Freddie Smith Bio.

Name: Freddie Smith
Character Name: Jackson “Sonny” Kiriakis
Birthplace: Ashtabula, Ohio
Birthdate: March 1, 1988
Career Highlights in Soaps: This is Smith’s first role on a Daytime series.
Claim to fame: He has appeared on “90210,” “Medium” and in several short films.
Trivia: He used to play the boyfriend of “Days” alum Trevor Donovan (ex-Jeremy) on “90210″.

Photo Credit: NBC

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  1. From Clear

    His character is nothing to write home about, and why did the writers have to make him gay. I hope he isn’t on the show long and, or is recast as another straight character. I’m fast forwarding through his scenes because I don’t care to watch actors in a gay Story Line.

  2. From Me too

    I’m glad that Days is finally going to have a storyline that many of it’s fans can relate to… being gay. As a fan who happens to be gay, and I know there are many more, I’ve been watching Days since I was a kid in the 70s with my mother, grandmother, even my Dad who pretended not to watch… my family and friends accept me for who I am, and I am sure the fans will welcome and accept this story as well. We are part of life (even though Days is nothing like real life) – you have nothing to fear.

  3. From Michael Smith

    Freddie is a refreshing character on Day Since I have been watching Days for years and years its about time they have a gay character Keep up the good work Freddie

  4. From Martin Sanchez

    Towards the comment \CLEAR\ made … Why are you not man or woman enough to make yourself known , instead you make condescending remarks and lower yourself letting the whole world that you’re ANTI- GAY! HOW PATHETIC YOU ARE….

  5. From TexasT

    IT’S ABOUT TIME Days comes into the 21st century. We’re queer and we’re here!

  6. From Tasha14

    Whose son is Sonny? I missed a few episodes.

  7. From Alice

    Call me slow or whatever BUT, is Freddie Smith aka Sonny Kiriakis gay in his real life. I cannot decide.

  8. From Mark

    Good Job finally having a gay character. Made me start watching the show again!

  9. From Linda

    Sonny Kiriakas is the grandson of Victor,and son of Justin and Adrien.
    I am not gay but I do have to agree it is a nice change.I have some gay friends.
    and the last thing I have to say is you people who think gays fictional or other wise should not exist.YOU are the ones who need to get your heads outta the sand and realize we are not living in the 1950s or 60s.

  10. From LittleMo

    Alice: Freddie Smith is straight but has played gay characters before (see bio above). His birthplace in Ohio is actually only about 20-25 miles from me and it’s nice to see a “hometown” kid make good. I’m not a jock – I’m 56, female, and straight – but I think this storyline is wonderful. Sonny and Will are the best couple DOOL has had in a very long time – not since Daniel and Chelsea have I seen one that I liked as well. And this time, the writing team seems to have finally decided that bringing a couple along slowly is better than making it look like a bunny farm. That’s one thing the need to keep from 20, 30, 40 years ago. You got to know the oouples, saw their lives, and developed a sense of relating to them that really made you root for them to make it. I just hope they don’t screw this up.

  11. From LittleMo

    Alice: Freddie Smith has played gay characters before but he’s straight himself.

    Linda: Sonny isn’t Victor’s grandson. Justin is Victor’s nephew and Sonny’s Dad so that makes Sonny Victor’s grand-nephew, not grandson.

    Clear: I won’t waste words on you- you’re not worth it.

    I’m not a jock, not even male. I’m 56, female, and straight. Freddie Smith’s birthplace in OH is actually only about 20 miles from me and it’s nice to see a “hometown” kid make good. For a long time the DOOL writers had people jumping in and out of bed with everything and everybody but I think they finally got it right with Will and Sonny. WilSon is the best couple DOOL has had for a very long time (since Daniel and Chelsea) and it seems the writers have finally realized that bringing a couple along a little bit slower, the way soaps used to do it, is better. They’re off to a wonderful start with Will and Sonny and I hope they don’t spoil it.


    I have really wanted to know if Chandler & Freddie (Will & Sonny) are gay in real life. Although I don’t care either way they are great together on the show. Even though I don’t care I only find it difficult to watch in front of my boyfriend. Not sure why. I guess if I “really” wanted to know I could have googled long ago. ***** I think both of these young men have so much to write home about. They are so great at acting their parts, I mean how hard would it be for straight men to act gay. They really kiss, I mean, they show them in passionate lip locks. They do their sex scenes way better than any of the straight couples I have ever seen. ***** these guys are going to both have great careers. I’m a 53 year old Gramma and haven’t missed an episode of Days since I started watching it again about 6 years ago.

    Edited: Please do not call out other posters. – SOF Admin

  13. From Anthony P.

    I am gay and would like to know where one can find the real truth about actors, etc. Over the years a number of gay actors made a real effort to convince us that they where straight.

  14. From Sue

    I read about Chandler Massey (Will) and he is straight but is a big supporter against bullying and was willing to do this part to try and curb the gay bully people if just a little. I have a lot of respect for him for that reason. And besides, he is a really good actor too.

  15. From Kathy

    Dont like the gay storyline at all! Can be uncomfortable to watch not necessary for the show

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