The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Brooke’s Next Man.

Everything old is new again.

Brooke just gave Ridge his ‘freedom’ and sent him back to his ex-wife. Since this also means that she’s free to join up with one of her former flames, which one would you like to see her go back to?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From Bea

    I can`t wait till Brooke finds out the truth & SLAPS Thomas & Stephanie & Ridge grows up & RELISES WHO TRULEY LOVES HIM & it won`t be his selfish MOTHER, Her Children all need to stand up to her this time, once and for all!

  2. From Toni

    Watched B& B since day 1,…but the latest on brooke & ridge is foul…that shud have neva happened…don’t like the plot and will no longer be watching…after over 25+yrs of watching…IM DONE…

  3. From xneeh

    I love to see brooke with nick; i know there are not many vates;
    but brooke-nick had good chemistry they are so a good couple; and if i have to be honest as a bridge-fan nick is really the man that respect/loves/put her first/ deeply and treuly love her;
    it will also be great for jack, so she can be there close to her other child; i wish her and nick start a great life; build ” JACKIE M” and maybe brooke should start her own company so her childeren will have something of them own, since steffie/thomas things forrester is oly theirs;

  4. From Sherry

    Its amazes me that Ridge never trusted Brooke or even ask Thomas to be put under hypnosis to see if he remembers but I would like Brooke to find out the truth..and have nothing to do with them all when she does. I would like her to start her own business or either going back to be a chemist for JACKIE M and beat the forrestors ..I just can’t wait till she finds out the whole truth

  5. From yolly

    Brooke should be with Ridge they are the show, if they are not together. the show loses fans.

  6. From Gunner20

    Brooke and Ridge should stay together just to show Taylor and Stephanie that their little games do not pay off. Taylor ruined a perfectly good marriage with Whip to chase Ridge and then acts holier than thou. Stefanie needs to be discovered for the wicked one that she is. Thom and Steffy need to grow up and start getting busted for their maneuvers. That is where the drama lies and we are waiting for it–but the waiting is getting a little old. James Warrick is a shrink…he’s not gonna get involved with either woman and Nick isn’t stupid…your audience is waiting….

  7. From Missy

    def Ridge,they deserve to be together. love them as a supercouple in La. bring them on track but as for Brooke be honest & open & trust. thank’s, & Ridge, as well thank’s,

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