Days Of Our Lives Poll: Keep Sofia?

Should Sofia stick around?

It turns out that Rafe did have a life before he met Sami. A big part of it was his FBI partner Sofia. She popped up to manipulate Arnold (may he rest in peace) and to raise the jealous ire of Salem’s most melodramatic woman, Sami. Would you like to see a competent woman like that around town?

Vote in our poll and let Soap Opera Fan Blog know what you think. Don’t see the option you would have chosen? Tell us what you think should have been included in the comments section.

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  1. From bigtimesoapfan

    IMO the only people who want this is the Ejamies who would rather see a woman forced to submit than real love. Whatever spam away(since thats the only way they win polls lol)!!

  2. From Erin

    I think it would be a good way to break SAFE up, and NOT so she can be with ej. I think Sami should be single and waiting for when the father of the other half of her children comes back to town – LUCAS! I’m truly hoping he comes back. Otherwise, I’ll watch til they do the reboot this summer/fall, and then probably quit.

  3. From SandyGram

    I’m not an Ejamie, I’m a Days Fan….and I would love to see Sofia stay on the show. She has a great presents. This could be a lady for Roman, he has been without female company for a very long time. I would also like to see more strong, business type women on the show. Kate is a strong business woman when she stays out of her kids personal affairs, but now she’s just a snake slithering around and using the DiMera name to her advantage.

  4. From Lynne

    Don’t bring anyone in that could cause more storylines for Sami to whine. Can’t take anymore!

  5. From jenn

    Hahaha Lynne, seriously! I voted to keep her off the show. I think they already have more than enough characters.

  6. From Precious

    The ONLY reason I would want her to stay is, to go back into Rafe’s back history to reslove what happened to his then- wife’s accident, and catch us up on his history, once and for all.

  7. From dc

    don’t need anyone that can be a conflict between sami and rafe, ej was enough and may still be a thorn inn their side..

  8. From Granny

    I’m thinking along the same lines as Precious. I don’t have a problem with Rafe; in fact, I like him very much. But until he is provided with a history he will never be fully accepted by the majority of fans. He and his family were thrust upon the scene and became major players without proper backstories, in my opinion. Sofia seemed to be a real firecracker and could probably add excitement, but if she comes to merely make another issue between Sami and Rafe, I say let it be. Sami is due a rest, and so am I.

  9. From paki

    I have to agree. Sami is definitely due a rest. I don’t like seeing her unhappy, it gives me a headache. She is due a huge rest indeed. Some actors you can see on your screen all day and not tire of them, Sami is not one of them.

  10. From Inish7

    Yes bring her on so she can be with Rafe. There’s absolutely no chemistry between Rafe and Sami. He might even get to stay if he can get a story line that doesn’t involve trying to steal EJ’s children!

  11. From Mary

    I want her to stick around because Rafe and Sami need a storyline…otherwise…BORING!!!!

  12. From Missy

    Love to see more of Rafe & Sophia, together they def have chemistry in the days of being wking together. Love to see the heat wave in Salem for Rafe & Sophia. thank’s,

  13. From Clear

    Why not give some Hispanic culture shock to poor old lonesome Roman! LOL!

  14. From CJ

    Yes – she would be perfect for Roman!

  15. From jolie

    Maybe if Sophia can’t stay, bring in the Hernandez mamacita for Roman. Get a really hot mama and please give Roman a life. He is another wasted character on the show. I so had hope the time they paired him with Kate…which no way in heck could it have worked but at least he had a little romance in his life.

  16. From Casey

    Oh no, more drama for Sami?? Why not let her and Rafe be sane for awhile, they are perfect together and should play that up.
    Salem needs at least one or two happy couples.

  17. From Mistisch

    She should NEVER be with RAFE!! ~ Love him and Sami together!! ~ They are good for each other and the kids!! ~~ Looked like there could be a great friendship between her and Hope… Let her join the Salem PD and let her have some storylines with Roman!! ~ Miss seeing Roman around!! ;)

  18. From Mystisch

    Sophia should NEVER be with RAFE!! ~ Leave Rafe and Sami together, they are good for each other and the kids and I really like seeing at least ONE happy couple on the show!! ~~ Let Sophia join the Salem PD, it looked like there could be a great friendship between Sofia and Hope… How about letting her have some storylines with Roman!! ~ He deserves some good storylines for a change!! ;)

  19. From Judy

    Sophia is the perfect person to toy with the Dimera’s. She and Rafe should remain moral, decent and just friends or co-workers, Rafe is a good father to Sami’s kids so any role models at all are a welcome contrast.

  20. From Deetampa

    I think Kate and Roman were in love once.
    It would be funny if EJ didn’t know Sofia was a cop and fell in love with her. That would be a good way to take the family.
    Just a thought.

  21. From Kandace


    I’m with you. In everything you said.

  22. From Gabby

    Rafe and Sami has become boring to watch. I’m sorry to say, but every time I see them together I fast forward. When I watch Ej and Sami together, there is always “something” there and it makes me want to watch. As much as we like good role models, we watch soaps for a reason, and it’s not reality. So give us some thing to want to watch.

  23. From from lisa

    I think sami should be with ej and always have, they have really good chemistrey together,

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