Brent Foster Bio.

Name: Bren Foster
Character Name: Quinn Hudson
Birthplace: London, England
Birthdate: Unknown
Career Highlights in Soaps:Bren appeared on the Australian soap “Home and Away.”
Claim to fame: The actor has appeared in more than a half a dozen film and TV shows.
Trivia:Foster is a Tae Kwon Do world champion.

Photo Credit: NBC

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  1. From Clear

    Perhaps his character could be a bit more redeemable if he weren’t pimping Chloe! Since he’s a hunk and a martial arts champ, write in some fight scenes to show us how he can hold his own. They would be pretty cool! He could actually be NSA like John was and be the Undercover Ninja type or something!

  2. From TexasT

    Maybe write him in wearing no shirt a time or two before he leaves!

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