General Hospital Spoilers For July 4-8.

Chaotic court cases.

Carly crashes Sonny’s romantic time with Brenda to tell him about how Jax is using the children against her. Things get uglier when Brenda sides with Jax on the issue. Carly ends up with other problems as Edward stakes his claim on Michael. She gets overwhelmed and makes a scene as the hearing gets underway. Sonny shows up and makes things worse. Alexis becomes disgusted by the whole situation and resigns from Jax’s legal team. Later, Brenda has to take the stand right after Anthony has attempted to knock her off. She has no choice but to speak about how dangerous being around Sonny is.

Abby pretends to be having a fling with Ethan in an attempt to convince Kristina that he’s not interested in her. The teen doesn’t take it well. As she’s busy complaining to Michael, Ethan is asking Johnny to keep a leash on his dangerous father after he threatens Kristina. The Aussie admits to his friend that he’s developing feelings for her.

Liz confesses to Siobhan that she’s responsible for her brush with death. The hospital board doesn’t look kindly on this and neither does Siobhan. She lays a malpractice lawsuit on Liz, accusing her of attempting to rub her out. In the mess that follows, Steve decides to resign and he gets a surprising replacement. Meanwhile, Spinelli continues to wreak havoc since he can’t get his old identity back. He nearly comes to blows with Sonny and Anthony. And Dante continues to worry about Lulu as she works in the brothel.

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