General Hospital Spoilers For June 20-24.

New jobs and lost skills.

Lisa uses her hostage taking as an opportunity to play kangaroo court with all the people she thinks have wronged her. When she’s about to snuff out Robin, Patrick knocks her down. Meanwhile, Spinelli starts to recover from surgery but he’s a bit off. He doesn’t know how to use a computer anymore, which could wreak ruin on Sonny’s business.

Liz accidentally sends Siobhan into shock after shooting her up with the wrong meds. While the Irish lass goes into a coma, Lucky freaks out. To stop him from going over the edge, Liz decides to finally tell him Aiden is his son. Siobhan wakes up and tells Lucky she knew the secret. He and Liz break the news to Nikolas and the prince is surprisingly cool about it.

Anthony threatens Brenda which leads to Sonny threatening Anthony. The mob boss then returns to bickering with Alexis about Kristina, who is still intent on seeing Ethan. She lures him down to the boat house. Meanwhile, her brother gets more job offers. Edward offers Abby a job at ELQ, but only if Michael comes too, which makes Sonny and Jason panic. And Dante and Tracy discover that Lulu has run away to find herself. She heads down to the brothel in Florida.

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