, funny and amazing in her uniqueness. A fabulous part of the super couples of the 70′s 80′s and early 90′s. I think they need to bring Caroline and Vic.
    together, since they are Bo’s parents and lovers at one time.
    Yes, give Maggie a big story line
    with a Sexy romance.Jack needs to find out how dably he screwed up his marraige to Jemmifer AND that she has moved on with Daniel. Bring him back. He was funny and very likable. Shane and Kim – YES!
    I agree, we need mystery, adventure

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