Tyler Christopher Fired From General Hospital. (Updated!)

Say goodbye.

Tyler Christopher (Nikolas) has left the cast of General Hospital. Soap Opera Digest has reported that he was let go on Friday. This leaves the actor with a lot more time to star in his upcoming Primetime series for ABC Family. Christopher will play the role of Detective Matthew on The Lying Game. The series will debut on August 15.

Christopher has played the moody prince of Port Charles off and on since 1996. No final airdate has been announced, but he is expected to be gone within the next few weeks.

Updated: April 27

Tyler Christopher’s final air date will be May 19.

Updated: May 24.

After his last day of taping for the series, Christopher updated his blog to thank his fans for their support and shared this information about his final scene with Jonathan Jackson (Lucky):

“Jonathan and I wrote our last scene over coffee at Starbucks. It took about two hours for us to come together on a scene that you will see in a couple of weeks. (Don’t know the air date off hand) It is about 5 minutes long and will embody everything you’ve grown to love about these two characters. Personally, it was the finest moment of my career.”

Updated: June 30.

Tyler Christopher will return for three episodes in August to wrap up loose ends with his onscreen sister Lulu (Julie Berman).

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  1. From Cristi

    I hate that he is leaving. It has been nice seeing him get close to a woman other than Elizabeth or having his tumor where he thought Emily was still with him. Worst timing ever. No one can replace him so I hope he goes out temporarily and then comes back!!!

  2. From Lucy Downey

    Why u let him go , u can’t say
    He can’t act , u need to write more
    Stuff for him, u let the best
    Want u do . It’s all in the dumb writers
    Hand . U need to get Better writers .
    Get rid of writers , not the actors .

  3. From Jynx0854

    This does not surprise me. They really ruined Nik and Liz by creating the 3 way garbage s/l. Then Aiden added was stupid also. I think Tyler will enjoy pursuing his other ventures. I’m still keeping my fingers crossed the writers will finally get it right and let Liz and Jason love s/l return and last the length of the series.

  4. From A fan of TC

    This is so wrong. I think TC is an amazing actor. The writers failed on this one. They have given him nothing to work with. Give him something juicy and you will see him come alive again. Bring back Natalia Livingston as Emily they had magic together. I’ve never seen a more romantic couple on GH.
    There is so much you can do with that storyline (like who took her from that bodybag. Was it Alcazar, Jerry Jax, Helena?) Think of the Possibilities. Keep him on and get cracking on this story. I miss who he was when he had emily. He had so much passion. I was so moved when would watch him with her. I find myself fast forwarding through GH these days. TC I hope they keep you on.

  5. From Linda

    I think GH has made a horrible mistake. Tyler Christopher added so much to the show. The writers need to start using the people they have instead of bringing new ones in all the time. I am afraid letting Tyler go is really going to hurt the show.

  6. From angels22

    Tyler will be dearly missed. I really hope they do not recast him, just leave the door open for a come back.

  7. From nik&emfan

    I loved Nikolas with Emily. I started watching the show when Nik lost his memory, and it was so romantic seeing the two of them together. The writing was at its best then. I hated it when Emily died, and when she came back I was so excited because I was hoping that Rebecca was really Emily in disguise. But of course I was deeply disappointed that it wasn’t. The writing has gone down hill the past few years, and needless to say I stopped watching. I hate the women they have Nikolas paired up with. It’s so incestuous. The Elizabeth storyline was so creepy, and now BrookLynn?
    It was disgusting to have Nik have a sexual relationship with Emily’s identical twin sister.. Gross!
    But I really hope that one day the writers bring back Tyler and Natalia as Nikolas and Emily. They had real chemistry together.
    They were the reason I started watching, and when Natalia left the show and Nik started a relationship with Nadine I stopped watching.
    The new characters are so boring, and the storylines are so ridiculous, is a little reality too much to ask for in a soap?

  8. From Mickie

    I think its a huge mistake of the GH producers to let Ty go he’s an amazing actor and his character is a major character and has a lot of roots within the show. Its beyond my comprehension that they would fire him. Words cannot express my disappointment in GH.

  9. From Ashley

    I hate that Ty is off the show… :/
    I wish that GH would change the writers…
    Gloria Monty had it GOIN ON.
    What it is now…just ain’t right!

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