General Hospital Weekly Summary For July 18-22.

Taking off.

Kristina and Ethan managed to track down Molly, Morgan and Josslyn. Disappointed by how Jax and Carly ended, Molly moped to Jason and Sam about love being a lie. Jason assured her that love was real. He got busy planning his marriage proposal with Maxie’s help. The blond was so excited, however, that she ended up dropping the ring off the balcony. He went ahead with the proposal anyway and offered Sam a washer in place of the ring. Sam was convinced that they had true love and agreed to marry him.

Brenda dumped Sonny for being a liar who hurts people. Meanwhile, Michael ran into Jax at the PCPD and asked him to get Carly to bail him out. Once he was released, he accused Carly of being involved in his set-up. Because of the arrest, Carly was granted full custody and Jax was ordered to undergo a drug test in order to see his daughter. After the hearing, Carly offered to compromise with Jax but he refused. She plodded off to see Brenda and threatened to take Sonny back if she didn’t go back to him. Brenda announced that she’d already left him. Carly immediately ran to Sonny to comfort him and Brenda walked in on them. The women hurled insults. Sonny admitted to his wife that the only love that lasts for him is the love for power and he would never turn his back on his organization. She walked away. Brenda said goodbye to Robin as Jax sadly said farewell to the kids. They got a plane with Alec and flew away.

Lucky told Siobhan that he and Liz wanted to start having family dinners again. She wasn’t thrilled but he assured her that he wasn’t interested in going back to Liz. He went to see his ex and she cried about Jake. When Siobhan showed up, she and Liz had a fight and the Irishwoman accused her of exploiting Jake’s death to get to Lucky. Liz chucked her out and told her ex he’d be better off without her. Lucky decided to go back to work so Mac reluctantly assigned him to a case investigating missing hospital drugs. Liz worried this could lead to a relapse.

Dante saved Lulu from being raped by Javier. He managed to beat the fact that Luke was off with Helena out of the pimp. Lulu decided to torch the bordello. On their way back to town, they landed on a Cassadine island where Helena was staying. Lulu urged her boyfriend to go undercover and get a job working for her. Back in Port Charles, Robin continued to radically alter hospital procedure, much to the horror of her colleagues. Matt was so annoyed he asked Maxie to help him undercut her cousin. Meanwhile, Anthony continued trying to ingratiate himself at ELQ, and with Tracy, when he wasn’t sending Asher around to sabotage Michael.

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