Days Of Our Lives Daily Summary For July 11.

How’s It Feel?

At Casa DiMera, Taylor demands the truth from EJ. “You can’t be serious?” he answers before ranting. She still wants to know if what he’s being accused of is true. EJ starts barking that he had nothing to do with her mom’s demise. She demands to know if he brought the creature to town. He claims he isn’t lying to her and never would. Sami insists that he is. Hope backs her up and says EJ is guilty of murder among other things. Eventually, Taylor realizes EJ has been lying. She blows up and tells him that he’s disgusting and she’s not the idiot he thinks she is. She thought he had a heart but the only person he loves is himself. Rafe starts ranting about how EJ is worse than his father. Johnny comes down and listens in. Eventually, he interrupts. Rafe and Sami pick him up and he starts interrogating his father, demanding to know why Rafe said he was evil. Taylor runs out. Johnny spots RoboRafe so the cops lead him out. EJ promises his son he will explain everything in the morning. Johnny runs upstairs. Elvis wants to go after him but his father stops him. “My son effectively took our family down tonight,” Stefano says. He blames him for ruining the entire operation with all of his restrictions and screwing things up. “You did this you stupid fool!” he rants. He’s disgusted and walks out. Turning around, EJ tries to stop Sami and Rafe from taking his son. “Take me home Rafe,” Johnny says, telling his father he’s a bad man. Sami smirks at Elvis. “How’s it feel?” she asks as she slams the door. He sits on the floor with a picture of his son and cries.

At the club, Viv tells Quinn that he’s still a stranger and she doesn’t trust him. She wonders if he could be setting her up. Later, Gus arrives and is shocked to see Viv has been crying. She explains that her son has been deeply affecting her by showing that he cares. Viv felt connected to him. Gus thinks forging a relationship with her son is a terrible idea.

Carly is at the pier telling Quinn’s dealer that she’s not looking for drugs. He’s unconvinced and tells her he’s got something in his pocket for her. Her phone rings and she flounces off. When she gets to work, Maxine sends her to check on an OD case. Back at the pier, the dealer meets with Quinn and tells him he met Carly and she’s obviously a user. Quinn calls his mom and tells her what he just learned.

Jenn drops by the mansion to return a book to Adrienne, who guesses something is wrong. Jenn moans about Jack sending her an email. She shows it to Adrienne, who gasps. Jenn throws her book and rants about how her ex-husband has never even mentioned their divorce. Adrienne thinks she should be out with Daniel so her friend explains that they broke up. She adds that Daniel belongs with Carly. Adrienne tells her she’s making a huge mistake.

Daniel walks into the Cheatin’ Heart and starts playing pool. His daughter can see he’s miffed. He gets drunk fast and knocks his balls all over the room. She listens as he moans about Jenn. His daughter explains that women would just be men if they didn’t try to be so confusing. They debate and she urges him to be the anti-Jack and stick it out with Jenn. His daughter takes away his beer. Carly arrives and Mel explains that she’s taken her father’s last name. Carly cries about how amazing this is. They all join hands. She tells them about how upsetting sending a woman to rehab tonight. He promises he will always have her back. Jenn walks in and sees them laughing together. She sneaks out.

Salem Spoilers for Tuesday’s Days Of Our Lives:

“If that’s how you really feel, dump him,” Maggie tells Jenn.

“You were right about EJ and I was dead wrong,” Taylor says.

“I can’t even stand to look at you!” Stefano moans at EJ.

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  2 responses so far...

  1. From dc

    as bad as ej has been to everyone i felt sorry for him today. it was like he lost everything, including johnnie. but i guess what goes around comes around..
    and i sure hope that jennifer does not give up on daniel.. after all carly is gonna be gone soon (to a rehab facility, from what i read). i love that melanie took daniel’s last name.
    has anyone heard when the last date is for carly, chloe and vivian and how they are gonna be leaving?

  2. From Clear

    Sandy looks at spoilers I never see and said on the other page that maybe they will have Chloe come back later–few months down the road. I hope she does and is able to have her baby boy.

    Many of us still think the child should have another paternity test still.

    I too hope Jenn doesn’t cut off her nose to spite her face by letting Daniel go. They were just getting more interesting, and now Jack will come back and mess things up even more I’m afraid, but I hope not.

    I’ve been enjoying watching Days more the last couple weeks, so I hope things keep getting better!

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