Days of Our Lives Comings And Goings For July.

Here’s the latest castings news on who is coming to Salem.

Nadia Bjorlin
(Chloe) finished her last day of shooting on July 15.

The show is currently casting for the part of Erin Hewitt. The character is described as a 60 to 75-year-old African American female attorney. “She has a warm, sassy, disarming demeanor. She is playful and unassuming with a kick in her step.” It is a two day role that may be extended.

David ‘Shark’ Fralick (ex-Larry Wartman, “Y&R”) posted on Facebook that he will be appearing as a killer around the 18th and 19th of July.

Cody Longo will turn up in Salem as Nicholas Alamain late in the summer. No specific air date has been released.

Sydney Penny will be playing Dr. Norman in the rehab that Carly is shipped to. She will start appearing on August 30.

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  17 responses so far...

  1. From CM

    I wish they’d address the whole “Bo having premonitions” deal from last year. That was completely dropped. Was hoping they’d tie it in to his accident or something and maybe explain why he went COMPLETELY out of character last year by dropping Hope and shacking up with Carly. It’s kinda like the “Marlena Clones” Stefano created in 1995…never to be heard from again.

  2. From jenn

    Wait…is this the guy who is playing Nick? He looks a lot younger than the other guy who played Nick. I remember the last Nick had an affair with Kate.

  3. From MoreQuestionsThanAnswers

    Why bring Nicholas Alamain on when both Carly and Vivian are exiting? Why keep Quinn when Chloe, Vivian, and Carly are leaving?

  4. From misty

    i hope they bring another actress to play taylor, i loved the story that ej and taylor played it was a great love story those two had so much chemistry. i wish the other actress that played taylor would come back natlia livingston she was a great actress! hopefully days will bring some else to play taylor

  5. From Sindra

    They did address the Bo and premonitions, he was hit on the head during Ciara’s kidnapping and they stopped.

  6. From Pie

    Quinn is gone, along with Chloe, Viv, and Carly. After the Ivan Return.
    Taylor is gone too!
    ***But coming back with the best classics! John & Marlena, Austin & Carrie … and……Jack!
    Yeay!! Its about time Days!!!
    I just hope they can keep Melanie, I love her character. But with Jack coming back, Daniel might not have a chance, and Carley leaving, where would that put her?

  7. From Pie

    Hey One more Thought???
    All these classics coming back like John & Marlena, I wonder if that will be an opening to bring back, Bell & Shawn????

  8. From mikedog

    Please keep Vivian on days!! She is much needed character for the success of the show. Especialy with the return of her nephew John Black. VIVIAN IS THE BEST!!!

  9. From Mikedog

    Vivian is a legendary days character who deserves the more storyline opportunities. I find it funny she has been in Salem 2 years and never cross paths with Sammie. Viv and Sammy deserved to work together again. Maybe the two of them could scheme against EJ! KEEP VIVIAN IN SALEM!

  10. From Marlena

    I want John , Marlena, Shaun , belle with 2 or 3 kids back. Jenn & amp; Daniel together. EJ & Nicole, Mel & Brady together. Austin & Carrie.
    Vivian & Quinn, Taylor & Carly gone. Also Sonny don’t ruin the show by putting a gay persom on the show

  11. From Marlena

    I want John , Marlena, Shaun , belle with 2 or 3 kids back. Jenn & Daniel together. EJ & Nicole, Mel & Brady together.

  12. From Jackie

    Ok so what if they brought back Shawn and Belle and Bo’s other daughter Chelsea??? That would be interesting as she and Daniel had a thing there for a while. Which was kinda weird as Daniel was so much older than her. But that would be interesting to watch Melanie’s reaction toward that. Hummm anyone smell “Drama”??

  13. From Lefty

    I know that politics is really screwed up these days but someone who is as publicly mixed up with the criminal element as EJ running for Mayor is just too much of a stretch. Please no more babies for Sami and definitely no more Who’s the daddy drama. Bring back Lucas

  14. From Karen

    re old cast members returning, Why not add, Shane Donovan and the whole ISA thing.Those were the good ole days.

  15. From linda

    Nicholas Alamain should be around 30 year old
    20 years ago i watch dool he was around 10 to 12 year old why cody longo he 23 huh wtf

  16. From Laura

    Isn’t John Black really a DiMera and not an Alamain?? I missed a few episodes when I was working and didn’t have a DVR back then. Looking forward to the changes.

  17. From Krissy

    Jon is one screwed up guy, he was apparently Roman, then Jon then Roman then John. Father John, John Black, Oh whatever.. this is why I could give two bits about He and Marlena..I suppose, since I have been watching this soap from the staet in 65.. He was raised by the Alamaines. They do have a way of taking in Kids and messin them up bad, so they run away (Frankie) and/or killing their supposed “brothers” John/Forest. So now John is John Black really a Dimera/Brady.. lost to himself only to be found repeatedly by his “DOC” who aids him in assimilating his Identities with her undying love (poor Sammy with these two, and Brady too). I liked John when Marlena was GONE. He was with Kate. Kate aint been the same since. John and Kate were Great! Yea whatz up with this pouty lil brat playing Nick Alamaine?? Good casting tho, he has family resemblance.. Shhh, just forget about the Kate affair, like her Gemini twins with Roman.. hahahaha, really isn’t he a bit older than Brady, even tho they super growed them both? Hmmm. this happens when writers change and casting has no memory, or ability to read old scripts, or look at past history. We get a garbled history. then ppl just disappear.. never mention them. You’d think Mel would be looking for Nick, as Max searched her out.. Molly, what is this Family Bomb??

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