Sarah Brown Joins The Cast Of Days Of Our Lives. (Updated.)

A fresh face for Salem.

Original article: July 19

Soap Opera Digest has been tweeting that it looks like the cast of “Days Of Our Lives” might be getting a little bigger again. They’ve reported that soap vet Sarah Brown (ex-Aggie “The Bold And The Beautiful;” ex-Carly, ex-Claudia “General Hospital”) will be joining the cast. No word yet on who she will be playing, though indications are that it will be a new character.

Soap Opera Fan Blog has contacted reps at the show for more information and will keep you updated as soon as it becomes available.

Updated: July 20.

Brown will be playing the role of CEO Madison James. She will become a mentor to Sami (Alison Sweeney), battle with Kate (Lauren Koslow) and go after Brady (Eric Martsolf). Brown told Entertainment Weekly, “”I’m excited to join such a talented cast to portray such a strong yet feminine character that will inspire our female viewers.” Look for her in September.

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  14 responses so far...

  1. From ooccoo

    Bleh. Who cares! Spend the money to keep Louis Sorrel and not on this one-hit-wonder. Plus, this is lady that beat the awesome Eileen Davidson for an Emmy during her Kristen/Susan/Sister Mary Moira/Thomas days. She should be banned! Such a tragedy this was. So, yeah, I’m a little bias here…

  2. From dc

    she looks like a double for the taylor character..
    sami does not need a mentor after all her sister carrie is returning, just saying

  3. From jenn

    lol…dc, I thought the same thing!She looks A LOT like Taylor. I do like that she will be battling Kate. Raaarrr!;)

  4. From Mary

    snooze…just one more character with absolutely no history in Salem whatsoever. at least bring back somebody who knows someone in salem? tired of the new characters. there’s plenty of horton’s, brady’s and others that could come back that at least maybe we could be somewhat interested in!!!

    agree with #1…keep viv.

  5. From CM

    Does Sami having a mentor mean she’ll actually get a job? But I do agree…I’d rather see a Brady or Horton return…no more new characters. It’ll just take screen time away from John/Marlena, Jack/Jennifer, and Bo/Hope. I just hope they make John and Marlena’s return memorable.

  6. From CB

    Lol, Sarah Brown and Tamara Braun (Taylor) do look similar. Sarah Brown was Carly on GH and when she left she was replaced by Tamara Braun

  7. From Dawn

    Wow!! Sarah Brown coming to Days??? Yay!!! I’ve seen her as both Carly and Claudia on General Hospital and Days is getting a wonderful talent! I hope they don’t waste her like they have with others.

  8. From JayPMoney

    She sounds like an exciting character. I love when people get upset of new characters joining the show. Yes we love our vets, but to keep from them from getting stale and boring we need new characters to stir up the pot. I for one am looking forward to her arrival in Salem. Finally a new nemisis for Kate, with a Sami alliance how great is that?!

  9. From Mikedog

    Days you don’t get it!! Who cares about this new character of the storyline. If Vivian leaves Days I am done! She is the best allegiance with Sammi. Use your money wisely to keep the real talent around.

  10. From Lee

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Stay away from Brady and let him and Nicole be together. Why get rid of good talent like Louise and Crystal only to bring in some new person! UGH!

  11. From cynthia

    She looks too much like the Taylor actress. Sami doesn’t need a mentor. Her mother and step father are returning, and she has her grandmother Caroline and her birth Father Roman. and let’s not forget her hubby!

    i sure wish they would get on with the EJ, Carly etc stories. they are getting boring. we need a good mystery.

    it would be nice to have Celete pay a visit. i loved her fortune telling!

  12. From Elaine

    The guy that plays EJ is great, sexy, charismatic and a good actor. Too bad the writers have made him such a mess. They have him written as a wimp, in and out of love, not able to be committed to any sane (or even insane) position in life. Makes his character less of a MAN, and what a waste!

  13. From betty

    another new face urrrrrr! no more new people please, can’t stand some of the ones on right now. Sami doesn’t need a mentor and Brady doesn’t need another women in his life only Nicole. STOP messing with the cast….

  14. From Nancy

    I believe the new CEO wanna be looks a bit too young to an efficient CEO of a large Corp.

    Also to anyone wondering—is it possible that the actress who plays Maggie is really ill, hence the departure for a bit with Vic.

    Lastly EJ as mayor—lousy decision in consideration of his criminal past—-SYDNAPPING anyone,

    SAMI pregs again, whether for real Allie or not you are getting too old to have more babies in between all the diverse jobs.

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