General Hospital Weekly Summary For June 20-24.

Secrets come out, personalities change and comas happen.

Jason and Dante overrode the lockdown to get into the hospital. Inside, after shooting Spinelli, Lisa continued her tirade against her enemies. Dante burst in and Lisa took a shot at Patrick, hitting him in the arm. She grabbed Robin and threatened her with a syringe. Patrick struggled to free his wife and Lisa wound up being stabbed. She went into a coma and Spinelli was rushed into surgery. Jason and Sam worried. When he woke up, he could only speak like his gumshoe personae. Jason was aggravated when all of his computer skills seemed to have vanished.

Lucky sat by Siobhan’s side after her surgery was complete. He couldn’t understand why she was sticking with him so he went to have a drink. Before he could, Liz interrupted and confessed that Aiden was really his son and he needed him. He turned back to Siobhan who confessed that she knew the secret. Lucky was okay with her keeping it from him and said it changed nothing between them. Meanwhile, Liz broke the news to Nikolas, who found it hard to swallow.

Anthony and his son argued about Lisa. Across town, Alec told Sonny about meeting Anthony so the mob boss and his goons paid him a visit to dole out threats. The mob boss went home and bickered with his wife about this and then Alexis showed up to bicker with him about Kristina.

News of Lucky burning down the Spencer house spread. Lulu worried more about her brother. Tracy told her she had to let go. Instead, Lulu jetted off to Florida to search for her dad. She arrived at the bordello but Lupe tried to get rid of her. Back in town, Tracy tipped Dante off that his girlfriend had gone south and he started to worry.

Ethan tried to get some money out of Edward and promised him things were still going well with Maya. Edward knew better and shut the door in his face. Then he puttered off to offer Michael a job at ELQ. He ran into Abby first and offered her a position if she could convince Michael to come to the company with her. She wouldn’t manipulate him. However, after Johnny offered Michael a job again, she nudged him toward taking Edward’s offer. Meanwhile, Alexis put her daughter under curfew. Kristina immediately called Ethan over to keep her company. By candlelight and wine, they talked about travelling the world and she kissed him.

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