Matt’s Musings On Days For June 6-10.

Thoughts on Days.

It was all about the fine line between romance and skankiness in Salem this week. Daniel were making Jenn sweat in her sweat pants. Before he could start chewing off the ice cream encrusted on her tank top, Abby walked in. Daniel’s hair popped into instaperm and he rushed away to the hospital. He and Mel engaged in their daily smirking session. She hiccuped laughs until Maxine tipped them off that Carly was ill. The intrepid doctor rushed to her side. Carly still lives in a hotel room. He checked her out and guessed she didn’t get her shots. He’s only a surgeon after all, he can’t be expected to know the difference between drug withdrawal and a stomach bug. Then again, it was unclear whether Carly’s exploding insides were caused by drugs or the spectacle of Dannifer’s face sucking shenanigans. When she returned to work and he was talking about Jenn, she could barely control the desire to sink into a narcotic stupor. After filling her purse with meds, she poured them out on her desk like they were pixie sticks and then snorted them through a straw.

Just to give viewers a taste of the ‘return to values’ Ken Corday has promised for the show, Carly’s ex was back on the job in his odd suede collared get-up. While Hope was busy exploiting the labor of Salem’s children and teaching them how to assault random people, Babs was called over to Casa DiMera to investigate a domestic disturbance. Nicole was busy throwing everything but the fabled kitchen sink at EJ for churning butter with her sister. Babs smirked until Nic started teasing him about almost being spit roasted by his wife. He returned to doing nothing. EJ and Nicole returned to calling each other names and arguing about who was whose bitch. Then she went outside to argue with her sister about which of them was a full blown slut and which was just a half-assed one. Elvis got between them to prove that he was an all-ass overblown slut.

As Nicole lit fires between EJ and his father, Taylor gushed to Brady about EJ and his eyes started to dart like he was preparing for a boxing match. She went over to the loft and found Rafe there. He was confused about whether he should be himself or the man pretending to be him. Taylor looked at him like he was a hobo relieving himself into EJ’s “Dora The Explorer” knapsack on the subway. She managed to avert her gaze and notice that he had either taken up cross dressing or was holding her mother’s cameo.

The rainbow of optimism that Chloe was floating on hit the ground. It wasn’t a pot of gold she landed in either. Instead, Quinn offered to promote her from being the town slut to being its most sought after working girl. The diva has her dignity though. She will only sleep with strange or married men for free… and then only if she’s drunk. Undeterred, Quinn decided to blackmail her into joining his new start-up company: Salem Escorts – “The witchy women who will make you burn.” She thought that was tacky, even by Salem standards, and started to worry that the sleazy Aussie could have left her a burning sensation of his own. As they bickered about it, Victor showed up to jovially mock them. Quinn was annoyed, but he was more annoyed this week by his mother, Vivian. She wasn’t exactly thrilled to see him either. After the Aussie pushed poor Augustine around, he brow beat the Duchess for abandoning him and started doling out threats. She was so taken aback she didn’t have a scheme to call upon.

Meanwhile, Will and Gabi had an awkward conversation about their relationship. She worried that he might not be interested in her anymore because her appendix was gone. He had to explain that he didn’t have a fetish for internal anatomy. He’s not EJ after all. She was relieved, so he got her some balloons. Blowing up enough balls to fill her room was the clearest way he could tell her his true feelings.

Lines of the week:

Abby: Did you play the Barry White albums?

Quinn: I sell people.

Victor: Following her trail of destruction has become something of a macabre hobby for me.

Alicia: This has ‘fiasco’ written all over it.

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  1. From Deb

    Why in the world did Taylor just go over to Rafe and Sami’s place anyway?

  2. From Deb Joyce

    Ummm, why did Taylor go over to Sami and Rafe’s place anyway?

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