Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For August 1-5.

Hooking up and getting caught.

With his brain back in working order, Elvis decides it’s time to check out of the hospital. As he does, he informs nervous Nicole that he already knows Brady is the one who battered him. Taylor shows up to admit that she still loves him and, seeking to be a better man, EJ decides not to seek vengeance against his enemy. While he and Brady are prepared to call a truce, Stefano and Victor aren’t quite so forgiving. Stefano sends a bunch of his inept goons out on the town. They wind up opening fire and hitting Maggie.

As her husband is launching a violent attack on Salemites, Kate’s distracted by her own plans for revenge. Since Quinn did the unthinkable and snubbed her, she tries to get some information on the mysterious Aussie from someone else who isn’t crazy about him – Gus. While Kate is looking for something to manipulate him with, Viv is busy giving her son a gift. Kate’s snooping is interrupted when Chad tears into her for continuing to meddle in his personal life.

Since it’s about the only benefit you can get from living in Salem, T. and Kinsey take the dive into becoming friends with benefits. If you’re a poor teenager in Salem, there aren’t a lot of other options. However, if you had money… Kinsey puts two and two together when she spots Chloe pocketing a wad of cash from some random dude at the hotel/brothel. Meanwhile, Carly gets desperate in a different way. After Daniel and Jennifer take a break from breaking up, Carly is driven over the edge and starts hallucinating, leading her to a potentially deadly situation.

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  1. From trish

    i love days and want vic &maggie to get it on.

  2. From kass


  3. From Katherine

    Second, I bow to the master….

  4. From susan


  5. From pattypat

    I like the chemisty between Victor and Maggie. I am sorry to hear she will be shot, but good old Victor will be by her side all the way. Cant’ wait to see John and Marlana come back and wonder what their storylines will be.

  6. From SandyGram

    Posted in the section for this weeks show, reposting here:

    For EJ to succeed in what appears to be his goal for redemption I think he needs to move out of the DiMera Mansion, distant himself from Stefano, get out of the family business and as it has been said many times go back into the law. Maybe even go back to the EJ Wells name so others don’t continue to look at him as Stefano’s son. Lexie has been successful at distancing herself from father, EJ should give it a go! It doesn’t mean he wouldn’t see him, just not so accessible for him to corrupt.

    Now Kate she’s a whole other story. Kicking into high gear to get revenge on Quinn…good ole Viv hasn’t left town yet! It will be nice to see Chad stay strong against Kate’s meddling into his personal relationship. She may find that Stefano will stand behind his newest son just to stay in his favor.

  7. From dc

    love seeing maggie and victor together.
    and just wish they would leave dario on the show, after seeing him and melanie today together they really look good..
    and i wonder if they will keep the character taylor and put someone else in tamara’s place. i don’t think ej needs to be back with nicole. she should go back with brady..

  8. From patsy

    Where is Sami / R afe and the children in all these previews for the nent two weeks I,m a Sami fan and miss seeing her

  9. From Cougar

    Kass#1 First is on frst base. Whos on first? First. Yeah but whos on first base? First!
    Your comment on being the first post made me remember that one old from Laurel & Hardie. LOL now tag your it!

    Sanygram I agree completely about EJ removing himself from the mansion. If he does reform it should be long & winding road; a whole another sl in it self. several stages: no more excuses, get out of denial, accept responsibility and consequences for actions, come clean, a sense of shame for actions, seek forgiveness & atonement, humility and have the fortitude walk the talk when it is not always the easy thing to do.
    At some point EJ should ask himself was there some better purpose in life that he should start turning things around. He dodged a bullet & received a second chance by avoiding prison. The Lord spared Johnie’s life with this brush with cancer. It’s time EJ made things right with the Lord for he has received blessings he didn’t deserve. I don’t expect him to find religion or pray to a higher power but rather reflect on the fact we only have so many opportunities in life presented to us to turn our life around. Man up and do the right thing.
    I dont want to sound too preachy but I really would like to see a sl evolve that yes we can change and be better. When people hit bottom they have no where else to go but up through a life-altering experince. And I don’t me a two week flip-flop but a real daily grind, soul searching that makes it beleivable. Emmy material. I know soaps move at warp speed but just remember how long we had to endure the Fafe character – months! Maybe I’m the only one who feels this way, just my humble opinion.

  10. From gerri480

    #9 Cougar,
    I agree,I would love to see EJ,become a better person,and Let Stefano recruit someone else,to help with his dirty deeds.
    send Taylor on out of town,Let Nicole be back with Brady,and bring
    a new love interest in for him.
    Sami needs to stay with Rafe,and everyone can become a blended family and be happy at least for a liitle while.
    Kate just needs to be taught a very big and bad lesson,and leave no doubt that’s It’s not OK,for hher to try to control other people’s lives,esp Chloe’s…..

  11. From holly

    Just watched today’s show. So much fun – finally! It is so nice to turn on my dvr and not fforward through much of the show. While I was watching today, all I could think was that I didn’t want the hour to end.

  12. From Solan

    Ok,what is this about Maggie getting shot?
    Now just saw Victor defend Sonny to T,who can not even say gay.Sounds like he is saying ga…like that they are writing things this way.Now Maggie…Vic…get on with it!

  13. From Solan

    I love they way the writers are writing Victor so smart! Giving children who are different an image of Parent and and family support…Love the character even more now. Now get him with Maggie pronto!!!!

  14. From SallyOMalley

    What’s with Stefano and all of his inept help – whatever happened to his ladies in pink jumpsuits from his island in the 80s – they seemed to have it together.

    Now any old Tom, Dick. or Harry seems to be able to waltz into the Dimera mansion like it’s the Salem Tourist Information Center. Come on Stefano – take your Geritol and be scary again! ;-)

  15. From Clear

    Cougar and Gerri, I totally agree with your posts. DC, I liked Dario and Melanie together today too. I just wish they would trim his hair up so it isn’t uneven hanging down both sides of his neck with it shorter in the middle–not looking too corporate the way it is. They finally got him into a nice suit, but forgot to cut his hair!

    I also am looking forward to seeing Kate get her comeuppance for all her meddling and conniving to hurt and kill other people.

    I cannot comment on Victor and Sonny because I fast forward through all that and hope the Sonny character leaves Salem soon.

  16. From donna morton

    Good grief, Maggie is just too old for a hair do like that—doesn’t she know that she looks good from afar, but far from good??? Cut that hair old woman!!!

  17. From Just Moi

    After watching yesterday’s show (yours today) I am really starting to think that T is the one who will be gay and not Will.

    Why is it when they decide to get rid of someone I start to like them. Thought Taylor looked really good and liked her performance also. I really liked her when she played Ava and thought she was an awsome actress but didn’t care a whole lot for her as Taylor, except lately.

  18. From SandyGram

    #16 Moi
    We probably like Taylor (Tamara) more now because she is moving out of being goody two shoes to the more edgy character Coraday promised.

    Also, I’ve thought and posted the same think about ‘T’. That makes more sense so if the fans really don’t like this story line it would be easier to get rid of ‘T’ than Will. And, Will, as T’s best friend will be their to help him through his self discovery this summer.

  19. From SandyGram

    ‘same thing about ‘T’

  20. From SandyGram

    Fat fingers is AM that would be for #17 Moi.

  21. From MAB

    Up until now, Tad has been this easy going guy, and after one scene, he’s now gonna be viewed as the jerk. Well, I don’t like it. I guess they’re gonna try to ruin the character of Tad just because of Sonny’s sexual preference. Yes, Tad did say some not so nice things to Sonny, but I see Tad’s side of things too. It’s not fair to him that he’s now being viewed as being gay, all because Sonny didn’t tell him. Not that Sonny was obligated to tell anyone, but that was the main reason he came to Salem, to tell his family (Victor) he was gay, so he should’ve also informed his new found friends as well. They had a right to know so they could make their own decisions. Tad was not given a choice, and that is not fair to him, no more than it was fair for Sonny to be called out in front of everyone.

    Although I’m not a Carly fan, and will be glad once she leaves the show, she did a superb job yesterday in her scenes with Jen…and kudos to Jen too! I’m glad she admitted that Carly has a serious problem, and not one that can be fixed by offering up Daniel for the taking. I still don’t see how Carly all of a sudden decided she wanted Daniel just after losing Bo. It made no sense. Well, I just hope Daniel & Jen get back together soon.

    I loved the scenes with Kate & Nicole!! These 2 aren’t your typical women, as they are not cut from the same cloth as the likes of Maggie or Jen. These are 2 women who have had to scratch & claw their way thru life, and they certainly view the world differently than most, so it was really nice to see them discuss their love life and the DiMera men. I found it odd Nicole would suggest Kate was with Stefano for his money, as she definitely has her own fortune, but I guess that was just leading up to the burning question of her true feelings for Stefano…and it’s official…she really loves Stefano! I think some of us have known this for a while now, but it’s now confirmed. I just hope this isn’t leading up to disasterous though because usually once someone’s feelings become known, tragedy strikes. Kate seems to be so concerned about Stefano’s health lately. PLEASE don’t let anything happen to Stefano!

    Normally I enjoy seeing Sami, but I’m glad the show is taking a break from Sami & Rafe. It’s so needed.

    EJ is accepting responsibility for his actions, unlike others who never do it…and this is not the first time either. We’ve already seen the shame & humility from him, especially when he gave up his rights to the kids. I highly doubt we would ever see anyone else on this show make that sacrifice. If the shoe was on the other foot, Sami would never do what EJ did. Of course, that just proves he’s willing to admit to his faults and try to atone for them. So it seems the show may be going forward with the EJ transformation, and I think it’s gonna happen over a period of time. Who knows what it will entail, but he may move out of the mansion, and get back into law. I think he’s serious about changing this time, otherwise I don’t think he would’ve ever given Sami full custody of the kids, which I still think sucks. He still needs to be a part of their lives instead of them being warped by Sami & Rafe. Who knows now if Johnny will ever forgive EJ? It’s hard to tell what Sami & Rafe will let him believe about his father. Again, I hope as Johnny ages, he will be able to see that his father isn’t so bad, and realize Sami & Rafe are not so innocent as they pretend to be. As far as Emmy material performances from EJ, well we get to see those nearly every time he’s on the screen…which is why he’s been nominated the last 2 years.

    I for one love Maggie’s hair, and if you’ve watched the show as long as I have, you know that is her natural look. She looks lovely, and it’s sad someone would think she can’t look a certain way just because of her age.

  22. From MAB

    I still think Will will end up being gay. They’ve made Tad too obvious now.

  23. From Livia

    OT: Does anyone know the story between Alison Sweeney & Lisa Rinna’s fight? Another website says that Lisa feels betrayed by Alison. Something that has to do with a reality show. I can’t find anything anywhere on the topic, but would love to find out.

  24. From Corinne

    OT: Does anyone know the story between Alison Sweeney & Lisa Rinna’s fight? Another website says that Lisa feels betrayed by Alison. Something that has to do with a reality show. I can’t find anything anywhere on the topic, but would love to find out.

  25. From jolie

    I thought Tuesday’s show was the best in a long while. I too hated to see it end. Kate and Nicole and the self-discovery they went thru as they had a mainly civil conversation. Who’d have thunk it?? Kate accused Nic of loving Elvis…who knows? Maybe it is true. She is more forgiving than anyone on the show, except Alice Horton. Kate and Nicole do have a great deal in common and it was cool to see them together. I loved the scenes between Carly and Jennifer mostly. I thought Carly’s actions were a bit over the top, the way she was flopping around. And when Jennifer smacked her…didn’t know she had it in her. She probably didn’t know it either. So why is Carly still in the promos for next week when the family finds out she has a problem? Why don’t they get her some help and now? Also I was puzzled as to why Dario brought the info for the award that Daniel doesn’t want, Jennifer intitated, Carly probably doesn’t deserve lately, from Titan. Loved that Vic had Sonny’s back at the pub. I agree that T might be the one who discovers he has some gay tendencies that he really fears and pushes down by being obnoxious. Sonny really told him though and probably would not give him the time of day. Sonny doesn’t appear to be promiscuous but rather satisfied with his decisions on how to live his life. Will didn’t seem to be floudering around when all of this was transacted but rather seemed to be outside of it and unconcerned. If he was doubting his own sexuality, I think he would have had something to say or at least a puzzled and daunted soap opera look rather than to spin off to the beach with Gabs. Poor Taylor, she really doesn’t have a reason for staying in Salem so please let her hop the bus on out. Again, loved the episode. No Screaming Sami, no Deliberate Dimera Drama, just some good acting and well written dialogue. Please don’t tease us like this if this is not our future!

  26. From Mary

    I think that I need to go watch Tuesday’s show now! Lauren and Ari are two of my favorite actresses on the show and MAB you’re so right, they’re two women of the same breed.

    I agree with what will happen with T. Didn’t DOOL say they were going to rewrite episodes? And I really had hoped that Lucas would be back for his son in this confusing time.

    I feel like this is really the first time that they have utilized the full talents of Crystal Chappell (carly). I am glad DOOL is getting rid of her…they never used her talents right. They made her pretty much the most hated person in Salem (vivian, victor, bope fans, Melanie, etc, etc) whose only friend was Daniel until Jennifer came back. I wish she had better storylines and could stay…will miss Vivian, too.

    Love Vic and Maggie together! I wish I saw more of these two

    And whoever said about the much needed break from Sami, yes I agree. I’m so tired of the storyline and the two of them.

    I saw on Days Cafe that it looks like General Hospital will become a web soap as well. I would be very surprised (and unhappy) if DOOL is renewed after the current cnotract is up. Sad to say…

  27. From sue

    I have been watching Days since day 1…never missed a day and found this past year has been dragging, not to mention BORING..( believe it is boring because the story line runs much too long…can’t wait till Marlena and John come back….would like to see more of Melanie and Dario together as well as Maggie and Victor….am hoping thi fall will bring back the Good Ole Days of Our Lives

  28. From MAB

    Mary – Yes watch the show ASAP…you won’t be disappointed. And Kate & Nicole, it was refreshing to see their take on men & love from 2 gals who are definitely different breed of women, and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing it thru their eyes for a change. As far as Carly, if they would’ve brought back Lawrence, her s/l would’ve been much more interesting.

    Some say the s/l’s run too long, but I don’t agree. Soaps seem to work at a much faster pace than the old days. Don’t anyone of you long time viewers, like me, remember the old day and how every s/l would drag on forever. I sure do. It doesn’t take them nearly as long nowadays to wrap up a s/l as it used to.

  29. From Mary

    I think the long storyline concept is just a result of people being bored easily and wanting instant gratification. The problem being, fans really miss the development of a natural, organic relationship developing and taking time and then fans are rewarded. I can remember feeling that way after waiting what seemed like years for John and Marlena to reunite after the whole Kristin debacle. One of my favorite storylines ever! Especially with it all unraveling with Susan’s fake teeth going into Vivians martini glass. classic. And I felt like I waited years and years for Sami and Lucas to finally reunite and the payoff was worth it. If we speed up the storylines, we miss everything in between that adds the suspense, drama and really getting to see a character develop and couples naturally develop. But if they don’t speed things up, people get bored too easily and turn it off. Catch 22 I guess.

  30. From Katherine

    When Taylor left the bar, she hid from Quinn, why,
    does she know him, was she one of his girls once upon a time, just curious, might be nothing at all.
    But there have been hints, that Taylor is not all she seems to be ..??!!!!

  31. From jolie

    Maybe Taylor does indeed know Quinn. I thought is was funny that she blew into town with nothing but a suitcase when she is supposed to be such a brain with a degree. And there was never much said about where she had been. Maybe that is why she is so attrached to Elvis, for power and protection, but she has experience in knowing it can turn against her. Just like it did with Chloe. Quinn started out helping her then turn the tables on her. I am still mad about that one. I can’t wait til Kate and Gus hook up to get to Quinn. Madame should never have crossed Gus. He has wasted countless hours doing her bidding only to have her pass it off to her lovely son once she is happy.

  32. From MsBoulderCO

    Hello…..did anyone else notice when Carly went into the bathroom she did not have her purse yet when she’s down on the pier she has her purse. I know I don’t keep my purse in the bathroom in case I have to make an escape. Does anyone else…..I haven’t noticed if she has shoes on but she probably will since she’s walking around the pier and that dirty mess……

  33. From patty

    Quinn rescues a passed out Carly from some creep in the alley using a couple of martial arts moves.He actually looks concerned as he picks her up and carries her to his room. He doesn’t know who she is so when good ole Mom comes knocking on his door he covers Carly up with a blanket. He gets rid of Viv and then goes through Carly’s purse ,which has conveniently stayed attached to her arm, and finds out her identity. Quinn gets a look that could mean anything but hopefully he will do the right thing.

  34. From grandma to many

    well after todays show I guess I was wrong about Taylor MAYBE being pregnant I don’t think they would show a boozing mother to be so maybe Quinn is a former associate of Taylor’s and thats why she’ll leave the show funny about Carly’s purse but no she didn’t have any shoes on and drinking discarded partial bottles of beer look just how far she has fallen wow that makes me know I never want to be an addict poor Melanie will really go into a tail spin and Dan and Jen will blame themselves I guess this is how they will end Jack will be back to pick up the pieces

  35. From SandyGram

    When Carly jumped off the bed and told Dan, Jennifer and Melanie to stop looking at her, she reached over to the desk or maybe off the floor and picked up her purse. She was clutching her purse and blanket that was wrapped around her. It did make me wonder why she would need her purse in the bathroom. But it does seem the purse’s on Days have really come into play this past year. Like Sami who was constantly dropping or emptying her’s and scooping things back into it later in the scene.

    It definitely looks like Taylor knows Quinn. But then when she first came to town she seemed to be running from someone/something. In Today’s scene at the Cheating Heart with Nicole, Nikki reminded Taylor how she use to take care of her and Taylor smirked with a comment about Nikki not doing such a good job at that. I would venture to say in the short time Taylor has left on the show we’re going to find out she’s not the wholesome gal she appeared to be. And Quinn may have something to with that. In her drunken stupor she did tell Brady she liked men with a dark side and you can’t get much darker than Elvis, Brady and Quinn.

  36. From Bored

    Will is the one who’s going to be gay get over it. And thank God Dario will be gone

  37. From Clear

    Sandy, it did not have Taylor telling EJ it was her first time when she finally gave in to him did it? Maybe she worked for Quinn before? Perhaps she is not as saintly as she would like EJ to believe?
    Mab, I totally agree with your posts except I don’t watch the teens. I hope they don’t make either of the teens gay, and Sonny has a short stay in Salem.

    I haven’t gotten to see Quinn and his martial arts moves yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing those scenes tomorrow. At least with him finding her ID in her purse, he didn’t have to overhear it on the pier while eavesdropping. Maybe these writers will be a bit more creative about how the characters learn things.

  38. From Clear

    Sandy, it did not have Taylor telling EJ it was her first time when she finally gave in to him did it? Maybe she worked for Quinn before? Perhaps she is not as saintly as she would like EJ to believe?

    I haven’t gotten to see Quinn and his martial arts moves yet, so I’m looking forward to seeing those scenes tomorrow. At least with him finding her ID in her purse, he didn’t have to overhear it on the pier while eavesdropping. Maybe these writers will be a bit more creative about how the characters learn things.

  39. From Clear

    Sorry–double post–it said incorrect captcha but posted parts again! Cyber Phantom!!

    We will see if this little message goes.

  40. From Debbie

    I really enjoyed the scenes between Brady and Taylor at the Cheating Heart on Wednesday. Tamara did a good job at acting “drunk” without overdoing it.

  41. From SandyGram

    Be available, set your TIVO, DVR, or watch it on-line….From the current TV Guide August 1st Victor and Maggie will make love for the first time. I wonder if that’s before or after Maggie gets shot during the week of August 1st.

  42. From Clear

    Mags is quite old enough to know her own mind, but couldn’t they be engaged for a while, have him court her, and yes, maybe marry her before they get between the sheets. She’s our goody two shoes Mags going to the darkside here! LOL! I hope they leave a lot to the imagination on this one too!

  43. From kass

    As of this week I officially HATE the gay storyline! I wasn’t thrilled about it in the begining but I at least was going to give it a chance and them credit if they handled it in a tasteful manner but not even that now. I can agree to disagree on the subject of homosexualality, how ever I would never stoop so low as to call anyone IGNORANT because of their beliefs (even if I strongly disagreed with them). I feel that Day’s is handling this storyline in a very offensive manner and in doing so they are hurting the gay community rather than helping it. I am sure there are many people out there that wern’t exactly for the gay storyline, but was going to give it a chance (like myself) but after being degraded and called igornant, feel angered not only at DOOL, but a little more hostile to the gay community (not as a whole). Calling long time viewers igornant is NOT a way to boost your ratings in fact DOOL you just lost my rating, because I have principles and I am not going to watch a show that insults my intelligence. I am a college educated individual, (not to brag). I am very informed on homosexual issues and the “born that way” theory yet I have a difference in opinion about certain political issues. That doesn’t mean dumb or igornant. The whole purpose to promote homosexualality is to promote tolerance and acceptance, why don’t you practice what you preach. If they want us to tolerate and accept their views and opinions they need to tolerate and accept ours. Or else we should just agree to respectfully disagree with each other. I don’t wish to dictate how people run their lives (if they want to be gay, okay) how ever don’t invade a show that I have known & loved for several years and call me igornant. THIS was the straw that broke the camels back for me. I am over DAY’s. DOOL you have lost a very long time loyal viewer along with the other 4 households in my family who are offended by this obscenity! Igornant, means the lack of knowledge of a particular matter, and to me “IGORNANT” would be not knowing that the audience that you are creting a storyline for and aggressively offending them, and losing ratings. So take your igornant show and find a new loyal fan base because you are destroying the one you have SPENT 45 years building. I’ll still post on here to talk to everyone (all of my great blog sisters) but I will not watch one more episode of DOOL. Btw Kinsey is axed!

  44. From kass

    I will really miss my EJ and EJAMI but I am standing for what I believe in and against this bigot show. I will not now nor ever jeopardize my principles for a television show (even if I never get to see my dear EJ again) :( that’s the only thing that makes me sad about not watching DOOL is not seeing my EJ.

  45. From kass


  46. From kass

    :( :( :( :( :( :( EJ

  47. From kass

    :( Eeee:( Jay :(

  48. From LOLA


  49. From jolie

    #38 Sandygram- Oooh! Vic and Mags going to finally seal the deal. About time! I’d think it would be before the shooting because it would be difficult to focus with a nagging little gun shot. I really love them together and I can see Clear’s point of wanting them to court and get married before doing the deed. Sort of like the head cheerleader dating the guy with a motorcycle rather than the star quarterback. Lovin’ it. Will love to find out that Taylor and Quinn might have a past. More to this gal than meets the eye. Nicole may end up being Fay’s good child! I am still basking in the afterglow of the scenes between Kate and Nicole about the Dimera men. Maybe when the new woman comes to town to be Samanther’s mentor (oh my, our little Sami is growing up and getting a job to finally support her kids after all these years of no visible means of support, like a dream come true!) Kate and Nic will team up as well. Then we can have a tag team match and make it more even. Sort of curious to me that Quinn would not know who Carly is without looking in her purse. After all, he has been helping MommyDreadful with her demise lately. Or at least getting credit for it, much to Gus’ aggravation. I guess Kinsey will out Chloe on the hooking because that gal can’t keep anything to herself. I guess her fantasy career bubble will be burst when she finds out about Chloe

  50. From gerri480

    Kass,Totally agree with you re-this Gay Storyline…..
    The writers started off,way,off
    base.haven’t watched 7/27/11 yet,but It sounds like,I don’t really want to,nor watch any further episodes either!!! Shame shame on the writers,expecting us long time viewers,to accept this writing,calling all who don’t approve of this lifestyle as birng stupid,and uneducated,well I also have a college degree,in addition I also have common sense,and this life style,no matter how anyone sins it ,Is not normal,is breaking God’s law,and this is enough for me ,also I’m a fan,since It aired in fall of 1965,so maybe the writers could care less,if they lose,”us oldies”to keep uo with the times.but it will very interesting to see how long,this show will last now,that they want to appeal to this younger fan base.

    I’m also like quite alot of us bloggers,that said,we’d FF through any scenes,related to thisS/L.
    but I don’t think It’s worth any of my time,to watch any of It….

  51. From gerri480

    oops,misspelled a few words,”sins”"should have been ”SPINS”
    BIRING,should have been “”being”"
    uo,should have been “up”

    this is what happens,if you get too fast,hitting the keyboard.

  52. From patsy

    How MANY more days do we have to endure EJand Taylor scenes ?I love to watch EJ/James JUST cannot stand him with Taylor .She is a slap in the face for Sami AND Nicole .At lest Sami at lest Sami andRafe ARE beliveable .I,m sure this lady who plays her is a good actress just NOT this role .

  53. From MAB

    Carly did take her purse to the bathroom with her. I saw her pick it up, of course I thought she did it because she had more drugs in there and was going to lock herself in the bathroom and take them, but she took off instead. She definitely didn’t have her shoes on.

    I never thought Taylor was Ms. Innocent, and her true colors are now coming out, as I expected all along (and I expect we’ll start seeing the same out of Rafe as well sooner than later). Anyway, I wished Nicole would’ve bitch-slapped Taylor yesterday. She is disgusting, and it seems to me she wants every man Nicole has had.

    I like Quinn, can’t help it. I know he’s a bad guy, but who cares. Soaps wouldn’t survive w/o them. I’m curious as to how Taylor knows him.

    I thought Taylor’s drunken stupor was revolting. She acted sloppy. She can’t beat Nicole being drunk. Of course she’s a much better actress.

    Regarding Victor & Maggie making love for the first time…all I can say is WOW! I know some would like to see more courting for them, but I don’t think it’s necessarily warranted. They are consenting adults, have been around the block, and they are old enough to do what they want, when they want. I’m glad it’s happening. I think it will happen before she gets shot. Their relationship will always be interesting because there are so many options the writers can do with their s/l because of the difference in their lifestyles & backgrounds…just like EJ & Sami.

    Clear – I wish you were right about none of the teens being gay, but I guess it’s gonna happen one way or another since Sonny was brought to Salem. I don’t mind watching this part of the s/l, but I will not watch any physical scenes regarding this s/l, and I pray they NEVER happen.

    kass – I agree with your post, especially when you said “If they want us to tolerate and accept their views and opinions they need to tolerate and accept ours. Or else we should just agree to respectfully disagree with each other”. Please don’t stop watching though, just FF thru that stuff. Unfortunately Days is following the norm in today’s society about the gay issue…that if you’re not accepting of it, then you’re the one with the problem. My thoughts on the issue will never change regardless of how much it’s forced on me. Oh, and your calling out for EJ was too funny!!

  54. From Katherine

    43 Kass -53 MAB
    I hear you.
    I am still ticked about the scenes with Vic/Sonny/T /Gaby, etc.
    T is a young man and nobody showed any bit of tolerance for him, he was totally shocked about his picture with Sonny….
    I would have been too,
    for Vic to come in and bounce on T the way he did, was uncalled for, and for Gaby to carry on, the same.
    It was totally one-sided tolerance for Sonny, but none for T’s feelings.
    Is that supposed to be a message for Me..and other viewers of DOOL.
    Writers, you could have had me, given the SL a chance, but you shot me right between the eyes fight out the gate…..
    I will have my believes, but I want to be treated with respect and tolerance, the same you expect the gay people to be treated.
    I always treat gay people no different as anybody else,it’s none of my concern what and how they live. They are people just like everybody else. But do not insult me by not being a big cheeleader for that lifestyle.
    Gaby, just wait until you learn that Will is also gay, maybe than you might regret what you said about T, maybe not, but you will be shocked and hurt and maybe even angry and you might understand how T felt. Sonny did put him in a akward position, no doubt about it… can see now that T will do a lot to ensure his image as being straight, he is a teenager, young and easily hurt and angered. We have seen on TV what happens to some teens that get accused of being gay, even if they are not, just as bad…..
    Kass, I enjoy your posts to much, can’t leave, just FF through the stuff that you don’t like.
    I need your help with EJ, he is a handful….LOL
    Maggie and Vic, get on with it, for heavens sake either do it or get off the pot. You are to old for long romances etc. Getting shot, well dear Maggie, is a chance you take when you hang out in the Mob World, get used to it.
    You should know all about Vic’s life, you have been around for most all of it… so no surprises.

  55. From Cougar

    Geri sin/spin was tha a freudial slip? lol

    This gay line, I think most of us on this site are not fond the sl. I wish they woud have beena little more real of people who have a relative, co-worker or friend who is gay. The most that people at least people our age would say is oh he’s OK, quit picking on him, leave him alone or bug off. They don’t pul out the soapbox and get preachy about being it. Sonny is correct in saying to them I don’t need you to fight for me or what ever exactly it was he said to tha effect.

    Some times I think T is the one they will make gay because he protests too much. But if he is a person who is vehemetly opposed to gays I understand how he felt violated. But there is the point that you don’t go around telling peole your sexual orientation. I don’t tell every one I give a hug to, “Oh by the way I’m straight. So don’t make any thing of this.” Thats ridiculouse.

    Dont’ get me wrong If my 27 year old daughter would come home and say one day that, “Gee, Mom this straight realtionship thing I’ve been in for the last 3 years . . . and the boyfriend before that I had for 6 years before that,well, it’s not working out. I’m gay.” To say the least I would be disappointed if not totally devistated & crestfallen. It would be hard to acdept. I also have a first cousin who is gay but has never come out. His parents now in thier eighties and very religious could never handle it. I felt for both him & his parents. I have always wondered if in the back of his parents they knew but could not allow themselves to accept it, after all these years he had to keep telling them that the right girl just hasn’t coma along. I also had a boss once who was gay very nice sweet person.

    The gay community is a hard thing for us the straight community to accept for what ever our reasons be it religious or the fact that it doesn’t conform to the norm. As for God, that is for him to deal with. As for societies norm: while I don’t appreciate the “in your face” attitude that some gays adopt, live & let live as long as you don’t bother me.

    I think that this gay story lin has become a devicive issue between older & younger viewers. My question is which is the larger fan base at this point and do they really think that it will pull in more viewers. I don’t think so. The writers live in more liberal Hollywood la-la land. Having said that they live in their own bubble too and are out of touch with the mainstream. I agree with you MAB they are following what has become a trendy topic lately. Ladies don’t stop waching. God created FF for us to use. Use your FF and hope that this sl goes away shortly.

  56. From Cougar

    Kat just saw your post just after I put mine up. Ditto to what I just about, could have saved myself sosme typing!

  57. From DaysFan

    I could not disagree more about the Vic/Sonny/T/Gaby scene. T should not have been shown tolerance for what he said to Sonny. It was ugly, abusive, un-called for and he should have been called out for it. He looked Sonny in the eye ans told him he was “disgusting” because he’s gay. If you can’t see that that is 100% wrong then there is something wrong with you. It doesn’t matter that T didn’t know that Sonny was gay when he posed for pictures with him. So what? You mean it would have been ok if he decided not to pose for a picture with him if he knew? For those that still don’t get it, there is nothing wrong with someone being gay…..ZERO! Anyone that has a problem with it is the one with the problem. T acted like a huge jerk. Vic was right to call him out. Sonny was also right to keep the door open to understanding.

  58. From gerri480

    Katherine,Clear,and MAB,
    good points for both sides.
    I have a very,very,good friend,whom I worked with,for last 25 years,who Is Gay,he has never acted,or pushed anything for the Gay Community,he is very stable and has had same partner,for these 25 years,so I can love him as a person,but as Kat said,not be a cheerleader for this life style,
    and I’ve always said.don’t want it messing up Days..but like most of you,I probably will watch the scenes,that I can tolerate,,and push that FF button,for the offensive ones,I don’t care to see or know about…
    I think Days only did,this to improve Ratings,which Is not right.
    not to help us become more tolerable….

  59. From MAB

    DaysCafe is reporting the lastest (hot) rumor is that Jason Cook is returning to the role of Shawn D. Brady!

  60. From kass

    Days fan I agree partially with what you said. What T said was mean, hurtful, ugly, abusive, and uncalled for. However that doesn’t make T igornant. Since when do we criticize people for their beliefs and life choices? Calling us igornant for our choices and lifestyles makes you a hypocrite, because you are asking us to be understanding of yours. If anyone can’t see this then they are igornant! I don’t care what your response to this is, it won’t be worth my time anyhow. Good points mab, Katherine, & gerrie, and I am actually from a relatively younger generation I’m mid 20s, so if their aims the younger generations, they arnt quite catching that train either. I have been loyal viewer since late 80 early 90s before I even understood the sl’s. At my grandmas and moms friends house who have been watching the show since it started and are disappointed and have quit watching. I thought they were suppose to be returning to the “golden days” doesnt seem so golden to me.

  61. From MAB

    DaysFan – let’s not start the insults again. You don’t know me, or anyone else on here, to say there is something wrong with us because we don’t have the same views as you. Seems anyone with your attitude ends up being the rude & disrespectful ones to those of us who disagree with you. You only show tolerance to certain people, and that is wrong in every sense of the word. Anyone that thinks differently than you are condemned, and it’s not fair! We have our opinions too, and we don’t have to conform to your opinion or agree with the gay lifestyle. We aren’t gay bashing…people can live their live as they please, but me & others like me don’t have to accept the lifestyle. As I previously stated, Days is conforming to the norm of today’s society, when in reality they should be playing both sides with respect, which they are not! And in regards to what transpired between Sonny & Tad…BOTH sides made had a point, but Days has made sure that T is the bad guy in all of this. Yes, T said some things he shouldn’t have, but he was mad and had every right to be mad. But now of course he’s considered the bad guy with all his friends. Sonny being secretive about being gay has now had a profound affect on T’s life, and it’s not fair to him! Maybe T would’ve been more accepting if he had know, but this could’ve only happened if Sonny would’ve been up front with his new friends. It’s only fair to BOTH of them…in fact it’s only fair to them all.

  62. From Katherine

    Good points made by all of you, good discussion.
    I agree, T went a little bit overboard, but remember, that kid was probably in culture shock after seeing that picture….
    Who wouldn’t, so give him a break.
    Seems the only one that showed tolerance was Sonny, the rest really did not help him, all they created is more resentment. IMO
    I hope that T and Sonny can work it out, and they just might, if the rest of the ones on high horses just shuttie, and leave it up to the two guys….
    Don’t push T even more in the corner, let him have a chance to come out on his own and get used to the idea of Sonny,
    usually that works for me, don’t push me, let me come to terms about different things on my own.
    Kass, so right, so far I don’t see any gold…..
    Things are kind of confusing at times, must be all the re-writes and change in SL directions, which also means changes in the characters…
    To all the gays on here, peace, no harm intended, and I hope you understand, that all “I” and others (??) want, is the same tolerance for our feelings and opinions that you expect from Me, (US ??) Fair enough… Some of the gay supporters might mean well, but they are doing at times more harm with their attacks,
    let the gays be, and things might just move much faster, than with some wisecrackers underminding you people, that are just people like you and US….

  63. From MAB

    kass – didn’t realize you were in your mid 20’s… you are wise beyond your years! I’m in my early 40’s, and I don’t think this issue has anything to do with age.

  64. From MAB

    gerri480 – I agree, there are those who live the gay lifestyle but don’t force it on others. And that is the way it should be. No one should force their lifestyle on another, no matter what sexual preference you are.

  65. From MAB

    Katherine – you’re right, the same tolerance needs to be shown for our feelings & opinions that they expect from us, although we seem to be the only ones doing it in a respectful way. I agree, some of they gay supporters do more harm than good, with their knee-jerk reactions…calling people names, insulting our intelligence, and making snide remarks about people they don’t even know.

  66. From Katherine

    MAB – I agree, it has nothing to do with age, it comes down to character, intellect, fairness and good logic thinking, and most of all, No Hate in your heart…….
    Kass, I remember you telling us how young you were, MAB could be your Mom and I could be your Gram,
    and it seems like we pretty much think along the same lines.
    We need to find a GG on here, in her 80′s and see if she thinks like us… LOL
    Kass, MAB is right, you are a very wise girl, but so are you MAB…
    There are a lot of very good opinions on here, but like I said once before,
    If I agreed with some of them, we both would be wrong,
    and with some of them of course we are both right.

  67. From SandyGram

    James Scott on EJ – Hitting Rock Bottom….This is a great article on how James views his character EJ on Daytime Royalty.

    Since this site does not allow putting a link in our post just search on Daytime Royalty then click on Days and go to the article James Scott on EJ Hitting Bottom.

    The article is to big to cut and past into here.

  68. From gerri480

    I could also be Kass’s Gram.
    They say wisdom comes with age,but Kass seems older with her posts,so In her case ,she doesn’t need to get older to obtain wisdom.

  69. From blogfan

    Hello all. I come to this site every night to read all of your comments, but I have never posted before. I love reading all your thoughts and suggestions about the s/l’s. Very interesting stuff. Please don’t let this gay s/l be so disruptive. So many of you have expressed your opposition – certainly to be respected. When someone posts an opposite opinion, please don’t take it personally. They have equal rights to their opinion as you all do. It’s not personal against you ladies. It’s an incredibly emotional topic. So far I think Days is handling this topic carefully. I will choose to ff through any scenes that become “romantic” as many others have said they will do. For those who want to watch those scenes, I respect your choice. I personally hated the Marlena being possessed storyline but that too passed. We aren’t gonna like them all ladies. Yes? Anyway, thanks for listening. I look forward to your continued remarks.

  70. From Clear

    I agree with you Kass, Gerri, and Mab. In your face and if one doesn’t condone gay as an accepted lifestyle is what we all saw yesterday. When people ask me why I don’t most don’t like my answers and call me names. What kind of tolerance for an expression of an educated opinion is that. T shouldn’t have called him names if that’s what he did and should have handled the issue with calm. The sad fact is that it is obvious that the reason many of us have strong opinions is because of what we have been taught growing up which includes loving tolerance. Obviously these teens nor Victor got that and the Days writers obviously probably have no clue either what I refer to when I say loving tolerance. I’ll keep fast forwarding through that garbage they are writing with the teens. I will be very, very disappointed if they continue to make it a big issue on this soap.

    What I did enjoy was watching Quinn save Carley with his martial arts skills! I really like that he cared enough to save her and wonder if his character is going to be redeemable or keep pimping and drug dealing.

    EJ grabbing Melanie was a result of his trauma and frustration that surprised and scared me somewhat, but I reminded myself that he is still in a hospital bed having flashbacks that he doesn’t understand yet.

    Thanks Sandy for telling us about the article. One thing I was thinking about was even when Sami has been at the worst odds with EJ, she visited him ion the hospital. It seems like she will need to explain to her children and would have made a visit by now.

  71. From ougar

    This has been an interesting and respectfull debate and discussion. Although I agree with several points made in other posts, I still feel that to some degree age has something to do with it. Yes, I realize there are many people under 50 that disagree with the gay life style. But here is a lot more tolerance now than there was when I was in high school and in my 20s. In the 1960s & 1970s no one hardly came out. We had a boy in my class who was gay and the jocks made his life miserable, got beat up his senior year. I guess the reason I feel it is to some degree generational is because there is more tolerance thses days. Where did that shift come from if not with the new generations of young people that have come since I was in school. Is that to say that people had less character, intelligance, fairness, good logic thnking and less hate in their heart in the ninteen fifties,sixties & seventies than in 2011? Locally where I live in it seems my daughters generation seem to care less about one’s sexual orientation than my generation and my parents generation. Just my humble opinion, thoughts and observations from those around me in our small rural community.

  72. From kass

    Mab I really appreciate the compliment, I think you are also very wise! What I meant with the age thing is I think that someone said that they believe that Day’s is trying to keep up with the times and attract a younger generation but it’s not working for me lol. I believe that the younger generations is more embracing to the idea of homosexuality (not saying that there isn’t a decent sized portion of older people that are accepting). I think the thing is that throughout most of the 1900’s homosexuality was hidden and not exposed so people growing up even in the 50, 60, 70, and even 80’s weren’t exposed to homosexuality (at least as much as people in my generation). The more you are exposed to a certain environment the more accepting you and everyone around you becomes too it, like Katherine said it is like culture shock in a way, you are very very unaccepting to it at first but the more it is around the more comfortable you become with it and then it just becomes the norm without thinking about it. NOT TO be racist/ sexist in any way, shape form or fashion but if you look at African Americans and women’s history in the United States the same thing occurred. When slaves were first freed they didn’t automatically become mainstreamed into American society it took almost an entire century before they even integrated them in schools, and even longer for certain other liberties. Same with women’s history it took a while for us (and we are still working) to get where we are. I guess what I am trying to say is that you have older generation that are raised a certain was with a certain set of beliefs, and standards and just because the law changes doesn’t mean that their views or way of life is going to change with it. Therefor just because legislation made it acceptable, general society may still not accept it. However within time with the next generations to come they will be raised with the “new” set of laws and standards so the therefor become more accepting and before long unacceptance becomes a blur from the past. I however did not decide to jump on that ban wagon I will wait for the train. A lot of people (in younger generations particularly) are willing to jeopardize their principles and beliefs to get ahead in life (in my opinion because they were not raised in the first place with strong principles and values) but I believe that “you got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything”. THE is a Hugh difference between African Americans, women, and homosexuals, is that it is PHYSICALLY PROVEN that women are BORN women and African Americans are Born A.A. but it has NOT been proven how gays become the way they are there is just a “lingering theory”. I do believe as a human being that they should be treated equally, and I believe that they are (with exceptions of certain cases of extreme biggots). However the constitution of marriage should not in any way be altered and degenerated to mean something that it doesn’t.
    I am however old fashion about a lot of things, my grandma always said I have an old soul. I would be quite happy to have either Katherine or Gerrie as my grandmothers, and Mab and my mom.
    Gerrie, also thank you for the compliment you are another one who I believe is very wise, and Katherine and Clear, and Grandma Judy and I am sure that I am forgetting at least 5 more people I just can’t keep up with everyone.
    Thank you Sandy Gram for that Daytime royalty article on James Scott hitting rock bottom I read it and absolutely loved it. It just reinforces how much I love EJ/James lol. James is one smart complex man, or at least I think he is. He has all of his bases covered he knows that there is a good portion of fans out there like myself who like EJ in spite of his flaws and in fact understands why he does some of the things he does, out or revenge and retaliation. However he also knows that there is a good sized portion of fans that don’t like EJ he has to give them something to love, so he criticizes his character (EJ) to gain the approval of the fans that don’t necessarily like EJ. In masterminding this whole set up he builds three intertwining fan bases (those who are loyal EJ fans, those who are James fans, and those who are both EJ and James fans). Who knows that may be how he honestly feels, but I think that he could definitely have and alternative motive for criticizing his characters actions. Men are usually not that psychologically complex, so I may have taken a big leap with that theory, but I’m just going to go with it anyway.
    Katherine, I couldn’t agree with you any more I don’t like how they have made T into this “jerk” either. I can understand him getting angry about Sonny posting a picture of them on line and using the word Bromance (all thought Sonny wasn’t the one who did it). I can even see him getting upset about Sonny inviting him to a baseball game without making it obvious that is has certain preferences. Because generally speaking if a heterosexual man asks a woman to go to a movie, a baseball game, to the park, ect… he is GENERALLY pursuing her. Men don’t take strange women out to places unless they think that in the long run they are going to “benefit” from the situation. Also generally speaking I would like to think that men are not as psychologically complex (like women), which means that they act and think more so alike than women do (not to make too much of a generalization, but women are more psychological and emotional aware, whereas men aren’t). My point is however, believing that most men think alike I don’t believe that it would be that much of a leap to believe that Sonny may have asked T to go to the ball game, maybe not exactly as a date, but in hopes of getting closer to him and even one day benefiting from the “relationship”. Who really knows though!

  73. From Cougar

    Interesting and respectful debate here. I still feel that to some degree it is generational. Yes I know that there are lots of people younger than I who do not agree with the gay life style. There are several contributing factors that make each of hold our own personal opinions in this matter. But if to some extent if it is not generational why was there less tolerance in the ninteen fifties, sixties & seventies than now. What has caused this social shift to occure, if not partly due to a higher percentage of each up coming generation showing more tolerance as time goes by? Is that to say that people had less character, intellect, fairness and good logic thinking, and more hate in your our hearts in those eras than in 2011? It has been my observation in my small rural midwest area that a higher percentage of people of my daughters generation are less concerned about sexual orientation than the percentage of my generation. And my genreation is expedentially in turn, more tolerant than that of my parents generation. Just my humble opinion.

  74. From Cougar

    Kass just read our post as I put mine up. Many good points. I agree that with each up coming generation the tv shows such as Will & Grace (which I never watched), media, laws and more poeple coming out has made it less shocking than it used to be. To take a twist from an old line though I look at it this way hate the sin but love the sinner. Love the person but not the life style.

  75. From kass

    exactly cougar your exactly right!

  76. From Cougar

    I really got a giggle when I saw the Names on my posts. What in the world is wrong with this web site?! I typed in COugar but I see From Cougar posted & then the one with out the “C” ougar! I swear I typed the “C”. Lord knows I am the worlds worst typer and I usually am in a big hurry when I post. Usually on a break or late at night which doesn’t help. But what happened to the “C” for crying out loud. “ougar” what is that sounds like a feline Shrek!? That was my laugh for the day. I need one we were hit with flash flood in our area. Last night a levee broke and several towns people had to be evacuated, several trapped and rescued from their homes. Where Im at we are fine but suffered some minimal lawn damage to out 2 acres in the country. Just a big mess around here on Mississsi River.

  77. From SandyGram

    From Soap Opera Weekly – Week of August 8th spoilers:

    - Will and Gabi make love for the first time

    - Rafe and Sami consider having a child

    - Will and Sonny plan on attending a baseball game together

    Just a few of the more interesting spoilers!

  78. From Nancy

    OMG!! That was so gross when Carly took those two bottles from the dumpster and chugged them. Her acting was really good…

  79. From kass

    Where in the world is Grandma Judy and all the others who havent postes in a while??? Everyone has left???

  80. From SandyGram

    #79 kass
    Grandma Judy posted on July 23rd that her and hubby where leaving in the Motor Home for a week’s vacation.

  81. From MAB

    The spoiler about Rafe and Sami consider having a child – oh please no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t help it, but I’m liking Quinn more & more everyday!

    Chad & Abby = phenomenal!

    I just can’t get on board with Dario. I don’t think he can act very well, and the way he kisses Melanie is sloppy. I’ll be glad when he’s gone, but I don’t want her with Brady. Please put him & Nicole back together. And bring back Nathan for Mel.

    Brady & Nicole just ooze chemistry when they are together, just like Sami & EJ. I think Nicole almost had him talked into leaving until he found out EJ was starting to remember, and remembered Melanie being there.

    Well, it looks like the Kirakis’ are gonna be to blame (again) for round 2 of the DiMera/Kirakis war. The first time was because of Philip’s fight with Tony, and Tony fell. Even though it wasn’t his fault, the DiMeras retaliated. This time around, Brady has caused all this to happen, and way too many people are in on the coverup. Spoilers says EJ decides to let it go so no one else will be caused any harm (which is really big of him to do since Brady intentionally tried to kill him). But Stefano is another thing. He tries to retaliate against Victor, but Maggie gets in the way. Spoilers say after she is shot, all hell breaks loose, and I’m gonna enjoy this s/l.

  82. From Katherine

    Getting sick of the scenes between Nicole and Taylor….
    Carly and Lawrence did not know that Nicholas was their child, he was about 10 or so when they found out. Reason she left Bo to make a life for herself, Lawrence and Nicholas.
    Even then Viv betrayed Lawrence and Carly, so I wonder about all this great love she has for Larence, she kept his son from him as well as Carly….
    So Gaby and Will are going t do IT.
    That might be when Will realizes that thing between him and woman just does not work…..
    72 KASS, great blog, I wish many more people could read your logical and respectful way of seeing both sides, and how to deal with it.
    MAB, right, this one is on the Kiriakis, Brady did start this one with full intent to kill EJ.
    Let’s remember both families are Mob Families, that’s what happens, and it is a pity that Maggie will get hurt.
    But she is an adult and she knows all about the Kiriakis’ being MOB,
    and of course the DiMera’s,
    innocent people get hurt.
    That is one reason, I never thought that Victor was good enough for Maggie, always fearing sooner or later she would get hurt in the crossfire, or any other innocent person, like Melanie etc.

  83. From Katherine

    Help, when I started about Carly and Nicholas and how old he was when Carly found out her child,
    reason she kept on talking to Quinn about her Baby, and how cute he was, – writers – you need to do some more research, Carly was not with Nicholas, and she was not with Melanie…. She never saw either of her babies growing up….

  84. From Clear

    Mab and Kat, I enjoyed these last couple posts–all I had time to read today so far. I like Quinn too, but hate to get attached to another bad boy that may have few redeeming qualities–especially since spoilers say he may or may not be kept on the show. He was so cool saving Carly.

    We know our characters are going to face obstacles because it is Soapy! I for one know I’m not perfect and neither are my favorite characters on my soap, but I surely like to watch a good story line and see them overcome and “Set things a right” by the end of the story line. Why can’t Nicole and Brady be happy for a while? I like that Safe and Bope are getting a few weeks of togetherness though not without the daily setbacks.

    I don’t see Nicole getting back with EJ, so which woman will he be interested in next? Oh, I forgot he is going to be recuperating again at your house, Kat?

  85. From kass

    Thanks sandygram I was just wandering lol I read through the posts so fast sometimes that I don’t always catch everything. Also I often forget who says what. My memory slips me .

  86. From patty

    Here we are watching a show that has covered everything from murder,identity theft , treachery, rape,blackmail, drugs,erasing memory, alcoholism,kidnapping,adultery,infidelity, poisoning, burried people alive, switching test results, fraud ,deceit,pimping,prostitution,promiscuity…we even had devil posession and exorcism. Did we ever tune out? Not likely since we’re still here. ..but let there be homosexuality and we consider it sinful and offensive when in reality gays hurt absolutely no one!!!Something wrong with this picture ya think?? Just sayin.

  87. From Mopy

    Patty: Yup! I’m with you on this more than 100%, but this is wrong forum to say much more.

    Taylor becomes more and more deplorable with every move she makes. What is she trying to do to her sister? Make her lose it? Kissing Brady can’t have been anything less than her sticking it to Nicole. What’s next? Is she going to go off to Colorado and hunt Eric down, now? I wish Nicole would destroy her.

    EXCELLENT acting from Crystal Chappell this week, and the very reason why I wrote my disappointment of her leaving the show. Writers could have done so bloody much with this woman, it’s not even funny. At least she gets to go with a bang. Of course, I’m especially talking about the scenes where she’s working alongside another excellent talent, Melissa Reeves. Way to go, ladies. This was a fantastic performance! To me, it was a throwback to how things were on the show in the late 80s/very early 90s. I wish the writers would keep it up.

  88. From Katherine

    86 Patty,
    I am sure, that all the people that consider being gay sinful, also think that all the other bad things you listed are sinful too….
    I have never said that being gay is sinful, I just can’t be a cheerleader for it, it goes agains my grain, IMO, I should be free to say that, without being downgraded by anybody,…
    I also do not condone any of the other acts going on on the screen, but it is imitating life, books, TV shows, movies will always be about those crimes, loves, etc.
    We don’t know how many fans would ff on any particular SL, like murder, cheating, people buried alive (I did on that one with Carly many years ago)and I have on other occasions.
    So now if some fans will ff during the upcoming gay SL, so be it, their choice, just let them, it won’t be the first SL that fans will do that.
    Lord, I have used the ff hundreds of times, since I am watching DOOL.
    and I am sure, I will again, and it does not have to be because of the Gay SL, if done right, I prob. will watch or not, same with all other SL’s.
    So to wrap it up patti, you and I, nobody knows if fans ever tuned out or not during all those years… do we now.
    Let’s see what happens, and let fans keep their right to like or not like certain SL’s on this show, fair enough….All IMO

  89. From SandyGram

    It’s Friday for sure many story lines today make me anxious for Monday.

    Carly didn’t talk about where Vivian fit in her life, although her story may give Quinn a different perspective on Lawrence and Nicholas who he appears to have been jealous of when he was growing up. And, a second thought about taking Carly down for Vivian after he heard how Lawrence treated her. He may become an ally for Carly, wouldn’t that kick ole Viv in the seat of her britches.

    Yes Yes Yes it’s time for Taylor’s story to finally come out so we can bid her adios. Enough already of her and Nicole bickering. Now it’s about Brady needing to leave town. Now we all know he is not going any where he still has vengeance on his mind, as well as protecting those that stood by him after he pummeled EJ on the pier. And Brady please go to rehab your swilling of liquor constantly is dis-heartening. Maybe papa John can help him or another vision visit from Isabella would be nice.

    Chad and EJ’s visit felt very much like to brothers talking. Chad’s concern for Stefano if EJ’s attack was a family thing and the use of ‘Bro’ by both Chad and EJ when when saying good bye was touching.

    Now to EJ with his bullying and manhandling of Melanie in trying to get her to admit Brady is his attacker. Just as the NBC Promo Video showed us a few days ago, EJ forcefully grabs her arm, pulling her back on the bed. He again forcefully pulls her closer, as she begins to scream he puts his other hand around her head and over her mouth as he pulls her onto the bed. I don’t know but that looks like abuse to me. Then in comes Dario demanding EJ let her go. He releases Melanie asking who is this guy with his typical DiMera smirk. Dario states he is the brother of Rafe Hernandez! EJ smirks more saying he has had so much fun with his family appearing amused at their encounter as Dario and Mel leave the room. In his attempt to be a better man it would seem he hasn’t reached the point of not brutalizing women. Or in his own words, ‘this is the man I am’. Now I would rather Dario hadn’t of used Rafe’s name, like it would have been nice if Victor hadn’t of used Kiriakis when defending Sonny at the Pub….but the writers must of felt using the names made a bigger impact to the scene.

  90. From Katherine

    SandyGram, now that I have seen the scene you were talking about last week, yes – I did not like EJ doing that to Mel, not nice, but neither was it nice for Brady and his goon to beat him half to death, and St. Melanie covering all this up. Melanie, she decided to swim with the sharks, sometimes they try to bite you.
    I don’t care for Anybody to brutalize anybody, but I guess it will go on, because it is a story.
    At least now I saw what you were talking about SandyGram, like your blogs, even if you had me confused.
    Isn’t it funny, that EJ and Rafe both have a smirk, that we like on Our guy, but not on the other, LOL.
    So Rafe”s/Dario’s etc. father abondend them, wonder if he will ever shop on the show???? Papa H. and maybe Mama H.???
    Sami and Rafe having a baby, well what’s one more,
    Sami will go to work, and a live-in-Nanny will raise all the kids,
    Caroline is getting to old, I doubt Marlena would ever volunteer, can’t picture her taking care of kids.
    I am starting to see, that Quinn maybe could turn into a great character, we’ll see…
    Brady, I am so sick of watching you booze all day long, and all the women hanging around trying to protect your sorry a..
    Grow up, get a life and act like it’s up to you getting revenge for everybody and everything. I don’t like your actions, don’t like all the excuses being made by everybody.
    You are a bad dude, have been for a while, don’t like your killer instincts one bit. You have become a typical Mob guy, just like Vic, Stefano and EJ, no better.

  91. From clara

    I have liked the Will & Gabi “romance”. It should be interesting, when things fall apart. I hve always felt sorry for Will. Not much parental love for him, over the years. Having him come out as gay, will be a loss for the show. I thought it was about the Horton’s& Brady’s. Who are the Hortons? The writers are getting better, kinda. When will they get Roman a romance? It has been years. Maybe he and Marlena could get back together. So tired of Sami & Rafe. She should get back with EJ/Wells. He needs to be a lawyer agaion.Adios Taylor.

  92. From sherry

    I have never posted anything, anywhere,but must say I have enjoyed all the respectful, insiteful posts I’ve read tonight.Kuddos to all…and keep watching so ya’ll can keep enlightening and entertaining the group…everyone welcome!

  93. From kass

    Patty I am not protesting the “gayness”, I dont particularly like it or believe that this is the place for it, but whatever. I am protesting the way in which the writers have approached the storyline. They are asking people to be open minded, tolerant and understanding of their views yet in NO way are they promoting open mindedness, tolerance and understanding. In fact they are doing quite the opposite, they are very narrow mindedly saying if you don’t fully support the gay life style then you are igornant. Igornant in my opinion is not knowing that your MAIN audience is middle aged to older women who has been raised with a certain set of beliefs and not only contradicting their beliefs but calling them igornant in the process (although not trying to stereotype any generation), and inturn looking A LOT of ratings! I think it was a very bold yet IGORNANT maneuver, especially at a time when many soaps are going under. Really would you want to watch a show that called you names because of your beliefs. I also didn’t like many of those other storylines either, the problem with this one however is that it is alienating and degrading a great segment of its viewers. I will not support by watching a show that insults me. My ratings will go elsewhere, I will not enable a show feed filth into the minds of generations to come. It is okay to agree to respectfully disagree, about a subject. However for the writer to call us stupid and igornant is no better than T calling Sonny those names. Victors SCRIPT was just as vial and offensive to us as T’s words to Sonny

  94. From kass


  95. From Gerri

    well written post….
    I think we live In America,and have the right to speak out,on things we accept,and (things we don’t accept,this makes us igornant?To Patty..we all have the right,to watch the S/L’s ,that we choose,as you do,so watch,watch,as much as you like,and the ones of us,that don’t want this S/L on our Soap,can FF, through the scenes,that we don’t care to watch…,This includes all the S/L’s you brought up In your blog.
    I think the majority ,of Day’s fans,don’t want this Gay S/l,but only time will tell,If ratings go up,or down…..

  96. From patty

    To kass, I’m a middle aged mother and grandmother who’s been watching the show forever and I’m not even slightly offended by the storyline or by Victor’s speech on tolerance. I believe it was meant to educate viewers on how gay bashing is no longer acceptable.
    To gerri, I don’t believe the show’s ratings will be affected by this storyline, we’ve seen nothing yet to indicate how this story will be played out . This board only represents a very small minority of Days fans.

  97. From Cynthia

    Very rarely do I post anything here, I just wanted to say that I wish they would let Nick out of jail and have Melanie as a couple. I think they were a good couple and he genuinely loved Melanie.

  98. From patsy

    Another week of EJandTAYLOR NO THANKS Give some of the others a chance enstead of trying to force these two down our throts .Septerber can,not come soon enough for most of the EJ fans .THIS is not the EJ most of us fell in love with .The one we love would still be trying to get Sami and the kids back .

  99. From Katherine

    patty, I am glad you enjoyed Vic’s coming down on a teenager in culture shock….
    Sonny showed more class than Vic,
    the former DrugLord, wonder how many teenager’s lifes he has ruined in his glory time, how many people he had killed…. etc. etc.
    It was a little rich for me, of all people on this show, that they chose Mr. K. with Moral Authority at all, to come down on a young kid the way he did.
    If that is teaching tolerance, they lost me.
    I don’t need to be taught tolerance that way at all, first of all I already have all the tolerance in the world, always have had it, I was raised that way, and I raised my kids that way.
    But If I needed a lecture, not from a mobster/killer/druglord, sit on it Victor. I know the writers tried to convey a message to us viewers, but they lost me.
    You can’t force or intimitade anybody into seeing things your way, people have to look into their own hearts and minds, and accept the things they can and maybe should, change is slow, but it does happen, we are living it every day, but it takes time, not force in your face.
    Patsy, agree about EJ.
    Kass, as always, you should give speeches on TV etc. – you have a good logical and fair head on your shoulders and I love the way you see things. You are a good and fair person and I like that very much.
    It is sad, that we still always have to remind people out there, that we have freedom of speech and thoughts and opinions.

  100. From Katherine

    Corr.: meant to say… Mr. K – with NO Moral Authority at all…..

    Funny, next we’ll have Stefano and Vic teaching classes in good moral and legal behaviour, right, LOL

  101. From Grandma Judy

    Back from a wonderful relaxing vacation for 2 with my hubby. Actually a vacation for 4 if you count our 2 long-haired Doxies. They are excellent travelers! We were at an RV park in northern Michigan and weather was gorgeous.

    I have catching up to do on the show, since I’ve only watched Monday from this past week. I continue to love Abby and Chad! Didn’t like EJ grabbing Melanie but my sister told me he is much rougher with her later in the week. I liked how Taylor stood up to Stefano. And I’m intrigued by a spoiler that says Taylor tells EJ she still loves him “but what is she really up to. . . .?

  102. From betsybee

    So the gay s/l is not being accepted by most of our posters. I really do not care how people decide or whn they decide on their sexuasl orientation. I do object to us put in a position to watch GAY PARADES where (whichever sex) dress in the most ungodly outfits and parade their a$$es down the main street of a city and expect the public to have their taxes help with the cost. Millions of people stand and sit aro9und o the streets to watch this idiotic parade and think it is fun !!! Watching paint dry would be more fun and less cost to the public.

    I believe that Brady is now getting the screen time he has been asking for reently according to reports. EJ probably wishes he could get a break from his screen time. Did anyone notice the credits yesterday and se where Allison Sweeney was the Director on that episode. NEAT !!!!!

    Nicole will now blame EJ for knocking our Brady. How come this drunk fell down and out with a blow to the middle of his back from a skinny female who doesn’t relly have an arm big enough to throw anything, She sure makes me ill !!! Get her out of here and soon !!!!!!!!!!

    If EJ forgives Melanie and all her accomplices he probably could set up a very good LAW FIRM in Salem. If you remember correctly, I said a very long time ago that EJ would be his own man in the Law Business…totally against his father.

    Haven’t heard anymore about GAB
    I being Rafe’s daughter !! Has anyone else ???? The writers, IMO are desperately trying to work some story about Rafe’s background int a new story line and that’s is how Dario gets killed. He gets killed by someone trying to get to Rafe. Anyone agree with that kind of s/l !!!!!

    Kate and Stefano are going to be in so much hot water that they will jump on their yacht and leave Salem for a very long cruise. !!!@ I can HOPE, can’t I.

    That EJ is some good looking hunk of what all men should look like.
    His accentonly adds to his tremendous abilities conquering his carft. With Sami/AS now directing maybe he will have better story lines but I doubt she can improve the acting in any way.

  103. From betsybee

    What a lousy typist I turned out to be !!! When I reread this post I was literally ashamed. Spelling, dreadful…

    I doubt Maggie’s injury will not amount to too much..
    she needs to be reminded what kind of business Victor runs. He sure is not the perfect man. How old is he in real life. ?? He is bent over a little more than Stefano who is 82.

    Who is the new GAL coming to take over some big corporation. ?? Maybe a new one for EJ but there will neveer be any CHEMISTRY like EJAMI. Sorry folks, I just don’t believe that kind of Chemistry can ever happen again with any of DOOL’S couples. NEVER

  104. From Grandma Judy

    My husband and I are pretty much “to each his own” on the Gay issue. Whether or not I like it on the show will depend on how it is handled. So far, so good but it has only just begun. We watch Desperate Housewives and there’s a male Gay couple on there who are a hoot and we don’t find them disgusting at all. But that show did try a Lesbian couple for part of a season and it didn’t work and after a short time they had the women leave town. In real life, I guess our only complaint about Gays is when they want to be married. We have known several Gays through work who are in Civil Unions and still have all the benefits of distributing their assets to each other, visitation during a serious illness, etc., that a married couple would have and they are content with that and not pushing “marriage”. My husband and I still believe marriage is between a man and a woman, procreation is the intended result, and, I mean, look at us. Without getting too graphic, men and women are made to fit together. DUH! IMO the Gay lifestyle is outside the norm but whatever works for others is fine with me. Just don’t like forcing the marriage issue.

  105. From SandyGram

    #101 & #102 betsybee

    According to the spoilers on Days Cafe …
    This coming Week:EJ decides to let it go which I can only guess it means finding his attacker. But Stefano decides just the opposite. Then Maggie actually die’s and Dr. Dan brings her back to life. And John Aniston is 78 years old this year.

    In the following Week: EJ turns his back on Stefano. Tay gives him the benefit of the doubt and Nicole thinks she is making a big mistake. The Taylor comment leads us to think what is she really up to?

    Sarah Brown (ex-Aggie “The Bold And The Beautiful;” ex-Carly, ex-Claudia “General Hospital”) will be joining the cast. She will be playing the role of CEO Madison James. She will become a mentor to Sami (yea Sami goes to work), battle with Kate (we can only hope Kate is taken down a notch or two) and go after Brady. We should see her in September. How will Nicole handle a new lady in Brady’s life.

  106. From Katherine

    Welcome back Gram Judy, glad you had a wonderful vacation….
    I agree with you about the gay situation, live and let live,
    as a matter of fact, I like or dislike people not because they are gay or straight, if they are nasty, bad, whatever, in my face, get away from me, I won’t like you, it comes down to personal behaviour.
    Betsybee, agree with you, about some in your face disgusting parades and displays, total meant to be in your face, I find that disgusting, no matter what their orientation….
    I also agree, Marriage is for a Man and a Woman, and I will always believe that.
    Have a civil union….
    but please leave our “Marriage” alone. Have respect for “Marriage” the way it is meant to be,
    if you did, many, many people would slow down and have no problem with the gay life style, they just don’t like to have their “Lifestyle” hijacked. Marriage means a lot to people, marriage the way it has been for like forever, a Man and a Woman, period.
    Call the gay unions whatever you want, but not Marriage…. IMO

  107. From SandyGram

    #103 Grandma Judy
    Welcome back! Anxiously awaiting what you thought about last weeks shows! Missed your posts!

  108. From patsy

    Sandygram you ask what will Nicole say about a new lady in Bradys life,It willnot matter because Shes as CONFUSED as EJ about who shes in love with one day Brady ,the next day EJ .i GUESS WHO EVER WILL SHOW HER SOME ATTISION .yOU KNOW THEY fall inand out of love at the drop of the hat .I wouldn,t believe either one of them

  109. From Gerri

    Grandma Judy..
    are you all rested up now,after a few days with Hubby and your doggies?and following a very busy summer with your family.Well I spent 5 days with my sister,had such a great time I bought some lotto tickets,after 2 draws,no win yet,but 8 more draws to go,so I might as well be the lucky one huh?

    Retiremant is so great,after 10 days,I can already feel different,have lot’s more energy…

    Carly did some fine acting this past well as Jennifer,and Brady is fast becoming,someone I don’t like,boozing almost continously,(I’m liking Dario his appearance is so much better,and he and melanie make a cute couple(wish writers would keep him on show)

    Glad Bo and Hope are together again,as partners on the Salem plice force,must be something big,around the corner waiting for them to solve,otherwise,don’t think writers would have put them back others have said,Please writers,give Roman a romantic S/L.
    and Kate needs someone to give her some payback,for all the mean things,she has done.

    I felt sorry for Chad,with the meeting with his stepdad,it was so sad,knowing this man raised him,but didn’t really care about him.

  110. From Debbie

    I’m just catching up on the blogs and have enjoyed reading everyone’s opinions…so much diversity and I’m LOVING it! I must comment on our beloved Kass and agree with those who’ve expressed surprise with how much wisdom you have at such a young age. Some of us pegged you as being much older than you are and I for one applaud you with the insights you’ve provided us all these years. You’ve always been able to formulate exactly what you want to say and I don’t have that ability all the time so some of my blogs don’t sound the way I mean them to, but you never seem to have that problem. Some people sound very juvenile to me in their posts so I think they’re in their teens or 20s but learn later that they’re in their 40s and that surprises me, but you are the exact opposite and I’m glad to know you because you have such a keen memory for details in the show and provide such concise commentary that makes sense. And you’ve always been respectful to those who disagree with you which can’t be said for everyone here. You should be a lawyer or arbitrator of some sort. LOL

  111. From Mopy

    “…PARADES where (whichever sex) dress in the most ungodly outfits and parade their a$$es down the main street of a city and expect the public to have their taxes help with the cost.”

    - Betsybee

    That pretty much sums up Santa Claus parades, too. :D

  112. From Grandma Judy

    OOPS!! In my post #103 I said “so far so good with the Gay s/l”. NOT! I had watched Mon.’s show while on vacation and am now gradually making my way through the rest of this past week. Watched Tues. and Wed. and didn’t like at all how the Gay issue was handled. I feel T was completely justified and I didn’t like him being portrayed as the bad guy in the situation because of his feelings. If he’s NOT Gay, then he didn’t want to be portrayed as such on that photo plastered on the internet with the caption “Salem’s New Bromance”, which insinuated BOTH young men in the photo are Gay and in a relationship. If T IS Gay, then he has the right to “come out” in his own time and in his own way. I can see him reacting the same way if the photo on the internet was of him and a girl and the insinuation was that they were a couple, if they were not. As for the reaction of the others, and Victor chiming in, and Will’s comments to Gabi later, as well as the comments that went on at the beach Wed., I feel those scenes were forced and set-up especially to preach Gay tolerance to us viewers. At first, ok, some dialogue about how Adrianne and Justin dealt with finding out their son was Gay and, ok, to have Victor’s reaction of tolerance, but I’m not going to like any ongoing preaching. And so far it’s one-sided. There are plenty of Gays who are not the least bit tolerant. So if this s/l has been injected onto the show for the purpose of “educating” the viewers, they can end it now IMO!!

    Wonderful acting going on by Carly and Jennifer. I don’t blame Daniel for being mad at Jennifer. YUCK that Carly drank from those bottles out of the trash but it was an accurate portrayal of the desperation addicts feel. I already know Quinn comes to Carly’s aid. Interesting! Quite a collection of umbrellas Taylor had there. Thought it was a very cute scene! I really like Dario now and I like him and Melanie together. Wish they would keep him on the show!!!! I think Gabi is a very beautiful young woman!

    Not sure what the real point was of Kate’s and Nicole’s talk together but it was interesting and, WOW!, they were being civil to each other. So maybe that in itself was the whole point.

  113. From Katherine

    109 Debbie, I love your blog about Kass, you stated it very well, I agree all the way, love Kass, such a well balanced, smart, fair and loving young person..
    You write very well yourself, be proud.
    111 Gram Judy, I agree with you all the way, about the way the T and Sonny incident was handled. Did not like it one, very onesided.
    If Vic wanted to be so great, he should have had a talk with both of them and shown tolerance for both sides.
    Will and Gaby, they just threw their long time good friend T under the bus,
    sided totally with Sonny and Vic,
    not nice, they should have also shown tolerance for both sides.
    I think, in my humble opinion, the writers better be careful, just how they will handle this SL,
    better show understanding for both sides, or this show will tank IMO, maybe not….
    Carly and Jenn, great acting all the way… my God, Carly was so real, those addict eyes, the desperation, the cunning and shame at the same time, but drugs being stronger than family love and support, so real life….

  114. From Clear

    Betsybee, In this little space it’s hard not to make errors that we don’t see, and harder sometimes to try and correct. I enjoyed reading your post and had no trouble reading through any errors.

    Debbie, I’d guess most of us that post are adults. For myself, I must say that I never wanted to physically get older than 16, but time marches on. LOL!
    I say ditto to your last post here too, Kat. By the time I come on you or Kass have covered every idea almost so well, and Sandy. Mab, Grandma Judy and others fill in all kinds of other information. So all I have left to say is I enjoyed all the posts!

  115. From Katherine

    113 Clear, love you too….
    Always great post, and even if at times we disagree, you are such a lady, like so many others on here,
    it takes class and character to be able to debate about SL’s and except the others opinion gracefully, even if you disagree all the way. I always respect people that stick and defend their principals, that’s what makes the world go round.
    Judy, catch up, I missed your good posts.
    My best friends, just saw her in Ct, her brother passed on last night, same day/time as my brother (the Bo look-alike) 6 years ago.
    Our mothers also died on the same day 08/20. We have so much in common, even our middle names, Marie, she’s from Montral, me, Munich, Sister cities….
    Ok, I am blabbing, but I am a little sad today. Thank you, for your indulgence.

  116. From Janiebell

    Victor will nurse Maggie back to health; and in so doing, Victorwillrelize that he loves Caroline and always will; That Maggie is a very close and dear friend. Maggie will relize that she loves Roman; and that Victor is a close friend that belongs with Caroline. Caroline will relize that her future is with Victor; and Maggie is a good friend that shouldbwith Roman. Roman relizes all of these things also.

  117. From Grandma Judy

    92 deg. and humid here so hubby and I are in the house where the A/C is keeping us cool. He’s repairing a toy for one of our Grandson’s and I took a plate full of Oreo cookies, glass of milk, and watched Thurs. and Fri. Days. All caught up and I’m glad Bo and Hope are working together again!

    I caught it that Taylor avoided Quinn when she saw him coming when she left the Cheatin’ Heart. And then she hid and watched him for a few seconds. Something must be up with that?! Glad she’s not completely in EJ’s corner and warned Brady about EJ remembering Melanie. Cracked me up when Nicole showed up with her bags packed, thinking she had enticed Brady to leave town with her!! I didn’t like how EJ treated Melanie and am glad the scene didn’t go any further before Dario came in. I liked how Dario didn’t back down from EJ.

    Can’t figure out what’s up with Quinn? Now that he knows who Carly is, he didn’t say a word to Vivian. I hope he turns out to be a good guy because he sure is HOT! Touching scene between Chad and the D.A. Chad is exceptionally good and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him on the big screen.

    Katherine #115, so sorry about your best friend’s brother. It’s wonderful to have close friends like you say she is. I have a friend, Gail, who is more like family, at least in my heart. Whenever we go a long time without seeing or talking with each other, we pick right up where we left off and it’s like no time has passed.

  118. From patsy

    Please keep Dario for Meline They are so cute together and more each others age He,s gental care and sweet like Rafe is with Sami.

  119. From SandyGram

    It looks like some of the Hernandez past will be coming out soon…From Daytime Royalty…quote “**Spoiler Alert** Monday we find out that The Hernandez father skipped out on his family and Rafe had to become more of a father figure.”

    Speculation Only: Now the contents of this Spoiler Alert opens up another potential story line….which would be the Hernandez “Father” returns to town. This could also lead to Mama Hernandez showing up on Rafe’s door step. This would be interesting but Rafe and Sami are going to have to get a bigger apartment.

  120. From Gerri

    sorry to hear about your friend’s
    brother’s many similar
    events,your mothers dying on same day,your brother,and her brother,also tho 6 yrs apart.

    something similar happened in my life,my twin sister died on Oct 25th,1996(brain aneursym)on the same exact day 1 year later,my mother came to spend wk-end with me,we shopped that morning,and she had a massive heart attack,that afternoon,I did CPR until EMTS came,but she couldn’t be revived,she was transported to the hospital,just so ,they wouldn’t have to pronounce her death here.
    anyway,the next year,on this date my siblings and I,were very worried,prayed for day to end quickly,held our breaths,but It ended ok,no other family member died.
    anyway,from reading your posts,I know you are a great friend to have,and maybe you will come out from the sadness soon.

    Take care……

  121. From Katherine

    119 SandyGram, in my post #90 I mentioned that Darios/Rafe’s father had abondened them, well Dario talked about that,
    than I talked about Mama H. and Papa H. showing up some day.
    So you read about that on Spoiler Alert, I only mentioned it beacause of what Dario had said…. LOL
    Same old same old, first the Walker family, now the Hernandez family, what’s next….
    Sami had a thing with Brandon Walker, now she has one with Rafe Hernandez, what will be next, Kim Dong Ling Lo, no harm intented, just having some fun, LOL.

  122. From betsybee

    Somewhere along the way Sami and Rafe will have many problems. If Rafe’s parents show up on his doorstep like his brother and sister where will he put them. As far as I know, Sami knows nothing of the Hernandes family and I believe she is going to be in for a dreadful shock. Her kids, God bless them, could very well be in danger one more time and EJ may end up with them returned to him.

    i saw a preview on NBC advertising next weeks story line and Maggie gets shot by one guy standing on the stairs at the pier. She interferes with the conversation between Vic and Stefano and gets shot in the back. Both of these men need someone to straighten them out bdfore they destroy their own families.

    The new CEO coming to town has to be related to one of the Salem families. I feel that it will be the Horton family. I also believe that she will be interested in EJ and Sami will be hot under the collar over that one. !!!

    I have my prayer list for friends and family plus folks like you on this site who have problems so if no one minds I will include you on my list.

    I am very pleased that Allison Sweeney is now doing more directing on a couple of TV shows and especially her new one for this Fall. It apparently is something she has always wanted to do. When does she get the time to be Mom to her own two kids. WOW.

    GGering is trying so hard to come across as a good actor and he really does not cut this particular character. Either get him a better story line or let him disappear into the night. I guess we won’t see Sami or the Kids for a few more episodes. Understand that they have taken a holiday.

    I have a massage therapist coming to my home next week to start a routine program. I am 84 yrs old and still play golf but I recently injured both my shoulders in a fall (stupid me) so I have to get them back in shape to continue with my golf that I love so much. Also it is great exercise for me.

    Take care folks, and will probably talk to you later this week.

  123. From SandyGram

    #121 Katherine
    When I read that Daytime Royalty I knew I had heard it before, just couldn’t put my finger on where. I even went back through all my ‘haunts’ for finding spoilers and didn’t see it other than Daytime Royalty. But I didn’t go back to previous postings. It is a good subject to repeat and get the juices all stimulated for next week…anticipation makes the medicine go down, or was that sugar?

  124. From SandyGram

    I am so excited and grinning from ear to ear: from SOD Posted: Jul 30, 2011

    Interior designer and host of THE NATE BERKUS SHOW visited Salem yesterday for an upcoming stint. Look for him to interact with Alison Sweeney (Sami), Lauren Koslow (Kate), Eric Martsolf (Brady) and Sarah Brown (Madison). For more about his visit, check out this segment from GOOD DAY LA:

    One thing Sarah Brown said was she was bring her ‘fan base’ with her. This interview is so charming, you are going to love it and I love Nate!

  125. From Debbie

    #113 Katherine, thanks for the nice compliment! And I agree with Grandma Judy in #112 about how the gay storyline is being handled. I would have tolerated it so long as both sides were being written respectfully and fairly but I see that it is not. I could say more but you stated everything perfectly in your description and I totally agree with everything you wrote. Well said!

  126. From patty

    Thanks SandiGram for the heads up on Nate Berkus coming to Days. I adore him, cannot wait to see him interact with the cast. Not to mention that killer smile of his .THI

  127. From Mary

    betsybee- 84 and still play golf? WOW congratulations!That’s impressive!! And i definitely agree with everyone you said about the Rafe character!

  128. From SandyGram

    From Days Cafe, Spoiler in 3 Weeks, quote “Dario is soon done”.

    Now that’s a suspicious spoiler. With the way Dario and Melanie’s relationship seems to be going you wouldn’t think he would just up and leave town. Dario ‘being soon done’, could the rumor that Dario is killed be true?

    Then Days Cafe Spoiler Next Week, quote “Sonny is offered a position with the DA”. Ummm what could this be? Sonny did seem to have any law back ground.

  129. From SandyGram

    Close The Front Door, I guess my spelling is as poor as by previewing my own posting. It should say “Sonny did’t seem to have any law back ground”.

  130. From MAB

    I may be in the minority here, but I like the Marlena’s possession s/l, Carly being buried alive, and many others. Days is fictional, as well as the s/l’s, and that is how it should be viewed, instead of being analyzed like these are real people & real situations. The show is meant for entertainment purposes only, and that is how it should be viewed.

    I don’t FF thru any of the show whether I like the s/l or not, and never have. I like watching everything so I can accurately comment on it, but if they decide to show intimacy between 2 guys, well believe me, my FF button will be used. I refuse to watch that. With that said, I’ll continue to watch the gay s/l (for now) as long as it only deals with the issues at hand, but at this point, the show is being unfair. Bottom line regarding Sonny and Tad, the show needs to be respectful to BOTH sides of the situation, instead of being biased and one-sided because this is NOT just about the gay side of it. And if anyone thinks otherwise, then you’re the intolerant ones.

    I do believe John will be the one to turn Brady around. I think that John is definitely the only one who can do it. Irregardless though, I love the Brady character, and think Eric Martsolf is an amazing actor! Problem is the writers need to give him meatier s/l’s and move him to the forefront along side EJ/James Scott where he belongs. These 2 are the new generation of DiMera/Kiriakis, and the show should revolve around them and their families, as well as the Brady/Horton families. These should be the core families of the show, and the rest can go take a hike!

    I so enjoy watching Chad’s character continue to develop as he works along side the elite. I very much enjoyed his visit with EJ, their talk, and them calling each other bro!

    EJ certainly did NOT bully Melanie. And him grabbing her certainly did not hurt her, and that isn’t abuse. It’s obvious he did what he as a warning to them all for what they’ve done. Also, there was really no reason for her to go into his room. I’m sure another nurse could attend to him. She went in there to sniff around as to what he was remembering. Then she began acting like her obnoxious self, EJ got tired of playing games with her and reminded her of who she was dealing with. Then in comes idiot Dario demanding EJ let her go, and of course he has to act like mister big mentioning Rafe being his brother. Too bad EJ didn’t get up and slap his @$$ into next week. It’s not right when the writers think it’s ok to have the young, new characters challenge the likes of the DiMeras or Kirakis’, or any other veteran characters. Of course, this situation with EJ is mute point now, because he decides not to retaliate against Brady, which I think is VERY big of him. Spoilers say he & Brady agree to leave it be, but it’s Stefano & Victor who get the war going again, after one of Stefano’s men tries to shoot Victor, when Maggie gets in the way. Of course we all know Maggie survives, but what will become of the war then?

    If Marlena can be in love with Roman & John, then why can’t Nicole be in love with Brady & EJ? People continue to make separate rules for the different characters, and that’s not fair.

    I don’t get why the show continues to add to the Hernandez clan. The entire family needs to get out of town already. They are a waste of space. Now we’re gonna find out their father skipped out on the family and Rafe became the father figure? Well then why did he tell Sami he was raised by nuns in the convent? He is either lying, like he’s always lied to her, or I guess his past will become another rewrite.

  131. From Katherine

    Gerri, Judy, betsybee, thank you for you nice words.
    betsybee, wow 84, you can be Kass’s GG I was looking for….
    I think it is great to feel young at heart and still be so very active.
    I feel good, no pains, active and all that good stuff… I am grateful every day. I wear my hair long and it looks good that way, so I am being told.
    MAB, good post, yes, what about Rafe and the Nuns, I am getting more puzzeld …. as time moves on, about the H. Family etc.
    Betsybee, hope the massage guy is hot like EJ and will give you new enery for your Golfgame. I have not played in a while, but maybe it’s time to get out there again.
    My grandson plays, he had lessons for a few years with a pro, I took him every week. His Mom and Dad, separate, take him often…

    I am soory about Maggie, but she is a big girl and should know she is now swimming with the sharks….
    I like Brady too, but he needs to get of that slippery sloap he is on, don’t like him as a “Killer”, get him a better SL, same with EJ, would love to see him as the DA, and become a real tough law and order guy. Just once in a courtroom, what a performance he could give, with his glasses on, than off,…..a girl can dream, right betsy…..

  132. From Grandma Judy

    I like having other families like the Hernandez added to the show. I wouldn’t call them a “clan” and several pages back someone posted an objection to them being referred to as a “clan”. Maybe it was someone of Spanish, Mexican, etc. decent who objected. Anyway, the show would be pretty boring with only the Bradys and Hortons. Look how colorful all the DiMera trouble making has been.

    We can only speculate about the Rafe character. In the future, they will probably bring out more about his past. Since he appears to be the oldest of the Hernandez children, it’s possible he was raised by nuns in a convent in his early years and then took over as head of the family when the father walked out on them. In any case, to me it would be an interesting s/l to build on. But, then, as most of you know, I am a huge Rafe/Galen fan!

  133. From Katherine

    Gram Judy, I have read on the spoilers on this site, “The Hernandez Clan”…. so it’s not just a blogger, TPTB use it. I don’t think it’s bad, I have heard many times people referring as to …. well the whole clan was there, etc. and it was not meant in a bad way.
    I know you like Rafe, more power to you girl…
    but after that wonderful vacation you had with the HubMeister, Rafe should be 2nd fiddle for a while….ha, LOL. When they make German jokes, doesn’t bother me, so what, we all take our turns….

  134. From Grandma Judy

    Katherine – I’m Irish from my Dad’s side and often his family is referred to as a “clan. And no offense taken, although I must admit when my Mother used it, she did NOT mean it as a compliment! Haaa!!! As for the Hernandez “clan”, I was just sayin’ since someone on here did object a while ago.

  135. From jolie

    I can’t imagine why someone would take offense to refering to a family as a clan. Normally you will hear that when the family is large. I have several cousins that I am lucky enough to live near, go to church with, eat frequent meals with, and we refer to ourselves as a clan. When we talk about having a cookout, picnic, Sunday dinner, etc, you would ask “is the whole clan coming?” For us, it is a term of respect for the whole family. I am just so glad to be part of that clan! The Hernandez clan has maybe had some hard times but they still appear to be a loving family…a clan.

  136. From sby07

    Wow! I’m new to this board and I know I’m behind but I’m just now catching up on last week’s episodes and I LOVED tuesday and Wednesday’s eps. Carly is such a wonderful, talented actress! Her and Jennifer had me crying by the end. Carly really had me buying it. With her makeup running, shaking and everything! That was incredible! I feel bad for Carly…everyone is out to get her and she lost Bo and doesn’t really have many friends in Salem…

  137. From Mary

    I think I’ve used Hernandez clan before…but I think i just meant it as to say family. I don’t particularly care for them…but didn’t exactly mean it in a bad way either.

    Still can’t understand why they are getting rid of Crystal Chappell…what great acting last week! Had me crying

    Has anyone heard what kind of big storyline Carrie will be involved in during the fall? I also heard that DOOL actors/actresses aren’t supposed to tweet who they see, etc coming thru the dressing rooms, etc!

  138. From MAB

    It shouldn’t be offensive to ANYONE calling the Hernandez family or any other family a “clan”. I’m sure the reaction wouldn’t have been the same if I had called the DiMeras a “clan”, but that goes w/o saying with some. It’s just a word, and no one needs to get bent out of shape over a simple word.

    Ken Corday himself has said that they were gonna be focusing on the Brady & Horton families, and everyone was jumping for joy saying that it how it should be…and now some claim there should be other families on the show too?? It makes no sense to continue to add characters with no history to the show. They need to get rid of these unimportant characters so they can bring back ones who will enrich the show. And a good example of that is by getting rid of Rafe and bringing back Lucas.

    The DiMera & Kiriakis “clans” are just as much of a staple on the show as the Brady & Horton “clans”. They’ve built a history & a following that we’ve enjoyed for years. So the focus needs to be on these 4 families…and there are plenty of characters within these 4 families to fill up this show. We don’t need a lot of extras that add nothing to the show, and that includes the Hernandez “clan”. The extras they do have should be of the caliber of someone like Nicole…and characters like her who can stand alone. She doesn’t need her family to add to the show, and that has been proven of late with trying to add her sister Taylor to the mix…it just didn’t work. Plus, by added all these expendable characters just takes away the focus of the core families that the s/l’s should be focused on. If Days would’ve made use of Rafe like they’ve always done with Nicole, then he might be a good addition to the show. But all he is and has been since day one is Sami’s sidekick. He is basically an unknown, that has an invisible past, and in the interim, we have to continue to endure the revolving door with his family to boot. I’m so not interested!

  139. From Grandma Judy

    jolie #135, – The objection to “clan” came after another bogger used it toward the Hernandez family when speaking of them in a negative way overall so maybe that’s why that person objected and possibly they wouldn’t have otherwise. It was a couple of months ago anyway. I agree with you that the Hernandez’ appear to be a loving family and I like having them on the show. I liked the scene today between Rafe and Dario.

    Yaaay, Victor & Maggie!!

  140. From Katherine

    134 Gram Judy, I know what you meant, I never take you negative at all, you have built your good rep. at least in my mind and heart, just like MAB, Kass, Gerri, clear,SandGram, Debbie, lord who am I forgetting, but you know who you are, betsybee, jolie, all of you…. the whole clan of you are just great…..
    Loved today’s scene with Quinn, talking to Carly and holding his “Mom’s” gift of baseball cards in his hand, you could see the interanl struggle going on, but I think the better part won out, good for Quinn, I hope they end up keeping him, I am really starting to like him and think he is very sexy, what do you think bestybee?
    We’ll be take him out for some golf…???
    Wonder what ever happened to MARYL, I used to enjoy her post so much……………….
    Well Maggie and Vic, finally, liked the way they were “running” towards the bedroom, will Vic finally take off that suit etc.
    I want to see him next morning, maybe in Maggie’s bathrobe at breakfast, please writers, just once out of that suit…..the same goes for Stefano, let them chill at bit, and give us fans something more exciting to look at, than “Suits”, had it with them for a while, even EJ, but at least we have seen him without the ever boring suit. Am I babbling again…Yes.
    To sum it up, to many people out there make it their mission/occupation anymore to find something they can be offended about, give me a break, and learn to live, love and laugh a bit more, and the world could be a much simpler place to live in.
    I love Maggie’s hair, it looks so much better, more modern, mine is not quite that long, but layerd and blond/dark streaked, and I will keep it that way, long. Good for you Maggie, I identify with you and Kate (at times) at lot.
    They are both very attractive women, dress nice, not always, I want Maggie to get a little bit more modern, those laces and ruffels just con’t cut it, Kate is good, but sometimes just to much.
    I like the Middleway for myself.
    Nicole and EJ were great today, what actors, great together, Brady, lord do you ever need help from the bottle, you have become a real mobster, now that Vic is trying so hard not to be a mob guy anymore, ironic, maybe you should go with your uncle Stefano, and EJ that is trying to redeem himself could go with Vic, Well, it’s all in the Family, isn’t it…?????????????

  141. From Grandma Judy

    Yes, Katherine, whether we agree or disagree about parts of the show, we’re blog buddies all the way. I hope you are less sad today! But I know when we lose someone, or someone we love loses someone, it takes a while.

  142. From Katherine

    140 Judy, thank you, I am ok.
    My sister in law just called from Germany, we talk all the time, costs next to nothing, we are both good, and my friend Nicole is good,
    it’s important what you do in life and how you behave with your family, then in death you don’t have to wallow and have all kinds of sorrow what you should and could have done in life. I am at peace and so is my friend and my sister in law, and I hope the same for of you ladies out there.
    “Something My Mom used to tell me all the time, …. she was a very wise and smart woman, way ahead of her times….
    Judy, cheers, to disagreeing again down the road, let keep on having fun lady…

  143. From Gerri

    BetsyBee you are a great Gal.
    Bravo to you,for continuing to live an adventerous life….
    I’ll reveal my age just turned” 68” age is just a number,to me.I feel young,still do most of what I want to do.anyway.they say the 60′s are the new 50′s and 50′s are the new 40′s and so on.

    So to all of us,don’t dwell on numbers!! you know the motto,

  144. From MAB

    I must have missed the blog from the one who took offense to the word “clan”. I’ve used it several times and don’t think it’s an offensive word by no means. Like I said, some should stop being so sensitive over words being used regardless of whether their used offensively or not. We are talking about fictional characters here, and you should be able to say what you please about them. If one finds some words offensive, it should only be an issue if those words are being used as a personal attack on another blogger.

  145. From Grandma Judy

    betsybee and golf. Wonderful!

    Baring our souls, are we, well, ladies, I hit the big 7 0 last Oct. and my hubby hit it last Dec. So we’re almost at 71. But we’re not rushing it! I felt kind of bad about turning 70 so our daughter made 2 birthday cakes and wrote Happy 35th on each of them! So funny! I didn’t want a big bash so, at my request, the family had just a small gathering for me, with only our local kids and grandkids there. Same for my husband in Dec. We are both in great health (knock on wood!) and, like you gerri, we still do all the things we’ve always done. I run and do stair steps for exercise and we keep-up 4 acres of yard by ourselves. We feel very lucky compared to some of our friends at the same age, and my poor sister who is 8 years younger than I and has one health problem after another. Including both hips replaced, one knee, and she will have to have the other knee done soon. I call her my “bionic sister”!

    Speaking of things I’ve always done, I still like to wear high heeled shoes. I have a pair of beaded high-heeled sandals and white wide leg pants that would go great with that top Vivian’s been wearing. I don’t usually care much for her wardrobe but I do like that top!

    Gerri, you have dropped the 480. But I know it’s you because you spoke about how you are enjoying retirement.

  146. From rose castillo

    why are they letting chloe go. i think she is talent girl.quinn i dont care for or taylor. happy that taylor is leaving. maggie and victor going up stairs. what a terrible mistake. she doesnt got no morals. i am disappointed. with her i dont care for her either now. she gets in everyboby business. she should get a job and nicole to the rest of the boring teen agers. she maggie is not married and going to bed with a bad man. i guess its good for the ratings??????

  147. From Gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    I have 2 login names,so I just started using the one without the 480…
    anyway,even tho my number is 68,I don’t want gray hair as of now,so as long as I can go to hair salon,I will have hair colored,every 3 months,so If I feel young,I guess I need to look as young as possible,
    my co-workers could never believe my true age,guessed my age to be no more than 45,but I love my life.
    still wear the type of clothes I like(no teeny bikini or that type)
    just stylish modern clothes..have shoulder length I say,look as good a you can,for as long as you can,right?

    I’m on board,for the writers to keep Carly on the show,she has really did some great acting lately And I hope they make Quinn into a good and decent man,He Is quite handsome!!and put them together…

  148. From Katherine

    Gram Judy, I love you and Happy BDay, My best friend Nicole in Ct, that just went to visit hit her 7tht on June 8, she is as beautiful and young looking as some people would only wish to look, I am much younger than her, but in spitit we will always be the same.
    I love her with all my heart, and just a little while ago a asked her on the phone, if there was anything she needed, but she is ok.
    Judy – My sister in law is 72 and her new friend, well not new,they have know each other for about 45 years, two couples spent vacation together, then each lost a spouse, now they found each other, sounds like a soap,,,,this week they are going to Paris for 5 days, get it, for the food… LOL,
    she has been by herself or with her daughter since my brother passed, 3 time to ElPaso, Hawaii, Turkey, Kenya, Italy about 5 times, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Croatia. you name it, I know I am leaving out a lot of countries, but my point is, she lost her husband and travel companion at 66 and she never stopped traveling, just like my brother and her have done all their life. keep on living, do things, I am already planning my big Trip to Germany next year, it will big, all I have been wanting to do, this might be trip # 56 or 57, or whatever, I have lost count, but this one should matter, because it might be my last one.

    I apologize ladies, thank you, I think I prob. have used up my quota by now….

  149. From Katherine

    if any of you out there did not know that I meant 70 —- it’s on you….

  150. From Grandma Judy

    Oh, Katherine, no, no, no, no birthday just yet. Won’t be 71 until late Oct.! Save your wishes until then! (chuckle) Seriously, I agree with Gerri that it’s just a number. Especially when you feel good and have your health.

    Gerri, I have some gray in my hair but not a lot of it so I do touch-up coloring myself about twice a year. I have brown hair, with natural highlights and I keep it at ear tip length. I never did wear my hair at a very long length. Like you, I like stylish clothes. Love blazers with jeans in cool weather! But I like dressier outfits, too, and dresses and skirts. I’ve also been told I look younger than my age so I hope I can keep that going! I’m often taken for our 26 year old Grandson’s mother, – our oldest Grandchild. But I was 44 when he was born so I guess I could be his mother. My Mother always looked younger than she was. She lived to be 94 and was never seriously ill until her last week of life. Hope that kind of health is hereditary!!

    Katherine, your trip to Germany next year is really something to look forward to!!

    Carly’s scripts lately have really given her a chance to show what a great actress she is.

  151. From Gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    I love jeans with blazers,too.
    my favorite in winter tho Is corduroy pants with sweaters,and scarfs,love my scarfs.
    Katherine,I’ve always wanted to go to Germany,my Father’s Family imigrated from there to Delaware,then slowly came south.
    My Mother’s family were Irish desent.
    If you watch the golden girls(my mother would have passed for(Estelle Getty)looked like a twin and height(she was 4ft 11 inches)my father was 6ft 4 inch /we called them Mutt and Jeff.
    anyway sounds like you have had a lot of travel,I envy you….
    Grandma Judy,what day in Oct Is your birthday??Hubby and I anniversary date Oct 26th.

  152. From Daisy

    Gramma Judy I sure agree with you on the s/l of the gays. I have worked with patients and co-workers who chose that lifestyle, and of course treated them as I would anyone else. But I noticed someone posted that “they don’t hurt anyone”, which I have to ask the question , How was AIDS spread? Non gays of course suffered too, by being infected by bi-sexual husbands/boyfriends etc.. One of our Dr.s wives, who was also an R.N., had to have a blood transfusion following her third childs birth, and the blood was AIDS tainted. She died. (this was in the late 80′s). Of course the cost of the AIDS/HIV has been enormous. If they are going to have the Homosexual s/l, maybe they should do some educating on the subject.
    I am hoping Will is just being kind to Sonny by being a buddy, not a date.

    Sure looked like Taylor struck Brady over the upper back/shoulders, not his head…but hey, it knocked him out. LOL!!!

  153. From Clear

    I too noticed that Mel hit Brady in the back and that kind of blow would not normally knock a big man like him out I wouldn’t think either. It seemed out of character for Melanie to hit him that way in the story line to start with, much less leave him for Nicole to find–not a good turn to the story in my opinion.

    I’m wondering how Quinn is going to get Carly out of his suite, and then how she gets so depressed that she calls the dealer for more.

    In reality, her addict behavior is quite true to life with her being more concerned about her image and embarrassment than if her family is suffering because they are worried about her. Instead of going to rehab, she is still trying to to manage on her own in with sick priorities. Sometimes it’s hard to watch her be more and more sick and then stupid in this story line–not at all cheerful for sure with nothing funny. No humour in the lines between madame and Gus either–very dark and no joy today or funny one liners other than Vivian’s dark humour!

    Taylor is getting to be more unbelievable. The reason she continues to stay in Salem seems to be that she has no place to go and works with Brady, when he isn’t too drunk, as a telecommuter for Titan at the Cheatin’ Heart! LOL!

  154. From Grandma Judy

    I made a quick trip into the laundry room yesterday so missed Taylor’s actual hit on Brady. After reading Daisy’s post #152, I went back and watched my DVR of it and, sure enough, Taylor struck him between the shoulder blades, or just above. Probably wouldn’t have knocked him out cold in real life but, hey, it made for a good scene. Although I agree it might not be a good turn to the story. Of course, Brady going after EJ with a gun wouldn’t have been good, either.

    Also a good point, Daisy, about the spread of AIDS!

    Gerri, how unbelievable is this?! I am of the same heritage as you, only turned around. I’m solid Irish from my Dad’s side and solid German from my Mother’s. My Grandfather on my Mother’s side was born in Germany and came here with his family when he was 5 yrs. old. I have never known where in Germany he was born, though, since he passsed away when I was only 4 and his birth certificate was misplaced over the years since. My Grandmother on my Dad’s side had the maiden name of Downey and her Mother, my Great Grandmother, was born in Ireland. Again, I’ve never known where. I should sign up for and try to find those things out! My Grandfather on my Dad’s side was also Irish. Anyway, Gerri, I wonder how many more similarities you and I will find with each other?!

  155. From Grandma Judy

    P.S. to Gerri, – my GrandMOTHER on my Mother’s side was also German.

  156. From Gerri

    Grandma Judy,
    It Is amazing,as we blog more,how much we find out…we agree on most S/L’s (could It be our bloodline?and our personal lives
    seem to be almost identical,and our ages aren’t too far apart…My great grand father was the 1st,to get here from maiden name Is Ziglar,In school I was always last on roll call,The (# 26)has come up so much in my life,that It has be my favorite number,maiden name beginning with last letter of alphabet #26….

    my father’s BD june 26th,
    my father-In law’s BD dec 26th,
    my anniversary Oct 26th,
    and many other combinations,that total 26,(2 of my daughter’s and 1 son-in-law’s BD,)phone # beins with 26,It is freaky sometime,to believe this number is so much in y life.

    anyway,would be great to meet all of us bloggers,I think Clear suggested one time,we could meet at a central location,for a girl’s wk-end.I can imagnine how much fun that would be!!!!!

    I wish the writers would respond,with some of the ideas posted here,at least for short S/L’s..Katherine,like you I love Maggie’s hair,but her clothes could use some improvement.
    and I think Carly should be nominated for an emmy, the drug addict scenes,have seem so real!s.

    My friend and fromer co-worker’s husband is In Atlanta Rehab,slow improvement,has been very confused,about everything.I think from talking with his wife,in all probabilty he will have some long term,brain damage…so sad

  157. From betsybee

    OMG I can hardly believe yesterday’s episode. Taylor can actually act. When she and other collegues are acting with Brady or EJ they seem to come through with flying colors. Taylor looked so much better with her attire, her makeup, and certainly her hair style has improved. EJ brought out the best in her acting skills. I have come to the conclusion that those who act with Brady or EJ have to really work at it to keep up with the two best actors they have., although Carly has been doing a great job. Home come these two Carly and Taylor do their best acting when they are about to leave the show…maybe to get a better job on another program.

    Katherine, Gerri, Mopy, Grandma Judy, thank you for your kind words. I happen to be the youngest of ten children and since we were not very wealthy we all were into sports. In my day it didn’t cost an arm and a leg to get into sports. I started ice skatin at the age of four years and then whatever sport came along for which I was strong enough to play I was there. I also had some big brothers to keep up to and they would put me in their hockey equipment bag and take me to their games since we could not afford ten cents to get me in to the game. !!! Seems funny to me now when I realize what it costs for my golf equipment etc. How you feel depends on your mental attitude to everyday life. I amd what folks around here call a “taxi-in-waiting” since they know if they need to get to an appointment or shopping I am usually ready to take them, also if I cannot, I say so, I never lie to them and shoot from the hip. !!
    I am about to brag now … On a 34 par course I made a 41 last

    week !! Not bad for an old “biddy”

    I am so looking forward to today’s episode now that EJ has returned Brady his gun. Eric did some great acting as well as James

    looking forward to today’s episode now that EJ has returned Brady is gun. Eric did such a good job of acting as well as james. The two of them will be the ones to carry on this Soap.

  158. From patsy

    I am sure I am speaking for most of DOOL FANS ,IF they don,t soon do something about Taylor THEY are not going to have any fans to be watching in september.Iam HOPEing that EJ comes to his Sences and relizes its Sami and his kids he wants in his life And changes for the good to get them back .Now that would be worth watching and we would get the EJ we love back .This taylor story line is looseing fans .Ican.t stand this EJ Iknow that Rafe is the best man for Sami but let us face it EJ adds spice tto Sami .AND EJAMI ADDS SPICE TO THE SHOW

  159. From betsybee

    Leave it to me to mess up.. sorry about the repeat.

    Is Will really going to be Sonny’s love life ??? Looks like it from yesterday’s episode…

    By the way whoever posted about the Gay Parade being similar to Santa Claus Parade is so mistaken.. I never have seen anyone parading in only their underwear or balloon “Boobs” at a Santa Claus parade. Give me a break !!!

    James Scott must be a private person since you very rarely see him in SOD or Soap Opera Weekly. Nor do you read much about his girlfriend/fiancee and himself. I do know that he bought a house and like to do his own landscaping. That must be the British coming out in him !!!

    Once again love reading your comments and like the “agree” or “disagree” attitude.

  160. From daisy

    I know this is a soap, but…there are some topics the writers could do some educating, instead of making some Doctors/nurses look like idiots, by not even noticing the signs of drug abuse in a fellow Doctor. Here was the opportunity to have discussed the signs and symptoms of the addict. And I hate to think lay people might think security is so poor in a hospital that unauthorized people are looking at patient charts, changing lab records,and Medical and Law enforcement personnel are talking about patients personal information in ear shot of anyone present is normal fare!!! IMO!!!
    I agree Maggie is a sweet, pretty lady, but needs a more updated wardrobe!
    Gerri, I still hold out hope for your co-workers health situation. Haven’t we all seen some miracles occur when Doctors say the opposite prognosis is inevitable? I know this must be a terrible strain on the family. I am sure many prayers are going out for this family just by your sharing this here.

  161. From SandyGram

    Between here and other sites many are saying how Maggie needs a new wardrobe…but there is one thing for sure, not a wrinkle one in the light blue digs she was wearing yesterday. Or really in anything she wears. Cudo’s to the wardrobe department on Days.

  162. From SandyGram

    From yesterdays show…Taylor is sure a busy little thing the closer she gets to leaving the show, she’s trying to save everyone! Then Nikki Nikki Nikki, with all her experience with EJ you’d think she would know by now threats will get her know where with EJ, she really doesn’t have any bargaining tools. But then Elvis did seem sincere when he offered her any thing after she stated she did not want him dead, even if it was on the bases they shared a child together. That seemed to sincerely have an affect on EJ.

    Nice scene between Rafe and Dario and Quinn and Vivian….maybe good ole Viv is not as heartless as she is portrayed to be! But I had to giggle when she said she thought Lawrence would like Quinn, not the Lawrence I remember.

    Then poor Carly! Chrystal is doing a great job on the drug addiction story line. It looks like Quinn may have a soft spot for Carly….he has a mother he was never close to and Carly has a son she was never close to. Interesting the one individual involve in both of those situations is Viv. Just an observation.

    The way the writers are making Gus is so angry at Vivian, I wonder if it’s leading up to him turning on her? Maybe he will befriend Kate the Snake, we have heard she is going to try to get information about Viv from Gus.

    And finally Victor and Maggie…loved everything about their scene’s.

  163. From patsy

    YEA!!!!No EJ ,Taylor or NICOLE tomorrow I just might watch enstead of tape.When is Sami goneing to be back on .I miss her Most of the show is looking pretty good ,

  164. From Mopy

    BetsyBee… I was obviously going by just the words in that quote only, seeing as I actually made a point to use quotations, before making a connection between the Gay Pride and Santa Claus parades. Here was what I quoted off of you (again):

    “…PARADES where (whichever sex) dress in the most ungodly outfits and parade their a$$es down the main street of a city and expect the public to have their taxes help with the cost.”

    -Now, anyone with half a mind knew what you were saying and knew that I took your quote out of context. I was just pointing out that it’s funny that every year, people dress in the most ungodly outfits, parade around down the main streets of a city, expect public taxes to pay for it, and call it the Santa Claus Parade. Sorry if you didn’t see either humour or irony there.

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