Days Of Our Lives Spoilers For July 28 & 29.

Looking for clues.

EJ recalls more of the details of his attack and gabs to Taylor about them. “Why would Melanie have been there?” she asks. “That’s what I’m trying to find out,” he tells her, assuring her that he won’t be doing anything nasty to the nurse. Taylor tips Mel off before Elvis can start interrogating her in a bid to incriminate Brady. Mel doesn’t tell him much. Nicole is busy telling Brady how great it would be if they both left Salem behind. He’s nearly willing to run with that premise until he hears that EJ is getting his memory back. He refuses to leave Mel to face the consequences and decides to get a gun.

After realizing that Abby had suspicions about Carly’s addiction, Mel explodes at her. “You don’t keep that a secret! Does that make sense, Abigail?” Mel bellows as she and Dario search for her missing mom. Meanwhile, Abby’s boyfriend gets a surprising apology. Charles shows up and tries to mend things with his former son. He continues his good deeds by fighting to get Bo demoted from the job of commissioner. It doesn’t take much and Bo winds up being partners with Hope again.

Although they aren’t getting along, Jenn and Daniel try putting their squabbling aside to find Carly after she’s gone missing. Some dude finds her passed out in the alley and is about to attack her when Quinn shows up and takes her back to his place. He cleans her up and she starts telling him about her drug problem as the Salem PD get involved in searching for her.

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  1. From jolie

    Oh dear, please. So are we trying to redeem Quinn’s character by him saving Carly? Maybe. Maybe he will help Carly just because he has said in the past that his mom thru him over for Lawrence and Nicolas. So Brady gets a gun? Do the Dimeras and Kiriakis not have a gun room full of guns? What kind of thugs are they? Well, they do have their mercenary thugs who probably have guns. I am just surprised that they don’t already have some hardware.

  2. From dc

    i think quinn will help her but it won’t be a good thing, maybe get her to do tricks for her drugs..
    i think daniel and jenn will finally find her.. but she will be in bad shape and they will take her to rehab.
    i read where maggie is gonna get shot or someone is gonna try and shoot her, next week (one of stefano’s thugs)..
    i would love to see dario remain on the show. there seems to be some good thing between him and melanie, which is great, just saying..

  3. From Janiebell

    Take Carly, Viv and Viv’s newly found son off days; they have served their purpose{ or no purpose at all}.

  4. From patty

    What is up with that Quinn guy anyway? I know he’s Vivian’s son and that she would stop at nothing to wreak havoc but pimping out woman, give me a break! War lords and gangsters are bad enough, but pimping is downright sleezy,even for Days!

  5. From Clear

    Quinn seems to do one thing and then turn around and do the opposite. What is he and undercover operative or is he undiagnosed schizophrenic!

    I wish they would leave Dario on because I like him too –even though I want him to get a haircut!

    Carly going out the window and hiding in an alley because she is embarrassed is definitely the excuse of an addict. With an addict it is all about “Me” and the next fix whether it is alcohol or other drugs. She doesn’t even think about what kind of pain she is causing for the people that care about her because it’s all about her and her feelings of self disgust and embarrassment. She needs to go back under the cold shower and on to rehab–enough of Carly because enough is enough.

  6. From Kathy

    back to #3…..AAAAAAAAAAAAMEN….and take Taylor with them…..I am sick of all of them…..

  7. From jolie

    #5 ‘cleared’ that up for me. I was thinking that Carly going out the window after she had laid it all out infront of her family and they were appalled but still sticking with her and wanting to help was over the top. But I guess addiction is over the top behavior for what it is. I still have a difficult time with the beers out of the dumpster. She didn’t even smell it before she drank! I would have worried it would have been anything else but beer in the bottles when coming from a dumpster! Carly deserves better. I hope we see a good ending for her before her time is up on the show. Like with RoboRafe being killed, that was a neat little package to tie up his time on the show. Carly is a long time character so she deserves a neat tie up as well but please not just to be hauled off to rehab. She’ll still have a daughter in town so she’ll still have ties. Taylor was funny drinking the little fruit drinks with umbrellas in them. My reaction to Brady and Taylor kissing was the same as Nicole’s. I know Taylor is leaving but please, don’t stick her with Brady. He is one of my favorite characters even though he is a bone head at times. And sooner or later, someone will have Brady’s children. John is coming back so maybe it will be sooner, especially with the promise of romance and family values coming back. I got a kick out of the scenes between Elvis and his father. Stefano was all over Elvis and wanting him to go to a mental ward to make the new custody agreement vanish. But I guess the old man will try anything once, most things twice, some things he really enjoys (destroying memories and implanting new ones) so he’ll do it again and again. Elvis knew exactly what to say to get him off the trip to the nut ward…revenge for the whooping Elvis took. Stefano’s eyes lit up and he had a little bounce in his step after that. Dr Dan needs to save his venting at Jennifer and all his carrying on because Jennifer has known Carly longer, has more history, shared more life stuff with Carly than Dr Dan. He only shared some, well, we know what he shared, so they now share Melanie. I just don’t want to see Jennifer grovel like she seems to always do with a man. She smacked Carly a good one to get attention. Maybe she’ll end up smacking the fire out of Dr. Dan and slap him off his highhorse.

  8. From Jess

    I love quinn’s confidence. Very sexy

  9. From Hope

    #3, #5, #6, & #7 You have literally read my mind!

  10. From patty

    Quinn seems to be touched by Carly’s story even after he knows who she is. He runs into Vivian and after she gleefully tells him about Carly’s disapearance, he doesn’t reveal that she’s the woman in his room. It will be funny to see how Viv will sing her son’s praises once she discovers that he’s been covering for Carly.
    EJ attemps pulling Melanie’s arm off again.Good thing Dario walks in to rescue her.

  11. From SandyGram

    From Daytime Royalty for week August 8th, quote:
    Episode Titles
    “The Kiriakis and DiMera Feud is Reignited”

    “Maggie is Declared Dead”

    “Daniel Revives Maggie”

    EEEgads in Jennifer’s gratitude for Daniel saving Maggie will she run back into his arms and into his bed? And Oh My here we go with another DiMera /Kiriakis feud, well I guess that goes along with Days returning to the ole days let’s see if Stefano and Victor have it in them at their age. After all it can’t include EJ since he has said he’s a better man and the spoilers say he is going to over look his beating. The question would be at what price…and the answer would include it will have something to do with Nicole staying away from Brady. There you go story and story line complete.

  12. From SandyGram

    An interesting Thursday. Quinn using some of his karate skills demolished an obviously wasted old drunk who was about to attack Carly. With the condition the guy was in was that kind of brute force necessary? I think he would have backed off with a big bad ‘BOO”! Then when Quinn lifted Carly from the ground remarkable how her purse just came along for the ride draped over her arm. How smart those purses are! And I almost split a gut when mommy Viv came to his Hotel room and was persistent in seeing who was under the covers. Another Kate in the making all up into her sons business. Then here’s the million $$$ question: If Quinn was helping mommy dearest with destroying Carly why didn’t he know what she looked like? Only when he found her Hospital badge did her realize the lady he just saved in the infamous Dr. Carly Manning.

    Now on to the Blame Game for Carly being in the condition she is in:
    - Abigail blames herself for not telling Melanie Carly was in trouble.
    - Jennifer blames herself for not telling Daniel.
    - Daniel blames himself for not see she was in trouble.
    - Bo blames himself for not seeing this coming.
    Did I leave someone out…..??

    Dario and Chad where terrific support to their ladies Melanie and Abby.

    Now to Nicole and Brady. Why are the writers even going down this route, everyone knows Brady is not going to leave town with her! I had to giggle some more when Nikki came back into the Cheating Heart with her packed suit case. Hope she didn’t give up her Hotel Room.

    And finally, as shown in the NBC Promo Video, in today’s previews EJ brutally pulls Melanie onto the bed, shoving her head into the pillow with his hand over her mouth to keep her from crying for help. Thank goodness for our new hero Dario, the White Knight rides in on his horse to save his Princess. We’ll see the whole scene on Friday’s show. Just another day in the ‘ole arm pulling’ business for Elvis, that seems to be the only way he can solicit information out of a woman.

  13. From jolie

    #12Sandygram…I had posted the same question: why didn’t Quinn know what Carly looked like? His minion did and even tried to sell drugs to her. A puzzler. And now what does he do about it? Is Quinn just waiting to do MommyDreadful(I really do love Viv so just kidding)in for her past deeds to him or his father? And will said father ever make an appearance? Maybe the guy who played Crocodile Dundee could portray Viv’s old flame. Now that would have been fun but poor MommyDreadful is leaving. So why would Elvis not assume that Melanie found him and saved his life and brought him to the hospital? If he didn’t remember anything, why does he assume she was involved or knows who whooped him so badly? I guess this is just a way to speed things up and not have to wait on the natural progression of info. I guess poor Nicole is now going to hang around. I think she’d do well to steer clear of Elvis because she’ll be drawn back in like a moth to a flame but like Kate, she won’t want him if he isn’t a little edgy and just the other side of being a badboy. I think the Brady boat has sailed for her. I hope they don’t write Nicole over the top nasty like they have done Kate or actually Nic as well in the past. I like the smarter, slightly less nasty Nic. I think all the characters need a little bit of something in them that allows for redemption. That way, there is always the capacity for surprise in the storyline.

  14. From patty

    It looks like Quinn really has a soft side. He tears up when Viv gives him a collection of baseball cards she’s been saving for him since he was a kid. He later tells Carly that he will help her because she has a son that needs him, whether he knows it or not. Now if there was a good explanation for him pimping out women, I might start warming up to this character.
    Nicole tells EJ that she hates his guts but that since he once fathered her child, she doesn’t want him dead so she begs him not to retaliate against Brady. When EJ tries to butter her up for saving his life, she tells him to go to hell and that if he hurts Brady, she will make sure he pays. You go girl!

  15. From patty

    Forgot to mention that Taylor knocks out Brady with a vase and takes his gun. She goes down to the peer where she runs into EJ.

  16. From SandyGram

    #15 from patty
    OK Patty you have my attention! What happens when Taylor runs into EJ on the pier?

    This sounds like a Monday episode are you in Canada?

  17. From patty

    SandyGram, that was on Friday’s show .I believe we are one day ahead here in Canada. Sorry I can’t tell you what happens because that’s how it ends. I don’t know if EJ saw the gun as she slips it in her purse. I’m curious as to why she stole it in the first place, if it’s to protect EJ or Brady.

  18. From Olive

    Oh please, this whole “Carly is a drug addict” is a new low. It’s a stupid storyline that is completely unrealistic and totally out of character for her.

    Also, I think T is the one who is gay and that’s why he has such a hard time with Sonny.

    Oh, and when is Taylor leaving…not too soon.

  19. From Grandma Judy

    I hate to see Taylor leave. I have liked her and now her best scripts are being written and acted. Same with Carly and Dario. And, really, Chloe, too. That has happened before, like with Nathan, where an actor is let go from the show and then their real good stuff shows up on screen.

  20. From SandyGram

    #19 Grandma Judy
    How True…How True. And,what were seeing today from Taylor, Carly, Dario and Chloe has been written by the writers that were let go. The 17 or so rewrites that have been talked about are not suppose to show up on screen until August 16th or so. While all the new stuff comes in on September 26th. Hopefully the rewrites even make the show better. I haven’t really seen a change in the show’s ratings which I was suspecting with the killing of Robo Rafe. And it seems most of the other soaps, except Days, are moving from Day Time to the Internet. Well at least they will live on in cyberspace.

  21. From Cally

    I was thinking maybe Quinn is Carly’s bigiocal son (NICHOLAS ??)
    maybe Im wrong .
    Why dont they put Stefano and EJ in the jail for a change ? I’m really tired of their freedoms . It would be nice if Stefano and Ej go to jail for a long time .
    Dario is such a sweet Guy , He is great with Melanie .Brady is good for Melanie too so either one is best
    Keep up a great job on DOOL !!

  22. From mzsatnin

    #18…I also feel that T is the one that is gay. “He doth protest too much”! I don’t recall him ever having a girlfriend or even being interested in anyone.
    I’d also like Dario to stay. I like him and MEl together and she needs a nice guy. Brady is too old for her anyway. will help I think Quinn will help Carly, understanding that her killing Lawrence wasn’t the terrible thing Viv makes it out to be.

  23. From Grandma Judy

    I read on Days Cafe Spoilers that Days fans should fear not because Days has a solid 2 year contract with NBC. So “fear not” for the time being, anyway.

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