General Hospital Spoilers For August 1-5.

The past keeps coming back.

Liz rescues Lucky after he starts falling apart thanks to drug induced hallucinations. He goes on another drug binge. When Dante approaches him, Lucky knocks him out and runs off to contemplate suicide. He ends up stumbling into the abandoned church where he and Liz exchanged vows. Liz and Siobhan search for him. They fight and Liz knocks her down a flight of stairs, landing her in the hospital again.

Carly is not happy to find out that Jason and Sam are engaged. Unknown to her, Jax returns to town to see Josslyn. Carly get paranoid about his looming presence and asks Jason for protection. Meanwhile, Sonny returns to town and trashes the bedroom he shared with Brenda. He opens up to Jason about how angry he is that Brenda left with Jax. Sonny returns to work and starts threatening Johnny. He has a heartfelt conversation with Olivia and then they drive off together, only to wind up in a car accident.

Anthony continues to scheme and places a call inviting Skye back to town. She soon arrives and Tracy is dismayed to see the mobster giving her flowers. Over at the hospital, tensions keeping ruining high thanks to Robin. Patrick decides to ‘kidnap’ her. He tries to keep her away from work by sending her to a spa. And Michael and Abby hang out on the island and he doesn’t want to leave.

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